Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle and Jordan talk about going after Kevin, and acting like they’re not together so that Kevin and Nat don’t suspect a thing….

10:45am Big Brother Time: Is up and in the bathroom and then heads back to red bedroom ..turns on lights in there and straightening her bed covers then..heads back out to kitchen ..puts something in micro…then heads up to HOH room. In the pool room Jeff Jordan and Michelle are still sleeping.

11:20 am Big Brother Time: Jeff is up and talking to Nat in the Red Bedroom, asking her again “so where you at?” Nat: you keep asking me the same thing over and over and I keep saying the same thing. I don’t know. I feel like making a deal with Michele is making a deal with the devil. Jeff: you’re not making a deal with her, you’re making a deal with me. What do you have to lose. Jeff: how are you going to feel next week if you don’t make the deal and Michele comes after you next week and takes you out? Nat: If it weren’t for Michele, I’d be in 100%. Michele’s so scheisty. (Again repeats that she can’t trust Michele. Jeff: don’t you think she’d tell me if it’s not true? Then we both got got. then it flips. Nat: I don’t know Jeff: that means I got got too. Nat: she said earlier in the game, if you believe me, you’re stupid. Jeff: but she’s out of options. Nat: if it were anyone else, Jordan, but it’s Michelle. Jeff: I’ll reassure her too… Nat: can we all three talk later. Jeff: oh yeah, for sure. Jeff gets up and then says: she’s coming right now. Jeff says to Michelle: where are you at for tomorrow. She’s nervous that… Michelle says of course I am. Especially because you seem down and out for the count right now (Nat is in bed). Nat laughs. Repeats “if it was anyone but you.” Jeff: how can she reassure you? Nat: the last time she made me offers, she went back the first chance. Jeff: sometimes people need a second chance. Michelle says she needs to take a chance. Nat says “she’s going to say you got got” Jeff: then I’ll be mad. Because that’s my line (laughing) Mich: my whole goal is to get Kevin out. Nat: if you guys stay and you guys try and compete, there’s nothing I can do. Jeff: I’d rather take my chance at POV then go home. Michelle she trusts you not me. Jeff: why would she offer you that? Jeff saying he’d come after Michele if she flipped. Michelle says I’m not stupid. I can’t win everything (ha ha) like a superhero. Jeff leaves. Michelle: seriously, your position right now is really good. Nat: if I could be guaranteed, then I would do it. It’s about trust. I don’t trust anyone at this point in the game. I don’t even trust Kevin. Michelle: well, we have to trust you too. Nat: yeah, but it starts with you. Michelle tells her she’s throwing away the safety of HOH. Nat: I’ll think about it. I’m not going to talk to anybody else unless they give me a heating pad. Michelle: I hear you. It sucks to have to run around when you have it. Nat says she’s passed out twice at work because she was in so much pain (from her period). I am getting to that point right now without a heating pad. Michelle: they really need to hook that up for you. Feel better! Michelle leaves and is now heading to the bathroom ,where Jeff is. Jeff says to Michelle: is she going to think about it Michelle: yeah. Kevin has been sitting outside while all of this has been going down.

11:30am Big Brother Time: Jeff and Michelle brushing teeth in the bathroom. Big Brother says Jeff, please move your microphone higher (on necklace, he is shirtless) Michele: (in BB voice) “because we would like to hear you brushing your teeth.” Michele and Jeff in bathroom. Michelle: did you get any sleep last night? Jeff: yeah, I just had to get up 100 times to pee. I don’t know what that was about. Jeff then left the bathroom and walked through the Red Room where Kevin had just joined Nat, who is again saying that she will not speak until she gets a heating pad. I’m in silence. I’m not talking to anyone until Big Brother gives me my heating pad. Jeff has joined Jordan in pool room, asking her if she wants pancakes.

11:35 am Big Brother Time: Kevin is now talking at Natalie in the bed. She did tell him that they had already been in to talk to her. Kevin is baiting Nat to speak in a jokey way saying “oh my God, she’s serious!….Which N-Sync singer do you think is the cutest? I totally think …. is.” Kevin gets up saying he is going to microwave a gel pack that Nat has “while production support goes …” Nat snapped at Kevin earlier that it was not a heating pad, she already told them that. He had told her it was going to take them, like, 5 hours to drive out to Rite Aid. Jeff is in bed with Jordan on Cams 1 and 3, trying to kiss her under the covers, I think because she just said “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!” He jokes that she is gross, but he is staying under the covers with her. Jordan says that she forgot she’d put on mascara the night before. Jeff says “let me see” and she says “naaoow!” he leans back and says “yamahama! fright night!” They’re not walking about how much Jeff has had to pee, and how much he drinks. He’s joking saying he should stop complaining all the time and just suck it up and get up and pee. He says it’s a compliment that he’s complaining to her because it means he likes her. Jeff and Jordan still joking around, saying they’re not going to fight today. Jeff: ‘oop, did you just roll your eyes? There you go, our first fight of the day” Meanwhile, Kevin is heating up the gel pad for Nat in the microwave and heads back in and gives it to her. She won’t reach out and take it from his hand. She finally did and says “thank you Kevin, but, hot water is hotter than this.” Kevin: try it! She makes a face and puts her hands up to her face, furrowing her brows. Kevin settled back down for a bit and then Big Brother says: Kevin, please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room.
11:40am Big Brother Time: Kevin is back in red bedroom now with Nat in bed, silent, and Michele. Michelle said “G’morning.” He told her it’s kind of patchy outside. Kevin: do they call you when you need to blog? Michelle: yep. You haven’t blogged or twittered? Kevin: I’ve twittered. Michelle: and you’ll get your camera today. Jeff and Jordan are whispering game in the pool room. Jordan says that she’ll convince Nat if she wins the veto and Kev and Mich are up there (on the block) to vote Michele out. She’s keeping this to herself. Jeff: yeah, for sure. Jordan: if they ask, I’ll just say I don’t know. Jeff says something about people just jumping onto her side. Jordan: what time did you say it was? Jeff: almost noon. I’m going to get up. It’s my last day here, you know? So I don’t want to spend it in bed. Jeff heads out of the room, belching mid-sentence saying he wants to kinda (burp) eat something first. Jordan now out of bed too. Jeff and Jordan in bathroom, he heads to the kitchen. She says she doesn’t want banana pancakes. Maybe Jeff could make hamburger steaks? He asks what that is and she says hamburgers in a pan and not on a bun. Jordan and Michelle are talking about the forest fires in California, and how one had been set by an arson. Jordan is in the shower stall, not water on, asking Michelle if people there in California aren’t very phased by the fires as long as no homes are in fire and Michele says she hasn’t lived there long enough to know. Michelle has finished changing out of her pjs and into shorts and tank top now. Jordan: did you get any sleep. Michelle: yeah. Jordan is now out of stall in bikini top and shorts, with t-shirt in hands, putting it on. Michele still looking through her cabinet in the bathroom, saying she’s missing all of her scrunchies. Jordan gives her one. Michelle heads out of bathroom and into backyard and then back in. Jeff still looking in the storage room fridge for something.

12pm Big Brother Time: Michelle heads back in to the bathroom, and reports to Jordan that it’s kind of overcast. Michelle: is that ok for tanning? Can you still get tan? Jordan: yeah. I hate it when it’s like that. Jordan is burshing her teeth, Jeff standing in front of the open fridge door in kitchen now. Still looking for something. Jeff, Jordan, and Michele have been in the kitchen just chit-chatting away. Jeff has mentioned his suit case a couple of times. Jeff is cooking, Jordan is sitting at the counter munching away on Teddy Grahams. Michele mentioned that her comforter smells like fried chicken and Jordan said “I think you should wash that.” Michele goes to get it and some other laundry in the SS room, and offers to do laundry for others. She’s taking it out to the backyard now. Jeff and Jordan being pretty cute with each other, but also a little snippy. Big Brother says Natalie, please go to the diary room. Nat back with Kevin in the red bedroom, talking about having only 2 temporary heating pads. She doesn’t think you can use the plug-in kind of heating pads. Kevin: what about a hot water boil, where you boil the thing? Nat: that’s another option. Kevin: one of the old school ones. Nat: yeah. Kevin asks her if she wants him to reheat that one, and she says “yeah.” long pause. “please.” as he gets up and takes it away. Nat alone and says: I swear I’m going to DIE!! Kevin’s in the kitchen reheating the pad in the microwave. Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle still there preparing food.

Jeff and Jordan in the backyard talking about Michelle, saying that she’s one way one minute, and one way another minute. Jeff agrees, they say she’s cool one minute, then all weird the next, then paranoid the next, then all cocky the next. Jordan says “maybe she’s bipolar.” Jordan: she is very very different. Nat and Kevin are in the red bedroom recounting Jeff’s conversation with Nat this morning, where Nat told Jeff that she doesn’t trust Michele and he again offered her the deal. Nat is eating a Twinky. Big Brother says: Jordan, please go to the diary room. Nat said something but couldn’t hear. Nat says she doesn’t like the soups here, but she needs warm stuff all day. “You don’t understand” if she doesn’t take care of herself today, then she’ll be completely out of commission tomorrow. Tomorrow she’ll be curled up in a ball. Kevin says hopefully, it’s a quick little HOH. Nat says so, Michelle came and said …. Jeff said if Michele didn’t lay down for the HOh and give it to Natalie, he would come after Michelle personally, and Michelle said she wouldn’t do that.
Jeff and Michelle in the backyard Jeff asks are you really going to blow it? Michelle says Yeah. I’ll fall of a ramp. Jeff says If I’m going to throw it, I’m going to throw it in style. They’re joking that they can take each other out during the comp, maybe running right at each other. Jeff says “no, then we’ll hurt ourselves.” Michelle laughing about all of her scars, she has one from hosting the veto comp where she got her arm stuck in something. Michele saying she had a dream about the Amazing Race comp where they had to get tattoos, and they made her do it on Big Brother. Michelle anyone who makes it to the final 2 is a winner. Jeff says that’s how I see it. Michelle says I’ve watched the show for so many years. That’s fucking amazing. Jeff says I was Natalie would fucking roll. Cause we have such a good chance against her. I just have to talk to her a little bit more. Michelle now saying that she has to tell Nat about what happened before when she put Nat up, because she thought that Jessie was going to be there. Jeff says you have to earn her trust back. And she’s really in no shape to play. Michelle asks did they ask you? from Jordan. Jordan says about tvs and not having cable? Michelle says oh, that’s another question. Jordan says and they asked me what I think you thought about my word Gucci. Jord saying that she then said they should do a makeover for Michelle and then she’ll walk out and say “Gucci!” Big Brother says Jordan, you’re not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions. Jordan continues a bit, quickly.

12:50pm – 1:45pm Big Brother Time: Jordan is in the pool. Michelle is eating food, and heading to pool. Jeff is throwing ball into pool. Michelle: “It feels like 110 out here.” Jeff applying sunscreen. Michelle and Jeff now have their feet in the pool. Big Brother says: “Kevin, please go to the Diary Room.” Jeff, Jordan and Michelle discussing what they heard about the house before they moved in. Michelle says she heard this year was going to be nudist Big Brother season…(LOL) Jeff, Jordan and Michelle talking about when they auditioned for Big Brother. Nat is shuffling cards in the red bedroom. Back out side they are talking about Ronnie, making fun of his interview with Julie. Michelle says she hopes Julie hates Ronnie. Jordan says “I like when Barbara Streisand does interviews.” Michelle says “Barbara Streisand?” Jordan says “I mean Barbara Walters!” Jordan is tanning in hammock, Jeff and Michelle is in the pool. No one is talking to each other. Nat is napping in the red bedroom now. Jordan talks to Michelle about who she’s voting to evict. Jordan tells Michelle she will try her hardest if Jeff leaves because she wont be distracted by him. Jordan hopes that whatever the outcome is, she hopes Jeff sticks with Michelle if Jordan leaves. Jordan says Kevin will win if hes in the final 2, says Kevin has Russell’s vote. Michelle says she thinks that’s F*****D, but she doesn’t know. Jeff says Kevin is more concerned with getting Jeff out, rather than winning himself. Michelle tells Jordan shes not mad at her. Jordan says Nat told her if Michelle is the POV Winner, shes going after Jordan. Michelle and Jordan are talking about going after Kevin together and acting like they’re not together so that Kevin and Nat don’t suspect that they would take each other to final 2.

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Uncle Cool

Give it up, Jeff. Nobody wants you there anymore.


actually I’d bet a whole bunch of people want him there.


And if, in fact, no one wants him there… I’d like him HERE, with me 😉


I would rather see Jeff there then either Nat or Kevin or Jordon.


I’d like more pictures of Jeff in his glasses, please.


I’d like less pictures of Jeff. haha


rockstar is soooo jealous of jeff….its so funny!


rockstar is mega jealous of jeff


Actually I am jealous of Jeff. I wish I could tweeze the crap out of my eye brows without screaming in pain like he does. The way he works a set of tweezers would make any drag queen bitch slap him.

Jeff's Destiny

And more nudes? Can’t believe Whordan hasn’t been flashing like earlier in the game.


Me too….It brings out the doucheopotumus in him. 🙂


I know Jeff’s next career move. He will be hosting a game or talk show called “YOU GOT GOT”! LOL! I crack myself up.


Supposably people are going to offer him tv or a movie deal. Who cares. As long as he is not on the All Stars BB, I’m okay. I can skip his tv show or movie and watch reruns of the Facts of Life if I get bored.


Okay, not sure why he would be offered anything. He isn’t very articulate. Sure, he is a good looking man in great shape, but he isn’t anything special. He would have to go to school to get rid of that accent as well. I don’t think I’d be watching anything he was hosting or in.


He is boring. I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would offer him any type of a job on tv. He reminds me of how annoyed I was when I got suckered into watching ten minutes of that Octomom special on fox. Worst ten minutes of my life. He’s ruined this season of BB for me with those damn eye brows and snotty I’m better than you attitude.


and there he goes again….sooo jealous!


Stop following me.

Randy Wolfgang

Actually there is major interest in Jeff on the West Coast – he’s photogenic , funny and personable. Whether anything pans out or not, I don’t know but I understand the interest , whatever, some really good things should come out of this for him – I’m sure there are lots of “interesting” things in store for Pigpen as well – in the US Court system!!!!!


You are right on and sooo funny! If lying and stealing comes so naturally to gnatalie we just might be seeing her mug shot!

A no no moose

and you know this how?


why would anything interesting come out from this show? there are tons of goodlooking people every season from bb to survivor…no one has actually made on to tv or movies and if they did get a cameo appearance they fade out very fast. jeff is attractive guy but his attitude and arrogance make him very ugly. no thanks to him on tv or movies.

Randy Wolfgang

My other (and better) half works for a major advertising firm with branches in LA and the word he got quite a few weeks ago was that there was a lot of interest in Jeff. Frankly I’m not sure about modelling since I’m not sure he’s tall enough but who knows??? I know he’ll be contacted.


you are so right bbfan, he is jealous. bless his heart, he needs a life!!!


well i never liked jessee but after seeing true foul mouth jeff…jeff is no better than jessee. so i don’t know your reasoning for all stars? why jeff better than jessee? they are both same peas in a pod….arrogant, egotistical, back stabbing, foul mouth, hypocretes…oh did i mention arrogant? lol.


jeff! You’re GAWN!

HOH doesn’t matter this week anyway right? I hope they throw it to Nat so I can see what her HOH room will consist of. I can’t wait for the Jordan breakdown after Jeff is “gawn”

Keep playing a great game Kevin! Go Kevin FTW!


I hope CBS realizes what a hit they have in Jeff and Jordan. Remember Boston Rob and Amber from Survivor. I think Jeff and Jordan should go on the Amazing Race. They are so funny together.


so basically your saying…jeff should go on the amazing race,right? i dont think he would get very far with jordan, but i think i would watch it cuz i watch it every season. maybe she is smarter than e think.


I can just see Jordan sitting in the backseat with the map upsidedown looking for Seattle instead of Shanghai, Jeff visibly annoyed dodging potholes and trying to keep the team behind him from passing. Or pouting in Khartoum because they’ve never heard of cookie dough.

Randy Wolfgang

Yes but the difference is that Jeff and Jordan are NICE – Romber were creeps – they drove right past another contestant who had had an accident and didn’t even stop to help them.


omg, so now you are saying that in a contest where the last one to get to a location gets kicked out you should stop and help other contestants out. I swear, this is the mentality that started youth soccer to stop keeping score.
news flash: it is a competition, your job is to beat the other people/ team, only thing you dont do is wish an injury.

Randy Wolfgang

You are an idiot and a fool – if you pass by other contestants who may be injured in a car crash – you stop and see if they are OK. Thats the human thing to do, the civilized thing to do and the right to do—-shithead!!!


I know because these camera crews that are following them around would just stand there continuing to record and ignoring the injured, they would wait and let other contestants hurt their chance at winning to not intefere. You are in a contest for mega money you play to win, especially when you know there are others avail to help out. In football if you break free and are going to score a 80 yd td, but see a blocker ahead taken out at the knees and in pain do you stop to tend to him and forgo the td?

Randy Wolfgang

OMG another village missing an idiot – get lost!!!!!!


fine I will not try to converse about a competition with those obviously more concerned with being sweet and nice to one another while developing a love story.


LOL! Umm Randy are you PMSing too? Sheesh.

A no no moose

you are into being a shithead arent you??


I agree. J/J would be kicked off Amazing Race the first week. And for the record, it wasn’t a horrible car crash, it was a breakdown and it was obvious they were ok. Big deal. At least Rob & Amber could strategize, unlike these two idiots.


i doubt jordough has a brain or advanture in her to be on amazing race. you have to keep in mind amazing race is doing stunts…i doubt jordough could do any of the stunts on the show.


What does the term GUCCI means as Jordan uses it? I live in the South and have never heard this term used.


Gucci, as in brand name for purses etc…high end…I assume it’s a compliment?


yeah, i have to agree, it is an airhead way of saying something is kool, or awsome or whatever. I equate it to Parisite Hilton and “thats hot”


I’m not from the south either, but from the context “gucci” seems to mean cool, awesome or stylish.


Natbag now stressing how bad her menstral cramps are. Informing Kevin that if they persist she won’t be able to participate in Thursdays HoH comp. LOL..nice job picking your allies Kev. She’s as useless as tits on a bull.


haha!!! SO TRUE!


aaaawwww Jeff… going to miss you. You’re so cute and funny……bummer.


Jeff isnt gone yet! Its hard to tell what nat is thinking


Wow!!! I’m completely lost…. Does anyone have a chart on the ‘final 2’ deals? Does every one have a deal with every other one now?


I mean except for Kevin. Everyone seems to have a deal with the others, except for no one has a deal with Kevin.


if i remember right…kevin said he wanted to be final two with michelle


the things that pisses me off is jeff and mich say they will throw HOH to nasty … why ? no oone else in the house has kept thier word … go ahead and win win win … and put nat and kevin up !


I just don’t get these folks. Do they not understand the point of the game is to win not to do everything you can for someone else to win. Both Michelle and Jordan should be thanking Kevin for having the balls to get Jeff out. He was the biggest threat to anyone in that house who came to win the money. These BB idiots always get so personal instead of remembering this is a game to win money not let’s make lifelong friends and find a damned soulmate…


i agree with you. but we have to remember both coo coo magoo and jordough are in love with foul mouth jeff. coo coo actually think she will win if she is in final 2 with foul mouth. i guess her reasoning is he kicked 2 stongest players out so they would vote against him…but this game is who played the game well…both jessee and russell admitted that it was foul mouth’s best move is to evicted them so they will vote foul mouth to win and lydia will probably follow jessee and vote foul mouth to win. america vote will probably go to foul mouth also since CBS always edit him to be a golden boy. so if any of the house guests want to win…they need to vote the foul mouth out this thursday.

turn left

Boy Rockstar if i was a bettin man i would say you are Ronnie the rat !!!


If we were playing poker, I would not choose you for my team. You’d lose.

nasty h8ter

Biggest idiot on here..def Ronnie the rat!!!


There must be a full moon tonight or coming up. There are a whole bunch of losers on the go. If you hate me, stop calling me out. You know I’m bored. Tag, you’re IT

woman for valor

Mich knows she is alone…. she will not throw anything. final 4 and 3 can be back to back HOH’s—She needs to do this (because of course Gnat is voting Jeff out!!)

and another thing–I am almost 45 and have NEVER had bad cramps like that a day in my life!!! Gnat needs to really get some docs to check her out.

nasty h8ter

she’s a spoiled brat,i’m sure at home daddy babies her and waits on this thing hand and foot,she probally has a bell or whistle to let him know to come serve her…lil bitch,take a bath!


every woman’s monthly visit is diff…..I can say that I know what she is going through. But I do think she is using it as a back up for when she loses again tomorrow.

Randy Wolfgang

She doesn’t get one iota of sympathy from me – as matter of fact, considering all the crap she has pulled, on other Hgs I hope she is doubled over with pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Penny I agree cause I have terrible pain so I understand but I really think the timing is convienent for her as an excuse for losing HOH or to get the others to think she’s not gonna be able. She is a tough one to figure out. Either she sucks at comps or she’s been laying back on HOH so that she has no blood on her hands til the end. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.


OK girls, raise your hands. How many of you walk into a room full of mixed company and announce that you think you just got your period? And how many of you would take midol pills with Mike’s Hard Lemonade using the excuse that tomorrow you will be a basket case with cramps. I don’t remember her being down with cramps last time mother nature came calling. This is Nat the liar. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She is up to something, or maybe she just can’t help lying.


RIGHT ON THE MONEY, natalie faking


Ya, between nat and her cramps and jor and her 14 day cycle…they both need to be checked out. of course i think it’s all cockblocking myself!

Randy Wolfgang

Certainly Pigpen should be checked out by the nearest veterinarian.

A no no moose

45 is a drop in the bucket, it dont make you Methusala girlfriend, cuz there plenty of stupid people your age. Anyway my wife used to get terrible cramps but like all good women it would not take her out of the game of life, she’d keep her committments professional or social with some meds or booze.


Since they aren’t doing the live eviction show tomorrow (I think I am reading this correctly from previous posts), will they still evict tomorrow and do the HOH competition or will that all be Sunday. I would think if that was the case, the HG would all know this. So what is up? I am confused.


(a pretend scenerio) so far on the feed jord and michelle are playing with the crazy barbie dolls BB provided them . jord is saying if she wins she is going to have a company make her a barbie in her image. michelle jokes and says ?they make fat barbies? jord says whatd mean? mich says? barbies are real skiinny? and jord says? yeah and my barbie will be too. michelle rolls her eyes and says ?okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy so it wont be exactly like you? jord flps her upper lip and says in frustration ? I don know what you are talkin bout michshell. michelle doesnt respond instead she says ?well if they make a barbie after me it will be smart? jord says ?barbies have brains? ? michelle says ah no they are just dolls? (like dah) jord gazes out looking into empty air and doesnt respond. then michelle says jord ? you need a refill from thinking so hard? jord says whatd mean? michelle says? ask BB to give you an air pump ? still jord doesnt get it looking puzzled. finally michelle says ?ah you know you are an airhead and when you think your brain deflates so BB can give you an air pump to refill? jord says ?oh silly you can just blow into my ear for that. then the feed cuts to an empty splish splash room


she has crabs,whoops, i mean cramps, cuz she is just as dirty inside as she is outside!!!!!! she needs a good flush……right down the toilet.


That skank, Natalie is demanding that Michelle give her the entertainment system she won and Jeff give her the Hawaii trip just for her vote. I strongly dislike that girl.

Randy Wolfgang

Not only that she is saying she will vote them out anyway – I hope her cramps get much, much worse.


I hope they tell her yes and then later, tell her they were lying just like she’s been lying her nasty ass off the whole game.


I hope that’s what they do too.


Okay, if this is true, why hasn’t Big Brother stepped in and pulled her out of the game? They could charge her with attempted extortion.


I wish it were possible that a person COULD die from menstrual cramps!


LMAO! Now that is a good one!


BB’s hugest saying is to expect the unexpected. and so many people on this site are posting pretty much that jeff got got and that he is gone. did something happen that i haven’t seen yet and you all did? because i haven’t seen any votes for him to walk out the door yet so how has he gotten got? they may have pulled one over on him but he isn’t gone yet and so many of you are already talking and acting like he is gone. well, the fat lady isn’t singing yet and from all that i can see from all that you all post jordan is not singing a word. so what is up? do you all have a crystal ball or something? i really will LMAO at all of you who are jumping ahead so soon if jeff doesn’t walk out the door. just remember to expect the unexpected. and that fat lady…well i don’t hear her a singing. 🙂


You can borrow my hearing aid if you want. She’s been singing soprano all week.


so jordough hasnt sung yet


I am with you on this one, Lynn. For some reason, I don’t think all is decided yet. I can’t forget Julie’s comment about something turning the house upside down. How did blowing $10,000 into the BY change anything? I am not prepared to say Jeff is gone. I would love to see some people have to eat their words.


Earlier today I was berated for making a complaint about another persons post..what follows is the way I see it….
There are humorus n’ risque comments that can be overlooked but then there are the downright nasty vulgar sick comments of a dickless spineless jerk off that only wishes he could get lucky with either sex….people that write that crap are complete losers….the kind of loser who searches endless porn sites for pleasure..the kind of loser that prowls backyards as a peeping tom…the kind of loser that stalks little kids because he is not man enough for somebody his own size….in short a pervert .. a low life piece of shit. I have been coming in here for 2 months now and have read all kinds of degrading comments about the BB HG’S
but I did not complain. I made a few remarks bout Jessee n’ Natty but I didn’t get raunchy or vulgar…I come in here to get updates on BB and post an opinion but not to read smut.
There was a post that Simon removed yesterday due to somebody complaining… so I can’t be offended or complain? I am not a fan of uncessary smutty vulgar postings.
If I took offense to all the vile n’ degrading things that were said in here I would ditch the site….the comment I complained about was nasty not to mention stupid…The comment was made that if u don’t like something here don’t read it….Same goes with the complaint I wrote and I directed it at Simon which means that if u don’t like it then u need to overlook it…and yeah it is mainly a site that adults frequent and the launguage and some comments may go overboard..but there are vulgar sick ramblings that are totally unecessary.. I didn’t see the need for it so I complained.
So to those of u that called me a dyke or told me to get back in the closet: I can’t cause it’s too crowded with all the preverted losers and Dill Does Rumors or Curios George’s
of the world who are also losers as they don’t have guts enough to use their real name in their efforts to belittle me….just because I have a sense of moral values does not make me a dyke or a prude….my closet door has always been open.


Hey Dollied.. I’m not understanding what is going on here, I haven’t been following all the discussions today. Is their a comment that is over the top that I need to review?


Itotally agree w/Rockstar. Dollied, don’t take it personal…. I have been shunned many times and called a stupid bitche etc., but for everyone posting on this site most are decent people and are really in the game. Do what I do blow it off and move on. I got your back if you ever need me:) This is a great site on updates for BB 11 events and always accurate.

Thanks, Michelle FTW


I dont understand why you are so angry dollied. i have been on here all day and have read every message and nothing was offensive or degrading or vuglar . what is your problem? you complain more than Natalie. maybe you should stop reading the BB fans comments if it’s gets you so hyper. I love this site and enjoy all that every fan writes whether they are something i agree upon or not. some of the storys on here are soooo funny. especially the made up ones about jordan. ( and i love Jordan) your constant negative comments are upsetting the fun, positive rhythm of this site. (which btw i have become obsessed with just a little). This is the first coment I have made because I just read but i have been reading all today and everytime you comment it’s never about the game, only to complain. Maybe Simon should block you or remove your negative attitude comments so this site can be fun again. with that said, peace out.


Omg i keep wondering who is in the shower at the top of the page for the link to the live feeds???? Does anyone know?? And i wonder what the whole key thing will be about?


Michele and Jordan back when Michele had won HOH


Jeff is going to drop Jordon when he is out of the house. They might be together a month.


Dear Lynn: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!! you got that just perfect,, go Team Jeff


jeff should move to nc for jordan. you can tell thay love each outher


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who is in the shower at the top of the page for the link to the live feeds!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s a dude, Gunther. Looks like Kev…sorry, Gunth.

A no no moose

now thats funny


thats michelle and jordan in the shower

Not Nat

Natalie is setting up Kevin to take a fall. Her phony cramps exist so that Natalie is “forced” into accepting the deal with Jeff and Michelle, who will throw the HOH competition so that Nat can win. Since she has nauseating cramps, she will plead with Kevin that she had to take the deal because she could not win HOH in her condition. Of course, this all means that Nat is throwing Kev under the bus, but this will be her excuse and Kev’s downfall. I’m sure he will see thru it, but there is little he can do to stop it.


Whoa. I think people are getting ahead of themselves on this. Purportedly, Nat-a-lie has been attempting to get the prizes won by Jeff and Michelle in order for her to promise not vote to evict Jeff. she also wants both Jeff (assuming he is still in the house after the eviction) and Michele to throw the HOH competition so she can win. Why would Jeff and/or Michele have to do ANY of these things? If Jeff survives the eviction on Thursday night, that means he gets to play for HOH. He and Michele will fight like hell to become HOH so they can put Nat-a-lie and Kevin up against each other. Screw the promises they made to her. They should carry as much weight as the promises Kevin and Nat-a-lie have made during the game.


I dont think Michelle will throw the competition even if Natalie votes for Jeff. This is the point Michelle will try to win, no matter what it takes because she has to know that no matter what she does, Jeff and Natalie will try to get her out.

I dont think Michelle is stupid enough to throw the comp, trusting Natalie’s word or even Jeff’s.

ex jeff fan

natalie won’t take the deal no matter how much we know she can’t win she is certain she can win the veto or at least kevin

ex jeff fan

jeff is gone and the only way he is staying is if there is a twist and there was nothing on tuesdays show to suggest any twist whatsoever jeff finding that key was meaningless absolutely meaningless


Thrusday is not a live eviction event? Did I miss something here?


Football game is on!!! J E T S….Jets!! Jets!! Jets!!


I have dish network and we don’t have football and it states Big Brother will be an eviction, so I have no idea what is going on.


Did any of you notice last night that in the shows intro Russell was not shown exiting Big Brother but with his arms folded. If you notice when a houseguest is evicted they show them leaving the house. On Sunday’s show it showed him doing that last night it didn’t. It also shows a cube with all the houseguests pictures on it. If they have left is in black and white. Russell’s was in color.

Do any of you think this might be part of the twist for tomorrow???


if russel walks back in the house after jeff is gone my jaw will drop like jordon did when she found out jeff had the CDT


If Russell came back that would be awesome!! Go Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


no russell is gone, done, finished, adios amigo.

much like jeff, altho if nat had a brain she would save him and make a real ally up to 3 and get kevin/michelle out the hizzy.


Let?s hope Jeff can leave with class tomorrow, I?ll bet Jordough will be crying her ass off. I remember how her and Jeff was questioning why people would cry for a guy, so I hope she stay true to her word and not sob all over the house when Jeff walks out the door.

They need to let Nat and Kev share their DR room speech to Jeff, so they both can say ?Jeff, you got got!? If they don?t show Russell in the Jury House, then something is up.


Jeff’s hair is usually salt-and-pepper (he is graying rapidly), but sometimes it is jet black. Have we seen evidence of him dying his hair on the live feeds? Seems to be a little young at 31 to be needing Grecian Formula.


I think he is much older than he says he is. He acts like a 45 year old man going through the change. He probably drives a sports car with the top down cruising chicks and banging New Kids on the Block in his tape player. Dude that’s dope. Dude, you got got.

What a moron!


you do realize that a young men can have gray hair right????? but how old is he anyways??? im guessin about 30?


lol maybe he’s a human mood ring, in his hair

ex jeff fan

natalie won?t take the deal no matter how much we know she can?t win she is certain she can win the veto or at least kevin will
jeff is gone and the only way he is staying is if there is a twist and there was nothing on tuesdays show to suggest any twist whatsoever jeff finding that key was meaningless absolutely meaningless


Two things about last night’s show:
1) I’m an idiot for wasting time trying to figure out Pandora’s Box. Definitely over analyzed that whole thing and lost sight of the fact that the regular show viewers had no idea that the box had been opened, etc.
2) Kevin’s DR sessions seemed to indicate he would break a tie. That plus his conversation last night with CooCoo means he has every intention of getting rid of Gnat because he knows she will win with the jury if Kev/Nat are final 2. Plus how annoying Gnat was last night during the card game and today’s cramp whining is really getting on his nerves. He will team up with Michelle for sure and I think next week Gnat will be out.


If Kevin put up gnat, he would be my fav player!! Since he didn’t Michelle is #1.

Randy Wolfgang

Some posters here seem to think Pigpen is being blasted by others here because they like Jeff – WRONG Pigpen would be the same disgusting. filthy, repulsive, lying cheating thief whether Jeff was here or not. Many here like to watch Jeff but have stopped looking at the feeds since Pigpen is such a disgustung creature to have to watch. Personally I would rather watch footage of the Hindenburg explosion or the Le Mans Race crash than watch that truly horrible person. Other than that I have no problem with her!!!!


Yes, Randy we know you love Jeff. You have been hating on Natalie all over the comments section. You cannot pull the wool over our eyes anymore.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Shakespeare

you are weird!

Suck an egg


exactly. now on BBAD I always find another channel to flick to when she comes on screen because she’s so damn annoying to watch and listen to. Others have referred to her as a gnat, an insect, a mosquito, a pitbull, a chihuahua, etc., all have annoying mannerisms. How do you suppose she is able to turn these traits off — or can she? Maybe BB cast her precisely because she is an annoying little liar, sure to get under everybody’s skin. I just want no more of her childish, boorish, bullying, self possessed behaviors even, yes even at the risk of a little boredom. Sincerely what do you think she would end up doing with a half million dollars?


Everyone is saying that jeff is not going any place, because of how bb and cbs portrayed him as being more than human. I had a friend that started graying in her 20s, just like others in her family. I vote eo evict jeff.


If Nat makes it much further, she has a good chance of winning. Please PLEASE evict her next week. I can’t stand much more of her.


Simon…sorry I know you have a life but any updates??


Dawg’s pounding the updates right now one is almost ready to go.. Theres still a lot of game talk and scheming going on just less than before because theres simply less people. We will continue to update but are at the mercy of whats going on in the houses. Expect less updates because theres less people talking smack.


WOW sometimes people get a little nasty in this post. No thanks i have enough troble in my oun life to be yelled at in here, like your boss, thankfully I am the boss. Jeff and Jordan should have there own show, it would be so funny. I’d love to see her throw something at him. Sometimes he’s a dick to her. She’s not like she is in BB I’m sure in real life she’d kick his ass. You all are so down on j|J and all they did was play the game as best they could. Could you do better? If you can call me and I’ll play to. This new idea that nat has is not going to work, everyirl in the world has cramps once in a while, if she’s so strong why all the drama? Suck it up girl, I’v gone to work in worst shape.


rockstar…you really need to get a life because i see your post up more than anyone else’s every day and you always have something negative to say or have to be a smart ass. you must truly be miserable and that is why you have no life cause you are on here all the time bashing the hg’s and those posting. wow….you really do need to get a life. it is kind of sad. and by the way, she hasn’t been singing soprano all week, idiot. if she was that is all we would hear and read about on this site too. you really are pathetic. do something else with you time pathetic one. LOL!!!


I was speaking/posting/commenting metaphorically Lynn. Do you know what that means?

linda m.

I agree, rocksster, don’t you do anything else with your time, just curious 🙁 LOL What DO you do all day besides this? I read these posts from time to time and see some of the same names, especially yours and can’t help but wonder who these people are who have so much time? And — if they are as smart as they claim to be why aren’t they working or reading or playing golf or whatever else unless maybe you are wheelchair bound or too fat to get out of the house? (joke, giggle) See I’m just curious, not hating or calling you names like some of the others!


I think Jeff missed his chance ,and that chance was given him by BB.The key.
He shouldn’t have released Kev from the trap.He had a trap key ,and Kev was in that trap (Pandora box) . Who told him to give this key to Kev? Kev and Gnat ,his enemies and grotesque liers.
He should have exchange Kev’s freedom for safety.Or just let Kev stand there forever,with his hand trapped.


I don’t think it would have helped him in his campaigning to stay, but yes, it would have been funny as hell to see Jeff say, “Um, I think…no. Maybe you shouldn’t have put me up.” And just walk away.


Yes! Why or why he listened to Gnat and Kev???Again!
He should ve said that he would listen to BB ,not them!
He even let Kev collect some $600 .
And surprisingly Jeff (and most of the watchers) didn’t realised that chance he was given.


Good point. Jeff should’ve left Kev there to rot with his hand in the hole. Not forever, mind you, but just long enough for Kevin to miss Thursday’s live eviction show, in which case CBS would’ve been forced to evict Kevin for dereliction of HOH duties. I’m not saying to kill the guy…they could’ve went upstairs every once in a while and given Kev a sandwich or a glass of water.


Kev told him that Jeff SHOULD pass the key,so they all could keep the money.That was nothing but another Kev’s lie.
BB didn’t mention that Kev’s freedom and keeping the flying money is connected at any point.
Actually nothing at all was said about Kev getting out of that room and the trap.
Jeff should have kept the key and wait for BB further instruction . But he believed his enemies again and without any hesitation gave the key to Kev,his enemy,just to help him out of that trap.
For lambs sake,Jeff.You did it again.Oops or not.
Jeff ,u too honest and way too good person for that game.


And I think Kev should ve been punished for saying that BB instruction was to release him from the trap so everybody could keep the money.He was speaking as BB voice,pretending he was told that by BB – that’s unacceptable, even though this game is built around lies.

K and M Unite!

Whatever. It was a brilliant move by Kevin thinking on his feet! That’s why he’s still there and Jeff is going home. Always thinking game!


Allowing for the fact that many people simply view Big Brother shows as they are televised (and carefully edited) and don’t watch the live feed, BBAD or read the spoiler blogs, I am of the belief that a majority of those viewers still dislike Natalie intensely.

Those of us who do read the spoiler blogs and/or watch the live feeds/BBAD know just how disgusting and duplicitous Natalie is and we have been quite vocal about not wanting to continue watching Big Brother if she remains. So, my suggestion is let’s send a message to Big Brother and CBS after the end of this week’s shows. If Natalie is still in the house on Sunday, change the channel. To continue watching the show is to advocate for Natalie’s obnoxious behavior because the powers that be at Big Brother and CBS are well aware of the opinion consensus concerning Natalie.

A no no moose

Oh wa wa wa…. writing letters…ferkrysake get over it, its a tv show and not real life. Write letters to your congressman about something relevant and not a tv comglomerate about a reality show.


I know, for christ sake, it is a show about lying, cheating and scheming to a 1/2 million dollars and she is doing what? lying cheating and scheming? how dare she!!! she may be taking it to extreme but apparently it is working, she is about to be in the final 4 with Jeff gone. It is a game, as such let the game play as it should or dont watch.


Love the banter- Nat in Gnat out. Does it really matter. She boring but if you like the show.. you watch it.. I liked Jeff but he got cocky after coupe etat – HE didnt even know what it was .. now he has made enemies and so there it is. He will have to live with douche bags>> and eat tuna.. Gnat will ahve to deal with her father and boyfriend on the way she talks..


I would like to be a fly on the wall when she realizes that the majority of BB11 fans nicknamed her gnat. She thinks she is a fav.


oh come on, they are not even very good at showmanceship…how are they going to get their own show? don’t be ridiculous…don’t even give CBS idea. they are most boring people in the house…all they do around the house is lay down and cuddle and tease eachtoehr…and all jordough is doing is eat eat eat. every word that comes out of jeff’s mouth is dude this dude that…f*** this f*** that. is that what americans want to see on tv? please don’t insult our intelligence.


I’m still gonna watch BB because I wanna see who wins. I came this far why not see what happens. However if Nat does stay next week I will throw up all of my food that i ate for the day.


It’s a good way to lose weight.


Jeff and Jordan are going to be so embarrassed when they watch the tapes of BB11. They let their enemies trick the crap out of them!! For that reason I don’t want either of them to win a thing, they don’t deserve it.
Michelle has been able to make it through this game with no close allies and she has not freaked out on anyone. She has class and she is smart and she deserves to win.
Kevin could have been deserving in my eyes but he saw Nat for what she is and he didn’t put her up! He is a nice guy so I would be okay with him winning the americas favorite.


Kev should be punished for saying that he was told by BB to be given the Pandora box key and released from the trap so the rest of the house could keep the money.This lie was huge and was using BB authorities.
Jeff should ve kept the key and wait for BB instructions.
Jeff just saw other human in a trap and gave Kev the key without hesitation.

my girls 2

why is big brother allowing pigpen nat to drink alcohol??? shes 18 right?