Big Brother 11 – “PP” vs “Dbag”, HOH and Eviction Results

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan votes to evict Russell
Kevin votes to evict Russell
Michelle votes to evict Russell
Russell is evicted from the Big Brother house

New HOH is ?

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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BB Fan

Excited to see this get updated.


Jordan trying to be slick with the chest bump, she just wanted to throw those knockers up against Russell and get off on it later on.


Jordon should be fired.


that was nothing compared to what we saw thru bbad and simon

Devil's Advocate

I gotta say Russell putting in decent effort fighting till the end(unlike lame Chima). Too bad Chima not in jury house to see more fireworks between those 2.


I would love to see Kevin keep Russell and then make the house uncomfortable. Natalie needs to go home because she is useless


russell has probably wanted to say that to jeff for the longest but he thought he was safe so he kept that inside until he had an opportunity to use it.


Jeff started the fight with Russell. Russell was just sitting there not saying a word when shit for brains ass face Jeff comes out and eggs him on.

I wish Jordon would have fell down when she hit Russell. She physically touched him. She should be kicked out of the house.


If Chima or Nat would have done that, they would have been out the door no questions asked!


kevin did the same thing to ronnie(chest bump) and nothing happened, so stop with the they favor jand j thing already…… damn this is a game remember!!!! it seems like some of the viewers are worse then the house guests


umm i think chima was tossed out of the house…Russell egged her on…they dont fire the pretty ppl….


Uh hello Jeff asked to TALKED about it! Russell started the fight!!! Where you even watching???


Russell was sitting by himself alone and Jeff went out after him. We all saw it. Jeff went out to try and start a fight with Russell.

JJ all the wayy!



So then Kevin should have gone home whwn he chest bumped Ronnie?….

J/J Luver

Russell started the fight! Jeff asked to TALK to him first time and the second fight Russell started it! What show were you watching? Russell was lucky thats all Jordan did was bump him cause I would have kicked his ass if I were her. GOOD RIDDEN’S Russell!!!

STILL and always going to be a jeff fan!

aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no he didn’t jeff asked him if he wants to talk about it, clear the air….and russ started getting pissy and that. also the number one rule that a guy should never do is call a girl fat! just randomly putting it out there….russ is gonna have a hard time getting a girlfriend now.haha.


Are you kidding me. Jeff said to russ he put him up because he had a final 2 with michelle. Really? Jeff and Jordan dont have a final 2 deal? Jeff’s and idiot and Jordan has put on some fat the past 56 days.


Russell started that fight!

BB Editting SUCKS

I dont care who started the fight, although those with the feeds say that the first person to touch a nerve was Jeff.
The main thing that pisses me off is BBs selective editing! They have been doing it for years and it isnt fair. They showed Russell when he threatened physical harm when he said he would mop the floor with Jeff’s face, but they edited out where Jeff said he would stab Russ in the neck and the family threats…. WTF BB… always playing favorites!!!!!!

Mr. E

totes… Anyway, Russell has been kissing Michelle’s ass for weeks.


Russell sure did start the fight as usual. He has started so much in that house and his excuse of him trying to combine previous BB HG is BS. He just can’t stand when things do not go his way. Also his little chat with Julie was so phony. I am so glad Russell is gone.

BB Fan

I agree that Jordan should have been thrown out for chest bumping Russell. You can’t physically touch someone like that. If he had done it to her, he would have been out right there.


any one watchin show i am westcoaster have they done hoh


I dont get to watch til 9…..does anyone know the results….that would be great if dbl eviction…I know dream on huh!








I used to like Jeff, now Michelle FTW!


I agree use to be on the JJ Bandwagon however after Jeffs stupidity in trusting Natalie and Kevin I am team Michelle. Really anyone but Natalie for the win. I cannot stand her.

I Love Jeff!

Russell def has multiple personality disorder, look at how he acted the other day and now tonight he is all smiles as if nothing happened…….what a loser


Russell is just playing the game like the rest of them, the brother is cool in my book.


I think the other day was out of frustration and realization that he was going home. Today he realizes its only a game and not worth anymore hostility.


He’s not a loser, he’s a man


he knows its a game and is not taking things personally… he can smile simply because of the opportunity he was given. I actually thought it was nice… he gave a good speech and was actually the first to leave the house hand shaking and hugging everyone. He is probably the only one that kept the mind frame that ITS JUST A GAME.


that is not mult pers disorder, not even close. Good friend of mine has that and it’s a terrible diagnosis to live with.

BB Editting SUCKS

He has no disorder. What he has is what so many HGs this year doesnt… the brains to realize that this is A GAME and when it is over, it is over. No need to keep on with his bullying tactics when it is over. I am glad that he does know this is a game and there is no need to keep on with the BS after an eviction. No one should take this game personally.


thanks simon


I second that – thanks for all the great work and dedication. We really appreciate it!


oh boy!! Jessie is so full of himself!!! And the bright pink and star tight….no no no


i dont get the show until 9Pm here. jessee is there? what???

I Love Jeff!

Totally agree……..someone needs to deflate his ego and beat the shit out of him……His body building is just to mask his insecurities with his life, he was probably teased as a kid


Jessie rocks. He’s always funny and very gracious


Hi Simon,
Do you know why fish still on?? Julie said we could continue to watch the comp on live feed.


i can understand a straight dude wearin a pink shirt, but dude was actually wearin tight pink paints with stars on them, we been suspected he was bisexual, this confirmed it, but im happy he didn’t show “on camera” too much how really BITTER he was being in the jury house( real cute he said he would vote for jeff if he made it to the final 2, yeah right jeff will be joining you soon enough), lydia fake mad at him you know she was on her knees soon as the cameras went off


JESSE IS THE BIGGEST FAG EVER!!!! I DO NOT KNOW A STRAIGHT MAN “ALIVE” THAT WOULD BE CAUGHT “DEAD”IN THOSE PANTS!!!………..PLEASE someone else out there give me your opinions! PLEASE understand this! I have some WONFERFUL, gay, male, FRIENDS. I LOVE THEM DEARLY but JESSE SWEARS that he is STRAIGHT??? I don’t even think my GAY friends would wear those pants! By the way they say FAG is acceptable FAGGOT is NOT!!!


Jeff’s douchbaggery in regards to Jordon when talking to Julie, “I just want to make her a better person.”

Good heavens what a jerk. Come on people. Jeff must go.


Yes! Go Nat!

With a vote of 3 – 0, Russell you will be leaving the BB House!


what is up with the pants Jesse had on? did he switch clothes with Lydia before he left the BB house?


Kevin & Michelle just blew their chance to take the target off their backs cuz Jeff will protect Jordan & PP will throw anyone and everyone under the bus. Well, BB is probably going to be really boring now. I mean who actually wants to watch Natalie? 😛


Jordon should be removed from the game for hitting Russell. No questions asked.


Yeah, Russell is gone!!!! Fantastic!!!!! Russell fights like a 5 year old. He is so immature. Bye Bye Russell!!!!!

Billie The Puppet

I hope PP or Kevin win HOH, I was a huge Jeff fan as well as Russell and Jesse but Jeff has now taken out both the others I liked. This years HG’s haven’t thought for themselves yet no ones has flipped the vote and the HOH’s target has been voted everyweek (Except for Chima’s) Kevin and Michelle could have made a big move and play the numbers 3-1 in their favor had the all talked.


Btw all you Jeff haters out there did you not just see Jeff say he KNOWS there is a huge target on his back but with Russell out he has a better shot?? Everyone that called Jeff stupid this week was wrong!!!




Can some1 pliz tell me I have a very bad feeling abt tonites hoh comp!!!
Ohh Jeff n Jordan r in serious trouble!!


So, Jeffenstein and his hosebeast got what they wanted. Here’s hoping those two are nominated this week.

I Love Jeff!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH All I have to say is that Russell`s feet didnt even touch the ground when he was sitting talking to Julie LMAO what a midget


What did the audience do to deserve having to look at Jessie agian. He is so into himself, and what the hell was he wearing. Lydia must be in heaven. Please BB don’t show us Jessie agian.

jeff's mother

the comp requires no brains n’ no brawn..gonna be a long long nite on this one folks

BEWARE of the cookie dough monster

What is the hoh comp?


WHOO HOO!!! THE BULLY IS FINALLY GONE! I hope he watches it all later and sees what an ass he was. i hope for his sake he is not truly like how he behaved in house in real life too. good riddens.


WoW I’m shocked Russ took the classy way out I expected fire works or at least a few stones to be thrown … P.S holy shit what do you think is behind the door , I bet HOH can listen in on other peoples conversations


Jordan has no chance in this HoH. My money is on Michelle, but I don’t think either of them can keep it together for 4 miles worth of this shit. Unfortunately I think natty might sneak in and get it.

I’m so glad Russ is gone. He doesn’t seem like he would be such a psycho outside the house, but he acted like a first rate ass bag the entire season.


this hoh is going to be between michelle and kevin…natalie seems to have a hard time already and jordan is going to get tired fast!!!!!!


ding dong now russell’s gone, ding dong now russell issss gone!!!! yahoo!!!


Anybody out there still a Jessie fan after tonight? After the way he acted toward Lydiot, the conceited things he said and after seeing those tights??????


can’t wait to see who gets HOH. I just want them to sl8ide in the chocolate.


Will the publisher/updater of this site learn how to organize sentences and learn how to SPELLL???? It’s frustrating trying to read through the jarbled nonsense and 3rd grade spelling. Separate sentences!!!!! Spell words correctly


come on, they are typing as fast as they can to get the updates done. there are hundreds of comments as well. you need a good kick in the arse


What people don’t realize is that these guys are under tons of pressure to get things out FAST for us fans. They are typing as fast as their fingers will go and they don’t waste time on spell check or grammar – for OUR sake. That’s actually part of the fun of this site. You’ll see, if you continue to come around, that this site is the best for the most thorough and up-to-date info. Please give them a break and let them slide.


Will the publisher/updater of this site learn how to organize sentences and learn how to SPELLL?? It’s frustrating trying to read through the jarbled nonsense and 3rd grade spelling. Separate sentences!!!!! Spell words correctly


Now is the time for “GIRL POWER”


Jeff is an idiot. No brains. Him and Jordan are perfect for each other. Totally started that fight. Russell wasn’t even gonna say anything but Jeff wanted to make him blow up.


thank you. Jeff went out to start a fight with him. He knew Russell was upset, he wanted to rub it in that he GOT Russell. I hate Jeff. He needs to go


OK what do you all think is behind the door in the HOH and the twist next week????


ur killing me simon…what is the game they are playing and who is winning???


Send CBS feedback
Jordon needs to be FIRED from Big Brother for attacking Russell. She had no right to use force against him.

Randy Wolfgang

Compare the final speeches –

Russell- classy
PigPen – self-serving – did you hear the audience reaction at the end???? Yes they hate her too.


Simon, is anyone in the bottom…or are they still neck and neck?


who is dbag and Michelle is PP right?


dbag is Russel and pp is Pig Pen (Nat)


Nat is PigPen and Russel is Dbag


dbag is Russell and PP is Nat = pig pen


dbag is Russell (Douche Bag) and PP is Natalie (Pig Pen)

Sweet Tea

dbag = Russell ; PP = Natalie


OMG!!! Those pants were hideous!!! They actually matched Lydia’s hair!!! How funny is it that Lydia was playing mad at him but all the time just wants him!!!!!!!!!!


Jessie and Lydia are soooooooo going to get it on!!!!!

BB Editting SUCKS

she is a freaking desperate idiot


Maybe she can teach him something! When talking to Ross Matthews she rated him a 4 on a scale from 1 thru 10. She said that BOY has alot to learn. Of course, LYDIA he likes BOYS. You didn’t have the right parts!!! He didn’t know what to do with what you had to give!!!…..LOL

J/J Luver

So Far Kevin is leading not by a whole lot and it’s to early to tell yet but he is.


Please!!!! Russ so deserved to go,he is nothing but a full of himself lier not to mention wanna be bully and the only reason I am glad jeff didn’t lay him out is cause then he would have to have left!! Russel got exactally what he desvrved!!!

BB Editting SUCKS

ummmm this is BB… they are ALL liars.


Simon- wanted to let you know I think your server might be having trouble. When trying to get on it took several attempts to get to the home page and post comment. Each time it came up Database error. Just wanted to let you know!

another fan

probably had something to do with heavy traffic


Too bad russel had to go, he was fighting to stay

discuss game

If Kev or Nat do not win hoh this week they should both be evicted together! Cmon how worthless can they be? I don’t think its a good idea for Michelle to win hoh. She will feel inclined to prove herself to J/J and will save them for a week while they will plan to take her out next week. She should throw hoh and then put her efforts into pov. Let Nat win hoh, make a deal with Kevin for final 2 and allow Jeff to be voted out. Then, the game is hers!