Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Mass panic WHOS THE WIZARD and Michelle denies she the worst person on the planet

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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6:35pm Red Room Jordan and Jeff. Jordan cannot believe they missed that question. Jeff says he never heard of that expression before… Jordan says she just heard tuna and thought she knew the answer. Jordan points out how sad Russell looked when Ronnie went home. Jeff says Russell is a scumbag we got to watch out for him. He tells her best case is Chima puts him up. Jordan is

stressing about POV she thinks they are going up. JEff tells her there is no way they are going up this week. Jordan isn’t sure… She says she wants Jessie gone and When she gets HOH she’s putting him up. Jeff asks her if she?s heard any of anyone talking about them being the wizard. Jordan says everyone is talking about Kevin being it but I think its Michelle. Jordan and Jeff now cuddling together.
Jordan says she thinks one of them should go up so they can win POV… Jeff tells her to relax and wait
to see what happens. Jordan tells him she convinced its going to be Lydia and her on the block. Now she gets bummed out because she hasn’t done very good in any of the competitions.. .JEff reassures her that her time will come she’ll win HOH next week. Jeff says about JEssie “Make a move mother fucker” He tells Jordan the most important thing this week is for them to win POV…. he drills it into her we must win POV. Jordan says she wishes they had the wizard powers… she doesn’t understand why America hates them… .Jeff says America loves us they just think we’re too stupid to use it properly. Jeff tells her to lay low and wait for Nominations then they will make their next move. Jeff points out how stupid Lydia is for going back to Jessie after all he did to her. Jeff thinks it’s going to be hard to convince these people that Jessie needs to leave or he’ll win this whole thing. He’s worried that Natalie will go if they both go up because Natalie is so disliked in the house. Kevin and Michelle join them… they talk about how great it is that Ronnie is gone. Kevin says that is one less yes man we have to worry about.. Kevin and Jeff both agree that Russell should be the next one to go. Kevin says he’s trying to get Lydia and Chima to play nice. Jeff asks Kevin what the fuck is going on with Lydia and Jessie… Kevin says she’s in love with him and it doesn’t make sense. Kevin says he’s really been trying to explain how much of a dirt bag he is. “Maybe my gay powers aren’t strong enough”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:40pm Pool room Lydia and Michelle, Michelle is a little pissed about Ronnie she says she could of been a asshole to that prick but she decided not to. Michelle points out how Ronnie had everything about Big Brother memorized and he would of won all the mental challenges because of this encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. Michelle keeps talking about Ronnie and how big of an ass he is. She thinks he was jealous of her because he kept telling me I haven’t lost weight but he was. Michelle says she’s not the worst person in the world there is rapist and murderers and child molesters. Jordan says ROnnie was a little rat but he’s gone and not in the jury house we need to move on.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:05pm Backyard Jeff, Lydia smoking… Jeff is telling her he’s not going to be running around kissing Chima’s ass because she’s HOH.. He’s always been nice to Chima and he’ll continue to be like that to her. Lydia says she knows Jeff is the Wizard, she says he’s a good actor but she can see through it. JEff shakes his head denies he has anything to do with this wizard. Lydia says that Natalie, Jessie and Chima don’t have it unless they would of used it on Ronnie the rat. Lydia says she really respects how Jeff is playing and if he goes final 2 she’s going to vote for him to win the 500K. Lydia brings up talking to Michelle in the Pool room.. She really feels betrayed by a lot of people. Jeff says everyone feels like that welcome to the first 3 weeks of my life here. Lydia says Jessie and Natalie don’t feel that way because they’ve been doing most of the fucking over. She thanks him for his vote. Jeff tells her she owes Jeff one… She fucked him once and he voted for her to stay so now she owes him one.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:40pm Kitchen Natalie, Rusell and JEssie. Natalie is going to start working CHima to put up Lydia and Michelle. Russell thinks that?s a good idea. Jessie isn’t sure Chima will listen to them.. he says they are all in the same alliance but Chima does her own thing, She’ll put up who she wants”. Natalie is going to tell her that Russell isn’t a big target right now that Michelle and Lydia are the ones that betrayed them. Jessie says how stupid it was to have Ronnie leave the house he thinks that the
other side didn’t benefit from it. Russell says he would have regretted not getting him out, Russell
defends his choice to put up Ronnie. They all figure out that none of them have the wizard powers its
must be Michelle or Kevin. Jessie wants Michelle and Kevin to go up he thinks Kevin is too strong a
player to keep lingering around. Russell says that will never happen Chima loves Kevin. Jessie tells
them they have to worry about getting the numbers to keep them in case they go up by the wizard.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:00pm Red Room Chima and Natalie. CHima is telling her she thinks JEff is the wizard, Natalie completely disagrees she thinks Kevin has it. Chima says if Jordan has it all Chima has to do is not put Jeff up than Jordan won’t use her wizard powers. Chima tells Natale that there is no way she is putting Jeff and Jordan up. She lists off the people that are safe, Kevin, Jeff, Jordan, Natalie, and Jessie. Chima says it’s obvious I?m going to put Russell up so I?m not going to hide it. Natalie doesn’t trust Russell he’s too string a competitor and every week he changes sides. Chima

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
mentions that Ronnie should of put Russell up week 2 than he would still be here… she thinks that will be Ronnie’s only regret. Chima in my goodbye message to Ronnie I told him that Russell would be going home .. and I knew that him not taking out Russell when he could was his demise. Natalie is trying to
convince CHima to keep Russell in the hose saying that with him here they have 5 votes. Natalie tells
her she should put up the 2 people that will come after her next week… Chima knows Jeff and Jordon
won’t… but Russell will. Jessie joins them. He tells chima that because Russell put Ronnie up they don’t have the numbers anymore.. He says just wait and see someone will use the POV and i will got up and out because they have the numbers now. He tells her they need to keep Russell and bring him in so they have the numbers again. He tells her she needs to put 2 people that do not have the power so the power doesn’t get used. He thinks she should put up Michelle and KEvin.. Chima thinks Kevin might have the power. Jessie and Natalie instruct Chima that she needs to tell Kevin that she won’t put him up.. and if he has the power that he doesn?t’ need to tell her but he should promise that he won’t use it to put up Russell
Kevin and Russell join them game talk stops.
Natalie saying that she hasn’t see Russell in his underwear Chima says she saw his bum…. they laugh
and giggle. Kevin mentions that he is glad Ronnie is gone.. .JEssie looks at him and wonders what?s
Kevin’s doing he says there is 3 people here that just voted to save ROnnie why are you talking ill of
him… Kevin leaves. Natalie tells JEssie to lay off KEvin he is the wizard that?s why he’s in here
riling us up. Jessie starts bashing KEvin says that all he is doing is laying around gathering
information. JEssie says he doesn’t care if Kevin has the power if he goes out that way he goes out that way. “I don’t give a fuck I made it past week four, fuck them all”. Jessie is getting pissed Jessie “I wish I would have Fucking won the HOH I would have Fucking put Kevin up right because Fucking Michelle… .Jessie now off slop find something else to bitch about… KEVIN and he continues to do it until the feeds get cut.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Backyard Natalie, Jordan and Jeff. They go back and forth about who has the power.. Natalie keeps telling him that she’s done nothing against Jeff or Jordan. Jeff calls Bullshit to this he tells that the first week he was here everyone fuckin hated him and she (Natalie) Knew the reason why. He goes on to say nobody would even go near him except for Jordan. He’s surprised he made it this far. Jeff and Jordan wonder why Ronnie hated Michelle so much. Natalie explains that Ronnie would tell Michelle things and she’s then tell everyone else and stab him in the back. Natalie doing some Michelle bashing saying that Michelle is the rat. Natalie says Michelle was trying to set Jessie and Natalie up to keep Ronnie, than Michelle changed her vote and evicted him. Natalie says they were never going to vote to keep Ronnie until they had that fight with Lydia and weren’t going to vote for her to stay, even though they knew Ronnie didn’t have the votes. Natalie keeps saying how tight her crew is and how if there is one thing they do is stick up for what it right… Jeff telling Natalie she was part of the other side and black balled him. Natalie is getting defensive. She says she did not do anything to him personally. Natalie says Lydia personally fucked him she did not. Jeff says he gives Jordan props because she was the only one that stuck by him when everyone else black balled him. He remember the day he was in the green room by himself and Jordan came to talk to him and he warned her not to because he had the plague…. Natalie says she doesn’t speak for CHima but she thinks they have nothing to worry about… she tells them they need to go talk to Chima before nominations though.. Jeff didn’t think they needed to. (lol he’s the wizard no need there)

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now every picture of my beautiful jeff will have a wiz hat on it…..


LMAO wizard hat and wand on pics. Very Funny

coup d'etat

Let me clarify the new power. Chima is HOH, Jeff is CDT. Chima will nominate 2 people. Then POV happens. When Thursday eviction time comes, right before voting, Jeff has the chance to use the CDT. If Jeff uses the CDT, then he can replace one or both of the people on the block. But, Jeff can not nominate Chima, and he cannot nominate the Veto winner. Then the live vote will happen within minutes, giving people no time to scheme. Chima will not be allowed to vote if Jeff changes the nominations. Jeff will also not be able to vote. So there are 9 people , Jeff and Chima wont be able to vote if Jeff uses the power, nor will the two nominees, this leaves 5 people to vote, which means there will be no tie, (if there is a tie Jeff will break the tie, Chima will not) Chima loses all power as HOH if Jeff uses the CDT. This is absolutely the way this will work, as according to the cbs site, and what Julie has said on last Thursday show. Chima will not be evicted this week, nor will the Veto winner, nor will Jeff. Everyone else is in trouble.

The Original Jim

Everyone else is in trouble.. except Jordan.
Thank you for the excellent explanation. I was wondering how the voting worked in a coup d’etat situation.
Bye Jessie or Natalie. Hopefully Jessie.
Now he’s Jeffrey Potter! The wand and wizard hat are hilarious.


I want to see him turn her into a toad 😉


I have a question, what if Jeff tells Jordan he is the wizard? PS the pics are funny. I hope Chima stays away from Kevin but puts up Lydia.


I think if he tells anyone he has the power, he automatically loses it. He knows whats up and will keep his mouth shut. There are only two variables that can possibly make Jessie not go home this week: 1) jessie wins POV and.or 2) Jeff spills the beans to someone.

otherwise, Jessie is OUT of the house on thurs. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff is not going to use the cdt…. unless Jordan goes up… He don’t feel threaten

Mr. E

Jeff wants Jessie and Natalie gone. This is the perfect time to do it. He’s been complaining SPECIFICALLY about no one having the courage to do it and still tells Jordan that when he gets HoH that’s the first thing he’s going to do. Jeff isn’t the type of coward to keep his head down when he’s finally got control hoping people just be nice to him. To quote the man, “[he’s] making a move.”


where did you find the rules for CDT?


So if it works that way, Jeff uses the CDT and puts up Jesse and Gnat, either one will go home and that fine with me. I could see Jordan, Michelle and Kevin voting to evict Jesse. That leaves possibly Lydia and Russell to vote to evict Gnat. Haha that would be wonderful to get rid of Jesse that way. I want pictures of their faces. I think Jeff would still be safe the next week to because most of the HGs would be happy to have Jesse gone.


thanks for that breakdown…that is very informative.

The hope here is that Jessie/Natalie get put up by Jeff and one gets evicted…that would be the ultimate goal. crossing fingers.


So the only way this could go wrong is if one of them win pov.


What happen to let winners wins….y is it a good thing to not win( floaters) and not get evicted!!!!!!!

Mr. E

As soon as they gave Jessie HoH for someone else’s success and gave the Athletes a team of four on Day One, “winners win” was thrown out the window.


I have a question about POV….let’s say Jessie wins POV. Natalie is on the block. If Jesse used the POV to take Natalie off the block-can he then replace her is he safe?


The only people safe are HOH- chima and POV winner-? , and Jeff and Jordan of course.


Theoretically it’s a good question, but the only thing is that Chima won’t put up Natalie. That’s the only way Jessie could use the POV on her. If it’s, say, Russell and Michelle on the block, and Jessie has POV, he probably won’t use it on anyone else. Then Nat is up for grabs. If by some fluke, Chima DID nominate Natalie, and Jessie took her down, I’m not sure what would happen. But I think the chances of that are pretty slim.


Yes I agree, no way Chima nominates Jesse or Natalie. My hope is that they will be the replacement nominees by Jeff. Jesse and Natalie cannot win the POV, it would make it so much easier to get rid of one of them.

I’m still wondering though, if someone – anyone – who has POV…if they use it to save someone, are they now vulnerable to be the replacement or are they safe?


This effing rules. I can’t wait to see Chima’s face if/when Jeff stands up next Thursday and overturns her nominations.


watching after dark…these 4 are so stupid. jessie is an ass and the pit bull is whipping it.




Jeff is far he is not gonna put up good players…chima will put up 2 floaters… Jeff will not show his card unless Jordan goes up… cdt will b silence


believe it or not I don’t want Jeff to use the CDT if he really doesn’t have to. Why? because if he uses it he will be the next target and most likely the one to go home the following week. Everyone in the house will know that america likes him and would start wondering how they are being portrayed and what other “special” treats Jeff is receiving (like maybe he is america’s player). I really like the whole Jessie scenario/plan to get booted out of the house but I think Jeff will be in trouble once he uses the power. HE MUST WIN THE NEXT HOH!!! or Jordan for him to last after the power is used.

The Original Jim

I disagree. If Jeff uses the coup d’etat he’ll be using it to put Jessie and Natalie on the block. One of them goes home, probably Jessie because I think the votes will be there an people see him as a bigger threat. At that point I think Jeff will actually be pretty much in the clear because most everyone else will have other targets.
Jordan – always will be loyal to Jeff and together I think they have a very good shot at final four, possibly final two. Before that point I think that Jeff will hold his own while there will always be a bigger target than Jordan. Her targets will be his targets.
Russell – without Jessie he will have to ally with Jeff for any hope of staying any longer. Jeff will keep him around and probably won’t target him any time soon., also knowing that he’s a target of others in the house which gives Jeff an advantage. Russell will be after Michelle and Chima.
Kevin – already shown interest in allying with Jeff and he obviously sees that Jeff is a force in the house now. He has a good shot at final four. The only person really targeting him is Jessie who will likely be gone anyway. He’ll be gunning for Natalie and Russell.
Lydia – she follows the power and Kevin. She’d be gunning for Natalie and Russell on the off chance she wins HOH.
Michelle – Jordan is her best ally in the house atm, though she may think it’s Chima (who knows about Natalie and Jessie’s lies but hasn’t stood up for Michelle). I think Jeff is weary of her, but will keep her around because she consistently votes with him. I think that she has a good chance at final four as long as Natalie or Russell don’t get HOH before they are gone. She also has reason to target Natalie and Russell.
Chima – She’ll likely still be after Russell. She may target Jeff for undermining her HOH, but I don’t think the votes will be there to get him out against anyone but Jordan which I think would only happen if she put Russell and Jeff on the block and Russ won POV. I think she would probably target Lydia before Jeff though. Again, it depends on how she takes Jeff using the coup d’etat. Regardless, she won’t be able to compete for HOH next week, so she wouldn’t be a problem for a while.
Natalie – She’ll probably come after Jeff. Again, I don’t think she’ll have the votes to take him out unless she puts him again Jordan, or maybe Kevin. I think that she would put him up against Michelle though because she obviously wants Michelle gone now as well. She’s been piss poor at competitions though and without Jessie will be even weaker and doesn’t pose much of a threat in that respect.
All this, plus after doing this he has a shot at the HOH too.


I’m team Jeff but if he uses the power will it strengthen his game??? I HOPE SO!!! or will he be the most hated houseguest and sent packing?


chima is going to make another play for russ….even though he s a short, funny earred, terrorist. such a punch of hypocrites


With Jeff’s CDT power – Chima really has no power! Finally a moment next Thursday where she will be speechless for a moment! Can’t wait to watch her head spin around!!! I hope Chima nominates Russell, so when Jeff takes him off the block and replaces him with Jesse – Russell will be loyal then 😉 GO JEFF!!!!


I’m a little worried about that though. Jeff said he doesn’t want Nat and Jess up together, because he thinks Nat would go home first. But If he puts up Jessie in place of Russell, that means it would most likely be Jessie v. Michelle. Natalie would vote to keep Jessie. Lydia, Kevin and Russ are wild cards. Jordan would be the only one guaranteed to vote to evict Jessie. I wish he’d just put them both up together, and it doesn’t really matter which goes. Preferably Jessie, but still, one of them is better than none of them.


Wait but lydia is still in love with jessie, so i think she would vote to keep him, and Kevin im pretty sure would vote out jessie. he know he is a bigger threat. and russell who knows. so the best bet would put up ugly nat and roid jessie. thats way one of the two dummies is gone.

The Original Jim

I think if he put them up together Jessie would go home. Jordan would vote Jessie out because she knows that’s what Jeff wants. Kevin is smart enough to see that Jessie is the bigger threat and will vote him out. I think Michelle is actually loyal to Jeff even though she has had her moments where she was mad at him, but that was pre “super secret alliance”. She’s doesn’t care for Jessie either and I’m sure sees him as the bigger target. I think she knows that Jeff’s going to be the best person to connect with to get to the final 4. Her and Jordan and Jeff are the only ones in the house that have always voted the same way. I think Russell would also vote Jessie out if Jeff took him off the block.
It’s only going to take those three votes to get Jessie out and I could easily see 4 votes to evict Jessie. Lydia I’m sure would vote to evict Natalie, but I think her vote would be irrelevant.
I also covered above why I think that Jeff would be very smart to use the coup d’etat and would not really be much of a target after using it to put up Jessie and Natalie, Nat being the only one who would outwardly be out for him.


I think having jeff as the wizard will make their team (jeff, jordan, michelle) much stronger especially if they get the chance to eliminate either nat or jesse. and on top of that if jesse will be eliminated this next eviction russell will definitely flip side so that will leave nat and chima remaining on jesses alliance.


kevin get the hell out of that room. big jess and rus and the pit bull giving you those intimitating looks. your way more a man then them


Yeah I agree that maybe Jeff shouldn’t use it cause remember BB always brings back an evicted house guest and if Jeff does get rid of Jessie, he could always come back and then its game on.


If Jessie gets evicted and gets to come back for a 3rd time, BB should just fold up its tent, as the game would be tarnished for many many fans.


I agree, Jeff evicting Jessie and then BB bringing him back would be incredibly dumb, would ruin the game. I don’t think Jessie will be out though. I think Jeff will change the vote and keep Russell and the other and put Natalie and Jessie in their place, then, it will be goofy as Jessie is a tougher player than Natalie but they will send Natalie home.


jessie you are a girl. you just have a little penis. kev i ve gained a lot of respect for you


chima does not hv a mind of her own… she gonna do what jess and nat manipulate her 2 think. she a puppet 4 them and they use her until her time is up… smart would be 2 transfer power and weakn the collective by nom jess and nat…

Minik Peri Oyunlar?

began to create the most powerful alliance. excitement is growing

i am the wizard

lol these pictures with jeff are awesome


Hey Ronnie! Look at Jeff. Don’t you wish you were wearing the wizard hat?



Chima and Russels spats are annoying tonight on Afterdark.
If dumbass Chima only knew Jesse was the one that whispered to Russel while he was on the HOH carousel competition to tell Jeff to make a deal and put Ronnie on the block if he fell.
Jesse’s ass needs to go home!!!! he is manipulating everyone

Mr. E

Russell’s the kind of guy you can’t tell a train is coming even if he’s standing on the tracks. Why? Because he’ll demand you stand there next to him until he can hear the whistle. I keep trying to pull myself off team Russell, but when it comes down to it, he may be paranoid and a little dim when it comes down the pipe but he’s at the very least a stand-up guy. I just hope Jeff still feels like he owes Russell at least one week of protection for the Jordan trade-off.


I don’t think they will bring him back… the power I feel was came up 2 get rid of him… I just hope zd a double eviction so both can go.


when people manipulate otha people feelns 4 person gain and stir up drama it can lead down the wrong path where someone gets seriously hurt. emotions r involved and russ could have easily slap chima or hurt her 4 thrown the water n his face. jess needs 2 go and the producers c this and his little pup 2…


Let me think for a moment, please.

Chima needs to put up Michelle and Lydia, and pray like hell Michelle doesn?t win POV. If that happens, there is no need to use the magic power. No matter what, Jess or Nat would need to win POV, as there will not be enough votes to save either one should they happen to be put in the hot seat.

I can only see Jeff using the magic power to save either himself or Jordan; no way will he use it just to put up Nat, Jess or both.

If this scenario happens, then game on!

Problem is? Chima would put up Russ before Michelle. 🙁

Randy Wolfgang

Of cvourse Jeff is going to put up Natalie and or Jesse – what in the word makes you think he won’t except for the fact you like Natalie??? Its common sense he should send Jesse home – Natalie will be lost,


What game would there be? Even if Jeff takes out half of Jessalie, the numbers on their side are so low, and Jeff will gain trust from the remaining floaters to solidify his side of the alliance.


Ronnie wondered what kind of edit he would get. He accurately got the schmuck edit.


IMO Jeff should put up Jessie and Gnat and make a power play in the house. It will destroy the numbers for the other side and lets face it,jeff and jordan are going to be a target in the near future anyway. Hopefully Jeff can covince Michele and Kevin to team up,drop lydia and jeff shows he is committed to the group by using the wizard power. That would only leave chima and russ on that side of the house and russ ill evict jess and so will chima. Goodbye jessie!


ok chima should put up michelle and lydia and whoever wins POV uses it on whoever
then jeff really needs to overthrow HoH and put up natalie and jesse
cuz if one of them is gone then the othr will surely be lost
preferably jesse goes home bcuz he has more of a chance of winnin comps. than natalie

(natalie gone) jesse wouldnt have a lap dog who schemes and makes up lies. natalie is the 1 causing trouble and w/o her jessies game wouldsuffer

(jessie gone) natalie would b in the dark cuz she doesnt seem to be smart or strong enuf 2 win (same as jordan but atleast jordans not a manipulativesmelly bitch) she would prolly get evicted

if these 2 were up against each other
i think this is how the voting will go
jeff- vote out jesse
jordan-vote out jesse
lydia-vote out natalie
kevin- vote out jesse
michelle-vote out jesse
russel- (not sure) most likely natalie

so if jeff has da balls to do dis! which i hope he does cuz every1 votd 4 him to use it…. it looks like jesse would b on his way home

the only 1 going after jeff 4 doing this would be natalie which is ok kuz shes not really a threat….

Lala Land

WOW you read my mind!
That was exactly what was on my mind!… except for the part with who Chima will put up and the whole POV thing.
I really hope Jessie doesn’t win the POV or else he would be safe!


I think most of us are thinking the same thing. Lets say when eviction night rolls around it’s Russell & Lydia on the block (the 2 people chima wants out).

The move in the game for Jeff to make is:

Approach Russell and confirm that he still has his back and wants he & Jordan to make the final 4. Confirm that if he is able to keep Russell in the house that Russell will leave the Jessie/Nat/Chima alliance and join up with him & Jordan and they can maybe pull some combination of Kevin/Lydia/Michelle to their side to have the number to go after the other 3.

Approach Lydia AND Kevin together & make a deal that if he is able to save Lydia that the 2 of them join up with Jordan & him for the final 4 push.

Eviction night, Jeff saves BOTH and nominates Jessie & Nat. Jessie would more than likely get evicted as u pointed out and I agree.

Then it’s 5 vs 2 with Michelle floating between Jordan & Chima.

This can only go down if Jessie & Nat don’t win the veto since they would be safe from Jeff’s Nominations.

In the end, the more I think of it, Jeff has to make the move or else he loses a potential ally while Nat/Jessie/Chima move on to the next week with Russell more and more likely to stay more on their side than his.

Randy Wolfgang

Except that Jeff as CDE cannot vote – but i still think Jesse will go home.


O.M.G. Wake up people,,,Jesse thinks he has all these people eating out of his hands,,,, & he dose. That so called Nat, can,t see past her own nose if it comes to Jesse. He is using her , & everyone in the house but Mr. Jeff. Mr. Jeff has to keep Jordon under control as she is so innocent, & such a sweetheart at that. Michelle cannot be trusted as she is also sweet & innocent, she only has a brain, but dose not use it to benefit, herself though, that,s a problem. Chima ,s head is full of air, & empty, nothing to worry about there, as she will be gone. Jesse & Nat, need to go up, & Jeff needs to send home Jesse next. GO JEFF !!!!


I loved watching Jeff answer all Jesse’ question and telling him exactly like it was. Jesse found out that Jeff is not a dummy, and knows exactly where everyone stands and what has been going on.

He called it to a Tee, like he was involved in every conversation that ever took place in the Big Brother House, of course he was hardly in any of the conversations.

To watch Jesse fail miserably at making Jeff buckle to his control that he seems to have over every other idiot in the house, was priceless.

I have to disagree with you Nat, there is a reason, this next eviction is use it or it expires, wether or not Jordan or Jeff are on the block, he losses nothing at using it to replace the nominees and putting up Natalie and Jesse, to break up their team and hopefully send the mind controller Jesse packing. ( providing neither win POV)

This is the perfect time to catch the Ratalie and Jesse on the block with no way out. Lets see what happens, and make sure if it does, you all tune in to see the pathetic reaction and crying like a baby Jesse looked as shocked as ever. It will be priceless!!!


Does anyone remember that Jessie screwed himself by getting Ronnie evicted? During the HOH competition on the swings, Jessie told Russell that Russ and Jeff both wanted Ronnie out. Jessie told Russell to make a pack with Jeff. Jessie really is an idiot.

Glad Ronnie is gone, now Jessie needs to leave!


I don’t know – Jordan keeps saying if she gets HOH, she’d put up Jesse, and I think Jeff is right there with her. IF Mich & Lyd were up, I think Jeff would be smart enough to take them both off & pit Nat vs Jessie for elimination. GO HOME WHINY JESSIE!




I agree – the pics are hilarious! 🙂


Didn’t think you could top the wizard had, but I was wrong!! I love the wand. Wish he could us it to shut them up or turn them into rats!!

thanks for making my day!!!


Jeff would so change the nominee’s to jess and gnat if lydia and michelle are up. He would want to save Michelle because she is a vote against the loser alliance. If he leaves it LYdia and Michelle it will still be him and jordon against the rest of the house.


I agree, Jeff needs to use his wizardly skills and put up Jessie and Natalie. She will be lost without him and I am tired of her jumping in all the time trying to speak for him and explaining his thoughts. She can’t win anything anyway, and he is so arrogant I can’t stand watching him…pouty little baby brat!!!


If Jeff puts up Jess and Nat, the house will evict Nat for sure. I am sure they hate her stinky ass more then Jess. I think Jeff might not use his powers, but last night he did say “I have a plan” a couple of times. He knows no matter what he and Jordan are sitting pretty and they are off of everyone’s radar, why wouldn’t they want to stay that way.


Question: if Jeff uses the Coup De’tat — does that essentially make him HOH for this week and therefore prevents him from competing in the hext HOH copetition? That would be my only concern of using it if I were in his shoes.


No he still plays in the HoH, but Chima does not play. Only Nat/Jessie SURVIVOR would play in HoH comp.

The Chosen One

The biggest thing is the POV this week. Natalie or Jessie can’t get it. That way Jessie and Natalie will be put up by Jeff. And the votes should go:

Jeff – Evicts Jessie
Jordan – Evicts Jessie
Kevin – Evicts Jessie
Michelle – Evicts Jessie
Lydia – Evicts Natalie
Russell – Evicts Natalie

And even if Kevin votes to evict Natalie which he won’t, Jeff still breaks the tie and Jessie will go home. Get that dbag off my tv…he’s probably one of the most boring HGs ever. All he does is whine whine whine. He’s a chick on roids.

After that, I’d love to see the Gnat….she’ll be so hopeless. And she doesn’t win anything…the ultimate floater. The only problem is that Russell might come after Jeff if he wins the next HOH. Anyway…all hypothetical till the POV.


like the way you’re thinking! yeah russell could come after jeff, but he might also realize he’s better off to be on team jeff as the power has shifted. russell would be silly to stick with gnatalie & she-man after this week.
my dream came true yesterday, i just hope it comes true next week!!

Randy Wolfgang

No you’re wrong – Jeff can’t vote ( the rules say the CDE cannot vote) so there cannot be a tiebreaker. Howevver I do agree that the votes will break that Jessie goes home and Natalie the skank will be homeless.


It is a great week for us…can’t wait till Jeff makes his move…what a payback to Jessie and Nat….Hope Ronnie is watching this


Jeff needs to make a deal with Russell. After he evicts either Sissie or Ratolie, he will need protection from the remaining survivor. The remaining survivor will team with Chima. Jeff must make sure that neither Sissie nor Ratolie win POV. Then he needs to win HOH. Go Jeff!!

Randy Wolfgang

Russell has made a deal with Jeff to go with that team – good move!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Even if either Jesse or Natalie win the POV, Jeff will put up the other one and that person will get the boot!!!!!!

Zach H

Just to let u guys know whoever wins POV is still safe from the Coup Detah. What is going to happen is Chima will put up Russel and lydia. Jeff will use the power to put nat up and take jesse down and votes will take nat out of the house. i know ppl hate jesse but he rly didnt back door russel cuz they have an alliance.

Zach H

i am a jesse fan and i just hate nat following him around all the time and screwing with his game.. idk y he put his trust in her…


I’m NOT!! a Lumpy (Jessie fan, he has his head so far up that ugly Bitches Ass he has no idea he is going home. Go Jeff!!!!!!!!


Guys go to Evel dicks myspace page and read his blog about Ronnie you will lyao! Its titled wibble wabble HG! Perfect name! Lol!


Does anyone know why if Russ is a have not, why he is drinking a cola. I thought that was something that they could not have if they were one of the have nots?


Jordan is talkn 2 much. Jeff is under stress and might need 2 stop talkn 2 her


I agree, but she is not aware how stressed Jeff is. I am now concerned that Jess has started talking to both Jeff and Jordon about Russ wnating to take out Jeff and then go after Jordon. I don;t recall Russ ever telling Jess he wanted Jeff taken out. It’s plain to see that Jess knows how to play this game and will lie and cheat to save himself…he really has not moral character what so ever.


I voted for Jeff a billion times! IF he doesn’t use it wisely Im gonna be sooooo pissed!!! He has a chance to take out that stupid alliance with a one two sweep and him russell jordan and kevin can take it to the end!! Chima isn’t playing smart! she has ruined her chances because she’s pissed at russell! The best part is Russell didn’t do anything to her!! He ratted michelle out when she tried to throw her under the bus!!! Please let Jeff do this right and they can start running things!

P.s. I think its really funny that even with a second chance Jesse can’t make it to the end! Natalie coasting on his coat tails KILLED him!


I totally agree with all you wrote and I too voted for Jeff as much as I could. Jeff needs to remove the two that are on the block and out up Jess and Nat and my hope is that Jess gets the boot. And I am still trying to figure out why Russ is eating and drinking anything he wants and he was picked as one of the have not’s?