Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Backyard FIGHT!! Braden tells Kevin to go back to Mexico & Lydia says she wanted to kill herself

12pm Big Brother Time: Braden and Jordan at the pool. Joking about his stuffed animal, Ellie. He saidBig Brother backyard fight BB wanted an exclusive with Ellie. Braden: I might need some sunscreen coverage, water buns. Jordan giggles. Braden says he wants to call Lydia out live . Jeff says he’ll only have 20 seconds and Braden says that’s OK. Jeff talking about Lydia..sounds annoyed…says they comforted her and were going to give her votes. Then someone won the veto and she flipped the script.

Lydia and Kevin laying in the hammock swaying. They lay down towels and move into the shade. They wonder if something happens, will Big Brother tell them. Kevin: When 9-11 happens they weren’t told. Jeff is in the pool and surprised.. Jeff: Man that’s kookytown.

12:40pm Big Brother Time: Lydia is talking about her last relationship where she wanted to kill herself and tried with pills…she tried taking a whole bottle but she couldn’t and threw up. The guy was abusive and a piece of crap but would tell her he loved her and then had her break of ties with her friends and family…got into her myspace…she got so low that she thought she did something wrong and was broken…took her from being away from him…happened in December. She’d come home and talk to her mom and sister a little about it…he would call with nasty messages…he wanted her to move back to England. If her friend Heather wasn’t there she probably would have killed herself and says she knows so many things about her and says she’s an angel and was there for her. Her family told her “I told you so” Big Brother backyard fightand she went out one night and they left her at the bar and she just kept drinking and it was really bad. She kept saying she wanted to kill herself and she had a box of razors. Her mom told her to cut the crap out. She says that’s why she doesn’t drink hard alcohol…..she thought she was going to have a life with someone and that they really loved her but she should have done other things. She was living in another country with no friends or anyone. She says she’s never had anyone cut her down as bad as he did…they were together 4 months.

Jeff talks about an author who wrote a book about relationships like this. Lydia says she doesn;t want to kill herself – she says she has an amazing life ahead of her and that was the only time she felt that way when she was going with the guy…she did the tattoo on her hand and on her leg. Her mom tells her to look for the learning experience than the negative.? Braden comes and sits by them.

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1pm Big Brother Time: Kev, Lydia and Braden together now…Braden thinks or was told that they were the ones who said to put him up. Braden says she had the vote this week and now she’ll be going out next. He says sarcastically have a great life and to Kevin too. Lydia: Do NOT talk like that to Kevin. Braden is realy calling out Lydia (who was sitting on the ground in the shade talking to Kevin), he said thanks for getting me put up on the block, a vote for you… go get more tattoos, get one on your ass.. Kevin chimed in “It was actually my idea to put you up” to that Braden says “that’s fine you can go get one on your cock…why don’t you stick a banana up your ass.” Kevin stands up and tells Braden he is full of Big Brother back yard fightBLANK.. You’re a Mexican living in San Diego…you’re a beener. Kev: I’m not even Mexican. Lydia: Hey you mother dick bag. Kev: I said nothing derogatory to you m’er f’er. This mother BLANK called me a beener. You’re the running joke of the house. anything you say is a joke. Lydia: yeah he called me a skank and a BLANK Natalie: I thought he said nigger and I was about to go out there. Lydia and Kev run in the house…Braden is out at the pool with Jeff. Braden called Lydia a ‘beaner’ – Lydia later called Braden ‘white BLANK gringo’

Jeff is in the pool. Lydia now fighting with Jordan, Lydia saying that Jordan is not even talking to her and ignoring her, Jordan says i have not that she is the one who has been, she has not done anything. Lydia says that Braden has been talking BLANK..Lydia still F this F that. Kevin in kitchen still angry about being called a Beaner. Chima came in said something and laughed, her and Jordan leave, Jordan heads to couch outside. Lydia really foul mouthed again.. Jordan says to Jeff that everyone is mad at her now.. she did not even do anything.. Kev to Kitchen group: I was the one who said I F’n hate Braden *snap*

1:10pm Big Brother Time:
Jordan complains that Lydia says she doesn’t talk to her, but it’s the other way around. Jeff says Lydia is nuts…then tells Braden that that fight was a bit “off the handle” Russ and Nat in the BY talking to Braden. Not fighting…Braden is relating how the fight started. Braden tells Nat and Russ that he knew before POV that he was going up. They ask him if it was Ronnie. Braden isn’t answering…says it was ESP…4 or 5 people. They keep pushing him to say who. Feeds change to Jeff confronting Lydia. Lydia mad that Jeff ate tuna instead of defending her. Tells him to not have Jordan fight his battles and defend him. Jeff saying he didn’t know she was going up. Kev jumps in and says he did. Back on the tuna thing.
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