Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff Confronts The Other Athletes “Why are people buying Jessie’s SH!T”


11:15pm HOH

Jordan leaves HOH Jesse, Nat, Lydia start talking trash about her. They all are feeling fusterated that they have accomplished nothing with her. She is too involved with the whole Jeff situation. Lydia tells them about her & Jordan’s conversation. Jesse doesnt trust Jordan and feels she will just tell Jeff everything that was said. Jesse says “did you see, we had to explain to her twice! She loves Jeff” He is amazed that she doesn’t care that he didn’t go to her with the plan, and we can’t trust her. She’s a nice girl, everybody loves her, but she’s not on our side. Lydia questions why Jordon is so upset over this Jeff situation when it doesn’t even concern her! She told me to tell you guys not to use the power of veto on me because I have the votes and Chima would go. Jesse laughs “how does that make you feel safe, I’ll tell you, you’ll only find stability with our group, Unless you have 6 votes up your butt, you should be concerned”.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:30pm Storage Room Natalie and Ronnie,

Ronnie is telling them that Jordan asked what he was talking to Russell about. He told her Russell said since they didnt put him up he was expecting Ronnie to vote with him, which made him feel threatened. Jordan told him to tell Lydia this and said she wouldnt tell anyone then Lydia ran to Russell and told him.


Natalie asked how he knew she told Russell, Ronnie said because Russell told him. Russell asked Ronnie if he told then he threatened him, Ronnie said I may have. Ronnie brings up the rumor that Ronnie feels threaten by Russell. He goes on to says “Lydia approached me and said, “If I don’t come off the block, you should vote for me to stay because I don’t lie in this game.”
Ronnie says he called her out on it “Oh, really, because I just heard something repeated back to me that I told you in good confidence.” Ronnie says they went back and forth until until Lydia was screaming “I just want to stay in this house!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Chima enters and says what if Lydia wins HOH, they will be screwed. She thinks Lydia should go home this week. Chima leaves Ronnie telling Natalie about later convo with Lydia about where Lydia was going on & on about how she doesnt lie so he confronted her with telling Russell about their earlier convo abour Russell. Ronnie and Natalie agree to talk more about this later with Jessie.


11:50pm Backyard Jeff Jordon

Jordan telling Jeff about HOH Conversation, “Jesse is a real douchbag”. They were telling her about how she keeps sticking up for Jeff. She explains to Jeff that she was defending him. Jordon says she know once she left the HOH room they started trash talking her. She thinks they will take Chima off the block and put her up. Jeff says “Lydia a Fuckining snake, i’m going to confront them”.

Big Brother 11 SPoilers

Jeff talking in kitchen to everyone.
He is explaining how the voting came about. He did mention Chima up for nominations, because she was upset after losing first contest, but is all that he had said. He said that he had no part in the nominations, because he tells everyone that the rest of his team had a meeting without him and then he heard who was nominated and he was shocked about it and now he is made to look like the bad guy. He turns to Jesse and says, “Is this not how this all went down?” Jesse quietly agrees.

Nat tells Jeff, she never had a problem with him until the blow up
with Russ. She talks about that she never said anything bad about anyone, including him.

Jeff is going back and forth with them of how they made him feel like an outsider and gives situations. Nat and Jesse are telling him that they tried to include him. Keeps going back and forth about Jeff trying to talk to them and they keep saying they try to talk to him.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff confronts Jesse, Natalie, Lydia, Kevin, Ronnie, Michelle, Laura, Chima, “i want to set the record straight” Jeff brings up the HOH conversation and how they He didnt go up there telling anyone who to put up he was just joining the conversation. Ever since then he has had nothing to do with nominations.Jeff said he heard “he had a chance to save Lydia” Lydi is pissed off she isn’t defending Jeff one little bit,she has thrown him under the bus. Jeff is getting her back and asks Lyd that she didn’t talk crap while she was upset and crying all day long. Lydia telling everyone Jeff told her not to talk to them. Natalie brings up the fight this afternoon and how Jeff went off on her for no reason. Jeff says Natalie is always in HOH with Jesse, Nat says thats because she asks to talk to him. Jeff tells her that he wasn’t going to go up there and kiss Jess’s ass. Natalie defends “their team” and tells Jeff that it seemed that he didn’t want to be a part of their team. Jesse reinterating the fact that Jeff doesnt act like he wants to be part of the group. Jeff says he tried 3 times to talk to them but they never tried to talk to him except for 5 minutes.
Jeff closes with that he’s not the guy that people think that he is and that at the end of the day that everyone has to save their own ass. Lydia tells him that she’s felt like she’s going to throw up all day long and that’s why she hasn’t talked to him.Jeff leaves to go outside.
Jessie and Natalie talk about how they haven’t lied to anyone to the house and what not.Kevin speaks up and tells them that Jeff’s intention was misinterpreted. He tells he says Jeff thought that Lydia’s name being brought up was just a possibility and that they weren’t really considering putting her up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
1:00am backyard Jeff and Casey. He says that it no the bosses that have been calling the shots. That it’s the “Sammy the Bulls and not the John Gotti’s” that are calling the shots. Jeff agrees and says that Jesse is letting his footsoldiers do the dirty work while he’s keeping his hands clean. Jeff tells them that Jessie is one of the least team players that he’s ever seen. They all agree that it’s too early for this crap to start up. Jeff says he doesn’t care about his fu*ken team, I don’t give a fu*k.

That you really have to pick and choose who you tell stuff to. Jeff brings up Lydia going from one to the other trying to save her butt. Jeff says that she doesn’t know that she’s just a pawn in the game Jesse and Russell have her running all over the place. Jeff says that Jordon has told her this but she doesn’t beleive it.
Michelle enters. She is telling Casey that he was bugging her ealrier by asking her so many questions about her profession and education somewhat abrasive. H. Casey appoigizes and uses the excuse that there are a lot of people in the house and I can’t remember everything. SHe tells him hes the detective this year. She tells Jeff that people might would have found it more believeable if he had said it privately. He tells her that if he had done that then it would have been twisted around.
Michelle LEaves and Jordon enters.

Jordan thinks Ronnie will make it far in the game, Jeff agrees and says he hopes Ronnie does well, Jordon “I hope he wins HOH, At least he’s not a floater I can’t stand the floaters”. Jeff says he is going to throw HOH so someone can nominate the Athletes. Jeff can’t understand people wanting to follow Jessie. Jeff brings up Big Brother 10 and how everyone was buying the crap Jessie was selling Jordan thinks it’s because it’s high school season. Casy doesn’t know but he does suggest to Jeff to stop arguing with Lydia.

Jordon start to clap saying she gives Keesha from BB10 a round of applause and says she proud of Keesha for putting Jessie on the block last year. Jeff now says he did not see last season much. The talk moves to Ronnie.

They say he has a lot to say and he spends a lot of time in the Diary Room. Casey says he hasn’t talked to Ronnie much but better start being nice to him. Jeff thinks that a good idea he said that Ronnie told him “I don’t know if Casey likes me” Casey says he has to remember there’s a lot of thin-skinned people in this world. Casey says he and his buddies give each other a lot of crap at home he’s use to this type of environment, “people call him Grandpa Mix all the time”.


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The Chosen One

Michelle is probably my fav at this point. Stay on the DL girl.


Yeah – I’m liking Michelle too. Ronnie is getting on my nerves running his mouth to everyone. I really don’t want Lydia to go this early – she would be more interesting than Chima.


oh yeah!

thanks again Simon for keeping us updated on everything!!!