Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Jeff fights the Athletes “I can knock Russell the F*ck out”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:20am Backyard Ronnie, Kevin, Lydia, Laura and Jordan around the pool with Russell lifting weights. Jeff is on the elliptical. Casey sitting on the couches.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Russel and Jeff start argueing over spelling words and the previous compeittion. Jeff’s use of the word ‘Techno-tronic’ during the POV ceremony. Jeff tells Russell to just keep making himself look good because he knows he can’t do anything in here and neither can Jeff. Russell keeps antagonizing him, “Techno .. Fucking .. tonics .. dumbass .. mother Fuckerer .. can’t spell”. Jeff laughs and says the word Russell had to spell was “SHOTGUN” Russell says “SO WHAT I SPELLED THE WORD CORRECTLY ” Jeff admits he can’t spell… Russell bites back “YOU can’t spell.. you can’t do anything physical , you can’t do shit, what can you do in HERE ?” Jeff says he can knock Russell the Fuck out even with all his training.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jeff hasn’t moved off the eliptical the whole time, but Russell is walking around like he’s getting to ready to enter the Octagon Russ wonders what would happen in chicago town., Jeff says he would get knocked out.Russell yells to do it. Jeff says he knows they can’t do that.Russell accuses Jeff of floating through the game and doing shit. . Jeff calls Russ and idiot and a dork. Jeff says she would knock Russ out if he could. Jeff tells him there’s no need to get so loud they can all hear each other fine, this isn’t the WWF and nobody’s knocking anybody out. Russell calls Jeff out and says ‘here ya go, one free shot, take it now’. Jeff just blows him off by saying ‘Whatever, call me out sometime when you can back it up and then I’ll knock you out’. Casey blurts out “Welcome to the thunderdome.” Russell eventually leaves and goes inside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Natalie goes outside and begins to argue with Jeff they start yelling about whether they are on the same team or not. She’s telling him that when she heard Lydia wanted her out, that’s was when she decided to got after Lydia.Natalie does say that she’s never lied since she’s been in the House. She calls him out on not hanging out with them and how he alienates himself
Jeff scoffs ‘Alienate? What, cause I’m not out here at 5:00am doing yoga?”. Jeff just throws up his arms saying that everyone has it in for him now you all talk smack about me in HOH. Natalie says say one thing that was said about yo uin HOH, Jeff says he won’t say. he calls out Natalie on walking around like she owns the place. Natalie says she doesn’t talk to anybody but Jessie, how does that make her act like she owns this place.Jeff tells everyone on his team to FUCK OFF, “i dont want to be on this team anymore, take me off” Natalie tells Jeff he did this to himself. She metions that Jessie’s door has always been open and anyone can come up there and talk to him. Jeff Tells her taht he doesn’t like her and he doesn’t like Russell. Natalie calls out Jeff. saying Jeff didn’t want to get his hands dirty over the noms.Natalie storm inside calling Jeff a piece of shit.

While inside Natalie walks around and makes sure everyone knows about the fight that jusdt happened and how lucky he is that he’s on her team or she would put him up. She storms into the pool room to talk to Lydia. Lydia proceeds to tell Natalie about how Jordan has been saying that Natalie is going to be going after her later. Natalie says that since she’s cool with Lydia now maybe she can hang out with Jordan and get to know her better

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
12:30 Storage room Russell, Casey and Laura
Casey talking about options using the veto. Russell is suggesting they put Braden up, saying he’s one of the smartest people playing the game. Laura says Braden is on her team, but she can deal with losing him, “too big a risk”. Russell tell Casey he is the brains of his alliance. Kevin walks in and tells Russ that he gave Lydia his word not to vote his clique out. He says he doesn’t want Russell or anyone to take that the wrong way and make some early enemies. Russell says he respects that.
Russell Leaves. Casey tells Laura he doesn’t want to say final 2, but how they have similar interests and work together. He gives her advice, saying she knows the game and shouldn’t make a definite tie with Russell. He thinks too many people are going to go after Russell next week cause he such a powerful player.
They agree they like each other…

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Nat and Russ both think their s**t doesn’t stink, acting like Jesse last season. I don’t blame Jeff for wanting out of the forced alliance. But it does make interesting t.v.


no no no Everyone thinks Russel is innocent. OMFG everyone in the house could be burneed, betrayed,a nd double crossed by him. Russel has a napoleon complex and acts liek a terriorists on his preys. He alrssdy dissed Ronnie, I mean come on who would pick on him. Russell needs to go back to High school and get off the show.


Russell – Devil and will stab everyone in the eye to win

Natalie – Loos lips sink ships

Casey- The comedian

Ronnie – the comedian but with secret strategies only he knows. Smart move.

Michelle. Good girl popular with cast, needs to stay sweet but not let that slow her competive streak. After all, this is a competition, not MySpace, Facebook, or EHarmony

Jessie – He knows exaclty what he’s doing. Everyone is licking his nads right now because he’s an alumni and HOH and based on majority kissing up to him, he’ll stay. But when the majority figure out he’s takign away their chance at wining the show, they’ll all vote him out. Until them he’ll continue to alienate every single cast member

Jeff – He needs to leave his Chicago bar brawler behind because he’ll esily get voted out by fighting with Russell or anyone. Natalie’s provoking loose lips will cause Jeff to leave, which is silly and stupid because Jeff did his homework. He watched past seasons of Big Brother before being on the show and truely doesn’t have any intentions to harm or hurt anyone on here. He’s anice momma’s boy. He jsut needs to instantly remember not to react on impulse to any bitchy comment form any castmembers.

Laura – She has the body to compete in any competition, she just needs to knwo that herself. She is behaving very week and why right now. She should just click her red glass slippers and say repeatly:”There’s no place like home”

Jordon: She’s beign funny and friend;y with everyone but she needs to not let it all hang out so much. When she talks about how her farts and poop smells that really grosses out her reputation and will eventually get voted off with her stank left in the house.

Kevin: He knows his role is the token gay guy of the show but he need to realize it’s not MTV’s’ “The Real World”, and play the game and focus more. Getting drunk is not a good strategy on this show, especially when you have other team members (the Off Beats) depending on you.

Lydia – Surprisingly Lydia is playing the game, coaxing Jessie, talking to basically anyone with a normal civil manner. She needs to hold on to that strategy for her chance to win. And she needs to excerise a little more so she can play the challenges better.

Chima – She knows she ‘s on target to be this year’s Libra or Naomi Cambell, so she needs to watch how she talks to people so she doesn’t get perceived as Queen Bitch and gets voted off.

Braden – He’s a mannequin or Ken Doll. There are other buff guys that are focus ont he game ( Jessie, Russell, and Jeff)) and Braden is showing no signs that he’s us their level. If he doesn’t work out more, play much more sportier in challenges, he’ll get voted off. He’s a social butterfly but that’s not going to save him at elimination.


I want Jessie gone more than anyone else on the show.