Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michele tells her she made the right move not taking Jeff’s deal and Natalie finds something new to pick

Casey’s Clothing Store Man in a Banana Suit

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:10pm Jordan Green Room Break down

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:30pm Red Room Natalie and Kevin. Natalie getting really excited about her HOH room. Kevin asks about her boyfriend “Gorgeous” better be a fucking model” Natalie “Umm I think he’s hot but that

just my opinion”Natalie tells him he’s going up. Kevin understands. SHe tells him its the only way in case Jordan wins POV.. .he thinks they should offer Jordan final 3 before POV. Natalie agrees she says tonight they will scheme it out and figure out what they will say to the 2 bitches tomorrow. They start talking about food and Natalie says she can’t cook but wants to learn so she can cook food for her man. Kevin doesn’t like cooking. She’s going to start cooking with Michelle and learn some new dishes. Kevin says “Yuck”. Kevin mentions that with only 4 of them left there?s going to be a camera on each one for the life feed watchers. Michele joins them.. They start talking about Jeff’s speech, Kevin was shocked he thought Jeff was going to be nice but he was nasty. Michele says she had promised Jeff her vote but after his “Sketchy Speech” she thought otherwise (oh come on Michelle there not that dumb) Natalie was surprised to she was going to say something else but then decide to change it up.
Kevin says he did to. Natalie tells Michelle so much for your “deal” there was no way you could of thrown that HOH comp. Michelle agrees “you made the right move Natalie”. Natalie says it actually was a good deal they offered the reason she didn’t take it was because there was no guarantee there really wasn’t anything stopping them from going back on their word. She adds if she could of signed something than she would of
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

taken it. They start talking about this week?s HOH. Natalie is glad Chima isn’t angry anymore but wonders what her statement said that she issued. Natalie brings up the jury house and how funny it’s going to be when Jeff walks in. Lydia, Jessie and Russell were all friends and Jeff got 2 of them out. Michelle tells Kevin she can’t believe he said he wouldn?t mind being bent over and handcuffed on national TV. Kevin laughs thought it was funny. Jordan joins them. She tells them that its hard because she was so close with Jeff and now with him gone she has nobody. Kevin feels for her but says they are all alone now, He lost Lydia, Natalie lost Jessie and Michelle… Well Michelle lost Ronnie. Michelle screams and whips her pony tail at him. Kevin tells them he doesn’t beleive the Pandora’s box is over he thinks it?s coming back. Natalie “Fuck that you Trippin” She says if the “Pandora box” comes back and offers her something she’s going to take it.. She tells them sorry if it’s 10grand for her or the house it?s going to her. They start talking about the big brother experience so far and past houseguests. They laugh that Casey is selling banana man stuff online (anyone have a link for this and I?ll pimp it out on the site?) Natalie start to clean and clip her toenails.. Kevin rolling his eyes at her.. 7:40pm Feeds go to fish… 7:58pm Still fish

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Houseguests are in a competition….. WTF is going on?


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174 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michele tells her she made the right move not taking Jeff’s deal and Natalie finds something new to pick

      1. Something is going on their showing trivia not sure what it is though… It rally could be anything Julie did say there was something happening with Pandora’s box and it could change the game.

  1. Simon and Dwag, firstly Thanks for the great site! You have no idea how much I love this…keep up the good work!
    Secondly, do you think there is another Hoh comp going on?

  2. I couldn’t stand June: she won BB2, now I can’t stand Nathalie and she is winning BB11……rrrrrrrrrr. I wish they fast forward it and it’s over by tomorrow…..Will be happy to switch to Survivor..

  3. I am still confused on why Jeff didn’t get to see goodbye videos! Also, if this is LIVE, how or why were all the girls names already placed in the HOH competition? Seems pretty odd that they were there if this is a live show!

      1. I didn’t remember that. They must want to keep us guessing! Do you think there was anything odd about the names in the HOH competition? I was wondering how they had the names up so fast! I must be thinking too far into this! :)

      2. i think the week that lydia was evicted it was the week that chima quit, and they had to spend a lot of time covering what had happened, etc. so the show ran out of time.

    1. I think he should be penalized for that! Remember they said there were 2 things that could not do…well cussing on live TV was one!

  4. ::sigh:: worst possible outcome. J&J blew it with their HOHs though. They should have been taking out Natalie and Kevin instead of Lydia and Russell.

    I’m done. I’ll check on here in a day or two to see if maybe Pandora’s box brought back Jeff, otherwise I won’t be looking again until after the finale to see who wins (hopefully Michelle or Jordan). I just can’t stand Natalie, she makes me sick.

    1. PS – Just had to say one more thing about that skank Natalie. Could that skeevy little bitch be more smug? “I did it by keeping my WORD!” Whatever. She is the most disgusting person I have ever seen. Not just in her nose picking, booger eating, non-showering way, but just in overall character. She is a prime example of the worst humanity has to offer.

      1. hahaha I so agree with you natalie is such a skank i can hardly stand to watch her she said karma was a bitch well lets hope it does come back to her and that she gets greedy enough to take the bait on pandoras box cause i think jeff has a chance to come back and be in that box and she will have to choose. she will think it is her jessie and take it. She is greedy and a liar i hope michelle does not fall for her.

      1. Well, Lydia was a psycho…the only goodbye message for her is to please see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. And plus she took too much time in her interview and her poses when she walked out…so that might be the reason.
        I am not a big fan of Jeff since last couple weeks he has been a total wanker. But still he has been a crowd favourite….so I kindda expected that he would get as much airtime as possible.

      2. Even if they planned on doing away with goodbye messages, I would think this is the exception. J/j were a major storyline. I’d bet there were a significant portion of the audience expecting to see some closure.

    1. I don’t know, guys. I remember in past season them not getting to all exit messages. I can’t remember who it was but I do remember being disappointed that they didn’t show that person’s. But, you never know. You guys watch the Morning Show and see if Jeff is there and what he says. Let us know.

  5. They ran out of time… they didn’t show messages b/c they didn’t get to the eviction until about 10 minutes after they normally do and it’s a live show. Something has to go… they did a HOH comp that would leave us knowing the winner… so they were limited on time. I don’t believe there was a hidden message behind no messages.

    Simon & Dawg… great site!

  6. I just saw the speeches made and what Kevin said to Jeff before booting him off. Initially, I thought I wanted Natalie gone. Now, I want Kevin. He needs to reap what he sows. Still, I believe the final prediction of Natalie winning BB 11 will likely win.

    1. I don’t have a favorite between those two but I would have to say that Jeff’s speech wasn’t very nice about Kevin. He told Natalie on National TV that Kevin is a backstabber. Sorry, but Jeff certainly was one, too.

  7. i just looked at kc’s lame web site. I never did like Kc and his fake wanna be black accent. nothing worse then a dork assed white boy thinking he’s suddenly cool if he has a black accent. ( good example justin timberlame) :)

  8. I really hope they bring Russelll back. I do NOT want kevin or Natalie to win. I do NOT like natalieee att allllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEff got what he deserved. America loved him at first, and he let us down!!!!! So good byeeee Jefffffffff

    1. what are you talking about?

      we caused him to fail by giving him the CDT. we gave it to him to take out the big players and that caused him to have an even bigger target on his back.

      1. No, he was in a guaranteed final 4 AFTER we gave him the CDT. He was just too stupid. He thought with his emotions instead of his mind, aligned with the enemy, and let his insecurities about competing against Russ get in his way.

        1. I have to go along with you on this. Jeff got a break there and was able to get rid of Jessie. He just started listening to the wrong people after that. I was rather bother with Jeff when he said to Julie that a reason he got rid of Russell was because he was teaming with Michelle. Well, lets be serious here. Jeff was teamed with Jordon, Natalie with Kevan, and why wouldn’t Russell team with Michelle? Russell knew that there was no way Jeff was going to take him to the final two over Jordon. I didn’t think that was a just reason when he said that to Julie. Also, Russell had always kept his word when it came to the vote even when it would get someone mad at him. Like his votes to keep Casey and Jessie. I think that showed he kept his word. No, Jeff just wasn’t thinking and listened to the wrong ones. I am sorry about that. I think that cost him the game.

      2. I am so over Saint Jeff. Now it’s everybody’s fault for taking out the big players, not Jeff’s for backstabbing his alliance. Some people will go to any length to defend him. Looks like Nat is the real big player that someone should have taken out. For heaven’s sake. Jeff took out Lydia!!! Give me a break. That was probably his worst move of all. I can understand he was paranoid about Russell, and head to head, I think Russell could beat Jeff at just about anything, but to take out Lydia was just plain stupid. If he had gotten Kevin or Nat out instead, he would probably still be in the house, even if he had still backdoored Russell. Jeff is an idiot. He has nobody to blame but himself for thinking with the wrong head. As for Kevins quip about being bent over and handcuffed, I laughed, but it was totally inappropriate for network prime time.

  9. I do find it odd not showing jeff’s goodbye videos over laura. They played up breaking up the couple and didn’t go for the emotional ending.

  10. I just took a peek at caseys site and it is dumb. I never did like him anyhow. He seemed to try too hard to young and cool. when hes realy a middle aged man who thinks he still young and cool. and his ebonic way of talking, ha even chima commented on that .

  11. I wouldn’t be so sure Natalie is going to get the votes from the Jury. They seem to be kinda upset about her lying about her age. Didn’t you see that reaction from the 3 in the house now? I am sure it will be the same with the others that come in. Jessie doesn’t sound like she has his vote. It does come down to the votes.

    1. Another thing, too. Jeff did make it a point to remark about her age (Natalie) in his speech tonight. Her being 18. I am sure he will have the same reaction as Lydia and Russell. Jessie called her a lier tonight in the Jury House.

    1. Sadly, Jeff’s early departure for stupidity probably means you are right. Not that I don’t want Jeff to win fan fave. I was just hoping that he would make final 3, then Russ or Casey could win fan fave. Casey was hilarious and went out way too soon. And, Russell was simply TV gold. I hate Natalie!!!

  12. I just got home from class and came on here to see what happened. What is Natalie wearing? It is the ugliest top I have EVER seen. Was the competition German yodeling or folk dancing?

  13. yep clothing comp ( i am watching the BBAD show) too bad jeff missed out on that . I noticed queerven picked out a pink to to i wonder if he will wear for the finale :)

      1. It really doesn’t matter who goes on the block. The winner of POV is safe and has the only vote to evict, so it depends on who wins POV.

    1. Yeah and Jeff told her stay with Michelle.Its also funny that she didnt even cry when Jeff got voted out, was she playing him all along? She isnt smart but her momma told her that guys think with their dicks. Makes ya wonder.

  14. Jeff and the rest of the jury house will talk about Natalie. He’ll tell them how he compared notes with Michelle and they figured out Natalie’s constant b.s. Also.. what is up with all those houseguests not knowing Natalie’s real age? Remember the night Casey got the boot and he was bad-mouthing them as he walked out the door? Go find the footage. Natalie’s bellowing at him about actually being 24 and that she has a college degree.. not that she acts like an adult.. Can’t believe those HG’s didn’t remember that.

      1. no she didn’t.. she was screaming it at him just before he walked out the door. the other HG’s just weren’t paying attention.

  15. i still find it strange they didn’t show any goodbye videos for jeff, considering on the feeds jordan said she got choked up doing his goodbye video and jeff & jordan spent an hour in DR last night!
    i heard there’s a double eviction this week, is there any truth to this?
    does anyone have any ideas about the new twist?

  16. This is my first post, but I am really disappointed by Kevin’s statement about enjoying being bent over with his hands in handcuffs… ten year old daughter is asking what does he mean. BBAD is OK, but not primetime. Low classsssssssss Kevin. I hope BB reminds him about his comments. I noticed that they went to the fish tank,so he must have made some other inappropriate comment.

    1. That comment was a little surprising (probably not Kevin’s best way to endear himself to the less open-minded BB voters) and I respect your perrogative in the way you choose to rear your child, but the comment was fairly benign. There are probably sexual references and dirty jokes at least as bad as what Kevin said in movies like Ice Age and Shrek, “obscured” by double entendre. Those moments will always happen with kids anyhow. Just be imaginative: “Kevin likes being bent over and handcuffed because he’s an escape artist in training! Like Houdini! Did you know he died because someone punched him in the gut when he wasn’t ready?” Subject changed. Ta-da!

      1. True and next they can show screwing on regular tv and say no honey,their just wrestling.thats the prob with this world or should I say people in this world.Wanna cover everything up and make an excuse for ignorance.I personally do not want to here about him getting it up his hershey highway or some of the other comments he has made.Your gay,good for you,but we don’t wanna hear about your preferences of positions!

    2. well said and his name is queerven or fagven. he bops his head, snaps his fingers and has fag boy attitude. Let me tell you I have alot of gay friends and if any of them behaved like queerven they would not be my friends but they don’t and they watch the show and one said to me that he felt ashamed to be part of the gay community when a stereotype like that acts like that.

    3. I was thinking about this some more…why would you allow kids to watch this show anyhow? LOL. The show’s full of superficial chicks with fake boobs, exhibitionists, liars and backstabbers, loudmouths, racists and bigots, violent thugs, etc. You should find something to watch where morality is made a priority if it worries you about the effect it has on your children. Then tape BB for ma and pa to watch later. I always thought it was odd that Big Brother wasn’t a 10 PM show anyhow, I’m not sure what kids would find interesting about it.

  17. nastalie actually picked out female clothing ( and ugly pirate looking stuff) jordan ( my sweetie pie) got 2 bottles of wine. maybe she’ll get buzzed and beat the shit outta of nastalie ( and queerven) especiallly queerven cause he done booted her man out that darn house :)

  18. It wouldnt be a big shocker if a house guest comes back. It is very likely that is could happen. I could see them bringing back Jeff for ratings… but I would be happy to see Jeff or Russell come back. Seeing as how Russell is up in the Jury House, I doubt it is him.

    I hate Natalie so much, and I said I wouldnt like Kevin unless he grew a backbone, and ditched natalie, which he didn’t so… GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!

    As for Jordan, I can’t stand the girl, but she could totally use the money, and I wouldnt be disappointed to see her take it.

    Any ways, The BB game is left with a bunch of losers.. and I can’t be bothered to watch anymore. I guess I will find out who wins.. the end..

    Cheers everyone.

    1. I think if they bring back anyone, it should be someone that isn’t in the jury house….that way its odd numbers again and no chance of a tie.

      1. They can’t bring back anyone that hasn’t been sequestered since leaving the house. It gives them an unfair advantage. They have seen DR clips and seen outside comments. The only houseguests that could hypothetically come back are Jeff, Russ, Jessie and Lydia.

        1. yes, it would be interesting to see Jesse come back too.. even though I hate him, it would be a really big twist if that happened.. ha ha

  19. Jeff got what he deserved for his HoH stupidity. But, I hate Natalie with a passion. Mich had the comp won, and then changed her answer. Her first response was 80, then she crossed it out. Damnit. Natalie makes my skin crawl. I would rather cut off my left testicle than watch Nasty Pigpen win. Hopefully, Mich can win the veto. Hey, there are rumors around that Jeff and his key may play a part of the next veto or eviction somehow. Diamond Veto for a player already evicted??? Hmmmmmm. Natalie sucks!!!

  20. PANDORA’S BOX…for US! The HOPE is that Mich (or Jordo) wins POV and says goodbye Kevin…then the HOPE that Mich (or Jordo) wins HOH after that…goodbye Natalie – as the THIRD houseguest left! That’s GOT to be the worst. Staying all that time in the house and then getting evicted in the final 3 with nothing…:) Let’s have HOPE, everyone! ;o)

  21. nat says she wish she would have grabbed a dress for what? to give to queerven? is anyone surprised michelle is kissing up to Nastalie? ( every HOH was her sudden new BFF) maybe thats why michelles nose is so big. from putting it up everyones ass.

  22. I gotta tell ya…Jeff’s wake has totally sucked so far, compared to Jessie’s. Now, THAT was a wake! None of this one girlfriend crying by herself quietly while sipping moderately expensive wine and staring at the wall business at that one. Although there is a certain quiet dignity, an almost poetic quality to Jeff’s. Jordan is probably quietly contemplating the meaning of life…oh wait, she was apparently thinking about “pink stuff.”

  23. Yes it was weird that no goodbye messages were shown to Jeff.. Ah.. As much as I hated Jeff for taking out Russell last week, it sucked seeing him leave tonight.. Watching the live feeds this week, seeing JJ at the bottom reminded me of why so many of us liked them from the beginning.. The power got to him though.. Dr.Will had it right when he said the worst thing that could happen to you is winning HoH.. Hope if Jordan makes final 2 he gets the $25,000.. The whole Pandora’s Box thing is weird.. I have a theory.. And the fact that the twist is back kinda makes it legit.. I believe CBS wanted to get something more out of the twist last week.. Had Jeff not unlocked Kevin then something might have happened which was what CBS wanted.. Now they are bringing it back to get more out of it.. Idk.. There’s speculation that it’s like dan’s trip with a jury member like last season.. If that’s the case then it’s stupid.. Whatever.. Apart from the coup d’?tat this season hasn’t been all that good.. Natalie or Kevin winning the game would make it one of the worst..

    1. Yeah, for as much talk as there’s been about backstabbing in the house, there really hasn’t been that much of it. People came in, made alliances and pretty much every vote’s stuck by it. That’s why the coup de’tat stands out; it was one of the few times that something unexpected happened.

  24. poor jordan. she needs a man ( not jeff) that will treat her like the innocent baby lost in the woods that she is ( just dont shine the headlights in her face )

    1. Well at least Jordan and Michelle have shown a lot more class seeing Jeff leave then the spastic three did when their god Jessie was evicted. – that wasn’t game playing that was pathetic and as “dumb” as Jordan may be or even a little off centre Michelle is at least they aren’t hateful and full of themselves.

  25. Let me first say while Jordan may not be the greatest player or strongest I honestly believe she has the biggest heart and is there 4 the right and most selfless reasons and has not really gone out of her way 2 be cruel 2 anyone like some of the other players have.. Second of all this weeks HOH didn’t really matter minus the fact that Nat can’t go home… The power lies in the veto holder… Crossing my fingers that Jordon and Michelle make it 2 the final 2 w Jordan taking home the prize…

    1. Wasn’t Nasty just saying the other night how Hoh meant nothing,it was the POV that had all the power this week.Greed got her

  26. miss know it all nast talking bout the HOH tie breaker rules saying that you werent allowed to go over guessing the number of cans went into the tubes. she says you would have lost if you went over the numbers and julie did not say that, julie stated that the person with the number closest to the number wins. but of course mis piggy had to lie as usual.


    1. I think most people are like that, though. Be nice to people’s face, because it’s the polite thing to do in society, and when they’re not around, be honest about what’s really thought about the person. Maybe it is a little sad, but I think it’s probably very common. If you don’t operate that way personally, then kudos. It means you are either one of the greatest people on Earth or just another loudmouth [FISHTANK]hole.

  28. on BBAD jord ( my baby, literally) , nastalie and mishell are all talking smack about lydihoe. too funny. ( they both know nast hated lyd so its brownie points ) their noses have brown spot on em at this point

  29. Are you kidding?? Poor Jordan- innocent?? You must not have feeds.
    She told the whole house in minute detail about her blow jobs and how she gagged so badly doing it!!Innocent my big fat ass(Jordan’s words to Russel too)

    1. so she gagged, at least she was willing to try. alot of girls I have been with wont do it ( saying ohhh it’s too big i might choke) but they expect me to do them ( orally) and yes jord is a good girl cause she only had sex with one guy ( i know she said thousands of times)

  30. jordan talks too much!

    she is telling natalie that if she got her out she would still vote for her to win the 500,000 because it would be a good move.

    and she is telling her that she will win in the finals against kevin.

    wtf? jordan was a big part of jeff’s demise.

    1. Got to go along with you. She just said that she was the one telling Jeff to get Russell out. She said she just kept on him. Of course, Natalie isn’t saying anything about her lying. Poor Jeff lost this game because of Jordon. Now that is just my opinion and I know there are others that don’t. Natalie is throwing Kevan under the bus, the train, the bull, or anything else that will flatten’ him.

  31. I can not believe that Natalie and Kevin are still here! WTF! Whatever, the power always switches so I wouldn’t count your blessings Natalie!

  32. I think this season has been one of the best. I have seen some of people I want to win and some I wish would fall in a hole and die in the yard. But even if NataLIE and Chima pet were 2 of the most pieces of @#$% I have ever seen It makes it that much better when there gone. Best quote in BB history was when Allison told Chima “not to sit down and just follow her” …..OUT THE HOUSE TO THE CURB!!!!! Oh by the way you owe us $4000. for the
    mic you aaaa droped in the drink.

  33. It amazes me how some of you talk about hating these houseguests and can say such awful things about them based on how they are acting in a GAME.. They will do and say whatever they can to win the game! While Natalie and Kevin aren’t my favorite people they are acting in the situation in which they are likely very different people outside this house… So enjoy the game 4 what it is and stop personally attacking the players its one thing 2 attack someones gameplay but its a completely different thing 2 attack these players personally. Just imagine if it was your friend or family member and people were saying these awful cruel things… Judge their gameplay not who they are…

    1. yes, I agree with some of them like jeff or others through the years. However, this season I couldn’t quite put my finger on why NataLIE bothered me when it came to her game…Then it hit me. when someone comes up to you and asks ” am I safe this week” you do have to
      lie. However. she doesn’t wait to be asked, she will just come up to you without being prompted and tell you a complete fabribacation. She is the most pathetic liar I have ever
      seen and if you don’t think she is steeling BlockBuster blind on the outside of the house
      I might want to sell you some land in California.

  34. I can’t listen to that blond ditz. Every time she opens her mouth and starts talking, starts thinking, her brain freezes. Then you have her accent. And her face gestures, especially her eyes bugging out when she starts thinking. Her stupidity was cute in the beginning, but it’s gotten so annoying. I want her off my damn TV.

  35. I cant watch this anymore, its to painfull. “Really frustrating to watch lots of nasty liers sorounded by stupid people”.. I think that sums bb11 up pretty well

      1. I am but usually there are 1 smart/kind person on it you know. (michelle doesnt count bc she lacks major social skilz).. So what kind of shows do you watch? hehe.. must be fox news i think ;)


  37. I still hate Natalie. The only excitement remaining in the game is to see Jeff enter the jury house. Russell…..mop……floor? I bet they tease the crap out of Jeff. That might be very funny. Otherwise, I’ll try to stay in the loop without puking over Nasty’s behavior just to see if Mich can win veto. Go Michelle! I HATE NATALIE!!!

  38. The only thing that could save this isif Jeff’s key works to let him back in the house to Natalie and Kevin’s horror. I’d ;pay for that to happen!

  39. “This is for you, Chima!” Natalie says… what a slap in the face to Big Brother to do that. That was wrong and then some! Chima does not deserve anything but what she got to go home.

    Now Nata-LIE says to Jordan and Michelle that she is going to put up Kevin….no really?……really? That wasn’t a plan that wasn’t thought that way she would not be forced into backdooring him! I am sure Natalie and Kevin expect Kevin to win POV so that they can send Michelle home. They will not send Jordan home as she will make their chances to be the final 2…..that would be terrible. Not sure that I would watch any more if that happens!

    I can not believe I got suckered into this show again this year after last years upset of Dan winning. Now 3 out of 4 don’t deserve to win and I can not stand Nata-“LIE” and Kevin is so irritating. Jordan she does not deserve it nor will she get it because she will or has not won anything with out it being given to her by Jeff. I was so happy when Jeff sent home Jessie but from there he went down listening to the bullsh_ters to put out an ally. Big Brother needs to change the show somehow because if the losers are continiously going to win then they will lose more viewers!!!

    Go Michelle! I would accept Jordan as a second place.

  40. Oh my GOD…I haven’t been this bummed when a houseguest got the boot since Will Kirby in ALLSTARS!!! I really hope Michelle wins the big money…I hate even imagining Nastalie in final 2 I’d rather see Kevin win over her…I CAN’T STAND Nastalie!!!

    1. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!! I cannot believe Nat won HOH…its going to be a lousy week..if Jordan is going to win something now is the time to win POV..oh im soooo pisssed Jeff went home!!!!

    2. jeff is a very nice looking guy true..but he also was a very nice guy. He was funny and he had manners. I know there are people on here who hated him (probably for the same reasons alot of people liked him) but if you really really watched BBAD you would have seen so many times where the kind of person jeff is would shine through..he did fart and belch and scratch and pick alot but gee he is a male. I hate seeing someone like him leave the show over someone like kev and nat who have gone overboard with the game play. Lie yes everyone lies and no one should come on the show expecting to not tell a lie but come on these two have done things I have never seen on BB. No I am not jeff’s mom..and I know there are posters just ready to jump on my comments…well so be it because I really feel like jeff is a nice guy and I wish he could have won the game. I still am hoping its not going to end with nasty nat getting rewarded in anyway.

  41. TY Nat all u haters Whatzzzzzzz up lololololololol!!! Much Luv Chima Natalie brought HOH home for u!! This was For Ronnie, Chima, and Jessie!!! 3 great players

  42. what the f****? I’m so glad I enjoyed an opening of a new restaurant and bar here in little old McGregor, TX…much more exciting than the BORING BB. I have missed the last few shows and then watch bits and pieces on prime time on demand. What a waste. The fact that they would even let someone like white trash ghetto, chip on her shoulder, gangster Natalie even on this show says alot about Big Brother. I have a pot going a work and Jordan is my gal, but it’s just too much having to watch gay wad and, come on, we all know, lesbo Natalie!!! Didn’t she have a sex change operation. Wasn’t her name Nathan before she had the doctors make her a penis???? Ghetto bitch, go back to the Ghetto!!! Even if the white trash ghetto ho won the money…she would be broke in about 3 months!!!! HEY NATALIE….YOUR A LOSER!!! OH, AND A NASTY, STINKY, BITCH. TAKE A SHOWER!!!!! Hey a note to Kevin, you think Natalie could make you like girls???? NOT!!! She couldn’t make me like anything….except kicking her ass out of the house!!!! BEEEEIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHH!!!!! Did you read my lips, ghanster ho?????

  43. This girl is SOOO STUPID, but yet she thinks she is soo smart! Does she even realize how much AMERICA hates her and wishes nothing but the worst of luck! Every time she speaks is sooo ANNOYING!!
    At this point Michele or Jordan better win, Sorry Kevin, while I dont hate you, but dont love you either…

    natalie thinks she is the matermind behind all this and this was her plan all along… then screams she kept her word and this is for you chima!! PLEASE!! WHAT AN IDIOT…
    I am so pissed I could babble on and on .. but I think we all know adjectives that describe natalie!!

  44. NataLIE-otherwise know as Nose picking welfare in motion. And whats up with her walk its like a corn cob shoved deep between the B cheeks or tripping over her penis

  45. It was so stupid of Natalie to start yelling out “This is for you Chima” after she won HOH. So idiotic and I’m sure Chima doesn’t care, which by the way, good riddance to her too. Natalie is a moron who doesn’t deserve to win anything. She’s been riding on people’s coattails and her winning HOH was a fluke. I really wanted Jeff to win the Big prize, but since that’s not going to happen, then I think Michelle deserves it next. I hope Michelle beats them all.


  46. When Jeff walked out the door, I turned the channel! Can’t stand the two lying ,scheming, poor examples of our society, Kevin and Natalie. On the chance they would win I just can’t watch! Michelle is ok, but just weird. Jordan I love, but really doesn’t deserve to be there. The only one who deserves to win is Jeff!!!! Bring him back BB and let him clean house of all the trash left in the house!

  47. After watching feeds in the jury house last night, imo, I think they will get along very well. I CAN’T STAND NATALIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her attitude is awful!

  48. Okay so I don’t feel like watching BB anymore cause Jeff is gone, I really would like BB to bring him back I guess when the ratings go down they know what they will have to do, either bring Jeff back or put cameras in the Jury house, the BB house is going to the craps. I really don’t care who wins now unless Jordon wins and gets together with Jeff after the shows done. BRING JEFF BACK!!!!!

  49. Im done with BB, Jeff was the last entertainer on the show, I have no interest in it anymore. BB should have kept him, would have made for better TV. See ya next year.

  50. Yeah! I’m so glad Natalie won! Finally….This girl has thus far outwitted everyone on this show. Too bad she won’t be playing in next weeks HOH..or can she play for HOH in the Final 3? You have to think back to when her and Kevin were on the chopping block. They were so close to one of them being evicted.
    If anyone is an idiot, it is Jeff for taking Kevin off the block and encouraging the rest of the house to vote out Russell. Come on, if you were in Nat and Kevins position, wouldn’t you lie your face off to be saved? Get real people, its just a game. I believe the three people who played the best game are still in the game; Nat, Kevin, and Michelle. Imagine the power alliance these three could of had if they got together earlier on in the game?!

  51. Hello, THIS IS A T.V. SHOW !!! take it easy everyone. Hopefully some good will come out of all of this crazy stuff. Pandora’s box will be interesting to see what happens next. Expect the unexpected! I hope Michelle wins, or better yet I hope the guy (jeff) with the key returns, and the story will be fun to watch.

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