Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia is safe “Braden is too Smart he’s gotta go”

12:50pm Storage Room Cassey and Laura. Russell says you can read Lydia like a open book but Braden is playing well and mysterious. Russell asks Casey what he thinks. Casey says he wouldn’t miss Braden if he goes. Russell is saying Braden is the brains behind the others group if he goes they’re done for. Casey is shocked “Really? really?” Laura says she doesn’t think Braden is that smart. Russell leaves. Casey tells Laura that the two of them just got suckered into that. He tells her they shouldn’t get inviolved with Russell’s mess. Casey says he almost jumped into this mornings argument. He decided he did not want to get into it and draw attention to himself. Kevin comes in…

1:00pm Pool Room Natalie, Jordan and Ronnie. Jordan asks what was said to Russell to make him confront Jeff that way, “maybe someone pushed him to the limit”. Jordan tells tham she thinks Natalie and her group need to reel in Jeff to the HOH and hash out their problems since they are team members and need to get it together. Natalie keeps quiet. Casey Joins. Ronnie is amazed that things went from 0 to 150mph in a minute,” i wonder if Russell was joking to beging with and it was taken wrong”. Jordan says Russel

seemed to just walk outside saying “techno” this and “techno” that and it seemed rather deliberate. Jordan lies and says she hasen’t heard Jeff say anything about Russell. Lydia and

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jeff come in. Natalie Leaves there. Jeff I know where I stand with them its me against them. Casey says thats a tough situtation to be in.

1:30pm Storage Room Ronnie and Russell. Russells asks Ronnie who he thinks is weak, “a mess?” Ronnie says they need to get rid of Braden. Braden is pretending to be dumb but he’s smart and we need to get rid of him now. They say Braden slipped up and mentioned he went to business school and he’s a investment banker or somthing like that. Russ says he is smart, and with that he leaves. Jordan enters Ronnie shares what Russ told him about Braden. He says he is saving Lydia.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
2:50pm Jordan and Jeff -Jordan is telling about what Ronnie wanting Braden to go up. They are they both agreeing that no matter what, Braden cannot leave. Jordan didn’t know about ‘Backdooring’ in the game so Jeff explains it to her. Ronnie walks in and tries to word it that putting braden up is good for
all of them.

3:00pm HOHJesse and Michelle. Jesse is telling her the plan is to take braden out. Jesse says Russell made a decision that he wants Braden out. Natalie enters JEsse and Michelle are quiet. Michele leaves. Jesse says Michelle reminds him of his brother’s wife. Lydia enters. Michele settles to play chess with Casey outside.

Lydia asks Jesse what is going done Jesse says that Russell made a decision she’ll be saved. Natalie says she support the idea. Lydia says Ronnie is worried that Russell will put him on the block because he threatened him ealier. Russells says “No Ronnie is safe, he’s paranoid”

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If Kevin knows what’s right for him he would form an alliance with Ronnie. Ronnie knows alot about big Broether . He”s a hug fan abotu the past seasons and knows who got evicted all in order from Season 1. He’s super smart and he could win. Russell looks like a douche in this hour.