Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan trapped in a Fat Ball and Kevin wants to take Michelle to final 2, Kevin “Its my only way to win”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:31pm bathroom Natalie and Kevin talking about her period. Natalie claims that her cramps sare so bad that she’s fainted before. She’s going to spend the entire day in bed. Kevin “Again!” Natalie goes on to explain to him how bad her periods are and how she doesn’t even drive when she on it. Kevin says operation blocking is in full effect. Natalie tells him he can relax tonight she’ll be ok. He doesn’t want her to go drinking like a crazy tonight he doesn’t think it will be smart at this point in the game (Kevin is really worried about her getting drunk has brought is up at least 5 times now).

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:36pm back yard
Jeff “I’m going to write a book about big brother don’t do jack shit and walk to final 4”
Jeff “Why is it my last night to drink and they give us shit but that little 18 year old is pounding her coolers in the shower and there not even hers what the fuck dude” (how can you be so stupid to believe she is is only 18) Michelle telling them that Kevin is playing like Dan she believes he threw all the early competitions and now he’s winning shit like crazy. Jeff and Jordan agree but they think he’s not as good as Dan was. Kevin walks in… silence…. Jordan and Jeff head to the Hammock.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin starts telling Michelle he see himself taking her to the end because she has made a lot of enemies. Kevin goes on to say that it?s been his plan all along to get rid of the players he cannot win against that is why Jeff is going home. Kevin tells her about the deal that Jeff tried to make with him last week. He explains that the deal was for him to put up Jordan and Michelle on the block and Jeff wanted Michelle up.
Kevin “I have no fucking chance with Natalie.. I’ll win 2nd place” Michelle thinks everyone has the same chance it all depends on how you plead your case. Kevin doesn’t think so he thinks the Jury house will vote on who they like. Kevin says he doesn’t trust Natalie anymore after what she did during the Pandora’s Box competition. He says he saw her on the TV screen grabbing money after he asked her to go find the key. He adds that Natalie has been talking to Jeff a lot and he’s worried that they are scheming about something. Kevin says Natalie is getting close to Jeff and Jordan because she wants to get their votes. Kevin is making a very good case about how screwed he is if he takes Natalie to the final 4. Kevin says the only person he may get a vote from is Lydia but there is now way Jordan, Russell, Jessie and Jeff are going to vote for him. Michelle tells him she?s screwed to… Kevin says that she might not want to believe this but Jeff wanted her out. He reiterates last week?s deal with Jeff to take Michelle out.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40 Jeff and Jordan Hammock
Jeff “dude why do I feel like I always have boogers”
Jordan “I feel like I?m in a ball ”
Jordan “I feel fat”
Jeff “is that what you?re talking about you feel like your trapped in a fat ball…. that?s awesome”.
Jordan asks if he’s watching Michelle and Kevin.. He says yes.
Jordan “i told you there is something going on between them.. I swear they are planning to get rid of me unless i win HOH”
Jeff “they might be you gotta win”
Jordan “I?m really upset I made a a mistake I should of gotten rid of Kevin not Lydia cause now I have nobody”
Jeff tells her the only thing Jordan should of done was win POV other than that it doesn?t matter.
Jordan bitches that Michelle is acting like she’s so smart. Jordan ask him who he trusts more Natalie of Michelle. Jeff
trusts Natalie more (OMFG DUDE) Jeff tells her again for the millionth time to stick with Michelle if she wants to win
the 500K prize.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:15pm Backyard Natalie waddles into the backyard holding a drink barking to them all to play bullshit. Jeff is wondering how a 18 year old is getting the alcohol and he’s got shit. Natalie is getting pissed that none of them want to play bullshit. Jeff calls her out for being drunk… She denies it. Jeff asks her a question why when you say “W” it sound like “double U” but the letter looks like 2 V’s. Natalie says she doesn’t know that answer she just learnt her alphabet 4 years ago.. She starts laughing pokes her head into the kitchen asks Jordan what she doing Jordan says popping pimple. Natalie tells her to get Jeff to do that Jordan says no thats gross. Natalie “I pick my boyfriends back pimples” .. They all get together to play bullshit…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:45pm Everyone playing Bullshit

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Please tell me that I’m not the only one NOT buying Gnat’s fake-ass drunk act…As a recovering alcoholic, I’m actually a bit offended that she’s acting so damn poorly…And anyone left in the house that believes her act DESERVES to go home…I’m just sayin’…

Stop already!

Okay, not only does she suck in competitions, but she sucks at being a drunk. She is killing me with these comments about sleeping with J/J. If I was Kevin I would just call it a night and go to the HOH.

NATcho Loco

Nat would throw her dad off a bridge if he was standing on a 10 dollar bill!!

to kind

you are way too kind or maybe you added a zero after that one on accident. lol 🙂


where did nastalie get her alcohol? and besides Jeff stating the ovious ( why is she allowed at “18” to drink) doesn’t anyone else notice if she was indeed 18 is BB house allowing her to drink?


it is very annoying that the HGs have not called out the Gnat for her age. I don’t get why she ever said that anyway..she has never tried to “act” 18. I mean all the talk she does about her boyfriend and the knowledge she has with poker playing and she has mentioned going on spring break from school. I guess its just because she is so immature that they don’t question it, but now I am insulting all 18 yr olds…sorry.


She’s not 18. She is 24. She lied to the other HG about her age.


your all fooled by Natalie, she is married and has a little baby boy! she is not 24 but 21years old! and life is tough


whats up with nataliar? shes pissin off kevin why is she being rude only to him yeah i know shes drinkin but why only rude to kevin?


Because there is nothing Kel can do. They’ve already held the POV nominations. And she dicking with him. Now he’s worried she might keep Jeff and he’d be screwed. How about Kel and Mich team up. Ther you go Gnat you now have to depend on you and Jordon to win comp. Good luck with that.


Ugh that skank Nat is being so annoying right now its making me sick. ENOUGH OF HER!!!!!!


*referring to an older post, when I asked “Why is Natalie called pig pen”, and I was told to subscribe to the live feeds. Why would I pay to watch the live feeds?! I’ve caught an episode of BBAD, and it was completely boring. I thought my question was rather simple, and could of been easily answered, but someone had to have a sarcastic answer to get the live feeds, so I could waste my money. imdb boards are better, at least they answer the questions.


nastalie is called that cause she picks her nose then eats it. (after she rubs into her finger for awhile)


She is constantly popping her pimples and never ever combs her hair.


And each licorice while picking her nose. Hopefully no one else shares food with her.

Nat Stop already!

when she gets in the hot tub that counts as a bath.

to kind

Wears the same clothes for DAYS,

Simon dont forget when she was on Have have not she was also on her period do thats a double ICKY


2) Picks her nose all the time. Sometimes she flicks it on the floor, sometimes she puts it in her pocket, and when she wants a snack, she eats it.

3) She wears and sleeps in the same clothes for days at a time.


Picks her nose and eats the boogers she fetches.

nasty hter

Wears those damn yellow shorts for days on end,hardly bathes,eats her boogers,never brush’s her hair,don’t know how to use tampons..the list goes on and on.


This is how she acts when she knows she’s being viewed 24/7. Imagine the level of Skankiness when she’s not.


anyone notice no announcements tonight on the BBAD show. no ” you are not allowed to talk about…” or “kevin please go to the diary room” etc…


I heard tons of them last night…especially directed towards Jeff and his “singing” LOL


I just have to let you all know that Natalie is my favorite Big Brother Contestand EVER! I’ve liked her from the beginning and have always supported the Natalie/Jesse/Chima alliance. Now all that’s left is Nat, so GO NATALIE!

another fan

OMG! I have to say I am so happy I will never have the displeasure of meeting you, because if you can like a dirty disgusting liar like that, I don’t want to know you. Most of the players seem like they are probably really good people in real life, even Russell, but Nasty appears to be in the house as she is in life – gross!


With the compliments of everyone on this website,” You can have Natalie, she is all yours.”

Plastic Boob Inspector

Just shaking my head at the whole situation lmao.


plastic boobs or whatever go back to sleep as anything you post is so like a bad dream and also as dreams go: fuzzy.


Ugggh, I don’t get to see Thursdays show until Friday, 12:37AM, why? geeez FOOTBALL.


This girl PP is so damn annoying, I want to punch her in the face as we speak! I hope Thursday night will reveal a surprise and send her ass out the door!!!


And please, why Michelle is called Coo Coo CoMAg ? Thanks


I thought it was Russ?

nasty hter

she acts crazy,talks to herself,laughs for no reason,this chick is smart,has them all fooled.


I don’t think that part is an act on michelle’s part. while she is exceptionally bright, she is socially awkward. i dont think they realize just how bright she really is. Russ and Ronnie both did — and acted accordingly (russ to team up with her – at time and ronnie to get rid of her). she is the only one who sees thru natalie. the only one in the entire game!

remember, there is a fine line between genius and insanity. it’s no act. but at this point i am totally on team Michelle!


Best case scenario……Michelle wins HOH, puts up K and PP…..Michelle or Jordon win POV, and one of the slugs go packing……


Best case scenario is if Nasty Gnat falls into a wood chipper.




Natalie is the most disguesting houseguest ever on Big Brother. Inside and out she is just NASTY. I’m going to call her NASTalie. She is a pathological lier. It seems even she believes her own lies… like when she says she can win stuff. She needs some mental help after the show.

Michele got this far on her own more or less and deserves to win!


gnat drunk is still a lying, smirking, pig ( too clever for these fools) person . too clever was only what she thinks . and kev gay with his snide assed , head shaking, black girl attitude has to put his 2 cents in when jeff says he cleans and vaccums ( kevgay says “in what house not this house, (2 snaps girl) “I jus told him” attitude”) kev is the poster boy for the reason you should use condoms .

discuss game

these ignorant, borderline(?) racist comments are not necessary to discuss the game.


no wonder his family disowned him. What redeeming features? None.

nasty hter

Gollum is getting pissed at Nasty,will it be a tie and Gollum sends Cookiedough monster home..lets hope!


Jeff is flirting with the obvious, if only he would call her out for underage drinking which is ILLEGAL! I want to smack him!!! CBS wouldn’t supply alcohol to a minor so bam Natalie is a liar.


Sorry to ask this but I am new at this stuff. Would a few of you mind going back a couple of title Headings to the one that said Nothing to Pondora’s Box and Jeff is gone. Please read my comment at the bottom and tell me what you think. You can comment on this one because I am here with you now. Just wanted some more thoughts. Thank you!


Thank you, Simon. I will try to get better at this!

Cool Beans



PLEASE TELL ME WHATS UP! whats up with nataliar? shes pissin off kevin why is she being rude only to him yeah i know shes drinkin but why only rude to kevin AND SHES BEING NICE TO JEFF IS SHE TRYING TO GET JEFFS JURY VOTE?


She is working Jordumbass in the hot tub. That girl is seriously stupid, spilling everything to Nat, throwing Michelle under a fleet of buses.

nasty hter

She is working them..if it looks,smells and squeels like a pig it isn’t its Nasty Nat!

Michelle FTW!

I am thinking if Michelle wins HOH maybe she should put up Natalie and Kevin and then have Kevin voted out. I mean Natalie couldn’t win anything to save her life, so Michelle against her in the final 3 would have an easier time than if she was with Kevin.

Do they have a HOH comp when there’s only 3 people left?

discuss game

yes. when its down to three people the hoh comp takes place in three parts since there is no pov. the winner of the first part or round automatically makes it to the final round. the other two battle for the next spot and then the winner takes on the person who won the first round to decide who is hoh. then the hoh chooses who they take to the final two.


when natalie yawns she sounds like a whale!

discuss game

i really hope that kevin is being sincere (i know, a long shot, but im hoping) about questioning natalie’s loyalty. what he told michelle made complete sense and its what i have been thinking for the last few days! anyone who sees you locked up and decides huh, im gonna just grab some more cash before i decide to consider caring is not an ally or loyal to you at all. what was funny was kevin’s initial reaction. he is really funny. and when natalie chased after jeff upstairs and he was like why are you all up on me? that was funny too!
i think kevin may actually mean it only bc this seems to be one thing that he hasnt been idiotic enough to tell natalie yet. i think he knows that their duo is done next week and not only bc her chances of winning are small but bc he knows that she will throw him under the bus even more than she has already.
my concern is just how foolish jordan is. she believes natalie over michelle. i think if michelle wins hoh she will be stuck with natalie and jordan for final 3 bc jordan likes natalie. shes just a fool. kevin pulled the trigger on jeff but natalie built the gun, bought the bullets and pushed jeff in front of the gun.
id feel good about the show if kevin and michelle were final 2, with michelle winning of course. and im over hearing her called crazy, team psycho and coo coo. its not based on what she has done in the game. she is a smart, strong player. we should respect her game play more than we do.


I couldn’t agree more with you!


If you’re refering to Kevin’s DR sessions in which he questions Natbags loyaty. I would assume BB may have “advised” him to say that. otherwise Jeff’s eviction is a foregone conclusion and may stop viewers from tuning in on Thursday.


natalie is an annoying drunk! thank god i dont know her in real life!

Die In A Tree Michelle!

Wow. Jordan is so hefty. She’s like a massive bathtub.

HEBA! = Highly Explosive Bathtub Alert!


LOL! she is NOT massive one bit. you’re crazzzzzy. she did gain a few lbs. but no where nearrrrrrrr massive!


anyone ever see the movie “whatever happened to Baby Jane”? she too was a compulsive liar and she wore her slippers too big and dragged her feet ( like Nat) and she was obnoxious. she also though tshe was a big fat movie star ( like nat) dah. whatever happened to baby GNAT ?


This young lady is a mess! And, I have to agree with all of you that the others are not to bright if they still think she is only 18. CBS would not give liquor to a minor. That is against the law in the state of Calif. They could be sued by her parents and the productor would be facing charges. Boy, those guys not calling her out on that is really sad!


Dah, Grandma does know how to spell producer! Sorry.


Does anyone know what was said to kevin in the diary room that is making him paranoid? I haven’t seen anything explaining what was said or why he is getting paranoid. Is it possible there is still a twist in play for eviction Thurs. because Jeff released Kevin?

discuss game

from the post and his convo with michelle i think they were asking him questions about his duo with natalie. he knows shes a schemer but he hasnt settled enough yet to put all of the clues together and maybe when they fired back to back questions at him about natalie he began to see that she may play him and get him booted next week.


Wouldn’t it be great if because Jeff released Kevin, Kevin now has the responsibility to release Jeff?


MY GOD!! Why do you all like Jeff so much? He is an idiot, a smoker, and a drunk. I hope he dies of Lung Disease! Any guy that goes after Jordan The Cookie Dough Beast must be extremely desperate! Thank goodness he’s leaving this week.


you should hate someone because they smoke.. my lord idk how you were raised by i would never wish death in a horrible way to someone i didnt even KNOW!!!! that makes you look so awful.


Why do you wish death on people? Something is seriously wrong with you. This is TV, calm down.


It’s fine not to like someone, loathe them, be repulsed by them, but to HATE is pathetic. To wish someone death, a and a horrible one at that is showing your true colors. BTW, I am not a Jeff/Jordan lover.


Thank you Ronnie!


Grow up!!!!!


sorry guys but reasons why dumb jeff is going home
1) he is so dumb he choose cumber to be his playmate
2) he is so so dumb he trust the bulldog rather than michelles who was his ally
3) he is so dumb dumb he backstabber ruseel who was ready for the final 4
40 he is so damn dumb he hand out the power to queer kevin
and I can spend all nite telling more
bulldog we know is the super trash from bb history but something for sure she is playing the game
still hate the bulldog dam she is so damn ugly lol I bet some ts looks cuter than her lol
bulldog nats is so ugly so ugly, every time her mother looks at her she says to herself, “Damn, I should’ve
just given head.” XD sorrry she make me puke every time I see her face 🙁


Boy that is the pot calling the kettle black. Did you actually read your e-mail before you hit the submit button? Its barely coherent.


I think I am beginning to understand why the hgs put up with her shit. That pussy Jeff has to put up with it because he thinks that Natalie is going to vote for him to stay. Jordon is so stupid she thinks that Nat is her best friend now. And Kevin is just taking it all in and waiting for the opportunity to get rid of her. Michelle has no reason to put up with Nat so Michelle should let her have it. I would pay to see Michelle gather up some bugs and put them in Nats hair because it is so stringy that the bugs would not be able to fly away and Nat would have a freakin fit. That is my dream.


I hope Michelle falls to her death from a 50 story building and drowns in a puddle.

discuss game

how old are you guys?! omg! discuss the game or just shut up! find a friend on aim, or invent one if you have to but this blog is to discuss the game of bb not to hear your immature rants on who you like and blah blah blah. theres too much work put into the blog (thank you simon + dawg) for you to make it this idiotic.


Me thinks you should seek some counseling. Wishing for Jeff to die of lung disease and for Michelle to fall off a 50 story building to her death – you are very sick. This is just a GAME!!! and to wish other’s to die over a game is totally stupid. SEEK COUNSELING Jeff H8R. I am assuming that the H8R indicates you have a Hate problem.


You shouldn’t wish death on anyone. Karma is a bitch – haven’t you been watching the show? It is a television show. Get some help with your issues.


its jeffro & ellie mae clampett from the beverly hillibillies (aka jeff and jordan) hee haw


Ok, for those talking about the whole Nats age thing……..of course she is lying as it states clearly on numerous sites that her birthday in march 3 1985, which therfore would make her 24!! As for twists and as to who should win, I believe that who should win should always at least be someone who has actually PLAYED the game and not some floater who did’nt do F/A!!! I think Russle coming back would really shake things up as would Jeff staying…….to me I think that if Russle comes back then he should win…..if Jeff stays then he should win…..if Ronnie would have stayed then he maybe should have won…….at least they all did shit to keep it entertaining and have all actually tried to PLAY the game.


Don’t forget Michelle she has played the game .
She is not the most liked but know dout she has played.
Won HOH , many POV. She is the one who came up with telling
Kavin he better keep Jeff . Very smart if it worked or not.
I do think michelle is walking away with this .No I rather see Jeff.
But she has played

discuss game

next week will be interesting. it will show us just how low some of the players will go to make it to final 3. michelle has good odds because of her comp skills even though everyone is backstabbing her. i think that if michelle had her choice she would vote out natalie. she knows that natalie manipulates jordan too easily, wouldnt take her to the final 2 and she believes that natalie has “friends” in the jury house (this is a foolish thought, i dont think even jesse would vote for her since she hasnt won anything and im sure lydia has told him all about the jesse bashing that they did). plus she honestly does not want to see such a floater end up in the final 2. she said that more than once. i agree with her take on this. kevin may be a better game player than natalie but he isnt as good as michelle. i think if the final 3 were kevin, jordan and michelle-michelle would win the hoh comp and if not, kevin would surely take her to final 2 thinking that she has so many enemies in the jury house that he could beat her. i really think that the jury house will vote on game play however and will reward michelle. you cant argue that she hasnt played a great game.


Man, there was some weird stuff going on at the end of BBAD tonight. I’ll bet the next update kicks ass.


Natalie has another very big secret…it should “come out” soon.


I bet she is a man ~~~!! lolol


what is it boots? do you know something we common folk dont know? is she a chick that used to be dude? come on boots…spill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So at this point it definately looks like Jeff is done, to me I am glad, I dont think a twist at the final 4 is right. So Jeff the righteous that everyone loved for being a great guy and above the smarminess of the game is just as greedy as the rest. Yes, he found the key. But he only looked because he thought it was required to keep the cash. Then when he found it, he hid it to be able to find more cash. Yes, Nat didnt even look, but did you expect better of her. Jef was supposed to be the great guy and he left Kevin there not even knowing why he was yelling from the room except that he needed the key. Then he loses the POV and when Mich says sorry and goes to hug her he tells her to get away from him? Couple that with all his “douchebag comments he has made all week and all his comments of “undeserving’ people making it to final 4 and he is definately a sore loser and not the great stan up guy he was made out to be. Does he forget he only got this far with the gift cdt. Prior to that he was on the fast track out of the house. Say what you want and hate Jesse all you wish but the week of his booting he didnt sulk. However he did say he saw it coming and warned his group. When he was called up he looked dejected but he turned to Jeff and told him that he just made the best move he had made all game. He got got, but he took it like a man. Time for Jeff to take a pointer. Also Jeff is whining about how Kevin screwed him to Jordan who he had been enemies with for most the game, yet just a week ago he screws his teammate and it is ok. Give me a break, definately time for this hypocrite to leave.


Henry I couldn’t have said it better myself…I completely agree with you about the douchebag dude who got got!!!!!


Well Why would Jeff unlock Kevin. He knows he has the key to let him out. There’s more money to be had. kevin put him up on the block. Duh anyone with an ounce of functioning brain would go out and grab as much as he/she can before opening the lock to let the HOH out, the HOH that placed you on the block.
And Jeff’s comments to Michelle seemed more out of frustration and wanting to be left alone more than dissing Michelle. I’d be pissed too if I lost and knew I was goin home.


I’m so tired of people making excuses for Jeff’s actions just because he comes across as a “nice guy”. Sure, he’s had nice/sweet moments (not to mention he’s been edited big time by CBS, watch the live feeds, not so innocent), but he’s also had some shady ones, grow up and admit it, whether you like him or not. There was NO need for him to treat michele like that, she was trying to be nice. I would never snub someone like that who was trying to be nice, what a sore loser.

Not a JJ fan anymore

You haven’t been paying much attention to Jeff lately if you think he wasn’t dissing Michelle. He has been treating her like crap for the last 2 weeks. She has taken a lot more than I ever would have. Especially since it’s his fault!!! He screwed not only hisself, but Jordan, Michelle & Russell!!!! He’s the real jerk in all of this.

ex jeff fan

couldn’t say it better myself

Dustin Thawind

I like Jeff but his treatment of Michelle, especially after the POV comp, has damped that A LOT.


jeff treatment towards michelle after veto game was awful. he is such an ass….now production has to start showing jordan as the ‘bitch’ we all know she is…i just hate it when she was in the hoh room with jeff and saying awful terrible things about people. yes! evrybody has said terrible things but they also are edited in that way to. so that people who just watch the cbs show have an understanding of who people are.. cbs just has jordan coming off as sweet and innocent. they havent even let home veiwers know how dumb she really is…and trust me people..the girl is dumb.


Keep in mind that Kevin screwed Jeff over so why would he be overly excited to “help” Kevin out?


Couldn’t have said it any better myself. He contradicts himself way too much.


they have card games to play and pool games to play and chess games to play and dont forget the ever so entertaining game”the contradiction game”. ………..although i dont think they intentionally try to contradict what they say, its just their minds are always spinning different scenarios so one minute they like someone and the next minute their talking smack about the same person. kinda like all of us, huh?


Haha, you do make a good point.


I guess you think NAT and Kavin r stand up people lolol.
Jess thought he might , but he was clueless when Jeff sent his low life ass out the door.
If Jeff were to leave I’m sure he will be the same .
Jeff has played this game and he has done it well as well as Michelle.
Jess is a ball sucker !!! all of America see that . I for one thought he was last season as well.Why they thought we would won’t to see his him again. OH lets not even get into what he did to Lidya and Nat. GREAT GUY NOT


I still think that the key may save Jeff. I want Natalie to go. She is a snake. She has told everyone in the house that won HOH what to do. She is a spoiled little brat. I feel sorry for her old man of a boyfriend.


through some bugs on NAT !!! Call it a game lolol


I wish they would have a reunion after the season once all the players have watched how they have been played. I would really like to watch how stupid they would feel. Especially now with Jeff completely trusting Gnat…UGH!!! So irritating!! Go Michelle! She is the only one after this eviction that deserves it!


i would love to see that too!!!!!!!!! there is going to be a 2 hour finale but i dont think they will be able to watch of the show and how they played or got played. bummer!!!!!!


She totally is!! Michele FTW!

Mary N

As it has been soooooo boring lately to watch–they need to stir up the shit! I think it would be a GREAT spin and make the house more interesting if they would make whoever found the key (which would be Jeff–it could have been anyone–but no one else looked!!) and have him open a door–behind the door would be a Jeannie who would GRANT HIM 3 WISHES!!

1st wish–He could take himself off.

2nd wish–He decides who goes home–it could be anyone–including KEVIN!

3rd wish–He could bring one person back who is in the jury house–hopefully Russ.

This would stir everything up–in the house and in the jury house!!!

Maybe BB will be reading this and do this! I think it would be terrific.

I have pretty much quit watching and fast forward through most of it because it’s so boring and I am sick of Natalie complaining all the time and saying how wonderful she is.


i think production has tried to help jeff enough, dont you? they even tried to convince him that russ was on his side. stupidity got the best of him. he made bad choices and now he must live with them. it’s a bummer i know. i hope nat doesnt win.


I can’t wait to see the close up on NAT & Kavins face IF Jeff has power again !!!
They will be like what the F ck!!!! I’m going to be rolling !!!
what ever one of them stay will be saying all kinds of crap about Jeff being handed this and race ,, Every one had a chance to find the key .Know one know what it did or for that matter to even look for it at the time . They still don’t . I think Michelle will walk away with this .
I’m not a big fan of michelle .But if Jeff can’t win then way to go Michelle.You have played a great game .


To people who like jessie,chima and pp all i want to know is why?


For the people who like filthy mouth, nasty farting ass, backstabbing, nose picking, hypocrite Jeff, why?

For those who like fake boob, crying about being a dumb ass waitress, staying home and sleeping in the same bed as mom, uneducated no life, pig eating Jordoug (Jordumb), why?


Wow that description sounded more like Nat than Jeff!


Exactly,! Thanks for making my point. 😉


You hate Nat for being exactly who Jeff is, but she is smarter.


I’m a NAT fan!!!! Seriously, you’re awesome.


No body likes them !!! It must be friends and family giving them a bone on here lolol


I wish!

It would be a pleasure to have a daughter or girlfriend, that has mastered Tak Won Do and graduate from ASU, her dad has done a good job.


Natalie isn’t that bad. I think ppl see her in a negative light because he lies are so elementary and basic yet ppl continue to fall for them and never call her on them. She has no plan, think about how many times she has told on herself, drinking, the poker tourneys, etc. I don’t mind if she wins some money. The best plyr will win. Remember the jury house takes the best plyr, like dan last year, everyone should have hated him but the jurors do not reward floaters. The only decision that kev and michelle have is who to take to F2 between Jor and Nat. Nat guar the 500k for Kev and Jor locks it up for Mich. The jury house does not give out 500k cause they like the person. Name a season where personal won out over gameplay in the final 2?


i wish nat would stop telling kevin that if he turns on her and he gets evicted that she is going to tell all ‘her friends’lol not to give him their vote…better yet..i wish kevin would stop believing everything she says. kevin is smarter that and needs to get rid of her the first chance he has.


whoops….i meant to say if SHE gets evicted cuz of kevin that she will tell all her ‘friends’ in the jury house not to give him their vote.


No your right !!! SHE is a HE I bet lolol


I know this was info was posted on a previous chat, but I just read it. I went back and watch the beginning of yesterday’s episode and it show everyone who has been evicted in black and white without any names….except Russell. Either that was a mess up on the shows part or it means something. Russell was shown in the backyard in color with his name, like the remaining hgs. Very interesting.


one of the first thing people in the house do when someone leaves is look at the wall and see the black and white picture. what i think is that we dont know how they edit everything together so maybe when that shot was taken russ was still in the house, i dont know, just a guess. they have to edit days of footage into a hour so it is possible.


I think that was probably a mistake….they wouldn’t have enough time to bring him back with the finale being less than two weeks away (15th). Although, I would love that.


I was watching BBAD last night and I just wanted to PUNCH NATALIE IN HER DRUNK (OR FAKE DRUNK) FACE!!!!! What an idiot…I was praying she would say something completely stupid and call herself out but just as it started getting good it was 3am and they were gone (boohoo!!! LOL) I really wanted to punch her in the face when she was calling Michelle crazy right to her face…what a friggin heartless bitch. And I can’t believe Kevin didn’t call her out on the key incident!! Fool!
Anything happen on the live feeds after that time? WHat an idiot….ugh


opinion…..Jeff tells Jordon he trust Natty…but I don’t buy that…. he tells Jordon that cause he knows that Jordon will relay the message to Natty. n’ for now he needs to Natty to think he trust her..Jeff tells Jordon to stick with Michelle if he goes…Jeff n’ Michelle mended their fences but do not want the other HG’s to know it…Michelle told Jeff that she wanted to be in the final 2 with him…. Jeff n’ Michelle are working together to keep him in the house n; Kevin may decide that his odds of final 2 are better without Natty in the pic..



PLEASE Kevin!!!! Get out Natty Gnat Gnat!!! That’s right— you can do it— keep talking to Michelle—- no! Don’t hide in HOH!!! (brainwashing): Nastalie is a greedy gump; she’ll turn on you; can’t you see she’s not 18? CBS wouldn’t promote underage drinking!!! She sure is buddy-buddy with Jordan— think about it— she’ll get more jury votes than you!!! Wake up, Kevin!!! Put on your glasses, stop squinting and shine them up!!! Gnat needs to go-Gnat needs to go-Gnat needs to go… Man I wish Kevin was telepathic!!!


I swear if Jeff goes home, I will not be watching this show anymore. Natalie is disgusting, immature, and a habitual liar. She cheats at all the games (pool, chess) and then brags about winning! OMG I don’t think I have EVER met a more unworthy person in my life. Simon I agree with your choice to turn on off the mic while she was eating; I am not surprised at all that she has no table manners. I can’t believe the other HG haven’t figured out she is lying about her age; as if BB and CBS would all or promote under age drinking. I am hoping Michelle wins at this point, since Jeff is likely going home. I agree with others who say someone who has actually played the game should win. Floaters like Natalie and Jordan (even though I like her) should not have the opportunity to win and nor would they get my vote.

not a j/j fan @ all

Who in the hell cares!!!!!! Don’t watch it, all of you talk about Natalie but you are all a bunch of whiners too. It’s a game people.GET OVER IT!!!!


I totally agree with you. This is BIG BROTHER….people get evicted, that’s the name of the game. And just because your favorite gets evicted, you stop watching. Grow the F up!!!! This is how the show has been from season 1. Get the hell over it, and quit telling us that you’re going to stop watching because NOBODY cares! You don’t like the game of BB then you shouldn’t have started watching in the first place. I for one, am a fan of the GAME, I don’t take evictions personal, if I did, I wouldn’t watch the show.


Ok, deal. Then you and all your ilk shut up about how much you hate Jeff, and we’ll all be even.
If I stop watching, it’s not because Jeff is gone, it’s because Natalie is so vile, I can’t stand to be subjected to her any longer. I don’t care who the other 3 in the house with her are. You saw her behavior last night. Obnoxious at BEST. I don’t care to see immature foul repugnant assholes rewarded. I can’t believe how much hate there is for Jeff for making an off hand comment to Michele after he lost the POV, but no one seems to mind that Natalie was talking with Kevin about wanting to pull a prank that would hurt someone, maybe putting a bucket of hot water on top of the door so it would fall on them….oh yeah, I would be SO proud to have a daughter like her.


Not once did I condone Natalies behaviour. I simply said that Jeff’s snub toward Michelle was uncalled for, and it WAS. I still hate Natalie more than anyone in the game. So don’t ASSUME that because I said Jeff was a dick for doing what he did, that I somehow think Natalie’s behavious is justified, because never did I say that.


There is speculation that Russell is coming back. The opening of Tuesday’s show showed him with his picture still in color and not showing an exit photo as it did on Sunday’s show. They did not show the jury house so he may be in isolation. The opening of Pandora’s box may have been that Russell is returning much like Crazy James did—in a box.


that would be Kevin’s worst


Simon, didnt they have by week last yr, when no one went home? Do u think that might happen this week?


Too bad Jeff was in the athletes clique and didn?t get kicked out early on in the game, these Jeff lifers are too Jordumb for their own good.

Nat FTW!

Uncle Cool

Kevin is playing smart now. At least he is thinking.

But still, get rid of Jordan next week.

Natalie deserves to go farther than her.

Jordan has done nothing whatsoever to earn any type of prize in this game. She should not even get her stipend for being a part of the game because she has done nothing to earn it.


I guess i’m just a sucker for BB. Another season where the probable winner will be another do-nothing floater with the personality of a wet fart. Out of 11 seasons, 3 maybe 4 were won by someone with a iota of charisma and personality who actually played the game. Ah well, always next year. CBS, short of “fixing”the outcome please do something to prohibit the floaters from entering the house or at least from advancing this far. It’s boring TV. Make them earn it by doing more than sleeping/lying around for 90% of the game.