Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin is the HOH Winner

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:25pm Kitchen Jeff and Jordan, Jordan is worried that she looked like a douche when she was yelling at Russell. Jeff says she did look a little like a b!tch. Jordan is all bent out of shape over it, this isn’t how she wants to be seen.. Jeff then tells her he yelled at Russell to and said things to him, so don’t worry Russell is the one that looks like a jerk. Jeff adds that Russel’s said worse things to everyone in the house. Jordan says she was so ready for Russ to say something nasty to her, it was a real shock that he left the way he did. Jeff is surprised that Russell went to hug him.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm Showers Kevin and Michelle. Bitching about Russell. Michelle says that Russ was winking at her when he was on the nominee chair, “Dude what the fuck !” Kevin brings up about Russell was saying he was playing many different personalities like Dick, Will, and DAN. Michelle laughs, Kevin adds that Russell wasn?t playing shit he really is that fucked up. Jordan walks in and tells them she upset about Russell calling her fat and a cookie dough monster. Kevin tells her not to worry she looks great and many women would die to have her body. Michelle tells her not to worry about Russell “the Douche”. . PP walks in “Can’t wait to see your BOYYZ” They ask him if Kevin’s boyfriend signed a release form.. Kevin says yes but he has no idea what pictures they will send. Kevin is saying that it feels so good to be the HOH winner this week, he doesn’t have to worry about getting sent home. He can now relax and enjoy himself.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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185 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin is the HOH Winner

  1. i never thought i’d say go Kevin!!!!! Please honor your word to put the all might Jeff on the block!!! I’m looking forward to next weeks eviction!!!!!

    1. He can put him (Jeff) up and win the POV! And he can’t even get backdoored…
      Besides, the next HOH is the ultimate and Jeff can win that too!

    2. I thought I would quit watching if Russell went tonight, but I might actually keep watching if Kevin puts up J/J – I would love to see one of them go. AND RUSSELL gets my jury vote!!!!!!

      1. Do you not understand how it works, dumbass??? Russell doesn’t GET to be voted on!!!! He’s gone, gone, gone, baby gone!!!! Jeff/Jordan all the way!!! I don’t understand why everyone is suddenly anti J/J…they are just playing the game…as far as chest bumpin Russell, let that bastard talk about your momma/sister/daughter that way and see if you’re not fighting mad!!! I agree with Jeff, screw the $500K and bust that piece o crap right in the mouth!!!!

        1. I believe the previous poster meant that Russ would get his/her vote for America’s player. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to cast such disparaging comments…it’s you that is looking like the “dumbass”.

    3. I agree!!! I’m so happy that kevin won hoh. PP is such a loser. She can’t win nything. I can’t wait for next weeks show.

    1. I was dissapointed that CBS chose to edit out all the family killing that Jeff was going to do if any one of them broke the Final 4 deal. Oh, and we can’t forget the brain blasting that the lap dog was contemplating. Sheesh !

  2. i hope to god that kevin put jeff and jordon up,,kevin wins pov and jeff goes home. i dont think i will watch BBAD tonight,,i’m sure it will be all about bashing russell. i love that russell left with class and dignity,something jordon and jeff lacks. maybe next time jeff won’t trust a flea bag like nat to be honest.

    1. Yes, Russell left with such class. I bet he is really a decent person in real life, and much of his hype was an act. He really demonstrated he is a man of his word. Please everyone vote for Russell to win the jury vote and show Jeff we really liked Russell and were sick of Jeff’s ego trip.

      1. I agree, I dislike Jeff and that Cookie Monster thunder thighs Jordan. Russell would have never gone back on his word of final 4. Kevin nor Natalie deserves to be final four, they skated by, with one manipulated lie to finish final 4.

  3. K-fed needs to put up Judas Jeff and Mich. Here’s why: there are only two voters this week. If one of the voters wins Veto and uses it, then the other voter has to go up. Jeff and Mich are dangerous Veto competitors. Jordough has almost no shot at Veto because she is dumb as a rock. So, put up Jeff and Mich, and if they win Veto and take themselves off, then you have Jordough as the back up. If you put up Jordough and Jeff or Mich win Veto as a non-nominee and use it, then you have to put up Nasty. And J/J/M will have two votes as the only voters. You have to think about who is likely to win the veto and use it this week with only two voters.

    Put up Jeff and Mich, K-fed. And, take Judas Jeff, the lying, backstabbing hyprocrite OUT with the tiebreaking HoH vote!!!! Go Kev!

    1. What if Jordan wins POV and takes down Jeff? I know it is a long shot, but if Jordan pulled it off, they would sail through to the next week. Although, if Jeff is put up, he will most likely win the POV and take himself off, and it would be funny if him pulling himself down meant Jordan replaced him as a nominee. Given that Michelle is so unpredictable, you are probably right – best to make her use POV on herself if she wins it.

  4. Kevin says he’s putting up Michele and Jeff.
    By the way, you can see Michele’s cooter in the fifth pic of Jeff’s HOH photos.
    Another “wardrobe malfunction” ? Sheesh…

  5. 3 Cheers for Kevin. Now if only he knows what to do with his power. I hope he doesnt let Jeff bully him because if he does he wont have this chance again to go after Jeff.

  6. i think he should put up gnat she did not even try she is a scheemer letting kevin get his hands dirty so she thinks jury will vote for her she looked like a fool falling throwing her cup please she is horrible kevin should take jeff kevin would win get rid of the *itches

    1. I don’t understand your comment. J/J might win POV, but that only saves one person – not both. Jordan winning anything is 1:1.000,000 so if Kevin plays it right, either J/J are leaving — YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I dont understand why everyone hates Jeff? I mean seriously this guy is awesome. How can you dislike him? what did he do?

    1. i second that! jeff didn’t do anything wrong. he is playing the game strategically. america obviously likes jeff so they voted for him. he chose to use on who he thought was best suited to leave the house (nothing wrong with that). and then he gives an HOH to jordan (nothing wrong with that) then he wins the next HOH and the POV during his reign. he was smart to get russell out when he did. even russell said so in the DIARY ROOM!!! he said this is jeff’s chance to get me out, if he doesn’t do it now, he may regret it. so i see absolutely nothing wrong with jeff’s game play. of all the people left in the house, he’s won the most competitions. he’s a smart player.

      1. He’s a “smart player” who didn’t do “anything wrong”? You’re kidding! His alliance had the #s and were cruising to the final 4. He broke up his alliance and now the other alliance has the advantage! Plus, he had a swear on his family deal with Russell that he broke. Russell evicted Ronnie instead of putting Jeff up. Russell won the HoH for Jeff by stopping Kev in the can comp. Judas Jeff backstabbed his ally and lost the #s advantage. Get out Judas Jeff, the backstabbing hypocrite!!!!!!!! He is an idiot!

        1. I don’t want to speak for ALL of America, but I know that I voted for Jeff to get the CDT because I knew that (1) he had the balls to use it, (2) he would keep it to himself (unlike his lapdog who can’t make a decision to save her life) and (3) – most importantly – he would use it to take out Jessie. I did not vote for him ’cause I liked him as a person (I do not know him personally), or because I thought he was cute, or because he was the underdog being treated like crap. I saw this as a chance to shake up a game that was beginning to get very boring. I don’t think I was alone in my reasoning and quite frankly get annoyed when others assume otherwise. Jeff is NOT a smart player. He was contemplating getting Russ out but was pushed over the edge by the lie and his lap dog in his ear. He can spin it however he wants but he wasn’t thinking strategically when he put Russ up. He was, quite frankly, desperate and wanted to get him before he “got got” (the DUMBEST phrase ever). Russ WAS thinking ahead ’cause he figured they had the Final 4 all wrapped up. Why wouldn’t he look ahead? Wasn’t it already known that J & J were working together towards a Final 2? What he did this week was purely emotional and I believe it will cost him or his darling lap dog. I, for one, can’t wait to watch it all!!!

          1. you actually believe that the only reason jeff put russell up was because of the LML from kevin and natalie? NO. he wasn’t stirred in that direction because of the lie itself. he also heard things from michelle, who was initially part of the final 4. so wouldn’t you think he would take into consideration the things that michelle had to say? michelle was almost always around jeff and jordan in the hoh room, in the backyard and what not. while jeff was hoh, russell wasn’t nearly as much around jeff and jordan as michelle was. which made jeff even more suspicious of him. i’m sure all the house-guests will see in the long run that it was better for all of them to have jeff backdoor russell, rather than someone else trying to get rid of him later. russell was a good competitor, i’m not gonna lie. so people would be after him sooner rather than later. and jeff made it easier to do it now. maybe jeff will go this coming week, but he’ll be going knowing that he’s sent the 2 strongest competitors that entered the big brother house this season, to the jury house before he goes there (or if he even goes there).

            1. Let’s see, Jeff was cruising to the final 4, and w/ Russ unable to play in the final 4 HoH (cuz Russ would have won tonight’s HOH by a mile), then J/J/M had a stranglehold on the final 3. Now, Jeff is likely to get the boot this week. And, you are telling us he made a SMART MOVE?!? He just lost the game. Judas Jeff is a hypocritical douchebag!

    2. Wow, people still like Jeff and Jordan after this? They are such drama queens, both of them, they didn’t show the part where Jeff was using the F word concerning Russel over and over again (of course), it’s annoying that they play it that way. Of course the robots will love Jeff but the simple fact is the guy made stuff personal and he really meant it. Kind of funny tonight how Jessie said he might vote for Jeff in the finals, oh sure it’s not obvious that they’ve been feeding him some serious BS. If Jeff wins the game is completely rigged. I was a Jeff supporter up until the point he got completely played by Nat, now hopefully he will get his just reward and end up in the house.

    3. Because they are playing the game and God forbid someone actually do that and play the way they are supposed to. It was a good move taking Russell out and even Russell knew it. So it all depends on the veto, but if Jeff wins that than Jordan might go up, who knows. Lets all watch the “game”. You know…where everyone lies….!

      1. You’re not supposed to lie after a swear-on-your-family deal. That is a scumbag move that will not win jury votes and will put a big eviction target on your back. Judas Jeff is an idiot.

    4. So what if Jeff was dropping the F bomb at Russel and they didn’t show it he deserves it. PPL like Jeff cause he’s REAL, he’s allowed to snap everynow and than the rest of the NUTS in the house do. JEFF ROCKS

      1. Every now and then? He snapped for two weeks straight. Talk about letting power go to your head. A day or two after Chima left, he became the new dictator. Can’t wait to see him booted!

    5. How can I dislike him? He swore and made others swear on their families for final 4 and completely screwed Russell well before that . He is an arrogant asshole with the power, and he chose to believe Nat and Kevin when anyone with half a brain would have known they were lying — how can you not think he is stupid after that? I voted continuously for Jeff to get the wizard power, and I will vote just as rigorously to give Russell the jury vote and vote against Jeff – unless it is J/J in the final and then I won’t even bother because they are both horrible and I wouldn’t care. Hopefully the house will take care of getting rid of one of them this week. The only reason I would watch the TIVO version if J/J are the final 2 would be to see who won jury vote.

      1. ohhh get over the family thing it’s a game…Russel’s no angle either making promises he can’t keep. And I’m sure Jeff knows there’s a chance Kevin may put him up, however Russel would have done the same this week too and put Jeff up so He has a better chance of winning POV with Russel gone and staying in the game…JEFF ROCKS

  8. If Kevin puts up Jeff and Michele and either Jordan, Jeff or Michelle win, then Nat goes up and goes home with two members of team Jeff voting her out.

    1. Nope sorry about that – that only works if Jordan wins HOH. Interestingly PigPen is pushing Kevin to evict Michele.

      1. nope, wrong again. If Kev puts up Jordan and Michelle, Jeff wins the veto and takes Jordan off then Michelle, by default goes up. Jeff/Jordan decide who goes home and the power ultimately taken away from Kev altogether.

        Go JEFF and JORDAN!!!

  9. OMG all you J&J haters…..did you watch tonight’s show? do you watch the showtime 3 hour feeds every night….Russell is an asshole, for him to pretend he was bringing prior players’ personas into the game was just an obvious cover….and didn’t fool anybody. Everyone keeps talkng about the way its edited….give me a break……an ass is an ass is an ass. Jeff of course lost his temper but also is able to regain his temper and not intimidate and bully women. Russell didn’t fool anyone….well obviously some of you he did…..i think he’s disgusting

    1. I am a woman and under stand it just a game ,there are no rules when it comes to who you yell at if he didn`t yell at her that would make him a sexis pig for not thinking she wasn`t on the same level to even deal with or maybe it`s just me because I`m not stuck in the 50`s ,What ever I don`t belive he speaks to everyone like that on a daily basis AGAIN IT`S A GAME!

    2. I watched the same show you did – and you do realize it was edited how CBS wanted, right? How do you know what Russell is like in real life? Do you know him? I suspect everyone behaves differently in the house, especially after 50 days of being cooped up in a cage. Bottom line is, Russell kept his word, and Jeff did not – screw Jeff!!! and Jordan is stupid and weak – she does not deserve to still be there.

  10. I think Russell left with class. I just wish that Jeff didn’t run his mouth so much on the message, he probably would have had his vote…..if he last that long.

  11. It seems he will be putting up Michelle and Jeff, have them both fight it out since kev needs jordan around with nat so he can beat them both. Nat should just give it up, she never wins anything its getting to be pretty sad, even if she makes it to final 2 no one will vote for her.

    Kevin really should have kept Rus as a target off of him, next week once Michelle goes home Jeff will be gunning for him and soon it will be J/J/N final 3, followed by J/J taking out Nat leaving J/J for the final 2 and everyone voting for Jeff to win. At this point the game is very predictable and all roads point to Jeff winning.

  12. so here is what i think will happen:

    (1) kevin will nominate jordan and michelle (just so he follows through with what he says “of not putting jeff up”.

    (2) then jeff has a 20% chance of winning the POV. if the people in charge wins it (i.e. kevin, natalie), they’ll take michelle off and then jeff will be sitting pretty up there with jordan.

    (3) if michelle wins the POV, she will of course take herself off. and jeff goes up. (which means the only voters will be natalie and michelle. shall there be a tie, kevin will break it.

    (4) if jordan wins the POV (which is highly unlikely) she will take herself off and jeff will go up against michelle.

    (5) if jeff wins the POV (which to me would be BEST CASE SCENARIO!!!)he would take jordan off, and kevin will have to put up natalie. which means the only voters will be jeff and jordan thursday night.

    **but none of the above scenarios will happen if kevin doesn’t stick to what he said to jeff. worse case scenario… he puts up Jeff and Jordan :( .. they are so cute together! =D

    I honestly like Kevin, but I can’t stand NATALIE! she is so nasty and hasn’t done squat. i’d really like to see her go.

    1. To me, your worst case is my best case. He puts up J/J. Jeff is most powerful, so if he wins, he takes himself off and Michelle goes up. Jeff and Nat vote, and I believe Nat would vote against Jordan to get the 2 split up. Kev would send Jordan to the jury – Jeff would have to acknowledge it was a smart game play – just like he has EXPECTED the targets to acknowledge his back stabbing has been “smart game play”!

  13. wow y’all really got some hate going on for j/j dontcha? Funny, remeber 2 weeks ago when Jeff was everybody’s hero for getting Jessie out of the house?
    The only thing that’s changed is that Jeff let Russ get him riled up

    1. Exactly he turned into a complete douchebag. He fired the shot first and took out someone on his team rather than continue to remove team Jessie. He made the promise on the parents with the others. Now that was pathetic.

    2. not me. I’ve hated Jeff since he walked on screen. I can spot a jerk bag douche a mile away and I’m on the east coast. Nat might smell but Jeff reaks.

    3. You are WRONG – the only thing that changed was Jeff believed Nat and Kevin’s lies. It had nothing to do with Russell getting Jeff riled up! If Jeff had honored his final 4 agreeement, this would be a totally different game. I can’t stand Nat, and the fact Jeff has been the instrument for her to stay speaks volumes for his stupidity. Jeff needs to be ousted and left with nothing!

  14. I really don’t think Kevin will keep Nat….she would get Russ, Lydia and Jessies vote …..that may be too iffy for him…would rather take someone everyone hates…..Jeff ! …….its not over til the fat lady sings……..isn’t that right Rockstar ?

    And who do you think is coming back through that door next week ? ? ?

    1. kevin is not dumb..HE KNOWS that he is doing all the work n’ NATTY IS NOT BACKING HIM UP….had she been a true partner she would have done more in the comp to try n’ keep up with him in case he fell behind….this is a sickening BB…TO THINK THAT A DO NOTHING WIN NOTHING TWIT MIGHT BE IN THE FINAL 4 IS SICKENING…

    2. The only people who can come back are Lydia, Jessie or Russell. It won’t be America’s vote so it will probably be something like the whole James the gay porn star’s return.

  15. Well what a surprise…once again Natalie doesn’t win HOH. She talks a lot of trash and does absolutely NOTHING to back it up. She rode Jessie’s coat tail until he left. It’s only been by the skin of her teeth that she has avoided being evicted…only cause there were bigger fish to fry. Good grief – please send her out week. She’s freaking annoying. In the words of Casey..go make Jessie a sandwhich!!!

    1. I have been super disappointed with Nat’s performance. I read she was a Tae Kwon Do champion, so expected her to demonstrate some physical superiority – she has SUCKED at everything!!!! What a major disappointment!!!! She does lie well, but hope she goes home soon because her competitive ability is the worst I have seen.

  16. okay I did like jeff and jordan before this hoh power trip they took,but now I see a big P on jeffs back for pendejo(dumbass in spanish)!

  17. Why the hate? Jeff and Jordan have played the most up right game in the history of BB. I think it would be great to see someone who some scruples win. Of course there is always Michelle that could pull a rabbit out of the hat. It’s Kevin and Natalie who need to be broken up.

    1. ‘most upright game in the history of BB’ is an OPINION of yours, and I disagree! You must not have watched BB in the past or you would know you were wrong.

  18. if kevin is smart he would put of Michelle and jordan so that way if someone else besides jeff wins pov then jeff would go up and be ouyt ( not what i want see). But if jeff wins Pov he would be safe either way.(Hope that happens) So that way it looks like he is being honest when he said he wouldn’t put him up. Even though they do want him out. that is if theyare smart. He should make it look like he has no choice but to put up jeff as backdoor if he doesn’t win pov.

    1. If he (Kevin) is smart is totally your opinion, but not right. At this point in the game, no one will keep their word! They are all saying what they need to in the moment to keep from going home. Jeff and Jordan need to go up, so that if one of them wins POV the other will go home. Michelle has to realize her chances of making final 2 if it is just J/J/M in final 3 are almost nil, so she would be smart enough to vote out Jordan and make Kevin send Jordan home.

  19. pitiful seeing michelle crying in the green room after being defeated by kevin. i really do hope that she wins pov; it’s her only chance of surviving.

  20. And Pigpen wins another competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – the idiot actually lost her cup for awhile – totally useless besides all the other horrors she has.

        1. Actually, the lap dog admitted that she could hear how Michelle was moving in that POV, “but that didn’t affect her decisions”. Hahahahahahaha…yeah, right. I saw her and Jeff going over dates and she was HORRIBLE. She couldn’t remember anything. In fact, just a few nights ago when Jeff was trying to discuss scenerios she stated that she doesn’t want to do anything, she just wants to “coast” to the final 2. She has really done NOTHING in this game and doesn’t deserve to go to the end. She played “nice” in the beginning so she wouldn’t be a target, then relied on Jeff to keep her safe. She is useless. UGH.

        2. Not true! All houseguests said you could feel what the person next to you was doing. Jordan waited to see what Michelle did, and copied her for the POV!

      1. Jordon actually did win something without any help. She won the POV! So nope Natalie is the only one that has won not a thing.

  21. The only reason that Jeff deserves to go is that he’s a moron who bought Nat/Kev’s BS. I thought he was just playing dumb, turns out he is.

    Kev/Mich final two!!

    1. I second your thoughts! and Russ for the jury vote! Then J/J might get the message from America that we changed our minds after giving Jeff the power. He got power and totally f*cked it up by falling for stupid Nat and Kevin’s lies – what a moron for turning against his own alliance for that of known liars! Jeff and Jordan deserve a big fat $0 – and I so hope that is what they leave with!

  22. I’m still on the Jeff bandcamp regardless. he was the underdog from day one and he’s gotten this far. Props has to be given regardless. He’s used his momentum to take out Jessie, and Russel, 2 huge players and collateral Damage with Chima getting quit. As much as everyone here can say he’s dumb for flaking on the final 4 deal, if most of us were in those shoes who knows who you or I would believe. Jeff will go home next week unless he saves himself. I hope he understands this and plays his heart out.

      1. Totally agree. Jeff is a goner. Natalie and Kevin will be the final two. Revenge for Cheema and Jess will prevail. Cheema the witch is thrilled as can be!

    1. Jeff was the target this week regardless of who won HOH (except Jordan). He did the right thing. I think he’ll win veto anyway.

      1. The targets are Jeff and Michele. If one of them wins POV, the other one is gone. Jordan goes up as a replacement nominee just to fill a slot. I dont think J/J will evict Nat in this scenario…I think that they are truly frustrated at Michele since she is hard to figure out, Russell alliance, etc.

  23. As far as russell, he laid out his cards to soon, and he looked like an ass. I wouldn’t be surprised, if jeff is in final 2 that the three in jury house now all give his vote to jeff. Just like jessie said he is playing a greaT GAME. iIt would be even better if pp was against jeff and all of friends voted for jeff becuase he played the game better. I would laugh my a** off.

  24. I think all you Jeff haters are NUTS…he’s the only normal one in that house. And Jordan is cute, who cares if she makes funny comments, she’s human and real. Russel was an Asshole when he wanted to be, but Jeff made a great move in getting rid of him now. I think Jeff and Jordan are playin the game well the only reason everyone hates them is because they keep making smart moves…IT”S A GAME PPL….CALM DOWN AND STOP BEING SO DAMN JEALOUS OF JEFF;)

    1. I totally agree with you. IT IS JUST A GAME and Jeff is playing this game great! Kodoos to him! He’s my favourite and poor Jordan. Russell went a little to far with her! I’m getting my fingers crossed that the two J’s are safe this week. Who knows?!!

    2. I hate people on these sites who say “it’s just a game….calm down!!!” When you go to a football game do you sit there quietly and say “it’s just a touch down…calm down people!!! Half the fun of THIS game is getting all caught up in it and caring about what moves are made and rooting for your favorites because………(that’s right) IT’S A GAME!!!!!

  25. I am a woman and under stand it just a game ,there are no rules when it comes to who you yell at if he didn`t yell at her that would make him a sexis pig for not thinking she wasn`t on the same level to even deal with or maybe it`s just me because I`m not stuck in the 50`s ,What ever I don`t belive he speaks to everyone like that on a daily basis AGAIN IT`S A GAME!

  26. If everyone is watching the same that little lml was not a lie. Russell did talk michelle and there was a deal for final two. So don’t understand why everyone says jeff was dumb for listening it was the truth.

    1. so what if Russell had a final two deal with michelle? Jeff had one with Jordan. Jeff can talk and make deals with whoever he wants. Why is it a big deal if Russell does the same. Its obvious Russell and michelle would be final two. Jeff + Jordan Russell + Michelle = 4. Jeff broke up his alliance and is now handing the 500k to the others.

    2. It was a lie. Gnat and Kevin cooked it up for all to see. They’ve admitted it again and again. And the “lml” wasn’t so much about the final two. Russell tried but Michelle is very cowardly and even she probably doesn’t know if she agreed. The F2 shouldn’t have mattered anyway. Russell was correct (during the argument), F2 comes after F4. Obvious! Anyway, the “lml” was that Russell was coming after Jeff before the F4, and therein breaking the agreement. As it turned out, Jeff jumped at believing the “lml” over his F4 ally – becoming the person to betray the deal (with his best little rat-dog girl yapping by his side).

      1. It started off as a lie, but it was in fact the truth. The lie was a plausible lie. You have to give K/N kudos for that. However, in the end it was the truth. It doesn’t matter how the truth came out but it was in fact the truth. That made Russell the target cuz he didnt come clean earlier UNTIL Russell got confronted. That’s deception and if you’re going to deceive, don’t get caught. Russell did and that’s why he’s out.

  27. Simon and Dawg- you guys are THE BEST! I’ve posted your site to every other site I’ve been on. Thank you for all you do!!!!!!

  28. He not only had a deal with Russ. Lying is ok. But, there are various levels of lying. A swear-on-your-family lie is one that should not be broken, even in the BB house. Especially when Russ really did have Judas Jeff’s back AND Jeff’s alliance had the #s advantage. Jeff gave away the #s advantage and lost the game!!!!!! STUPID Hypocritical idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judas Jeff became what he feared in Russ and Jesse. Idiot!!!!

  29. Well well well… I am so in awe about the comments coming. Russ is a psycho and thats it.Its over for him until thr jury votes.
    Natalie is NOt going to wins so why use up good hate energy on her.
    The fight is reving up as the race start taking the turn.
    Kevin is s intersting floater – who finally gained popularity in the house.
    He has the HOH and has the sense enough to stage confusion that caused ole Ruso’s conviction.

    Will he turn on Natalie this go round?
    Will he honor Jeff? ( ahh why should he? We are talking 1/2 a million)
    Will he befriend Michelle?
    Will Jordan eat more cookie Dough or continue to walk around the yard all night?
    Stay tuned for more looney tunes the BB way

  30. Natalie ALWAYS says how she’s going to win the Power of Veto for sure or HOH for sure, but she NEVER does…I find that so funny!

  31. Can’t wait for arrogant, asshole, Jeff to go. See ya in the Jury House buddy! Jordough the Cookie Monster is right behind you!

    1. No, whoever’s left would be best off taking Jordan to the finals if Jeff leaves. Jeff will vote for Jordan, but nobody else will, regardless of who they’re paired against.

    2. I agree I once really liked Jeff but he turned to be a lier like the rest. I really felt for once they have a person with intergety but that house must do strange things to average people

    3. WTF? Arrogant, asshole Jeff What the hell have u been smoking? You all need glasses. Jeff is playing well and is a REAL class act. You guys should learn from him….you’re all jealous and Cheema lovers and Kevin lovers….that’s why you’re so anti-Jeff Too bad he’ll be gone next week and it’ll be Nat and Kevin as the final two.

      1. Jeff is not a class act. And, yes, I am now a Kevin lover. But, then, I’ve kept an eye on Kevin from the beginning. I used to like Jeff and Jordan. Under pressure, Kevin has them beat hands down.

  32. Jordan really looked classy in Russell’s face. She just don’t know we don’t like her. Russell was the man. He walked out real classy. I think that he should get the 25k. Everyone from Chima, Jeff, Michelle, and Kevin and Natalie used him to futher themselves in the game. Let’s vote Russell. Maybe Russell will come back through the door. Wouldn’t that surprise Jeff. wishful thinking.

  33. I wonder how jeff is going feel when kevin puts HIM UP and sends him home. He is going to look like a total douche for trusting kevin and gnat . He should have stuck with his allicane to the final four and not put up russell. what a dumb azz.

    oh and jordo is a dumb azz too .

    1. It was a gamble. Russell would have put him up, Kevin will put him up, Nat would have put him up, Michele is a maybe, and Jordan wouldn’t have. Russell was the strongest competitor out of the 3 that would DEFINITELY put him up, so he was probably wise to get him out when he had the chance. There are a lot of Jeff haters out there, but he has gotten out the 2 biggest players directly, and another very strong one indirectly (Chima). Nobody has made as bold of moves as Jeff has in this game.

    2. Just minutes after Jeff made an agreement with Kevin and Natalie not to put him up if they won HOH this week, what did they do? The went in the other room and declared him a target for next week! Trusting those two was a DUMB move on Jeff’s part. He should have gotten rid of them before going after Russell. That was by far the dumbest move of the season.

      1. Did Jeff ever say he trusts them? Did we forget what he told Julie just before the went to vote tonight? He knows he could be played. Right now, he knows he’s a target. There’s nothing he can do except with POV. Does that make him stupid? I think not.

        1. If Jeff and Jordon survives next week then it will prove to be a smart move on Jeff’s part. Period. By the way, I think all the “Jeff hater” comments are just foolish. I think he made a boneheaded move this week, but I don’t hate him. Natalie is the person I can’t stand. They should have booted that little rat a long time ago.

  34. I was a JJ lover. Anywho, one of them must go for the same reason he want Russ out. They are a pair. Kev must put them both up. If jeff win pov, and take himself off, jor will go. If mich win she will not us it because she will go up. The jays are going to split.

    1. If Kevin puts Jordon and Jeff up, and then michelle wins the POV, she can take one of them down. Then Kevin will have to put up Nasty Natalie. Kevin cannot put up the POV winner. If Michelle wins the POV and takes Jeff or Jordon off the block, that would be GREAT!!!! Nasty Natalie would be put up, and then Michelle and whoever she takes off the block, Jeff or Jordon, they both will vote out Nasty Nat, who never wins. I would LOVE to see that happen.

  35. I still think Jeff should have stuck with Russell in the final 2… he would have had a better chance with the jury house…everyone hates Russe… not sure why.. :-) I think he played a great game…..I’m on the Russelll team…. lol

    1. I agree. jeff would have had a better chance with Russell as his final two. but he blew it. I’m so disappointed that Jeff changed the game the way he did. I don’t want him to win. I don’t like nat & kev either. I am hoping for Michelle.

  36. mean Kyle but onpoint. She was so much smaller when she started. Its frustation from a sexless life.. JEff is a stand up guy – but he is coached bythe Diary Room folk. This guy is sometimes clueless so people are motivated to help him. Cookie Monster ( heheheheh)

  37. SS – Nat & Kevin didn’t know that they hit the truth. They were trying to stir up trouble to save themselves ..remember. Because the lie was true only save Kevin from being beaten to a pulp. I thought it was funny that Russ thought they overheard him and Michelle

  38. natalie is floating on everyone else’s coat tails…jessie carried her, lydia helped at times, now kevin is carrying her along…she has yet to win a thing, but her mouth is full of crap of how good she is at this, how good she is at that, yada yada yada…the only thing she is good at is shooting her mouth off and patting herself on the back….she hasnt proven herself to be good at anything else….

    1. Scheming is a big part of it, and she was the mastermind behind just about every bit of it. She has not HAD to win… but eventually she will have to win something, even if it is just one competition to get to final 2

      1. natalie won’t win the $500,000 but will win the secondary prize because she didn’t win anything or do anything. All she’s hoping for is to be the final two and she will be. She’ll have the bragging rights and vindication for getting rid of Jessie.

  39. I was rooting for Jeff until he went back on the final four deal. He looks like a dumbass for beleiving Kev & Gnat. And Jordan is the dumberass for saying “I trust Natalie and Kevin”. Don’t they realize that the jury members are not from their alliance? Leaving the enemies in the house will come back to bite them in the dumbass.

    1. It wasnt a lie….Russel didn’t defend himself or reassure J/J that he and Michelle were not in an alliance. He was stupid. He should’ve done what he could’ve to stay in the house.

  40. There is one thing that Natalie excels at – lying. She is quite possibly the best liar in the house. If she wins, I’m done with BB. This show has degenerated into a display of the worst that humaity has to offer.

    1. Remember Jun from BB 3 or 4? She coasted through the entire season and flew under the radar to win the prize….watch Nat to win the money!!!

  41. Best thing that can happen now is:

    1). Kevin Puts Jordon and Jeff on the Block.

    2). Michelle wins the POV, takes Jeff off the Block.

    3). Kevin now has to put Win Nothing Natalie on the Block.

    4). Michelle and Jeff both vote to evict Nasty Natalie.

    5). Now this will leave Jeff, Jordon and Michelle and Kevin in the house.

    I would be fine with any of them winning, I just do NOT want to see Nasty Natalie WIN !!!!!

  42. Why does everyone hate Russell….well…because he’s psycho!! Who talks like that, he is a loose cannon and needs to be beside Chima for an evaluation!!! LOL
    As for Jeff, he is playing a great game and this was a sketchy move for him but hopefully he will win POV if put up. I would laugh my ass off at Kevin!!!!!!!! He has had the most dignity, class in this game. Whats not to like?? I think that people who don’t like him are just extreemly jealous of who he is the hottest guy ever on Big Brother as well as the nicest. Jordan as far as I am concerned is just a tag along and not a great player!! GO JEFF!!!!!!

    1. There are way too many Jeff haters here. And a while back way too MANY Evil Dick LOVERS! Some of the comments posted here show how there’s something seriously wrong with mankind these days.

    2. Russell the Psycho???? Not sure if you heard but Jeff made reference to killing Russell’s whole family, I call that a Sick Psychotic Psycho. Jeff doesn’t have what it takes to win if he did he would get rid of Jordough, she is just dead weight.

  43. Jeff is a dictator a$$hole and Jordan is dumber than dog sh*t!!!!! He is a sell out and he fell for the stupidest sh*t ever. His word is not even good for one week? When the only competition is the other side, which one of their alliance was just voted out? Give me a break!! Why the heck are you going to believe anything from the other side the second you evict someone on their side? I guess Jeff was not bred for brains. (Explains why he likes Jordan).
    I was really hoping that Natalie would not win, because I think that she is a slovenly mess, but GO NATALIE AND KEVIN!!!!! (God help me)

    1. You’ve smoked some really bad dope. If you think Jeff is a dictator, wait until you grow-up and enter the real world. You’ll be running to your doctor for some antidepressants.

    2. Girl, you have absolutely no idea what a dictator is. Wait until you grow-up. You’ll experience first-hand what a dictator is all about.

  44. I just hope Kevin has the balls to stand up to Jeff as he will be intimidating for sure. The guy has smarts but is abit of a wimp. Remember him saying how scared he was of Russel and Russel never ever tried to threaten him ? Man up and kick Jeff out mext week!!

  45. Just saying what if. What if jeff had made a last minute deal with russel and decided to evict natalie?? Alot of u r mad cuz he Lied. If he had saved russel that means that he would have lied to natalie and kevin. Honestly wood u be fine wit that??????? I THINK SO. U dont kare abt lyin at all… stop all of that mofoin bs.

  46. With Kevin as HOH or should I say Natilie. Kevin cant make decision on his own with out Natilie telling what to say or do. Because Natilie is to weak to stand up and do it herself. I cant stand her smug attitude. So you might as well say Natilie is HOH through Kevin and Kevin will be blamed for everything that goes on while Natilie the puppet master pulls the strings-she did it through Jessie

  47. Send jordan to the jury house next. I know she’s not a big threat but my little black heart would love for her to go crazy lone with all those people she helped put there. Then we will see hoe tough she is. I see she didn’t chest bump lydia when she called her a ho so she deserved everything she got. Next time she should mind her business.

    1. Why do u hate Jordon so much? People should hate Natalie….oh, wait a minute. These are the same people who loved Chima!

  48. He made his deal with Russel and Nat BEFORE he made the deal with the gnat and kevin. They were supposed to go to final 4. He swore on his family to honor the deal but HE lied! He made a deal later when he wanted to backstab Russel and backdoor him by teaming up with the former enemy….who by the way can’t wait to kick him out! Bottom line he thinks he is the puppetmaster until his dumbass is sitting in the jury house. Does that clear things up for u?

    1. everyone makes and brakes deals and if you don’t know that then why are you watching this show. its a GAME and no one understands that. you’re supposed to lie and scheme — thats how you get to the finals.

    1. She might have. But even if she didn’t, she probably wouldn’t have won. She is the most useless person in comps. I hope she goes very soon.

    1. I totally agree with u! Down with J/J! Evil scum (and mightily uneducated, I might add) they are! Russell is articulate and polished. Case closed.

      1. EDUCATED & CLASSY PEOPLE DON’T BEHAVE THAT WAY! I liked Russell until he started to behave that way and they try to later come off that it was just part of his game. Bull! The guy has anger issues that truly need to be addressed.

  49. I hope Jeff and Jordan both stay. This week was hard on their relationship but look at what happened… and jeff did what he had to, to get the bigger competion out of the way. I hope jordan or jeff win. AND just to point out, kevin and nat lied BIG too, or are we just forgetting this over russels nasty loud words. come on people, how would you act??

  50. Did find last night boring after the HOH Competition? Besides listening to game moves, I like the way Jeff and Jordan flirt with each other?

  51. Everyone needs to lighten up. Face it people all of them lied. It is the game. The only way to make it to the end is to lie. You just have to have a better poker face than your opponent. As much as you Jeff haters would like to admit he has played the best game thus far. So get off the might high horse you are all on and realize he deserves to be in the final two.

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