Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia “Chima’s Story was for Sympathy”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:40pm HOH room Lydia and Jordan Jordan is talking a mile a minute about how Lydia shouldn’t let Russell use the POV on her. Jordon makes it clear to Lydia that she will be safe even if she is on the block. She tells Lydia over and over again that they are not her friends, they are just going to use her. She keep atempting to convince
Lydia that the HoH gang has ulterior motives for pulling her off the block. Lydia tells her that she isn’t sure thats a good idea but either way she is really gonning to try and convince
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jessie and Russell that Chima wants them out. Jordon says she wants to leave the house knowing that she has met some great people, “People I could trust”. She says she sees alot of people getting cocky. “Remember Season 5 when those 3 guys were playing”. She thinks Russell and Jesse are getting cocky. Lydia promises Jordon “swear to god and my mothers life” that she won’t say anything about the veto or any thing about Russell that Jordon has told her. Lydia “acts” convinced that POV should not be used she plans on going up to HOH and telling Russell and Jesse not to use POV. “I don’t want the POV used on me..let the house vote”. Together they go over dialog to say to Russell and Jesse. Lydia is explaining why Chima should get voted out. She says that Chima used her R**** story for sympathy. Lydia “Chima needs to go – really – and if they vote her out that will show proof to us”. Lydia says the only people she sees voting for Chima to stay will be Michele and Natalie. and if Natalie knows what is good for her then she won’t because if Jeff gets the HOH next week.. then you guys are Fucked


Ronnie knocks at the door and both him and Jordon leave. Jordon tells Ronnie If Jeff and I end up going home than he’s not far behind.
She explains if they don’t get jesse and natalie out, they are going to run the game and win. She says Ronnie has to get jesse and russell to not use the power of veto. She tells him that Lydia is going to pretend to be on the Athletes side, but she’s really with us. We don’t want them to use the veto. Ronnie tells her the situtaion is getting ugly. Jordon agrees and comments on it being on the first week. She doesn’t trust Russell and she knows they can’t trust Chima. Ronnie tells ehr he really wants Russell gone next week. Jordon agrees, “if I get HOH I’m putting him up” ROnnie thinks Kevin isn’t a threat “he’s a floater, he will never win HOH, he will never get blood on his hands, he will be puckering up to whoever’s in that room” He still worried about Lydia going after him. Jordan reassures him
that she’s not she just thinks you talk too much game and need to tone it down.

BiG brother 11 Spoilers
10:30 HOH Lydia, Natalie, Jesse and Jordon. They are trying to explain to
Jordon that Jeff is screwing with her. They talk about all the attempts to communicate with Jeff have gone bad. Jesse says at first they proposed a plan to Jeff that included them all. The plan was a failure because Jeff didn’t go to you to pull you in. Jesse says he has only spoken 5 mins worth to Jeff. Natalie says they have made a lot of effort to communicate with jeff, but we can’t. You communicate with us more, so we trust you more. Jordon defends Jeff and says that she gets the “go away” vibe from them all somtimes. Jesse says that he wants her to understand she doesn’t have to feel like Jeff is the only one you can talk to.

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The Chosen One

What’s up with Black people trying to always get sympathy?! For people who want to be respected, they always play the race card quickly. Chima is an annoying idiot. Hope she’s gone next Thu if she stays on the block.


What’s up with white wh0r3s who always feel the need to sling trheir crotch around, cry like a little beoytch, and flirt with whoever when things don’t go their way? Lydia is a prime example of pure white trash. That ugly white b!tch needs to be the next to go.

harmo ica

@ chosen one i think you are retarded what do you mean “whats up with black pple always tryn to get sympathy”,her story didnt move you because you have no idea what its like,i admire her for that,i sometimes want to scream out my story and am not black,just say you dont like her instead of putting down her story.