Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Michelle says “I’ve finally been able to fart, I’ve been trying all season.” Jordan says “her thing thing itches”


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4pm Big Brother Time: Michelle made something to eat in the kitchen and then went to red bedroom to grab a jacket, asked Nat if she was hungry. Natalie said no. Michelle heads back to the kitchen and sits down to eat at the counter. Michelle is still staring and thinking. Michelle then lays down on one of the living room couches, on her stomach, with her head down and eyes open, …thinking. Michelle then get up and went to pool room and laid down. Jordan is asleep there as well. Kevin just out of diary room, goes to the bathroom. Kevin is taking a shower in the bathroom. Nat is asleep in the red bedroom.

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4:40pm Big Brother Time: Jordan is up and out of the pool room … she goes to the kitchen, and starts making something to eat. 4:50pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Michelle are whispering to each other in the pool room. Jordan talks about what Kevin said while Michelle was in the diary room. Jordan is trying to say that maybe Kevin is undecided about who he’ll send home… (That is what Kevin’s plan was to make Jordan think). Michelle then heads out to the backyard couch and sits down with Kevin. Michelle asks Kevin if he and Nat are partners or not. Michelle says they’re such song and dance, are they trying to throw Jordan and her (Michelle) off? Kevin says it doesn’t matter anymore. He says he does like Nat as a person. That’s it. I like hanging out with her. Michelle said it was a weird setup this week, saying Nat told her and Jordan to vote Kevin out of the house. Kevin says understandably, I would want to get her out. Says he had a final 5 deal, and now that it’s final 4 it’s over. Kevin says it would be a complete lie if they had said they’d ride or die till the end, so that’s why they haven’t committed to that. (They have) He says it’s like what Jeff did to Jordan. Michelle says this is the last week to strategize, next week it doesn’t matter. Michelle says that Jeff and Jordan wanted Kevin out so badly. Michelle says that Kevin would not have been voted out if Michelle had the voting power this week. Kevin says he wish Michelle had reassured him, because he had no clue. Michelle says you don’t know what’s going to happen, if Jordan had won and then got you out and I had told you final 2, it would have looked bad … the universe works in weird ways. Kevin says he knew the comp would be a mental type thing, because there was no setup. Michelle said it would have been very hard for her to vote out Jordan. Says she wouldn’t want to be in that position. Michelle says if she has to go out, she’s going out in style, but if she stays she’s raising hell. They laugh. Kevin says he’s going to dress as a Queen for the ceremony, and rub it in Nat’s face. Say he’s the one who gets to choose now. Michelle says she told Russell, Jeff, and Jordan that she never wanted Nat in the final 2, she wanted her out of this game, so if he keeps Michelle, he knows she’d be on his side, not Nat’s. Kevin says how convenient there was no engagement ring, that Nat wore a twist tie that she could have got from the garbage bags. Michelle says I know you have never trusted me, Kevin, but I have never wanted Nat here. Michelle says if she picked Nat for final 2, Nat would win, so if Kevin picked Michelle, Nat would be an extra vote for him. Kevin says there’s a lot of time to think about things. Michelle says she won’t take it personally if Kevin votes her out, but he could either win 500k or not 500k. Kevin says he knows, he’s not playing for 2nd place. Michelle says there’s a jury prize, and it’s either Nat or Jordan that will win it. Kevin says you don’t think you would win jury prize if you left now? Michelle says no. Michelle says Kevin is not playing for jury prize, he’s in final 3 now. Michelle says she’s not going to run around and pressure Kevin, he can think about it. She says otherwise she’ll just enjoy her week. She says she could just as well go home in final 3 if she stayed. Michelle and Kevin wonder at the fact that there’s only 10 days left. Michelle says she’s proud of herself for making it to final 4. Kevin says it’s huge, he told himself if he made final 4 he’d be proud of himself, and he is.

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5:30pm Big Brother Time: Natalie gets up out of bed in the red bedroom and comes out to the backyard. Michelle says hey. Natalie says we need to do the fashion show, they agree. Natalie mentions the tampon escapade last night, Kevin says that’s gross, like me telling you I just learned how to shave my balls. Michelle goes inside. Natalie and Kevin are talking alone now in the backyard. Natalie tells Kevin about her conversation with Jordan and that Jordan wants Michelle out and knows she’s leaving next week but will not vote for Kevin to win. Natalie said that Jordan is convinced that Kevin and Michelle have a final 2 deal. Natalie then tells Kevin to stop talking about her and Pandora’s Box, she’s annoyed he said the girls last night that he thinks there is more to the Pandora’s Box. They are going back and forth about who saved who in the game. Kevin mentions that 1. He was the swing vote on the CDT eviction and could have saved Jessie. 2. He and Michelle could have evicted her and kept Russell. Natalie says both those things would have screwed him in the games. She keeps saying how her idea of the LML (Last Minute Lie) saved him. They are going back and forth on how to talk to Michelle and Jordan. They seem agitated and tense with one another but keep saying the deal is in tact. Natalie says she wants to evict Michelle because Natalie has only been loyal to Ronnie, Jessie and Chima because she had in evicting those three. Natalie says that she’ll tell Michelle in her Veto speech that she expects Kevin to be loyal to her and evict Michelle. Kevin goes over his veto ceremony speech and how he’ll use Michelle’s chess analogy against her. He’ll say something like you called me a pawn well now I’m the queen bitch. Natalie says she will tell Kevin I respected your wish 100 percent last week to evict Jeff so I expect you respect my wish to evict Michelle this week. She’s talking about how she’s only been aligned with four people this whole game and has never aligned with anyone else, even for five hours.
6pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Michelle are talking about the ants, and the bug spray, nail polish and which clothes to wear and when. They both are excited to stay in LA for a few days after to go out to clubs. Jordan says I’m so excited to go out and mingle with people. They are both nervous about the finale. Jordan says she kinda wants to wear black because she knows she’ll sweat. Michelle says the pizza is almost ready but that she isn’t that hungry because she ate pasta and Jordan isn’t because she ate salad and a Milky Way chocolate bar. Both Jordan and Michelle are happy because they know they’ll be remembered for making it to the final four.
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6:15pm -6:40pm Big Brother Time: Kevin and Natalie are still in the backyard talking. They are going over their options of taking either Jordan or Michelle to the final 2. Kevin says we’ve been telling these people how to think. Natalie says that it’s working out just like season. Kevin says we told Jeff how to think. Natalie says here we come final 3. Kevin says we need to start studying cause bitch might get lucky. Natalie says you’re coming to my wedding right? Kevin says if you’ll have me. Natalie says of course we’re going to the end together, we’ll still be talking after the show. Natalie is now talking about how her boyfriend wanting a short engagement so she has plan around the weather and is thinking of March or May. Kevin says you’re only going to have $50K from this game to pay for a wedding. Natalie says no more like $30. I want to be free and clear of debt when I get married. Natalie says so when are you going to tell her she’s going home. Kevin and Natalie are going back and forth about when how they will each tell Michelle she’s gone. Natalie thinks Michelle won’t try and game talk with her and will mostly try and sway Kevin. Kevin says it will be so awesome when she walks into the jury house. Natalie says yeah right after Jeff, they’ll all realize what we’ve done. Well she voted against your wishes last week when you were HOH. Natalie says you don’t want to make Jordan sweat too long, that’s gonna hurt you in the long run. Kevin says I know, I’ll tell her tomorrow but she can have diarrhea for a day. Natalie says yeah, and Michelle can have it all week. Now they are talking about how Michelle is gonna wear devil horns. Natalie tells Kevin about the girls swingers conversation from last night and how Michelle explained it to them. She tells Kevin it was all girl talk no game talk. Kevin and Michelle get up from the couch and head inside. Kevin heads into the red bedroom and lays down. Natalie makes makes a cup of soup and heads out to the backyard couch and sits down with Jordan. Michelle is still in the kitchen cleaning up. Then Kevin comes to the backyard and they talk about what to make for dinner. Natalie asks if the want to do the fashion show tonight…


6:50pm – 7:05pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Natalie are sitting on the backyard couch. Jordan says she is mad at herself for doing so badly. Natalie starts talking about how this is the kind of weather she wants to get married in. They discuss have corn or potatoes with the steak for dinner. Nat got a bag of corn in her HOH basket. Kevin has come out and puts his feet in the hot tub. Michelle washing dishes in the kitchen. Kevin moves and sits on the coffee table and Jordan tells him his new clothes are nice. Nat mentions he needs a new belt. He says this belt is hotness and Nat says it’s nice she’s just sick of looking at it. Kevin asks Jordan what she’s gonna wear and suggests pink. She’s not sure and mentions she feels fat after eating all t he salad, pizza and chocolate. Natalie wants to ask Big Brother for a black dress and shoes for the finale. Kevin mentions he doesn’t have any dress shoes. Natalie says she can’t wear flip flops with a classy dress. Kevin and Jordan start talking about how there are only 10 days left. Kevin calculates that whoever leaves next will only have 5 days in the jury house. They are just realizing that an eviction next Thursday won’t work. (They don’t know about the live show and eviction on Tues yet). Kevin thinks they’ll have a live show next Sunday and the person will go to jury then. Natalie is explaining how the three phases of final 3 competitions work. Kevin jokes around about breaking dishes and shit. …and the feeds cut to FISH. When they come back Michelle comes out to get her stuff out of the dryer and Nat announces that they’ve decided to sub corn for potatoes for the evening meal. Jordan explains to Nat that she needs to pull the string forward while peeing so it doesn’t get wet. Michelle is now back in the kitchen wiping down dishes and putting them away. Then Natalie, Kevin and Jordan get up and go to the hot tub and sit around it talking with their feet in…. They are talking about past seasons. Natalie says that Ronnie says it changed in season 6 with the Golden Power of Veto. Players used to be able to choose who they wanted to play before Season 6. Ronnie said before Season 5 there was no PoV. If you got put up, you stayed up. Now talking about millions of people watch the show. Kevin says in his blogs he mentions that you often forget you’re in Big Brother with cameras watching you.

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I really wanted Michelle to win, but i think she’s gone. Really good players can change people’s minds, she still has a chance if she keeps talking to Kevin. Never give up until the end. If she goes, Kevin deserves to win. I know most people don’t like him, but he made big moves, won when needed and lied to stay. That’s the BB game.

older fan

Yes, lying is sometimes necessary but Kevin turned into the same kind of liar (for no reason) that Gnasty is and proved to be just as vile and cruel. He is only one step above her on the sub-human ladder as far as I’m concerned. Neither deserve to win and it makes me sick to see, so I won’t be watching. In fact, I’m really questioning the validity of watching the show any more after this season. It’s just not fun any more!


are these people so used to the camersa that they forget we are all watching? i mean come on michelle says she can fart , jordans thing itches etc.. dah no class at all. they are ladys LOL


simon why not put a banana on caseys pic and rat for ronnies and a superhero pic for lydia and for jeff , jesse, braden, russell and laura well any suggestions:) also if it’sa tie for the final 2 how is it broken?


A knife in the back for Russell.


GOOD ONE!…..that would be perfect for Russ Simon.

Totally Disgusted!

Mr. Ed for Laura!


How about a screwdriver for Jesse because he is a tool.


^ Made of pure win


And a hand holding a knife for Jeff, A hug toothed donkey for laura, maybe dumbells for jessie, a zoolander pic for Braden! LOL

another fan

There can’t be a tie for final 2.


Only 6 people voting in Jury – Even # —-


Who cares about your stupid fashion show!
I hope kevin vote to keep michael. He knows something
Is up with that little piece of shit.


Dont be an asshole- you know he meant Michelle…




Bye !!Bye!! Dr Psycho.


Gnat and Kevin make me sick. They are so mean spirited.


Now why does Natalie want Kevin to quit talking about the PB? Does she know something or is she just worried? I don’t think Kevin believes she saw BF. As most of us have to agree with him there. I think there might be some worry there. Well, maybe they should be. I mean the old saying is Those that Fly the highest, Fall the furthest. They certainly don’t think their farts stink right now. Oh, wait, that was Michelle. There might just be some surprise around the corner.


Who the hell is Michael? What show are you watching?


I don’t think BB would let Natalie have any contact with anyone outside the house, That would not be fair to the rest of the HG’s.


Its very unfair, if this is true is should have been on the live feeds. I think nasty thought of some way to cheat and ask her bf is it okay to trust kevin and the rest of them. What if jordans mom or michelle hubby would have came, and they had the opp to talk game with their love one and they told them that nat was a rat. Nasty bf talked about people not liking her and the jess thing. I’m sure more about the game was said. Not fair at all.


if i was in jordan’s position i would threaten the production.fix this or im gone! if she stays and doesnt win hoh i would just cause hell.realoly threaten kev and nat about how imgonna contral the jury or at least try 2.oh how i would be so good on this show.too bad i have to apply on bb14 cause im 2 youn=(




You would suck and be more hated then Chima, Ronnie, and Natalie combined.


This is my first time writing in the blogs and feel as though I must say what I think. I honestly believe A season like this one will NEVER happen again. It is a failed experiment with clicks, pathological liars, personal attacks on family/friends, and personal property destruction. (on a side note I wonder how thick next years rule book will be) With the cast they had it definately could have been one of the best ever; we had a great showmance, great rivalry, great conversations in bbad, beautiful women and handsome men.
I believe reinstating BB LOSERS is a horrible idea. They lost once, they will lose again. They are game changers, they know how the BB will affect your mind, the weaker players will cling to this hoping for safety. Protection from the solitude that is the BB house.
I do think that Jessie is the absolute reason that these two are still left in the game. We had a great cast to watch…why did bb need to bring in an old “loser” into the game. Had it played out with just the original players the first 3-weeks would have been completely different. Look back through the years and you will see that most likely 1st three out would not have been braden, laura, and casey. I see it like this…
If I were to put people in groups week one would have went as follows; there would have been instant friendship between Braden, Casey, Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michelle, and Russell (7).. Then you would have Natalie, Lydia, Kevin, Chima, and Ronnie. (5) I am basing this on personality alone. The first seven would have been a power house.
Chima would have been the first to go. (based only on the annoying laugh). Next week would have been “Make-A-Deal” Ronnie. Third week toss up between Nat and Lydia. (neither worth keeping in the game).
A lot would have to go right but you can see where I am going with this. Because of Jessie, and the clicks, he was able to attract the weaker players, befriend russell (workout buddies), and the rest is history.
I have not been watching the show since Jeff was considering putting up Russell. I have only been reading this blog. I can’t say I would have done any different than Jeff in that situaltion. There was a lot more information leading him towards evicting Russell than there was Russell/Michelle trying to convince him otherwise. (side note; does Michelle have a back bone?. I’ve never been able to trust someone that can NEVER look you in the eyes while trying to carry a conversation. I guess they don’t teach that to you when you get a ph d)
I will most likely watch the finale to see who wins with the hope that Jordan is still there. She is not the brightest but still the most honest, decent, and deserving of the players that are left.
I’m only ranting now but I needed to get this off my chest.


completely agrees with you!… I do believe that honesty and great personality deserves to win. Bad people will win but they will eventually squander their money for nonsense materials.
Jordan has a great goal, and if she survives.. I will cry!!! hahaahha


Agree that bringing Jesse spoiled the whole Season. Those players
instead of teming up against someone that already had his shot ,
they were stupid enough to team up with him and let him take a chance
on “their money”.

older fan

I agree with you and that “Jesse thing” was orchestrated by CBS. Yet they could do nothing to help save Jeff even though they had a perfect opportunity after promising us a big “twist” with Pandora’s Box. Guess they didn’t know about Hope in the bottom of that box! Or if truth be known, Production probably loves Jesse, Natalie and Kevin. Remember when Lydia said that Production was willing to help them (Lyd,Kev, Gnat) with the LML!!!


I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that Kevin won POV. Ugh I don’t want either Nat or Kev to win – both just suck! Michelle should have won it all – she deserves it… BUMMER!


Natalie and Kevin are so full of sh**t their eyes are brown!! I hope he gets that POV taken away by a reverse twist that would be sweet !


Did I miss “Pandora’s Box” part two?


Dawg– I noticed that Kevin didn’t run right to Gnat with info of his conversation with Michelle. Has he told Gnat about it yet? I think maybe Kevo just might be considering what Michelle’s offering…


My thoughts too. Of course, I want Coo Coo to win, so maybe I’m seeing this through wacko glasses. If she gets voted off, I am never watching BB again! LOL


I couldn`t be happier to see my little lying pig make that far in this game. She had great strategy from the get go, by using her gay friend Jesse to get her ahead in the game by riding his coattails unsuspected.
She them pretended to like black people by befriending Chima and pretended to care for gays and befriended Kevin, whom she despised since day one ( I saw her trashing them on the feeds numerous times ) .
If you don`t know what that is… that`s called true talent.
All the thug manners classes payed off.
I don`t even mind when she rewards herself with a little booger eating here and there, who cares? It`s on camera, but people will forget when she wins that money…
The shower thing, I understand too, she is just like daddy ! HAHAHA. I always hated showers, we save a lot on the water bill in this house.
When we sent her off to Big Brother, we thought it was just a little vacation for us, from having our little manly looking daughter around, but now I am proud.
And she is representing very well all the educationI provided to her. CHEERS!!!!
I am having Champagne on her tab already !!!


Does she really pick her nose and eat it? Thats gross.

I am sweet, kind, and innocent. Love me.

She didn’t eat it but her Jeff picked their noses all the time. LMAO


I saw otherwise. After picking the nose she played around with the booger and after disguising with a couple of
hand movements she put the hand in her mouth.

older fan

If you are NATALIE’S FATHER, FU for having anything to do with putting forth such a vile, dispicable human being (using the term loosely) into the world!


Natallie looks divine.
Love the headband and straightend hair.

You go gurl!~

BB Fan

I agree, she looks much better with straight CLEAN hair! Hate the player, love the game!


Nick, I absolutely agree with you. The whole game was thrown off when an extra person (Jessie) was added to the “Athletes.” All the “starstruck” weaker players were drawn to him like a magnet. You could see how he looked at Lydia in this last episode (after a week together in the jury house). This whole season was skewed against the Jeff, Casey, Laura, Jordan, Russel and Micheles. They didn’t have a chance from the first day forward.


Are you serious? Jeff and Jordan had more information fed to them from Production and told what should be done. They were just dumb and did not follow what production told them.

cryin over jeff

how do you know this?

Big Lew

Maybe the worst BB season ever!


I miss the evil Dr. Will. He was the Best Big Brother player of all time. Yes, this season has been a bust. The clique thing was set up to fail. My Mom is equally disappointed by the outcome of this season. Go Michelle, Go!


Michelle and Kevin played the game. I’d like to see them in the final two. Gnat and Jordan need to leave. Pandora’s box was revealed on the blog. Gnat went through the door and her “boyfriend” was there. He supposedly proposed to her, but told her that are many hate blogs about her…..hmmmm…he is so right. Because she entered the door, she could not participate in the veto game. Its been a season of junior high brats.
Lori, I agree, Kevin didn’t tell Gnat about his conversation, maybe it will go that way.


Please, please, please let Jordan get voted out this week. Please! I will even stop talking badly about Kevin…for a week.


If I was in the jury house- I would have to just pull straws and say the hell with it. They all suck. All of the people worth winning are out of the house.So whatever. I wish pandora’s box will do something soon. That’s the only thing I am hanging on for. Jeff should’ve gotten something for that damn key. if not, then why did they go through the trouble of hiding it? Why not hang it on the wall somewhere where they could all see it? This season really sucked.


How can they allow an outsider to give a player information from the outside world!? What the heck is going on with Big Brother? I am so upset that Michelle cannot save herself. My heart goes out to her and the loss of her brother just before the show started. I hope she gets the consolation money. She played a hell of a game! I cannot stand Kevin or Natalie…classless and useless and mean. Sad way to go through the world.


Kellynla- Well maybe its a key to come back to the house. That would be cool. Something has to happen. If I wasn’t following the show since day 1- I would just turn it off now. But now I have to see it through to the end. That is how much nat gets on my nerves.

Michael Knight

Has anyone else in BB history been allowed to have face to face contact w/someone or is Pig Pen lying (shocker). We won’t know until Tues if her Girlfriend, ooops she said BF, actually was there.


But they’ve had phone calls. It’s almost the same thing. BB can still control what can or can’t be said if they want to. INFACT, if it’s face to face they have a better chance of controlling it.

I think you people claiming it’s a lie are sad, pathetic, whiners, begging for something else to hate on her for.

BB Fan

Right….because Natalie has told the truth throughout the whole game and stuck to her word. Yes I know others have lied too, but come on! She’s been dating this guy since she was 16, after all she is only 18. I guess he might ask her to marry him because he thinks she will be winning $500,000 soon!! Hmmm, maybe he is a smart guy!

cryin over jeff

not 18, shes 24…

she and kevin both make me sick talking about what an honest game they played and how they kept their honor…. what BS. The second thing Natalie said in the house was a lie… her AGE! and how exactly did that give her an advantage???


Actually, no I would not say Jordan is the nicest person. That would be Jessie hands down. I didn?t watch last season so he may have been a dick then, but this season I dare you to name a time where he was mean or insulted someone, he never did. He played a fantastic game. Honest, loyal, a leader, a HUUUUUGE threat, took his eviction in stride. He was great this season. Jordan however has been a total b*tch behind the scenes while talking with Jeff and others to: Russell, Michele, Natalie, and Lydia.


Jordan is definitely not the nicest person in the house, but she IS the fakest! She was mean and vile to everyone behind their backs, and down right lied to them to their face. She is no different than Nat in that respect.


The difference is Jordumb thought these people were after her and Jeff (their behavior as co-HOH was ugly). The Gnat goes beyond the game to do mean things to be as hurtful to people to people as possible, especially when they are in a vunerable position. The lasest was her attempt to isolate Mich by trying to convince Jor not to talk to her the rest of the week.


Re Jessie: What drug are you taking?

cryin over jeff

jesse, is that you?


well all I can say is …… W T F ? how can they still believe LIE saw her boyfriend .. and how DUMB can Kevin be ? why is he trusting her ??? I hope it is michelle and Jordan for F2


W T F ? .. how DUMB can Dawndy be ? why doesn’t he realise either Michele or Jordan is going home this week ???




I am sick of Kevin referring to the females in the house as “bitch.” He wouldn’t like to be referred to all the time as a derogative name for his sexual orientation would he?


Maybe Kevin is actually considering Michelle’s idea of keeping her. I don’t think he is really but maybe. I noticed he didn’t tell Natalie either. He tells her EVERYTHING usually. Jordan needs to go anyways, she’s been worthless all season. And I’m tired to watching her being so dumb, saying dumb things and doing dumb things. And I also can’t believe that Natalie actually didn’t know how to use a tampon. C’mon really? She’s 24 and can’t use a tampon. That’s just retarded and on live feeds too. Un-freaking real.


I would like to know how the interview process went for this season of houseguests. QUESTION 1:Are you dumb, mean, and uncouth? Will you make constant derogatory comments on physical aspects of other houseguests? Will you do ANYTHING for money? Welcome to Big Brother 11…


I totally agree w/you


This is awesome!

All the people who think they know don?t know. Karma is such a bitch! All the master posters out there who think they know it all telling us we have no clue, when in fact it was you who were clueless. This is justice at its best.

Nat and Kevin for the got dam win!


Nat, you’re looking good! 😉


Umm, Kevin hasn’t voted yet…I’m pretty sure we’re still at final 4. Go Team Psycho!

I am sweet, kind, and innocent. Love me.

Hell to the yeah.


just as i predicted everyone on here seems to be jumping on the nat/Kev bandwagon. whatever ! at this point i am totally indifferent to who wins ( unless its jordo Or michelle)


I don’t think it is jumping on the bandwagon but more that when anyone supported anyone not aligned with J/J then they were personally attacked with vicious name calling so many chose to remain silent. The few who did not side with J/J made very valid points throughout the game but were so outnumbered by J/J lovers that it seemed as though no one liked Nat or Kev. I think maybe people feel more comfortable about giving their own opinions as more and more are supporting a Nat/Kev final.
Again just my opinion on the higher number of Nat/Kat supporters.


I’d rather be watching the jury house!!!


me 2


I don’t understand saying Nat or Kev don’t deserve to be there. They did what they had to when their backs were up against the wall. They outsmarted everyone. Michele did not win today and thus she needs to leave. You don’t get to the final by fluke, you have to have some type of game plan. It doesn’t have to be a popular game plan but you need to have one.

We should start sending BB suggestions for BB 12, hopefully an All Stars edition.
PS Fire the people who chose the HG this season, by far the most boring as a whole. Although I would love to see Nat and Jeff (or anyone from BB11) versus Evel Dick, Janelle, Howie, Jase and Dr. Will. That would be hilarious. All stars would eat them up alive and laugh in their faces. Too funny!

I am sweet, kind, and innocent. Love me.

Say wah? This was one of the most entertaining seasons ever.

Plus, Russell and Jessie would eat any of the ones you mentioned alive!


Really you think so? Maybe, but it would be a good show to watch. I appreciate your opinon on the season, but for me it was a boring season, until CDT then it kicked up a notch.


so still how is the tie broken if one happens for the final 2? and don’t say americas vote, cause they’d have to delay the winning decision to count the americas vote

Chimbonda's Gloves


Kevin and Nat deserve to win.


good point


Kevin would win v.s any of them he just needs to make it to final 2.


I thjought kevin had final 2 deal with michelle?


Jeff and Jordan never stood a chance against Kevin and Natalie. J & J are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Cute? Yes. Smart? Hell-to-the-no! Kevin and Natalie played them like violins. They did it so easily, it was like watching a cartoon. Jordan’s getting on my nerves: she sounds like Forrest Gump. For crying out louc, she can’t even read a clock. Ah well. I’ll vote for Michelle to get the $25K.


i will be so glad when B11 is over so i can get my life back LOL 🙂


Who is the dude picking his nose and eating it at the table while he plays cards???

Oh wait, nevermind, that’s Gnat.

Jordan All-time BB Fan


Jordan All-time BB Fan

I’m Natalie’s boyfriend. And we are getting married!
I wish. She’s beautifullll :]


Nat is really a dude, that’s why kevin likes her/him.


She (lie) is not even helping with clean up! She is so rude! If she was my dinner guest after making a meal for her I would be infuriated! (But she “saved ” HER corn)


So she can pick it out later! hahahahahaha!

I am sweet, kind, and innocent. Love me.



Nice….maybe you should learn to spell it before you say it……


I hate to say it, but things are not looking good for Jordan and Michelle. At this point the best move for Natalie and Kevin would be to get rid of Michelle because she is the strongest person left in this game. I think if Michelle goes Kevin is the strongest player left in this game. Right now Michelle is the most deserving, but I want Jordan to win. I know she is stupid and has barely won anything, but she is the underdog and that’s why I want her to win. I do think for sure if Natalie makes it to the Final 2 that anyone that goes up against her is going to win.

Here’s my take on the jury votes if Natalie gets to the Final 2

Natalie vs. Kevin Natalie vs. Jordan Natalie Vs. Michelle

Jessie- Natalie Jessie- Natalie Jessie-Natalie
Lydia- Kevin Lydia- Natalie Lydia-Natalie
Russel- Kevin Russel- Jordan Russel-Michelle
Jeff- Could go either way Jeff-Jordan Jeff-Michelle
Jordan- Will be the same as Jeff’s Kevin- Natalie Jordan-Michelle
Michelle- Kevin Michelle-Jordan Kevin-Natalie
America-Kevin America-Jordan America-Michelle

Natalie I know will get Jessie’s vote. If Kevin makes it to the final 2 Lydia will vote for him, if not she will vote Natalie. Once Russel found out that Natalie is 24, he said the fact that she lied about that could change his vote, therefore I think he will vote against Natalie. Jeff’s vote is a toss up if she goes against Kevin, but if it’s Jordan or Michelle he will vote for them. Kevin was the one that got him out and he could maybe vote Natalie if they go against each other. America will definitely vote for whoever is going against Natalie because everyone hates Nat. There is not a better picture that could describe her then that. I also found Kevin’s picture hilarious. Rainbow flag, LOL.

When all this is over I hope that Natalie’s family and friends feel ashamed for the way she acted on Big Brother. She’s so disgusting I don’t even know how she has a boyfriend. Apparently he is just as dumb as she is. Natalie I hope when you get out of the house you realize how much everyone hates you especially after you dedicated your HOH victory to Chima the little 3 year old baby. My point is if Natalie wins this game Big Brother is not going to be watched by me again.

I know this post is too long but I got one more question. Anyone else find it weird that they didn’t show Jeff’s goodbye video? That would be awesome if he came back, but I don’t expect it to happend. If they don’t show video of him getting to the jury house on Thursday then something is up.


The middle part was probably hard to understand so I will post it again.
Nat vs. Kev: Jessie-Nat, Lydia-Kev, Russ-Kev, Jeff-toss up, Jordan-same as Jeff, Mich-Kev, US-Kev
Nat vs, Jordo: Jessie-Nat, Lydia-Nat, Russ-Jordo, Jeff-Jordo, Mich-Jordo, Kev-Nat, US-Jordo
Nat vs. Mich: Jessie-Nat, Lydia-Nat, Russ-Mich, Jeff-Mich, Jordo-Mich, Kev-Nat, US-Mich

cryin over jeff

I hope that when Jordan is in the final two seat, and someone asks her why they should vote for her considering she was Jeff’s lapdog, that she will reply…. “ummm… you should vote for me BECAUSE i was Jeff’s lapdog…”

Thats how she got so far in the game! she stayed likeable while being aligned with the strongest player in the house! She may not be the sharpest bulb in the toolbox but it worked for her!


no true, she was liked by allmost everyone because she tried to be fair…….. and although jeff through hoh to her, she had a good chance of winning all on her own she was already in second, she won pov and pushed jeff to do alot of the big moves he did, she also at the last min told jeff they should keep russ , but he didnt listen, i think shedid well


Doesn’t it hurt your mind to think of someone so unworthy winning a prize? She’s done nada. Zero. Zilch! No, I apologize. She’s done something alright — convince Jeff to torpedo the Final Four alliance that he had managed to stitch together. Give her a free year’s supply of cookie dough, and send her on her way.

cryin over jeff

in my opinion, ( and we are an opinionated group, arent we? lol) she is the most worthy. Not only considering what she will do with the money, but shes been the most honest, likeable, and loyal player in the game.


other than her age, nat just started playing the game last week, it was kevins idea to make up a lie to jeff about russell, nat just came up with the actual lie( which odly enough was true) she has just floated off of whoever would let her, she took credit for things she didnt do and was up jessies as then chimas then lydias then kevins, she didnt start playing the game till she won hoh (all by a good guess) jordan hasnt played that much either (although alot of jeffs big moves were pushed by her ) but michelle has played a good game the whole time….. pretty much all alone….. i am disapointed to see her go, but i will root for jordan, if not then kevin


The only thing worth watching is more flashing of Jordans tits and ass.. Honestly who cares who wins the money??? You people are pathetic with all your whining about “Natalie is evil” and “Kevin’s soooo mean” Whatever!!! its a TV show people that has no bearing on your life whatsoever.. Its only about winning half a million bucks and NOTHING else matters.. He or she who lies, cheats, and manipulates their way way to the end DESERVES the money! Period! So people pleeeease stop your PATHETIC bitching and CBS pleeeease show more shots of Jordan’s tits and ass!!!


What has Jordan done besides play footsie with Jeff? She convinced Jeff to turn on Russell and Michelle, their guaranteed ticket to the Final Four. Never overestimate her. Never.


at first yeah she did….she wanted russell gone, but before jeff actually put him up, she told him not to, she realized something was goin on, but jeff did it anyways, she even mentioned that to him after kevin put him on the block

My opinion on the soon to be final 3

See, I see it another way, Michele is gone so I don’t count her:

Jordan vs Natalie : Jessie – Nat, Lydia – Nat, Russ – Nat, Jeff – Jordan, Michele – Jordan, Kevin – Nat, US – Jordan = Natalie wins 4-3.

Jordan vs Kevin: Jessie – Kev, Lydia – Kev, Russ – Kev, Jeff – Jordan, Michele – Could go either way, but most likely Jordan, Natalie – Kev, US – Jordan = Kevin wins 4-3.

Natalie vs Kevin: Jessie – Nat, Lydia – Kev, Russ – Kev, Jeff – Kev, Michele – Kev, Jordan – Kev, US – Kev = Kevin wins 6-1.

I see it as Kevin will win against either one and Jordan can not possibly win.


I think jordan will loose the weight when she leaves the house, she just eats so much in the house cause she’s depressed and stressed out and it’s causing her to want to eat!