Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie tries to confess his feelings for the 18yr old Natalie, but he’s a little shy!

Big Brother 11 Ronnie wearing a "Dork" shirt

6:20pm Big Brother Time: Braden tries to talk to Jessie, just small talk…asking him how are things in HOH. Jessie pretty much ignores him. They are in the kitchen area. Casey is nearby. Braden and Casey start talking about spelling words. Ronnie wants Jordan to swear on her life and Jeff’s life that she won’t tell Jess/Russ that he told her about the plan to BD Braden. He tells her he can’t been sen talking to her any more. He again says he wants her word. Jordan: I swear to god. Ronnie leaves. Ronnie is alone in the hammock in the BY. Casey and Nat talk in the cold room. They say they haven’t really talked. Ronnie looks for Russell everywhere in the house and can’t find him. Russ is in HOH listening to music and watching the cam.
6:45pm Big Brother Time: Natalie now thinks Lydia was lying last night. Natalie and Jessie in the punishment room. Natalie tells Jessie Big Brother 11 Natalie and Jessiethat Casey is on board. Natalie is now concerned that Lydia will still come after them next week and was “blowing smoke up our butts.” Jessie says it doesn’t matter because Braden is more important to get out. They small talk about how to sleep on the platform. Jessie: OMG Jeff looked like he was going to cry when he walked outside just 2 seconds ago.
Russell tells Ronnie: Were you in the Storage Room with Jessie!? Ronnie/Russ in HOH. Ronnie: I was not in the Storage room with Jessie. Russ: He came out right after you. Ronnie: Oh that’s right, I forgot. Russ: You forgot something that happened ten minutes ago!? Ronnie: Yes because I’m getting pissed…not at you…at Braden. Russ: Why you getting mad at Braden? Ronnie: [He said he was going to float along] Ronnie tells about a discussion he had with Jeff he said Braden doesn’t think he’s up anymore and they’ll float. Ronnie leaves HOH, Russ tells him to send Jessie up. Jessie is eating a huge sandwich and a banana.
7:15pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Jeff talking about how they need Chima to go home. Jeff keeps saying how he’s going to throw the comp so that his team can be put up for elimination next week he hates them esp. Russell there is a plan to back door Braden. BB voice comes on and warns about talking about diary room sessions to other houseguests. Jessie tells Chima and Lydia that his only concert has been Coldplay. Jeff and Jordan talking crap about Russell, they think he lied about being paralyzed at one time and are scared lydia is not with them anymore.
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Jeff and Jordan

7:25pm Big Brother Time: Nat and Ronnie talking about why they need to back door Braden they think he will win POV if he’s on the block regular. Nat saying she’s already got blood on her hands because Lydia was her choice she wanted Lydia out and she didn’t deny it to anyone. Nat asking Ronnie, Michelle and Laura if Braden knows they are going to BD him because he’s acting differently (yes he knows) Nat saying if she gets HOH next week she’s putting up Jordan and Casey.
7:35pm Big Brother Time: Jessie and Russell talk about Ronnie, plan is still on for Braden. Russ: Did you talk to Ronnie? Jessie: Yeah. Russ: Braden does not know he’s going on. He went up to Jeff and said ‘what do you think?’ And Jeff said ‘I know I’m safe, Jordan safe, and Braden safe we’re going to float by till next week and take it from there.’ That’s from Jeff, that’s what Ronnie told me. Russ: Do you trust him [Ronnie]? Jessie: Yes. He said that you told…what did he say….I know you’re skittish around him, but I was in the SR for 20-30 mins talking to him. He said I’m an International Persuasive personnel on a team or something, so he can read people and persuade them to do what he wants. He didn’t tell anyone else. Russ: Doesn’t that raise a red flag? Jessie: No he said he didn’t tell anyone else [but me]. He came to us. He knows we’ll win. He’s thinking logically. What sucks I think one thing, you think it after. If we bring him up…I just don’t want to talk to him and bring him up, but I don’t want to bring attention to us. I’m comfortable now [with him]. Russ: I don’t like Chima. She wants the boys out. I told her we want to put Braden up and I was like you want to get the boys out, then she gave me a smile and I was like, don’t lie to me. Isn’t it weird Chima was protecting Ronnie in the Storage room? She was like Ronnie wouldn’t say that. Since when do you come to his defense? Jessie: I didn’t pick up on it. I pick up on things that are bigger red flags. If Ronnie [betrays me, he did a good job]. I always think worst case scenario but I don’t see anybody beating us. That’s just me.
Big Brother 11 Jessie and Russell
Russ: He said something about Laura crouching at the door? WTF? Jessie: Kevin, Laura, and Braden, Lydia was on the ground listening. Russ: That was obvious. Jessie: Yeah. That’s why I feel so confident, not that can do anything about it anyway. We gotta get rid of Braden. Russ: I’m still down for that. Russ tells Jessie to be careful of saying too much to people. Russ: She’s safe for now but next week she’s up. We have to be careful of what we tell Laura. Jessie says she’s getting closer to Casey, she doesn’t have a home they alienated her. Russell thinks she has a secret alliance of Chima, Laura, and Lydia. Russell thinks that is Natalie’s secondary alliance. Russ: I still think Chima is shady. Jessie: Yeah whoever screams “I don’t want to be here” what is up with that. Russ: I wish I could evict 4 people at the same time, Laura, Chima, Braden, and Jeff.
7:40pm Big Brother Time: Ronnie is very upset walking laps in back yard and says he’s going to cry, told Jordan and Jeff to not trust Lydia. Ronnie convinced Lydia is now on the “other side” Jordan is upset because she’s told Lydia things, Ronnie is upset feels Lydia betrayed him because he told her he doesn’t trust Russell as a test and she ran up to HOH and told Russell right away. Jeff said Lydia better not sell out like that or he’ll be pissed. Jordan and Jeff convinced Lydia won’t do that to them and thinks that she’d only do that to Ronnie. Jeff threw the POV comp said he would have tried if he knew this was going to happen. Jordan upset about the possible Lydia switch thinks she’ll be gone before Jeff if its true. Jordan stressing says if she gets put on the block next week she’s not going to have the votes. Jordan & Jeff in the hammock. Jordan mocking Jessie saying “look at my muscles”.
8:10pm Big Brother Time: Jesse telling Chima she has no reason to worry. Chima saying they have nothing to worry about from her. Jessie saying everyone is kissing Russel’s butt because he has POV and they don’t want him to use it because then Jessie gets to put someone else up (Braden) Jessie talking about Lydia on her hands and knee’s spying on him talking to Rusell I think about BD’ng Braden. Jessie is mad Big Brother 11 Lydiathat Jeff has crossed over and sold out his team. Thinks that the house thinks the other 3 athletes are the 3 headed monster and thinks it puts them in a bad spot if someone else get’s HOH next week. Jessie and Chima talking. Jessie says Braden and Jeff’s stratagy is to lose comp’s and get people to fight to take the target’s off of them and Jessie thinks they deserve to go home for that. Say’s if you can’t win HOH or POV then you deserve to go home. Says he sleeps alot becuse there is no off switch so he sleeps to keep from fighting with everyone. Chima said Braden doesn’t need the money becuse he’s a model. Jessie worried that Braden is so savy if he tries to BD him he could have enough votes to stay. Jessie wants Lydia’s vote in exchange for taking her off the block.
Jessie and Chima talking about Dan. Chima said that her least fav of last season was Dan, Jessie saying how Dan was the deciding vote and doesn’t like to talk about it because he doesn’t want to give Dan a plug. Jessie and Chima wispering under the HOH covers can’t hear. Now talking about Nat and saying very mature for being 18 years old!
8:30pm Big Brother Time: Laura doesn’t feel well says she has kidney issues and never had them before so its scary. Laura was just heard in the bathroom farting. Now she comes out telling people she’s still having the same issues since when she moved in but doesnt want to talk about it live on feeds. Jessie telling Chima how he likes big butt’s like 52″ butts now talking about Laura how she makes so many compliments that don’t really make have anything to do with the conversation. Thinks she stages conversations just so she can compliment people and Jessie said he can’t trust Laura. Jessie said he trust Ronnie and Chima and one other sorry missed it. Sounds like Jessie has a thing for Nat? Said he was in her bed one night and thought he might just sleep there but she didn’t seem like she wanted a part of it so he left. Worried that it hurt her feelings that he left but feels he redeemed himself because he put up Lydia on the block and that’s who she wanted Big Brother 11 Russellup.
8:55pm Big Brother Time: Lydia and Kevin in HOH. Lydia pissed that Jeff used the word ***** says its an ugly word. Kev said Jeff apologized to him for saying it. Lydia saying she owes Rus for taking her off the block and if she gets HOH she won’t put him up and if he’s up she’d get the veto to save him b/c she owes him that. Said she doesnt’ want to put up Jordan or Kev or anyone from her clique. Jordan up in HOH with kev and Lydia now. Jordan eats a Reese’s cup and says she thought Lydia was mad at her. Lydia says she feels like she was going to throw up all day b/c of a fight someone had. Jordan defending Jeff saying someone said Jeff likes to work out with ***** and Jeff said yeah he loves *****. Jordan feels bad for Jeff cuz no one wants to talk to him and everyone is scared of getting put up. Jordan saying if Rus doesn’t use the veto Lydia has the votes to stay anyways. Lydia says she needs to buddy up to Rus to make him think she wants him to use it or he might use it on Chima instead or vote her out b/c she doesn’t really want to be there.

9:15pm Big Brother Time:
Lydia saying Rus isn’t going ot use the veto on her. Saying she will be surprised if he does. Kev says he doubt Rus will use it because it would make enemy’s for Rus in the house and its so early in the game. Kevin said Rus was thinking of possibly using it to scare Jeff. Kev laughing says Nat was just joking when she called Jordan and Lyd ho’s for dressing in nighties the other night. Lydia is mad at Nat cuz she said Jeff only likes her and Jordan b/c they are blonde. Kev said he’s not mad at Jeff for the fag comment it’s just a word and words only have power if you give them power.
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