Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie says she will throw the HOH endurance competition and that Jordan needs to win it.

9:55pmJordan, Kevin and Natalie are out in the backyard talking, Natalie is in the hot tub and Jordan and Kevin are sitting beside the hot tub. Kevin gets up and goes inside. After Kevin leaves Jordan says to Natalie girl I am GONE! Natalie says don’t say that! Jordan says Mmm..Hmmm. Natalie says He’s (Kevin) not going to betray me. Jordan says he’s gonna keep her (Michelle). Natalie says he’s not. Kevin come out for a second and Jordan says we’ll talk later…and they start talking about the chicken Jordan ate that was bad. Kevin goes back inside. Then Jordan says I told you he flips like that… Natalie responds he’s not though, …I think he’s just like talking …like he’s trying to everything. Jordan says the way she talking gets in his head he’s gonna… ..Jordan says I’m not going after revenge. Jordan says when you were sleeping today I saw them talking … Nat says you should have come up and told me… cuz you know I dont care ..I’ll come out and when I finally did come out they were in the hammock …and I was like Kevin play me in pool, and I played him in pool. Nat says But should have come and told me I would have got up. Natalie says he’s not going to. Jordan says I’m not going for revenge. Jordan says sorry I looked at you and I had to say some stuff.. Natalie says no, no.. Jordan says I said y’all two would pick each other. Nat says ya, ya..thats perfect. Jordan says I looked at you but I didnt know if you thought it… Nat says ya, ya no… and thats why I was like ..remember what I said I was like its a possibility. Jordan says but it was good, it was good …cuz I would vote for her too, cuz you betrayed me. Then Jordan says Oh good, good job Natalie good job. Natalie says yeah and then remember I was like y’all two would choose each other… and I said well that is a possibility, ya know?! Jordan says Mmmm Hmmm.

Jordan says I just think he’s gonna have the whole Jeff thing in his head. Natalie says who does he have a better chance of winning against you, me or Michelle? Jordan says Michelle. …OR I mean ME! Natalie says then thats what you have to say …thats what I’m saying.. ya know?! Jordan says But Ummm..okay.. lets say if he does pick me, I wanna make it so me and you… so that when you do the question ..ya know the next round you and me are going up against each other. Then Jordan see Michelle coming. Natalie says ok see this is whats going to happen, I will through the endurance competition, so that way I …you need to win it. Jordan says dont throw it though if its you and me against each other. Natalie says and then I can beat him in questions. Jordan ask you know for a fact you can beat him in questions? Natalie says YES. …so on endurance Jordan have to hang for your life Jordan. Jordan say right. Natalie say like you have to, YOU HAVE TO! you cannot like whatever it could be like season 8 where you just stood there, ya know?! And they just had water poured on then and they stood there for 9 hours. Jordan asks 9?!!! Natalie says yes, so ..but you beat him in the last endurance ya know what I’m saying. Jordan says its good though In the hanging I told him I went before him. Natalie says you gotta pull your weight too if you wanna get to the end, you gotta do your part. Natalie says I could beat him in questions, so I’ll throw the first part. Jordan says I not gonna sit here and bad mouth her. ..but he doesnt trust me does he. Natalie says he doesnt trust Michelle. Jordan says I think I am more up front than she it. Natalie says would you rather stick with me that you can trust or betray me with Michelle that you cant trust, no ya know?! Jordan says thats why I tried to tell him I am not voting for you, I’m voting for Michelle and she gonna win. Then Natalie say ya I said it too. Jordan say ya I know she will win against you, I didnt put you in the scenario, ya know?! Natalie says ya dont. Jordan says ya I didnt, I just think I’m gone. Natalie says dont worry …but you have to win endurance. Jordan says I know. Natalie says you have to win because your best shot is endurance. Jordan asks you know for a fact you could beat him. Natalie says yes…in questions I could beat him, I would have… I saw that questions thing in the diary room, I would have done that easily. Natalie says he asked me those questions before we went out, ya know ..and I told him the answers, I told him what to say. Jordan says OH I WISH YOU DIDN’T! Natalie says 5 minutes before he went out he was like asking me certain questions, he was like so whos been on the block the most times, I was like Lydia,…and that was one of the questions. Jordan says if I, if I had known the first one and cuz I stacked everything up I think I would have got it. Natalie says so when it comes to questions I can beat him. …so when it comes to endurance he said he would poop on himself, he will bleed, he will…. and you have to go in with the same attitude. Jordan says MMmm, MMm.. Natalie says No but you cant Jordan if you fall you need to say your giving up a half a million dollars.. so you just have to do it. Jordan says oh I know. Jordan says but if you and I are going up against each other, you know I’ll still try and whatever and I wont care if you win … Natalie says so you beat him in endurance, I am putting a lot of faith in you.. Jordan says but if he’s still hanging you hang on for a little bit and then when he drops you say ohhh ohhh my god. Natalie says exactly. Jordan says but it cant be obvious, ya know cuz… Natalie says I know its not going to be right after he drops its gonna be like 30 minutes later. Jordan asks he doesnt suspect that you and I talk at all does he? Natalie says No. Jordan says thats good cuz you know when sometimes I’ll be sitting here and not talk at all …and I’ll be like…. Natalie says and I’ll beat him in questions. Natalie says I told you Michelle was my target, cuz I told you later Kevin wasn’t because I wanted to compete against Kevin. Natalie says my speech was only to fuck with Michelle. Natalie then says but you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about not getting that first question in the competition… Kevin walks out.

10:05pm – 11pm Kevin comes out to the hot tub in the backyard and Jordan says someone, someone took a dump in the downstairs, thing and left a bunch of nasty poop on the ..on the seat. Natalie says it wast me. Jordan says you know like when you get that really bad poop thats mushy and it kinda sticks.. Natalie asks when was this today? Jordan says there was a little bit today, but the other day it was BAD! Natalie says did I tell you the other day Michelle tried to pull a prank and put peanut butter on the seat? Jordan says no, it was like a lot. Kevin says no. Jordan says it was like the mushy poop that sticks. Natalie says I havent used the bathroom since I be came HOH. Kevin says I’ve had to before I use the bathroom …clean it …you know with the brush. Natalie says remember when Chima got mad at Michelle for that back in the beginning?! They had a fight about it. Jordan says I cant clean toilets. Kevin asks can you sit on it when its like that. Jordan says again I cant clean toilets… Natalie says again I havent used that toilet since I became HOH. Natalie says that before Jeff used the coup d’etat, Jeff had said that me (Natalie) and Jessie controlled the house, but after the coup d’etat, Jeff controlled the house. Kevin says yeah, he (Jeff) even tried to control Kevin when he was HOH. Michelle comes out to the backyard and puts her feet in the hot tub. They start talking about their bodies. Jordan and Natalie say that they hate their thighs. Jordan and Natalie then start talking about the type of guys that would hit on them. Natalie says that she used gets hit on all the time by guys at Home Depot. Jordan says black guys used to hit on her all the time at hooters because of her big butt and thighs. Kevin talks about how he has never been with an Asian or Black guy. Michelle, Kevin, and Jordan talk about their heritage. Natalie says if she wins she wants to go to Argentina where her dad is from. Kevin says he wants to visit the family has in Japan and his boyfriends family in Mexico. Michelle says she would love to visit Hungary where her dads side is from. Kevin says he always imagined Hungarian men as hot eastern Europeans. Kevin talks about how he needs to find a new dream, because his dream was to be on Big Brother. Natalie says her too, because she got on Big Brother and got engaged to her boyfriend, and then says her dream is to win. They continue to have a lot of random conversations, Kevin starts talking about sex with his boyfriend and how he with holds stuff to make things more special. Kevin then starts asking Natalie questions about her sex life asking her what do you like? And Natalie says thats too personal, too many people can hear what she says and that she only tells her close friends things like that. Kevin tells her she is too pruned. He then gets up a grabs a towel and leaves


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I’m thankful that there are only 2 real episodes, plus the season finale left.. Horrible season.. BTW, if Kevin is smart he gets rid of Jordan and keeps Michele.. Michele would take Kevin to the final 2 over Natalie.. And either way if Kevin wins the final HoH he would have to turn on Natalie and evict her if he wants to win $500,000 because of how many friends she has in the jury.. But I’d rather see Jordan win the final HoH, pulling off a huge upset over those two douchebags.. Then what does she do? Evict Kevin or Natalie? As much as I would hate for Natalie to win anything, it would be smart to take her.. Jordan would have Jeff, Michele, America, and I’m thinking Lydia as well voting for her.. Maybe even Russell.. Against Kevin she loses Lydia, and then it would be more complicated.. Of course for any of this to happen Jordan has to pull off a big upset since it’s gonna be 2 against 1.. Although Jordan has proven she’s good with questions..


I SO agree with you. I truly hope and pray that Jordan somehow pulls this off and ends up in the final 2 AND gets to choose and takes Nasty. Her odds are slightly better that way. The other 2 have played to vicious and over the top for me my taste. I don’t remember Evel Dick even purposefully ruining people’s things and making such OVER the top lies and schemes. Yes, he did try to annoy them to no end and Jen? (red leotard) and Evel couldnt stand each other so they both did things to each other. And while Kevin didn’t actually ruin things – he didn’t stop this alliance. Yes, they have done more game play if you want to call it that, but I would rather someone that is genuinely sweet but simple (she can’t help that) win over 2 people that enjoy mentally tormenting people! Yes, I am well aware of the GAME and yes I know Jordan has lied also before you come back with those comments. But she has NOT acted in any way as vicious or malicious as those 2. For that reason – GO JORDAN!! Or if Kevin gets a clue and takes Michelle – GO MICHELLE!!!!!


Yeah as long as someone white wins, u racist

barf barf

What a choice this year, huh? Two douchebags, a crazy chick who can’t remember anything, and a mental retard.


sounds like ur describing whos running the White House

Say what???

No, that’s who ran the White House the past 8 years!!!


Give me a break….leave it to some idiot to throw in some “Bush” bashing.

Say what???

No, an idot is what your dad calls your mom when she dosen’t suck his dick correctly like his mistress!!!


Nat only really has 1 friend in the jury house, Jessie.


It’s in Jordan’s hands to win this thing…..


Jeez JorDuh couldn’t even win at a bingo if she was the only one playing.


if kevin was the only one to be able to hear the questions and due to technical difficulties was able to think about his answers, then it was definitely an unfair competition! They really should redo the competition. otherwise, it is really really unfair. He would be so pissed if he had to do the comp again and didnt win BUT he would have no one to blame but himself. Why did u talk about the fact that you had an unfair advantage?? keep ur mouth shut, man. if not, deal with the consequences. DOUBT cbs will rectify this though. Not enough outrage, not enough time to redo….?

Nat’s BF comments:
1. she told them that he looks like Landon from the Real World but shorter. Wow she is delusional. And kevin is right — his man is WAY hotter.
2. so painfully awkward to watch them kiss. soooo weird!

There is no way Kevin will do this no matter how much he claims in his DRs that he doesnt trust Nat fully but he should definitely vote out Jordan and make a deal with Mich…..OR pick jordan over Nat. I HATE NAT!!!!!!!!!!!


I know it’s so weird when a interracial couple kiss, stfu racist


i have no words for you.


The problem with voting for the $25K prize at this point is that my vote really depends on who is in the final two. If for some wild reason, Mich makes it to the final two with Kevin or Nat, I will vote for Jordan or Jeff. If Mich goes home, she gets my vote…

Why are they doing the vote at this point in the game? Last year wasn’t it after the final two were determined but before the finale?


The only people who ?got got? this season were the viewers of bb. The pandora?s box crap was the stupidest twist ever in a reality show. Jeff did the only unselfish act relating to the box yet he did not benefit in the slightest. Nat I Lie set up the twistie tie ring when she lied about her conversation with her father and said the her bf was going to give it to her. This whole thing was set up waay in advance. Production has allowed K/n to produce the show allowing them to have a calendar,then giving them that competition for most important veto of the game. K stated ability to study the questions the others couldn?t see in the mirrored windows gave him the time he needed to figured out the answers-his words. Kevin?s Hoh was set up too-did no one else notice that his ?graham cracker? was almost dry when compared to Michelle?s and Jordan?s-. Nat I Lie?s win in Hoh was tainted too because Michelle and Jordan could not hear the questions they missed because of the plane overhead allowing n to come from behind to tie. The filth and nastiness coming out Kevin?s mouth both on show, in his HoH blog and during the live feeds is disgusting. His ego was ?hurt? when Jeff forgot his name at the beginning of the show and then didn?t talk to him after K had just stabbed him the back-K was just pissed because Jeff wouldn?t give him a tumble in the sack. i know that K is not a representative of the gay community-I have friends/family who are gay and none of them are bitter hateful people like K. Kevin hit the nail on the head when he said he didn?t see why people in the house thought everyone liked him because in his everyday life he wasn?t liked. Those of us that have watched the live feeds and seen him at his nastiest can understand what I am saying. NatILie can only be described as a true sociopath-look up the definition-every characteristic listed is her resume. I?m feed up with this being reality tv because in reality this is a fixed competition and Allison G should be embarrassed that she produced this season.


Are you serious? So the plane only flew over Michele and Jordan? That is why Nat was able to hear…please. They were all in the same boat and those two were looking for a reason why they lost. Nat had to hear over the plane as well. As for the calendar, Michele has one too. Jordan just didn’t make one because she spent all summer cuddling with Jeff. Don’t blame them for being creative. As far a POV, its about time production helped someone other than Jeff and Jordan. J/J were fed information all season, but they were stupid and chose to ignore production.

As far a the “nasty” part of the feeds, I agree. It is disgusting to listen to these people sometimes. Also Pandora’s box was stupid. Don’t say Jeff was unselfish, he only opened the box because Kev told him he needed to in order to get the money then Jeff went back to looking for money.


i agree 100%…..thank you for this.. about time someone broke it down for the people who actually dumb enough to back up nasty and kevin. about 90% of people who watch this show HATE them 2…..but the other 10% have to be mentally challenged to like nasty and kevin.


CJ really you need to get help and stop living in a fantasy world. If you let this show get you that worked up then you need an evaluation. Its a contest first/social experiment second. How many days have they been locked in that house away from their real friends and family? If you haven’t noticed you don’t win big brother being honest, truthful, and socially acceptable. It just doesn’t work like that. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE PEOPLE?


I agree with you completely, I think BB has set up this so that it will be certain that Nat & Kev will go to the final 2. I personally don’t know if I’ll watch another season, if this is what they call “Reality”. I am very discussed will BB.


I can’t believe you can sit there and criticize Kevin for “the filth and nastiness coming out of his mouth” and yet you DON’T SAY A THING about Dumbho Jordan. How can you not mention the fact that Jordan is nasty? With all her talk about poop (describing it in detail), blowjobs (claims she is good at them and has to fill the world in on how guys like that big vein to be licked), a$$ holes (could of convo’s about those), periods, checking out her friends vaginas, talking about clits (and all the different types, asking people in the house about theirs! Whats THAT about?), s$x & $$$$$ s$x, adult stores, pee, farts, tampons, periods, and the list goes ON AND ON. She has talked the filthiest and nastiest of ALL contestants in the house, yet somehow you completely overlook that? Why? Maybe the person who accused you of being racist has a point (one you might consider looking at).

too funny

anyone member when eric was picked as americas player ( member he stated it was no coincidence his name was part of the america spelling am-eric-a so nat who is the biggest liar in all tv history ( forget BB she lis the biggest liar ever) and her name contains the word lie. nat-a – lie. just thinking, its one of those things that make you go hummmmmm,


Nasty nasty nasty Natalie I absolutely cannot stand anything about that girl and as far as her boyfriend he damn well better have his head examined… How could anyone with an ounce of sense fall for such a skank??????

Jordan All-time BB Fan

Can someone explain how this final HoH happens?


past season have been 3 part. first is endurance, winner advances to round 3. second losers from round 1. 3rd is between part one and part 2. the hoh is the only one who votes and does it live and usually right after the comp

Totally Disgusted!

There are 3 competitions…The winners of the first 2 rounds go head to head for the 3rd…overall winner takes HOH…

Say Kevin wins the first competition….Jordan wins the second, then they would face off during the 3rd round and winner takes all…

Totally Disgusted!

OOPPSS…Maybe my memory stands to be corrected???


does anyone have any therioes on the Jury house is tied? And Is there gonna be a final Pandora’s Box that is in the Jury House? ???

too funny

i thought mericas vote would break any ties

Michelle is still a loon but not as much

ok, you all are crazy if you think nat has the votes…jessie would vote for kev over natalie…natalie screwed herself with the jessie lydia situation….no one trusts her when they hear shes 24..which honestly is a small dumb lie, its a few others that are worse


Jessie HATED Kevin and is extremely homophobic. He would never vote for the gay guy. On his interview with Ross Matthews he said he wanted to have a relationship with Nat outside the house. For some unknown reason he LIKES her! Jessie got very, very nervous when Ross tried to put up a “blanket” to have Jessie show Ross what happened under the blanket with Lydia. Jessie wouldn’t even let Ross raise the blanket up! He stopped Ross from getting it up with his hand. He was very worried about it looking like he was “doing” something with gay Ross! I cannot see Jessie giving a gay guy his vote no matter what he hears about Nat. I’m sure Jessie is conceited enough to believe he can take Nat away from her boyfriend and maybe the money she gets as well. Hope I’m wrong though. I hope he doesn’t give Nat his vote if it comes to that.


I don’t have a favorite among who you are discussing here but in my opinion Jessie probably was nevous to let Ross do that. It would have caused laughter. I don’t think Jess wants to appear as anything but “cool”. However, if he had let Ross you know everyone then would have jumped in and said, “See, Jessie is gay!” I don’t think Jessie wins on that situation either way. Don’t you? Just my opinion.


UGh, WORST FINAL 4 EVER. I’m so dissapointed in this season. Not for the sheer dislike I have for Nat, but its just been so uneventful. CBS better do an all stars after this.




W/o jessy I pray


seriously, they should….


So, first, did Kevin cheat to win the pov, and is he still the veto holder? Second, the way Nat is talking to Jordan, I would not trust Nat for as far as I could throw her. Think about, Nat says she saw the questions in the DR room, then gave Kevin the answers. She is saying that Big Brother just cheated to let Kevin win the veto. So, did Big Brother cheat or is Nat making up this shit to fake out Jordan? If Jordan falls for this, then she deserves to lose. Kevin, please wake up and smell the coffee,you have to take Michele to the final two. It’s his only chance to win. MICHELE AND KEVIN FINAL TWO.

too funny

if nats BF really knew he was gonna propose then why did’nt he bring the ring he said he had at home? i think that whole thing was fake. especially when nat said ” i don’t care about a ring etc…” ha she who would pee then drown her own mother in to win. america we got got with that little fake stint.


nasty said she doesnt care about the ring……but then later said she wants big brother to buy her a big ass ring……why would she even think that BB would buy her a big ass ring? or even pay for her wedding, which she also brought up.

if NASTYs man is reading this site…….RUN YOU FOOL! RUN! DONT LOOK BACK.


No wonder Jesus gets bad publicity when morons like Natalie laim to be Christians and talk about revenge to others. I thought vengenence belonged to God… or so it says in my Bible. And Chima… she is gone. Why is someone still playing for Chima when Chima has no vote in the jury and no vote of public sympathy for her? Chima took care of herself and look where it got her… kicked off the show. Since Ronnie they have lambasted Michelle for stuff she never did … but they made up. I hope she puts the screws to them all and wins this hands down. I think I will vote to give her America’s money prize right now.


Were my ears clogged when I heard or thought I heard Julie announce that the jury members have a huge impact on Pandora’s Box? If so, then wtf happened?
Seriously, did I misunderstand?

BB Fran

I didn’t hear that; did someone besides Jen?


Jen, I have been questioning the same thing. I also remember that Julie did announce the JH would get a huge surprise but when I don’t know. Maybe the surprise was Nat’s age that Jessie let out of the bag. I hope it something much more, like a big bar of soap for Nat and Kev’s mouth.


i herd julie say the same thing.. really if jessie tells everyone about nat then she has no votes…


Fran. I heard Julie say that too. The jury house having an impact on something??
God I hate Natalie

Totally Disgusted!

On a commercial I saw last week…Julie said that the” members of the JH are packing a surprise for the HG”….

I’m also confused by this mess….


If michele and kevin are in the final 2 michele is going to win hands down cause she is a better competitor that he is and ever single person in the jury house will vote for her.


She would win, but she wouldn’t get Lydia and Natalie’s votes.


I wish Jordan did not blurt out EVERYTHING when she talks to Natalie and Kevin. They had her tell all about not only Michele and their final 2 but also talking down Jeff. What has happened to her?

Ok, but...

Nothing. That is who Jordan is. She’s a backbiter, she does it to everyone, including her long-time “friends” at home.


I disagree completely. 1) Jordan is very sweet. 2) Jordan is very honest even when she shouldn’t be. 3) She is very trusting/gullible ahh could it be she comes from a good family and can not fathom where these dillusional people she is stuck with come from, minus Michelle. Jordan has competed well in almost all competitions she is well rounded just not great at any one thing except her personality. Go Jordo!!!!!! Duh people she sided with Jeff and if you ask me that was very smart!


At least Kevin stands up to Nat (sometimes) and not let her dictate so much. I wish Kevin would pick Michelle to go to final 3. Then we will have a competition. If that doesn’t happen then Jordon had better pull her weight and get to the finish. I really don’t want Nat to win ANYTHING. She said she spends $100 a week/month on spa treatments and she’s the manager of a video store….yeah, right.


Nat needs to spend some of those bucks on an etiquette course. I had to turn the channel last night on BBAD when she was chomping off her nails with her nasty mouth and then spit torpedoing them across the Red Room to another bed. Really disgusting, especially the sound effects she was making doing it.

Totally Disgusted!

Watching Jordan with Natalie is like watching her walk out in front of a speeding train….UUUGGGHHH!


That is a good one! She sure can’t keep herself away from Natalie. She even told Natalie that Jeff told her to stick with Michelle and not trust those two. Poor girl.




Could those of you that have great memories please help answer this question for me?
What have each of the house guests said they would do with the money if they won?
Thanks in advance
Old and senile


Natalie said last night that she would be spending hers on her wedding and that she would also need a house now since she’s getting married. She also mentioned that she wanted to take her father to Argentina. He was born there, his family is still there, and he hasn’t been back since he was 9 (which she repeated about 4 times!) Kevin is upside down on his condo mortgage so assume he’d be using $ for that plus he mentioned he needs a new car to replace his ’98 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jordon has said her mother’s home was foreclosed on and they’re renting a house from a friend. Jordon wants to buy her family a new house. Michele mentioned last night that she wants to go to Hungary and take her father (who was also born there) but I think she has schools loans and other debts she plans to pay off should she win the money.

Hope that helps, Pondering!

Now I have a question, does anyone remember if Natalie really left a mean departing message for Jessie like she says she did? Said that he could never have her, blah blah blah. I thought she left him a nice message and believe she’s lying about that as well….


how could she have left a message for him if he was evicted unexpectedly by jeff using the coup d’etat


Good point! But I do think they showed goodbye videos to Jessie – must have taped one for each player in case the CDT was used.


no one knew what the coup was and how it was going to affect the game. so, i doubt if she telling the truth not unless she sent jesse the message via lydia which is a strong possibility because they were bashing jessie before lydia was evivted


remember how natalie, lydia, and chima cried over jesse when he got evicted? also, when she gave her speech on why they should vote to keep her, she said she would like to get to know jessie outside of the house. she is lying or she sent the message via lydia. i rewatched jessie eviction on youtube .


Thanks Jojo
I know Russell wanted to help his parents because they have helped him so much and maybe open his own real estate business.
Can anyone else remember what Casey, Lydia, Jeff, Ronnie, Jessie, Braden, and Laura might have mentioned using the money for IF they had of won?


I cant stand chima, she is a race card playing waxed faced, two faced lying piece of trash. she did it all to herself!!! And gnastilie, oh my gosh, shes a freaking idiot, not to mention she looks like a chimpanzee from the side, i laugh everytime i see a side profile of her the way her lower jaw and nose and lips stick!!! lol!!! And what a lier, she cant tell the truth to save her life, and for her boy friend to propose to her after her being so pissed and jealous over little willy jessie.


I sometimes wonder if Jordan has any concept of what this game is about.


please by all means give us your take on how she should have played it differently.

Ok, but...

One suggestion: to actually PLAY the game, instead of depending on a guy to do everything for her? Of course, she would have to have the ability to be plan ahead, think logically, and be strategic rather than make decisions based on who she hates the least at the moment. Another thing? When you see her, tell her not to make such a fool out of herself by chest bumping a guy who she knows won’t hit her back, and then brag about it saying she knew he wouldn’t hit her. It doesn’t take courage to scream in someone’s face and chest bump them if you know they have no ability to fight back. Its like picking on someone who is disabled. Instead, when she wants to prove her courage, tell her to be honest to someone’s face and stop posing as a good girl when she clearly is not.


Ok, but I have to agree with you on that “chest bump” scene.


By her own admission, Jordan doesn’t have a clue other than watching a couple of seasons while being sequestered before BB 11 began. She said she was recruited for the show. Though I liked her with Jeff, it seems to be unfair since there were so many other fans of the show who wanted to be a HG. It really makes me miss Jeff even more after watching her spill all of the beans to PP about Michele. She doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut and foolishly trusts the least trustworthy HG of all, Natalie. Jeff kept her in check and, boy, does she need it.


This BB has certainly been different thats for sure. I didn’t care for how all the people would get mad at each other if they were talking to someone that they felt was not with there allience. I just didn’t get the big deal. It really did make for a boring BB after dark. It seemed that all the contestants were very immature…


ok i was so happy that michelle said that she would win the final hoh and take jordan…. but thats not guna happen unless pbox changes it or if cbs redoes the veto comp.

jordan has to win hoh and take natalie then she mite win!!!
but i hope michele and jordan get to f2…….heres hoping and crossing my fingers this happens…

ps: u know who i wish was in the final four:
laura casey michelle and jordan!

another fan

Am I reading the summary right? Natalie saw the questions ahead of time in the DR and coached Kevin on answers? If that really happened, and CBS knows that and STILL lets Kevin keep the POV, then I will never watch BB again. The end of season ratings will suck this year, so maybe this is the last season anyway. Why do networks always have to screw with successful shows and ruin them? CBS really GOT the viewers this year! AG should be fired and never get another job producing again.


I am glad you mentioned that! I was wondering on that statement myself. ????


I don’t know if I misunderstanding (I have a cold) but did Nat tell Jordan that she saw the queststions and gave Kevin the answers before the POV? Natalie says yes?in questions I could beat him…………Nat I would have? I saw that questions thing in the diary room, I would have done that easily. Natalie says he asked me those questions before we went out, ya know ..and I told him the answers, I told him what to say. Jordan says OH I WISH YOU DIDN?T! Natalie says 5 minutes before he went out he was like asking me certain questionshe was like so whos been on the block the most times, I was like Lydia,?and that was one of the questions. Any thoughts?????


I’ve been watching BB for some time and have never seen a character as universally hated as Nasty Natalie (rightfully so).


sucky season


I will be voting for Casey to win the 25K I feel he was short changed…..I really hate Nat and I hope they do not do this group thing again….


I thought Julie said that the POV and eviction would be LIVE on Tuesday nt?????

Ok, but...

Interesting how even nasty Nat draws the line on talking about personal things like sex, but Jordan can’t seem to have a conversation without bringing in sex, clits, poop, vaginas, blow jobs, ass holes, etc. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Jordan is a sweet girl when her talk shows she is every bit as disgusting (and even more vulgar) as Nat.


But…jordan is sexy.

It figures...

And there you have it folks … a prime example of why Jordan uses men. As she said, her mother always taught her that men think with their penises. Hey, if you can overlook how crude and trashy she is because shes sexy, then you deserve to be used.


wow what is your opinion of classy it couldn’t be not being easy or thoughtful or nice or caring or considerate or honest or anything that Jordan has prooved herself to be.

How stupid

Jordan hasn’t proven herself to be any of the things you have listed. She has proven herself to be two-faced, back-biting, duplicitous, and a liar. She talks about everyone behind their back and is nice to their face, people like that don’t deserve any respect. Jordan is the furthest thing from classy that I’ve ever seen. No one classy would engage in conversation about the private topics she does. She embarrasses the entire female gender.


Totally agree, she is not as evil as Natalie but I think she uses her looks to get away with everything. She is soooo needy, and I don’t think that Jeff is that much into her. The last days he acted kind of annoyed. Another person with good looks but his behavior was far from pretty.


Jordan is not sexy—jordan’s legs mess up sexiness…sorry, but true.
Michelle is sexy and I can’t stand her, but true, the weight loss done her good
Natalie has a sexy body, too..Like her or not, that’s true.

Mr. Pickles

Wow you need to take a closer look at your t.v. While Jordan has definitely put on weight in the house she still looks great! Natalie on the other hand looks like goin on a trail ride with those saddlebags she’s packin and her ass is huge and flabby! Watch next time she sits down at the hot tub, her rear end spreads out across the whole side of the hot tub!


To a certain degree it is about intentions…. Jordon talks without a filter, and yes it is crude subject matter, but Nat makes it seem more personal/mean spirited.

Do you remember

So when Jordan has talked about Michele, her squishy butt, her not being smart, her night terrors, etc., in addition to all the things she has said about every other houseguest, it has been with good intentions and a good spirit? Please. I can’t believe you can every try to justify her actions by making that argument.


oh you mean being honest about people to one of your very good friends (jeff) and not antagonizing and being hateful to people in person that is totally better.


Sorry, perhaps I’m wrong. I have not heard those things… Guess I was going on my limited knowledge-my bad!

Hmm ...

Maybe you don’t have feeds or watch BBAD and have only seen the CBS show. If so, I can understand why you don’t know the “real” Jordan. CBS has edited her to be a sweet, southern girl, when in fact she is extremely distasteful. Her conversations are appalling, and she also has been hateful about everyone, but she does it behind their backs. She has really been mean spirited and unkind about Michele (and others), and for no reason whatsoever.


I never use to watch the BBAD but for the last 4 seasons I have. And, yes, CBS does edit to make people appear different to those watching just the aired shows. Jordon is a pretty girl but she plays the game the same as others. She is not any nicer or sweet than some of the others. A few, maybe, but not everyone. She talks too much and she doesn’t have a great judge of character. I don’t take away your devotion to her as your favorite but I can’t put her that far ahead of the others. She is in the game to win and she is doing a lot the same as the others. Unfortunately, just not as good as Natalie and Kevin.


when jordan talked about michele’s butt it was about what michele told her and it wasntin a negative manner- your spinning!


At least Jordan is a humble, thankful, true to herself type of person. Nat is spoiled, sour, egotistic, self-righteous, and here lack of self introspection has led to an rotten ugly core of a person.


Agree, Natalie is a piece of work, but check BB AD I bet you will change your opinion regarding Jordan, a little too vindictive without any strong proof and how fast she moves from one confident to the other…


Jordon just talks too much, period. She gives the store away constantly. And she talks in circles. She can’t seem to hold a thought for any length of time. Pretty girl but can we say BIMBO???


Does anybody know why Jeff did not get to view his goodbye videos on his eviction night??


Your an ass and I hope they miraculously bring Jeff back and he wins it all.


BECAUSE THEY WILL SEE THEM IN THE JURY HOUSE, did you not watch when Jessie and others walked in?


With Jordon ramblings during her pre-eviction speech, they ran out of time. This has happened a few times already this season.


Yes this has happen before. In fact someone earlier asked if Natalie was lying when she told Kevin that Jessie was going to be mad because she left him a terrible goodbye speech. Someon asked if that was a lie. I went back “On Demand” and guess what? They didn’t air his goodbye speeches. So, yes, they don’t get to all of them.


They did not air Jessie’s goodbye speeches because he was not originally on the block and Jeff used the coup d’tat on him. No one knew he had a chance of being evicted until the actual live eviction night. If Natalie said she made a mean goodbye message to Jessie, she was lying because she did not know he was leaving.

Team Michelle

I Hope Miichelle wins it..i WOULD LIKE TO SEE FOR THE FINAL TWO MICHELLE AND KEVIN.. They are the only two players who really played a great game..They deserve going to the end together..Good luck MICHELLE ..I hope u win it all..You are an awesome person insdie and out… Best wishes..


I couldn’t stand watching BB Afterdark last night. Jordan is so disgusting to me now. She’s dumb as rocks and doesn’t deserve to win anything. She’s ridden on the coattails of Jeff the entire show and now she’s throwing Michelle under the bus. Let’s not forget that she swore on her mother’s life during the final four alliance that she reneged on. Last night she grossed me out when she kept talking about shit this and shit that. She’s not any better than Natalie is…In fact, I think she is even more disgusting. I’m praying that Kevin will grow some balls and vote to evict her nasty ass. Michelle doesn’t deserve to be talked about with such contempt as the three of them (Jordough, Kevinstigator, and Gnataliar) were doing last night. I’m so pissed off that I really am not going to root for anybody to win if Michelle ends up going home tomorrow. If she gets evicted the show is over for me.


Before “the show is over for you”, remember to vote online for Michelle to win the $25,000. The very least she deserves for her amazing fortitude throughout the game.


And how about doing her pedicure and cleaning the filing off residues in the same water that every body was sharing. it was gross. I couldn’t take her back stabbing Michele either. I think Michelle deserves to win but it’s not going to happen. I already voted for her and the 25K


i believe that jeff should come back i meen come on he belongs there.
and he made smart moves in the game he took out all the good competitors for the final 4 and over all i think jordan should win she is the only one who need itt. wtf not the other dumbasses. but all i have to say is if jordan dont win im done watching it. for good. me and m


Get over it. Jeff is the worst player in BB history. You sound just like Jordo. He was given the gift of the cliques and then CDT. All his moves he made on his own gave us 2 pscho’s, a bimbo and Mich who has been horribly treated by him especially. Jeff is a loser.

Mr. Pickles

Can we please stop pouting over jeff! He does not deserve to win, he treated people badly and did not make smart moves or he would still be there! Big brother is a game not a popularity contest. I would hate to see nat win but if she makes it to the final 2 she made it on her own, lied way too much and was a greedy, annoying disgusting piece of crap but she did make it, unfortunately.


Oh Jordan! I’m starting to think that she’s pretty clueless in this game… I get really annoyed that she keeps getting played by Natalie over and over again! (And she keeps buying it!!!!) What was funny was Jordan making a comment that America probably thinks that Natalie is a sweetheart… SOOOO far from the truth. I like Jordan and I know that she means well.

Sweet Judy

I understand Jordan is not the smartest person………but she is a good person………..

Michelle is a good person to………but she is crazy……”literally”

Kevin is not really all that bad…………”but I wouldn’t want to be his friend”

Natalie……….is a butchy bitch……….”I am sorry to say that” but she is so nasty……and she is so gay……..”I have nothing against being gay” but she is going to get married….when she really want s a woman……….shame on her”
I can’t stand Natalie…………..she is mean and hateful…………she is a total bitch………..the only one I want to drag out of that house by her ugly hair…..”the hair she will never cut…LOL” Its so thin and ugly……………gee………….she is so ugly…………inside and out

I sound so mean……..but I really amnot………….but she gets to me………….eewwwww


u cannot judge a person by the subjects they talk about. that’s just ignorant


Umm, no, not really.

Say you over hear a guy named Chuck saying black people are disgusting and should be slaves. It’s not ignorant to say he’s racist and a bad person.

Stop making excuses for Jordan. She and Jeff are bad people talking shit about Michele. Jeff made Michele cry how many times for no reason? Exactly. He’s the “douche”. Seriously, I would be insulted as an american if Jordan won, the girl who can’t even tell time. Or if Jeff won the $25,000.


I saw a poll at CBS BB forum and Jeff was ahead by far for the 25K prize (sixty something %) Michelle twenty two %, I couldn’t believe. Jeff might be a good person, I don’t know but he doesn’t deserve that money. Michelle has been beaten by almost all of them and she is still there…


So the stuff she does is not bad? And that makes Natalie bad huh? You are a hypocrit.


As Jordan said ‘men think with their penises’


You are not sweet…change the name….your comments are meant to degrade but the joke is on you…you and everyone else who writes about someone you don’t know on a tv show playing a game in such untruthful details… You make me ashamed . I feel sorry for all of you people with your insults about another human being… I am sure that you will reap what you sow.

Mr. Pickles

What’s ……….with………….all …………..the………….periods………………………?


To be honest Jordan is probably the dumbest contestant ever in BB history. She’s a big time WT. But, Natatlie is just plain smelly. Her boyfriend must be the biggest loser in the world to want to marry a scumbag like her. I hope she gets ripped to pieces if she makes the final. And shame, too, on Alison ( what-ever-the-hell-her-name is) for showing the very worst in human behaviour just to make a few bucks.


Oh wow, you are immature how the heck do you know she smells? Also it is a game for heavens sake these people most likely do not act as bad outside the house then they do inside loosen up and stop crying you baby.


funny thing is how all these people are complaining how they are bad evil people for constantly talking shit about each other, yet what are they doing on here “she smell, PP, etc” except the exact same thing.

Mr. Pickles

I think it’s safe to say nat smells since she admits to showering only 3 times a week, and that’s on a good week. That doesn’t seem to be a habit that you would pick up just for being on t.v.


I cant believe NASTY PP has a boyfriend. If I were him id run for my life. She spent half the season laying in bed with another guy and fighting with Lydia for his attention, then crying over his eviction when she didn’t even seem remotely happy when her boyfriend PROPOSED to her. And is everyone else stupid, I know Kevin is starting to catch on but come ON, shes 18 and talking about getting engaged, then constantly talking about gambling at casinos and drinking right in front of them. No way would the network let an underager drink on the show. I hope anyone wins but her. And what is the talk about Jordan bashing Jeff? After all he did for her i cant believe her, if that’s true she’s not a very good person either. GO MICHELE!


Both Nat and Kevin should be disqualified. After coming out of Diary Room, Natalie told Kevin answers to POV questions that she seen while in Diary Room and he ask her other
questions and what the answers were. She told all of this to Jordan on the Sep 7th Post from 9:55 P.M. the night before. On a previous blog someone heard her tll Kevin this also. If that isn’t cheating I don’t know what is. That should not be allowed, it is giving someone an unfair advantage when competing with Jordan or Michelle.

older fan

1-818-325-6900, EXT. 6903


hope they keep michelle and bring back jeff get out nasty


I agree Kevin& Natalie need to be disqualified!!! They are breaking all the CBS rules right in front of all of us…and being rewarded. CBS either stick to the rules or write scripts for the morons!

cry babys

Give exapmes and stop witht he crying…sore loser..and to the comment below me ….blow me..

Who ever wins , kevin , nat or jordan ..deserves it….

get over yourselves peopple….

older fan

1-818-325-6900, EXT. 6903


Kevin won the POV unfairly…all he and Natalie have done the entire game is cheat and lie..
I do not have my DVR set anymore and have stopped watch BBAD….the purpose of the game is to win the half million fair and square, not by cheating…if giving someone the answers to the questions is not cheating, I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!!! I thought the POV was going to be live on Tuesday night….What’s up?


The PoV ceremony is live not the PoV Comp.


but I suppse the cdt being given to Jeff for having done nothing to that point didnt bother you, or the fact that JJ were caught numerous times discussing how the DR was trying to convince them not to dump Russell.

older fan

He was not given anything – America voted. I didn’t vote for him but it was fair.


So now Jordan is a bad person because she talks about poop and sex. Come on that is ridiculous.


No, she’s gross because she talks about poop and sex.

She’s a bad person because she trash talks everyone behind their backs and has even admitted that she uses men with her body. She isn’t sweet, innocent, kind, or cute. She’s nasty.

older fan

She isn’t gross – just a little ignorant . She’s just using one of the few assets God gave her in life.

Ok, but...

Then she shouldn’t get offended or deny it when people call her a ho. What you are describing is what a ho does. And no one in a decent conversation wants to hear her repeat several times about the poop, the really squishy poop, you know, the really sticky, mushy kind of poop. And she’s gross because of that, and because she can’t seem to have a conversation about anything other than the long list of topics that society doesn’t discuss over dinner, such as clits, vaginas, ass holes, periods, tampons, etc. How is it you can’t see that is gross? Oh, or were you also brought up to be trashy?

richard winters

the pov and evication will take place tuesday night plu the first of 3 HOH comps will start, they are trying to wrap this show up. America dose get to vote, I already have several times, but I don’t believe we’ll be alowed to ask any questions to house guess,, might be wrong!!!


jordan natalie are hot and nonthing you can say will change that i want them both to be in the finle two


Jordan is adorable if I had daughters I would want them to be like Michele or Jordan absolutely not like Natalie. What a freaking skank, nasty ass puke she is so bossy and the only reason Jordan believes her over and over is because she doesn’t want to think bad about her. I really don”t care who wins as long as it isn’t Natalie. Her boyfriend needs to leave the country and get away from that skank. If she doesn’t win he probably will.


Who the hell cares what Jordan says about anything that has nothing to do with what type of person she is You people need to get over it. I agree with ya she may not be real bright but she is real. and that says alot about a person.


But, she is playing the game. She is the same in the game. She has done much as the others in the game. She is a pretty girl but it is not a beauty contest. She is in it to win the money and she is not any different from the others in playing the game. I don’t take away your pick of her as your favorite and that you hope she can win. However, she is not saintly. She is in the game and doing all to win the money. Unfortunately, she is not as good as Natalie and Kevin.