Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima about Russell: “his god is Lucifer he’s not Catholic he?s a Satanist”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:10pm HOH Kevin, Chima and Lydia. Kevin asks them if Natalie has a final 2 with Jessie. CHima doesn’t
know she tells him she has no “final” deal with them. Lydia says its obvious that Jessie and Natalie will got to final 2. Kevin brings up that they are a powerful group. Chima brings up Jordan and Jeff having promised her that they will vote out Russell this week. She hopes they go through with their promise. Michelle joins them to get away from the Jessie and Russell fight. Michelle explains what Russell was trying to get her vote using the excuse that he’s a powerful asset to her more so than Lydia…. They start talking about the fight going on in the splish splash room. Jordan joins them with
mouth full of insults about Russell. Kevin goes down to listen in on them… when he comes back he say Natalie is with them now and there all talking normally. Michelle says that JEssie brought up Russell’s “religion” Chima bashes Russell saying he has no religion his god is Lucifer he’s not Catholic he?s a Satanist,

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

9:44pm Splish splash Room Jessie and Russell. Jessie is telling him not to be so down he came in third
place. Jessie explains that he’s going home with 25K! Pig pen is listening in on them and enters the room They tell her about their “fake Fit” Russell says it wasn’t a fight more of an aggressive exchange of words. Natalie tells Russell that he screwed them when he put Ronnie up, Russell says he didn’t screw anyone Ronnie was after him and he knew he was on the bottom of the totem pole. Natalie pushes him saying you fucked us. Russell raises his voice “I never fucked you

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

watch your words” Jessie brings up that Russell taking Ronnie out is what pissed Chima off the most and that’s why you?re up. Russell say they didn’t make him feel like he was part of. Jessie reassures him before he got rid of Ronnie he was part of the team. Russell sys fine i was part of the team but i was on the bottom. Jessie reminds him that it was still a winning team which continued to win but Russell just stopped being on it. Russell?s says why did you try to stop Chima from putting me back up. Jessie says Chima does her own thing she was mad at you and there was nothing i could do to stop her. Russel says you guys just considered me as disposable. They tell him that he wasn’t, they always had his back, they remind him that it was JEssie and Natalie that stopped ROnnie from putting him up week 2. Jessie says now he sees that the reason that he picked Jeff over him for POV was to show his allegiance to Jeff because Russell felt like he didn’t have any one else to turn to. Jessie swears he’s never lied to Russell and he’s not going to start now. Russell tells him he’s never lied to JEssie. Jessie says look Natalie your seeing a defeated man.. Russell say Hell no i’m not defeated.

Jessie calls what Russell is doing now as self preservation. They go back to Ronnie the rat. Russell swear that Ronnie was never on their side he was going to backstab them first chance he had. Jessie doesn?t think so he say that they controlled ROnnie they could of got him to do anything… Jessie “I hope you leave like a man and do not run my name through the mud” He goes on to say you’ll do what you have to do but I’ve never done you wrong. They go over their Fight.. showing Natalie how close nose to nose they had gotten. They start laughing at the things they told each other during the fight.. Jessie calls Russell a dick for saying the things he said.. Jessie looks straight at Russell and tells him the only thing he’s done wrong is evict ROnnie and that?s why he’s leaving Tomorrow. Natalie gets called to the diary room.
Jessie tells him why are ou even trying to get votes, “seriously”. He goes on to say that if Jessie had won POV he would of saved Russell. Jessie says the only hope you got is the wizard power. Jessie explains that the house is voting against you, the entire house! Russell tell him he has Jordan’s and Jeff’s votes. Jesie doesn’t believe him. Russell say I?m not joking they are going to vote for me. Russell tells Jessie that Michelle want Jessie out and so do Lydia and Kevin, but if you keep me here i’ll help you take those players out. Jessie asks him how did he get through to Jordan and Jeff..
Russell says he told them he stayed true to his word last week and he’ll stay true to his word again. Russell argument is with him gone Jessie is the major target and everyone is going to go after him. Jessie thinks if Russell stays he’ll ally himself with Jeff. They get up and part having agreed that they are not mad at each other.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:25pm- 11:00pm HOH Jessie, Michelle, Kevin, Natalie, Jordan and Chima Everyone is talking about the fight. They are going over everything that Russell been saying and figure out he’s lying to everyone. The stories he’s telling Michelle are different that those being told to JEssie. Jessie says Russell muscle is still playing the game, trying to get votes, Jessie laughs. Michelle chimes in saying that she told Russell that he doesn’t have her votes. They go on a Russell bashing spree everyone throwing in the same old Russell insults. Jordan and Michelle being extra vocal whereas

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin and Lydia are quiet. every word that comes out of Chima’s mouth is a insult about Russell. Michelle says all she wanted him to do was say I’m sorry Michelle for calling you a crazy bitch but he never did. Jordan comments that Russell has really been bugging Jeff and Her and that is why Jeff has been in hiding because he doesn’t want anything to do with Russell. She goes to say that tonight is going to be hell in the splish splash room because Russell will be talking to them trying to get votes. Jessie kind of defends Russell telling the girls that being on the block is a rollercoaster ride and they should cut Russell a little bit of slack. Jessie tells them he can’t believe Russell got so close to his face.. he tells them he wasn’t scared though he knew they wouldn’t do anything. Chima says i know this isn’t nice but I think I?ll see Russell in prison on day. Kevin says he’ll get hauled into jail for domestic violence. He goes on to add that Russell is treating this game like MMA match he’s getting all pysch’d up and aggressive. Jessie gets called into the Diary Room. They are all telling Jordan that they think Jeff has the wizard power… Jordan swears neither of them have it. Kevin says you have to say you have it in order to deny you have it. Chima laughs and says Jordan please tell Jeff no to use his powers we all want Russell to go home… They all start leaving HOH Kevin offers to tell them the time through the camera in the kitchen. When Kevin goes down to the kitchen he shows them with his fingers the time. Chima see it on the spy screen and laughs says that Kevin is the funniest guy.

10:45pm The wizard in deep thought, The death Knight in deep Thought… Stayed tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of Big Brother 11 the wizards revenge.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm Splish Splash Room Rusesll talking to the cameras Evel Dick style.

“this is what rock bottom looks like, rock bottom for this guy”
“wants ice cream, pickles, he’s eating more pizza tonight than he has in the last 2 years, cant shit right”
“yes i know the water is not very deep, im drowning”
Russell starts talking about a girl in production called michelle saying how sexy she sounds and how he wants to meet her in person. “I want to reach threw the camera grab her and kiss her”
“today when I woke up it took me 5 minutes to get to bathroom because I had a huge boner”
“I bet you seen me naked” Talking about Michelle in production

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Jeffdalf the Gray

Alright, I’m calling it a night. If I don’t use my power tomorrow, just rest assured that I was compensated heavily by production so don’t worry about me.


Ofciurse we all know the eviction will be explosive…. So CBS is doing a pre taping from 11am-6pm the feeds will b off 🙁 so the HG will know by noon what we won’t know until showing( not live)


USE Your Power! no compensation is worth not using it.

god free youth

i find it extremely pathetic when religious people think anyone who doesn’t believe in the same imaginary friend as them are satanists. as an atheist i have researched many religions and i bet on my life chima doesn’t know anything about satanism.


Same here. Most satanists don’t even believe in Satan so it shows how much she knows about religion. I’m finding more and more that Chima is an idiot. How she got chosen to the Brains team is beyond me.

Can’t wait to see her break down tonight. Hope she cries on live TV so I can laugh at her even more.


is it a bad thing, that I feel bad for Russell and want him to stay lol

Mr. E

No, that just makes you a live feed watcher.


i want him to stay also. i hope jeff saves him but at the same time i dont want this to come back and bite jeff in the butt. as long as he or jordan wins hoh next they will be ok but if jesse or natalie win jeff will definitely go up if he saves russell.


Chima already said “let’s get Jeff out next”, so they’re targeting him anyway even before they know for sure that he even has or will use the power. So he has nothing to lose by using it, he’ll be gaining a loyal ally and he’ll show the rest of the house, with Jessie gone and Chima unable to compete for hoh, the power in the house is shifting.


I want Jeff to Power aid, but Russell is still with Jessie, its all a game of their fighting between Jessie and Russell live after dark showed that again over and over

Dawn D

Ha! Me too!


keeping him will still be fun, not bad thing at all. I am with you.


You aren’t alone chrystalll – I kind of have a soft spot for him too, despite his glaring flaws. lol


There will be a lot of pissed off people on this site if Jeff doesn’t use his wizard power tomorrow and take out King Jessie. From what I have been reading here the last few days is the majority wants Jeff to kick out Jessie. Hope he does it. Go Jeff!


I thought Russell was a dbag at first, but I like him now. He’s entertaining. His only downfall is all his blowups, no one wants to deal with them. Game wise he’s been one of the best. He’s been playing both sides and since Jessie is a major dbag Jordan and Jeff didn’t even believe Jessie when he told them what Russell was doing. He’s been a snake and dominating comps in the process while still holding to his word to people that he gave it to. And props to him for doing whatever he can try to try and stay in the house.
And wtf was Jordan thinking bsing with everyone in the HOH room saying she had the power like everyone else so they can try to void out the power this week. knowing damn well that Jeff most likely has it. I like the girl, but wow. No wonder why Jeff tells her to shut up all the time.


It’s like the show Extras, where Ricky Gervais’s character hangs out with a moron who doesn’nt know when to shut up. It’s always so uncomfortable when she makes his character look like a tool. I like Jordan most of the time, and I thought she had a little more common sense than that.


It’s called game play and not making enemies with Team Jessie. She then went to Jeff and filled him in on what was going on in HOH room. And what difference does it make that she said she doesn’t have the Wizard power? The whole house already suspects it’s Jeff and they had less than a day before they will find out for sure. I don’t believe she doesn’t think that Jeff has it.

Evel Russ

The funny thing is that Russ is actually right that Jessie and Michelle are two of the biggest targets in the house, along with Jeff. One of those three is always mentioned as the next target when those conversations happen.


if Jeff uses the power and he puts up Smedium and chiwawa, who goes home?

and do you think LYdia will appreciate being taken off the block?


i am really sick and tired..of all that hate going on this website…and no one talking about game but racist comments and for simon and dawg to post that is worest…so I AM DONE WITH THIS WEBSITE…I AM GOING ELSEWHERE AFTER 2 YEARS…..I REALLY HOPE YOU POST THIS…BECUASE…I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW …HOW MUCH ALL THIS HATE HURTS EVERYONE….HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WHERE PUT IN A HOUSE WITH AWHOLE BUNCH OF WHITE PEOPLE…THIS HOUSE IS NOT ..AMERICA….WHEN IT COME DOWNS IT.. white america..doesn’t not like to see black people…i know that from frist hand experience….SO ..YOU KNOW ..WHAT..KISS MY PROUD BLACK AZZ….GOOD BYE…


WAH! WAH! Go cry on another site

Henry W. Longfellow

BYE!!! And don’t let the computer screen hit you in the ass on the way out.


Okay Chima, pull the race card for yourself and then turn around and bash another race…


hmmmm…Chima is black, Lydia is hispanic, Natalie and KEvin are both something other then white, Russell is Middle Eastern, and Jeff looks white, but apparently is Italian.

Really the only white people are Jordan, Jessie, Michele….certainly there are more white people then any other one race, but look at American demographics….there are more white people then any other one race….that’s not racism, it’s the way it is. I think that most people are mature enough to not let race dominate every topic.

In fact, the only one who seesm to think race is an issue is Chima….everyone else seems to not consider it a factor.

If America truly didn’t like to watch black people, then hockey would be the #1 sport, football and baseball would be rarely be watched, and no one would have heard of the NBA.


EXACTLY!! & Im black lol. Nat is hispanic or something…somebody said she was half black too but denied that half, not sure about that. and kevin is BLACK & japanese! He calls himself a japegro [[said that in an interview]] Robbie is right, the only white people in the house really are Michele, Jessie, & Jordan.


Kevin said he was “Blasian” in reference to his black and Japanese roots. I love it!


Jessie stated he is mixed Mexicao and Allliiitanin

just getting good

You are an example of those who cause blacks to get a bad rap. I happen to dislike Chima because she is so high and mighty about “They better respect my HOH decision” – Why the heck does she think they created the POV power????? It was so people could change the HOH mandate! If everyone just went along with the original nominations and voted out the HOH choice, what a boring show this would be! If you take that as a personal slam to blacks, then good riddance to you!




I watched some of the Brother after Dark and I noticed the camera spends a lot of time on Chime, you can hear others speaking but the camera continues to stay on Chime. To me it looks like you have chosen her as the star of the show….she gets away with all the insulting remarks that are made towards Russell. I am getting pretty tired of Chimes rabid rants and decorative remarks towards Russell. It is getting old she needs to be pulled aside and told to tone down her hatred towards Russell. When she is no longer HOH and the tables turn on her are you going to prevent other people from slurring Chime.
I do not think the parents of Russell are enjoying the show and listening to this cackling screeching pathetic lunatic shouting insults at their son.


I am sorry and disagree, that is what this show is all about all the mixing of people to see what happens, and the Ghetto is winning!


I would love to know how Chime looks without that hidious wig weave of hers……..I bet she would not have such a big mouth then.


Omg, how freaky. I would like to see Russell meet Michael anhe’she is ugly.
I’ll be freaked out with his crazy self. He is probably going to fight with production for having him think she is cute.


I enjoyed AfterDark 26 to 27 minutes into it when CHimaMan called all Americas Women Stupid! enough said Ladies!


Russell and Jessie fake fighting show the are still together ca not trust either! but still WIzard send Jessie home.

Henry W. Longfellow

That wasn’t a fake fight. That was very close to a fist fight. Russell looked like he was damn close to hitting him. They just came to their senses after a bit, but it wasn’t fake.


No Fake, no those two have be seen after dark many times when they are to be divided and state how they have each others back, it was not planned how the fight would be but a fight was to have happened, just as the fake fights through out the house, Russells winking at Jessie was Russ’s way of tell Jessie this is sounding serious but fake, and they discussed that or commented how it went further they they origiinal believed. Notice how Jessie and Russells togetherness is kept secret from Nat. whole dif way of talking when she was their. Russell is playing Jeff to better his and Jessies game.


I want Russell to stay also and I think that is Jeff’s only chance to stay in the game. I hope he realizes it and doesn’t whimp out. I read that Thursday’s show is not going to be live but taped because they are afraid of Chima’s reaction.


I’m a little concerned for my man Jeff. The whole house hates Russell, including his biggest ally Jordan who hung out in HOH with the rest of the clan in that Russell bashing session. With the whole house hating Russell, he could have a lot of people angry with him for saving him. Hopefully the smart players will realize this was the best move splitting up Jessie and Pig Pen and get on board “team Jeff”.

On side note, I am getting so sick of Chima constantly talking about Russell. That is ALL she talks about. For someone who claims to be such an independent woman and doesn’t need no man, she sure can’t stop talking about that man! Get over it Chima. Find a new topic to laugh at yourself about!

Dazed and Confused in Denver

I think that Chima?s ?DIVA?s? pride and ego was hurt when Russell turned her down and to top it off he told everyone in the house that she was flirting with him and wanted to hook up. She is one of those women who thinks that she is ALL that, and ?how dare Russell turned her down, she is ?CHIMA?! lol She is the type of chick that would blow up your cell phone with text, drive by a man?s house in the middle of the night, and bleaches someone cloths. She has spent an entire week talking about nothing but Russell! She can?t admit it, but she was feeling Russell and he turned her down! And another thing, everyone is in the HOH with her and she is holding court like queen Elizabeth and pissed that Jeff is not up there kissing her ass! My oh my!!!! lol

I hope she has not intimidated Jeff into not using the power tonight!!!

the art of bb

First of all team Jeff sucks. Doesnt matter if you like them or not at least least Jessie, Nat and Chima are playing the game. Russell is talking just as much shit as anybody else in that house. If he was a smart player right now he would be thinking about the jury.

just getting good

Oh, I think Jeff is playing the game – he is just much more quiet and methodical about it. He is playing them by not communicating, and it makes them crazy. It will be interesting to see how the plays go after tonight!


I seriously do not understand the logic behind the comments that Jeff has nothing and at least Jessie and Nat are playing the game. Jeff is playing a smart game. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the biggest mistakes people make in this game is playing too hard too early. (prime example, Brian last year who was backdoored week 1.) Jeff has been a brilliant player by not trying to ruffle any feathers right off the bat, being a likeable guy and not being the type of person to back stab and run and tell both sides everything. This has now put him in a position where other HG’s look at him to be a fairly trustworthy player and have wanted to talk to him. Week after week, the HG on the block who is the target to go home has sat outside with Jeff and vented shit that is going on in the house. Jeff has even said that he’s holding on to all this information and will use it when necessary to make plays in the game. You don’t have to be a backstabbing, manipulative lying asshole to be actually “playing the game.” Don’t confuse “not exciting TV” with great game play. (For the record, I find it exciting TV AND great game play.) 🙂
I can not wait to watch it all go down tonight!


EXACTLY!! Just bc he is not loud and doesn’ttalk strategy with everyone does NOT mean he isnt playing the game. There is more than one way to play! He knows when to lay low and let the idiots who mouth off hurt themselves. He will [[hopefully today]] make risky big moves when he has to!


Im very conserd for what Jeff will do now, I think Jessie and Nath have done every manupulasion thing possible and I can see that its getting to Jeff. I think it now looks like he will burn Jordan if saving Russel goes wrong and that might be what makes Jeff not use it 🙁 but i still think he will use it, im just not 100% anymore


I’m catholic, and disgusted by the way Chima is acting. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones Chima. What a hypocrite!


Is this Casey?!?!


Casey we love you Man!

Dazed and Confused in Denver

I have a question about tonight?s show? There are post on BB11 official site on face book, that tonight show will be taped this morning at 11:30am Pacific time, because CBS is ?afraid? of what Chima?s reaction will be ?IF? Jeff uses the Coup e? dete. That tonight show will be taped and edited just in case Chima show?s her ass! Could this be true? Can this chick intimidate not only the HGs but CBS?

just do it!

It’s not only Chima’s reaction that BB is concern about. The entire house is united in wanting Russell out except Jeff.

Big Brother Fan

I don’t think Jordan hates Russell. I think she is in on the “Russell bashing” to throw people off… know what I mean? Chima talks about Russell a lot because he hit a nerve with her. He’s stated the obvious about her on more than one occasion and she’s in self-preservation mode right now. I can’t stand her!!!
I think Chima making fun of Russell’s ears was the last straw for me. That was low. She saw her play-doh model that Lydia made and was upset that her lips are bigger than her boobs. Hello! Her lips ARE bigger than her boobs. Maybe someone needs to pick on her for that… let her see how it feels. Sounds childish? Well. That’s okay. The entire show is childish lol… but good entertainment.


Jeff better use the power and put Jessie and Nat up and ignore all this side garbage. Russell needs to relax, too bad Jeff can’t tell him about it.


I feel the same as you I hope jeff sticks to his guns and puts nasty nat and jessie up they have to go. It will make the best night ever to watch 🙂 then i hope one of them win hoh and chima gets the boot well really it would be nice if it was a double edvication jessie and chima nast nat would craw in a corner and cry not noing what to do.

I have a question was the fight real last night with jessie and russlle??? dont watch aftter dark.

Uncle Cool

To make this more interesting, Jeff has to go next week.

This week is Jessie’s exit, hopefully.

After Jeff is gone, should go Chima or Russell.

the pimp

I second that.

just getting good

So if all those people went, it would leave Natalie, Michelle, Lydia, Jordan and Kevin???? It would be the ‘women’s alliance’ – and most likely really boring! Michelle and Kevin are the only ones of those that have been strong players, so this is unlikely, thank goodness.


Sure, they’re “together” in hating on Russell muscle right now, but when numbers get smaller alliances will continue to flow to the current power. By Jeff splitting up pigpen and the jessie the jerk, the new HOH / POV will start a new scramble. Hopefully we won’t have to listen to Jessie’s repetitious … “what I’M saying is” (as if we still care about his whining) and “that’s what I’M saying” and especially “Does that make any sense to you?” …. usually NO, Jessie you don’t. Get a vocabulary. Does anybody notice his windup always leads to this huge gasp for air? Steroids or not, the stress he carries!

I thought the comment from Natalie’s former neighbor/acquaintance about her druggie mom, sis & being 1/2 black and tough brings understanding to why she’s so scrappy and yes, disgusting. Thanks for the insight, I’m always curious about people who really know them.

I think Jeff’s going to be fine & may be given an appreciated 2nd look for taking a powerplay while remaining a guy people genuinely like having around, knowing he’s not just sitting back but actually working a strategy. It’s mean to call Jordan “dumb” … you just don’t pick on people for what they have been given at birth (their looks or their brains). But their choice of actions, how they “choose” to look, well that’s fair game. Jordan’s sweet spirit and naivite is charming, despite what she doesn’t know, she does a pretty good job at “reading” people.

And to round it out, Chima’s continual cackle is irritating, Lydia’s one creative and way too sensitive soul, Kevin embodies all the best qualities of a true gay friend, Michelle is such a makeover waiting to happen, cute in a nerdy way and she’s open and becoming very interesting.

Tonight’s going to be a blast!!!! Thanks Simon, the comments are every bit as fun as the houseguests’ banter. Some of the pictures are too dark for me to see, but you put a lot into the updates, I’m just starting to see how much work this must be … and I hope you are getting tons of donations! How secure is your site, I’ve had ID theft so I’m a little worried about that. Thanks everybody.


OK, Simon, donation headed your way! Happy Wizard Day!


simon, I have to say thanks as well your site rocks it keeps me updated i cant watch it at night (busy with the kids and just to tired) so it is nice to get up in the moring and see what is going on. I am so looking forward to tonight i hope it will work out for the good. and we see meat head walking out the door and nasty nat crying like a baby. go jeff and jorden!!

just my thoughts 🙂 thanks again


Your are just as bad as everyone you talked about. Why so personal it just a game. NO ONE IN THAT HOUSE IS A SAINT AND THE SAME GOS FOR EVERYONE HERE THE COMMENTS HERE ARE JUST AS VILE AND NASTY!!!


On BBAD, Chima Kevin Lydia in HOH were making fun of Jessie’s answer to the Trivia game question the night before about what heaven looks like. Jessie said “Clouds” at the time.
Lydia comments to Chima & Kevin, “Right, heaven is Cool Whip.”

Later, Kevin & Nat mugging for Chima in the HOH camera. Nat pretending to shank someone.

OK I really can’t stand Team Jessie, but they at least provided 2 laughs last night, which this whole season has sorely lacked.

Tina laws

I hope the show is being taped, because Jeff will use his power and send Jessie home if not it will be a lame show!


Hi there simon,
Why do you think they called Chima into the DR and then suddenly were told to shut down feeds?


I don’t know what everyone is bent out of shape over Chima’s comments. This isn’t the first we’ve had this kind of person on BB before. Such as Evil Dick, and who can forget good old Jerry. In my opinion, eveyone in the house have made a racist comment one way or another except maybe Jordan. Calm down people.


Jessie IS going home tonight. Jeff is set on it, Watch.


If Jeff don’t use the Power, I’m done with this show. I think the HG’s have been dumbed down the last few years, and their college education doesn’t matter, it’s like a High School Diploma today.

Christ I’m sure someone even gave Chima a degree. That bitch is stupid.


Last night BBAD was good …for the few minutes before I realized that fight was fake. or wasn’t it. I like Jesse way more then Russ but I think Jess looked a little afraid of Russ last night and I have never seen a man so relieved when Russ backed off a bit and gave Jess a chance to squirm away and laugh off their exchange. I personally don’t want JEff to use the CDE powers because I want Russ out but it will be such a ballsy move. A ballsy move that I am not sure will help him in the long run. What if Nat goes home instead of Jess, what if the remaining party wins HOH, what if Russ hooks back up with remaining party to get rid of Jeff? There are so many resons to just leave things be and get rid of Russ and I am sure that Jeff has pondered them all. I for one can not see Jordon winning HOH she has a hard time pronouncing the letters HOH. Nat and Mich have as good of a chance of winning as Russ and Jeff I think esp. if the HOH comp is questions. Tonight should be great, Happ wizard’s day.


Fun isn’t it!


either way they are gonna get rid of jeff , i said b4 he doesn’t have much a chance to win either wait it’s 50 50 whether he uses the power or not because most of the people goin to the jury house will be part of “sheep team jessie” and they will always vote his way and jeff and jordan don’t have much of a chance they already said that jeff and jordan are goin up in 2 weeks they want them out because unlike them they won;’t play dirty and thats makes them wild cards, i wan him to use it because i want to see what happens with chimpa when russel is saved, i don;t care who wins long as it’s not jessie

Jason of Durham

I don’t see how Nat has an “equal chance” to Jeff and Russell to winning an HOH comp
She hasn’t won shit all season, her so called athletic ability hasn’t gotten her anywhere, and someone who easily becomes Jessie’s bitch isn’t going to be smart either
Jeff – won the POV in week 2 to get himself off the block, and lasted enough to do the deal
Russell – got Jessie into this game, lasted pretty much as long as jeff on teh swing, won teh first POV to get lydia off
Michelle – now here is someone who is a straight up dark horse scary. Won 2 POVs, 3rd place in that swing comp. She is plain good at competitions, If there is anyone anybody should be plain worried about, it’s michelle


I was upset earlier due to the taping, but now I am getting excited. Thanks for updating this site. I really want Jeff to put up Jessie and Natalie and send Jessie out of the house. Hopefully Jeff will win the HOH competition and the excitement will really be huge the next week. There will be lots of heated arguments and screaming, but Jeff will just be his cute and calm self (with Jordan at his side. Hopefully it will work out that way – Good TV!


Russell is just plain scary! After watching him last night it became apparent that Russell has a mental problem and definately needs to go home. What a creepy game player.




chima a hater…. and lydia stupid


those tricks nuts…


duh… jess couldn’t put up jeff cause they was on teams… otha than that he would hv. they need 2 stop trippin!!! lydia is a silly woman