Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle explains to the houseguests

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:45pm HOH Chima and Kevin. They are talking about who?s going after who in the house. Chima says its hard to keep things straight because Russell has been spreading lies. She adds that she caught Russell lingering around talking to people trying to plant seeds in Jessie’s and Natalie’s mind. Kevin points out that even though Chima has made it opbious that Russell is her Target he doesn’t think that Chima is Russell main target. Kevin goes on to explain that Russell is the type of p[layer that likes to keep an enemy around to divert the attention to his real target. Chima brings up the wizard powers she says she was writing about it on the HOH Blog. they now wonder how many sentences constitutes a paragraph. Kevin says if Russell stays tomorrow than we’ll have a to win HOH or we are in trouble. CHima Cringes at the thought of Russell winning HOH next week and sitting up in the hOH bed all cocky. Chima asks Kevin if he thinks teh wizard power will be used. Kevin is pretty convinced it will be that is why Jeff’s been so stand offish. Chima mentions that Jeff doesn’t even want to sit beside the rest of the houseguests even Russell sat with us. Kevin points out that Jeff is always the first to leave after a gathering. Chima wonders if Jeff is trying to divert the attention away from JOrdan because she is the wizard. Chima thinks Jeff just doesn’t like people in general, He’s probably a great friend and son.. Brother… etc but

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

people he doesn’t know he’s a little bit of a loner. Kevin mentions that Jeff doesn’t like women (WHAT! never thought he was like that) Chima agrees she says Jeff is this seasons “Bros before Hoes Guy” Kevin says Jessie is being very sanative right now more than before. Chima corrects him saying that JEssie has always been that way he turns the littlest thing into you don’t have his back or you don’t like him
8:25pm – 9:00pm HOH Lydia joins them
They are going over the wizard powers together. Lydia is saying its between Jeff or Michelle because they are the most secretive right now. Chima says whoever it is they are doing a awesome job of hiding it. Chima doubts its Michelle because she was cornered by her right after she won HOH. Chima adds that Michelle spent a lot of time up here talking to me before the POV ceremony trying to make sure She doesn’t go up. Apparently Allison Grodner told them something big is happening tomorrow and they were instructed not to talk about it.. Chima hopes its not another surprise “POWER!”Lydia doesn’t understand why anyone would use the power they all hate Russell. The group talks about Natalie and how she’s not after Lydia anymore.. Kevin points out that Lydia will most likely be used as a pawn again but not a target yet. Chima bring sup Jeff being an asshole and she thinks it’s because he’s the wizard. Kevin says it could be because he’s sick of all us. Kevin continues and says if Lydia or himself win HOH he thinks Jeff is going to approach them with a deal, however if Jessie and Pig Pen win HOH he’s not going to bother because he knows him and Jordan are going up. They go over next weeks targets.. Lydia and Kevin want Jeff and Jordan gone. Chima wonders why Jessie and Natalie are so dead set on getting rid of Michelle. They are wondering if there is a secret athlete alliance going one. Lydia and Kevin agree that

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle needs to go the following week after Jeff is gone. Lydia warns them that something is up with JEssie and Natalie she thinks they should do the exact opposite of wgatever Natalie and Jessie want them to do. They bring up how Jessie was against backdooring Russell when Ronnie wanted to. Chima blurts out “I?m on team get Jeff out!”

7:30pm Green room Fart Talk

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7:40pm Pool Room Michelle, Jordan, Jeff and Russell. They are going over the next HOH competition.. They are having trouble trying to remember past comps. Jeff says they are building a contraption from hell outside. Jeff wonders what is going on outside. Jordon says if it is endurance they will tell them tomorrow to where sneakers. Jef hopes it is not endurance since he is just recovering from the last one. Michelle wonders why nobody was dancing during the party.. Jeff says they were all too busy eating Pizza and drinking the booze. The conversation moves to Michelle and her moaning while she sleeps. Jeff explains to them that Michelle says “hmmummm uhh hmmm” in her sleep like she’s having a orgasms.. They are all laughing like crazy. He goes on and tells them one night he woke up and slapped his face and Michelle starting moaning like crazy, even if you tap on the wall she?ll start to moan. Russell says he’s gong to do that to see if it’s true. Jordan tells them it is true.. They’re all laughing at this Michelle is being a good sport about it. Jordan brings up when Michelle was in the have nots with Ronnie they could hear her say “NOOOOO NOOOOO”… Michelle says

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

she’s embarrassed because she’s such a “dork”. Jeff tells her no its funny and good that she does her dorky things during the night when she has an excuse that she’s sleeping. Jeff does his dorky things during the day when he has no excuse.
Jordan asks them if they’ve every had “B**** S$$” Michelle says sure i have. Jordan asks if it hurt. Michelle says it doesn’t hurt as long as you use lubrication. Michelle continues to tell Jordan all about “B**** S$$” Michelle explains all the nerve endings in the “butt”, Jeff says what do you guys say when your having S$#”stick it in my nerve endings”.. Michelle stresses the importance of L*** and asks Jordan if she’s ever S***** her finger in her b*****. Jordan says yes… Jordan starts asking questions about the rats that Michelle cares for.. Michelle tells them about the catheters she puts into the rats. Jordan says that women have more pee holes than men. Michelle correct her and says there’s just one peehole. Jeff chimes in and says they are the same size between men and women. Jeff farts and Jordan laughs says Jeff has skid marks on his undies.. Jeff says no way “Don’t go throwing my under the shit bus”. Jordan blurts out that one Morning she woke up and the covers were off Casey and she say his mornig wood.. it freaked her out. Talk moves to Ronnie, They all Hate Ronnie they all hope he’s at home watching them right now. Jeff doesn’t think Ronnie is watching “he’s jerking his sausage to Nintendo” Jordan mentions that Ronnie probably Cries during S$$.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:30pm Pool Room Michelle and Russell. Russell is trying to explain to her why they need to keep him in the house. He tells her that Jessie and his alliance have won every single HOH except for the one Russell has won. He goes on to say that Jessie will pick them all off one by one if Russel goes home. He says if he stays he’s going after Chima, Jessie and Natalie. Jessie talks in and says what you doing telling Michelle some crazy shit. Russel gets up and charges at Jessie. Jessie says why you talking to Michelle like your her friend when just 4 days ago you were running around the house calling Michelle a nut case and yelling at her face. Russell gets right into Jessie face and says you didn’t stop Ronnie almost pouring water on Michele you were just egging him on. They go over who treated Michelle worse. Russel getting right in Jessie face saying he’ll take Jessie on no problem Pound for pound i’ll take you. Russell starts mocking Jessie saying he’ll take Jessie out no problem, “you want a piece of this , eh EH ” very close to coming to blows Jessie face is getting red.. Jessie says your going home buddy you don’t have the votes and you won’t get them…. They go back and forth until the Michelle is long gone. The tension gets broken by a joke and they stop fighting.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Mr. E

This is clearly the difference between men and women. Not to be sexist or anything.

what the...

Ok, so I’m watching this on BBAD and i am so confused. One sec Jessie and Russel are in each others faces, they take a commercial break, and when they come back the two of them were laughing. Was the fight staged or what? and if it was….for what reason? someone who has the live feeds please explain!

u rule

No, the fight wasn’t staged. Jessie just got scared because he realised he couldn’t take on Russell so he punked out and made a joke out of it and then they laughed and made up. Jessie is such a baby.

what the...

ahhh i see. That sounds about right.


the “fight” between russell and jessie seemed unbelievably fake. did anyone notice when jess the mess lies he clears his voice all the time and his tone becomes monotone? he’s such a creepy, dumb weirdo. he can not even articulate a simple sentence.gnat and jess the mess had such “hots” for sicko ronnie that they’re trying to tell russ that chima only put russ up cause he voted out ronnie. we all know chima thought she could “f*ck” russ (remember she wanted to if his hoh room was nice) and she’s just bitter he didn’t find her attractive (who would?) enough to do her. def a women scorned. that and only that is why she put him up and why she hates him.did anyone catch chima call the entire population of women “b*tches” for not voting for her (or another women) for wizard powers??? then she went on how women should not fight over men cause none are woth it. well,miss chima get over your man bashing and man hating…..cause there are a hell of a lot of decent men out there worth “fighting ” for. and someone ,please give lydia some meds…..pshhhh….what a freakin zombie she is.she acts like she’s 5. bb you messed up this year with your hg choices…ugh …big time.

Mr. E

Clearly Jeff hates women, Kevin. Clearly. I’m actually getting sick and tired of his commentary on heterosexual relationships.
It was a real fight. It’s just a guy fight. Men squash beef. Right now Russell’s telling Jessie that he needs to stay in the game. They both agreed that they haven’t lied to each other (Jessie’s full of crap). Russell’s logic is that if he’s in the game Jessie’s not a target. And it’s pissing Jessie off because he knows it and now Russell’s got him by the junk. Yet Russell does all of this while refusing to throw Jeff under the bus or deny an allegiance to Jeff (he outright admits it) or even admit that Jeff or Jordan will vote for him.

Mr. E

Nevermind, Jessie’s not buying it. He went upstairs and squealed to everybody. Looks like Jeff is an army of one (and it’s clear that we gave the wizard power to the right person…the rest of them are sheep).


jessie’s face was gettin red? damn im watchin this shit on bbad and i didn;t see that …….he was scared

what the...

I have such a hard time keeping everyones lies straight. I wonder if these guys even remember when they have lied themselves or if they convince themselves that their lies are true. I was be a disaster at this game. But it is fun to speculate and jugde these people :p


gaaaaaddd i gate Jessie, Nath and Chima so much.. I cant take it anymore..


I can’t effing wait until tomorrow when Jessie’s stupid ass goes home. I have been watching the first couple weeks episodes again online, and it just re-re-reinforces why I hate Jessie so much.


That was what Jessie was trying to get him to do.. luckily Russel didnt go crazy


Goodbye Jess.


Glad to have you on board, Collin.


Why you say Jordan is stupid? u do understand that she cant say what she really thinks to the rest of the house because that would hurt her game major.. not everything is black and white, try and think a little deeper


Jessie tries to make his conversations intelligent by his constant use of “And again!”, “Regardless”, and “Clearly”…usually accompanied by a large sigh periodically in between. He’s such a dope.


Don’t forget he uses the word obsolete alot has he ever heard the word “moot”. He tries to sound so intelligent all the time. It isn’t working for him someone should tell him…


Does anyone think Russell is truely loyal to jeff and Jordan, i’m not sure if he’s playing them or not.

Mr. E

He was talking to Jessie about getting votes and wouldn’t say whether or not Jeff or Jordan were going to give him votes for fear of Jessie running up and squealing. He wouldn’t even deny being allied with Jeff.


OK russel lost it, he just say “michelle” is beautiful and she has a sexy voice….call in the loony wagon BB

Jeffdalf the Gray

She has a certain jenny seq…jeansy sucko…a certain I don’t know what…she’s not beautiful but she’s kind of sexy. I think Russell just hasn’t gotten any in a while and he has a thing for smart chicks so he might be crushing on her.


He clarified that he meant Michelle in production, not the Michelle in the house and said “yuck”. lol He was cracking me up with some of the stuff he was saying laying there by himself.


wtf russel is talking to him self?


Maybe after talking to Jessie for so long, he finally wanted some intelligent conversation, so that’s why he started talking to himself. It’s ok to talk to yourself as long as you dont start answering.


I agree with what the… The lies are just too much this season. I know it’s part of the game but damn, it seems some HGs have taken it to a whole other level this season. Jessie needs to go!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


“you know whos hot that Adrianna Lima girl…..but id be happy with Michelle”
ohh Russell


I really hope jeff uses the power! WHY DOESNT RUSSELL TELL JESSIE the only reason u wanted me to freakkin pick u for veto is so the wizard doesn freakn nominate you! HE WANTED TO PLAY POV TO SAVE JESSIE NOT RUSSELL! …I wish Kevydia WOULD QUIT LICKIN CHIMAS BUTT!


Russell did actually say exactly that to Jessie after their “fight”. Jessie admitted that that was part of the reason but that he also would have saved Russell (yeah right).


Did anyone hear chima complaining about how women would vote for jeff, but they didn’t vote for her, and women should support other women? That really pissed me off. So you can prance. Around the house lying, throwing up racist comments, and basically walking all over everyone and expecting that everyone respect her wishes like she’s queen of the house, and just because of the fact that she happens to have been born with a vagina, I’m supposed to support her? I’m supposed to support someone with basically no redeeming qualities and no respect for anyone but herself because of the chromosomes she was born with? She’s not only racist, she’s sexist as well. I support people who treat other people with respect and who have at least a shred of moral fiber and who don’t DEMAND respect based on their sex, but earn respect through showing a little humility and compassion and common sense. Not someone who cackles at every word that comes out of their own mouth.


I TOTALLY AGREE! But you know, all-in-all, there is no queen this week…the KING has been in charge all along! I can’t wait to see her “act a fool!” And for all her nasty, racist, loud-mouth comments…karma will slap her ass with some have-not love for the week!


Chima would not let it go when Russel called Kevin a Beaner. Then she has the nerve to call Russel a terrorist? She is so contradicting. On her own she makes herself look bad with no ones help. And she said Russel’s the type to end up in prison. Wow!


I totoally agree about Chima. America has frequently voted for women to win things in the Big Brotjher house. Janelle won almost every America’s vote her season. Imagine that America does not want to support a racist bigot this year. Go figure.


can someone please stop filming these idiots while there eating? i have never seen…er rather heard such disgusting table manners. they eat like pigs making such noise and eat with open mouths…..especially russ,jes and chima and gnat. hey BB after dark….no filming while eating or while they’re whispering. what’s the point of having them on camera whispering when you can’t hear them? sorry for the double posts……just that this show makes me sooooooo pissed….i really shouldn’t watch it anymore!!!!


Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better! Nat is just nasty when she starts stuffin’ her face and talking all t the same time. UGH!

You’re right about the whispering thing, too! Trying to hear them talking is impossible. I don’t need to see them sleeping or picking their toenails, either!


Please send Jessie home.. plllleeeeaaaassseeeee


What was with Jessie and Russell getting in a yelling match and then laughing over a joke. I didn’t get that.


me either…super weird, very strange


the gay dude has to go soon after jessie goes this week, otherwise he gone float to the final 2


FISH FISH PLEASE BB natalie is singing …… and it’s worst then im sure hr smell is

What the hell happened to Jordan

Man, she’s getting fatter by the minute. She better rub one out quick, or they’ll need to drag her out of that house with a forklift.


Ruudee!…thanks for proving the stereotype right that Americans are shallow and only base one’s worth/character on the size of their waist


Russ isn’t crazy talking to himself I think just to much Alcohol.

What the hell happened to Jordan

Jeff tells her to lay low and not talk shit. So what’s she doing? Hanging with the homeboys in HOH and laying out everything.
And can she once finish a sentence without saying ‘never mind’? Damn, on the scale of primate intelligence, she’s right there between a baboon and a Jesse. (the baboon being the smarter life form)


LOL about Jordan intelligence… Can some1 tell me y michele lies for no reason… Y is she volunteering dumb lies this week she is not on the block…. She just tc jeff/ Jordan that Jordan made her go into the HOH room… Plzz stop kissn ass


Oh Pig Pen just validates her piggyness with each passing day. She was trying to negotiate with Chima about when she can use the HOH shower to get ready tomorrow. Chima said she’ll need a long time to get ready. Pig Pen said she gets ready in the stall anyway. I bet she can get some real good booger eating time in the stall too while she’s at it! What a dirt bag!


All I can say is that Jeff better use that wizard power on Jessie and Natalie.


Ditto. Please send that loudmouth Natalie home. I just want to their humiliated faces! And I want ot hear Chima go OFF on Julie and the crew. That alone should fry her!


yep, and i cant WAIT for the huge fight that will follow if this happens. this will be just like last year (knock on wood) jessie will get blindsided, AGAIN, the HOH will be pissed off (Chima/April), Jessie’s closest ally goes on an annoying and crazy rant (Natalie/Michelle from last year)…I just hope Jeff (Libra) doesnt become next week’s target while Russell (Memphis) gets off the hook…


I’m going to be glued to the tv tonight. I need to see him use it. If he don’t he mind as well keep his and Jordan’s bags packed and look forward to the jury house.


The big boy Jessie needs to leave. Jessie is probably the biggest liar. He’s the one who prays before he eats. He prays because he doesn’t want people to figure out who he really is. Jeff use the power!!!


Yeah Jeff use the power and you’ll be going home next!! Yeah Jeff use it. You don’t do anything anyway

happy Jessie is gone

are you Jesse’s mommy??? how cute…..


All I know is if Jeff does not use the power’s to get reid of Jess this week it will be the two at the end. I hope he is smart enough to do it..

I am so sick and tired of Jessie and his pet that follows him everywhere

Uncle Cool

Do these people not realize they are in public with their conversations about their personal lives? Butt sex talk and no showering while on their period, etc… What are their friends and family going to talk to them about when this is all over? Natalie says she has a boyfriend, yet has not left Jessie’s side since day 1 and spends most of her time laying in bed with him. Does she care that the boyfriend knows all about it?


No showering while on their periods? Seriously? Eew!


maybe,just maybe Jess is her Boyfriend


Okay, what is wrong with Chima? Is her wig or hair extension too tight or has she simply forgot to take her meds? She needs to learn how to deal with rejection and be content in her own skin. I hope she is evicted next week!


IMO, it would not be a strategic move on Jeff’s behalf to use the Coup because Jordan and he are in no real danger, it would not benefit him to go against the house, when the whole house is against Russell, so if he were to use it it would only shorten his time in the house because then the whole house will be against him, and he will surely go next, Russell is not trustworthy IMO he is too much of a liablity and makes irrational moves based on emotion. In the end it’s about $500,000 not making besties….. and why not take out a tough competitor?


I disagree. There are already many HGs talking that Jeff and Jordan need to go up and soon, by Jeff putting up Jessie and Nat (and hopefully Jessie going home) he cuts the head off that alliance and takes down one number from the group that wants him up and out next.


I agree. Also, keeping Russell can be an asset precisely because of his volatility. Russell is Russell’s own worst enemy and puts a target on his own back simply by his presence in the house. His own actions make it unlikely that he will survive long in the house, even if he stays past tonight.


Ther is no advantage to keeping Russell for anybody. Everybody is already on to him.He’s already a target, and if jeff keeps him Jeff will just be sealing his own fate of leaving next week, unless he wins HOH, he or Jordan or Michele, because Michele is a Rat, bigger than Ronnie. She will not put him up, but everbody else will. Even Russel, because he has already told him, he will backstab him, and the numbers will ony be in his favor, if he has jessie, jordan, russell and michelle. How likely is Jesse to vote for Jeff in that situation?


After 911, the word ?terrorist? should not be spoken without thinking. If a person is accused of being a ?terrorist? they better be prepared to put their money where their mouth is because these is an assault on a person?s character (slanderous). A personal assault on Russell, was only because Russell was not interested in dipping his paintbrush in the clown of BB11. Cha-Ching..My hope is that attorneys will be calling Russell to pursue legal action against Chima after the show and the show could also be liable if her accusations are aired on national television. If not, I know plenty that will be more than happy to take the case. Cha-Ching?Chima is racist, sexist, and needs to be held accountable for her actions and words. What do you people think would happen if Russell acted like the BB11 clown?


True, Chima is a clown she’s using certain events in her life to justify the garbage she spews and push others around. She used race with Braden when she and him disagreed to the point like some sort of nazi getting onto people simply for talking to the guy over name calling when she insults people’s religion and uses name calling as well. Bozo is not only a clown but also a hypocrite.


All those who voted for Bush called every single person in America a terrorist for not supporting the war spinning it to say that they didn’t support the troops. 51% of America has called the other 49% a terrorist in their own country. Come on.


If Jeff does not use the Power on Jesse tonight I will not watch another show. I know of several people who stopped watching this season because Jesse was back. Rest assured I will be having a wizzard party at 8 pm!!!!!!!!


You say that now, but you won’t stop watching or asking or reading online. You are hooked .otherwise you would,nt be writing about the show and voicing your opinions. But in reality, you need to get and produce your own show, because the rules of BB are Cbs and the producers and they don’t care if you (1) person will stop watching or not. They still have millions of others. Get a Grip!! They brought Jesse back and it could have been Jessica or Cowboy, just as easily.


no, it wouldnt be just one person that would stop watching. & please, that first competition was made for the athletes to win point blank!


I can’t stand Jess the whiner, but you have to give him credit for busting in on Russells attempt to win over Micheles vote. They all got together to bash Russel while the fight was going on. Bonus for Jess. However, when Russell got up to confront Jess man to man , face to face, Jess was so scared of Russell that he not only crapped in his pants, he crapped in Russels pants! Then Jess was doing a fake laugh about the standoff as if he really thought it was funny trying to salvage his loss of manhood. Jess can bruise women but is a coward when it comes to a facedown with a man.
Jeff Dump Jess and Pig Pen!


Bravo!! Bravo !! Dave I sooooooooo agree with you assessment of what took place, it’s how I saw it too. Jesse *Bi&ch&&* up. I actually was cheering Russ for calling Jesse out. I literally stood up in bed, with snoring hubby waking sleepily and looking on. He is the one that cued me in on the Bi&ch mode being activated.


i think it’s funny that the HG think that Jeff won’t use the power to save Russ. No one really except Jess thinks Jeff will use it to get out the strong.


Jeff put jesse and nat on the block.. come on buddy..


Jordan fellows Jeff also everywhere. What?s the different?


Russell is the biggest liar in the house and Jeff is a fine actor.


It’s time for them to get the loud mouth Chima out of the game. Blow her up and get that negro out of there!


I think Michele should back door Chima. What do you think?


russ would break jessies jaw


Go Jeff, I just hope Michelle sticks with you guys. I couldn’t believe Chima and Lydia last night at the dinner table. Don’t these 2 classless women know Jesse was only using them for votes.The only person he truly cared about in the game was Natalie. Then when I got wind of the terrorist comment made by both Lydia and Chima and the Chima was the twin towers I just wanted to earl! Both Lydia and Kevin made such a big deal about racism when Braeden called her and Kevin Mexicans and then Lydia would turn around and say worse. The 2 of them are nothing more then using up good air. Kevin has got to be shocked by Lydia’s behavior one minute Jesse is just so abusive to her and
how bad she wants him out and he sat wasting his time listening to her and trying to give her support and advice on men like that and how she should just not talk to him. Them she’s hugging and crying over his picture when it turned gray. Putting Jeff down saying how he is next. Did you see the big smile on her face when Jeff took her off the block? Then when she made the comment about how the 4 people at the table were all good people and she didn’t or never wanted any of them to go home.Uh excuse me she’s been so jealous of Natalie and has been wanting her out as long as I can recall. Kevin needs to jump ship. Chima and Lydia have them all beat in the ignorant department. I can’t wait to see them both go home. Michelle, please don’t screw up!




chima sucks .russell jeff jordan and michelle final. but somebody will probably mess that up i have no doubt.


michelle will probably get played by chima with this whole womens power thing if she do she will be the next to go. lydia if you don’t like black people tell chima im sure she will understand. i hope kevin goes home. chima is horny for russell still.


Does anyone know who got put up for eviction? I dont have the live feeds, not in my budget. would love to know if anyone does know. Thanks!!!!