Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie to Natalie “Maybe we Should Cut our Losses and get Rid of Ronnie”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


7:45pm Recycling room Jessie and Natalie. JEssie thinks it might be a good idea for them to cut their losses and get rid of Ronnie unless he wins POV. Jessie thinks it’s way to likely that one of them will be put up in Ronnies place. Jessie thinks the need to act like their doing what Russell wants because of the threat of getting back doored. Jessie says Natalie can do

whatever she wants on her own she her own person but she should keep everything on the down low. Jessie says it sucks because they can’t flash any secret gang signs to show they won the power. They are now asking America to pick one of them for the mystery power, they want to keep the Jessie and Natalie show going. Jessie bitches out America in general for putting him on squash and squid. Natalie all giddy that she has a slop pass and isn’t on the squid. Natalie asks Jessie what he’s going to tell Lydia. For now he says he’s going to keep her. Natalie doesn’t think its smart to lie to her. He wants to have Lydia worry about going home all week.. If he goes home after that, it’s on him. He’s telling her it’s not her responsibility if he goes home, that she takes up where he left off. Jessie says he has a gut feeling that he is the true Target and Russell is going to take him out. Jessie reiterates the plan to Natalie that they will distance themselves from Ronnie until after POV than all hell will break loose. Natalie bring sup that they are all Ronnie has if we turn our backs Ronnie will have nobody. Natalie keeps complaining about her stomach hurting and Jessie complains about the squid they start to fall asleep but BB tells orders them to wake up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:30pm HOH Lydia and Russell the Muscle. Lydia half joking tells Russell she hates him.. He understands. Lydia brings up the speech and hopes taht Russell sticks to what he’s been telling everyone and evict Ronnie. Russell tells her that he never really digressed from the plan to evict ROnnie. Last week Casey did and said something that pissed NAtalie and JEssie off so they put ROnnie eviction off for one week. Russell tells her she’s safe, They start to count votes Jeff, Michelle, Jordan and Chima hate Ronnie. Jessie and Natalie will not use the POV on Ronnie so he’ll be pissed and be going after them so therefore Jessie and Natalie will just take the lose and get rid of the rat. Russel says he put her up to make sure that Ronnie goes home, she a pawn and this time the pawn isn’t going home. Lydia says that she’s pissed at Ronnie to because she catholic and she didn’t like how he swore on the bible and it was a lie.Lydia makes a remark that Russell has no balls to put up Jessie or Natalie. Russell says look you?re not going home don’t worry, if Jessie and NAtalie don’t remove ROnnie than they had decided to stick with ROnnie over Him. Lydia brings up Ronnie trying to talk to her just after the nominations but she wanted nothing to do with him and told him to go
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

away. Russell warns her not to talk to Ronnie he’ll put a spin on what you say and fuck you in the end. Russell says your 100% safe I swear the only bad thing that could happen is if Ronnie wins the “magical” power than everyone is screwed. Russell says all the truth is out about Ronnie I heard what he said in the pool room he told you “Don’t worry about Russell i know how to get him”. Russell points out that if anyone takes Ronnie of the block that person is his number one target. Russel says if Michelle gets POV and take Lydia down, he’ll just have to put up Jordan and tell her she’s not going home. Russel says he gave Ronnie a chance to correct things and makes things right but he fucked Russell again and now it’s time for him to go home. Russell explains to her how dangerous Ronnie is going to be in the jury house. Once Ronnie is in the jury house he’s going to start fucking with everyone?s head and who knows what is going to happen. Ronnie in the jury house is going to screw everyone in the final 2.. Ronnie’s game will really ramp up in the jury house…you just wait and see. Russell points out if Ronnie made it to Jury house Himself, Lydia, Kevin, Michele have NO chance of winning. Because Ronnie thinks he is smarter and better than all of them. Russel saying he was surprised Lydia is taking being nominated so well. They were all impressed in the kitchen. Russell jokes around with Lydia calling her so mean and threatening that he was scared when he put her up. Russell thinks Ronnie is going to be playing in overdrive so Lydia has to be ready to fight a bit. She has to follow Ronnie around and after every conversation he has she needs to jump in after and talk to the person. Russell tells her he has to poop so she can listen to his CD while he’s in the bathroom. Russell comes back and they start watching the spy cam. He’s wondering why everyone is thinking Jessie and NAtalie are such big targets. He’s giving her advice on who she should pick for POV. He suggests JEff because JEff has a good chance of winning it, Kevin won’t win it. Lydia thinks that a dumb idea because JEff won’t use it on Lydia.
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Living Room. Kevin,Jeff, Ronnie and Chima. They are going over the people that will evict Ronnie. Ronnie tells them that the person who is edited as the underdog will win the “wizard Powers”. He sys every single time when America gets to vote they will vote the underdog. He lists off it happening in other shows like American idol.


9:20pm Recycling Room Natalie, JEssie and Russell. Natalie and JEssie skicking to their plan of agreeing and listening to everything Russell says. Russell begins to tell them he’s got the votes to get rid of Ronnie, he says that Ronnie is already running around trying to stir up shit. Jessie and NAtalie agree

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Watching on Showtime and discovering that Nat is the worst cook on the planet earth. Dude can’t even spread butter and bread. Nat is gonna die alone. Ugly, stupid, annoying and can’t cook. Not a good combo.

Big D

Dude I love this, hey Jesse go pray over that nasty ducking slop, you meat head. This makes me smile. What sore losers!

The Original Jim



I hope everyone is voting for Jeff!!!!!!!


i have. everyday at least 7 times


i have. at least 7 times everyday. i really hope he gets it


I hope that Jeff doesn?t win th Veto.

Because I think that he uses Jordan to win the game.

And this is a good strategy. Everyone likes Jordan, and hes knows that.


i voted jeff a few times i wouldnt mind him or michelle having it , i want natalie and jessie gone, natalie is always talkin about her boyfriend but then turns around and is always all up under jessie, MAYBE Jessie is her real boyfriend, i mean shes always following him around and fighting his battles for him

I think the power should be givin to someone with a vendetta cuz they will really shake things up jeff will put up jessie for sure, i would put jessie and chima up together, and keep natalie just so she will squirm without jessie


Yes jeff


hes not serious about putting jordan up after as a pawn huh?? that wouldnt be a good idea bc of annoying nat and jess..lydia gets on mi nerves too but Ronnie or Jess needs to go this week before her