Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests Get a visit by Aliens, POV tonight and Michelle breaks down

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm Splish Splash Room Jeff and Jordan cuddling.. Jeff is bummed out Jordan tries to be optimistic she tells him he’s surely going to win tomorrow. They get up to make dinner..
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Dinner table. Michelle thanks them for making food.. Jeff tells her no problem he enjoyed making it. Natalie gets called into the diary room.. .She says that “they” will have to wait until she’s done her Taco. Jeff wants to know when they will find out about the money. Kevin thinks it will take awhile for them to count it… if it really was 10grand. Jeff wonders if the Pandora’s box theme will have some kind of tie in with the veto contest. Kevin doesn’t think so but he does think it’s weird that they didn’t tell them about it. Jeff thinks it was unfair that Kevin didn’t get a chance to play it because he was lock in a room. Michelle tells them she thinks the veto is going to be how much do yo want it. She thinks the person that is willing to give up the most money will win the veto… After their meal Kevin and PP head up to HOH to play chess.. Michelle starts doing the dishes.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:40pm Houseguests get a visitor. Jordan screams that she saw something in the mirrors in the bathroom. She races around the house looking for Jeff. She’s screaming that she see’s Aliens in the mirror. Everyone running around seeing Aliens.. Michelle explains they had green faces.. she couldn’t tell if they were male or female. Jeff adds that Aliens are unisex. Michelle questions what does Pandora’s box have to do with Aliens. Jeff doesn’t think they are related. Jordan runs up to HOH to tell PP and Kevin. When she runs in they see aliens in the mirror.. it freaks out Kevin.. Natalie keeps saying it will take more than that to scare her. Jeff joins them “Dude if they surprise you than their scary” Kevin see another one “ewww its so big”. Natalie keeps saying that its such good day today the luxury contest.. and now the aliens later tonight the POV.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm Michelle is running around studying everything.. She curses under her breath that she cannot remember anything. She goes into the green room than the splish splash room counting things and looking for aliens. Michele is confronts Jeff about overhearing him call her liar to Jordan and Natalie. He says there no difference between him telling it to her face and him telling Natalie and Jordan a story. Michelle tells him its not cool what he’s doing because it doesn’t make her look good. She heads back looking for things to count and study.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm HOH Kevin and PP comparing notes.. Natalie tells him that Jordan said she will give up all the money she won today to save Jeff. Kevin misunderstand and thinks Natalie that Jordan will give up all the final prize money. Kevin tell her they need the nominations to be the same if it comes down to Jordan and them in the POV they have to make the big sacrifices to prevent Jordan from winning. Natalie says she will only lose 250K in the POV if she is on the block.. Kevin really wants the nominations to stay the same he tells Natalie if they win POV they will have all the power and can make the deals they need to reach final 3. He now says they need to back downstairs and study shot. Natalie tells him to watch Michelle because she’s really been looking at things around the house.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:50pm Splish splash Room Jordan and Jeff laughing about Michelle crying. Jeff explains about Michelle asking him about calling him a liar.. They laugh some more. Jordan “shes really breaking down” Jeff “good she did this to herself”. Jeff says they got to win POV.. Jordan “what will yo do if I win POV” Jeff “we’re drinking a bottle than we’re fucking going to touch each other”. They try to speculate what the competition is.. Jeff “Please Jordan stay focused I need you don’t be all like look at that alien ehehhehehehe” Jordan says she will try her best. Jordan is worried that Michelle is going to strike a deal with Kevin and Natalie. Jeff tells her they need to worry about themselves.. Jordan “Michelle’s legs are sore and so are mine” Jeff “you want me to kick her in the leg?” Jordan giggles….
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Natalie and Kevin running around studying everything, they are trying to speculate what teh POV will be about..


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152 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests Get a visit by Aliens, POV tonight and Michelle breaks down

  1. no your crazy natalie…..laying there scratching your who he haha. take a shower . she f s up so many times with her key stories how stupid can they be

  2. Wasn’t it Jeff who said “How dare Russell disrespect a woman” or something to that effect. How soon Jeff forgets what its like to have no one talk to you. Making Michelle cry makes him a bigger loser than others since he was on his soapbox the loudest. I used to me J/J fans but now they can both go sit with the others in the jury house

    1. maybe you dont know the whole story. they were talking about the situation and jeff was telling jordan and nat about it. he wasnt putting down michelle. he told her she was lying to her face. and it wasnt a nasty “your lying”. he has been asking everyone what they know all day because it has been a weird day. they all have been laughing about it. so the situation was not in a nasty manner.

      michelle decided to take it that way and jeff told her not to.

        1. The Jeff I thought he was would have given her a kind word and a hug when he saw how it upset her, not laugh at her behind her back. He apparently doesn’t know that she is/was his strongest ally in the house. I regret voting for him to get the CDE,

        2. Jeff and Jordan constantly make fun of her and demean her. There is always an underlying viciousness to their conversations about her. They are in no way innocent and joking.

  3. Jeff and Jordan really turned evil. Laughing at Michelle because she was crying??? I really hope that J/J/&N go home and M/K go to final 2.

  4. chima really was raped. (in 1999) I saw a show on the ID channel today called cold cases and she was not only interviewed ( in 2005 once the case was solved) but they showed pics of her swolen lip ( as if her lips could get any bigger) and a black eye. apparently the rapist had killed 2 other victims before her but she got away by biting his penis while she was giving him forced oral sex. maybe thats why she is so weird now. I know that could mess with your head. still a friend of mine says that was fake ( as fake as Big brother) and that she was problably acting ( in the cold case show) as well as big brother cause he tinks all the cast of big bro are actors trying to do anyting to get on the tv, and even kevin said last noght that he was tired of the diary room guy telling him to say something funny and he also said when he was ahed of the can comp for hoh he thought they were gonna stop and freeze him so he wouldnt win. who else thinks the show is coached and the cast are all actors? I saw sheila from lastr season on the doctors show anbd she did a Q & a and made it a point to say she was an ex penthouse pet, actress and her last gig was big brother . so whatever.


    1. for sure.. but they might not tell us right away.. I remember last year after the late night POV they never told us until the morning because the houseguests went right to sleep after the competition.

      1. Well, Darn. The HG’s tend to stay up all hours of the night on most other nights, so I *pray* they give some kind of indication as to who wins POV before they say their “nite nite’s” 2night.
        BTW, Simon, is the nighttime POV usually endurance? Or will it be finished quickly like the daytime POV’s?

  5. You know, I am a HUGE Jeff fan (and Jordan by default) but I do not like them bashing Michelle, it seems unnecessarily mean to isolate her and she’s worked hard for them. I’m still rooting for Jeff to win it but if he gets taken out then its really up in the air to me, as long as Natalie doesn’t win. She’s done less than Jordan, if that’s possible. If Jordan wins I’d even be happy, she needs it in her real life more than any of them (IMO) and I thought her HOH letter was touching. Anyway, I still want Jordan to win the POV but since I know hell is not going to freeze over than GOOOOOOOOO JEFF!!

  6. c’mon Michelle, win the veto so you can use it on yourself and Kevin can put up Jordan right next to Jeff so she can be closer to him when he says goodbye on thursday!!! That would be awesome! I hope someone uses Jeff you got got in their goodbye message if he leaves.

    1. you act like you dont like the cast but in reality you are obsessed because you come on here and read the boards all the time

      1. My name is thiscastisboring! and they are boring. Not I don’t like this cast. So many opportunities to make so many big moves and no one has done crap except Jeff getting the CDT handed to him. Kevin and Michelle could’ve blown the roof off this year if they would’ve teamed to keep russell and helped themselves big time in the process. I will watch until the end as every year, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t boring

  7. is jeff into scat? all he ever does is talk about sh******g, farting, anal sex etc? maybe hes a bottom boy LOL they say how smelt it dealt it :) and doesnt talk to jordhoe like shes as dumb as she is? he had his nerver telling russell he had no respect for women considering how he treats jorddough


    1. Wow! That’s terrible. I know she behaved badly on the show and had a lot of detractors (me included), but I cannot imagine what she must have went through. It is no wonder she has a distrust of men. Hope all goes well with her.

    2. Wow, that photo is brutal. What a horrific experience for her. Can’t say that I was or am a Chima fan but have to admire someone who survives something like that.

    3. that was bad…I can’t even imagine going through something like that….I do wish her well ….but she does need therapy…a lot of it and a lot of love….i hope she finds what she needs.

    4. i feell so sorry for her. maybe she couldn’t stop basing russell because he could have reminded her of her rapist in some sort of twisted way. i reallly hope she can truly overcome her experience and continue to be successful in life.

  8. I guess Jeff doesn’t remember what it was like when it was him that was alone when he had no one speaking to him early in the game. Guess that’s how a “classy” guy like himself is supposed to act. I am so hoping he goes home this week. Jordan and Natalie following close behind. Michelle and Kevin in the end!

    1. Yeah, the thing is that Jeff, even though he talks about it that way, never really was alone for all that long. Not that I can recall, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s been Jeff and Jordan as a combo from pretty much the start, or at least since Braden left.

  9. I know this is a game, but can’t anyone just be there for Michele instead of laughing and talking shit about her?

    1. Michele has played a good game for herself…she is still there….she has been the smartest woman on the set. I f she wins she has damn well earned it……I just happen to be a Jeff fan….would be nice if they went to F2……..;)

    2. I agree. And her best revenge would be to stand in front of the jurors as part of the final 2. I would love to see that

    3. That’s the point I tried to make yesterday. They could say, “Michelle, I want you out of the house and I want you to know that I’ll be happy when you go, but that’s just the game. Okay, now, you want to go for a walk? You want to talk it out? You want a hug?” It surprises me that Jordan especially hasn’t behaved that way. They were good pals 24 hours ago. Game changes shouldn’t change that (as Jeff once or many times made clear). She’s still Michelle, even if she is “the enemy” now. It’s just being civil.

      1. They actually weren’t good pals with her 24 hours ago. They planned that Jordan would spend time with her to make sure she wouldn’t try to flip votes for Russ. They’ve been using her and talking about her behind her back for a while now.

  10. i get this feeling that the POV will be about missing things taken away by the aliens. Production might have sneaked in during the chaotic money grabbing and took a few items away for the POV comp. Michelle seemed to have thought the same, hence the running around checking things up.

  11. Russell only really attacked people to their faces as part of strategy. There is no strategy to J/J sitting there talking crap about Michelle.. they are just rotten people. Way worse than Russell ever was if you think about it.

    1. To put it in perspective, when Kevin and Chima were talking about how Russell supposedly badmouths people they couldn’t actually come up with a single instance of him doing it to or about either one of them. Now all I hear is Jeff/Jordan/Natalie talking crap about people all day long (then again, Michelle was talking smack about Russell so whatever).

      1. Michelle’s a hard card to read, despite what Jeff says. How many people did she convince she was supporting? Like, half the house. She’s done her fair share of bashing too, it’s true, but it’s hard to tell how much was her trying to get into an alliance where she could feel more safe. When Jeff and Jordan, for instance, are bashing, it isn’t for the purposes of the game. Unfortunately for Michelle, she never found security and that was all the attempts were just turned around on her. I admit that all is, more or less, her fault and it’s no wonder that no one trusts her. I just don’t agree with the Scarlett Letter treatment.

  12. LOL I remember when she couldn’t figure out how many quarters there were in an hour and when jeff said four she couldn’t figure out how many minutes in each quarter.

    I used to like them then. Now they just suck. It seems the further they get in the game the more cruel they become for no apparent reason.

    I am so hoping one of J/J goes home this week and I used to want them to win.

  13. OMG! Jordo’s unending grade school stories bore me to death. Jeff enjoys listening to them-she is a 21 year old with a 7 year old mental age bracket. Can you imagine if those two are final two-in the house alone putting us through hell for two weeks?
    I am asking for my live feeds money back(LOL)
    And, yes it’s my choice not to watch it.

  14. not a natalie and i am not trying to be mean, but has anyone noticed that she is getting uglier and uglier? i am speaking of her appearance. i guess her ugliness on the inside is finally showing up on the outside. she was kind of cute when she first entered the house., but not now

    1. I don’t know if she’s physically uglier, but it seems like everyone’s been slumming it lately. Maybe there aren’t as many people to impress left in the house, especially in certain cases. (Laura missing from Jordan, Jessie missing from Natalie) Not an attack, just an observation.

  15. Jeff is being such an asshole. There’s no game in his talk. He’s such a gossipy girl. Him and Jordan just go around making fun of all the houseguests behind their backs to make up for the fact they are losing. They think they’re so much better then anyone else. Jeff is a 31 year-old man yet he acts like a 12 year-old girl. Grow up and get a life! I can’t wait til Jeff goes home and that catty bitch Jordough is all alone and desperate. Bye Bye bitch.

    1. I’d love to see Jeff be the next in the jury house after what he pulled with Russ, and Jordan have to be in the house alone w/o him and have her try to figure out some things for herself. As mean as it sounds, she needs to do a little crying of her own so she can come back down to reality and see what it feels like to be one of the regular humans.

  16. j&j are trully not my favs and neither is michelle, but i think they are dispicable human beings for their treatment of michelle. michelle lost her brother a few months ago and they seem to have no compassion for her. i know it is just a game and every one is cut throat, but enogh is enough!!

  17. maybe I am missing something….Jeff is safe as long as Michelle doesn’t win the veto and Jordan goes up, right? If Michelle is on the block, won ‘t Natalie vote to evict Michelle? – so would Jordan, so would Jeff (whichever is not on the block) – I bet even Michelle would vote to keep Jeff although he’s been a creep. Almost anyway you look at it, Michelle is going home unless she wins the veto. C’mon Michelle…they need to get Jeff “got!”!

    1. If Jeff and Michele are still on the block after veto Natalie will vote for jeff and Jordan will vote for michele, then Kevin will break the tie sending Jeff to the jury house. At least that’s what their plan is right now.

      1. Unless Natalie pulls a fast one and backstabs Kevin (it’s actually in her best interests to get Michelle out now). Kevin is safest if he takes Michelle down and puts Jordan up instead. Michelle will owe him one and Natalie will have to vote for Jeff (I hope Kevin is smart enough to do this is he wins).

  18. Michelle needs to win POV and take herself off the block and show those two J/J that have wronged her. Jeff need to go home and pick his nose in the jury house.

  19. Everyone is preaching about how Jeff and Jordan are treating Michelle I don’t agree with it either but it just seems like after all the weeks of being in that house you would have to imagine some people are going to get on other peoples nerves much easier that is why Jeff sometimes snaps at Jordan you just can’t get away from anybody in that house. I think the biggest problem that they have with Michelle is that they figure she can’t be trusted because of all the times she has said “I don’t Remember” or “I Don’t Know” she played the stupid card with that and then her memory is good enough to almost win the before and after veto comp sp what does that say to the other houseguests basically it is that she is full of crap…. Also did anyone catch BBAD when Jeff was talking to Nastalie about the comp earlier in the day and Nastalie was saying she was told not to say anything about finding the key by production and Jeff asked her why didn’t they say that to him? …

  20. Natalie is the BIGGEST LOSER ever in BB history. She not only is the ugliest female ever in the house but one of the most disgusting . She is an immature, smartass little bitch. She can only play the game latched on to someone else. J/J were my favorite but Jordan has become very disappointing, esp. the way she turned on Michelle after pretending to be BFF’s with her only a week or so ago. Jeff, however, is the biggest disappointment of all. Everyone loved him because he was such a nice normal HONEST guy. Now most everyone has turned against him. He thought Russell was paranoid but now he is the one who is paranoid!! And, the way he talks to Jordan is embarassing. Kevin and Michelle are the only decent people left in the house. I want Michelle to win now even if she is a little different. She has played passive/aggressive but I think that was her over all strategy. It has gotten her this far and she has mostly been “all alone” in this house the whole time. Jeff go to the jury house, Jordan go with him and Natalie just GO ……….I honestly will puke if she wins this game.

    1. Nat`PP is adgofssszzzzzzdhgoe…can’t find the proper word for it…Yes, I said it! She is always scrtaching at her croutch. It is gross, she lies, cheats and than tries to ride her parters back to get in free. She has not won a competition and if she goes to the final 2, I will stop watching BB. I think she should be backdoored because she is the weak person in the house….BTW ~ she thinks she knows it all.. Can’t stand her, she is grosss!

        1. That would be a more rational choice. On the other hand, twenty-two-year-olds aren’t noted for their economic prowess. If I had the money now that I blew on stupid stuff in my early twenties, I’d be rich! Well, okay, I wouldn’t… but at least I’d have a car that doesn’t stall on me all the time and would have my house paid off.

        2. What a botched boob job, one goes way West and the other way East and both go way down South. $4,000 dollars for that, they look terrible. I am sure she wouldn’t know to ask if this plastic surgeon was board certified, obviously he or she was not.

  21. I don’t think Jeff is safe unless he or Jordan win POV. I think PP realizes that he is the bigger threat, despite how much she hates Michelle, and in any event, Kevin would be the deciding vote in a tie, and he definitely knows it will be harder to beat Jeff and secure a place in the final 3.

  22. You sound dumb…isn’t ‘Dah” spelled “Duh”??? Jorden is cute and innocent, maybe that is something you don’t know about….sorry for you. Sounds to me, like you are just a bit jealous here sweetie.

    1. 1st of all, don’t mock someone’s spelling and call them dumb, then spell something wrong yourself.
      2nd of all, “sounds to me like you are just a bit” NAIVE “here sweetie”. Jordan isn’t cute and innocent. She’s pathetic mocking Michele when she feels bad when she expects people to feel bad for her when she is upset(the Russ thing). She’s dumb…yeah no need to explain that one. She’s not even very cute. Her stupidity, immature attitude, and what not that is revealed when she opens her big mouth takes away any of that “cuteness”.

      “Sorry for you” but you really are a terrible judge of character, and don’t seem too sweet yourself, sunshine.

  23. I wish PP would just shut the ?>@##$ up. She is the definition of a Hood Rat. If you know what that means I’m sure no one will take offense and completely agree.

  24. Natalie gives off passive aggressive vibes like people who saunter across the crosswalk slowly while your car is waiting at the stop sign. Or, punk kids with shifty eyes who you know are up to no good and look to instigate people with passive confrontational behavior. These are people who I like to crack in the face with my fists, although my age and wisdom at this time in my life allows me to realize they are not worth the risk.

  25. I’m hoping Jordan wins PoV, and then Kevin will have no choice but to put Natalie up and hopefully she’ll be talking to Julie on thursday..

    1. michelle and jeff are nom for evict but jeff won a prize called pandoras box which can mean maybe the pov (not sure) jeff at this point is being an a hole

  26. Iam going to start rooting for Michelle I am sick of Kevin and PP and also of J/J . Is Jordon really that dumb? And Nat She graduated from ASU give me a break did her teachers pass her because she could Tak Won Do? Come on Nat your irritating person. She hasn’t won anything. (but according to her she was co-HOH first week) funny! Kevin please? So now I can only root for the least irritating person and that is Michelle.

  27. I think Michelle’s emotional and bizarre behavior has a lot to do with losing her brother a few months ago to alcohol poisoning- I know it would mess me up.

  28. I hope Jordan is left in the house without Jeff this week and she’s treated just like she treated Michele. Come on karma, get her ass!

  29. I was for Jeff and Jordan, but after watching how they have been treating Michelle, I just think it is really mean. Jeff and Jordan have totally ignored her, made her feel like she is all alone in the house now that they have decided to be best friends with Natalie and Kevin. I hope Michelle wins POV, Jeff and Jordan can be split up, and let’s see how Jordan gets along in the house without Jeff to think for her.

    1. a few hours before you decided to feel bad for michelle you should know she was throwing jeff under the bus and enticing them to evict him

      1. And that was after MANY hours of them throwing her under the bus, bashing her needlessly, and making cruel and unnecessary comments about her mental state and her body.

  30. I have seen so many people say they hope Jordan wins the POV, and then Kevin will have to put up Nasty Natalie. I do not know if you are watching BBAD, but if Jordan wins POV and takes Jeff off, and then Kevin will be forced to put up Nasty No Class Win NOTHING Natalie, Jeff and Jordan are still going to vote out Michelle. Jeff and Jordan are not thinking, they need to get rid of Natalie if she is on the Block !!! If they keep Natalie, that will be a BIG mistake, I don’t think they are thinking, if Natalie is gone, Kevin will be able to work with them. If Natalie stays, there’s a chance that little no class nasty brat may win 1st or 2nd place and Jeff and Jordan will walk away empty handed.

  31. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Jordan or Jeff win the Veto tonight. I hope Nasty Nat goes, but I will settle with Michelle for now! If Jeff goes the show is gonna blow………………

  32. Oh please, God, if you are a kind and just God, you will let Michelle win POV and allow us all to be rid of Jeff or Nastalie. It does not seem fair that evil people can be placed into position to win such large sums of money. Please God, let it be so. Go, Michelle!

      1. I know you’re the same anonymous posting shit after every comment that doesnt support Jeff. How about you hop off his dick…

      2. Face it, Jeff’s behavior has rivaled that of Jessie’s the past few weeks. People just want him gone. Me included. :)

    1. Jeff and Jordan are the best thing to happen to BB. What the crap is wrong with you? How could you possibly want Natalie, Michele, Kevin or any of the ones in the jury to win? They have done nothing. You must be as whacked as they are. Idiot.

      1. You realise that Kevin and Natalie outplayed J/J, Kevin won two challenges(same number as Jordan, though she only won one of hers because Jeff threw it), and Natalie won one…right? You realise that Michele has won just as much as Jeff and she has made it this far on her own, not getting help from Jordan and BB itself…right?

        Jeff and Jordan are the WORST thing to happen to BB

        1. Your crazy!!! Jeff & Jordan are the most decent people left in that nut house! If anyone of those other 3 (crazy michelle, nast natalie or lazy Kevin) win this season it will officially be the worst season ever!!! I mean come on Evil Dick winning was easier to swallow than THIS!!!

  33. wouldn’t it be great if jordan won, took jeff off. nat would go up. she thinks she has this in the bag – 3 with J&J, 2 w/kev and the jury votes.. if kev has noticed, which he has ….she is way chummier with j & J …also michele is mad at j&j and they’re mad at her. what if kev dumped nat & voted to evict her & team up w/mich?? nat throws everything & he needs someone to win next week. i’d love to see her face…she thinks she has this won using everyone to do all the dirty work for her….i would love to see it.

    1. you know the kev/mich scenario might work better if mich wins pov, kev puts nat up. jor won’t vote against jeff so even if mich voted jeff, kev would be the tiebreaker. then it would be michele against jeff & jordan for hoh which odds i like, then kev still has chance for pov next week??? just thinking about it makes me smile…you think chima and russ went off, i don’t think that would be anything compared to nat

  34. I hope ur prayers are answered Mr. Please. I believe what goes around comes around, and Dumb/Dumber really need to be paid back for their dishonesty. I also believe there is more of us that wud really give up watching this show, if JEFF stays. I dislike him so much, I will even be happy if scumbag Nat stays longer then him. I want him and HipoJordo to FEEL THE PAIN. They don’t hv to be so cruel to Michelle, it shows their true mean nature, and it SUCKS big time. GO MICHELLE, there is a lot of us rooting for u. Good Luck, and may God bless you.

    1. Yes, it is still showing TRIVIA on the feeds… Not sure if the POV has anything to do with the luxury competition might… we’ll have to wait and see…

  35. I hope Jeff wins the game and jordan comes in second sitting right next to him. Then hopefully they will get married and make the cutest babies ever. Jeff makes this game , it gives us something to look at.

    1. You’ve seen him snap at her, right? You’ve seen how all he wants and all he talks/cares about is sex, right? If they hooked up outside the house(which they wont) i’d put money on he’d be abusive. Obviously mentally and possibly psychically.

      1. Why are you hatin on jeff,afterall jessie is the one who ran the house until jeff had the balls to stand up for him and jordan

        1. Jeff has been a jerk plain and simple, and the worst kind too. He pretends to be this nice guy for the camera, but all the stuff that you don’t see on tv, the stuff that you can read here, he is a terrible person.

          Jeff didn’t stand up for him and Jordan. BB handed him control and allowed him to get rid of Jessie since Jeff couldn’t beat him on his own. By doing that, BB sent Chima in a spiral and she ended up getting kicked out. BB handed Jeff the game. BUT Jeff is just too dumb to keep control and got played, then screwed over his own alliance. Now Jeff’s chances of winning are slim to none. I don’t really believe in karma, but if karma is real, there’s some damn good proof.

    1. OMG it totally makes sense that, like, the, like, you know? Like 16 year old, like, brat types would totally root for those two seeing how, like, both of them totally act like one. Like…TOTALLY.

  36. I don’t know why but for some reason I really want Michelle to win now. She’s so pitiful and alone and they’re all so fake to her face and mean behind her back. She’s socially inept and upset and has no one to back her up or talk to like the others do. I haven’t seen that Michelle did anything so horrible to anyone to deserve this treatment. I’m looking forward to J/J looking back at all the tapes later and seeing that Michelle DID come to them with the things Russell was saying about them and would have for sure stood behind their alliance. Now if she wins POV and HOH next week, they’re screwed. GO TEAM MICHELLE!

    1. You are soooo right about this. They assumed because she did not handle confrontation well that she was lying. I used to really like J/J but they were so mean to someone who was very loyal to them. I hope they feel like crap after they go back and watch the tapes. Go Michelle!

    2. She’s a bit awkward socially, nervous at times, but I don’t know why J/J are going off on her like that. She didn’t really do anything to them, except play the game. But to J/J it seems to have became personal. Just tear her down at every opportunity and laugh at her for no reason, really. If they want to make fun of someone, why don’t they pick Jordan and how truly dumb she is. Anyway, Jeff’s a dick and Jordan isn’t as sweet as I originally thought. I’m rooting for Kevin (have to give him props – he’s played a very good game) or Michelle.

  37. I just hope Natalie doesnt win. Anyone else but her. Everyone was talking about Jordan being the biggest floater when really Natalie is worse.

  38. Natalie isn’t a floater; moron. You don’t need to win HOH/POV’s to control the game. Natalie has been playing the game from a physchological prespective since week one. The fact that she uses others to push her further into the game, is brillaint. The difference between Natalie and Jordan is–Natalie realizes she’s doing it, Jordan is oblivious to the concept of the game in itself and is only with Jeff because they have their little showmance going on. That’s it.

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