Big Brother 11 Spoilers – 9:27pm BBT Cam 3.. Jordan sleeping, No Natalie talking no Kevin bitching no Michele giggling just sweet silence.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:25pm Backyard Hot tub. Natalie, Jordan and Kevin. Natalie is talking about her “boyfriend” and how his cousin is having a wedding on the 18th so he won’t be able to make the wrap party. She’s still hoping that he can make it he told her he’s going to try but she’s not counting on it. Kevin says that Jessie was saying that once the show is over you
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
are free to leave and do whatever you want. Natalie understands but still thinks if you’re final 2 there will be a couple days of interviews. Jordan leaves. Kevin starts talking about season 9 and how fucked up that season was.. He wonders how Adam was able to win it. Natalie says it was because he was such a nice guy. Natalie explains all the nice things Adam did like give James a chance and not backdooring him and in a POV comp he took another prize instead of taking it from Sheila. Natalie starts talking about god and it was the love of god and gods will that she made it on this show and now look at her she made it to final 3. Kevin thinks god has nothing to do with getting on this show. He tells her he’s tried for 9 years to get on Big Brother and god had nothing to do with it.
Natalie wonders what the endurance comp will be like.. Kevin expects it to be elaborate and tough. Natalie tell him maybe it would be best for her to throw the competition. Kevin (For some strange fucking reason ) agrees. Natalie says that she can win the questions part and he can win the endurance part. Kevin says that Jordan’s weight will be an advantage in comps. Natalie agrees, “Jordan thinks she will win the endurance part” They scheme out their plan Kevin will win the endurance comp the loss will hit Jordon hard and she will suck out at the questions and Natalie will win it. Kevin thinks they shouldn’t underestimate Jordan so much she might win a competition.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

They start laughing at Jordan because she did bad at the POV competition. Kevin wishes he could see it he could of used a good laugh. Natalie says that Jordan has been really quiet lately because she is embarrassed about her performance.
Kevin says Jordan is so stupid she didn’t even know that Vegas was in another state she thought it was 1 hour away from here. Kevin tells Natalie he isn’t telling Jordan she is staying this week he wants to see her sweat it out for a bit and suck up to him. He really wants to mess with her head so she doesn’t win the next competition. Natalie says she is happy they
made it this far she thinks they have no problem making it to final 2. Kevin reminds Natalie that he’s is getting over confident and the season isn’t over yet.. (he hints that production may flip the house or throw in a twist) Kevin is talking pretty paranoid like he really thinks something is coming up.. Kevin instructs her to start acting grateful for the experience no the money or the clothes but the actually experience to being on this show. Natalie mentions her dad telling her she was a special person to be selected to be on here. Kevin says that when he was 19 he applied to big brother, he thought it was
going to be easy but it totally isn’t. The casting people told him it was a pipe dream but look where he is now.


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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:24pm During the conversation in the hot tub Michele has been in the kitchen preparing some food at 8:24pm she heads to the BBQ and start grilling some meat..
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Kitchen table Michele, Kevin and Natalie. Natalie playing solitaire, Kevin and Michele eating.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:25pm Natalie and kevin start playing pool.. Just pool talk.. Michele at the couch drinking beer.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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Jeff does not deserve the $25k simply for the reason that he screwed the game for his alliance. And yet, he is oblivious to his actions. For this alone, for the sake of making a point, please do NOT vote Jeff for viewers choice. Vote Russel, IMO.


I am voting for Russ because he was so classy when he left and was not a sore sport about it.


what? yeah give the angry guy money?


Thank you, Vote Russell he was a man of his words and had the most classy exit after being backdoored in the history of BB. Jeff was a cry baby hypocrite when he left and got played by jordon for the 3rd time on live shows when he went in for the kiss she turned her head and gave him her cheek…the most notable time was when jeff won HOH she pulled away like he had herpes on his lip…JEFF GOT GOT> don’t vote for him to win the 25k — VOTE RUSS


Russell is a man of his word? Did you even watch the show? Even Russell said he was…”Evel Dick, Dr. Will and other BB bad boys.” He couldn’t keep his word for a minute! He told Michele he would NOT tell the others what she had told him and made an alliance with her. For NO game reason he spilled everything Michele told him within hours! He ran around the house following Ronnie saying ….”rat, rat rat”…..but then crawls on his stomach to Ronnie’s HOH and tells him he’s okay! WTF? Watching Russell play BB was like watching someone on speed with a diminished mental capacity and a memory problem and diarhea of the mouth. He was all over the place and his word meant nothing. He was soooo shady. Just because he was trying to do damge control to his reputation before he walked out the door, doesn’t give him any kudos in my book. Classy exit does not make up for all the torment and vile things he said while in the house. Sorry. NO vote for Russell here.


Well said. Totally agree.


that is the dumbest argument i have ever heard. he screwed the game for his alliance? so what. he made way more moves than they did…and he played the game right.


Speaking of dumb arguments. If he played the game right, he would have made it to at least final four guaranteed. He had his spot in final four virtually sealed, but he stupidly made a deal with the enemy, and this lead to his early departure (as well as the eventual termination of the remainder of his former alliance). It is solely BECAUSE of Jeff that Kevin and Natalie are Final 2. Remember, it’s not about how many moves you make, it’s about making the right moves at only the right time.


You don’t know that he would have made it to final 4 “guaranteed” because you’re not Russell. Unless you’re telepathic. You have NO WAY of knowing that Russell would not have done the same thing to Jeff the next week given the chance. Of course he told Julie he would of stayed true to final 4 deal. He had just been evicted and had instantly changed from lying, mean, bully psycho Russell to kind, caring, truthful Russell. I truly hope his “game” personality isn’t his true personality but something tells me that at least a good portion of it carries over into real life.


Russel showed NO indication of betraying his final four alliance. None of his actions were indicative of backstabbing his F4, he showed complete distaste for the opposing alliance, and was completely disaligned from them the entire time. It seems not only Jeff, but some of America have taken Natalie and Kevin’s lies as gospel ? the only alliance that anything to fear from Russel was the Jesse trio, and once Russel was removed, Jeff cleared the way for his own eviction. Great strategic move, catch my sarcasm.


I agree …”You have NO WAY of knowing that Russell would not have done the same thing to Jeff the next week ” BUT take a chance with your alliance NOT with the enemy.
I really really envy Kevin’s and Nat’s alliance, NOTHING can break them. I hate them.
Mich has really fought against all odds, she deserves the 25k. she was alone nearly 90% of her time in the house but fought against everything and won, except now πŸ™
Jeff and Jordon …. DUMB and all those who still root for Jeff …… dumber than jordo…
Leandra …. he did NOT play the right moves, otherwise he would still be in the house…. use your head like mich or nat …. NOT like jordo


You must like fights. He was a bully. He kept winking when there was a disareement. All talk. ;);)


your argument holds no merit – you must be blind – even Julie questioned why he trusted Kevin and he just cant admit he screwed up – open your eyes he had final 4 locked with 4 people who deserved to be in final four — now none of them will make it final 2 – Nat and Kev final 2. THANKS JEFF!




At least with Russel, Natalie’s yammering pie-hole was kept in check. For that reason alone, Russel deserves the cash.


I now believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so what that Jeff screwed the game up for his alliance? dumb argument? i dont think so. that is the very reason that i dont like jeff anymore. i don’t like Kev and Natalie and I don’t think you like them either and who is to blame that they are still in the house and in control this week? Jeff and his lap dog Jordumb. If they had not gotten rid of Russell Kev would have been out in final 6, Michele would have won the smore comp and the alien veto comp and Nat would have been out in final 5. Jeff certainly did not play the game right because if he did, he would still be in the house right now. If you still like Jeff, it’s probably only for his prince charming look.


On his interview on The Morning Show he admitted the mistake of listening
to Kevin and backdooring Russ. At least!!!


I have a two year old daughter that is more polite than that. Sad, she needs some real guidance to show her the way before she gets big enough to have her “bf’s” child.


found this an another blog….looks like Nat’s soon to be hubby Jason is possibly already married to Ariana.

Ariana and Jason’s loan (maybe he used the money to pay off the debt he was taken to court by a chiropractor for..)


Ariana Majeran is Nats real name – she probably lied about that too.


Georgia? I don’t understand.


natalie told chima that jason was married before,but now he is divorced. youtube natalie’s interview diane henry part 2 before she enters the house and she said that she broke up with her boyfriend 8 months ago and they got back together 3 weeks ago(3 weeks before she enters house) and that they had been together 2 years before they broke up.


Thank you. I’ll have to look that up too. So now we really know, right? NO boy would go to the M word after a divorce so young (20’s?) Have a great night.


Appreciate the info, but I’m not sure about this. Do you have more to go on than this doc?
I see that there is an Ariana Majeran, but how do we know that’s Natalie? Couldn’t that be a mother or wife/ex-wife? Where did you find out that Natalie isn’t her real name?
AG/BB said they wouldn’t participate in any HG lies.


OMG! The picture of Jordan in bed thinking of Jeff and cookie dough is hilarious. Who comes up with these things? Genius! I still agree you need other pictures (especially on Chema, she doesn’t deserve to have her face on the site, she was fired maybe use fire).


Where is all the REDO veto Kevin cheated comments? Im sure there coming — 1st we don’t get to see the Veto on the live feeds — 2nd most of the people crying are all still hanging on Jeff’s Ball’s and don’t even get the live feeds to hear what Kevin said just going off rumors like the KEY RUMOR —(when the show finally aired that key was big as hell and no way it opened anything – the twist was it unlocked the box so that the next HOH could open it)– 3rd all you Jeff lovers were begging for BB and CBS to rig the game so Jeff came back with his big ass key that stayed in the box but rumors were it was special and had to let Jeff back in the house (he had final 4 locked down and went back on his word – should of got Kevin out when he had the chance. YOU GOT GOT) 4th Even if they do a Redo Kevin will still be aloud all rights to play in it because it was a BB error not his fault. (And he will win again securing his jury votes when he goes to final 2) 5th – Kevin is a good player and has made smart moves in this game to be where he is at even when the odds were against him and Nat for weeks after the CDT when Jeff was running the house. On a positive note PB is still lingering and the twist has not been known…The story of PB was she opened the box and let out evil – reaching in to find hope at the bottom of the box….Kevin chose to reach into the box for the Hope — Greedy Nat opened the box


It is human to be attracted to beautiful people. A number of posters became enamored with Jeff and Jordan. A number of us watched Michele morph into a tanned, fit, attractive young woman. When she is evicted, BB 11 will be over for me. I always thought that Natalie’s alleged boyfriend probably came with batteries. If indeed he is human, then may God have mercy on his sole. $500,000.00 is nowhere near enough if you have to spend the rest of your life with that unctuous, slithering bottom feeder.


“mercy on his sole” – you must be referring to the bottom of his foot when he scraped Gnat off, lol.

BB Fan

I think I just became a Kevin fan after his comments about Nat’s believing it’s God’s will that she’s on BB. Okay, I’m over it!


I’m personally not convinced that God, supposing that He exists, would 1. care about a reality TV show or 2. go out of His way to set up a player to win who starts the game off with a lie and adds to it over the course of the show. For all the calling out people for satanic pacts, she better check her own standing in that department. I don’t know what plans Natalie has for her winnings, supposing that she wins, but I hope that if Natalie truly believes that God put her on Big Brother to win, that she uses at least some of her money to do some good with it, outside of her own life. It irks me to no end when people attribute their good fortune to God and then apply that good fortune solely for their own gains. Christians like Natalie should know that Jesus wanted to feed the poor, not buy them sports cars..I personally can’t see God, as He has been described, awarding prosperity to people that do not use it to make the world better. That sounds to me more like the work of the other guy, supposing that he exists, that Natalie is so fond of talking about.

BB Fan

Does anyone else find it convenient that Nat’s BF/fiancee cannot make the wrap party???


On the official CBS website Lydia has more fans than Michele!!! What is up with that???


My VOTE is for MICHELLE! 25K She didn’t help with her weird ways, but she didn’t deserve all the crap that was said about her.


Nat seems rather lesbianish to me. Sorry lesbians, she just seems a tad manly.


she-male won money and that is why she-male lost pov. The rest is bs as usual. Some how I just hope natlie doesn’t win this whole thing. That would be wrong. Kevin at least was entertaining and funny at times even though he lied a lot. But everyone does lie in bb. He also has won when it mattered most toward the end. IF jordan get to end no way she will win just did absolutly nothing won pov cause she heard footsteps and was given hoh. Just to dumb and can’t do shit in comps. Sh doesn’t even deserve 2nd.

Michelle is a Loon

most just hate that no matter how many obstacles thrown in their way, nat and kevin are the best players in BB left…period..

Nat wont get the votes to win, she should get 2nd.

Kevin is running away with it




Yeah?they get that hate in them, and just start digging up stuff.

I?ve always said I hope Nat made some kind of deal with Kevin, that in the event they both make it, at least give Nat something extra. I seen post here that said Nat would win against any of them, and I?m thinking wtf? She only had one friend in the house, and that was Jess (that is in the jury house). Considering her biggest enemy (Lydia) is in the jury house with Jess, I doubt if even he would vote for her. The best she could pull out of a vote would be Jeff, Russ, Jordough and hopefully Jess. At any point, second place for her is also a win.

Nat and Kev FTW!

BB Fan

Here’s a thought for the next BB: Impose penalty points when HG’s talk about production, diary room, singing etc. It’s annoying to hear them continually remind the HG’s of the rules and not impose any consequences. Penalty points can be used to clean the bathroom, be put on slop or whatever. (No penalty for any typos in this post!)


Yeah but who would watch BBAD or order the live feeds if the houseguest didn’t give you hints about whats going on?


You russ fans that argue about jeff making a stupid move would not last in big brother. Stuff changes if russ had won hoh that next weeks getting jeff out would have looked really good. Just because russ made a promise, that does not mean he would have stuck to it. People have to understand that your word in the big brother house means NOTHING. THink of how many people were evicted because someone went back on their word. You win the game with lies. DIck, WIll Boogie


Thank you! Just because “they say so” does not mean they will go through with it. They are really on thier own fighting for themselves.




For all the Natalie and Kevin haters, don’t worry guys this year with
the bad economy, the BB prize was changed from 500k to a hunting trip
with Dick Cheney. LOL!!!


Yes jimmy, but you have only so much to go on while in that house. Keeping Russell was a risk. Absolutely. But going to the other side of the house and trusting 2 people (Nat & Kev) who have been against you from day 1, and were in an alliance with people you have personally evicted was a much more risky thing to do, all things considered. Yes, Russell would have probably tried to get Jeff out but that doesn’t mean he could have. What the people who say Jeff really F’d up are saying, is that decision was wrong no matter what Russell intended to do. It was idiotic. Have you noticed how when HGs get power they just can’t handle it? Their thinking goes haywire. Just some thoughts.

lisa/losing interest

Yeah that damn hoh room is a power trip in the head they all lose sight of thier plans. Some handle it better than others. As far as those crying for Jeff he screwed himself by using the CDT. He changed the game and put everyone on notice that he was america’s choice this season. He and Jordan were in the clear at the time he used it big mistake to me but I didn’t see jessie as big a threat as he did and based on how things ended up he could have easliy gotten Jessie out on his power trip to the HOH room. When one gets info or specials in the BB house ones mouth should stay closed till it has to come out. Less HG’s would fall on thier own swords if they learned how to keep secrets.


Did I miss something…..or did Michelle admit that her and her husband are swingers????


From what she’s said in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her husband didn’t have some porn on the internet. For investigative purposes, I’ve begun to search. So far: three websites down and zilch. Only 90,305,325, 971, 592,195,763 to go! I’ll let you know what I find out!

lisa/losing interest

WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin won pov glad to see this. He has been my pick to win for some time now just hope he keeps it together till the end and walks out on top. CAn’t really decide if he needs to take jordan or nat. I think mich will be voted out. With nat he has to make a case why he should win Nat will take credit for all the big moves saying she thought it up made him stick to the plan which is bull he has pulled his own weight. Jordan has only gotten one thing on her own and she rode Jeff’s coattail all the way to where she is and I heard her say that it’s only becuase Jeff i got this far(we all know that already) but maybe riding coattails will get her the money this group of HG’s are not the smartest they have ever had. Waiting for live shows to see all the fun.


JEFF”S INTERVIEW WITH PEOPLE MAGAZINE With matinee-good looks, chiseled abs and a charm that worked on both the ladies and the men in the house, Jeff seemed to have it all. But then he quickly ostracized himself from his BB clique and stumbled in the first open competition (?Technotronics? anyone?). When America came to his aid by granting him the power of the coup d?etat, the advertising salesman flipped the game on it?s head and seemed well on his way to claiming a cool half million. Now headed to the Jury House, the 30-year old talks about his future with Jordan, who he thinks is the strongest player left and what he can expect when he is reunited with Russell. ?Reagan Alexander

What happened to the kiss you promised to give Jordan?
There were a lot of emotions running through my head. Jordan was the first person that I grabbed and if she would have come with me to the door, I definitely would have [kissed her]. I didn?t leave the way that I wanted to. I wish I would have kissed Jordan and I wish I would have said more encouraging words to both Jordan and Michele.

What did you think when Kevin called your final plea ?desperate??
You want to talk about desperate? How about being the HOH and sleeping downstairs so that no one can talk to Natalie? That?s desperate ? Not only that, I left him alone all week after he stabbed me in the back and I get a 30-second plea to stay in a game that?s worth half a million dollars, and he has to take a cheap shot at me as I?m leaving? That?s desperate.

Do you think you made the wrong choice by going after Russell and siding with Kevin and Natalie?
Everyone is confused about me ?switching? sides from Russell to Kevin. There were no sides. It was me and Jordan in the end. I wanted to split Michele and Russell up because there was something cooking between them two, and I wanted to get the strongest player that was left in the house. I wouldn?t change anything that I did. I made the decisions and I put it all on my shoulders but if I had won the POV, I personally think that I would have won the game.

You gave Jordan a great pep talk before the eviction ceremony. Do you really think she can win this?
I absolutely believe it! I really think that she has a shot at making it to the final two. Depending on who she goes up against and if she comes up with some big wins late in the game, it?s absolutely possible.

America gave you the coup d?etat, which you used to flip the game on its head. How shocked were you when they revealed it to you?
It was actually overwhelming and I don?t think I did a good enough job in thanking America for that because I was actually speechless. I was wishing for something the entire game and I felt like my back was to the wall and this was a gift from above. It was the best feeling in the world to know hat someone outside the game was on my side.

Who do you think has played the best game so far?
Hats off to Michele. She comes through in the clutch, she has big wins and proves herself time and time again. To this day I cannot figure her out, which is probably a really good quality to have in this game. The difference between Michele and Kevin is Michele bends the truth and Kevin is a straight out someone that cannot be trusted.

Is there a future for you and Jordan outside the BB house?
It?s hard to have a relationship on that show, in that house. I definitely want to maintain a close friendship with Jordan outside of the house and if something evolves from there, great. If it doesn?t, I don?t want to jeopardize the friendship that we have.

Who is going on your Hawaiian vacation with you?
Hawaii is still a question mark for me. Let?s just say that Jordan is on a very short list.

You?re headed to the Jury House that is filled with people that feel that they have a bone to pick with you. How excited are you for your new digs?
Very! But really, I?m not threatened or scared at all to go into that house. Russell?s bark is way louder than his bite. I?m actually excited to see if those three have grown as people now that the game is behind them. I understand that I?m going to get my stones, so right when I walk in, let them have their party. Their wish came true.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

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Now don’t jump me Jeff Fans because I liked Jeff but I think he might be a little full of himself with that comment “if those three have grown as people now that the game is behind them”. Come on, Jeff, you are going to fit right in if they haven’t. You might have a real adjustment yourself if they have. He won the power thing from the American vote, I think that went to his head, which in understandable. However, he got a little too BIG headed with it and lost some respect from the viewers. He is still cute but from my point of view only, not quite as much. I think Russell’s bark is bigger than his bite also. Russell will be glad to see Jeff but not because he got voted off only. I think he will be nice because he is over it and probably anybody coming in will be refreshing after being the 3rd wheel with the other two. Of course, Jeff hasn’t realized yet that he has been had.


I think that Jeff was only saying what you said, essentially that the three people out of the house are probably “over it.” Except maybe Lydia, the emotional player in the Jury House.


Damn…wish Michele had won POV. She has played so hard and dealt with the most shit. Kevin should get away from Gnat. He is so much more likeable when he is not around Gnat. She is so nasty and mean spirited. Plus whenever she opens her mouth, BS just flies out of it! Yeah, people lie on BB, but not usually about stuff about their personal lives that has no bearing on the game. You usually get some truth about that. She lies about everything. Blech. Can’t stand her. C’mon Kev…back stab Gnat and save Michele! Gnat deserves it! I like the comment Gnat made about throwing the endurance part of the HOH comp – just another cop out on her part!


Ah, girls, lets move on from the tampons and the “holes” we have. You are all missing the one in your head if you keep this up!


Oh, that came up on the screen here and let me explain, they are telling Kevin about female body areas on BBAD. I didn’t mean any of the ladies that are making comments on the website!


Michele deserves the $25k.


I’m sorry – that question was for Peyton btw… πŸ™‚

Bill Gilford

Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thanks However I’m experiencing situation with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss drawback? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx