Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Peaceful Morning in the House, Jeff “I want to go Home now, Fuck these Dbags”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:10pm Backyard Jeff.. He just blew a fart.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:10pm Red Room Natalie still trying to sleep, Michelle walks in and starts rustling a bag as she fills it with her stuff.. Natalie looks pissed.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:20pm Jeff in pool

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
12:25pm Jordon sleeping.


*** Missed this in the morning but around 8ish camera 1 and 2.. Jeff and Jordan where whispering and Jeff told her He wanted to go home now.. Jordan got upset and offered him all her prizes if she wins (Not the 500K but the other prizes won thought out the season) Jeff doesn’t want it. He tells her he doesn’t want to be around all these “Fuckin Douches” anymore. He was sounding very discouraged but finally told Jordan not to worry he’s going to spend the entire week with her and their going to have fun. *******

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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he may not be blowing up but he is sure being a sore loser for someone who had the same thing happen to him he did to others, only douchebag I see is him


Ditto!!! Maybe he’s gonna pull a Chima, just not to give those “douchebags” the pleasure to evict him.


At least Chima has a legitimate reason for her behavior, the pics of her after her assault were horrible and she needs psychiatric help for sure. What’s Jeff excuse? I see it as NONE! I do not feel bad for him. BUCK UP JEFF AND BE A MAN.


Totally agree. Jeff is a sore loser.


he s not being a soar looser….you either missed him saying he has no one to blame but himself and it just wasn t meant to be or your one of those a wholes who will put words in everyones mouth just to vent you anger


How is he being a sore loser? Did you hear anything he said the night before. Check up on your facts.


calling the other hg’s douchebags behind thier backs now that he is sure he is going home is def a step in that dirrection.


Good gracious! If you were in that house for as long as he has, pretty sure that you were going home, after winning alot of the comps, I’m sure that you would be smiling and singing! I get so dang tired of the bashing, when none of you have done this and all you can do is complain about their attitudes! As far as the Jeff bashing….all you bashers are is jealous “men” who wish that you approached life the way he does, and for that matter looked like him.
Jeff has played a good game, and oh, keep in mind, if something does happen and he gets to stay because of the “mystery Key”, then remember, he won that in a contest, before nominations, and the veto.
Be fair with your comments…..

be honest:

are you jeff’s mom? don’t get me wrong he is my fav in there and im not jealous but let’s face it he made a wrong move and can’t face the consequences!


but he was the “great guy” above all the scheming and lying and so forth, now he has lied and is name calling. Does it bother me personally, no, to me it is all part of the game, however I find it very entertaining that the guy you all loved for being above it is just the same. Your hero who was supposed to be hot, smart and fair is little more than looks. As for being where he is, well without the bull crap cdt he never would have gotten here and he got that squarely for being “hot”. Without it he was fast tracked to be out the door. As for winning the key, yes he did, however why are they adding something outside the play of the game at an end point in the game? Hopefully it does not change the evictions and such and is simply prizes. To add something that changes or influences evictions at this stage when people are fighting to get here is truly unfair. Let the game play out as it will under the paramaters of the game.


Well said Henry!


@Henry the name of the game is Expect the Unexpected. So CBS can do whatever they want. Everyone that says that Jeff taunted Russell when he put him on the block it’s Bull. Has anyone stopped and thought that maybe if Russell hadn’t been such an idiot after being put on the block and had actually sat down with Jeff and talked that maybe he could have been saved and Gnat would have gone home… It’s only a game that they are playing and it really seems like it is a huge MINDF**K and i’m sure you get really paranoid being in there for so long…. I’m sure anyone with feelings or emotions would be close to their breaking point at this late stage of the game. If everybody expected Jeff to just be nice all the time hasn’t been in that experience. The fact that they treat Michelle like that isn’t just onesided she has a lot to do with that with all her scheming and don’t forget that as soon as Kevin became HOH Michelle went up and tried throwing J/J under the bus. One last thing everyone is saying how Russell would have stuck to his final 4 deal because that is what he said to Julie after his eviction has to realize that Russell knows he came off as a giant D-bag on T.V. with all his arguing with all the girls and some guys… Everyone is also saying that Russell would kick Jeff’s a** who cares it is just a friggin game get over it. I don’t know about anyone else but I really wouldn’t be afraid of someone who talks so much crap about his fighting skills or that he is so tough People he has had 1 fight and he lost in a minute and a half back in 2004 and hasn’t fought since I guess him being a Navy seal and Lawyer and Pope and got in the way….


WoW…Somebody who knows what their talking about.. I agree…


he had played a good game?
you must be related to jordan




Your an idiot. Jeff is not a sore loser.. He calls them douchbags because he is pissed. Dont act like you wouldnt do the exact same thing.


I’m not sure he’s a sore loser but honestly I think that he’s a bit stuck up. He’s done a good job of getting along with people when he needs them for something but once they aren’t doing what he wants he let’s us know exactly what he really thinks of them.

Even Jordan the “sweetheart” isn’t a sweetheart. Isn’t there normally at least a couple people in the house that aren’t shit talkers and are nice to people even when they aren’t on their side?

Like Jeff ignoring Michelle now. He has nothing to gain from being nice so what? He just ignores her?

I don’t think Jeff is any worse or better than others in the house when it comes down to their character, I just get a little annoyed to hear people acting like Jeff and Jordan are sooooo nice and America’s sweethearts. Gag me.

And the people saying they want Jeff to stay because he’s hot??? If you want to watch a show cause the people on it are hot and fun to look at then watch the Bachelorette or something.

can't stand jordo

sasha, you are exactly on the money…perfect in your discription of jerko jeff. although, i think a few were decent ppl (ie casey,laura perhaps) just not any of the ones left playing..


I liked Casey and Laura too. I wish they would have stayed a bit longer so we could have gotten to know them more.


Me to Sasha. Laura seemed smart, Jessie knew that and booted her out. Casey seemed to support the younglings in the house like a big daddy. Would love to see them back in the house. My ultimate choice though would be Russell back in the house but unfortunately I don’t think that is going to happen.


i Agree


Jeff made a HUGE mistake by not getting rid of Kevin or Natalie…now he’s paying the price. Too smart too late


Didn’t Jeff do the same thing to Russell last week? Now he knows how it feels.


He is human and of course he is going to mope…and think about what he couldv’e wouldve done…but he is still my choice!! I can’t even imagine the boredom in that house…no outside connections and no place to go…DEPRESSING in itself!!


michelle deserves to win now – jeff, given every chance,
screwed himself – game over


This is good stuff!

Too bad Russell wasn’t there to taunt him, like he taunted Russ. But it is all good, the jury house awaits Jeff. Watch he doesn?t man up, and quits before he gets sent to jury house.


You hit it . . . . think he just embarrassed that he was so stupid or he is afraid of Russell?

Get Jeff Out FTW

I think Jeff got out Russ for no other reason than deep down he was afraid to compete against him in final four. He was just too quick to buy into what N/K told him, so he wasn’t being rational at all. I think that comes from his insecurities.


he also listened to dumber blonde
who suddenly last week found a
re-newed chima-like dislike to russell
cherchez la femme


He did not taunt Russ. Russ started each and every fight they ever had. Jeff tried to ignore him as long as he could. I know alot of people hate Jeff here, but some of this shit is just irrational and out of control. I can’t stand Natalie, but I don’t feel compelled to spout off about her every time her name is mentioned. If she were going home instead of Jeff, I’d probably post maybe one statement about being happy over it, then let it go. Really bad sportsmanship is what I’m seeing now. You got what you wanted, he’s going home. Now talk about something else.


Wrong. Jeff went outside to see if Russell wanted to talk. He has been cooped up with Russell all summer. He had to know where it would lead. He should have waited for Russ to cool off. In the real world, where Russ could have pounded on him, I don’t think Jeff would have done that.


How is asking someone if they want to talk the same as taunting them? So it’s Jeff’s fault Russ acted like an asshole, because he should have known he would act that way?
Why does no one want people to take responsibility for themselves anymore?
Anyway, the FIRST time Russ started on Jeff (about technotronics) and the THIRD time (when he called Jordan fat), Jeff was minding his own business, and Russ came at him from nowhere.
Like I said before…irrational.

go mic

He called Jordan fat not Jeff,how is that picking a fight with Jeff?


Gahhh, what a ridiculous argument. Now people are just arguing for the sake of the argument being popular. Did you not see that fight when it happened? Russ started….umm, how you say….oh yeah, TAUNTING Jeff…Jeff tried to ignore him…Jordan told Jeff not to say anything, and then Russ started in on Jordan. That’s the way it happened.
This whole “Attack Jeff because everyone else is” logic reminds me of the last presidential election.


Yeah, you are leaving out the part where Russ is alone in the BY, Jordan is upstairs and Jeff says to Nat and Kevin something to the effect of, well lets get this over with and goes outside. He says to Russ, do you want to talk about it, and Russ says no. Jeff insists, and it kind of spirals out of control from there. Meanwhile, Nat races upstairs to get Jordan, telling her its going crazy outside to come and see, when it still was pretty calm out there. Another example of how Nat stirs the pot and winds people up to do stupid things. If you were watching the feeds, it is apparent that Jeff wanted to gloat, and he should have had the class to wait for Russell to approach him. Then Russ would have looked like the giant douche. Jordan appearing on the scene only escalated things.


Jordough came out after Gnat got her fired up and Jordough started in on Russell. Go back look at the feeds……. Are you trying to say that if you were in that house and had a final 4 agreement that you would not be pissed off if the deal was void & null all of a sudden. Yea, Russ may have tried a final 2 with Mich but C’mon Jeff made it clear is final 2 were himself and Jordough. Oh but wait, only Jeff was allow final 2, no one else…..

I know the “Key” means something but I hope Jeff does not get another free pass.


I think jeff rocks and i will be sad when he leaves. I hope he gets on television/movies…he is just so hot!

a fan of Jeffs

Shut up! Ronnie is Hot

Randy Wolfgang

I have heard from friends who have sources out West that some of that may actually be offered to him. Just some trial ballons to see if it works out. Similar offers were made to Dan last year but he turned them down to his occupation and faith.


Who cares if the damn guy is hot? I bet a lot of ppl vote for him because of his looks. This is BB and not a Mister Universe contest


this is great. i dont even care who wins anymore cause that cornball jeff is gone. i hope natalie wins it but if she doesnt i could care less…if jordan wins she’s not going to share the money with that loser because she was just using him anyway..bye bye jeff…thats what you get for eliminating king jessie!


Hey, Tommy, yours is the very first comment I’ve seen supporting Nat for the win. I’ve found her very entertaining…first with having Jesse buy into following what she wants, then Chima, then Lydia, and now Kevin. While she sure lacks Dr. Will’s charm and charisma, she’s still managed to manipulate, stir doubts, tell convincing lies, and create devious long-term plans that keep working for her. She hasn’t made any sick sexual or anal comments–unlike other HGs except Kevin,–nor has sucked up to anyone to do it. I’m looking forward to see what her “Operation Michelle” will be next week.


I have to admit – even as nasty as I think she is – she has played the game brilliantly – to have won nothing and still be there this late in the game is remarkable. Some say she does not deserve to win b/c she has not won anything but her saavy and skeming have kept her safe and is a reason she SHOULD win.
With all that said – I hope she is taken out asap – she nasty!



Good point, not a big fan of Nat’s but she’s got game. How else would she be able to get these guys to do what she wants.


thats of she can win HOH , i doubt it even though the numbers in the house are dwindling i still can’t see her winning HOH


Yeah, I dislike her, and of all the houseguests this season, she is the one I would least like to encounter in the real world, but she has played the game well. She is an expert at planting ideas and getting others to carry them out, she even let Jessie, Ronnie and Chima think that it was their idea. She is the one that egged Chima and Lydia on to do crazy things, she even got Kevin to help her hide stuff, and it almost got him kicked out. Biggest victory was splitting up the final 4 alliance. She has no blood on her hands, and she has everyone so fooled that they will vote for her if she is in the final 2. Like I said, if she gets final 2, as much as I don’t like the idea, she deserves the win. Next week is make or break for her.


Great added points, Chloe: Nat has created plans and then let others take credit for them and get blood on their hands. And you’re right, the biggest move in the game was in Nat’s coming up with the LML AND then having Kevin deliver it to Jeff, not her. And, love that she got Jordum all worked up over nothing that she went out and got hysterical with Russell. Truly a “Russell-inspired” move, like what he did to get Bradon to go out and fight with Lydia and Kevin. As nasty of a human as she may well be, she is playing a game that is sooo subtle, people here think she’s done nothing. Lol.


Nats a SLUG! She’s gross and nasty! She walks like she’s got a corncob up you know where. She’s a big liar and doesn’t deserve to be in the BB house!


Yeah, that would be exciting, watching a BB season where nobody lies. I would rather watch the lawn grow.


Yeah Yeah! I hear you, but what I’m talking about is; that girl is the type of person that would just as soon lie as look at you. She’s trash from the get go. Everyone thinks it’s good game to be a great manipulative liar, but you can win BB other ways. The most frustrating part is that she just keeps getting away with it! Not only that, but it’s hard to watch her and her twitches, nose-picking, and manly-walking ways. She’s gross!


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see her win, because I think she is disgusting. My worst case scenario will probably happen, Nat and Jordan as final two. It is starting to look like what happened with uber bitch Maggie paired up with useless floater airhead Ivette. Of course Nat will win if it comes down to that. I do hope that Kevin and Michelle see that the best scenario for both of them is to drop Nat and then see which one of them gets to take Jordan to the final 2. But I think Kevin will be loyal to Nat, so Michelle will have to be the one to get her out. Jordan is such an airhead that she thinks Kevin is the target, when Nat is the one behind Jeff’s demise. Nat is finding it hard to keep a straight face with Jordan, you can see she wants to belly laugh at her stupidity.


I still love watching Jeff & Jordan. I like the attraction they have for each other. I think it would be sweet if they took their relationship further outside the game. I would love to see Jeff stay (may the key thing), that would really shake things up. I don’t like the bashing of the HGs. I just want everyone to get along – but get the house twisted at the same time. I want to see fireworks and see the unexpected. That is really what excites me in the game. I love the unexpected twists and turns. That is why I watch. It wouldn’t be fun if everyone got along and we knew what the outcome was going to be. I think we all want to be surprised!!


Jeff’s attraction to Jordan is purely physical. Once he bangs her he is out the door!


i hate to admit it ,but i really felt bad for jeff after the pov,i kept watching till 6 am this morning,i really felt for the guy,jordan was so sweet to him while crying…


Jeff is disgusted with himself……he messed up n’ he knows it..but he does not seem to be blaming on the other HG’s…He’s bummed out at himself kicking his own ass….unlike some of the others who are or were about to be gone he’s not ranting n’ raving like a crazy person…at least not so far…


I looked it up. This is what WIKIPEDIA says about Pandora’s box.

Opening of the “box”

After Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create the woman Pandora as part of the punishment for mankind. Pandora was given many seductive gifts from Aphrodite, Hermes, Hera, Charites, and Horae (according to Works and Days). For fear of additional reprisals, Prometheus warned his brother Epimetheus not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but Epimetheus did not listen, and married Pandora. Pandora had been given a large jar and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar, but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay hope.[7]

There is no reason to think Pandora acted out of malice in opening the jar, for she was exercising her curiosity, and when she saw what was let out of it, she quickly closed it.[8]


yeah….I looked it up too..lotta different versions…..but it has to do with theives n’ a box of fire that was stolen from heaven…hmmmm we’ll see


So Kevin opened the box like a moron. He released the evil which is money. The box was then closed leaving in it hope. Natalie and the others went for the money but Jeff went for the key and not the money. So now Jeff has the key to the box which has hope remaining in it. He will get saved once again by BB. He’ll replace the nomination when Michelle comes down. It will be Natalie and Jeff on the block. Jordan votes Natalie out. Michelle then holds the deciding vote. Jeff needs to wisen up and kiss Michelle’s ass this week. Bye bye Natalie. Jef, Jordan, Michelle and Kevin in final 4. BB sets it up for Jeff to win next HOH. Bye bye Michelle.


only BB can save stupid jeff (but why? he is so dumb and now…arrogant)
michelle has a ph.d. – voting to keep jeff, you say? that wd be delusional


and the other good stuff is russell take it like a man and he didnt cry gezzzz dumb jeff is another queer jessie a crybabie buaaaaaaaaaaa
and he thinks america loves dumber jordon hahahahahahhahahaahahahahahaa
whata fools
russell the new america lover 🙂

I am Russel

stop it mom…you’re embarrassing me


Yep! Russell went out with total class (talking about the eviction ceremony). I wouldn’t have hugged J/J and he did. I’m going to campaign hard for Russell to get the money that goes to someone in the jury house! I think he deserves it!


Who is everyone rooting for to win??
I am rooting for Michele.


me too.


either michelle or kevin


Raises his hand for Mich to win.


I’m rooting for Michelle! I can’t stand Nat and all the lies she’s gotten away with. That might be considered playing the game, but I consider winning HOH & POV playing the game; which Nat has done niether! After Michelle I’d have to choose Kevin. I was a total J/J fan until they just treated Michelle & Russell like crap!

jeff's fan

i agree with you dbolt…they got what they deserve…I have more respect to Russell than both Jeff and Jordon

jeff's fan

Michelle to win!!! I want Russell to win but now that his gone, I want Michelle…Jeff indeed karma is a bitch…u deserve it…


I’m with you jeff’s fan….I want Michelle to win! I really started rooting for Russell after J/J crapped on him so badly. I’m going to vote for Russell to get the money that will go to a jurer so that he gets something out of this. He was gracious when Jeff took the Hawaii vacation from him. And I think he was truly hurt by Jeff turning on him. He had talked about he and Jeff getting together outside of the BB house. So I think he not only got “got” as Jeff put it, but I think he felt like he lost a friend as well.


i want michele to win. would have loved to see a showdown between russ and jeff, though.






When was he crying? I wanna see what he said, some one please post it!


Jordan made fun of the girls crying over Jessie. Now she is bawling over Jeff. Karma’s a bitch.

Russell played the game until he sat down in the nom chair for the last time. Jeff has given up because there is nothing he can do now. He now sees the light. Nat isn’t his friend, never was, and Michelle was his friend and he burned her. At least Russell had a chance to campaign, didn’t work, but he tried. Jeff has no way out, unless a twist saves him. The only other option is to throw Jordan under the bus, but he has to know that none of the HG would waste the opportunity to get rid of him and send home Jordan instead because she is the least threatening of them all. Why would they go to all that trouble to send her home, which is why I just about spewed a mouthful of wine on the keyboard last night when Jordan asked Kevin if he was planning to backdoor her. I have a pile of rocks in the back yard that are more intelligent than her.

Last night Jeff was telling Jordan that she can win, that the jury and America will vote for her. More deluded ideas from Mr. Asshat. Why would the houseguests that got evicted for playing the game (I leave Lydia out of this statement) vote for someone who did nothing but coast, when they can vote for Kevin, Michelle or Nat who played the game. Granted, Nat hasn’t won anything, but she has been behind the scenes stirring the pot since day one. That’s more than can be said of Jordan. The only move she made was to convince Jeff to take out Russ, and we see how smart that was.


i dont like jeff and jordan much , hoping michelles wins it , i want the key to help keep jeff in the game, and i hope kevin and natilie go home


me too about michelle and about the key – if it works as a veto then it means jordan and nat on the block and jeff and michelle will vote to send natalie to see her bff JESSIIEE


OMG, Jeff needs to follow his own rules for the others that he put on the block, It is what it is and let’s all just have a good week. I can understand him being upset but he is acting like a jock that gets turned down for the prom. A big DICK!


Anyone else having trouble getting the Bitchy Big Brother Blog up? I keep getting “Server not found”. Never had that problem before.


I read that, (after this one, of course) she comes up with some good lines, I get a good gawfaw over it, nope, no trouble here


Jeff deserves everything he gets! I’m so happy that he’s going to be the next one out of the house, because he went from being one of the most loved to one of the most hated! His actions back fired, and i hope when he leaves the house Julie tells him how stupid he was to fall for what Kevin and Natalie told him.

As he told Russ, he got got! stupid line from a not so smart man!


i think jeff played the best game i have seen, and he did it on his own because jordan has not been of any help. he is taking the loss with class and he deserves to win, i hope the twist that julie anounces is a way for him to stay. i would love to see him win bb not for his looks which by the way are not that spectacular, but because he has been the best player so far, and the one with the most gutts!




Played the best game? WTF??? Until he got the coup de etat, he basically sat with Jordan in the backyard. Great move. Then America gave him the power, and he made a great move sending Jessie home. That pretty much assured him a spot in the final 4 at least, especially after Chima had her meltdown. But then he got stupid. He took out Lydia instead of Nat or Kevin. What a dumbass move! Then he turns on his alliance and backdoors Russell. Dumbass move of the season, the one that ruined his game. America gave him the winning lottery ticket, and he used it to wipe his ass. So really, the only great move he made was handed to him on a silver platter.


100% right on

Mr. E

Jeff played a decent game, but Russell’s game and Michelle’s games were a lot better. In the end, Natalie and Kevin were running circles around Jeff.

K and M Unite!

Are you serious? He is a horrible player. How do you get the CDT power handed to you and change the face of the game and then have Michelle win HOH, Jordan win HOH, and you win HOH, and still be on the block the next week. How could you get rid of Lydia who hasn’t won anything over Kevin or Natalie? How could you trust Nat and Kevin to tell you the truth when they wanted you gone week 1? You listen to Jordan instead of Russell or Michelle, that’s how!!!
If Jeff stays it’s because the fix is in. Michelle has been alone since day 1 and scrapped and deserves it . She’s extremely strong and knows passive agressive play is the way to stay alive. And just because she didn’t win comps doesn’t mean Nat doesn’t deserve it either. Nat and Kevin had the biggest move of the game so far with the LML. And they did it through scheming not America handing it to them. Dr. Will won season 2 winning no comps


What goes around, comes around. Just a fact of life.


Anonymous says, You need to wake up,,,,,, get real ,,,

Jackie M.

How SWEET..Dumb/Dumber FEELING THE PAIN. I don’t feel sorry for turncoat Jeff, he listened to Jordan and broke the sworn alliance. Once he did not, he lost all of my respect. He used the poor excuse that Russel made final 2 w/Michelle, what did he expect, he always said he was taking Jordan as far as he cud. I truly believe he got rid of Russell becuz he was jealous, and knew Russell cud bet him after the final 4. What happen to let’s play wk to wk. He jumped too fast, and only now he realize it. Don’t think so, he never intended to honor their swore alliance. Kevin is a smart cookie, he will join forces w/Michelle. I am rooting for Michelle, she truly is playing a great game, especially when the HG’s are so rude/cruel to her. God bless Michelle, and may he guide you all the way.


AMEN!!!! I think Michelle has played the best game. She was stolen from, she’s been ridiculed and slandered and basically been treated like crap! And through it all, she has been civil to everyone. I hope she wins it! She’s the only one left that truly deserves to win! I’ll vote for Russell to get the Jury money & I’ll vote for Michelle to get the big money!!!!


Jeff said after he found the key that the DR told him what the key does but he can’t tell anybody else. I think that he is pretending to have given up so that the other HG’s think that he is weak and then on Monday at the nomination ceramony or Thursday he will surprise them all. We all know that Jeff can keep a secret (CDT power) so I hope that this is what he is doing again.


Hope no more. It will all come out at the POV ceremony. MIchelle takes herself down and when Kevin goes to replace her with Jordan, Jeff stands up and says, “wait a minute. I have the power to replace her.” He then replaces her with Natalie. Michelle is the power holder with her vote.


so, whens the POV meeting today or tomorrow?

Jackie M.

I think Michelle is a bad liar, for the simple reason that lying goes against her nature. Scumbag Nat on the other hand, must lie all the time, becuz they just roll of her lips. As much as I disllike her, gotta give her credit for the LML. I hope in Kevin’s goodby speech he finds out abt the LML and can just picture Kevin saying ‘PEACE OUT”. Can hardly wait to see J/J faces when they learn they just been taken for the biggest fools in BB history. Bet they will hv night terrors thinking of the $$$$ and America’s trust that they lost. Payback is a Bit.., but oh SOOOOOO SWEET. You go girl…GO MICHELLE.


jeffy boy sure changed his colors. what a baby and a sore sport. he is. jordon is only saying to vote her out because jeff played better,competed better and was an all around better player then her since she never won anything to get people to realize she is no threat in the game and jeff is. she’s doing/saying the opposite in hopes everyone will say .”yea, he a better player, now let’s get him out.jordon’s no threat to us.”


maybe the key can replace any of the other ‘houseguests keys. like a ‘get out of jail free’ key.


All of you that are calling Jeff a douche or whatever are just jealous cause Jeff is a good looking GOOD GUY! We (America) voted for Jeff to have that power because he deserved it! He wasn’t getting a fair shake in the house at that time and the game IS Expect the UNEXPECTED! Jeff has played a good game and has been the most honest of anyone (besides Jordan), and he has every right to be upset that his game is over. He’s not an asshole like Russell going off on everyone, so I think the man has the right to be a bit mad and voice that anger to who he chooses to.

gino dee



I see other people posting back and forth–why are you always trying to veto my comments by saying I am posting too fast? What’s up with that?????
Where is the post I just posted?


I hope the key keeps Jeff in the house…Out of ALL the people in the house…likes and dislikes aside….Jeff has played an awesome game…and so has Michelle. Those two have won HOH and Pov’s like crazy….so in my opinion….Jeff deserves to be at the final two with Michelle. Natalie hasn’t done anything except..Lie..and that was her move to stay in the game


what do you mean by “deserve” refering to jeff
feeling entitled was his demise

Bye Jeff!

Obviously Jeff didn’t play the game well enough: he’s going bye-bye!

gino dee


Jackie M.

I will be so disappointed in CBS/bb producers if they rig this show and give Jeff power to save himself. The difference with this key and Wizard power is that America voted and we all knew the power. With this key, no one but the producers know the power. It wud be tooo obvious if BB producers rig this Jeff’s way. If/When that happens, for whatever it’s worth, I will lose all trust in CBS/bb producers, and will no longer watch that Channel or BB, becuz they are trying to insult our intellegence. I truly believe I wud not be the only one that wud be so disappointed if that happens.

Get Jeff Out FTW

I agree. I posted yesterday that CBS was able to rig this any way they wanted to, because we will learn if the key has power after the fact. This means, they can make the key have WHATEVER power they wish, and change that power depending upon who receives the key.


im a nerd, but its entertaining how suspicious we are of the production. the game has a new player, and its the big brother. its like the paranoia comes through the tv screen and into the audience.

what if every BB was manipulated. (insert “the twilight zone” music here)


get over it!!! people talk their shit saying its not fair and this and that. there is a reason why he got the power because america likes him and was playing an honest game, thats why i voted for him. yes, he got a big head and got on a power trip as hoh, but EVERYONE did. as for it not being fair with the key, keep in mind EVERYONE had the opportunity to get the key but they chose to be greedy and go for the money so quit your “this isnt fair crap” and stop whining! natalie has played the game the worse with all of her lying and scheming and kevin was an idiot to join her.


I also seen a bit of big headedness but could that also be that he was looking for the positive but yet got ahead of himself?

dumbass yall are

this place is not rigged you just cant stand the good guys to win anything thats why all you dirt bags have to dowm every one and when you get bagged on then you go cry to your mommy



Get Jeff Out FTW

Only the CBS edit showed him being a nice, honest guy. I thought he was, too, until I started watching something other than the tv show. Since I’ve done that, I’ve seen who Jeff really is.


I disagree. I watch after dark every night and i do not think he acted poorly at all. I MEAN COME ON-the only other person that acted as well was Casey. I mean Jeff tried to be a nice guy and truly help out everyone.


I watched the live feeds and he turned into a parinoid dick head after he got power… what a idiot believing Kevins and Nasty’s big lie… he deserves to lose.. Go Michelle…


not everyone is noce 24/7. as much as he is on camera he has barely been negative. SAVE JEFF!


I totally agree SAVE JEFF! I have loved him and Jordan since day one. He’s played the best game and he deserves it more than anyone else. He made the best/biggest moves in the game by getting Jessie and Russell out. He’s won either 2 or 3 POVs (can’t exactly remember if it was two or three). And two HOHs really because he gave Jordan hers. And he didn’t sell out and make a deal with Jessie’s alliance when he saw that they were running the house. He waited for his chance and capitalized on those chances when they came around. Name one other player still in the house who has played a better game than him. And btw, I would love to see what some of the ppl criticizing Jeff would look like if they were on tv 24/7. Would they be “nice” the whole time? DOUBT IT!


you need to watch live feeds. if u notice when bbad comes on,there is always that bottom line tellin you that there was tension in the house or the house guest are divided or there was a heated argument,etc. these feeds show people’s true colors and it definitely showed how jeff truly was, which wasn’t nice at all






Maybe I am watching a different BBAD than you because Jeff didn’t really act out of line compared to the other HG. He played a fair game – he never made up a complete lie to swing people’s opinion. I actually think it’s pretty sad that the others had to stoop that low to win. Yes, he was given a wizard power and used it – anybody who received it would have. He did let paranoia get the better of him, however they have been stuck in this house for over 50 days – who wouldn’t have a bad moment.


You know nothing about who Jeff really is. None of us do. You think just because you watch feeds the internet you know who he “really is as a person”. Get real! Being in the BB house excludes you from all outside contact. People are bound to be a little cranky. They have nothing to do but think about the game. Just because Jeff made the biggest/best moves of the entire game doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. That’s why all of you are hating on him. He’s great. Get over it! It’s just a TV show for crying out loud. I hope that by some miracle of reality tv that Jeff does get saved. Out of everyone in that house he has played the best game. He was given a power and he used that power. It would have been the biggest mistake on his part to pass up an opportunity to get Jessie out. Then he made another big move and got Russell out. He’s won two POVs. And two HOHs really because he gave Jordan hers. He deserves to win more than anyone else. He’s been loyal to Jordan the whole game. I think it would be great if she sacrificed herself for Jeff because he has the chance to win it all. And she sees that he deserves it.


you so full of it he is a azzhole you can tell u still a kid inside


Oh yeah, he was honest with Michelle and Russell, two people that had his back until final 4. He threw them both under the bus with the enemy. He told Kevin he wouldn’t put him up, and then he did (sure, he took him off the block to put up Russ) and then he was pissed when Kevin went back on his promise to not put Jeff up this week, as if Kevin had any reason to do that. Once he betrayed his own alliance, the other side had to know that he would do the same to them, so now he is gone. Russ on the other hand never went back on his word, yet people call him a douchebag and Jeff is the nice boy. I must be watching different feeds than the people that justify Jeff. I don’t even think he is that hot, especially once his personality shows through. I would take Russ over Jeff any day, but this isn’t about who looks hotter. It’s about who plays the smartest game. I hope Michelle or Kevin wins.


100% agree. Maybe the key will give Russell life. Vote Russell for Favorite HG.


I think Russell is actually a nice guy. He was just playing the game. Jeff’s the real “douchebag”.

About Russ

I agree 100%. Russell was one of the most genuine and kind people to ever enter the house. Jeff on the other hand is a terrible person and I would say either him or Ronnie was the worst this season. I’d pick Jeff, but it may only because we saw more of him.


why does everybody want kev to get rid of gnats??? do you really think gnats would stab kev now. I dont. I see kev sticking with her and taking out mich or jordo (after jeff of course)

K/N/J is F3


Nat would take him to the finals because she can beat him, or any of the remaining HG for that matter. Kevin would be best taking Jordan, because he would win. If he goes with Michelle, its a bit of a tossup who will get the votes. So Kevin needs to take Nat out if he wants to win the money.


Sadly, and I don’t know why, but Michelle won’t win no matter who she is up against in the final 2..


i believe she will win against jordon or jeff. even if she doesn’t win, she will still be $50thousand richer

I hate natalie

Natalie hasn’t won a thing so how do you think she can beat all the remaining houseguest hell she quit the last HOH because she dropped her cup,got out of braeth after jogging 1 lap on after dark and was the second one to fall in the diploma game and would not have hung longer than russel on night 1…SHES A LOSER!!!


she is a loser as far as competiotions go, but she is a winner at lies and deceptions which is the only reason she has gotten this far. i hope she leaves soon

@I hate natalie

Russell was easily my favorite but I disagree. Natalie could’ve lasted hours longer then Russell that night. Russ was in pain and it was only Braden’s cocky pull ups that caused Russell to outlast Braden.

Also, I don’t know what number she fell at in the diploma game but I remember Ronnie, Lydia, and Kevin were the first three out so… you’re wrong.


i think on season 4 ( not sure ) there was a key won then but it just went to a room that had a safe in it if my memory sures me right. then the person who opened the room had to crack the safe combo and i think money was involved. anyone got any clues? Am I right ? it seems vague but I do recall the key going to a golden room . help me out here BB fans and fill the pieces in


Jeff, pure and simple when he had the power he was a scumbag. And now he has no power, why should anyone feel sorry. He and Jordon trashed Michelle beyond belief.

Mr. E

Jeff, Jeff, JEFF! You got got! YOU GOT GOT!!! Oh, man, I am going to hate it if they invent a power to save Jeff. He deserves to lose.


Hey has it occured to any one that maybe they are allowing who ever was picked by Kevin to stay in the game due to the fact Nat and Kevin both tried to cheat by hiding things in the house. Just a thought.


i LOVE ur thought. nat and kevin should have been fired after the first warning! they went too far with hiding hg personal belongings and trying to remove things from the house to interfere woth the comps!


I sure did think about that toooo n’ somehow when the money thing happened she tried to keep the others away from that….


if that happens Jeff gets off … Michelle has veto power…jordon n’ natty go up n’ Natty may have one if not two penalty votes against her..


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH if that does happen in any of our scenerios NATTY will bust a gut on national TV,,…whoa…..i CAN ONLY HOPE..LMAO


Jordough is rubbing Jeff’s back in the water–a half million dollars back rub.


I hope the key he found lets him back into the house when they evict him. The key is the “twist” Julie talked about last week. They had no way of knowing that Natalie wouldn’t be the one to find and that Jeff would. His finding the key is not “fixing” the game.


BB can “”fix “””anything


I think Jeff is a total idiot!!!!!!Ha Ha YOU GOT GOT douchebag

Uncle Cool

Jeff is the douche.

He’s being more of a suck than Russell was when Russ knew his game was over.




Simon, whats going on in the house?


Jeff has locked himself in the bathroom and he threatening to flush his head down the toilet if they don’t give him a power he did not win nor deserve again. It’s a terrible sight.


oh rockstar, you come up with some of the craziest things, lol.


That’s what was so stupid on J/J’s part! Didn’t they even think about who was in the jury?! That all the votes would go to Kevin or Nat?! I agree, Michelle will have to go to the end with Jordan or Jeff! I think she could possibly win against them!!! I’m with you CAN’T STAND NAT!


One thing Jeff brought to the house was attitude….ya either hate him or love him. The show will not be the same. When Russell left, he took 1/2 of the excitement with him. You know that if Jeff leaves, then we have Michelle basically winning the lot. Who can really give her a run for her money but Jeff? Kevin did ok the other night but he doesn’t have “the atmosphere” that Jeff brings. Without Jeff, this show will be boring. I’m not saying I’m a fan of his, I just think it’s not really gonna be much to watch. You can pretty well predict the “pecking order” and who will do what to who. Natalie….we all know what she is all about so big deal. She lies and does absolutely nothing else. But even that gets old. Jordan, sweet but boring. Michelle…boring and very strange. Kevin, can’t make a decision to save his soul without Natalie. So, after Thursday if Jeff is evicted…who really cares.

I’d like to see the infamous key appear with some special power and let’s see the people have to really work at winning. Maybe Natalie will stop lying about everything and have to really prove if she can do anything. Same with Jordan!! It’s time she steps up to the plate or move on. Kevin….let’s see if he has the guts to stand on his own two feet for once. Actually, I’d love to see Jeff, Michelle and Kevin as the final three. Then I think this would be a real “game”!

canadian fan

If BB gives douche bag another power to keep him in the game it better be thier last season ever.I mean come on ,why waste all this time, just give him the money now and give pork a potimus a life time supply of cookie dough.I am still wondering how jeff became so popular that people are threatening to “not watch anymore”,he never did anything till he got the coup de tate,and all of a sudden he is “the game”.He has made dumb decisions and he has spent most of the time trying to get some from jordan.Oh yeah and someone should tell him,Dude,like your 31 dude,not an 18 year old boarder dude,so talk like a grown up dude,i mean come on dude its just a game dude,and you just got got dude so stop being a cry baby douche bag dude and dude ,dont quit dude,dude, i mean come on dude,lol


I don’t understand his popularity either. I’ve been saying for months how much of an asshole he is and pointed out every single thing about him that was disgusting yet people still worship him like he’s a McDonald’s hambuger. I swear people are desperate.


where did this key come from? I don’t remember anything about a key? I saw Jeff and Jorden looking in the wall but that’s all i can remember.


i used to be a jeff and jordon fan but they are total idiots. he would’ve of won the half million but he got rid of russel to soon so now he has to sufffer the consequences