Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan drinks a barrel of wine and the three girls gab ***Update***

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm They just had their clothes luxury comp and are digging through all the winnings. Natalie is really excited but is finding that most of the clothes she grabbed were too big. Michele is really happy she says she grabbed a lot dresses because she knew those are the most expensive. Jordan is excited she found 2 bottles of win in the storage room.. She brings them out and opens the white bottle pours 1/2 of it into her giant wine class. Michele walks in “is it going to get crazy up in here, 2 bottles of wine!” Jordan tells her that the white bottle is heres. (HHAHA insane). Jordan begins to cook a pizza and drink wine. Michele with Kevin and Natalie in the Red room. Natalie going on and on about her clothes being too big. Michele suggests she get a tailor to take them in.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:16pm Jordan taking the lose hard sitting down drinking wine Michelle joins her and they talk about the HOH competition. Jordan says she didn’t understand the final question and she wrote 100 down but than changed it to 24.. She really upset about is feels like she blew it. Michelle says they have to win on Sunday and send Kevin home. Jordan BUMMED OUT….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:30pm Kitchen. Jordan is telling Natalie she wanted Natalie to vote for who she wanted to not for someone else. Jordan tries to explain that their earlier conversation was more of a pep talk so Natalie knew that Jordan would not be mad at her if she voted against her.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jordan brings up her speech and says she sounded stupid.. Michelle said she sounded better than Jeff. Jordan “HUH?” Michele explains that Jeff’s speech was horrible, Natalie agrees. Michelle almost took her vote away from him for it. Jordan knew he was going to say that because Jeff was really hurt from what Kevin did. Natalie understands she swears she wouldn’t of put Jeff up if she won HOH. But in this circumstance she had to do what was best for her this week. Natalie says that what Jeff did was bad because he basically was campaigning against Jordan right in front of her.

Jordan brings up when Lydia crawled into bed with her and Jeff and Lydia tried to fondle Jeff’s unit. Natalie “No way” Natalie says Lydia was thinking she had a chance with Jessie. Jordan doesn’t think Jessie and Lydia “Match” she’s totally not his type and he doesn’t look like her type. Jordan “Lydia gets around” Natalie: “Lydia was a bitch ” Natalie says she’s putting Kevin up Jordan is shocked.. Michelle isn’t shocked she says she knew it. Natalie says she told them both. “this is a game i want to win.. sure Kevin is my friend but he’s going up”

Jordan “I thought Russell was a Pansy” Jordan really working Natalie trying to convince her that none of them will win against Kevin in the final 2. Jordan tells her this whole cast is going to vote on personality not strategy. Natalie agrees but thinks that Jordan has a good chance. They go back and forth who is going to vote for who. Natalie is trying to tell them that she wouldn’t win against Jordan or Kevin. Jordan tells her that Jessie will vote the same way as Lydia because there probably banging each other upside and down. Michelle yells out that everyone will win against me in final 2. Jordan says no, people vote for you because you did so many big moves in the game you won 3 pov’s and 1 hoh. Michelle “The only reason why I won 3 POV’s is because I was on the block so many times”. Natalie says that she thinks Jordan or Kevin have the most jury votes. Jordan defending why nobody will vote for her.

Natalie calling out Jeff always saying he saved Natalie.. Natalie calls it bullshit and says Jeff never saved me in the game. Jordan explains to Natalie why Jeff took Kevin off the block and not Natalie. Kevin had approached Jeff and told him he heard Natalie in the bathroom scheming and Jeff was worried that If he took Natalie off the block she would flip the vote and Keep Russell. Natalie says she would never of done that..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm – 10:45pm Natalie gets her HOH Theres a picture of her and her “Boyfriend” Jordan says he looks very Latino and much older than she is.

Her letter.

My dearest Natalie
If you read this letter it means you won HOH
The fact that you were chosen means something and your something special
Winning the 500K would be nice but don’t do it at all costs.
That he doesn’t know if Anita would be allowed to watch. But him, the boys and all his friends from work are watching him.
make us all proud
love Papa Jorge

Natalie’s boyfriend wasn’t mentioned in her letter so she claims that it must be a old letter she also brings up Anita saying why would she not be allowed to watch.. “This must be old letter” (Does anyone know who Anita is?) . Jordan points out that they gave Natalie 2 bottles of mike’s hard lemonade. Natalie is very excited acting grateful for all the things she’s been given. Theres a giant tub of red vines candy ensuring we get days and days of lip smacking fun on the feeds.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Can’t stand Natalie! How can she say that she has keep her word in the game when she is lying to them all about her age? Once jury members find out, they aren’t going to vote for her to win.

I’m so bummed that Jeff didn’t kiss Jordan the way he said he was going to when he left. I like that boy.


THANK YOU!!!! I totally agree about the age thing! How can she say she’s never told a lie when the 2nd thing out of her mouth after her name was a LIE!


Jeff got played by Jordon on tonights show….Jeffs my best friend in the house. Then when he went to kiss her she turned her head to give him her cheek….JEFF GOT GOT!!!LOL


Everyone in the game lies. Natalie took a risk lying about her age. It took her this far didn’t it? I may not be a fan of hers but she took a chance and it got her this far.


I agree i liked Jeff too … I also agree that he should have planted a big on her when he left .


does nastalee have extensions in her hair? cause it looks really long all of a sudden. even jordan notices the pics of all nats “high school buds” look alot older than from just grad last yr and oh I think nat has a secret crush on jord ( when she got drunk last night she wanted to sleep with jord and now she gives jordo cookie dough )


I think her hair looks longer because she has straighten it tonight.

gino dee



That too.

bubble butt

is anyone noticing the others are catching on to the fact that nat is not 18


They know shes not 18 now because you have to be 21 to drink and CBS would have a huge lawsuit on them if they provided beer for an underage person. HUGE LAWSUIT!!! MILLIONS…they wont say anything to her because shes HOH…Wait i take that back Jordon is still clueless about her age…but shes just that dumb.

gino dee



Like I’ve said before I watched BB1 religiously but haven’t watched again until now so I have some catching up to do…that being said, can somebody help me understand what a Diamond Veto is? I’ve seen that phrase used a few times and I don’t know what it is. Thanks for your help.


if one wins it, the person decide actually who goes home. Let say Mich & J are on the block. If Mich wins POV, she would take herself off (1st power) and kevin would be on the block. At the eviction ceremony, Mich would be the only one voter (2nd power), thus she will decide who goes home. I hope nor kevin neither Nathalie will win the POV….


This makes this POV a diamond POV

Heather V

The diamond veto was used in BB4. It basically gives you can veto your nomination if your on the block, and your the sole voter. You have the single vote, and you can evict whomever you want. 100% diamond vetos decision.

another fan

I don’t understand – on BB4, was there a POV and then an additional diamond veto after that? It can’t be just the regular POV, because if it was, then by default, every final 4 POV would be a ‘diamond veto’. The only difference might be that if HOH got the diamond veto, they get the only vote? That would suck. As it stands, Natalie may be HOH, but she doesn’t get to decide who goes. The only person not on the block gets the only vote.


look on youtube for diamond veto you can watch BB4 episode 28. Same as regular veto….its just the last veto and the winner decides who goes home. They are the sole vote…IM THINKING PANDORAS BOX IS GOING TO CANCEL HOH POWER IF SHE PICKS WRONG AND SHE WILL NOT BE SAFE FROM EVICTION.


NAT Nasty is annoying, liar and stupid. I hope Jordan or Michelle wins this game…I have little wish for Kevin because he’s hanging out with Nat Nasty.


That wine bottle has a cone top, so she doesn’t have half the contents in her glass. She does have a lot though.


Geez, I’m not a drinker nor am I Jordan who is in love w/ Jeff BUT I am ready to down a couple of wine bottles myself. I hate this BB. Jeff & Russel need to come back and win this. I hope that greedy Nasty is sent out the door soon. Hate her! I hope she takes Kevin with her!


NAT Nasty and her boyfriend are a weird couple. I hope the HGs finally got the clue that she’s not 18 because the picture of them looks like her boyfriend is a child molester and looks like he can be her dad. HAHAHA. And I don’t get why Natalie is jealous of Lydia being w/ Jessie or just hanging out when she have a boyfriend back home. I want to know how her boyfriend reacts on that.


Yeah, she said she was jealous of Jordan getting one last night with Jeff, too. It was “more than she got with Jessie.” Sounds a little more serious than a “good buds” thing, but whatever. Jessie looked like he was having a great time, though.


Jessie is having a great time because Russell is there. Did you notice how fast he ripped his shirt off when Russell walked in the door?

bubble butt

nat is still lying the letter had no bf comments ( and the live letter with feed that aired on cbs ) did not include any BF) but the pics show A “person” with her ( could be bf or could be just a BFF)


LOL. It probably was her Ethics professor.


Maybe Anita is her girlfriend?


Her father said in the phone conversation that he watched the show with her boyfriend.


Dam, every woman who watches BB are throwing a big fuss over Jeff, dam. LOL

canadian fan

Yeah and their all done with the show, but their still on here and they will be in front of their TVs praying that BB will let Jeff back in the house. lol


I’m not crying over Jeff being gone. I’ve pissed myself laughing three times since last night. It was the best thing on tv all summer to see his face look so sad and depressed when Kevin got up and put him in his place. Jeff was a jerk and a sore loser and couldn’t even exit the house a man.


I’m not, Dan. But, I have to tell you that I am finding the commercials more entertaining to watch now. Not because of Jeff. Just not too much fun to watch right now.


However, love to read all you guys comments. More fun than the show to me.


Hi Dan, I’m a woman. I used to like Jeff not because of his looks (couldn’t care less) but because he seemed different from the others…not mean and nasty, maybe even intelligent. Then it turned out he could be just as nasty. That’s when I had to cheer for someone else. But who?
They’re all highly unattractive (personality wise). Maybe Kevin? – detecting some underlying likableness. Michelle? – want to like her but she is so frustrating! Jordon? – could be forgiven for being so dumb but she showed her ugliness too. Nat? – no way.


NO, no fuss. He’s a good looking guy, but once he opens his mouth to speak, it is a complete and utter turn off. I am not sure what all the hype was/is with him.


nat says shes alicia keyes ” ha maybe after alicia got hit by a train :)

*natalie is a frickin liar!

natalie is definitely lying about her boyfriend. she used having one as a code.
she says her letter from her dad was an early one because there in nothing about her bf in it. she lied about it and her dad has been trying to back it by talking about him and sending fake pictures. the letter was written in the begining of the show meaning before she said she had a boyfried that her dad could hear about it. kevin also said one of the pictures of her and her boyfirend looks photoshopped.

reguarding her age: a picture with a friend that natalie graduated with jordan said she looks older than 18. she got alcohol and a graduation bear.

kevin, jordan and michele all had looks on their face like they know something is up.

Heather V

I am still wondering what happened to Big Brother’s expect the unexpected theory. This season has had all of one twist. The Coup D’etat

Big Brother hasn’t given anymore twists and turns, and I am just really bored with it. I mean everyone keeps talking about the Pandora Box not being over, but they havent mentioned anything about more twists to come.

They really need to throw in a twist this week to spice it up, because I am just losing interest. I hated to see Jeff go, but michelle was also someone i wanted to see win.

I think they should bring a Jury member back.. anyone.. except Lydia.


Wow, Lydia was super annoying at the Jury House. I was a Lydia fan early on, but absence did not make the heart grow fonder, I guess. Maybe it’s the whole domestic Mrs. Jessie thing. “Oh, dear, that is so interesting when you spontaneously rip your tank tops off like that. Here, honey, let me patch it up for you. Why don’t you show our friend Russell the pool. I’ll bring lemonades out in a tad.”

Heather V

wayyy yin the beginning lydia was alright, but she just got worse as the game went. She is way too hung up on Jesse.. I dont understand why, the guy is not appealing and they would make an odd couple.

Also, what is with Jesse, and the tearing shirts? Does it make him feel big? I dont get it… maybe those two are better fit for each other then i first thought.


The CDT ruined Big Brother this season. There were no twists or turns and I think too much focus was on Jeff and Jordon and exposing their showmance. If you liked Jeff and Jordon, well you might have enjoyed it but for those die hard fans like me who love twists and turns and expecting the unexpected, this season sucks because of J and J.


You seriously rock Rockstar. I agree with almost everything you post in here.

jeff should have been there for the free clothes!



lol that was cute! And I agree.


You know i live out here in Arizona ( where nasty’s from ) and i can honestly tell you that she is a disgrace to all of us that live here . She makes me sick and wish that i lived somewhere else .


LOL. You could easily make that wish come true. I’ll have a U-Haul stop by in the morning for your stuff.


I beg you please have that U-Haul here by morning . Lol


Oh, don’t feel that way. I am in Oregon and look who we had in Season 9. The bikini coffee girl and stripper. We got over it and you will too. She is no reflection on you or AZ.


Oh slim, you should be proud. Natalie is playing the game in a fish bowl. Her game play makes Dr. Will look like a kitten. She is awesome


Is it just me??? Or does everybody notice that Jordan is coming alive without Jeff in the house….How come she’s drinking now that her boyfriend has been evicted? Well since Natalie already said that she’s putting Kevin up, I hope she will put Jordan up too. I want Michelle to win the game. Maybe after she puts Kevin up he will get so pissed and spill the beans about the last minute lie…Jordan is dumb as rocks so I hope she gets evicted next. I’m so glad Jeff is out of the house…Now I can start to enjoy the show again………Finally!

Hit the road, Jeff

There’s nothing genuine or real about Jordan. She’s as fake as her boobs. I hate Nat, but I’d rather see her win than Jordan. At least with Nat, what you see is what you get. With Jordan, everything is fabricated. She disgusts me.


It doesn’t even matter who gets put up. I’ve been re-watching Season 8, and it’s so ridiculous how mad Evel Dick got when Zach paired he and Dani on the block together. Also ridiculous how Zach was bragging about his stones for making the move, when it doesn’t even matter in the F4!!!!


Someone else might of already mentioned this but I havn’t seen it. How in the Hell does anyone in the house believe that NataLIE is 18. Don’t any of them realize that she was drinking…..duh. Do you really think that if she was under age that BB would sit behind the walls of the house and put a camera on a minor drinking. that would be condoning it and if she got drunk and did somthing stupid while under the influence like hurting another house guest that BB, CBS and a whole lot of others would be SSSSUUUEEEEDDDD!!


Jordan’s got a bald spot at that one area where she always pulls/twirls her hair.


I noticed that a while back, too. I wonder if she has trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) from the anxiety. Every time she’s nervous she’s tugging on her hair, especially when she’s in the hot seat like she was tonight.


That is very common. My wife of 40 years did that, she would go bald in a small spot and then move to another spot. It drove her crazy. Then she just stopped and all her hair grew back stronger and longer.


nat is so materialistic she does not want to see anyone have anything but her ( she even says to queerven that she wants his most expensive hoodie ) fagven needs to stop letting the dyke intimiadate him ( he’s not afraid of his own shadow is he}? dumb down america

I miss Russ

Guy was entertaining.

gino dee

first thing jeff dug his own grave and deserved to be voted off …he got lucky we gave him the coup detat or he would of been gone way before that…he was a horrible player….but it is funny how cbs is playing up natalie to be a villain which she is and i despise…how cbs airs on air i did it for you chima…all of america hates her and guess what???? pandoras box wil effect the game right from julies mouth…when???? right after natalie finally won her first hoh….they are building us up how she feels all high and mighty and get us all real sick like we are rite now and…BANG GOODBYE NATALIE….BB IF YOU DO THAT I WILL STILL FEEL LIKE THE SHOW IS RIGGED BUT I WANT TO SEE THAT PIGS FACE WHEN SHE IS BOOTED FROM THIS HOUSE…I DESPISE HER AND THERE IS NO WAY THAT FILTHY BITCH WINS….NO WAY…




Uh-oh. Time to take the scissors away, simon.

jeff should have been there for the free clothes!

if the show was rigged jeff would have stayed so drop that crap already.

the show is planned before casting, prepared, and executed on schedule.

Oh, I think there is a little tricky stuff that goes on. I have heard the HG make comments about being told to do things by the DR which is quickly followed by “HG you can’t talk about your DR discussions”. Evil Dick said they told him to do something and Dan said they told him to vote a way to keep it exciting. He got upset because he thought it was going to back fire and he was mad at the DR for telling him to do it. They push them a little. Maybe not really tell them to do something but make suggestions and “why not this, why not that”.


Did you guys hear when Natalie was reading her letter from her father that he told her to always play the game with integrity. Oh, Pappa, can you see me? Pappa, can you hear me?


When Natalie was trying on her new clothes all I could think of was…..You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.


ha ha, thanks for that!

gino dee



Simon who do you want to win BB11?


michelle, obviously…..right, simon? :)




k so how old is queerkev? ust wondering cause he has alot of sagging face. if he is only his 20’s then imagine him in his 40’s ) all downhill from then and nat wants all th eclothes they won ( maybe to cover up herself)

discuss game

you really seem redonkulous when you use these offensive terms. and then you ask his age? dude, find a website and get some alone time.


Jeff’s eviction leaves bland characters….will not be watching anymore


Get to stepping. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya


Goodbye and stop writing on here then.


already took it off my channel recorder;)….P.S. Bland Houseguests I should say


see ya


Then why are you still here?


I’m wondering if Michelle really will stick with Jordan now that Jeff’s not there. If she does, Chima just might get her all-girl finale yet (although I doubt she had those particular three in mind at the time).

The Count

This disgusts me. Jeff finds the key and gets nothing for it??? I was hoping that doory would’ve been stuck shut or they made him walk through another door leading back into the house.

Natalie and Kevin deserve absolutely nothing. Jeff and Russell were the true players of this game.

I give my nod to Jordan…..and i hope something good comes out of her and Jeff after the show… he said “Destiny”


He did get the most money in the money grab.


you forget so quickly, Jesse was the true player of the house the first few weeks, and that only transitioned to Jeff when he was given the freeby cdt and was able to do the ultimate back door to him, prior to getting that for doing nothing he was fast tracking out the door, dont have selective memory. as for kevin he has played the game, won 2 pov’s, 1 hoh and been there at the end on a couple others. Jordan deserves it less than him.

Give it a break!

He got the CTD. Should they hand im the $500.000 too?

The Count

pretty sad he only took 8 pictures.


I HATE Natalie but after thinking about it, it may have been the best thing for her to win. The other house guests got to see all her pictures and ask about them and hear ll her stories plus see the MIke’s Hard Lemonade. It’s one thing for BB to watch her drink someones alcohol but to buy it specifically for her should be a dead giveaway that she is over 21. Hopefully at least Michelle will be able to put 2 and 2 together to figure out the dates don’t match up for her to be “18”. Too much shit happened since graduating and starting the show, it would be impossible for her to be only 18.


Nat's GOTTA Go

You would think that someone would have realized this – she’s talking about paying off student loans for crying out loud! What high school student has student loans??!!
Please let Pandora’s box screw her next week! She already said she is taking whatever they offer. Nata-LIE MUST go – she is just vile.


I think Kevin’s got it. Natalie had to do some quick thinking when she said she’d never seen the graduation bear before; that it must be for high school (“Yeah, that’s the ticket! High school!”) I don’t think it was quick enough. I think Jordan’s still fooled and I don’t think Michelle really cares. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes. The producers tried to make it look like the Jury Houseguests were terribly offended at the lie, but it was a weak sell.

Randy Wolfgang

Don’t worry – they know it in the jury house and that lie will cost Pigpen this game.


Well I think Michelle is on to the fact she might not be 18.
Did you see the way she was looking when she was walking around?
I love Jordan ,but think there is no hope for her to the finsh line .Michell has done a very good job in this game . I hoped for Jeff But !!! Well now i hope Michell


kevin has called her out on her age in the past and i think michele might have also questioned her age to others, but not sure.


Well, all the excitement is gone now. Nasty has finally won, mainly because no one else is left. People getting by on free rides is boring TV. And, I won’t be setting the DVR to record now. Kev and Nat are terrible people, and it showed with all the lies and dirty tricks. I really think Jordan would help her family if she wins. I just don’t know if she can make it to final 2. Michele has a shot. I just don’t want to see K or N win. Sad thing is the house is now all “girls”, like Chiapet wanted. And, who really believes Nasty has gotten this far by keeping her word? Child PLEASE.


Free rides is boring TV? Jeff basically had a free ride for 3 weeks straight. First the Coup (which didn’t just take down Chima noms but also she couldn’t even vote? I always felt that was unfair). Then when Jeff finally does have power he use it stupidly. I get he needed to get Jessie out, but he was stupid for doing it so late. Then when Jordan had POV, he waited a week to backdoor Russel over Lydia? Kevin and Nat knew they would be up on the block next if some backstabbing wasn’t played. Personally Nat have all of my respect. Right now she could take Jordan, Michelle or Kevin to the final 3 and walk away a half millionaire. Say anything you want against her, the girl knows how to get things done without getting her hands dirty.

As for “keeping her word”, didn’t Jeff promise a final 4 with Jeff? Didn’t Michelle promise Chima she wasn’t going up? Everyone in the house lies, it’s apart of the game. Don’t get on Nat because she’s doing it better then others.


It was good guessing and DUMB luck! There was no skill in the competition. I can’t believe Michelle and Jordan blew it!

Uncle Cool

So, you agree Jordan should be booted out because her free ride lasted longer than anyone’s this season.

By the way, lies and dirty tricks are basic strategy for this game. Kevin and Natalie have done a fantastic job. Especially Natalie. She deserves to win based on that alone.


Nasty has not the Won yet nor do I think he will.
If michelle can get pass this week , She will walk away with it.
Jeff will get America’s vote and get a large some that way .




I so agree withevery word you said – Its almost like I worte the most myself!!! I despise Natalie – and I hate when someone has the chance to win who truly does NOT deserve it!! And to make the comment about that she kept her word to Chima. Chima was the absolute worse BB player ever – such a really mean horrible person and that’s the type of person stupid Natlie keeps her word too!! What an idiot!!! It is tempting not to watch this show anymore – but i will watch hoping that Nat and Kev get screwed!!!!!! I just hope if horrors of horrors she makes it to the final 2 – it’s a unamimous vote AGAINST her!!!!! I’d rather see that ass Kevin win than her!!! Although Kevin winning will make me sick too!


Why are the Houseguests not allowed to wear white? I must have missed the explanation.


It not a good TV color.


A-ha! Thanks. I thought maybe it was a wet T-shirt hazard or something, but then it’s Big Brother, after all.

ready for the JJ break

Watching Natalie try on clothes hurts my heart. What’s BCBG? What’s Bloomingdale’s? Seriously? And I need her to stop trying to give out fashion advice to the gay guy. Ugh.


@ Jeff Fans…. Get a life…. Jeff is the dumbest player of the year…. even when Julie was questioning him about his decision to Back Door Russel, Jeff said it was the right choice…. Karma is a b****….. He is gone get over it….. Jeff fans may hate Natalie / Kevin…… Guess what? They both made I longer than Jeff / Russell because of the LML….. *** L-O-L ***


You must be scrweing nat & kevin!


Okay…did ANYONE notice that Jeff didn’t get any goodbye messages, why? Did I miss them some how or did BB not show any? I really wanted to see Jordans goodbye message.
And does anyone remember BB9 when the twist was keeping the newly evicted HG or trading for the person in the mystery box (James I think?) I bet they would chose Russell to come back. And he would be put in pandoras box.
I wonder if the twist is coming with pandoras box and Jeff, and the house votes on which HG stays, but with 2 votes for Jeff and 2 against, wouldn’t Kevin decide the vote?


With all this thats goin on in the house now the only thing i say is ” Here i sit broken hearted , came to shit and only farted . ” LMAO


I wish that inside the pandora’s box is jeff and he will get back to the house and kick some asses (Natalie’s and Kevin’s but I want to really see Natalie gone). Isn’t it true that after the HoH opens the mystery door, they can’t go back and redo what he/she did and has to go on with what the instuctions says. I wish Natalie will fall for it, because she will think it will be money but instead it will opens the front door for Jeff to come back on. That will be so AWESOME! I hope the twist would be THAT! And by the way, why did Jeff and Jordan went in to the diary room together and BB didn’t show anything of them 2 today. That’s a little mysterious…hmmm…Big Brother, expect the unexpectable.

Jordan All-time BB Fan

Just everyone looks for everything that she does and has to say something about it doesn’t mean she’s nasty.
I like her. Man shut up with the comments! I bet you people don’t look any better…



I have heard that the jury house cannot talk game. Does anyone know if this is true? It seems like BS but I keep hearing that from comments on other sites.


That seems unlikely to be stopped, I think, even if Big Brother says “No.” How could they not talk about the game? And the Thursday episode even featured Lydia asking Jessie and Russell about who they would vote for and other similar questions. And they watch that DVD. I don’t know how you could do that without making game-related comments.


I wonder something? First, I don’t really believe that Natalie has a boyfriend. Second, I wonder if she may be a lesbien? She could have had her Dad play it off on the phone call cuz the BF was not on the call and at 24 yrs old I would’ve wanted my man on the phone. Plus, he was not mentioned in the HOH letter and also according to the photos, that could have been anybody as they just seemed so mismatched to me. I think she loved Chima more than Jessie and maybe for more reasons than we think. Any thoughts? Nat has lied about every other thing so maybe her sexuality and age was a planned strategy for her?

Uncle Cool

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


it would be sweet if we got to see jeff, braden, kc, laura, and jordan and michelle together again!


Natalie is more masculine than feminine…plus she chews like a cow, snoops thru others drawers, schemes, lies, and doesnt care who she stabs in the back…she thinks her crap doesnt stink! She is the only one with a high opinion of herself…..I hope she doesnt win..she doesnt deserve to…Then again, I dont want Kevin to win either, or Michelle…..Id like to see Jordan win but I doubt she will get thru the 3 round competition at the end…unless she really toughens up!!!! She misses Jeff but honestly, his goodbye to her wasnt what I thought it would be for two people who have spent so much time together in the house. Jeff is pissed he got put out, he thought he would win it all…but he got what he deserves for thinking hooking up with K and N would be the right move….where was his smarts then? Bad move Jeff..


I can’t stomach Natalie or Kevin. I’m done watching . All the excitment and class is gone when Jeff walked out the door. Jordan needs to stop being stupid. I hate stupid women. It’s insulting to women. The only positive thing Jordan is she can cook. Natalie is extremely calculation and irritating. Absolutely dislike her. With the remaining four, I’m pulling for Michelle.


Jeff last minute speech had to have been the worst in BB history, what a hypocrite!

First he makes a final 4 deal with Michelle and Russell, then backdoor Russell (backstabbed). Then he goes outside to confront the guy, telling him he did it because Russell made a final 2 deal with Michelle. So freaking what! You have a final 2 deal with Jordough (which everyone knows), and final 2 comes after final 4. Then the idiot has the nerve to throw Kevin under the bus for putting his ass up, yet he did the same thing to Russell just the week before.

Jeff ?Sometimes you have to let destiny take its course, for my circumstance right now an 18 year old stands in the way of my destiny. I just want to point out a couple of things right now. You know Nathalie there?s a couple of things that are important in this game your word, your family, your boyfriend and you have tonight to uphold all those things Nathalie. I know you?re not HoH, but you gave me your word and did promise me safety and you have the chance to uphold that right now and save me. You have an opportunity tonight to have a free HoH room to see your family, your boyfriend and an opportunity to have HoH. If you don?t vote for me, then you take your chances with someone who you know who is a backstabber; someone you know will not take you to the finals. He doesn?t have the votes to beat you, he know it we know it. You?ll just have to ultimately do what is best for you.?

What a class act he is!

At least Michelle showed a little class by admitting she didn?t like his speech, although she voted for him anyway.


Jeffs an idiotfor not getting that goodbye kiss and turn it qromd on him Jordan lost. All his truegameplayingand prep forJordo didntgethim asfar as hoped. I hope the key allows him to vote for chima in the jury house.


I watched it tonight and is Kevin so stupid to think that Nasty is not going to go against him? She always said that she’s taking Jordan to the finals (way back when); NOW as far as Jordan she did not throw Jeff under the bus….he told her on Showtime what to do and look out for herself. Michelle will most likely take Jordan just because they all think Jeff is going to be hated in the JURY house. Russell did warn Jessie & Jeff that all three of them were going if they didn’t cut a deal. Women vs Men? Please we have 3 females in the house but Nasty looks like a twelve year old boy!!!!! Come on. Screaming this is you for you Chima…Natalie will not get the votes to win. I think Michelle thinks her best shot is with Jordan. I am only going to watch until Pandoras box is over this week & See the guys all hug it out in the JURY house. I’m a feminist & I am so appalled by Chima, Natalie & Kevin. Chima was racist towards Russell….she should of took Nasty with her. Go Michelle & Jordan.

discuss game

then youre a disgrace to your community to allow others to poke fun at and enjoy you disrespecting a group of people that do not have equal rights or treatment in this country. and that shit will never change with people like you around opening your mouth. so, please shut it!


cmon people give the bulldog a break lol she won so she is not a floater anymore. plus is bulldog evict queervon I would more than happy. Really I hate now more that queerfemqueervon . just her fem mannerism are disgusting ugh
anyway would be inetresting to see finla between just 3 girls that would be awesome and btw dumber jeff where was the classy exit? gezzzzzzz there is no way america would vote for a doucheback and stabback like dumber jeffy happy he left
go girls like chimonkey said
girls power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol