Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Morning after the POV.. Coo Coo Magoo eats her victory Bacon **Update**

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00am Houseguests sleeping .. Jeff is up he rips a fart and wakes Jordan…. THey both laugh. Jeff and Jordan under the covers smooching.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers


7:22am Kitchen Michelle is up you can faintly hear her say “This is good” she also humming a tune.. She completely a different person right very happy. Jeff briefly walks by to go to the washroom doesn’t say a word to each other.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:55am Kitchen Michelle eating breakfast by herself.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:05am Washroom Michelle only one up walking around the house getting ready for the day.

8:50am all 4 cams on HOH and Red Room everyone sleeping. Coo Coo Magoo is probably outside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:31am Everyone still asleep…


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And then there were 4 (to be)
At this point, I’m rooting for Michelle. She’s had no one totally on her side (Russell maybe?)
And she’s proved a tough competitor. Definately the other 3 don’t deserve it!


how does it work? i mean if michelle takes herself off the block then does gnat or jordough go up? ( per kevins choice) then who votes? I mean there are only 2 that can vote right? so say its jeff ( aka) fart master) LOL and jordhoe up, they cant vote so that leaves gnat and mich to vote but what if they each voted 1 for jeff and 1 for jor? then would kev ( aka lil queen) break the tie and decide? someone clue me in. I go thru this every year. LOL

BB Fan

Kevin would put up Jordan….then Natalie and Michelle get to vote. In the event of a tie, Kevin votes. If Kevin puts up Natalie then Michelle and Jordan may vote against her and he would lose an ally. So his best bet is to put up Jordan. Even if a tie, one of the showmance goes home. Namely Jeff.


I am hoping Pandora’s Box will reveal a twist that helps Jeff! Of the remaining HG, Jeff, Michelle and Kevin have played the best and should be in the final 3 IMHO.

It’s not over until the last guy farts…


Thank you God!!! Someone agrees w me, I know this is just a show but damn this has had me down ALL day! This is forcing me to clean my house & stay far away from this site!!! 🙂


personally, i pray the oppsoite, I hate that people want to save Jeff and essentially give him a “do over” for having gotten himself into a position where he “got got” for once let the game play out as it may.

K and M Unite!

I agree. If he wasn’t with the athletes in the beginning he would’ve been gone week 1 and then he gets handed the CDT, which was valid, and gets the power but now since his reign is over everyone wants him to get something no other person in his position got. That’s BS. He made his choice to be a target this week by taking out Russell and trusting Kevin. Now he has to face the consequences of his choice just like all the other evicted houseguests.

j/j alltheway

Im with you…hope that key means something for jeff……….julie said it would affect the whole house maybe there is something else with the key


regarding the pandoras box, jeff said he thought it contained alot of cash but watch BB tonite on cbs and see if julie mentions anything about it maybe changing the game. like what if it had a pass to not get out this week. then jeff is safe. wow wouldnt that be awesome if jeff got that again? but i don’t think so cause BB doesnt repeat things twice in one season. I think it might be money or something along those lines like fart master ( Jeff) suspects. any comments or theories on this?


aint on tonight..Sunday night

Jackie M.

MICHELLE ROCKS, Thank you Jesus. So she takes herself off, Kevin puts up scumbag Nat, but as much as I dislike her, Kevin/Michelle need to TALK and get rid of turncoat Jeff. DumboJordo, and Scumbag Nat can’t win. Michelle/Kevin to final 2. IF that happens, as long as scumbag Nat, Dumb/Dumber don’t win, I really don’t care. I hope Kevin puts scumbag up, she has a better chance of winning then dumboJordo. Hope Michelle and him team up and discuss GAME. I am rooting for Michelle cuz she plays a good game, but also becuz she does not deserve the cruel treatment she has recvd, especially from dumb/dumber. Especially Dumber, at least Michelle has BRAINS, not fake boobs like u. Can’t stand the way she keeps touching them to get them in shape. FEEL THE PAIN, you 2 turncoats. Will watch now to see their PAINED faces.


Great! Now this oughta be fun!


Good for Michell! She deserves it.


Good for her hope she doesn’t become a Jeff

another fan

I truly believe Michelle is WAY to smart to become a Jeff.


LOL at the last picture of Michelle. Its funny with the tilted head and the spaced out look.


all her looks are kookie….she is a freakin nutcase.


man why is it all these people are on here crying for a twist “like the key” keep jeff in the house, i swear you are like the kids who would get a third strike in baseball and cry for a do over because you felt a sneeze tickle just as you swung. Get over it and let the game play out as it should, the cdt was already bad enough of an unfair gift.


A “gift” no one asked for, but were given. The “Key”could have been taken by Ditchrat-Nat, but she didnt take it. No swinging strikes, just Called ones….by you.


the people in the house are not begging for it but people on here sure are. that is what i mean, In my analogy jeff was your strike out and now you all are crying for him to get some sort of do over by being saved again. I say again because it was obvious he was fast tracking out the door before the cdt.


they are probably the same kids who’s mother kissed them on the forehead and said, there there sally, you’re still a winner in my eyes and the kid probably has piss in their pants


I totally agree that the CDT was unfair to the HOH of that week, why even have one if they wouldn’t have been able to control not one thing except noms. Should have only been able to replace 1 person. If that key lets Jeff stay, I would be so pissed. LIke you said, let the game play out. If Jeff stays, I think CBS changed whatever it was to make him stay. What is it, all the women who watch voted for Jeff. Well not this woman! Be for real! This is a game not a male model trying to win a contract. He’ll be hooked up anyway, so don’t feel bad for him.


I LOVE COO COO MAGOO!!! Go michelle!!! you rule!!! I so hope she makes it to final 2. She’s done it pretty much alone and has also overcome getting backstabbed a million and one times it seems.


I’m on Team Natalie but I am glad that Michelle will be final 2. She deserves it.


You mean the Team Natalie comprised of you and NAT? Two can be considered a “team?”

another fan

She is pretty much the only person who has done most of the work for herself. When she was in danger, she is the one who stepped up and proved she can take care of herself. She has also been the one person I think has been the best at reading people and seeing through their bullshit without causing confrontation. She sits back and listens, and then tells us in her diary room sessions what she was thinking, and how she did not believe them – and she was usually right. I am pulling for her to win!


Having been in Michelle’s cheering section from the start of the game, it was a huge relief to wake up to such a delightful outcome. However, I am pessimistic enough not to declare her the big winner yet. This game is too unpredictable…my motto suits this show well: HOPE FOR THE BEST, BUT EXPECT THE WORST.

Some reasons why Michelle deserves to be the grand prize winner:

1. Michelle has really made it on her own without the benefit of any true partner(s). She has been the real outsider since day one, bombarded with unjust and unwarranted hostilities from the rest in the house. She has suffered isolation and segregation without any sincere comforting words to uplift her spirits revealing the strength of her inner character.
2. For most of the game, she has not spoken with any vile meanness against the other HGs even when it would have been justified considering the degradation she experienced from them. For that, she can be proud of herself.
3. Despite the lack of support from others, she actually won competitions and can be praised for not using the lame game play of throwing comps to avoid becoming a target.
4. Not everyone is blessed with a natural ability to relate easily to people, but at least she has actually been modest about her academic achievements in life, avoiding the flaws of conceit and arrogance that have been so obvious in the other players.
5. Her choice of a challenging career which offers a meager financial reward and requires remarkable patience and dedication speaks volumes about her character. This woman is trying to use her intelligence to better society which is such a noble goal.
6. Despite having lost her younger brother in March, she has not used his death to garner pity from the other houseguests. It is amazing that she has done so well considering that a death in the family is known to be such a huge contributor to stress. Few could suffer such a loss and then survive this far in such a demanding stressful game.
7. Michelle has reached this point by playing a dignified, worthy game which really is a contradiction to what Big Brother is supposed to be all about. Isn’t that quite remarkable?

I hope that viewers can truly appreciate the beauty of this woman’s abilities and character strengths. Bravo Michelle…good luck in the next few weeks.


Michelle dignified, I definitely beg to differ. LMAO!!!!!


she handled the isolation so well because she has no people skills so she has been alone all her life. she can’t say a full sentence without mumbling and the doing her stupid laugh. I am so sick of watching her drink from that glass like its something she is trying to hide behind.


Good Job on all your comments, Sprite. Michelle does truly deserve to win. The outside world doesn’t seem to understand her strategy. Knowing that she could not have attained the rigors of getting a PHD if she was truly crazy and unstable with memory lapses, I realized a few weeks ago that she is playing a smart game of PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE
BEHAVIOR and the rest of the house members and most of the viewers have simply written her off asCRAZY. They do not understand the strategy and underestimated her mental AND physical abilities. Remember, she has studied RATS in a maze for years and the players in Big Brother are exactly that.


yes, she’s crazy like a fox.


right on!! well said. love the rats comment


Sheesh! where were you a few weeks ago when Team Psycho was taking applications? Still…welcome aboard the crazy train!


Very well said, Michelle, as geeky as she is, I thought she was the cutest when, she fell face first into the mud, got stuck on the swings and they had to cut her down, tripped up the stairs, I just thought that was just totally endearing, the clutsy professor! lol. Love ya Michelle! You go Girl!!


Wake up everyone! Get your lazy asses out of bed.
Congrats the Mich. The poor bitch had nobody and saved herself from going home.
Jeff the nose picker should be walking into the jury house soon.
Get your floor wax out Russ.
I wonder if he’ll campaign against the Dough Girl?
Will she try getting the votes from him?
What about the surprise behind the door? Does Jeff’s key play a part in all this?
Should be a veddy veddy interesting week.

ThePowerofVetoCorleone Neighbor

come on now….I was just in the lane next to you at the redlight yesterday…..and you had that right index finger jammed up your nose to the hilt……lmao….but guys must think they are invisible sitting in their cars….Big Brother is watching …( QQ )….


haha and yet Nat is still the disgusting one. oh well, Jeff’s boogers must sparkle


You know what i think i seen this same guy at that light and buddy did you find the gold


I may be wrong, but didnt Kevin say yesterday ” he WAS greed”, as in Jeff opens Pandora’s Box and released Greed. That can’t be good, possibly why Nat-da-pig passed on the key.


OK, how about this scenario? Kevin said the clues behind the mystery door revealed 3 options: 1) greed 2) something good for all HG or 3) something bad for HG. Since Kevin put his hand in the box marked $10,000 – that tells me he picked ‘greed’. Maybe the twist is that if the HOH picks greed then whoever has the key (Jeff) becomes HOH…..Now that would be a TWIST!




I like that!!!!


That’s an interesting scenario!


That would be amazing. GO Jeff

K and M Unite!

And this would once again prove that the fix for Jeff is in by production


Do not despair Mitchelle I am having my breakfast right here beside you. You have a great day you deserve it. Stay positive and shrug off all the bad karma around you.


I agree. Michelle had her HOH taken away from her too so she deserves some happy in the house.


I am happy for the turn of events again, but there’s still the mystery key out there, and Jeff found it.
Even if he gets to stay, I think the experience3 of loosing last night MIGHT-and it’s a big Might make him a little humble, .His arrogance and ruthless evil planning is what turn me against him. I still want him to go because I am hoping BB will realize that yhe game is still fun and interesting when it’s won fair and square. THe remaining HGs all lied way too much for my taste also. So, whatever!
I am not as interested in watching BB next season. Too much waste of my energy on losers, cheaters and liars! I am becoming a bit ruthless myself just watching it. Not worth it!


I think Jeff did learn a big lesson here and remember Jeff never watched BB before. He said in his intake interview that he saw a few shows but never really watched the game. Although he did get caught up in HOHidis he did really well for someone who doesn’t know the game!!! I hope he goes out like the good man that he is and the key holds the key for him to stay!!!!


Hmm, I wouldn’t count of Jeff of for humbling himself. He lets his emotions get the best of him. He sent Russell home because he didn’t get over the Jessie’s vote. I don’t like Michele because she sucks in with whoever has the power. So does Nathalie but it seems that this is the way this game should be played.

I really like none of the remaining HG but I root for M/K in F2. At least they are sly being without Machiavellian like N.

Billie The Puppet

What’s wrong with lying? This is a game and you have to expect people are going to lie It just seems like everyone brings the lying factor up and no one realises this game is DTA. I love the Irony in this if Jeff gets sent to the Jury House right after he backdoored Russell. He just took himself along with Russell out of the Final 4. If he would have stuck to the F4 plan there would have been a 1/4 chance of Nat (Kevin would have gone to Jury house) winning this weeks HOH. Say the original F4 Alliance won HOH it would have Been Nat and Russell or Nat and Michelle up on the Block and the POV would be played. Nat wuld have to try to win for it to work. As for Russell and Jeff in the Jury house I think they’ll be fine Russell went out with class and he didn’t even have 1 vote. He even explained his personal attacks were part of his game play and outside of the game they won’t mean shit.


Got dam!

Who da hell was she making all that for, Jordough?


Ok…so Jeff is going home….I’ll get over it….. Michele should have clear path ahead…..I am so sorry that she lost her brother to alcohol poisoning…I can come damn close to knowing how she feels. But she hasn’t counted on anyone but herself and evidently it has been enough. You go Girl. You have 500,000.00 to win 😉


I am DUN-ZO. Dear Alison: I and millions of other viewers will most likely tune out and off if Jeff is eliminated. I like Kevin and think Natalie is a total waste from day one, clinging to one person or another, NEVER winning anything, and NEVER playing the game. She was as lost as Lydia, devoid of any game play or self respect, I would have loved to have seen the audition tape, how did you guys pick her? But neither Kevin or Natalie have played the game, none of the viewership came from people tuning in or even caring about these 2. America picked Jeff and that says a whole lot about who is watching. This was a unlikeable bunch from the get go, I had hopes that Jeff would win and when he is gone so am I. Its just I think someone who has actively played the game should advance, not the two cling-ons. P.S., I also think it is unfair to give Jesse a 2nd shot versus people who have never had any chance, maybe a BB with evicted players that were poor losers or popular with the audience but not necessarily too bright would have been better for Jesse. The guy actually makes me uncomfortable watching him, I hope he is fronting and not serious about himself. Evil Dick did not threaten with physical intimidation, and Russell did. Chima should be ashamed ( I am sure her grandmother is) for exploiting and capitalizing on racism, and that is exactly what it was. And Ronnie and Michelle are seriously unstable, I hope on of the producers is a mental health professional. I don’t think Julie even liked most of these folks.

BB Fan

Natalie played the game…so did Jordan. Just cause we don’t like people doesnt’ mean they didn’t play. they just didn’t play as we would. What do you want production to do? Just give it to Jeff? Then what is the point of the game? Michelle may be a bit unstable and crazy but she has played the game. I don’t like her but she could win.


i use to be a jeff fan, but he let the power go to his head and started acting like a complete asshole. The fact that he fell for natalie and kevins lie he deserves to go home, their against you the whole game and all of a sudden you think their your best buds. He easily had a guaranteed final 4 if he wouldve stuck to the original plan, but he started looking ahead and got greedy. How can you fault russell for having a final 2 deal with michelle when you have one with jordan. They both couldve easily said we both have final 2 deals with the girls, may the best couple win once we get to final 4.

Mr. E

Kevin hasn’t played the game? He would have been HoH last week if Russell didn’t stop him. He proved it by being HoH this week. And Natalie and Kevin completely played not only the game but Jeff and Jordan the last two weeks. Don’t whine because your boy lost. Whine about the show being dishonest. Whine about contests being rigged. But don’t whine that someone lost fair and square for once.


DITTO Alison…if he goes so do I


Somebody call the waaaaaaaah-mbulance! We have a serious case of the cry-babies.


Very well said chitown i don’t think i could have said it better myself.


you and a million people, yak yak yak keep talking, not likely. People will still watch you have no control over anyone, let alone another million people. Idle threats, none taken seriously.


WOW! I was so excited by the headline I didn’t even stop to read further, I just had to donate again because now I’m back into reading what is going on in the BB house on your great site. BBAD moves too slow these days, but I can catch up and spend minutes or much longer if I have the time thanks to you Simon and Dawg. A weekly donation only seems right for this much entertainment.


Did you know that the last thing that was at the bottom of Pandora’s box after she left all the evil out was hope? You has the key? Jeff. I’m hoping!!


Maybe the key Jeff won will unlock the Chastity belt that Jordan has been wearing since she entered the house..and she will finally sleep with him before he

Seriously though I think the key will somehow keep Jeff in this game past this week and may end up coming back to bite Kevin and Natalie in the ass and Natalie will regret letting Jeff find the key.


I hope if the key saves Jeff it’s within the context of this week’s elimination and not by letting him back in after being evicted. That way Kevin and Michelle will still be safe and one of the uber-floaters (Nat or Jordo) will be out the door on Thursday.


ya it would be great to see nat go!


that will definitely be worth watching!


A sad sad day for me it was nice looking at jeff. I said I would stay a fan of his even though he screwed up royally last week. Well I’ll vote to get him that jury house money. Anyway, the game for me will be a bore to not see cute jeff’s face. Don’t want to see Gnat and Kevin well hopefully Michelle or Jordan gets to the end. They should all get rid of Gnat for GP plus she has a house full of jury members that would vote to get her the final prize and she hasn’t won a thing. Can’t stand her…now it’s time for me to make the big switch. Go Michelle! Why? She is very smart and so far has been the only one to comment and TRY TO OPEN THE OTHERS EYES about Gnat’s age. Right now on live feeds she is just chillin and feelin just Fine Footloose and Fancy Free. Michelle all the way!!!


Should have been “WHO” has the key………Jeff.


remember to expect the unexpected everyone…… jeff has a key and we have no idea what the key will do for him. but up to this point he really got, got. LOL!!!!


what key?

I am Jordan

right…ha ha ha…lol….you think it’s funny that Jeff is going home ? well……shoo shoo !
Thats what my grandpa taught me to say instead of f’k off .


As a former J&J fan, I’m now cheering for Michelle. She has her moments of weakness, but she is a true fighter. J&J shouldn’t have let the powers go to their head. Michelle has a good chance of wining this year. She should take Jordan with her to the end, Jordan hasn’t done anything in this show. GO MICHELLE!



Randy Wolfgang

Yes I think its something like that and it includes himself – i think it will be used before the eviction because if he is evicted and them comes back , I don’t see how the show ends on Sept. 15 unless there is another double eviction.
I hope poor Michele doesn’t have a nervous breakdown on live TV if HOPE does come to save Jeff!!!!


Final 4 – One from each original clique. Not exactly the one I would have picked to be in the final 4 on the first day, from each clique. In the end will a Brain, Outcast, Popular or an Athlete win? Its just like the BREAKFAST CLUB, not.

I am proud of them all, and I hope its a Michelle/Jordo final two. I know its all fair in gameplay, like breaking your word – Jeff. I understand Kev and Nat’s under the radar coat tail riding ways. I even respect their LML and other lies to advance their game (18 y/o my butt). But on a personal level I don’t like the nastiness of Kev/Nat. There is no reason to steal blankets from the have not room, mess with personal items or bully the other players. Both Kev and Nat were sneaky bullies but didn’t have the b@lls to be do it on the up and up. I hope they wind up in the jury.

Mr. E

Or she just thinks out loud. If you talk to yourself you’re eccentric. If you think it’s a dialogue you’re crazy.


aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I think I’ve figured it out!!!!

I think that key means one extra vote in the jury house! Maybe it WON’T be america voting…that key is the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

another fan

But what if the person who found it was one of the final 2? Since they never allow someone to vote for themselves, this doesn’t sound right.


but what if the person who found the key ends up in the final two????




haha you said it jack…good stuff.


Bite me! Jeff should stay, he is the only that deserves to!!!

dee dee

He does for being so stupid and trusting Kevin and Natalie…UGH jeff your so DUMB

I am Jordan

shoo shoo


Regarding that Pandora’s box thing, maybe Jeff will have the opportunity to remove himself of the block. This is this week’s worst-case scenario, as far as I’m concerned. But if happens, Nathalie will go up against Jordan and Kevin will have to decide. If he keeps Nat, Michele is on her own again. So I do hope that the Pandora’s box thing is nothing about saving Jeff’s butt.


if the key will save jeff and kevin has to put nat up…i think both jeff & michelle will save jordan. michelle doesn’t stand a chance to win against nat or kevin in the finals. michelle’s best bet is to go the finals with jeff or jordan.

you don't get it

ughh…unfortunately I think with this whole key thing Jeff will probably get to squeak by yet again.


I’m really pissed off. With Michelle winning POV and Jeff on the block I was really looking forward to this week. However, I heard that the key Jeff has is a “Get Outta Jail Free Card” that allows him to take himself off the block. This is retarded! CBS is really making it clear who they want to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next HOH comp is a “Jeff and Jordan Only” Compeition. Why doesn’t everyone else just quit. BB is making sure Jeff gets to the finals. And if he doesn’t earn it himself, they’re fully prepared to hand him the cheque.


wait a second; are you frickin serious????? jeff has gotta go! where did you hear this, and can you please explain what you heard? i was all happy when i saw michelle won pov and now im stressing out big time!


Jeff got to where he was by getting america’s vote which got russell and lydia off the block nothing else was handed to him he got it by winning and playing so how is BB handing hin anything? What ever the pandora’s box is he had to compete for it no one handed it to him. Seriously this is a game and ALL of them have done their fair share of the knife in the back senarios. but no on has been handed anything they have had to compete or be voted on buy the viewers to get anything they have gotten

Randy Wolfgang

Actually he got the key due to Pigpens greed – she could have used it to free Kevin from the locked room but passed to get the money. Nothing wrong with that really but Jeff just happened to get the key and passed on the money to free Kevin – its that act that is apparently giving him the extra power – just a reward but could be a very important one!!!- FATE can be very fickle!!!!

another fan

Unless someone has a very reliable source and KNOWS what they are talking about with the key, I wish everyone would shut up and quit speculating. It gets too much garbage and stress going, and we have no way of knowing if there is any validity to the comments. If you are SURE you have the answer, by all means, please let us know, but if you are just guessing, please keep it to yourself,or at least clearly say it is just a guess.


C’mon sprite 1949 you might say Michelle has alot of good traits and that’s fine. I am sure outside the house she is a wonderful person no doubt. Yet before you cannonize her as a saint remember she lied probably more than anyone in this game if you think about it. She always tried to befriend the HOH and would always be digging up information and running to the other side to share it. I give her credit she is smart ( at times) but she has gotten lucky a time or two with her strategy of kissing up when called upon. I personally wish she would have been a better ally to Russel instead of folding when the pressure was on her. I still think she would have a better chance to win the whole deal if Russel and her had final 2. Now it is a crap shoot and she better hope her luck holds up. Once Jeff is gone she should have the best chance at the competitions… Go Russel for America’s choice!!


Go Michelle! JORDAN, NATALIE OR KEVIN don’t deserve anything! Michelle’s ass may be crazy but she’s smart!


i absolutely 100% agree with you…i am with michelle all the way!


me too. i’m glad she’s gonna survive. rooting for her to win it all. and she’s not cuckoo. stop staying that. imagine how hard it would be for any of them to maintain their sanity for several weeks in a row.. living in a house with not that much to do. michelle felt from the beginning she didn’t have any true friends in that house.. maybe russell. i loved it when jeff was awarded the power.. at that time..he was the most sensible member. but enough is enough with him and jordan. their good-bye speeches to russell.. they could have remained classy but chose not to. go michelle!


Ok, I didnt exactly agree with some of the stuff Michelle did, but it’s the game. Survival of the fittest! Go Michelle!! To hell with everyone in that house, stick to your heart! And don’t cry anymore, (it makes me want to reach through my screen and want to give you a big hug!!! ) You’re not alone! You can do it!!


Michelle, you rock, you deserve, you win. Jeff had his chance, a big mistake to team up with Jordon from the get go. Should have been Michelle. I think America’s not liking Jeff/Jordan anymore – thats for sure. et’s hope there are no more twists to help J &J – that would really suck.


I thnk that the key that Jeff found in Pandora’s Box is part of the POV. I think it may give the holder of the “key” special powers. This may be Jeff’s chance to stay in the game. They say “expect the unexpected” and this would surely qualify. What are your thoughts?

Uncle Cool

If Jeff was saved by the producers, I truly believe that one or more of the players would quit BB and I would not blame them one bit.


and if nat or kevin or michele was up and won the key would you be saying the producers handed it to them – it is a friggin game there are competitions and just cause one person wins more than the others doesn’t mean it is handed to him or her it means they are playing the game well. What the hell do the producers have to do to who wins what?


Production has had their dirty paws in the game, jeff and other houseguests have said it. Heard it right from the horses mouth. They get tips etc, etc…..


I’m officially done watching this show. I have been watching since week one only wanting Natalie the dirty mexican bitch to leave. They take off the comic relief (Casey), the great tits (Laura), the guy who will fight (Russel). I will not look at Natalie’s face anymore I will not be watching the rest of the season.. and if she wins I will never watch this show again. Survivor looks sick everybody hot girls to look at instead of dirty manbitches.

Sweet Judy

You seem to be a pig……….and a racist…………….”you want to see only hot girls” or gils with big breasts…………… just don’t get it

Big Brother is a game…………its not a peep show………you are a total jerk


ok that’s over the line, get some class, bud.

BB Fan

Maybe CBS will change whatever the key was for so that Jeff can stay in the house…make it some sort of instant Veto. Then they can keep their precious showmance alive. PUKE

you don't get it

I know its so whack i’m sure cbs has a couple of scenarios of what power the key will hold probably based on who got it. It’s another way for them to manipulate the outcome.


Why would anyone want to take Natalie to the final 2 over Jeff? (Jury House members consist of Natalie’s friends & Jeff’s enemies)

another fan

I don’t think anyone WANTS to take Natalie to final 2- I think most are planning to get her out next, but are going after Jeff since they probably won’t get another chance at him. If Jeff stays, he would make it to final 3 and then it is about whether jeff would choose you – not the other way around. he would be extremely likely to win the final HOH, and then it is HIS decision whether or not he wants you, not the other way around.


Didn’t they say that there a hidden veto in the house? I swear, I heard it on the show. Something about no one has found it???? I swear if Jeff goes, I will only watch until Jorden goes, then I am done. I can not and will not watch the lairs win, especially PP. She hasn’t done a thing play lie the whole way!!! And I am very disappointed in Kevin. His boyfriend’s letter to him said to be true to himself…..WOW! If this is Kevin’s true side…..what a Jerk!!

Mr. E

The liars? You mean like Jeff and Jordan backstabbing Michelle and Russell? How selective our memories get when our own favorite players become hypocrites.


Jeff backstabbed Russ and threw MIch under the BUS, Thurs. and Fri so I want MIch to win and she has 1WON 1 HOH, and 3 POV so she’s pulling her weight, and that’s why Jeff is GONE! ANd Jeff believed that LIE no one Forced him to knew Nat and Kev could not be trusted, so now he getting voted out. Jeff has won nothing, but 2POV, 1 HOH, he was saved by America votes!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Cool

Natalie has done nothing but lie?

Tha means she is the best player because that’s what this game is all about.

Lying, cheating, backstabbing and all that good stuff.



Nat has been on the block 4 times in a row. She was supposed to be out after Jessie and she is still there. Girl deserves credit. This game isn’t about the nicest person or who can dance the best. It’s about game play and Natalie knew she didn’t have the actual physical power to beat others so she had to do something to get herself this far.

Sweet Judy

I am glad someone knows this is a game…………….and you get to the end…….ANYWAY you can…………’s Big Brother!!!!!!

another fan

As much as I dislike Natalie, I will give her credit for how she handled things after Jessie was evicted. She could have pulled a Chima and been overly angry and aggressive about her play, but we know that did not work. Instead of going off the deep end in anger, she and Kevin pooled forces and came up with deceitful kindness to fool everyone – I was always taught you catch more flies with honey than vinegar – and it worked. They took advantage of the gullibility of J/J and capitalized the opportunity – I know everyone gives Kevin the credit for it all, but I think that was a team effort. I still don’t want Nat to win, but we should give credit where credit is due.


Natalie is a parasite riding along the back of whoever her host might be. She couldn’t win a shoe tying contest. She has to be the worst person ever cast on BB

another fan

If we don’t want to see liars win, then everyone needs to stop watching NOW. They have all lied, or they wouldn’t still be there.


Michelle wins POV
Kev replace Mich with Jordan
Jeff gets the Boot
He should have Let Kev go, he would still be in the game not on the block!

Go Mich!!!!!!!!!


BTW, Sprite1949 that was very well expressed. I agree on all points !! Go Michelle !!!

waz up

jeff got what he deserved i saw it coming a mile away. Hope the door dosent hit your ass on the way out. Im totally jumping on michelles bandwagon. I want it to be michelle for the win. I will be shocked if jordan and knat win the next hoh as they are useless in the game. coo coo magoo has no one helping her in the house , she deserves to win.


i am with you 100%! i’m totally behind her. i love the way everyone treats her like crap after russell left, and then as soon as she vins veto, everyone’s all buddy-buddy with her. sickening. i definetly want her to win the whole thing!


Michelle all the way. Who cares if she’s crazy, she’s still the smartest person in the house and the strongest woman of the season. She’s managed to keep it together fairly well. Even when she does break down she does quietly and ususally goes off by herself instead of making some crazy scene.

CooCoo Magoo for the win!


Does anyone know anything for sure about the ‘mystery key’? Is that what it’s being called? I don’t think it can be something which automatically allows Jeff to stay in the house.. That would be too obvious.. Idk.. Julie also said the twist was specifically for the power of HoH.. As dumb as Jeff might have been last week he is the most deserving player in the final 5.. But yeah the power got to him.. If this key turns out to be nothing and things go as they should, the rest of this season will suck.. Without counting Jordan’s HoH win which Jeff let her win, the final 4 have won 7 competitions in total.. And 4 have been by one person.. At this point Michele should win this game.. Everyone else doesn’t deserve it.. Hope Jordan gets the 50K..


we all hate nat but no one cares she neeeeds to go this week save michelle jeff get joron and nat on block get out nat!!!!please


Go Nat! Go Kevin!

Team Jess!

CBS tried their best to get rid of team Jess, yet ya’ll are still there. Kevin my man, they even tried to manipulate your contest so Jeff could win, which he did. But regardless of everything, you and Nat keep on going, Congratulations!

George III

you must be related to the pigpen. nobody else likes the gnat.