Big Brother 11 Spoilers I Hate BB Edition – Natalie Wins HOH “This is For you Chima I did it all by keeping my Word”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:05pm Redroom Kevin and Natalie. Natalie is going on and one about how she kept her word and still one HOH. Kevin tells her it?s a good thing she didn?t’ take Jeff’s “deal” because they’re was no way they could of thrown it to you. Natalie brings up how happy Chima must be right now, “This is for you Chima!” Kevin tells her she is so going to cry when she gets her HOH room. Natalie is excited to see her boyfriend and get her HOH gifts. Kevin tells her congratulations this is the first thing you have won. Natalie says no she’s won the first HOH so she’s actually won Two HOH comps. They waste no time getting and stat chomping on food and talking at the same time right into their mics.. (FUCK this is going to be a rough week covering her HOH) Natalie saying its was Ronnie’s questions that helped her win because she was the only won to get it right. Natalie saying she got Casey, CHima, Ronnie’s and Jessie’s right. Natalie had thought about counting questions before the competition but never thought about the cans. Kevin agrees he remember they had talked about the numbers of many things in te house and they asked the ones thing

they never counted. Natalie tells Kevin that she has won both HOH’s while on her period. Kevin just nodes.. he tells her he had no idea he couldn’t say MOFO on live TV that is why they went to fish during the show. Natalie asks him about what Julie said to him in HOH. Kevin say they asked him about Natalie and if he was worried about getting blood on his hands. He doesn’t think its a good idea to no have any blood on your hands because nobody wants to take you to the final 2. Natalie says she’s going to have blood on her hands after this week is through. Natalie thinks Kevin is wrong.. you need to have blood on your hands to win. She brings up Memphis how he did shit all year and he didn’t get any votes from the jury. Kevin now agreeing its not about who you like, its about who played better. he tells her she made it to final 3 without Jeff’s fucking deal. Kevin is really worried about Jordan because she is good at questions and she will have more jury votes in the house. Kevin thinks they have underestimated Jordan. Natalie isn’t sure about that she still thinks Jordan is dumb. SHe tells him if Michelle wins POV Kevin is gone and the same will happen with Jordan. She tells him if she wins POV she’ll take Kevin off and He has to vote out Michelle. Kevin agrees he tells her they need to start working on Jordan.. tell her that she has no chance to win the game if Michelle is around. Kevin “That stupid Bitch Michelle has won 4POV’s” Natalie agrees she says that all of Michelle’s victories were flukes but her HOH victory wasn?t’ (hearing her shovel candy in her mouth priceless) They start talking about what POV is.. Its either dates or endurance.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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j/j alltheway

why no goodbye messages and their dr session,,,,,,,,,,,,,,did russell get goodbye messages


Yes, Russell got goodbye messages. I double checked.

j/j alltheway

Thank you BBGrandma!

Was it just me or was Julie a little short with Jeff.I will continue to think that Jeff may come back into the game when until tuesday when the final nail goes in the coffin with the last twist….ill stick around to the end half of my team is still there


I sure hope so!


yeah he got them! That is when Jordan was telling him off about making the comment about the cookie dough!

j/j alltheway

I didnt see them where did you see them and did anyone else see them





ready for the JJ break

I think she’s referring to the first HOH (wedgie toliet hang), I think she and Jeff dropped together once all the other cliques had been eliminated.


she was the one who won the first HOH which allowed Jessie back in the house. Tho i dont really remember that competition, ppl say that Russ or another athlete let her have it bec it didnt matter bec they were all safe during the cliques.


When it came down to russ and nat, julie just said congrats athletes….noone really one, it was a team effort.


I hate nat so much. damn, if her boyfriend doen’t dump her sorry ass, he is as dumb as she is. come on dude wake up, she doesn’t want you, she wants jessie. go jordon, and michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Mama

The ONLY good thing about GNASTY GNATTY winning HOH is that we get to see if she really has a boyfriend since that has been in serious question. Anyone curious about the guy?

Now GO TO YOUR ROOM and STAY THERE until we tell you you can come out!!!


I bet he’s a ghetto poser/gangster wannabe


Could care less about her boyfriend.Her boyfriend must be just like her they have been together for a while. Both nasty ass trash .Someone need to take is trash out it is stinking up the house.


I bet her boyfriend is the picture that comes with the frame when you buy it…. They will have to photoshop Gnats head into the pic…


I can’t believe we have to deal with her shiz all week!


Wow this is awful….I do not hate her but I do not like her never have. Anyways Simon thanks for the blogs but Its a wrap!!


I am done, Can’t watch anymore! I can NOT STAND NAT and I hope she does not win the finals or I will never watch again


I agree. I really don’t want to watch because she is HOH. All she freaking did the first 3 weeks in the house was folloe Jesse around like a puppy dog.


What the HELL was Nat wearing? Looked like some sort of apron or something. awful!

ready for the JJ break

I KNOW! Wth?? Better yet who made what she’s wearing? Whoever the designer is has some splainin to do. Ugh what an ugly ass outfit.


The designer is sure to go out of business with Gnat sporting their product.


This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


Chomp, Chomp, Smack, Smack, Snort, Snort, Smerk, Smerk,4letter word, 4 letter word…….it is going to be one long week


don’t forget dig dig dig…her poor nose probably hates her too


what about your beloved jeff he was a more of a nose picker then nat from what ive seen a finger up his nose every 2 minutes


Yeah, Chima – it’s vindiction!!!! you, the brain, who prides herself on her intelligence and writing acumen, aligned yourself with a MORON!
vindiction is NOT a word, you allegedly college educated moron. I hope she realizes how dumb she looks on TV.

Who thinks her bf will be busted? bec if he is cuter than jeff or even Kev’s man, I will have lost ALL faith in humanity. (tho, she prob is slightly less annoying outside of the house)

Comments about this show:
1. LOVED that one of the questions was about the definition of technotronics. guys, didnt we establish it isn’t a word. (tho, wikipedia says otherwise, it certainly isn’t whatever julie said). Notice, Michelle is the only one who got it right.
2. can make me laugh every time!
3. Jessie told everyone that you can’t talk game in the jury house. From this show, clearly it is a lie. He obviously had no clue — he didnt even make the jury house last year. Nat believed him so she doesnt think anyone in the house is comparing notes. I hope Lydia tells Russ about LML.

I hope Kevin is out this week. or even Jordan over Michelle.
team Mich!!!


4. Kevin said he normally would like to be bent over and in handcuffs on national tv!!!! that was priceless!!!!!!


i hope lydia tells jeff about the lml . but, i doubt if he will believe it. russ may even tell him about sending jeff to russell as a birthday gift. he may just believe that mich was telling the truth.


Hate sooo much that Nat won. Ughhhhh.. We will be hearing how smart she is for the rest of the show! She is such a brat.


yeah but she still could send home kevin if michelle or jordon win pov goodbye kevin.


It was questions, Fact or Fiction. Julie asked questions about evicted HG. At the end it was a tie between all 3 girls. They had a tie breaker about numbers, and she got. DID ANYONE NOTICE MICHELLE WROTE 80!!!!!! Why is she always doubting herself????


she wrote 65.


65 was her final answer, but she wrote 80 first and then changed her answer. Same thing happen with the Veto when Jordan won.


i think he didn’t get any messages because of the time, the show has a time limit


Big Brother you have been evicted, I hope you an Natalie are very happy together.


I really have no motivation to continue watching BB. The only thing keeping me interested is wanting to know who will win the POV. Go Jordo and Michelle!!!!!!!! Do the damn thing.


I dislike Natalie so much it hurts…don’t even want to watch anymore. Only reason I will watch is to see Jordon hopefully win POV!


I feel the same way .But I’m not staying up to do after dark any more getting rid of that .
I’m not staying up to see 3hr of Nasty


Totally agree, after tonight I don’t even want to read blogs because I dont even want to see her face! She drives me CRAZY!!!!! I am gald I am not alone in this fight against Natalie!

ready for the JJ break

Let’s focus on the real issue at hand: what the hell does Natalie have on? She looks like she’s going to milk a cow.

crazy j

i can’t wait until Natalie gets out of the house and reads what America really thinks about her and her “word”. She is going to get a rude awakening!


Keeping her word my butt,,,she lies every day, Lied to Jeff last week and told him he was safe, so did Kevin. This week is gonna be brutal. We get to watch her gloat and chomp on candy FUN

Jackie M.

Betca it’s a fake picture of her boyfriend. I just can’t believe this, there is no justice. Michelle you gotta win VETO. Come to think of it, bet Gnat starts to make a deal w/Michelle, hey Kevin, feel the WHEELS OF THE MAC TRUCK yet???? Did I read it correctly, we hv to wait till next wk to find out about Pandora’s box? Go Michelle, we’re rooting for you. God bless.


Pandora’s boxs was a bust !!! Lets see Jeff found the key ( he got nothing out of it) he let K out so K could get money . There be a come back 4 Jeff n the key he found.

If not america you know what to do ;; America’s vote goes to JEFF . Vote for Jeff to get the extra money .


Jeff doesn’t get my vote. If Michele gets evicted, I hope she gets it. If not her, then Russell.


i miss jeff already, ugh…. just looking at nat makes me wanna puke.
i mostly enjoyed watching jeff and jordan, they were the most interesting, kevin and natalie, i just cant stand to watch them, so i wont, and michelle is alright to watch, anyway, michelle goes home this week if she doesnt win POV. i want kevin gone, then jordan and michelle in final two.


i am so happy to see natalie win. i hate jordan big lazy ass. i hate michelle two face nasty bitch. All jordan did was give ass to jeff so she can stay in the house. I hope kevin win pov so i can see air head jordan out.


Say what? Are you watching the same show?


R u stupid crazy !!! WTF have u been drinking when the show has been on ???
Jordan never gave J anything other then a KISS, Un like other house guess in the house and past guess. Michelle is a lier !!! That is so smart of you to say that. Look at alllll the lies that nasty ass beast Nat has told ( big time lies) I guess you think it is so sweet that she is out n out mean to Michelle. Nasty took Micheles Monkey and put it in the tiolet.<—– what a nice sweet girl that NASTY is .U need new glass’s .
Did you see Nasty through the POV lolol now that isn’t lazy is it ..Or how about Nasty eating n putting her dishes in the sink n telling K . That she isn’t doing dish let them .( now that is not lazy) or when Nasty backed up the tiolet and asked K to fix it ..Gee you r the smart one .


Tonights episode makes me ill. I don’t even want to watch anymore and I”ve watched every episode since season 1 and watch Showtime. Jordan was ahead and it was looking good for her for a while. Then they had to tie it up. And as she says, she isn’t good under pressure. How can someone so nasty and so underhanded get a chance at that money. There is :”its a game” play then there is “her play”. She just makes me sick.. Plain and simple.


Natalie keeps claiming she played an honest game and didn’t lie etc. HELLO!!!! You lied 5 minutes in the house about your age!!!!


I agree if Nasty is talking she is lieing


This little bitch might win all that money? Please shoot me now!
I think that she will lose against anyone in the final. The sad thing is that she would even make it the final.
Well…there is one bright spot to all of this: I am done with this show for the rest of the year simply because I cannot stand that lying sack of shit and her mean and selfish behavior.
I need a show to watch in which good people are rewarded instead of borderline psycho ones.
I remember when Yul won Survivor. Nice guy and well deserved. There were a couple of others as well but BB? The majority of the winners are evil,vile beasts.
And CBS….with that Pandara’s Box crap? Please!


The one bright spot that I keep reminding myself about is that Jesse didn’t win. Now that would have been sick!


I agree Jeff found the key and he gets nothing out of the deal other then leting K out so he can get money !!!! what the f ck


I still can’t believe that finding the key didn’t mean anything. Hopefully this week something will happen. Although I cant watch the live feed anymore because it will be boring without Jeff. Natalie is the most annoying person this show has ever had. She is a moron!


I read somewhere that there was a discrepancy about Natalie’s answer on the blackboard and that Michelle couldn’t hear a question or two. Any information on this, and perhaps a screenshot?


Michelle has trouble hearing out of one of her ears . she told someone that in the house a few weeks ago.


i hope we see jeff on other shows/movies!


We do too. My husband and I both enjoy watching him because he’s got our sense of humor – dry and sarcastic. He made the show fun to watch, we laughed a lot and truly enjoyed watching him. Contrary to what BB and CBS might think, we believe most viewers like having a good time, and didn’t enjoy the bad behavior displayed by the houseguests. We actually preferred watching them be friends and have a good time. Jeff was often the center of that, and tried to make the most of the situation whenever possible. He knew how to make good tv, and we’d love to see him again. We’d actually be shocked if this was the last we see of him.


Well he BETTER be apart of the Pandora’s box. HE DID FIND THE KEY N SHOULD GET SOMETHING NICE 4 IT.
We can all vote for America’s choice player .. give Jeff the money,
Well i guess BB told NASTY she couldn’t r**** Jeff n Michelle of their prizzzz.

Hell i should look up were this NAST lives and show up and kick her ass . For being so mean and hateful to people lolol I’ll take an ugly stick to her face some more .lolol


Welp, Chima got her wish… an all girl final four. Damn. (She included Kevin)


Seriously…I have never been more confused!! I think I may have freaked out a little.


technotronic is a mand/musical group. they sing pump up the jam. the twist should be that the key lets jeff back in the house, he can replace a nominee and its double eviction next week. apparently some sponsors were mad they didn’t get the double eviction because ratings weren’t as good as they should have been.


Why exactly are the people in the jury house mad that Natalie lied about her age? It is a game…that was her strategy. So technically if she does make it to the final two, that shouldn’t be a negative against her. She had them all fooled.

another fan

No, that should not be a reason to vote against her, but there are thousands of other reasons. She is the most disgusting contestant ever on BB, which is a better reason to vote against her. She is the LAST person who should win the 500K. I am so disappointed in BB with their contestant selection this year. If they are that bad at choosing, forget next year – if there is one.


I can’t stand that Natalie keeps saying she won while still keeping her word. Umm…. hello….. you & Kevin went back on your word this week. Sure you weren’t the HOH and no “blood” is on your hands, but you agreed upon the plan & told Jeff he’d be safe. I hate that she’s in the final 3!!


For the first time in the History of BB I am actually turning off my tv and will not tune in again…It’s been great til now…

another fan

I have lost all interest in watching. Who wants to watch nose picking/eating Nasty and boob massaging Jordo? Now Nasty as HOH – it couldn’t get any worse. I will read about who wins final just to know if Michele wins, but I cannot stomach watching any more.


OMG I hate natalie and her lies and immature scheming. Please anyone but her get to thefinals friends stopping watching because they feel it was fixed. Arrgh natalie here’s hoping you go down soon

Tasty chips

I love BBAD,but I won’t be watching this time, I just cannot stomach Nat’s celebration and it will go on until POV, which I hope Michele wins.

i miss jeff

OMG SHUT UP NASTY!!! Who cares you did it for Chima? Why because you think Michelle is going home? And you think that it is Michelle’s fault Chima was a brat??? No honey that was all on her diva hands……..and btw Michelle will win the POV she is a stud. Good bye Kevin!


Simon and Dawg… great site. I have been a huge bb fan for years and just stumbled across your site this year. Great job you guys rock!!!!!!

So sad to see jeff go… he deserved to win. I feel bad for you having to do updates while Pigpen is HOH… for that reason I am donating.

Once again great job on the updates on the site… gives me something to do while I should be working : ) Any thoughts on Pandora’s Box people?


I think Pandora’s Box will be a replacement HG for the HOH if gnat choses to open it. Since Jeff found the key he will be in the box and if gnat gets greedy and opens it Jeff we be released back into the house and gnat will be sent to the JH.


I am boycotting Big Brother now. I can’t stand knowing that Natalie and Kevin are still in BB. They are absolutely disguisting!


10 bucks you watch it on sunday

K and M Unite!

no one’s stopping you


Jessie was really repulsive to watch. But knowing the outcome of tonight’s show, I just cun’t watch. I am sick to my stomach. The sound of Nats voice makes me want to kill. To save my soul, i’m changing over to project runway.


let’s hope pov will be eating gross things – perhaps bugs?

hell to the yea

finally this show is going to be enjoyable…not so much about the people..on the show ..but just to read what all the haters of nat have to say now…hmmmm..hurts don it …’s okay…remember ..IT’S A GAME….lolololololl

K and M Unite!

LOL! I soooo wanted Kevin to say that as he evicted Jeff!
“No hard feelings Jeff, it’s only a game”


when did she win hoh before, she said she won twice, jessie was hoh the first 2 weeks not her. She lies about shit people saw. I hope she does something stupid with pandora box and her greedyness shhots her in the foot. On live TV she said she wasn’t being greedy didn’t want other houseguest to get key, what a line of crap.


Now with PP as the new HOH her head is only going to get bigger. If we thought her past behavior was nauseating wait til this week. She will be bossing everyone around and telling all kinds of lies about supposed deals, not to mention she’ll be thrashing on Michelle. Tonight’s show was the worst possible outcome.
And I don’t think Jeff will be coming back. AG really yanked our chain re; Pandora’s box and all the mystery behind Russell possibly coming back and tricking us with changing his exit picture. Guess all of us who were holding out for hope got got!


I will still watch BB, but I will not be obsessed about it like I have been all summer. I liked Jeff, but don’t really care that he got evicted. It just really ticks me off that Natalie won HOH. BB producers should not have allowed her to lie the entire game. She is totally annoying and hard to look at. There’s no way she’ll win the big prize. And BTW, isn’t BB’s motto “Expect the Unexpected?” With the exception of the CDT, there haven’t been any other ‘unexpected’ twists. The Pandora’s Box thing is lame.


Natalie, you have to leave. You cannot win in this GAME. You make us sick? Really? Was she the only one who lied?


perhaps they want us to be a bit let down so we stop obsessing and watching and blogging every second that way when it is over we will have less withdrawl issues?


wow did i just read that the BB producers shouldnt have allowed nat to lie? wtf its part of the game so i guess they shouldve stopped jeff from lieing to russel and everybody else from lieing…okay guys new twist this season if you lie you are automatically out of the house talk about boring i dont think the show would have the ratings to continue after a few weeks if that was the case


Next week’s Pandora’s Box:

Nat is offered a $100,000 to open the box and inside is Jeff .Then they switch places with Nat in jury house and Jeff as HOH.:)

Angie O.

I think this idea would be great! BB producers: you want to make America happy, this would do it!


I would take the $100,000. At least you would have money.


Steve, I like the way you think. Hopefully Jeff comes back and bites Nat and Kev in the ass!! That way we can get something worth while to watch. I am done with the show otherwise, I have the live feeds too. Depending on what happens this week with Pandora’s box and POV, it will determine whether I unsubscribe or keep watching. CBS sucked this season, and they will suffer for it!! PLEASE SEND JEFF BACK !!!!


That’s a little far fetched but still lovin it. I can’t believe that there was nothing with that key.


I think that it a great idea about Pandora’s boc, Steve. I would love that. I am really going to miss Jeff and Jordan’s kidding around with each other and he had such respect for her and her feelings. I hope that Jeff does come back and he and Jordan can be in the F@


Very imaginative scenario, Steve, but it’s not going to happen. Why should Big Brother offer that witch $100,000 to open the box? She’d do it for $10,000. She certainly doesn’t deserve $100,000. For that matter, she doesn’t deserve $10,000 either.


personally, i dont understand this competition . no knowledge of house, total guessing game. i thinks thats weak. ghetto pig pen would not have won….pig pen must look up to chima, thats pretty pathetic !!!