Big Brother 11 Spoilers – George Jetson’s Boss is Mr. Cosmo Spacely

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:10pm – 6:20pm Kitchen Jordan and Michelle eating.. Jordan is done cleans up her dishes and grabs a bar of Tobblerone. She starts looking for Jeff looks in the green room but he’s not here she continues to look in the bath room “Maybe he’s taking a poo” She doesn’t find him in the bathroom so she goes back into eh green room and find him hidden under a pile of pillows. Michelle joins them and they all start pigging out on Candy. Jordan asking a bunch of questions about the Final HOH.. Michelle explains how the final HOH goes. Jeff tells them in the background “you girls gotta win this shit” They start talking about the Flintstones and the jetsons. Jeff wants to know who the bosses name was on the jettson.. Jordan has no idea. Jeff knows that Fred Flintstones name was Mr. Slate. Jeff asks Michelle she has no idea… ( Mr. Cosmo Spacely)

They start to take a nap. Michelle is roaming around the house off the feeds.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:11pm – 6:00pm Pig pen and Kevin playing chess… No Talking (thank god 😉 ) … Around 6:00pm they stop playing chess and roam around the house speculating about tomorrows HOH, they both seem to think its going to be like last year. 6:13pm back to Chess.. Natalie’s cramps are really bothering her.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:25pm – 7:00pm Jeff grilling Jordan watching him.. She starts to smile and laugh like she’s just thought of something.. Jeff asks her why she’s so happy.. Jordan doesn’t say why. Jeff brings up how he was the only one that looked after the garden and now him and the garden are dead. He proceeds to water the garden. Jordan points out that the two things Jeff cared abou tmost in the house was the pool and the garden. Jeff “kind of symbolic both are fucked” He starts to clean the pool filter. Jordan mentions that one of them will be getting their cell phone back tomorrow.. Jeff hopes his isn’t all fucked up he told he parents to turn it off but they might not. Jeff says he gave his parents a list of things to do like cancel his gym membership but he’s not sure if she can even do that shit without being in person. … Jordan heads into the washroom to take a shower. Jeff starts playing pool.

(very little going on)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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No offense Simon I know it’s not you but the HG’s…..YAWN!!!!! Going to bed early BBAD is going to be boringggggg!!


Do you know what time the show start tomorrow? please

Michael Knight

Wouldn’t it be great if Pig Pen died tonight from her cramps? Ok Ok, a little harsh, but how about having to be rushed to the emergency room, thus removing her from the game and Jeff and Jordough get to stay? And she’s been in there for like 2 other cycles but all of a sudden NOW they are a big deal? Something’s sketchy w/ that.


Wouldn’t surprise me if she were faking, trying to lull Michele and Jordo into a false sense of security tomorrow. Michele definitely isn’t stupid enough for that to happen at least.

another fan

I assume everything coming out of Nat’s mouth is a lie and everything she does is an act to get her further in the game. Nothing is true with her, so I prefer not to hear a word she says. Her acting like she is drunk is a joke – so obvious I can’t believe Kevin still chooses to aline with her. I wish Jeff would talk to Kevin about choosing to keep him in the tie breaker and they would all agree to take out Nat next week – what they should do anyway. I think Jeff/Kevin/Michelle would be the most interesting and best matched final 3 they could have right now. We know Kevin wants to take Nat out, and he can’t play for HOH, so what would he have to lose?


That’s what i want…I wish Jeff would’ve talked to him! i think if he would’ve that maybe he would’ve had a chance! I’m so bummed he’s leaveing!


Exactly! Michelle and Kevin have both called her out about not winning any competitions, so to save face she introduces her “painful” cramps into the picture (while she sits up playing chess and cards). Get ready to hear how she couldn’t win HOH on her own because she is on her period. Classic backstabbing! She could be setting this up so that she can explain to Kevin why she had to vote for Jeff ( she was hurting so bad and Jeff and M were handing over the HOH). Another reason could be that since Jordan knows about the birthday present for Russ (which I’m surprised Jordan hasn’t told Jeff, I could be wrong) she needs to cover herself.

Not a JJ fan anymore

Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s faking…but the other HG’s are too blind to figure out anything Nasty does!!!! Do they not get she wouldn’t be drinking if she was underage?? Wouldn’t Kevin have to wonder…”what student loans?” None of them are getting it and I can’t believe NONE of them call her out about any of it!!!!! Are they afraid of her??? Sure seems like it. I know she’s more thug than fem but come on!!!! She can’t hurt them!!!

Not a JJ fan anymore

I’m just so frustrated that she keeps getitng away with everything!!! I can’t stand that little pig!!!


i totally agree with u. we are in the US, production would have a huge case on their hands for supplying an 18 yr old with alcohol. the people in the house r sooooo stupid to not put it together. some credit to j/j/m for starting to notice that she’s a big fat liar, but kevin…what an idiot, he doesn’t say anything.


Maybe they just don’t give a damn about her personal life. Why waste the time or brain power!


Kevin did call her out on it probably a little over a week ago. He said repeatedly ‘you’re not 18’ (maybe 6-7 times in a period of 10-15 minutes), her reaction was to either refused to acknowledge his comment or just smile or to make an attempt to change the topic to scheming. Even as Kevin is prodding her about her lies, she further tries to draw him in and influence his decisions as HOH and beyond.
I give her one thing, Nat is definitely manipulative and a brash liar. I think she should go into sales or politics once she leaves the house. The only bad thing about that is that there may always a certain number of people who would remember her and not trust her as a person, even if BB is just a game. That aspect, I suppose would be bad for getting any job requiring trust.


I don’t wish death upon her, but I wouldn’t care if it happened.


LOL yeah her cramps i hope they are in fact real and they get so bad that she can’t play in (what we know she won’t win) HOH comp… but i o too believe shes FAKING because in her last so-called “period” no fuss at all…… instigator natalie is finally gettin some karma for al the shit she has pulled to continue to get “carried” through the whole game……..

new fan

I think see is faking, so that when she looses the HOH comp, then she can blame it on the cramps…………what a looser


Michael Knight………. hhahahahahhahahahhahahahaha


Gayboy and PP were in the storage room and questioned why there was so much food……I think they are going to bring back an evicted HG (CASEY??) and then have a double eviction next week and that will eliminate the need for an America vote in jury house and even things out from Chima’s dumbas* move and be able to get the double eviction in after all!


Maverick, I think Casey has been gone too long. That is why I think it might be Russell coming back or something. They would have only had to sequester Russell in a hotel for a week. They wouldn’t let him go to the Jury House either. If they let him come back, they wouldn’t have let him hear anything more than what he knew when he left. That is just my thoughts, however.


I think Russell is coming back. His opening credit picture on Tuesday still had his name and wasn’t greyed out.

M Horton

Just another excuse to stay in bed all day. She is the worts malingerer I’ve seen on BB. She’s so offensive that if she winds up winning this one, I’m done with BB. they seem to need to hire offeensive people for these BB seasons and I can;’t bear to watch then\m anymore. Nasty Nat is yucky.

By the way. what were the potatoes that everyone was raving about last night?? I’m telling you, BB needs to publish a cookbook with contributions from each season. Some good cooks would have some interesting recipes and I’d be in for a purchase for one or more copies. How about it?


has anyone gets anyone but the queerboy fem manners???????
gezzzzzzzzzzzz disgustingggggggggggggg
bb what happened with the cute hot gays lol
why why why you have to punish us with freaks and ugly people lol
bb11 freak show
queers>>>jessica and kegay
lesbos>>>>bulldog, chimonkey
freaks>>>lydiot, ronrat
dumbs>>>dum jeff and dumber jordiot
go michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls bring cute russell or casey I miss my banana 🙂


Cute Russell ??? OMG Not at all


in the fabulous quote of another blogger (sorry I forgot which one) “dude pass the crack pipe”

discuss game

You are so amazingly ignorant that you’re proud of it aren’t you? Well I guess we all have to be good at something. I just wish you shared it with us a lot less.


What was that? Hieroglyphics?

Suzie Q

Maverick….earlier I noticed something I thought was interesting….on yesterday’s episode when it first came on, it shows all the evicted hgs going out the front door to meet Julie. But if you go and watch this on, you’ll notice that Russell is in color, shirtless, and being shown in the backyard. His name is under his picture but all the other evicted ones do not have their names listed. Watch it. I think that they may be bringing Russell back. That would be fun. Oh, and something else. Not that I like Natalie, cause I don’t, but being a female, I have to say that every third month, I have much worse cramps….don’t know why, but have been that way for years.


uh whats cramps??????????????

Suzie Q

what’s cramps? seriously?


I?m the same way and I?m on medication for them and I still experience cramps during my period and the medication I?m taking is suppose to prevent cramps, but they?re still fairly high at about a 7 (for taking the meds, thats high.).


noticed this too!!!

i think jeff having the key, MAYBE kevin will decide between bringing a previous houseguest back (russell) or keeping jefff. because did you see the pandora’s box kevin put in his hand in? it was big enough, coincidentally, for a person to be put in there.

and doesnt it look similar to the box crazy james came back in on season 9? hmm…


I’m the same way and I’m on medication for them and I still experience cramps during my period and the medication I’m taking is supposed to prevent cramps, but they’re still fairly high at about a 7 (for taking the meds, thats high.).


His picture is lit up on the cube just after the HGs exit…


Very good observation!!!! Thanks for pointing it out….Makes me go hummmmm would love to see Russ back.


I posted this at the previous update……. Am I the only one severely outraged and disgusted by Natalie and Kevin using the term rape in this game. They are just NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!

Also, I think the HG in the jury house should be able to watch what is going on in the house once they leave. Let them get a real picture of the people they were living with!


Seriously!!! Gnat should have some respect for her friend Chima!!!!

umm ...

No, I’m not outraged. That term means to destroy or greatly take advantage of someone. It is tossed around pretty nonchalantly in the gaming world and has become a fairly common slang term.


Anyone who has been raped or knows someone who has been raped would NEVER use that word lightly.

umm ...

That isn’t true, unfortunately.

umm ...

Case in point: Chima. She was raped and she used the term without too much regret. I’m sure there are others, besides Chima, who know of someone who has been raped but use the term in its slang format.


I think that people who use that term so easily reveal a lot about themself. They want to pillage, steal, destroy (like PP wants to do to J & M)….or they want to victimize themself.


I was shocked as well when i read .Nat used the word rape.
Goes to show she is trash if she feels fling that word around is ok.
At one time thought Kavin had more class . But after being with NASTY NAt he
is no better then her .
Big Brother shouldn’t let NAT be able to do that .Greedy little pig


Suzie Q – yes you are right I forgot about that. I agree with you on Russell. I had thought about that this morning and now this ffood thing this evening – it makes even more sense that it will be Rus. I just hope somehow Jeff stays and they do a dble evict. Your thoughts?

Suzie Q

I hope for that…I cannot stand Natalie. I think that anyone who does nothing but hang onto someone like Jessie and/or Kevin to win, does not deserve to be in the final 2. At least Kevin thinks smart. Jordan hasn’t done much either and she’s not very smart for practically trying to “give” the game to Jeff. Jeff was not very smart either for falling for Nat/Kev lies. Made me mad. But I’d rather see him there than Natalie. My wish for the finale is for Michelle and Jeff/Russell only because Michelle has been the underdog forever and one of those three deserve to win. And no offense Jeannine, but I love the show, but don’t stay up on the blogs…sorry. I was actually responding to Maverick’s earlier post.


Ugh! Russel coming BACK?!?! Be a twist and I’ve heard that rumor more than once. I like the idea of Kevin keeping Jeff or bringing back an evicted HG! I see how it would be easy 4 production 2 pull this off…I hate waiting! And now we have 2 wait til LATE thurs?!


The feeds are so boring. I know it gets less exciting as the game winds down because there are fewer people, but these kids take it to a new level. They are boring, and when they aren’t boring, they are annoying. I have never seen a cast sleep like this one. Please CBS, put Dick in Pandora’s Box and unleash him on the house, not as a competitor, but as punishment for their gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy”, lust and pride. Dick always entertained us on BBAD. That’s what they deserve for opening Pandora’s Box and being such dumb little shits.


Suzie Q….no offense but you are a day late and most of us are soooo over that conversation. It’s NOT going to happen!!!


Question: Did anyone see Russell on the Morning Show or whatever the CBS one is? See, I think they may have sequester him for the last week in a hotel. I was wondering if he talked on that show. They wouldn’t have given him any heads up on what anyone had done behind his back. Julie didn’t in his exit interview. Was he in the Pandora Box? Was it his $10,000 the HG played for and he brought his way back in? Do they get a choice to keep the money and let someone back or forfeit it to keep someone out? Just some ideas from an old lady.


I searched all over and saw now interviews with him the next morning…


He was on with both Julie and with Ross on Inside Dish. They tape them the night of the eviction and play them the next morning.


Well, Penny, does that tell us something???? I really think there is something up with Russell…………..


ruaaell was on craig fergesons late show. go to to view the interview ( hes still wearing the suit he left in).


I am going to rewatch the pandora’s part of the show and see if maybe there are any clues. I like the idea that the 10k was Russel’s and he bought his way back in. They do the good morning show interview directly following the live eviction show so it is a bit odd that they did not do one. I am pretty sure that it was not mentioned either and julie plugs the crap out of the good morning show any other time.


The interview for the Morning Show was not shot in the studio the next day. It was shot outside the BB House w/ the live audience in the background on the the same day he got eedvict….basically just a continuation of his BB exit interview w/ Julie. She asked a lot of questions about his reaction to his housemate’s goodbye messages, if he had regrets about his behavior, etc. So yes…it certainly looks like Jeff returns to the BB House.


Oops I meant Russell, not Jeff!!!


All of the exit interviews are taped immediately after the eviction. They do several and then they go to sequester.If you look at the week Lydia left, she is still wearing the unitard. I wish Russell was coming back, but I don’t think so at this late stage of the game. It wouldn’t really be fair. However I do still think that there is something coming up with Pandora’s Box. As I have posted before, my ideal scenario would be unleashing Evol Dick on the house as punishment for their greed. He would make their lives hell and we would have lots of fun watching. LOL


Okay, I haven’t watched BB for several seasons. They used to tape the Morning Show interview the next day in the studio, didn’t they? Still, I think something may be up w/ Russell…maybe just wishful thinking!


On one of Russ’s exit interviews can not remember which one he mentioned the pandora’s box.


I had to go to the hospital and take special medication for my period because of the pain. I broke my arm in my life and didn’t cry. Period pain for me was and is far worse than you think. You probably got the ‘easy period’ – no pain, light, etc. Well, aren’t you lucky. Not all of us are as lucky as you. And in case you’re wondering, I’m 30 years old so, I’m not a child. Gahbye.


You sound like a child.


No, I am not a child.


Haha…pretty sure Anonymous replied to Katherine, not you.


I don’t remember BB showing Russ at the jury house last week bringing in the DVD of what happened the week he got got.
Could this be because he’s not there and at a hotel someplace?


Well, that is what I am thinking.


They wouldn’t show Russell at the BB jury house till this Thursday. That’s the way it goes – he was only evicted last Thursday.


Natalie doesn’t want to win hoh she will use her period as her excuse why she didn’t win, then she will say it was planned all they want to do is win pov since the person left has all the power to evict. The will be her plan. I just hope the jordo and michelle win both pov and hoh so that lieing, distgusting pig can go home. I can’t stand her and all of her antics, the bitch doesn’t win a dam thing and comes up with the most bizzare crap to aggravate poeple.





I have Endometriosis and mine are severe. Feels like stabbing pain at times…so bad that I think I’m close to passing out. I am no fan of Natalie, but if she’s really in pain and not faking it then this is the ONLY time when I actually feel a little bad for her.


Oh i didn’t take it personal, I knew exactly what your point was…no worries!
And when PP made the comment that she wasn’t talking to anyone until she got a heating pad–my 1st thought was hide it and give everyone a break!!


Sus, I am glad you understand and I think that would have been funny if they hed it to keep her quiet. However, I don’t think they can. She just likes to go on and on, doesn’t she? And, I am not a child and I hope I am not coming across that way to you. I would not hurt anyones feelings for anything. I probably wouldn’t stand a chance on BB, either.


The child comment was being referenced to katherine, the person who made the 1st comment under your original post.


Well, there I go again……………I just can’t get this sometimes. Thank you for the update.


Sus, thank you for pointing that out. I was responding to Katherine. Also — BBGrandma — are you channeling Mrs. Doubtfire? You seem sweet and sane.


Anonymous, I am about to retire for the evening and thought I better check and make sure I hadn’t messed up again. My daughters are always pointing out to me that I missed the point or they didn’t mean it the way I caught it. I saw your comment and had to laugh. No, I am not channeling Mrs. Doubtfire, there is all woman under my PJ’s. Never set my boobs on fire either. But, I take that as a compliament and thank you for sending my head to my pillow with a laugh and a smile. Thank you and good night!


gee people lay off grandma she said it was a joke! but if nasty nat really has all this trouble why did we not hear about it last month. she is faking just like she fakes being a human being.


How sad is it that these houseguest are so boring that the hottest topic on here is Gnat’s menstrual pain.

canadian fan

Hey,everyone.Just checking in to see if that new blogger, “Canadianfanisamooron” is done his or her shift at the pizza shack and is back home all safe and sound in their parents basement.Fire up the mac and get mommy to bring you a samich,and start spouting your clever dribble for everyones entertainment.You had some keepers last night- “why dont you shutup” and “why dont you leave this site”, You should drop the Canadianfanis part and just go with the mooron, it suits you.


Hey at least you are one of the few who have made enough of a mark that someone chose to focus on you…clearly they must like you because I think they followed you online all day!


Dammit, simon! The site says Big Brother 11 spoilers and I’m fine with that, but where does it say The Jetsons spoilers?! I had planned to watch the whole series later this year, right after I catch up on Lost, but now that I know about Mr. Spacely’s real name, I’m sure all the mystery’s gone. Thanks a ton…


just thought id point out ,that nobody would be coming back because there would be no time because the final show is sept. 15, so they would not be down to the final to by then.