Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin and Natalie plan out this weeks Operations and Jordan informs us all she has Diarrhea

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

In this Big Brother spoilers update Natalie and Kevin are scrambling trying to figure out what to do in the game to survive. they contemplate throwing Michelle under the bus and trying to get on Jeff and Jordans good side. There is some tension growing between Kevin and Natalie mostly on Kevin’s part as he starts to become frustrated with their predicament in the game.

4:30pm backyard Natalie, Natalie and Kevin. Kevin brings up Chima and her all girl alliance. He’s upset because Chima’s plans didn’t include Kevin and he thought they were close in the game. Natalie asks Kevin if she wins HOH if we’ll put Kevin up. Kevin tells her no way. Michelle asks Natalie the same question, Natalie replies with a question… “Will you put me up” Michelle says yes I will. Natalie says she knows where Jordan, Michelle and Jeff stand but she doesn’t know were Kevin stands. She wants to know who he would put up. Kevin doesn’t answer directly he says it doesn’t matter now who goes up on the block it only matters where the votes go. Natalie asks Kevin what he has done to her in this game. Michelle chimes in that Kevin coted to evict Jessie over Natalie. Natalie really presses Kevin.. Kevin gets defensive “Where is all this coming from!” Natalie asks him again WHAT HAS HE DONE TO HELP HER IN THE GAME. Kevin says he’s not going to answer until Natalie tells him who she is going to put up.. Natalie tells him Kevin will go up… She says she’s just being honest Kevin will be one of his nominations. Michelle chimes in again and says if Natalie wins Head of Household its you and me going up. Natalie denies it. Michelle jokes about why should they vote to keep Natalie she’s going to put us up.. Natalie says she hopes they respect she being honest with them.. Kevin leaves

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle tells Natalie that she would put Natalie up if she wins HOH… Natalie says she would put Kevin and Michelle up. Michelle mentions that the only way your safe is if you win HOH or POV from now on in. Natalie tells Michelle just because she puts Michelle up doesn’t mean Michelle is the target.. She says there?s plenty other people to take out “bigger fish to fry”. Natalie tells her that she’s never really wanted Russell out from the beginning it was always Lydia. Michelle says she?s just glad she’s not the one going home this week.. Natalie agrees “I’m glad I?m staying to”…. Michelle silent… Natalie silent… Natalie tells Michelle this is the time in the game when you have to backstab people to get ahead Michelle agrees she says Russell did himself in. Jeff goes out back to work out Natalie yells to him that her and Michelle have an agreement to put each other up. Jeff “good for you”. Jordan joins them.. Jordan tells them she feels like having diarrhea because salads make her poo.

5:20pm redroom Natalie and Kevin. Natalie is telling him the only reason she said she’ll put him up is to make Michelle think they are not that close. She hopes that Michelle will now come to Kevin and try to get him to vote to keep Russell. She adds once Michelle does this we can go tell Jeff and Jordan and they?ll go after Michelle not you. Natalie tells Kevin about her and Michelle agreement to put each other up. Kevin thinks Michelle is looking for someone to make a deal with…. Natalie tells him that Jeff wants the vote to be 2-1 so he can go off on Michelle and break her.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:50pm – 6:45pm pool table Kevin and Natalie. Kevin tells Natalie about Throwing Michelle under the bus. They go over getting Michelle to think they are saving Russell so she votes to evict Natalie. Kevin tells her how perfect this will be cause Jeff and Jordan will freak on Michelle. Kevin says there is a downside to this plan.. Michelle might go to Jeff and Jordan and tell them about it and then him and Natalie are screwed. Kevin says he’s going to tell Michelle in the splish splash room that he’s given it a lot of thought and he thinks they should save Russell. Natalie is laughing says this is totally going to work. She warns Kevin that if he votes to evict Natalie and then blames that vote on Michelle they run the risk of Michelle voting Natalie out and then she goes home. Kevin again says that he would tell Michele he is definitely not on board, but then throw Russell the vote himself to make sure he gets the vote. Natalie calls Michelle dumb and says she’s crazy and might do it. Natalie thinks it?s not worth the risk, they just need to trick Michelle into voting out Russell. Kevin thinks they should consider it a option. Kevin doesn’t think
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Michelle is dumb enough to fall for it, that?s why he needs to vote to evict Natalie. Natalie demands Kevin swears not to vote her out. Kevin doesn’t swear, he says he’s not going to do it unless Natalie starts coming after him. Natalie tells him she would never put Kevin up she’s going after JEff.. he has put Natalie up twice, Jordan put her up once and Michelle put her up once. She tells Kevin that Jeff is their major obstacle right now. Kevin agrees he tells her he’s putting Jeff up if he wins HOH. They start plotting to try and keep Michelle up all night on Wednesday so she’s tired for the HOH comp. Kevin thinks even if she misses one question it could mean a win for them. Kevin now thinks they should start hiding as much of Michelle’s shit as they can to throw her off. Natalie is worried that JEff and JOrdan might see them. Kevin thinks they can just tell j/j that tehy are playing around and they would be cool about it. Natalie asks Kevin about his speech when he puts Jeff up. Kevin isn’t worried about a speech when he needs to win HOH first. Natalie says she has a speech ready for every houseguest. Kevin thinks she being a little silly she needs to win something first. He tells her when he puts Jeff up he’ll tell him the truth Jeff’s going up because he’s the strongest player. Natalie tells them Thursday it’s operation win HOH, Kevin “if we don’t win we suck … period.. ” Natalie my gut tells me that the crazy bitch is going to get it. Natalie says she thinks Jeff is going to backstab Jordan in the end. Kevin thinks he’s taking her to the final 2 because he thinks nobody will vote for her to won. They go over their “Operations” there was LML… thats over, Throe Michelle under the bus that starts now, operation sleep deprivation.. start that tomorrow, operation hide shit… that starts tonight. They finish their pool game and stat talking about Thursday’s HOH.. they are both worried that Michelle will beat them on dates.. Kevin doesn’t think they will do a simple question and answers with dates. Natalie suggests it might be timed and she won’t do well at it because she needs to think. Kevin instructs her to hit the button regardless and than think…

Kevin “Is there any other mission we can do…. are we doing everything possible?”
Natalie silent… They head back inside to see what the house is up to.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:20pm-6:45pm HOH Michelle, Jordan and Jeff all sleeping. There was a brief conversation about Jordan having armpit fat before they took their nap.

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BB Fan

Really Natalie is being stupid saying she will put up Kevin. She is still on the block and could end up going home this week if not careful.

BB Fan

Why would no-one put up Jeff or Jordan if they win HOH? Are they stupid?

I Heart BB

I thought Natalie and Kevin were stringing Jeff and Jordan along, but are putting them up as soon as one of them wins an HOH.


I can not stand Gnat every time she is on T.V I get sick to my stomache, YUKKK!!!


I usually record the show and fast forward when that Gnat is on!! who wants to see or hear from her!!


CBS portrayed Jeff like this noble conflicted but phony Lancelot… I am so sick of them showing J&J as this little cute couple. My only hope now is for Kevin or Nat to put Jeff up. He has to go and really feel it when they put him up. Best scenario for this to happen is either Nathalie winning HOH and Michelle POV, either Michelle winning HOH and teaming up with K/N but this is a deadly move for her or Michelle winning both HOH and POV. If Kevins wins HOH, no way he gonna put J/J up: he’s not that dumb to risk Jeff coming after him. Besides, Jeff could win POV and remove himself. That egomaniac of Jeff has to go. I really can’t stand the guy anymore.


Have you ever seen people sleep so much in your life?


Jordan is so self-centered she thinks everyone else in the world is just as fascinated with her bodily functions as she is. She’s an embarrassment to the female gender.


I wont be surprised if Nat/Kev wins the game. Dumbass Jeff already made enemies with Jury house (Lyd, Jessie, and now Russell). He thinks that America loves him, well, America did! But he slapped America with his f-ing ego. Not sure now how to vote for the winner, considering America given the seventh vote.
I read somewhere in the comment that Jessie and Lyd will participate for eviction? Is that right? If it is, then no freaking hope for Dumber and Dumberer.


“There was a brief conversation about Jordan having armpit fat before they took their nap.”
Now that is funny!


dear God don’t let gnasty or kevin win. such evil should not be rewarded, even in a game show setting. Gnasty is the one nastiest piece of human offal i have seen…… a pathological liar, a pig and utterly soulless.
SATAN ….. call your child home.
I don’t care if Grodner has to poison her or rig a comp so she and her minion can’t win


You need help, I can’t believe you can hate someone you don’t know that much.
Relax, it’s just a game. Stop with your bitter words. Nathalie is a lair butbat least
she is playing hard and workin her options all Jordan do is follow Jeff around like a sad puppy.
We all know she is still in the game because of him. He is always lookng out for her and even gave hee
GAVE HER the hoh the other day. They are worst player

I’m not a Nathalie fan btw


I agree! Gnasty is so disgusting I would be afraid I’d catch something if she walked into a room!


FIRST! yay!


FAIL! Yay!


So is Kevin going to vote for Russ to leave or stay? I can’t keep up today. However, I think Kevin and Nat are hilarious and I love their game play right now. If they win HOH and take out Jeff then either of them deserve to win, especially as production was hand feeding J/J the idea that Russ is on their side. Now they are moving onto another plan, working as a unit and being smart about it. I hope Nat and Kevin to the final 2. I hope Jeff goes home next week and I would LOVE to see the camera in the jury house when Russ and Jesse see Jeff coming into the house. Classic. For such a boring season in the beginning and over blown drama with Chima, this is one of the best ends I can remember for a season.

discuss game

omg if russ stays by chance that is hysterical! this could happen all by itself because of everyones greed and dark side. its like they all have the same bad karma so the heavens leave them together 🙂 kevin may play a lil game on michelle thinking hes throwing her under the bus while michelle will think huh kevin wont vote out natalie bc he needs her and i need russells vote in the jurt so i will throw him a bone and play the “i dont remember” card as long as i can and win pov. jordan will show up, play with her hair, think russ is leaving and then spend all thurs evening wiping her drool off of the couch! oh boy maybe ONE live show will actually be LIVE! get its started!


Now that would be some shit if Russ stayed. LOL


im happy that they started showing jeff ‘s “darker side” on cbs,its about time that they picture him for what he really is…….


Jordo’s diarrhea of the mouth finally ran down her butt.
She has such an obsession with her body-especially the orifices. She is always talking about vaginas, going pee, going poo, her period-nothing is sacred on national TV. She posed nude for those pictures. I am sure. Jeff will be the first to print them and hang them on his bedroom wall.


Thing is … she thinks everyone else is as obsessed about her body as SHE is. No one wants to know your bathroom habits, about fat vaginas, about your tampons and period. She’s the definition of trailer trash and I can’t stand her.


Trailer trash is too classy for Jordan.


show his darker side? that was like .5% of the real deal!
that show tonight was total bs! its like another show altogether. if i hadnt, thankfully, relied on simon and dawg for my info i would have thought very differently! they want the public to be very pro jeff and we fell for it! im telling you they will blame russ for the fight and make him seem evil while america thinks jeff is such a brave hero. uugggggh i cant believe i fell for it and voted for jeff to have the mystery power! i wish i gave it to michelle!
now they are going to make the hoh comp about counting house crap or inventory. this is rigged to have jeff and jordan as final 2! gross. we got played


what are you talking about? no one said he was an angel/perfect but he is a good person and your just jealous you will never be as good as him on his worst day.

discuss game

how the hell would you know that ANONYMOUS? oh right you dont count, sorry….


nat and kevin we up late counting everything days before jeff and jprdan did. you just want to see things how you want and to spin shit.

discuss game

no. im just paying attention. try it. i started out a jeff fan and then started reading the blogs and following the feeds rather than just watching the show. the blogs show that jeff and others have been manipulated through DR to do certain things, change their minds, etc and once they say something the feeds cut to fish. they know what they are doing. and you made my point. thanks. nat and kev were counting things last week so it could have been then right? but no! once j/j start studying things change and i am just saying that we are being manipulated by the editing of this crazy game to like certain people over others which isnt fair. give us all the info or dont include our vote at all because then its not really our vote. its the productions vote with us paying their bills through ads.


LOL!!! GROW UP ITS A GAME! ITS ALL ABOUT WHO STABS WHOM IN THE BACK FIRST AND WHO TELLS THE MOST LIES WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT! What about Kevin and Gnat. I have NEVER lied to you I have always been straight with you….BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! ITS A GAME !!! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!! Do you really think for one minute that Russell would not have done the same EXACT thing if the TIDES were his!? HE SAID it, IF I MAKE THROUGH NEXT WEEK JEFF IS AS GOOD AS GONE!!!!


AGREED!!! It is a game people!! They should rename the show BIG LIAR’S HOUSE.


Nah… I voted for Russ LOL I was always for the J/J/M/R Final 4… I didn’t care who won of the 4… now I want all but Jeff to win.


If they didn’t want that to happen they wouldn’t have helped N/K/L with inventing the LML.


Let’s not forget Jordan threatening to stab Russ or Michele in the neck… just sayin’

discuss game

lol! kev is the best! truly the best! his joke on tonight’s episode about the fruit? love it! his wit is almost up there with casey’s!
i love how he is playing natalie also. hes like well if i dont vote to evict you we cant throw michelle under the bus. so i should make sure to vote you out so we can blame michelle. whats better is that it was natalie’s idea so oooopppps on thurs he can act shocked and say oh my god i really thought we were just throwing michelle under the bus, im so sorry! (in his DR of course) and then be like to jeff and jordan i just threw russell a vote so that i would have his vote in the jury house. i asked michelle if she was voting natalie out and she said no so i really didnt think this was going to happen. im sorry. 🙂 wink, wink
really cbs needs to step it up with editing! they have this huge fight and they dont air it? they have the “i swear on my family”, “i will go after your family if you go against this” from jeff and they dont air that? what is up with that? it makes me also think that they are manipulating us for a reason.


They’ll show the fight Thursday.

discuss game

lets hope they show alllllll of it. including russ’ point about jeff giving his word, threatening them AND threatening to stab him also. yeah, what are the odds of all that fitting in with a live eviction, new hoh comp and ummm we are dying to see the jury house!


they will air it thurs. stop jumping the gun.


It’s a game. Jeff did what he had to do to further himself later on. He knows he can’t beat Russell in an endurance competition when it comes down to final 3 so him backdooring him this week was a smart move. Everyone should get over the fact Jeff used to be a nice guy but not anymore. C’mon it’s $500,000 you can’t be the nice guy forever.

discuss game

right. it is a game. and uuuh we are choosing who we want to support and why. why are you huffing over that? jeff should have kept russ for another week. he had too many threats left to use his biggest weapon now. he shows he doesn believe that he can beat russ so he had to punk out and backdoor him. meanwhile…his backstage pass is being stamped: LOSER! do not pass go. do not collect 200 bucks. do join jesse and lydia and watch out for the couch stains! ha!


I fell very, very dumb for voting for Jeff…

discuss game

i dont think they showed how truly mean and manipulative he has become. think the killing fam comment, the i promise on my fam, the i will stab you to russ and the ugly comments jeff and jordan made about michelle’s body. they hinted at him turning so that we understood why russ was put up but didnt show us what really was happening there. greed and power. we, viewers, are losing the game within a game that BB is playing with us since most dont check up on live feeds. my friends watching the show have a completely different take on things and really think russ is pure evil and that michelle is a backstabber. they find jordan sweet and jeff to have strong character for the courage to go after russ. i almost threw up in my mouth listening to them. im telling you its the BB editing game!

discuss game

uhhhh yeah!!!!!!!!


You are so right, I knew it. I even told my husband CBS is not going to show Jeff’s true side.
It felt like poor Jordan, Jeff is going off on her..I’m so upset with CBS right now.
I did not vote for the CDT but I was cheering for Jeff and Jordan until last week.

discuss game

i would love, love, love, LOVE it! 🙂 their greed catches up with them. and BB playing us by editing to manipulate us is catching up with them because we follow simon and dawg more than the show, hence the low ratings! its like the real show is the feeds and these blogs, everything else is like a cartoon starring jesse and ronnie….and for late night viewers lydia! 🙂


You Know being in that house so long without any outside stimulation is mind boggling. You don’t know who to trust. It’s anyones game now. I don’t know why Russell did not go to Jeff should of confronteed him with any doubts in the latter part of the game. Jeff should of brought in Kevin since he was the one filling up his mind. Jeff had a lucky streak for awhile, however, his luck may soon run out. If he could make ammends with Russell they can vote Nat out…But trust is such a big issue. Big Brother is about who could convincing lie the best, and it seems Kevin is in the forefront.


thats exactly what everybody wants to see…jeff vs russell next week !!! producers cheat if u must ! but make sure u keep russell in the game !!!

Michael Knight

Remember Season 1 of Big Brother when people were nice and normal and the hot guy Eddie, who had 1 leg won? I miss those days.


by the way,anybody notice the way jordan walks? she looks like she has a cucumber up her ass !!


She probably does. Or some other foreign object.


It’s called the ” Chubby bitch ” walk.


“creator of swine flu” lol!!


Just got thinking about Natalie and her big lie about her age……OMG, just can’t believe how gullible and stupid these HG’s are……..think ppl…….she’s supposed to be going to college…..most have started their semesters already or about ready to start…..all the poker tourneys…….BB rules state have to be at least 21……..list goes on and on………LMAO

I Heart BB

It’s so frustrating when she goes on about being 18, but any houseguest that wasn’t as perceptive as Kevin to question her age probably thinks it’s one of those notorious Big Brother twists.

Dawn D

So, I do NOT like Gnat, but she and Kevin are cracking me up. They are really smart! I gotta give them that they are thinking about how to get rid of Michelle now that they have gotten rid of Russell (probably). Next they will have J & J suspicious of each other. ROFL!

discuss game

needle? really??! look ronnie they had to vote you out ok, you lied too much. you and chima have got to stop threatening people! 😛 you need to stop taking it so seriously. let people like/dislike who they want. jeff will call you to go fishing for tuuuuuuna when he gets out of the jury house, dont stress it!
heeehh heh


i’m hoping for this aswell! I HATE Nat and I love Russel. I’m so mad a J/J. Although I’ll cheer for anyone over Natalie any day


Mich will never vote against Jeff’s wishes. She has blinders on. She help carry the Russell lie. Jeff is a ass. If he were in my face telling me i had better not vote to keep Russell or hell will rain down, that would be my clue thst this guy needs to be taken down. I use to like J/J, but their treatment of Mich and Russell is ugly. This just proves he not very smart–2 Jury members will vote for either Nat or Kevin and not u have pissed 2 of ur alliance (doubt you will get Russ or Mich votes. Very shortsighted.

Mr Jimi

Ah folks let’s all hit the brakes here . It’s Big Brother people .You lie,cheat ,back-stab .The best at it wins . This house had 3 Bullies this season.One is so in love with himself and stupid to choose the wrong set of idiots again this year (Result: gone) the second bully got the boot due to a fragile fractured mental structure .The third got put on the block this week and this bully is the most volatile of the three .As my father told me many many years ago .The only way to stop a Bully is to punch them right in the face .Jeff shut this little bully bastard down . What was it he said “You better win because if you show up at the jury house I”ll mop the floor with you” .What the frig did you expect Jeff to do run away ????All the Jeff haters are so wrong in his approach to that little cockaroach . As much as Chima nauseated me she saw through the little snake and it infuriated her and you all know the rest of the story …….The one reason that Jeff could lose….. JORDAN…….END OF STORY .


The other reason that Jeff could lose: HIS EGO

discuss game

OR he just thinks! that seems to be his down fall.


The kind of dark sense of humor where you go and murder someone after you were on a reality show, then run to canada and kill yourself… oh wait…


I agree would love to natlie go home, matter what what jeff will be on block and I hate pp, she really has done nothing in the game and thinks she has. All jeff will have to do to surive is win pov. rememebr when janelle won pov in the end to get to final 2. Pov is the key to winning and getting to end. I still root for jeff , remembe rhtos game is stressfull and too many options. This game would get to anyone. So I can’t be upset the jeff tude has changed.


Jeff made a deal based on honor, what is pathetic is that he did not hold to it. That makes him a worthless turd. He is clearly weak minded and I am thankful that he never spent time in the military, thank God he never deployed with a unit. Take your money buddy and screw everyone around you and then revel in the accomplishments. Pathetic human being. Your word is nothing regardless of your excuses your word means nothing, oh but it was a half a million so… Good job bud, hopefully you didn’t have anyone in your family that spent a couple days on Omaha or Normandy, hope that 500k was worth your word because whatever you say you just sold it you pathetic worthless turd. Good job.

another fan



All these people that are saying stuff about how Jeff is acting and all off a sudden are saying how Russell is this awesome dude who never lied or backstabbed have to remember that after Jeff took Russell of the block and evicted Jessie that Russell voted to keep Jessie then outside he tells Jeff that he owes him big time for what he did and that if it came down to it he would return the favor and take Jeff off the block no matter what then that same night he tells Michelle that if anything happens he would use POV on her. So how would that have worked?… Sure Jeff is coming off as this power hungry A-hole but what the hell we aren’t in that house and haven’t had to deal with what they are going through. At this point i’m sure they are all just looking for outside stimulation from other people. Also we as the public have the luxury of seeing everything in the house and all the little conversations that go on around there and all the strategy sessions that happen. That helps all of us but the people in the house don’t get to see or hear any of that. So give them a break.


Forgot to say did anyone see last night when Russell was playing pool with Gnat last night he was saying all these great things about Jessie again and how he is his boy and he really likes him. I guess he doesn’t realize that Jessie never liked him in that house.

miss liberty

the eviction of jesse was quick, no time to make deals and figure out who to vote for, jeff has no reason to be mad when there was no discussion with Russ to tell him to vote jess out. besides wasn’t the final four w/ j/j/m/r made AFTER all of this.
how was russ backstabbing on a last minute vote he knew nothing about??????


good point lol


The best liar wins!! It is a game!!


It is a game man; if you hate seeing people go back on their word… why even watch Big Brother?

Relax… Jeff proved his word inside the game means nothing. His word in the real world still carries as much value as it did before… Reality TV does not equal Reality


LOL. I respect your opinion and I even agree with your disappointment in Jeff breaking his bond to Russell (that’s one thing that Russell never did when it came to voting time), but I don’t really get the relatives at Omaha and Normandy reference. What does that have to do with Jeff’s decision?


It’s a game w/ 500,000 dollars on the line. A G-A-M-E not the military lol


get a life jason my god!


I admire people like you who take the time to do all this research and then to share the results with others. Due to time constraints I will have to come back and read all the articles you have linked to.

Thanks for the share.

Is Jeff on drugs?

What happened to him? He’s more angry than Chima. Twice the a$$hole Chima was. Acting like a tough guy, F this F that. I can’t wait ’till Kev and Nat take him out.

another fan

I would be kissing my TV, too!!!!

The Playa

michelle is already thinking of throwing kevin under the bus…thats why she’s asking nat who she would put up…kev needs an edge on michelle if russ go’s..because he will be next if he doesnt win hoh..i think he realizes nat will go with jeff and jury because she has the votes to beat them..period…she would have jess,lydia,russ and kevin..michelle will vote for russ and blame kevin period…jj and nat wont know who to trust..which these dummies should no in this game u trust no one…you just play..


I felt that when Jeff was throwing around all those hateful homophobic slurs at the beginning of the series that he wasn’t the sweet nice guy everyone thought he was. He gets power and his ugly true colours come out. He swore on his family for a M/R/J/J final four and went back on his word and believed his biggest enemy in the house…Gnat. If Kevin and Michele don’t vote her out and keep Russell I’m done watching this rigged game!!!

I Heart BB

Call me Schmucker’s. I am crossing my fingers for a surprise Natalie eviction on Thursday.




Jeff was such a dick tonight! He’s cute and all, but that only goes so far when you’re acting like you’re God!


Kevin and Michelle need to wisen up and vote Natalie out, keep Russell, and then teach Jeff a lesson. I’m going to start calling him “Jessie Jr.”


You mean Jessie ” senior ” right ? Jeff is older than Jessie.


Dude, calm down. You said it yourself, he gave his word in a GAME. It is no comparison to honor or sacrifice anyone commits to by joining the military. Surely you are not equating 2 months in the BB house with even one day fighting a real war for your country. You will always be honored for your service. Jeff and company will be forgotten when the season is over.


Exactly, he bowed to fear and that’s what angered me the most


I am so disapointed in Jeff. Jordan is having to endure emotional abuse, which is so sad. I truly hope she dumps his ass when they get out. He’ll be sorry for how he treated her once he watches, because up until last week, he was the guy everyone wanted to see win!


To me it looks like Jordan can hardly stand Jeff. She is hanging in there because that’s her game. But anyone who really liked the guy would be touching him. Kissing him. Her once in a blue moon kisses are quick and look like she’d rather do anything but. He begs her to scratch his back. She does not want to!! Her excuse is that her family is watching. PLEASE! She is using him!!! Good for her!!


And by the way, what chick is on her period for what seems likes three weeks now? It’s a total cockblock and he’s being such an idiot can’t even see it!




I think I’ve seen Natalie on the Maury show once…Yep! On one of those ” Boy or Girl ” episodes!!!!