Big Brother 11 Spoilers I Hate BB Edition – Natalie Wins HOH “This is For you Chima I did it all by keeping my Word”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:05pm Redroom Kevin and Natalie. Natalie is going on and one about how she kept her word and still one HOH. Kevin tells her it?s a good thing she didn?t’ take Jeff’s “deal” because they’re was no way they could of thrown it to you. Natalie brings up how happy Chima must be right now, “This is for you Chima!” Kevin tells her she is so going to cry when she gets her HOH room. Natalie is excited to see her boyfriend and get her HOH gifts. Kevin tells her congratulations this is the first thing you have won. Natalie says no she’s won the first HOH so she’s actually won Two HOH comps. They waste no time getting and stat chomping on food and talking at the same time right into their mics.. (FUCK this is going to be a rough week covering her HOH) Natalie saying its was Ronnie’s questions that helped her win because she was the only won to get it right. Natalie saying she got Casey, CHima, Ronnie’s and Jessie’s right. Natalie had thought about counting questions before the competition but never thought about the cans. Kevin agrees he remember they had talked about the numbers of many things in te house and they asked the ones thing

they never counted. Natalie tells Kevin that she has won both HOH’s while on her period. Kevin just nodes.. he tells her he had no idea he couldn’t say MOFO on live TV that is why they went to fish during the show. Natalie asks him about what Julie said to him in HOH. Kevin say they asked him about Natalie and if he was worried about getting blood on his hands. He doesn’t think its a good idea to no have any blood on your hands because nobody wants to take you to the final 2. Natalie says she’s going to have blood on her hands after this week is through. Natalie thinks Kevin is wrong.. you need to have blood on your hands to win. She brings up Memphis how he did shit all year and he didn’t get any votes from the jury. Kevin now agreeing its not about who you like, its about who played better. he tells her she made it to final 3 without Jeff’s fucking deal. Kevin is really worried about Jordan because she is good at questions and she will have more jury votes in the house. Kevin thinks they have underestimated Jordan. Natalie isn’t sure about that she still thinks Jordan is dumb. SHe tells him if Michelle wins POV Kevin is gone and the same will happen with Jordan. She tells him if she wins POV she’ll take Kevin off and He has to vote out Michelle. Kevin agrees he tells her they need to start working on Jordan.. tell her that she has no chance to win the game if Michelle is around. Kevin “That stupid Bitch Michelle has won 4POV’s” Natalie agrees she says that all of Michelle’s victories were flukes but her HOH victory wasn?t’ (hearing her shovel candy in her mouth priceless) They start talking about what POV is.. Its either dates or endurance.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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359 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers I Hate BB Edition – Natalie Wins HOH “This is For you Chima I did it all by keeping my Word”

      1. Thank you BBGrandma!

        Was it just me or was Julie a little short with Jeff.I will continue to think that Jeff may come back into the game when until tuesday when the final nail goes in the coffin with the last twist….ill stick around to the end half of my team is still there

      1. I think she’s referring to the first HOH (wedgie toliet hang), I think she and Jeff dropped together once all the other cliques had been eliminated.

      2. she was the one who won the first HOH which allowed Jessie back in the house. Tho i dont really remember that competition, ppl say that Russ or another athlete let her have it bec it didnt matter bec they were all safe during the cliques.

  1. I hate nat so much. damn, if her boyfriend doen’t dump her sorry ass, he is as dumb as she is. come on dude wake up, she doesn’t want you, she wants jessie. go jordon, and michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The ONLY good thing about GNASTY GNATTY winning HOH is that we get to see if she really has a boyfriend since that has been in serious question. Anyone curious about the guy?

    Now GO TO YOUR ROOM and STAY THERE until we tell you you can come out!!!

    1. Could care less about her boyfriend.Her boyfriend must be just like her they have been together for a while. Both nasty ass trash .Someone need to take is trash out it is stinking up the house.

    2. I bet her boyfriend is the picture that comes with the frame when you buy it…. They will have to photoshop Gnats head into the pic…

  3. Wow this is awful….I do not hate her but I do not like her never have. Anyways Simon thanks for the blogs but Its a wrap!!

    1. I agree. I really don’t want to watch because she is HOH. All she freaking did the first 3 weeks in the house was folloe Jesse around like a puppy dog.

    1. I KNOW! Wth?? Better yet who made what she’s wearing? Whoever the designer is has some splainin to do. Ugh what an ugly ass outfit.

  4. Yeah, Chima – it’s vindiction!!!! you, the brain, who prides herself on her intelligence and writing acumen, aligned yourself with a MORON!
    vindiction is NOT a word, you allegedly college educated moron. I hope she realizes how dumb she looks on TV.

    Who thinks her bf will be busted? bec if he is cuter than jeff or even Kev’s man, I will have lost ALL faith in humanity. (tho, she prob is slightly less annoying outside of the house)

    Comments about this show:
    1. LOVED that one of the questions was about the definition of technotronics. guys, didnt we establish it isn’t a word. (tho, wikipedia says otherwise, it certainly isn’t whatever julie said). Notice, Michelle is the only one who got it right.
    2. can make me laugh every time!
    3. Jessie told everyone that you can’t talk game in the jury house. From this show, clearly it is a lie. He obviously had no clue — he didnt even make the jury house last year. Nat believed him so she doesnt think anyone in the house is comparing notes. I hope Lydia tells Russ about LML.

    I hope Kevin is out this week. or even Jordan over Michelle.
    team Mich!!!

    1. i hope lydia tells jeff about the lml . but, i doubt if he will believe it. russ may even tell him about sending jeff to russell as a birthday gift. he may just believe that mich was telling the truth.

  5. It was questions, Fact or Fiction. Julie asked questions about evicted HG. At the end it was a tie between all 3 girls. They had a tie breaker about numbers, and she got. DID ANYONE NOTICE MICHELLE WROTE 80!!!!!! Why is she always doubting herself????

  6. I really have no motivation to continue watching BB. The only thing keeping me interested is wanting to know who will win the POV. Go Jordo and Michelle!!!!!!!! Do the damn thing.

  7. I dislike Natalie so much it hurts…don’t even want to watch anymore. Only reason I will watch is to see Jordon hopefully win POV!

    1. I feel the same way .But I’m not staying up to do after dark any more getting rid of that .
      I’m not staying up to see 3hr of Nasty

      1. Totally agree, after tonight I don’t even want to read blogs because I dont even want to see her face! She drives me CRAZY!!!!! I am gald I am not alone in this fight against Natalie!

  8. Let’s focus on the real issue at hand: what the hell does Natalie have on? She looks like she’s going to milk a cow.

  9. i can’t wait until Natalie gets out of the house and reads what America really thinks about her and her “word”. She is going to get a rude awakening!

  10. Keeping her word my butt,,,she lies every day, Lied to Jeff last week and told him he was safe, so did Kevin. This week is gonna be brutal. We get to watch her gloat and chomp on candy FUN

  11. Betca it’s a fake picture of her boyfriend. I just can’t believe this, there is no justice. Michelle you gotta win VETO. Come to think of it, bet Gnat starts to make a deal w/Michelle, hey Kevin, feel the WHEELS OF THE MAC TRUCK yet???? Did I read it correctly, we hv to wait till next wk to find out about Pandora’s box? Go Michelle, we’re rooting for you. God bless.

    1. Pandora’s boxs was a bust !!! Lets see Jeff found the key ( he got nothing out of it) he let K out so K could get money . There be a come back 4 Jeff n the key he found.

      If not america you know what to do ;; America’s vote goes to JEFF . Vote for Jeff to get the extra money .

  12. i miss jeff already, ugh…. just looking at nat makes me wanna puke.
    i mostly enjoyed watching jeff and jordan, they were the most interesting, kevin and natalie, i just cant stand to watch them, so i wont, and michelle is alright to watch, anyway, michelle goes home this week if she doesnt win POV. i want kevin gone, then jordan and michelle in final two.

  13. i am so happy to see natalie win. i hate jordan big lazy ass. i hate michelle two face nasty bitch. All jordan did was give ass to jeff so she can stay in the house. I hope kevin win pov so i can see air head jordan out.

    1. R u stupid crazy !!! WTF have u been drinking when the show has been on ???
      Jordan never gave J anything other then a KISS, Un like other house guess in the house and past guess. Michelle is a lier !!! That is so smart of you to say that. Look at alllll the lies that nasty ass beast Nat has told ( big time lies) I guess you think it is so sweet that she is out n out mean to Michelle. Nasty took Micheles Monkey and put it in the tiolet.<—– what a nice sweet girl that NASTY is .U need new glass’s .
      Did you see Nasty through the POV lolol now that isn’t lazy is it ..Or how about Nasty eating n putting her dishes in the sink n telling K . That she isn’t doing dish let them .( now that is not lazy) or when Nasty backed up the tiolet and asked K to fix it ..Gee you r the smart one .

  14. Tonights episode makes me ill. I don’t even want to watch anymore and I”ve watched every episode since season 1 and watch Showtime. Jordan was ahead and it was looking good for her for a while. Then they had to tie it up. And as she says, she isn’t good under pressure. How can someone so nasty and so underhanded get a chance at that money. There is :”its a game” play then there is “her play”. She just makes me sick.. Plain and simple.

  15. Natalie keeps claiming she played an honest game and didn’t lie etc. HELLO!!!! You lied 5 minutes in the house about your age!!!!

  16. This little bitch might win all that money? Please shoot me now!
    I think that she will lose against anyone in the final. The sad thing is that she would even make it the final.
    Well…there is one bright spot to all of this: I am done with this show for the rest of the year simply because I cannot stand that lying sack of shit and her mean and selfish behavior.
    I need a show to watch in which good people are rewarded instead of borderline psycho ones.
    I remember when Yul won Survivor. Nice guy and well deserved. There were a couple of others as well but BB? The majority of the winners are evil,vile beasts.
    And CBS….with that Pandara’s Box crap? Please!

    1. I agree Jeff found the key and he gets nothing out of the deal other then leting K out so he can get money !!!! what the f ck

  17. I still can’t believe that finding the key didn’t mean anything. Hopefully this week something will happen. Although I cant watch the live feed anymore because it will be boring without Jeff. Natalie is the most annoying person this show has ever had. She is a moron!

  18. I read somewhere that there was a discrepancy about Natalie’s answer on the blackboard and that Michelle couldn’t hear a question or two. Any information on this, and perhaps a screenshot?

    1. We do too. My husband and I both enjoy watching him because he’s got our sense of humor – dry and sarcastic. He made the show fun to watch, we laughed a lot and truly enjoyed watching him. Contrary to what BB and CBS might think, we believe most viewers like having a good time, and didn’t enjoy the bad behavior displayed by the houseguests. We actually preferred watching them be friends and have a good time. Jeff was often the center of that, and tried to make the most of the situation whenever possible. He knew how to make good tv, and we’d love to see him again. We’d actually be shocked if this was the last we see of him.

    2. Well he BETTER be apart of the Pandora’s box. HE DID FIND THE KEY N SHOULD GET SOMETHING NICE 4 IT.
      We can all vote for America’s choice player .. give Jeff the money,
      Well i guess BB told NASTY she couldn’t r**** Jeff n Michelle of their prizzzz.

      Hell i should look up were this NAST lives and show up and kick her ass . For being so mean and hateful to people lolol I’ll take an ugly stick to her face some more .lolol

  19. technotronic is a mand/musical group. they sing pump up the jam. the twist should be that the key lets jeff back in the house, he can replace a nominee and its double eviction next week. apparently some sponsors were mad they didn’t get the double eviction because ratings weren’t as good as they should have been.

  20. Why exactly are the people in the jury house mad that Natalie lied about her age? It is a game…that was her strategy. So technically if she does make it to the final two, that shouldn’t be a negative against her. She had them all fooled.

    1. No, that should not be a reason to vote against her, but there are thousands of other reasons. She is the most disgusting contestant ever on BB, which is a better reason to vote against her. She is the LAST person who should win the 500K. I am so disappointed in BB with their contestant selection this year. If they are that bad at choosing, forget next year – if there is one.

  21. I can’t stand that Natalie keeps saying she won while still keeping her word. Umm…. hello….. you & Kevin went back on your word this week. Sure you weren’t the HOH and no “blood” is on your hands, but you agreed upon the plan & told Jeff he’d be safe. I hate that she’s in the final 3!!

  22. For the first time in the History of BB I am actually turning off my tv and will not tune in again…It’s been great til now…

  23. I have lost all interest in watching. Who wants to watch nose picking/eating Nasty and boob massaging Jordo? Now Nasty as HOH – it couldn’t get any worse. I will read about who wins final just to know if Michele wins, but I cannot stomach watching any more.

  24. OMG I hate natalie and her lies and immature scheming. Please anyone but her get to thefinals friends stopping watching because they feel it was fixed. Arrgh natalie here’s hoping you go down soon

  25. I love BBAD,but I won’t be watching this time, I just cannot stomach Nat’s celebration and it will go on until POV, which I hope Michele wins.

  26. OMG SHUT UP NASTY!!! Who cares you did it for Chima? Why because you think Michelle is going home? And you think that it is Michelle’s fault Chima was a brat??? No honey that was all on her diva hands……..and btw Michelle will win the POV she is a stud. Good bye Kevin!

  27. Simon and Dawg… great site. I have been a huge bb fan for years and just stumbled across your site this year. Great job you guys rock!!!!!!

    So sad to see jeff go… he deserved to win. I feel bad for you having to do updates while Pigpen is HOH… for that reason I am donating.

    Once again great job on the updates on the site… gives me something to do while I should be working : ) Any thoughts on Pandora’s Box people?

    1. I think Pandora’s Box will be a replacement HG for the HOH if gnat choses to open it. Since Jeff found the key he will be in the box and if gnat gets greedy and opens it Jeff we be released back into the house and gnat will be sent to the JH.

  28. I am boycotting Big Brother now. I can’t stand knowing that Natalie and Kevin are still in BB. They are absolutely disguisting!

  29. Jessie was really repulsive to watch. But knowing the outcome of tonight’s show, I just cun’t watch. I am sick to my stomach. The sound of Nats voice makes me want to kill. To save my soul, i’m changing over to project runway.

  30. finally this show is going to be enjoyable…not so much about the people..on the show ..but just to read what all the haters of nat have to say now…hmmmm..hurts don it …’s okay…remember ..IT’S A GAME….lolololololl

  31. when did she win hoh before, she said she won twice, jessie was hoh the first 2 weeks not her. She lies about shit people saw. I hope she does something stupid with pandora box and her greedyness shhots her in the foot. On live TV she said she wasn’t being greedy didn’t want other houseguest to get key, what a line of crap.

  32. Now with PP as the new HOH her head is only going to get bigger. If we thought her past behavior was nauseating wait til this week. She will be bossing everyone around and telling all kinds of lies about supposed deals, not to mention she’ll be thrashing on Michelle. Tonight’s show was the worst possible outcome.
    And I don’t think Jeff will be coming back. AG really yanked our chain re; Pandora’s box and all the mystery behind Russell possibly coming back and tricking us with changing his exit picture. Guess all of us who were holding out for hope got got!

  33. I will still watch BB, but I will not be obsessed about it like I have been all summer. I liked Jeff, but don’t really care that he got evicted. It just really ticks me off that Natalie won HOH. BB producers should not have allowed her to lie the entire game. She is totally annoying and hard to look at. There’s no way she’ll win the big prize. And BTW, isn’t BB’s motto “Expect the Unexpected?” With the exception of the CDT, there haven’t been any other ‘unexpected’ twists. The Pandora’s Box thing is lame.

    1. perhaps they want us to be a bit let down so we stop obsessing and watching and blogging every second that way when it is over we will have less withdrawl issues?

    2. wow did i just read that the BB producers shouldnt have allowed nat to lie? wtf its part of the game so i guess they shouldve stopped jeff from lieing to russel and everybody else from lieing…okay guys new twist this season if you lie you are automatically out of the house talk about boring i dont think the show would have the ratings to continue after a few weeks if that was the case

  34. Next week’s Pandora’s Box:

    Nat is offered a $100,000 to open the box and inside is Jeff .Then they switch places with Nat in jury house and Jeff as HOH.:)

    1. Steve, I like the way you think. Hopefully Jeff comes back and bites Nat and Kev in the ass!! That way we can get something worth while to watch. I am done with the show otherwise, I have the live feeds too. Depending on what happens this week with Pandora’s box and POV, it will determine whether I unsubscribe or keep watching. CBS sucked this season, and they will suffer for it!! PLEASE SEND JEFF BACK !!!!

    2. I think that it a great idea about Pandora’s boc, Steve. I would love that. I am really going to miss Jeff and Jordan’s kidding around with each other and he had such respect for her and her feelings. I hope that Jeff does come back and he and Jordan can be in the F@

    3. Very imaginative scenario, Steve, but it’s not going to happen. Why should Big Brother offer that witch $100,000 to open the box? She’d do it for $10,000. She certainly doesn’t deserve $100,000. For that matter, she doesn’t deserve $10,000 either.

  35. personally, i dont understand this competition . no knowledge of house, total guessing game. i thinks thats weak. ghetto pig pen would not have won….pig pen must look up to chima, thats pretty pathetic !!!

  36. I won’t be watching; but the make or break of Big Brother this season will depend on whether or not Natalie makes it to the final 2. If she’s in the final 2, you can predict that the viewership and ratings will plummet. Unless the final 2 ends up with two worthwhile people (Michele and Jordon), I’ve given up on ever watching Big Brother again. It’s always the same. The biggest liar, most unscrupulous and least deserving wins the big money.

  37. I do have one question – does the timing of the finale make sense? I heard the finale is Tue, Sept 15. There are currently 4 HG. If one gets evicted next Thurs (9/10), how do they fit in getting from 3 to 2 and having the finale on the 15th?

    1. Julie said it’s a live show Tuessday with the POV comp, ceremony and live eviction. Does anybody know how the final 3 works?

      1. They start the first part of the comp on Tues. It’s endurance with all 3 participating. They show the rest of the comp on Thurs. The final part which is questions is live on Thurs. Then the winner decides who to take to the F2. Sunday is usually a highlight show. Tues the 15th will be the live 2 hour finale that could potentially tank in ratings unfortunately.

  38. OMG a close up of Nat cutting her toe nails I am so over watching live feeds and BBAD. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

  39. Wouldn’t it be funny if kevin’s fake boyfriend is also Swamppussy’s too – Are they going to photoshop her picture too? Kevin;s boyfriend just needs a green card – or at least some taste!

    I bet Kevin will get a letter when he gets home: Hate You! Hate Kansas! PS: I took the dog Toto!!!!

    Nat’s Boyfriend will probably be a package of Roach Motels – A Angelina Look A Like blowup Doll and the world’s smallest vibrator – Lying bitch!!!!!!!

  40. hmmmm…I happened on some characteristics of a sociopath and it reminded me of the newest HOH on BB11 so I thought I would share.
    *Glibness and Superficial Charm
    *Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
    *Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”
    *Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
    *Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
    *Shallow Emotions
    *Incapacity for Love
    *Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.
    *Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.
    *Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
    *Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
    Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.
    Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

  41. This is the worst day in BB history. I’m so disappointed in Michele for not coming up with a more logical answer to the cans question. She only guessed a little more than half of the maximum amount. I don’t think this was a very fair comp so late in the game. It’s really totally luck.

  42. Life is good!

    I?m getting wasted right now; I didn?t know Bud American Ale (Ice cold) was this dam good. Now I can come here and trip off the hate mail, while I wait for CBS to release the full episode on their website here in a bit.

    They showed goodbye messages when Russell left, but didn?t show any for Jeff. They so tried to edit tonight?s show, to make Kevin look like the bad guy. Just last week, they were trying to blame Nat for Jeff trusting her. I guess when you?re the message giver; we get it in your view.

    Here?s a toast to you Nat, look out for Kevin and make sure you try and win POV. I know I said you?re taking Jordumb to the finals with you, but I hope it?s you and Kevin. Again?Congratulations!

    1. Agreed. We’re only going to watch the main shows like POV and HOV to support Mich and Jordo. As it was, we were already starting to fast forward through BBAD whenever Natalie and Kevin were on. To their few supporters, yes, we realize it’s “just a game” and they may not be terrible people in real life, but, if viewers don’t like watching them, they just don’t. When players make good tv, you can’t stop watching even if they are villains. Viewers are either disgusted with their poor behavior, or just plain disinterested.

  43. This is the first time in years that I have no interest to stay up and watch BBAD. Guess I will get my life back and some much needed sleep. To all Jeff fans: we got got.

  44. Thank you all for watching Big Brother =)

    Tune in next week for a special live power of veto competition and eviction on Tuesday and Part 1 of the HOH competition!

    Remember everyone. You have to tune in. Pandora?s Box isn?t over. Will your beloved Jeff be saved???

  45. I wonder what type of morals BB is preaching. A show where lies are celebrated ! I won’t allow my children watch a show where bad guys win.

    1. the same they’ve been preaching for 11 seasons now. Don’t watch if you don’t agree with what they do, simple as that

  46. all ive got to say is…….this is a bunch of bs! seriously jeffs the only one that truely played the game! he never lied and natalie is a freakin liar and i hope she loses!!!

    1. He never lied? ummm…..he backdoored Russell after telling Russell he was safe and would come after Russell’s family if he broke the final 4 deal? Quite a standup guy with integrity

      1. How did Jeff lie? He made the deal of final 4 when he thought he could trust Russell. Russell started walking around all paranoid, which made Jeff question why he was acting that way. Then Natalie and Kevin told the lie that they overheard Michelle and Russell talking about that they were saying that next week they were going after Jeff. Which broke the final 4 deal. At that point Jeff confronted Michelle, and she played the “I don’t remember”, well that is because it did not happen. Jeff couldn’t see what we seen. He almost left the house believing that Kevin and Natalie were good honest people up until the last minute. Remember Nat saying to Jeff that she has never lied to him….. And you are forgetting one big fact, Jessie backdoard russ first!!! Both Natalie and Jessie were gunning to get him out, and Jeff believed in him and saved him. The biggest downfall of thier alliance is that they didn’t question all the lies that Nat and Kevin were saying. But I don’t think in all of BB history has there ever been anyone who has lied so good. It is just sad!!!

        1. That isn’t what happened at all. I think you probably only watched the tv version of the show and not any of the feeds or the bbad show. In reality, Jeff believed the lie K/N told him, and Jeff started treated Russ like crap for 2 weeks. Russ tried to talk it out with Jeff, but Jeff never came clean with Russ so that the lie could be discovered. Jeff and Jordan wanted to get Russell out, and Russ started seeing that they were treating him differently. He wasn’t paranoid at all. His fears about being backdoored were valid because that WAS the plan. Finally, after Russ figured out what Jeff was doing, Russ decided if he had a chance to stay, that he would have to get Jeff out to save himself.

  47. Please tell me out of the 10 other seasons of big brother, what winner did not lie in the game? I cant think of one. In fact the best player in big brother is Dr will who lied about everything and then even admitted to all of his lies. Point is, this is the game that is built off of lies. You cannot win without lieing. If someone said hey you can win a quarter of million dollars but you’ll have to lie, Im lieing all the way to the bank. Im not going to say no not worth it. By the way, I hated when Jesse was eliminated because thats what kept the game interesting. I continued watching it though. Get over it. If you wont watch a show because your favorite player didnt win means that you shouldnt be watching the show.

    1. Jess did nothing for the show.He let Lydia suck his balls.
      I couldn’t stand him in the last BB and caouldn’t stand him them .
      He should have never been on the show . HE sucked

      1. He did nothing on the show? What show were you watching? The one i was watching he won a couple HOH competitions and wouldnt have been eliminated because his alliances if it wasnt for cou de ta.

        1. correction. he won ONE hoh competition. not “a couple”

          and he really didn’t do much for the house, it’s a fact. he slept way too much, haha.

          1. He was in Hoh twice, yes he did not technically win the first one but he was in HOH none the less. I do have my facts straight. You people want Jordan to win who does litterally nothing except make herself seem like jessica simpson with her dumb statements.

  48. I am so glad Nat won and I am happy to see Jeff leave. I hope Kevin or Natalie win and get everyone else out. I thought the show was rigged for Jeff but I guess not. Team Nat/Kev all the way

    1. Nasty n K have viewers that like them ? Go team Nasty ass trash .
      She is a skank!!! K need to bent over n a hot poker up his ass . lolol
      now that would be funny .Nasty looks like someone beat her with a ugly stick.

      1. maybe Scatalie will pull out her penis ( that everyone knows she has) and bent over queervan and give him a good stiff that is his stretched out grand canyon holle can handle anything under 12 inches :)

      2. where were all these nat and kevin lovers at 2 weeks ago? Last week? Yesterday?? WOW some of ya’ll are as bad as the houseguests and like who ever has the power. But that’s it…that is the end of Nat’s power…she can just sit back now and watch either Jordan or Michelle vote out her bud!

    2. we voted for Jeff…… you can’t blame Jeff for that!!! For all you Kevin, Nat and Jessie lovers you could of voted for Jeff no one was stopping you!! Oh yeah, you probably are to busy picking your nose also! I spent several days voting for Jeff…… This isn’t the first time BB has put the voting in the viewers hands!

      1. No I just decided to not stay on the computer for several days and vote for something that is not the most important thing in my life. But hey if that makes you better for being on the computer two days voting for a guy that could care less about you then go for it.

        1. Dude, you’ve posted on here several times already today, so uh…. What’s happened in your life that now you have time?? And uh… why are you defending someone who as you put it “could care less about you” or putting down someone again, that will never read your comments?

          Just wondering?

          1. Im not on for several days and im not defending her, im defending big brother the show for the whole fact that people get to caught up in this game. Its a game and its rediculous that your going to say oh i wont watch this show because big brother didnt rig the game.

  49. The fact that Natalie won officially makes me hate Big Brother this season. Clearly Natalie and Kevin are going to the finals which makes me sick cause neither deserve it. Michelle’s gone next week and Jordan’s got no chance of winning the final HOH. Looks like Natalie’s gonna win BB11 and that makes me wish I had never started watching this season. Natalie is the least deserving person in the history of BB. She has sat back the whole game and let everyone do her work for her while maintaining her perma-scowl and nasty comments. Natalie is trash. I’d rather see Chima win this than her.

    1. Opposed to Jordan who litterally did nothing? She deserves it more when all she did was bow down and take demands from jeff then when he gave her HOH she did exactly what he wanted also. So thats opposed to natalie who won this without it being given to her or coming up with plans?

        1. Oh yeah I forgot this isnt big brother this is called whose the nicest. Shes being as nice as possible because what else does she have going for her? Shes the dumbest person in big brother history.

    2. I am officially done with BB…. Letting Jeff leave was a huge ratings mistake for CBS, He and Jordan were what brought in viewers. Not only am I done watching, I am canceling after dark now too. Natalie shits all over CBS by all the shout outs to Chima, cant BB see that?

      1. Letting Jeff leave? So you want them to interfere in the game so its favorable to you opposed to actually letting the game be played how its suppose to be? You people are so rediculous and really have no business watching this show because you dont just let the game be what it is. No people didnt just watch for jeff and jordan because jordan is dumb as rocks and jeff wanted everyone to be honest except for him. I dont care if people lie but dont act like your so honorable because you think you dont. Please dont want this show because you dont know the true meaning of these shows.

      2. yeah, there aren’t millions of us who appreciate the game and will continue to watch until the winner is announced. You people need to realize he got played and deserved to walk out that door, just like everyone before him and the next 2 that will come after him. That’s the game, don’t like it, don’t watch, but CBS isn’t going to hurt for ratings

  50. I am so disgusted with this year. I really hate when the jerks look like they are going to win This year I have watched a buch of idots make a click surround by a pass loser and then whine about when they start to lose and then watch them destory themselves and their dignity when america make sure he does not win becasue we disliked him the first time. i watch a prima donna go nuts and then watch a trusting guy who is told lies about a friend.. He believes them and then gets stabed in the back and sent home. Offically I am not watching anymore because I don’t want kevin or natalie to win . Peace until next yearm hopefully big brother gets it right next time.

  51. ok. I can’t stand natalie but I have to give it to her: that bitch twisted everybody’s mind (even Kevin became “evil” like her) but she played a mean game….From the beginning she was making the decisions not Jessie…she reach that far in the game without winning anything, mind you…until now!!!! But i still dont want her to win…Michele all the way!!!!! POV is SO IMPORTANT!!
    Thanx simon & Dawg for the fast updates!

    I love it…
    bunch of sucks…
    “I hope pandoras box brings jeff back..”.PATHETIC!
    Game folks…

  53. I also cancelled my feeds…..not only because Jeff left….I expected that, but I can’t stand the thought of hearing that disgusting child (I know she is 24, but acts like she is 12) brag and lie all week. Why would anyone pay money to hear that for two weeks?

  54. its not the end of the world. only ONE can leave of the gruesome twosome. It probably is best to get out K now, so nat (a much weaker comptetitor) has a lower chance to win the final HOH. if M wins that one, she will bring J to the f2.

    we still have next week to get out gnat. no sweat guys!!!!! say yes to school and no to drugs!!

  55. I think it was funny/ironic that Natalie said she stayed true to her word all game. Where did her truth begin? When she said she was 18? When she said Michelle was in the green room rallying votes? When she said Chima dropped her mic accidentally into the pool? When she told Jeff that he was safe, then voted him out? It’s all a game, yes, but the sad and pathetic thing is she actually believes all the lies she tells. And to get vindication on Chima? #1 Chima evicted herself. #2 Did she forget that the veto is the only thing that really matters this week…? I hope either Michelle or Jordan wins so Kevin goes up and home just so Natalie looks like an idiot yet again.

  56. @Kyle

    Yes atleast Chima was getting her hands dirty. Nat has let everyone do the dirty work for her. I knew that when they voted out Lydia that Nat would walk away with the game. Nat has lied since she walked in the game. They think she is this loser 18 year old. I have disliked Nat since the show started and now all hope is on Michelle and Jordan. I had wanted to Kevin to win but with him doing whatever Nat wants I’m done with him too. Maybe the mystery room will be to somehow bring Jeff back. I can only hope.

  57. Kevin is a racist, chima is a racist and Natalie is chima’s biggest fan … please fire the person in charge of casting for this show.

    1. YES someone in casting needs to get a clue…. you will watch your ratings tank from this point forward. I am not bitter that Jeff is gone, I am bitter that they let Natalie continue in the game after downing 3 Mikes hard lemonades on tv all while making everyone believe she is 18 years old! Your payback BB is watching her salute to Chima, the worst player ever in this game! Way to screw it up BB.

      1. They cant not allow her to not drink because she is over 21. She openly said in the diary session that she is 24. If the other houseguests dont catch onto that then they are dumb. Stop trying to find any reason for this not to be fair.

  58. OMG I can’t believe natalie won hoh. This weeks going sux having to listen her mouth all week. she’s been lieing this whole game and breaking promises, so what the heck was she talking about. I hope she don’t win BB. I hope jordan some how pulls a rabbit out of her hat and wins..Jeff should still be there.

  59. Thanks so much for this great blog. It is saving me from watching tonight. The thought of seeing Natalie win HOH tonight is more than I can bear. haha. Normally I don’t get too crazy about who wins but this seasont will be a great disappointment if Natalie wins money.

  60. Done with big brother no reason to watch anymore. Can’t stand Natalie and I refuse to watch. Jeff and Jordan were the only people worth watching goodbye

  61. Now you will see all the Nasty Nat fans come out of the woodwork like cockroaches,thuis is gonna be a long ass week,but atleast we can watch Michelle get POV and get Gollum out!!!

    1. I couldn’t believe the first words out of her mouth were “and I did it by keeping my word…” If there were any justice she would have been struck by lightning right then and there.

  62. my big brother season has come to an end…..I will not watch natalie’s nasty dirty pie whole! She is a dirtball…..She eats and talks like a horse……She needs a shower……..she is nasty natalie……they will never vote for her in jury house!

  63. I am sorry to say this but i see a lot of excuses for all the bad behavior Jeff and Jordo wjite, blonde, green eyes)displayed towards the other hg’s. And, i also hear a lot of bigtotry and racism towards Kevin and Natalie(latino/black/oriental).So, America-as Jeff liked to say-“where are you at at?”

    I am soooo proud of my name–Jeffnomore!!!How fitting!!!

  64. whatching the show right now and Jeff needs to shut up!!! Trying to “sell” himself for Natalie to keep him….He is so cocky!!! I like how Kevin put him in his place though…lol… And look at all this women giving Jeff a standing ovation!!!! Get a life people!!!!

    1. you missed the live feeds what was going on!!! Natalie approached Jeff with a deal for his stuff if he stays. That was why he believed her. She lied to him, everytime!

    1. I’m wondering if it was simply because they ran out of time or whether it was because the ones from Natalie and Kevin were too disgusting to air.


      NAH, NAH, NAH, NAH
      HEY, HEY, HEY

      1. Like I said before,now you’ll see all the Nasty fans getting brave and post.Sorry to say,if you like this filthy,dirty,disgusting,unhygene educated,non showering witch,then your probally just like her.we’ll see your posts when her skanky ass is gone!

  65. Congratulations Natalie. It’s sad to see so many people go now. I’ve enjoyed making fun of every single one of you Jeff lovers.

    1. Agreed. Haven’t watched the last 3 episodes on air…just checking the spoilers on occasion. They found some pieces of work this time!!!

  66. I’m done…even watching Natalie gloat for a day will be more then I could ever stand. EVERYONE PLEASE STOP WATCHING SO THE RATINGS WILL GO DOWN!!! This is the worst case scenario ever with Natalie. Lets hope she screws herself gets greedy with the Pandora’s box and Jeff will be behind the door! One can only hope. I’m done. Please take a stand and stop watching this…

    1. You are ridiculous, some people probably will stop watching…but i bet you don’t. If that was the case, you would not be blogging on this site….All you have to do is just stop. stop blogging, stop reading about it, stop discussing, just stop., cold turkey. But i bet you will be watching on sunday, tuesday and thursday…because you want to know the outcome, just like all these other hypocrites blogging and hating natalie..I hope she wins the $500,000 more than you say you want people to stop watching , you idiot!!!!
      GO NATALIE GO!!!!!!!

    2. Go watch Snow White or Bambi or something. You can look at all the sweet, loving, nice people you want there. It’ll suit you better.

    1. l0l 224…but yes. what an idiot.
      i thought she had this game.
      how could they let natalie catch up?
      whatever. natalie wont win anyways.
      i hate jessie, but im so glad he told them
      her real age.

  67. kevin is a loser who is so jealous of jeff.

    one minute he whines because jeff wont make himself look bad on tv, then the next minute he ridicules him if he does something bad.

    he whines that jeff isnt campainging to save himself then when he does he talks bad about him for doing so.

    he doesnt like jeff giving natalie deals but then is mad because jeff isnt giving him any deals.

    he says jeff has no butt, but look at your butt kevin you dont either…and kevin, we all think jeff has a great butt.

    jeff will get great offers and you will be sitting in your bankrupt condo.

    in reality kevin- you might have got jeff on the show but in life he got-got you!

    it will be great when kevin finds out that america loves jeff and hates him.

    1. ,,,in your bankruptcy condo, handcuffed and bent over a box
      you make me sick as does gnatsy……ew you’re both so gross

      did y’all hear jessie and russell say that they would vote for jeff if he got to final 2

  68. all i have to say to all the whiners and cry babys HAHAHAHAHAHA jeff got evicted now lets all cry a river and hope that BB or AG find some “magical” way to bring jeff back….lol good for all of you who are going to stop watching because you are superficial :D remember its a game and like ally said its a game built off of lies so good luck to the remaining houseguests the rest of the season is going to be boring but oh well its like that this late in the game every season.

    1. yeah, yeah its just a game but natalie is just so gross and delusional and idiotic. she even cheats at pool when she plays kevin, total douche. i love a good villain, like kevin, but she is just so immature and idiotic. just gross stinky sports sock. nothing that interesting about her, she;s just a brat.

      1. oh and i agree about that but im not going to attack her personally for that stuff as we all have flaws and after this long in a house people are bound to see it i dont have the live feeds but i read enough either here or a more detailed of what goes on for the entire day and agree simon and dawg do excellent jobs but this is the first year ive seen so many cry babies and personal attacks in the comments and its old its a game get over it the gay comments shemale come on for real its not right for the houseguests to do it people shouldnt here either dont think that people that know them see it some of the stuff said could affect there real lives so think about that next time somebody attacks somebody personal in the house and what you are doing to affect them with your comments (not to you amy but in general) a good debate doesnt have to resort to what things have recently

    2. Aren’t you Nasty Nat fans,the same pitiful fans that was crying just a few weeks ago about how the game was rigged for J/J and how unfair it was that your Queen of funk was on the block again?But I’ll bet if for some reason someone comes back or when her funky ass gets evicted,you’ll be crying again..rigged,rigged,rigged!

        1. If that was the case,then that unhygene pig you worship,should’ve been gone the first week,you talk about Cookie dough monster riding Jeffs coattails.What has Nasty done,rode Jessie’s coat tail till he was evicted,then rode on Racist Bitch’s,then she left,then jumped onto Gollums.She finally won a comp and now she’s the queen of your doublewide trailer.I must say,to pick her as your fav,tells me alot.

          1. you are pathetic bashing somebody for possibily laying low but you say nat hasnt done anything what has jordo done besides be carried by jeff? oh wait she was handed her HOH by jeff i forgot that and your choice of termanilogy says a lot about how simple idiotic minded you are grow up and get a life

      1. even before the winner of the wizard powers was announced i didnt like it due to the outside influence on a game that was supposed to be cut off from everything but w/e they needed something new to keep people interested in the show and game, because after all it is a game. and unfair IF she ends up going home in the final three guess what i wont be crying unlike all you jeff fans because he got evicted good im glad you all are throwing fits and will refuse to stop watching because it didnt go the way you wanted it to go…grow up and act like an adult, my 4 year old daughter doesnt even try and pull that when things dont go her way so grow up its a game dont like my oppions then dont read them cause i could care less

  69. I hope the box has a collection of our opinions about Gnat, and that sorry, but we have no choice to immediately send you to the Jury House.

  70. guranteed 98% of viewers hate natalie… that is something that she will know and can’t change when she gets out.

    and we all know there are a few natalie friends/fans/family on here that post under multiple names trying to trick your way into our minds- but we are not falling for it.

    natalie is the lowest form of human being.

    1. at least she’s human…and those are strong words for someone who obviously does not understand what the lowest form of a human is…..did she kill somebody that you know of? is she a mass murderer? bank robber? child molester? When i think of the lowest kind of human, these are the types that come to mind, but because natalie lied in a game that calls for lying, in your mind she is the lowest .. If that makes her what you say, then i really hope that you don’t have children.

      1. obviously you’re another one of gnat gnasty relatives…..its not the lying part…..its the cocky, meanspirited, hateful, malicious, disgustng behavior all season that makes her not likeable……………….her’s will come back to hit her as will chima’s, russell’s etc. They will claim they were badly edited and all i have to say is BULLSHIT. Jeff out and out is just a nice guy. JOrdan simple yes, but sweet. No malicousness ever directed to those freakin’ lunatics EVER……………..gnasty and bent-over-a-box no spine kevin disgust me and most everyone else not related to them.

        1. hey like ive said ITS A GAME people lie backstab and make shit up if they think it will get them farther in the game. but i will agree her eating is annoying as all hell and not showering for a week “while on her rag” is disguesting but other then her annoyance and personal choices in regards to her habbits its a game people do that

        2. No, i’m not a relative..I’ve only seen natalie on bb, never even heard of her before then, but I would’nt mind being a relative, because SHE Will Be $500,000 RICHER AND I COULD USE A LITTLE…..

        3. you Den, my dear are an idiot..because Natalie cant possibly have fans?..because all the pathetic old hags who lust Jeff and “bros” are fans of Jeff..that leaves no fans for Natalie??
          because anyone who is a fan of hers must be either her family..”as gross as she is”…or my new fave “posting numerous times under different names”..well Simon can check all of the IP’s so that would take care of that…not everyone loves Jeff and hates Natalie! its an opinion!
          all my female friends who are under 25 and not old hags like most of you ladies who lust Jeff…cant stand Jeff, especially since after he backstabbed Russell…they are rooting for Kevin..with Natalie/Michelle running in Second…so yes there are Natalie fans. just becuase they arent vocal obsessed STANS like you “yo-yo’s” doesnt mean they dont exsist..
          stay up Jeff Stans…Stay Up!

            1. Again as you see,all Nasty and Gollum care about is how much their clothes they got cost,and of course Nasty cannot do something outta the kindness of her black heart…..No Gollum,I shanked this,so I want that hoodie…greedy lil bitch,she’d rob her mothers grave if she found out there was a quarter in it!!!! I hope next comp is a hygene comp,we all no she’ll lose that one!

  71. It was interesting watching people lie playing the game. Ok, that’s part of the game. It was also interesting watching Nat lie about things not involved in the game, like cheating in chess, denying it, cheating in pool, denying it. While playing pool with Kevin she puts her mug an inch away from the ball kevin just hit, screaming and yelling trying to make her breathe slow the ball down. Cheating! that’s not part of the house game, that’s just showing her real personality. Liar, cheat etc.
    Did I mention Michele is adorable? Yeah I know, I said it before. But really! Isn’t she???

  72. So I have to stand and applaud Nat and Kev for their game play. They got Jeff and he should be gone. All you Jeff lovers should be blaming Jordan and Jeff for him being gone not Nat and Kev. This is a game and Nat and Kev’s backs were against the wall and they came out swinging. They did what they had to do and proved to be better players. If Jordan wouldn’t have been in Jeff’s ear about backdooring Russell he would still be here. Why didn’t she backdoor him the week before when she had HOH and POV? She didn’t want the blood on her hands and she wanted Jeff to protect her so he did it. and He trusted Kev and Nat and got PLAYED! And before all of you say Russell was coming after him and he had to do it let’s look at the scenario. First Russell said he was going to keep to his word. But if he didn’t and won HOH then let’s see. He puts Jeff and either Kev/Nat, whichever one was still here. Michelle wins veto takes Jeff down. He’s still here. Let’s say he put up Jordan and Kev/Nat and trys to backdoor Jeff. Michelle wins veto and doesn’t use it. Jeff and Michell vote out Kev/Nat he is still here. The only possibility was to put Michelle and Kev/Nat or Michelle and Jeff up and Russ had his deal with Michelle and wouldn’t have put her up so Michelle would use veto on Jeff no matter who he was against up there. Much better odds than trusting Kev and Nat but he’ll have plenty of time in the jury house to think about that. May the best player win because the so called “Best” player by most on here just GOT GOT!!!

  73. I’m baffled by production on this one. It is one thing to have Jeff evicted. He made a bad move and deserved what he got. So I didn’t think they would pull a twist just to keep him. But how in the hell do they not show his goodbye messages. The Jeff/Jordan storyline has been hyped to death this season. Combined with the fact that (based off CDT voting and tonights ovation) Jeff is one of, if not the most popular houseguests this season, how do they not bring some kind of closure to the Jeff/Jordan storyline with the goodbye message.

    By doing this, they have pissed off all the people who have been fans of the Jeff/Jordan showmance. I really don’t care about the showmance, but it is very suprising that production would just drop it with no ending. Are we to believe that the Michelle’s husband segment was more important than making sure your biggest storyline of the season doesn’t get some closure?

    I really think Jeff is coming back. They didn’t show his goodbye messages, they didn’t show his picture turn grey. They are still hyping the pandora’s box twist and Jeff has the key. I thought I heard Julie Chen say next Tuesday is a special live show. I would find it very strange if production just lets this go unresolved.

    1. interesting i didnt think of that until now…however i doubt they would bring jeff back in this late game (and imo if they did they would be showing that they rig the game for people) but if you look at the time frame sunday is noms tuesday is the live evicition and thursday starts the 3 part final hoh which finishes on sunday the 13th with the finale on tuesday the 15th unless they are going to have 3 people in the finals but then they would need to do another veto with 4 people going into the last evicition before the finale who knows it would make a lot of people happy but show that they do rig the show for sure imo

      1. How do we not know this Pandoras Box thingy,hasn’t been planned this way the whole season?Just because if it brings Jeff back its rigged?C’mon people and say Nasty did save Jeff and Gollum went home,then Tuesday,because of Nasty’s greed to open the box,she’s out and Gollum came back?Do you really believe BB knew this was gonna happen? Appearently most of you have never seen this show before the motto is…Expect the Unexpected.

        1. lets see over the seasons any time something unexpected happens for the houseguests as best as me and my wife can remember they have ALWAYS told the viewers what it does prior to the houseguests actually getting it, except this time. while it may be true that it has been planned you cant deny that production has some influence over the game, so who is to say they wouldnt take it a step further and rig it completely…hell who is to say that they havent for every season who knows maybe they are all actors and the winner and everything for the most is preplanned prior to any media days or what not and fyi ive been watching BB for at least the last 4 or so years so ive seen it thanks but try again im not some idiot that just spouts off at the mouth and has to insult people to make my point try having an intelligent debate instead of insults

  74. Now with natalie safe kevin is major at risk. if j or mich won then he could at least compete against natalie with her having major incentive to win veto and save him in the vote. Now she will prolly throw it b/c shes safe and doesn’t want blood and knows kev could beat her in finals….any body know when veto is played?????

  75. There are no more twists people. Get over it and quit trying to stir shit up on here. Jeff is gone. Does it suck? Yes. Does life go on? Yes…..for most people….but I wonder about some of the people on this site. Get a life, it’s a game show for christ sake.

    1. In your words moron,”why dont you shadupppp”, bitch. Your comments are uninformed and ignorant. And thanks for being my biggest fan, chasing me around the other day just to reply.

  76. wouldn’t it be funny if jordan goes home next week and that the two people they saved got them out back to back…..that’s what i love about the game…be stupid (jeff back dooring russel) and your azz will get burned…even thought i am greatly enjoying the way things are going…..Sorry J&J lol

  77. how can these HG’s be so stupid, have they not seen previous BB’s? 1 player’s strategy ,latch onto strong player in the beginning….act like can’t win jack shit so others keep that person in the game and , towards the end, voila, all of a sudden starts winning…as in nasty gnat PP….plus all the lies she has told, esp her age…..they all can’t see the forest for the trees…..what moronic losers

  78. its kinda ironic how the final 4 happened to be 1 member from each clique
    Athlete: Natalie
    Offbeat: Kevin
    Brains: michele
    Popular: jordan

    So bizzaire
    i think the last two will ending up being kevin and michele

    1. Nah, Kevn and Natalie. I dont mind if it’s Kevin in the final two but not Nat. She’s gotta go. BUt me thinks she’ll end up like Jun in BB 4.


    JEFF LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!JEFF LOST!!!!!!!!!!


    1. speaking of simple minded, Slick Rick, gnat has the mentality of an 8 year old…….correction of an 8 year old that lives in a juvenille delinquency home…….maybe that’s why she seems so familiar to you………you guys rock, man! pick those noses pick those toes ….class acts…..maybe when she gets out she/he will rub her/his penis all over your chin…..won’t you be a happy slick rick then?!?

    2. That isn’t going to happen SLICK, trust me!

      These haters are like class clowns, vultures, and the mirror image of what they hate. Most every one of them speaks or morals, something they must lack when posting the hate filled messages here. This is getting to a point, where I really think some of the people here would actually try to harm that young educated girl. This has become a recruitment of anguish, a cult or something.

  80. Please DONATE to this site. By the time Dawg and Simon have transcribed Gnat and her shinanigans all this week, they will have gouged their eyes out with their fingers, ripped out all of their hair, and stuck nails in their ears…. I really feel for these guys, with what they have to listen to it all week. These 2 boys will be unable to function in the real world after all that torture. I really feel for you guys, lol….. good luck! May the force be with ya. My greatest sympathys.
    Go michele!!!!!

  81. There is no reason to watch BB anymore.
    First off, pandora’s box was a load of crap! Second of all, the last entertaining person is gone. Third, the most annoying person is HOH who will be safe this week!
    Obv, BB can only influence the game so much but the last remaining 4 HG ARE BORING!!!
    I like MIch and hope she wins but she’s boring. Jordan is only funny with Jeff. And Kev is only funny in the DR.

    1. I agree with you 100% and that’s why I won’t watch any longer. I also couldn’t stand seeing slimeballs like Kevin or Nasty win money. If Michelle is in the final, I may watch. Otherwise, I will check this site for an update. This truly has been the worse season of BB ever!! Please return to BB for adults next season!
      PS. Simon and Dawg, you have my condolensces for having to watch the slimeballs for the next 2 weeks!

  82. so jeff got played by an ugly, fat faced fag ! It was only because Jeff trusted the cocksucker. Jeff may end up on the all star shows anyhow. ( I heard next season there was gonna be an allstar cast 8 to 11 show) also, Nastalie hasn’t won the prize yet. Michelle and Jordan may go up ( dah everone knows that Nat is gonna) but if one of them wins that veto then Gayven goes up and the votes are 2 to get him out (jord & mich) so… the show is still worth watching. ( and to see Jords sexy ass in that bikini) for the record Jordan is not fat. she is built like Marilyn monroe. wanna see fat? look at rosie odonnell now thats fat ( and ugly) :)

    1. i really dislike ignorant idiots like you grow up the dudes gay SO ******* WHAT? unlike you who probably goes with the majority and is afraid to speak your real oppion unless you feel you are in the majority he has the courage to go against the norm and ignorant people like you and be open about who he truly is so grow up and STFU we dont need more ignorant idiots like you in this world

  83. I’m sorry Jeff fans, but your boy deserved to be evicted and he shouldn’t have some special treatment to keep him in the BB house.

    He had the whole final four, then he turned on his two allies and embraced the two enemies.

    When he had the choice to either evict the snake Natalie or the harmless but irritating Lydia, he evicted the harmless one.

    Karma bit Jeff in his treacherous stupid butt. He forgot who his real enemy was and the real enemy cut him off at the knees.

    But since he turned into the enemy taking on Chima-like behavior, declaring everyone had better vote his way or else, trusting the enemy doesn’t seem that strange, after all.

    I actually feel sorry for the Jury House people being subjected to him, especially Russell, after the way the crud treated him as he stabbed him in the back.

    1. you’re right, lets save all the special treatment for the vicious prima donna’s who demand extras…..blah blah blah….anyone supporting disgusting people like gnastily aren’t people who will ever see the good, the kind or the TRUTH

      1. ….and by the way the clip from the jury house tonight showed russell and jeff saying they would vote for Jeff if he made it to final 2… suck it

  84. I saw this and thought it was hilarious. ( its from earlier today) If you are NatAliar fan you might not like it.
    spoiler alert !!! michelle (who has been sleeping off and on all day) wakes up and jeff, kevin and jordan are all standing around her. Michelle has a wet cold rag on here forehead. Michelle whispers ?oh my I had a dream and you, you and you were there? (she points first to jeff then kev then jord). Jeff says well we had a nasty comp and one of the props hit you and knocked you out?. Michelle says ?well while I was out I dream i won the BB prize. shes goes on to say ?but first in my comatose like dream we all (pointing to all of them) had to go through this really hard comp. it involved you Jord trying to find the brain you were missing and you Jeff trying to find the heart you don?t have and you kev well being you are such a coward and always hiding behind one of the stronger and more ruthless females you needed to find some courage to win this game. Jeff looks at jord and says ?go on? Michellle continues ?well we had to be tormented by an evil witch who looked just like nat. she would torment us as we dangled from the monkey poles ( that was the comp, to hang upside down on a money poles for as long as possible). Michelle takes a deep breath and whispers ? well the witch nat kept saying ? i?m gonna win the 250,000 and take all your prizes my lil prettys?. Michelle says ?finally jord got some brains, kev mustered up some courage and jeff you had a heart because all of yous got a bucket of water (which Nat is deathly afraid of) and some soap and threw it at the witch Nat. nat then screamed ? I?m getting clean, I?m getting clean, what a world what a world?. then Nat desolves into a bar of soap. Jeff, Jord and Kev all look at each other and say ?oh thats too silly and unbelievable because Nat is not even here anymore. As we did the comp a freak accident happened and a house blew outta nowhere and fell on her?. Alison Grodon suddenly announces over the speaker in her males voice ?HG?s Natalie is out of the game as she violated house rules by letting a house fall on her, therefore Jesse the all lpowerful wizard of BB will be coming back to take her place?. Mich, kev, jeff and jord look at each other and first jeff says ?well at least I have the heart to fight him?. Kev says? and I have the courage to stand up to him? and Jord says ?and I have the brains to out wit him? and Michelle says “and as always I have the sweet innocence of well a school girl who happens to have a PHD to sweet talk him?. then the feed cuts to the empty red room.

  85. I smell a rat!!!!!Jeff’s good bye messages were not played. Fish is on. May be what Simon suggested, and then again-maybe not.

    If Jeff comes back Pandora box or not-the show is rigged. And we got got!
    Simon, help us out here!
    Let the dead rest in peace!!!!!

  86. I agree Keli….. “she did it all by keeping her word”??? She wouldn’t know how to keep her word if it bitch slapped her in the face.

    I find it…interesting…that there is one houseguest from each one of the 4 cliques now left in the final four.

    I feel bad for Jeff & Jordan but they made mistakes that cost them…it’s easy for us to say, I know, viewing from the outside but you just CAN’T opt to trust someone toward the end of the game when they have no where else to go and hated you from the start! Oh well.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. I love how gross Nat says she did it for Chima and by keeping her word. She has been LYING through the entire game. She is 24 years old and saying she is only 18. UGH!! What a rat. If she DOES make it to the final two – I don’t think the jury house will be able to get over the fact that she lied the entire game.

  87. The Pandora’s Box Mystery is to air Sunday and the POV comp and POV ceremony and a live eviction will be on Tuesday? What do you suppose this means?

  88. Jeff will be back, why are they playing pov and hoh on tuesday? Someone is going home tuesday and then again on thursday that leaves only two left? Julie said thursday will be the last hoh comp? That means there needs to be three in the house? If two are gone by thursday than there is only two left you need one more player? Get ready for some pissed off heshe and girl boy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Welcome back Jeff, you got to love Big Brother. Remember Jeff still has the key?

    1. there is something fishy going on,just wished i could figure out what. also,has anyone else thought about there will be 6 people in the jury house since chima was fired. if there is a tie who will break the tie????????????????

      1. Apparently, in past years at least, it was stated in the BB rule book that if there was a missing member of the jury, America would get that vote.

    2. Jeff does not have a key. He gave the key to Kevin and Kevin unlocked himself.

      There are 4 people in the house. One is evicted Tuesday, one is evicted Thursday and the show ends the following week.

      Jeff is not coming back.

    3. I didn’t hear anything about a HOH competition on Tuesday. It’s just POV and a Live Eviction. On Tuesday, one person will be evicted leaving three people. This is what I think……..On Thursday, they will begin the first part of the HOH which will probably be a physical/endurance competition. On Sunday, they will have the second part of the competition which will probably be a mental competition. On Tuesday, they will have the third part (which usually consists of questions about people in the jury house between the winner of part 1 and part 2 who then decides who they want to take to final two) along with the 2 hour finale. I don’t think Jeff is coming back. As Jeff would say…”He gone” LOL

      1. People just let Jeff go – everyone thought last week that Russell was coming back – surprise he is in the Jury house.

        I was upset that Jeff left last night, but let it go – if he come back Great, I honesly see no chance in it happening.

        I just hope Gnat’s rain is short and quiet.

  89. now i honestly do not care who wins the game except for natalie. it just feels like her strategy was horrible, except for this one week(which btw was the closest competition yet) where she was able to carry her own weight, she absolutly SUCKED. and it was not done on purpose. that annoying, manupating, dirty squirrel needs to go home. she couldnt win something without luck if her life depended on it. yes it is apart of the game to get out the strong players, but if natalie wins, BIg brother is sending out a horrible message that people can jump on random band wagons 2 get to the final 2. and as for the production aspect of this season-BORING! other than the ONE interesting twist in his game, the show just sucked. the need to re-evaulate their plan and get some spice back into the show. if jeff and jordan werent part of the show, this season would been a sleep fest. ive been a fan of the show since season 2, and know for a fact that they could have done ALOT more to make things more entertaining and less predictable. the crew of the show should be ashamed of themselves this season-a 10 yr old kid could have done a better jon keeping things entertaining and bareable!

    1. didnt jordan do the same thing natalie did? she had jeff who gave her the hoh and made all the moves for her…he didnt even want her to talk.

    2. listen to what your saying..Jordan did nothing but ride on Jeff’s back the whole game..Jordan shouldnt be n the house she doesnt deserve to win. Jordan is nothing but and idoit.It is jeff’s own fault he picked a loser to partner up with..Glad jeff is gone hope Jordan is next.

  90. HELLl NO! I’m done watching the show. That competition took no talent at all, that’s why big brother did it, to give Natalie a chance to win. The only competitions Natalie has a chance at winning are the no-talent ones. I love how she claims she did it by keeping her word. I’m not even a huge big brother fan and I’m steaming…

    1. That would be so wonderful!!! EXCEPT all of those haters,Lydia, Natalie, in particular, will be crying that it’s rigged.. but doesn’t good triumph over evil,doesn’t it?????!!!!

  91. I don’t think I can take watching Natalie bite her nails and spit them, chomp candy, slouch around dragging those f’ing slippers, and spouting complete bs for the next week. She literally makes me want to puke.

    1. Ruby you forgot repeating herself, repeating herself, repeating herself. oops got bit of Nat thing going there. She is also a poor winner so that will be BRAGGING time. Her picking her nose, and seeing those yellow shorts.

      OMG and what was up with that apron she was wearing tonight. lol

  92. I actually screamed “NO” when Natalie won. It’s the worst case scenario. Jeff gone, Nat HOH. I can hardly bear it.. It is one of the most frustrating things watching how self righteous they are.. they seem like PURE EVIL.. Natalie has no class, morals and she is repulsive. I am gutted that the game is going this way.. I only pray Jordan and Michelle are somehow final 2.. THIS SUCKS… I miss Jeff already and I hate that they will be braying at him in the Jury house. .what a stupid move to trust those ugly liars.. why didn’t he just stick with his final 4 deal with Michelle and Russell??? URGH.. it’s torture!!!!

  93. Bloggers got got by BB themselves. The key was used to let Kevin out so he too could collect money. That is all that was planned at that time for this magical key everyone seemed to think was Jeffs ticket back into the house. If you listened to tonights live show they said that in a nut shell. If no one would have used key Kevin would have missed out on getting any money. Besides they are all in it for themselves and so would we be for that kinda money and before anyone goes saying they wouldn’t if you didn’t have that kinda mind set about the game they wouldn’t pick you. No one ever got to the end with out lieing. Matter of fact some of the best players of all-time played people in house like a fiddle. Oh Jeff in case you do read these sometime in future Russell went out the door on his day of reckoning with class you went out looking like an ASS…. First of all you did the same to Russell the week earlier and you told him to take it like a man you didn’t. Also Jordan has ridden your coattails and you let her yet at the last minute you toss her under the BUS as they say. Pick me, toss Jordan who’s pants I have been trying my damnest to get into all week. With no luck I truely hope. Wait till you see yourself telling the other houseguest Jessie let the power go to his head and then watch yourself make the same mistakes. POWER in that house changes people even america’s favorite. Oh don’t be mad at Kevin by the way he isn’t the one who promised not to put you up or vote you out that was Nat, Kevin never said a word while Nat was blowing smoke up your A**. THis is a game and one thing I do not understand about this and others games like this on TV is when you have a pact with others don’t they relize if you send the other team so fast and earlier you have to turn on eachother more quickly… Wonder what would have been said by precious Jeff if it had been him and his BB lover Jordan at the end guess we would have seen his true colors then Green with money hunger I bet. Chill folks it is just a game and I hope Kevin wins.

    1. you are right it’s a game..they have all lied that is what they are suppose to do..what happened to jeff..he had just done to russell..way to go kevin..the only person left that doesnt deserve to win is Jordan.

  94. ROOTING and TOOTING for KEVIN to WIN!! He like a couple others has played the game, in the end you have to get those out who will hurt your chances so bye bye Jeff. It was ok for Jeff to pull the same last week on Russell yet half the people on here are crying foul now that Kevin did the same to him. BULL. Kevin didn’t promise not to vote or put Jeff up that was Nat. He looked away while she spun the lies.I am not saying he didn’t know about them but he kept his mouth shut and let her stick her foot in this time. He also knew he would have to end up being the one who gets blamed for a so called favorite (NOT MINE)getting booted. Yet he did it and Jeff had a chance to turn Kevin to his side but when he was asked to try to save himself he goes and says no I will not ask Mich to use Veto on me and kick her out next week. Umm Jeff, you did that with Russell why not her? I’ll tell you why you thought it was getting to a point in the game people are gonna remember things that go to Jury House. Reality only one you really gotta worry about is last one out. They don’t have time to cool down like the rest do. Also people’s ideas of how jury house works is off. Have they never watched game before. Most think about how hard someone worked to get to finally 2 what big plays did they pull off without help with help and the unnoticed ones till they bammm hit you with it. Yes they will gripe about lieing but they all do it. This game is made up on personal attacks lies and deceit. That is BB moto for the game “stick it to them however you can before the stick it to you” DUH and yes all those saying the won’t watch will and be on these blogs BB is addictive and we are all addicts to it. I do think Jeff can blame himself for his being outed though if he had not used CDT he would not have shown america was for him and he changed the game at that time he and Jordan were safe. Once he used that he too got power hungry like he claimed Jessie was and he doomed himself to leaving. If you let others know you got an edge they should toss you ASAP ! as was done with him. I think that was his reasoning about Jessie too. He had edge over everyone else. Jessie would have never gotten to final two he just could have contained himself that long.

    1. No you wouldn’t. You gonna keep acting tough online and threatening to punch random girls? We all know you wouldn’t do that…jail wouldn’t be fun. ;)

  95. I think what will happen is that they will offer nasty some money a lg. amount for the door, because Julie said it has to do with the hoh person, maybe you can open the door and whoever is behind will come back to the game and then you get 25.000 dollars, but if you choose to say no then you forfiet the money, so what do you all think, I think she will take it and low and behold someone is coming back in, maybe Jeff or one of other the people in the jury house, well just what I think and Nasty should take it I know I would, she has no brains so it just might work, and maybe they will convince her its JessAss and so she will go for it, please let this happen or something to that effect, but not JessAss please then I really will not watch anymore and believe me its going to hard this next couple of days, listening to that dumb ass stinky go on and on, Please take the deal NatDogg for all woman and man kind

  96. I’m just reading this stuff and laughing. People, get a life! We don’t care if you stop watching because Jeff is gone. Do us a favor and stop posting, too!

  97. Does anyone know why they didn’t show jeff’s goodbye messages last night? I can’t stand that damn natalie her of all ppl won HOH she didn’t deserve I can’t stand her ass i was so pissed she won i didn’t even watch BBAD last night i can’t stand to hear her brag all night long!

  98. I feel ,as do many others that Nat is a terrible person, lies about her age, now I think she is actually a lesbian, who is Anita?? NO mention of her boyfriend??? If she did have a “boyfriend” she should have been upset about not hearing a word from him!!! It is hard to take when our fav is gone ,but we still have 10 more days to see what will happen. I don’t think Nat will win the big prize, the jury house know she is a liar now!!

  99. Jordan was on a roll until her dumb ass said 24 cans was in the tube! Natalie’s lying ass cannot win! Why they hell did natalie say this is for you chima she better think about herself chima’s ass is gone what does she think she’s going to get chima’s vote hell no her ass is at home playing with her weave! PLEASE DON’T LET NAT’S ASS WIN IT ALL!

  100. I wanted Kev to win until I saw him pour Jeff’s wine in the toilet on AD the Wed. night. Nat is so full of herself. I hope they jury wouldn’t give it to her.

  101. How in the world can Nat say she is so honest and her “word” has gotten her through when she has been lying the entire game? She has told them all from day 1 that she was 18 and is really 24 (I dont see the benefit in that, but whatever). I think it’s hiarious to see her running around defending Chima and her “word”. She is the most boring BB houseguest to ever play the game. I have lost interest now. I think the Pandora Box will be the clothing comp. I did notice that they didn’t play the good bye msgs to Jeff, well actually my 8 yr old daughter noticed. lol

  102. Nat and Kevin otherwise known as PP and Fruitboy have got to goooooooooooo
    What the hell is the point of watching now without Jeff, I won’t watch anymore

    1. I totally agree! I DVR’d the eviction episode, came on her quick to confirm my fears, then saw Nat won HOH. I promptly deleted my recording.
      Only hope now is maybe they bring some one back??? thats happened before…

    1. Everybody needs to stop sucking Jeff’s D@@%!!!!! Is this not a game. Its amazing how everyone hates on Natalie, Kevin and Chima…..the minority folks in the house!!!!!!! I know Russell is gone but he was the biggest jerk of them all. I read these blogs from the beginning and everyone has hated on Natalie, Kevin and Chima from the beginning. This is the reason I like Big Brother… truely shows how america is towards different people, different nationalities. Thanks America!!!!!

      1. you are ridiculous!! why does it always have to go to “minorities.” it just so happens that these people are horrible human beings regardless of their status. gosh i get so irritated!!

        1. You know what is wrong with the world? People constantly pulling the race/minority card. Boo hoo, the most ridiculous useless people in the house happen to be minorities…wah wah wah. You know what? I personally hated Michelle and Ronnie and Jessie….OMG THEY’RE ALL WHITE, RACIST RACIST. Seriously, mrsnewbooty you are a joke and your comment is completely ridiculous. I think you pulling the racist card shows exactly how foolish people can be. Grow up.

          1. AMEN~ Ronnie-jessie are not nice people. OH guess what they are white. It not about race it ‘s how you play they game. Look at the feeds… who brought up race!

        2. Umm, Anonymous!!!!!! Please with your comments!!!!!! Do you read the feeds or watch. Lydia used used racist remarks and yes, white people show their true colors on tv. That is exactly why not to many people of color sign on to Big Brother just for that reason. The minorities know they will be the first to go or if they get close they wont win due to the majority in the house. Has a minority ever won. I don’t care what you think or say. I have a right to my opinion and I’m sticking with it like it or not…NEXT..

      2. In the same post you call Russel, a Lebanese-American, a jerk, then bash people for disliking the minority classes of a Latin, African-American, and mixed-race homosexual. Two of those which make a very large portion of society, not minority. >_>;;;

      3. Oh really. Natalie, Kevin and Chima represent all the minorities and how they’re treated in American. Natalie isn’t liked because she’s an ugly individual. Doesn’t matter what race she is, when you act ugly….you’re ugly. Kevin sheepishly followers losers since he doesn’t have a brain and Chima…she does not represent Blacks. I’m sorry…I live in DC and I know some classy Blacks. I’m not a Jeff or Jordan supporter so that doesn’t influence me. Individuals are liked or not liked because of their personalities on BB.

      4. True I do hate nat, kevin & chima…..but I also hated Jesse, Ronnie & Braden….all WHITE. guess your theory has some holes. Try again please.

      5. you wish is was about you! Nat and Chima suck! you know it. Kevin is a very good player. It has NOTHING to do with race. Get over it!

  103. Um…I don’t know what the hell Natalie is talking about, but that bitch did NOT win first HOH. Jessie did. Queen Coattails is really losing her mind now. I HOPE she gets kicked out next week, because she can not make it to the final 2. I’ll send an envelope with my own puke in it to Alison the producer if this happens.

    1. do you people not realize that shes shouts about when shes keeping her word to everyone only to make it look like shes keeping her word when in reality she hasnt had the opportunity to break her word because until this week she hasn’t won shit? She only appears to have not lied at all (when we all know she has been the entire game) because she is absolutely useless as a human being.

  104. damn lmfao… she needs to get on a regimen of constant showers… and she claims to have a boyfriend? He must have some (smelly a$$hole fetish).

  105. I cannot stand Natalie!!!! From the very 1st night I have disliked her and her pulling that “I did it for you Chima crap”.. uggggh what a witch.. she’s whacked! She’s totally lost touch with reality if she thinks that Chima is the victim! I can only hope that either Michelle or Jordan wins the POV and votes Kevin out then the following week they get Natalie out. With Jeff gone it’s just not fun watching! I have no desire watching Natalie strut around acting like the qeen bee… I can only hope Karma gets her like it’s gotten everyone else.

  106. like it has been said if Mich or Jordan win POV…bye bye Kevin………….Oh and Nat sucks!…Cant stand her!….she is a tired little pissy person who thinks she knows things but in reality is just a waste of space. WHY DID JORDAN AND MICH MISS THE LAST QUESTION….DAMMIT

  107. All you people talking about sore losers should really stuff it, i bet you were all pouting and crying when Jessie, who would never have gotten the power that Jeff had because he was such an utter douchebag, was voted out. I bet you were all whining about Chima getting the boot because of her absolute lack of sportsmanship and willingness to participate in the game. I bet you were all sobbing to yourselves when the scumbag side of the house were getting picked off. People only support the liars and cheaters in this game and call it “goodgame” if they are that kind of person. So your opinions on how “awesome” or “smart” the scumbag side of the house is are utterly tainted by the fact that you are probably a terrible person.

  108. I actually think that Gnat winning his HOH is a good thing. That means that if Michelle get the POV and take herself of then Kevin will replace her and get his lame ass out of the house. And then Michelle wins the next HOH and take Jordan to the final two with Gnat stinky PIG ass out. Lets hope this is how it play out.

  109. For shame for shame. You people have got to pull your heads outta each others’ rearends. Just think, I was a J/J fan I am not whining like a little biz-natch that he (Jeff) is gone. I do however take great issue with CBS. I have watched this show since season 1, so yes you can call me a veteran. CBS and BB producers has toyed with this game in the worst way this season. Jesse did not deserve to get the first HOH, should have just been a door opening for him to get into the game. Secondly, Chima shouldn’t have been trown out, I have seen far worse, that was to catch more rattings. (BTW, I didn’t like her) Last but certainly not least, HOH for Natalie was rigged, Julie asked 3 times “answers please” Nat-a-lies’ original answer was 0, someone in production was telling her to change it. Now that you see things from a different perspective, makes you really think…HUH!!!

  110. I think it would be just perfect if the next hoh competition would be something to do with eating gross things like bugs etc. what a perfect way to get rid of the gnat.

  111. Am I the only one that noticed BB did not play the exit goodbys for Jeff? Could this mean we haven’t seen the last of him in the house…wouldn’t that just totally krimp the tail feathers of Nat and Kev if Jeff comes back into the house…that key is still not explained.

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