Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin refers to Ronnie as “Captain Lurks-a-lot”

3:20pm Big Brother Time: Jordan: my hair looks like poop people in America are going to think I have poop hair. Braden: you have poop in your hair? Jordan, Braden, and Jeff are worried that Lydia has sold them down the river, but Jordan doesn’t think Lydia would do that to them. Ronnie’s telling jokes in bathroom on cams 1 & 2; Braden, Jordan, and Jeff are talking & laughing on 3 & 4. Jordan: Laura’s on our team! Braden: I don’t think she cares. Laura, Kevin, Chima, and Lydia are speculating about Ronnie. What if he’s the twist? What if he’s not really married? What if he’s gay? What if he’s a relative of a past player? Kevin: Someone in here is a doctor or something. Someone (Lydia?) whispered: I think it’s Michele. I think she’s a doctor or something.

3:45pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Jeff think Braden’s walking upstairs. Jordan wants to have Ronnie go up and see what’s going on. Jordan: I feel like I’m in high school! Jeff: I KNOW! Ronnie comes in and tells Jeff and Jordan he may snap if Casey says one more thing about him being “in that damn DR!” Jeff tells him Casey doesn’t mean anything by it (in so many words). Jeff & Jordan tell Ronnie that they think Braden went upstairs. Ronnie says, if he says anything….Jeff says everyone needs to relax. Braden: If this is the route they’re gonna go I could snap. Jeff: You’re pissed, huh? Braden, Jordan, Jeff in kitchen. Braden: I can’t even look at Russell. I don’t even wanna waste my eyes on him. Jeff: That’s how I feel. BB: Houseguests, the lock down is over. HGs are mad because there’s nothing in the BY and nothing’s been done. Wondering if BB had to clean the hot tub, maybe.

4:20pm Big Brother Time: Natalie is talking to Chima and giving her advice on what to say during the Veto Ceremony. Ronnie and Natalie have informed her that Lydia’s going to be taken off the block but she doesn’t need to freak out because she’ll be okay. Natalie tells her to be sure and mention during the Veto Ceremony that she really wants to be there, etc. She also tells her to be sure and apologize to Lydia for the “BLANK” comments from the other day. Chima asks about getting Jeff out next week, and Natalie says that’s the plan.

Natalie to Jessie: I’m kinda ready for another blow-up. That was kinda fun. Kevin refers to Ronnie as “Captain Lurks-a-lot” Diary Room leak of Braden saying “Russell goes up there cuz hes teammember of Jessie and they get along cuz they both steroid .. Natalie says that there are certain people you expect to put you up, but….if she gets put up by someone she’s not expecting to put her up, she’s gonna go crazy. Chima: I’m gonna put you up just to see what happens! All laugh.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:25pm Big Brother Time: Russell and Chima talking in kitchen. Russell has figured out that Braden knows about the Veto plan. Russell: He knows. Whoever f***ing told him is going home next week. Russell is pulling Ronnie to the side to ask if he told Braden about the plan. Into the Storage Room. Russell: Tell me the truth. Did you tell Braden? Ronnie: Tell him what? About the plan? Russell: Mmm-hmmm. Ronnie: No! Hell no! Ronnie swearing he hasn’t said anything. Russ says “you’ve been in that room a lot!” Ronnie says that he has been talking to Jordan. Says Jordan told him that she overheard him and Russ talking but she didn’t hear what was said. Russell says he thinks Braden knows, and he’s going to figure out who it is. Russ and Jessie are in the SR – Russ is telling Jessie that Braden knows. Russ says Ronnie is the only one that talks to everyone. Says he asked Ronnie and he denied it but he is scared. He can read body language like a champ, he says. Russ says if Lydia told Jordan, that makes sense. But if she didn’t, someone leaked it out.
They make sure no one’s trying to listen. They are talking about Ronnie being in every single conversation. Approaches everyone and starts talking game. Don’t know if he is really being loyal to them. Russ: “This BLANK’n sucks!” Russell tells Jessie he thinks Ronnie is the leak. Jessie and Russell in Storage Room. Jessie checks to see if Ronnie is listening, but he’s not. Jessie says they need to stick with Braden as the choice to go and they will watch Ronnie and wait for him to do them wrong. Jessie says he told Ronnie that if he doesn’t win competitions he’s useless and “dead to me.” Jessie: It doesn’t matter if Braden knows or not. Russ: It does to us. [Somebody is lying to us and being a leak.]

Jessie, Russ, Chima, and Ronnie all go into the SR to talk. Chima is sticking up for Ronnie, saying she doesn’t think he did it. Jessie tells Ronnie that they’re not saying he did it, but that they need to find out WHO did it. Ronnie is saying he needs to talk to Jordan; she has basically promised him safety to the end, as long as he votes with them (Jordan and her alliance). Chima and Ronnie tell Jessie and Russell it wasn’t him. Ronnie and Chima join Jessie and Russell in storage room. Ron: How do you know he knows? Jeseei: His manuerisms. [sic] Chima: I don’t think it was Ronnie who told. R: I’ll find out who it was! Chima says she didn’t know Braden was “the mastermind.” Chima: I didn’t know all this was going on. Chima suggests it might be Lydia who told Jordan who told Braden. Chima: Why would she tell them? Russ: She’s an idiot. She screwed herself. Ronnie tells Jess/Russ that the other side tell him they want a “good person” to win. Chima says “we’re not bad people!” Jessie uses his “left-field” analogy about Jeff again. Now he tells Chima and Ronnie everything he told Lydia last night.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:50pm Big Brother Time: Ronnie: I want to tip my hat off to you guys. Getting rid of Braden is a good idea! Jessie “You cant go at a badger in a corner with a shovel and that badger knowing your gonna KO it” Ronnie tells Chima that Braden is more of a sure eviction than Lydia. Jessie says that Casey is a lock because he hates Braden. Ronnie tells Jessie that he convinced Jeff/Jordan to throw HOH to him. He will win HOH and put Jeff up. He laughs at this plan. Russ asks Lydia about Braden knowing. She says she hasn’t told anyone. She says Ronnie might have. She says Chima might have too. She also says that Chima and Laura told her that Russ was going to use the POV. Russ says someone is lying to him…looks unhappy. Chima comes out and defends Ronnie…she wonders if Braden really knows. Now Lydia and Chima wondering if it was Casey or Michelle…then saying they didn’t talk to anyone. Meanwhile in the SR, Jessie is telling Ronnie that he needs to prove he’s with them and that’s he’ll put up Jeff, Jordan or Kevin if he gets HOH next week.

Big Brother 11
Ronnie: Jordan is not as dumb as she acts. Jessie: We assume things that are assumptions for a reason. Jessie tells Ronnie he needs to prove that he’s with them. Ronnie says he will have Casey pledge allegiance to him and spare him. He will put up Jeff against maybe Kevin or Jordan. Jessie says that Chima might be bitter in the back of her head. Ronnie: If anybody from that side of the house tries to throw me under the bus you will see Quiet Ronnie go away. Russell says he is playing them all for information. Jessie says he understands and he will tell Russ. Jessie tells Ron about what he said to Russ about watching Ronnie’s actions. Russell: Actions speak louder than words. Ronnie tells Jessie that he thinks he can influence Jordan’s nominations if they go after Braden and she wins HOH. Ronnie tells Jessie he is nationally ranked persuasive speaker. “So I know how to talk”

6pm Big Brother Time: Lydia keeps saying she doesn’t think Braden really know. Russ isn’t sure. Lydia now saying that Braden was spreading about Nat lies before noms. Russ says he thinks Braden knows because he’s acting different and being alone instead of hanging out with people. Lydia continues to trash Braden. Russ interrupts and asks why Chima is so set on defending Ronnie. Lydia suggests Russ put up Ronnie. They go to the spa room. Lydia tells Russ that Ronnie told her that Russ threatened him in the SR earlier. Lydia tells Russ that Ronnie keeps going back and forth between everyone. Lydia now talking to Russ about his fighting ability and how he’s better than Jessie. Lydia tells Russ that if he is nom’d and she gets the POV, she will use it on him.

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