Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin and Natalie waste no time and start scheming and Michelle has a breakdown

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:40pm red room Natalie and Kevin scheming, Talking about getting rid of Jeff this week. Jeff is a triple threat he can do endurance, mental and can answer the questions.. Natalie couching Kevin about what he should say to Jeff if he puts him uip.. They are talking about Jordan already probing about who Kevin will put up. They are smirking that Jordan actually thought that Kevin was going to put Michelle and Natalie up. Kevin just confirmed that Jeff and Michelle are going up but they will tell Jeff he’s the pawn.

Kevin tells her she needs to start winning shit.. Natalie tells him she’s guaranteed to win HOH next week. She explains how the competitions are going to go and how the biggest threat is Michelle. Natalie is very confident that she will win HOH however she’s worried that next week?s comp will involve numbers. She claims that she can beat everyone in the house in a mental competition.

Kevin wonders if there?s a way they can get a deal out of all this. Natalie doesn’t think so “we can’t trust Jeff because look at what he did to Russell.. we can’t trust Michelle because she’s a crazy bitch”.

They decide if they win the veto than it won’t be used. If Jeff or Michelle save themselves with the Veto they will put Jordan up. The only way they are screwed this week is if Jordan uses the veto and saves Jeff.

Natalie says that she heard with her own ears that Michelle swore never to put Chima up but she did.. She instructs Kevin to say that as a reason to put her up. Natalie is really working to have Michelle go this week.. but Kevin feels Jeff is the biggest threat and should be their target.. They both agree that after the POV they will decide who goes home.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Kitchen PP, Kevin and Jordough. They are talking about the HOH competition, Kevin had no idea he was so far ahead. Natalie tells him he slaughtered the other players. She starts making a bunch of excuses about why she did so poorly.. She blames it on falling a bunch of times and loosing her cup in the chocolate tub. Jordan says Kevin did awesome he never fell once.. Kevin corrects her he fell a bunch of times in the beginning. Kevin mentions he is very sore from the competition… “i fell like iv’e run a marathon” Natalie says he ran 4miles. Jordan hopes that tomorrow is the luxury contest. Kevin and Natalie agree that theres a good chance they will have it soon. Kevin brings up his HOH room and how excited he is to see the pictures.. He tells them he won’t cry if the letter is from his parents… Natalie starts to bring up her speech today and how awesome it is, “did you see the look on julie’s face?” Kevin.. tells her they don’t edited it like its going to be one sided. They always edit it for suspense. Jordan goes on and on about seeing Kevin’s HOH pictures..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Green Room Michelle breaks down.

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237 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin and Natalie waste no time and start scheming and Michelle has a breakdown

      1. Oh boo who…..Did you miss a few shows?….Jeff started to get cocky after he won cout and it got worst with time…..he thought he had the show all wrapped up……Jeff got ahead of himself and now he may have to suffer for it.Que sara sara!!!!!!!

      2. If you only watch the CBS show, I can understand why you would think that. CBS edits everything to make Jeff look like a saint.

    1. she always cries when she doesn’t win a competition…must know nobody likes her and she’s not safe.can’t wait to see if jeff and porko jordo goes uppppp,yay!!!!!

  1. No matter if you think Russell is a jerk or a guy just playing the game, he handled himself like a pro tonight. No bitterness, no hate, I am very impressed.

    1. Russell did well tonight. I liked Russell somewhat when he and Chima was friends but then after the pettiness I wanted him to go home. I actually am proud of how he handled himself and I?m sure his family is too.

    2. I was too, he was great tonight. Finally a class act. He deserves a gift, so send Jeff to the jury house…….oh wait J/J not in power and now there is another HOH twist. How convienent that when J/J doesn’t have power then all of a suddent a new “hoh twist” that can turn the house upside down. Yet another example of how production already has a J/J final in their mind and will do anything to get that final. If they take Kevin’s power away I am going to be so livid.

      1. omg i was thinking the same thing. i wonder what this twist is. i will be so upset if it does something to take away kev’s hoh power or does anything to hurt his position in the game. that just wouldn’t be fair. what the hell cbs.

    3. i agree, not a non russ fan but pullin for j/j ( have from the begainin not gunna give up on them now) but i was very impressed with how hw handeled himself.

    4. Vote Russell the 25G for his graceful exit and best wishes to all his fellow HG’s. He was a great player and everyone took him too serious. It’s a game. Jordon dislikes Russell because he called her fat . . pul-leaze! T-E-C-H-N-O-T-R-O-N-I-C-S

      1. If you would have asked me last week, I would never have given Russ the vote for $25,000 but I definately will vote for him now because he was all class tonight.

        1. the 25gs does it go to only the house guest in the jury house or out of all of them? i would love to see casey get it!!!!!!!


  3. now since jeff and michele will be going up it looks like all the j/jf fans will have to pray for joran to win pov so she can save jeff and then PP will go up and go home since j/j will have 2 votes. (best case scenario). Then the week after bye bye kevin for backstabbing Jeff. But if jeff wins pov he will save himself and then jordan will go up and michelle should go home because jordon is no threat. Then kevin will still go home the week after. He can’t be HOH.

    1. Oh that is what I’m hoping for too. Michelle and Jeff up, Jordan wins veto, takes Jeff off, the Pig Pen goes up and Jeff and Jordough (still laughing at that name) vote out Pig Pen. Yes yes yes.

  4. Nat is a GNAT, dirtbag loser who hasn’t done anything. Jeff has made the best moves in the house and Michelle is just as strong.

    1. Gnat is a dirtbag loser. However, Jeff and Michelle are not strong. Jeff didn’t even consider that his enemies might be lying to him and Michelle (although intelligent) is a coward.

  5. Poor M crying because she knows shes next out, unless somehow Jeff loses POV which is doubtful, she should have kept Russ, oh well.

  6. nathalie is preparing her suitcase to bring up in the hoh room !!!!! kevin hasent started yet !!!! wow this girl is out of this world…….

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Pig Pen freaking out when she had to sleep in the have not room with Kevin? Wasn’t she saying something about her boyfriend not liking her sleeping next to Kevin and she won’t risk her relationship over it? My how an HOH room changes things! ~giggles~

      2. Hopefully, Kevin is the smart one in the house and remembers Gnat “joking” about excluding him in the finals. But, he needs to rid himself of Jeff first.

    1. She should prepare her bags, she deserves it! It?s time for those two to have it good just like the others. Nat and Kevin have come a long ways, who the hell would have thought that once Jess left the house?
      One thing for certain, they should not open the door for Michelle, leave her out!

      Jordough had her shit packed before Jeff, and nothing was said?I bet you would be one of those?never mind :/

        1. natalie spent the firs four weeks in the hoh room? remember they (jess and nat) ran the house in the begiinning……..kevin does deserve this , but nat does not

      1. No, she doesn’t. Kevin deserves it, and she just assumes she can move in with him. How about letting him have some alone time and waiting to be invited. But we all know thinking about others and good manners are not something PP excels at.

  7. Natalie is such a JOKE. “I’ll win it next week for sure” give me a break. You say that EVERY WEEK. Your so ANNOYING. I hope you leave this week somehow. Just like when Jordan put you up and she said “you can still play for the veto” and you said “And I plan on winning it.” You aren’t ever going to win sh!t so please stop guaranteeing you will because you sound so ignorant.

    1. That stupid bitch thinks her speech was so awesome and did you see Julie’s face??????? Julie was as disgusted as the audience was – did you hear them????? This week should be very interesting – at this point I will be happy to see anyone win except Pigpen who has earned nothing (a point I would bring up if to the jury I were the other person in the final two with her)

  8. Kev’s best bet is nominate Jeff and Michelle and if she gets POV and removes herself, Jordon is put up and Kev will have to break the tie vote (Michelle will def keep Jeff over Jordan). If Jeff gets POV and uses it on himself, Kev will put up Jordan and Michelle will go home.

    I just hope that Jeff does not lose it and refuse to use the Veto on himself (to spare Jordan from going on the block). Let’s hope he is not that crazy at this point of the game. No coochie is worth $500,000!

    1. I don’t agree. If Michelle and Jeff end up in the final two … Jeff would win. If Michelle and Jordan ended up in the final two … Michelle would win. The jury members don’t like Michelle but she did align herself correctly at the right time and that counts more with people like Jessie, Lydia, and Russell+Gnat and Kev would likely vote for “the Player” than a sweet girl (Jordan) that never did anything (didn’t win anything, manipulated no one, and Jeff will get all the good and bad credit for booting out the other HG. Gnat was the same except the evil one-rude, condescending, unkind, Jessie’s little obnoxious mouthpiece, didn’t earn anything and yet seemed very entitled. Jordan followed Jeff from week one. Michelle fought hard, played hard, was the lone wolf. Kev even tho I like him…hasn’t earned anything either. Winning HOH against Gnat, Jordan, and Michelle? Not a big feat IMO. Hoping Jordan wins POV and pulls off Jeff…their only hope.

  9. Kevin should put Jeff and Jordan up. Putting Jeff and Michelle up is a bad move IMO. They need Michelle on their side. If he puts up Jeff/Michelle, Jordan could win POV take Jeff down, then Nat goes up and she’s out. Michelle could win POV and take herself off, but she may be upset with Kevin about being put up. Next week is very crucial. Kevin can’t play, and Nat can’t win. They need to keep Michelle on their side. If they put up Jeff/Jord then either way one of them is going home, and it keeps Michelle happy.

  10. YES!!!!! Goodbye Russell….. U needed togo….but I do like how u went out… with a little dignity ..and without all the pomp and circumstance….Good job… u’d get my vote for 25.000 g’s……. o no u wouldnt I would give it to a woman….LOL …..LOL

    I will be back in the house before the game is over…… I amin the picure on the wall….. I was NEVER voted out…. see u all soon… AMERICA…..hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa…….hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

  11. What about the POV? J/J/M will most likely win against stupid Natalie. All that is going to happen is Jeff will come off the block and Natalie will be put up. I bet Natalie will be gone this week.

  12. Best game move for Kevin & Nat: Approach Michelle, make final 3 deal, nominate Jeff & Jordan. Then If Michelle wins the Veto she won’t use it. Jeff or Jordan guarenteed to be evicted.

    Worst game move for Kevin & Nat: Nominate Michelle & Jeff. Jordan wins veto, takes Jeff off, Nat goes up as only replacement and because they went back on their deal with Jeff, Nat goes home.

    Safest game move for Kevin & Nat: stick with deal they made with Jeff, nominate Michelle & Jordan and expect to evict Michelle unless Michelle or Jordan wins and uses the Veto to save themselves. In that case it’s X-Mas and they get to evict Jeff.

    It’s easy to see why Nat wants Michelle to go home, she has a final 3 with Jeff & Jordan. Wonder how long it’s going to take Kevin to figure it out.

    1. When I say Nat wants Michelle to go, it’s because NAT has final 3 with J & J, in case u got confused. It won’t matter once Nat makes final 3, outside of Kevin noone is taking her to the final 2 and she can’t win a competition if one was given to her. I think she has finished last in almost every comp this season except for the very first (tiolet seat comp).

      1. Sorry Eric.

        The reason why Nat wants Michelle gone is strictly personal, because of her ass playing like she is a friend to Chima and then putting her up for eviction. Chima trusted Michelle, befriended and defended her against Russell, then Chima gets put up by Michelle. If I can?t forget how she kept running to the HoH room while Chima and Nat were there, I?m sure Nat can?t.

        Nat is very loyal to her alliance, and she has also not forgotten how Jeff got a mystery power and took out her final 2 partner Jess. It would be so nice for her and Kevin to send each one of them back to Jess, this is good stuff.

  13. no……..Natalie is weak…..she should be sent home next week but get Michelle out now!!!!! She freakin back stabbed me and I want her to see me when I come in the house next week…… Karma… Karma….Karma….. I told u all

  14. Pull it together Michelle!!! She still have the pov, thats why she should have keep russell in the game…ahhhhhh..

  15. Is it just me or has this been the worst year of Big Brother ever. The Season of Psycho Idiots! I don’t want any of them to win. CBS should just keep the money. Expect the unexpected! Surprise!
    No $500,000 at the final show.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      They should split the money among the viewers. We deserve it for watching this s&%t!

  16. I think Michelle is crying becuse she lost Russell and she did not win HoH. If she wants to continue to let Jeff pimp her out, then she will go home with nothing. It’s time to play this game to win it.

  17. Am I the only one that’s been counting on my fingers and toes how many times Natahoe says she will win next week????

  18. I agree, Jeff isn’t really dumb. If there was any doubt in his mind about Russ, it was gone when Russ couldnt reassure Jeff that he wasn’t in the final two with Michelle.

    Jeff is gone next week. Cheema the witch is loving this!!

  19. I was with jeff in the beginning and still with him now although I don’t like the move he made. But it is a game people. Get over yourselves and get real in a few weeks all of you will be on another site upset or happy about survivor players. Don’t get you panties and briefs in a bunch it is a game.

    1. I believe the only way Jordan is going to “zip it” is if BB supplies them with a frig full of cookie dough. Other than that, it’s a lost cause to hope that she can keep anything to herself.


  20. Kevin and Natalie got HoH on a bad week. If whoever is not on the block wins POV, then Natalie goes home. Their best bet is to put Jeff and Michelle on the block and hope that Jordan doesn’t win the POV. It’s just the odds.

    1. This was the most important week for either of those two to win. They don?t win, one would surely go home. Now they do have two options, but one option would be to trust Jeff. They could tell Jeff they would not put him up, if he doesn?t use the POV, falls he wins it. I?m sure he would be ok with that, knowing that Michelle is the target. If not that, then Jeff and Michelle must go up together.

  21. If Kevin puts up Jordan and Michelle; it would be a retarded move. Jeff is more likely to win the veto as the all around competitor; thus if Jeff is on the block AND he wins veto he would take Jordan off the block and Kevin would have to put up Natalie.

    The best nom Kevin can make is putting Jeff and Jordan on the block. This way they can work Michelle, who I reckon isn’t happy about them backstabbing Russel and breaking the final four deal. All that shit Michelle has been talking about Russ is just for show, she wanted him around and if she’s smart she’d realize Jordan and Jeff plan to go to the end with each-other.

    I can’t wait to see one of them walk out the door next week, hopefully it’s Jeff.

    1. Problem with nominating Jeff is that Kevin & Nat have to be 100% sure that Michelle would agree to a final 3 with them. Otherwise Michelle would use the Veto to save Jeff and Nat would be evicted. Kevin has not shown the ability to talk game with anyone other than Nat and Nat wants Michelle to go out so it’s safe to say Michelle will probably be evicted unless she were to win the Veto.

    2. The safest move they can make is to put Jeff and Michelle up against each other. Jordan is the least likely player to win POV.

  22. Whatever. I miss watching that bald hotness late night, bench pressing, crazy starring people… Pure hotness!!! The show sucks now. I hope Lydia bangs him.

  23. “Anonymous says” Your a talking Penis, and I wish you would go back into the hole you crawled out of. I’m so sick of you always attacking everyone that is not on team Fat Fallopian Tube, and Jackass Jeff. When every Jeff speaks with anger and threatens to punch Russell in the face, or Jordan attacks Innocent Russell with her Fat Fake Tits knocking him over aggressively, you applaud and say they are playing the game. Yet when Russel defends himself from the Fat Fallopian Tube that he was not even speaking to, you say he is monster.

    You are weak ! and so is your argument of why you think JJ are so awesome, and have never crossed the line. Let’s call a spade a spade you piece of foreskin.

    Anyway your DISMISSED BITCH !

    I mean this in the nicest way

    Your friend and confidant Ridiculously Bold

    P.S Great site Simon and Dawg, do you guys update for any other shows? If not, that’s a shame, because you guys are extremely good at what you do

    1. I couldn?t agree with you more Ridiculously Bold, love your comment.

      Great question to Simon and Dawg, I want to know if they update for other shows. This site is the best???..

      1. thanks for all the support guys.. we actually did run a site a couple years ago after our first BB site. Our first BB site was it spawned realitytvspoilers and we covered mostly Survivor and the Bachelor.. it wasn’t very successful nor fun without the live feeds. We decided to stick with big brother cause we both really enjoy the show and theres so much more to write about because of the 24/7 live feeds.

    1. Maybe not..Jordan can’t win anything. That means he’s made a sacrifice for nothing cuz Kevin can still put him up if he uses the POV. He wont sacrifice himself. He can’t even get a kiss from Jordan.

    2. I’ve always been confused….if the veto winner uses the veto on someone else does that mean that THEY cant be put up either? so say jeff and michelle are put up and jordan uses the veto does that mean she and jeff are safe and he would have to put up natalie…because that would be amazing :)

      1. yes thats correct…. so to the comment before yours……if jess used the veto he can not be put up in the place of the nominee he saved……do you even watch the show?

  24. The best move is to put up Jeff and Michelle. Jordan is weak and will be out next week anyway without Jeff. Neither Michelle or Natalie can get more jury votes than Kevin so this is his best move to take the whole thing. Ideally Natalie will go home in the next two weeks because she doesn’t deserve shit. effing floater!

  25. Just watched the episode, and my man Russ went out with class, but Jeff and Jordan made asses of themselves. They just assumed he would be nasty, so they showed everyone how classless they are and made Russell look even better. I hope this is the week when Jeff learns that he just made the dumbest move that cost him the game. Please let Michelle win POV!! Jeffie needs to go see Russ in the Jury House. lol

    1. Wrong….Russ went out withOUT class. I fail to see why you folks can’t see things the way things really are. Besides, Jeff made a real good move afterall. He was fooled by N&K and I was pissed at him for falling into their trap but he tried to get Russ to either come clean or reassure him that he didnt have an alliance with lying Michelle.

      Russell is the BIGGEST fool of the game cuz he is the one who trusted Michelle after lying to him in the face.

      1. How was he supposed to convince them when they weren’t listening? He admitted he made the final two offer to Michelle. That was truth. He admitted that once they made final four he would backstab them all to win. That was truth. The lie part was never revealed to him. They wanted him to fess up, but how was he supposed to fess up if he didn’t even know what he was fessing up to? Why didn’t they ever tell him what they heard? Even Nat showed more class than JJ in the farewell speeches, although obviously she was trying to get his vote, which is what JJ should have thought about before venting their childish remarks. I mean, Russ now holds a vote they need to win, if they are lucky enough to even make final 2. Russ DID have a final two alliance with Michelle, and he admitted it like a man. Why can Jeff and Jordan can have a final two alliance but Michelle and Russell can’t? It has no bearing on the final 4 agreement, which is what Russell tried to explain, but Jeff couldn’t wrap his brain around. What was Russ supposed to do? Stay faithful to J/J to the end? Lie down and let them go to the finals together? Russ was honest with them, but it seems Jeff only believes unbelievable lies, like that Kevin will put up Michelle and Nat. Who else but Jeff and Jordan are stupid enough to believe that? LOL

        1. You must’ve watched a different BB than the rest of us. Russell was stuttering when he and Jeff were going at it when Jeff was trying to get more info out of him about putting Russell upn. Russell wasn’t convincing at all. And then, Russell’s attitude and how we went a little psycho was bad. If Russell really was playing smart, he would’ve told J/J whatever they wanted to here. Bad play on Russell’s part. Jeff’s farewell speech was appropriate given what went down with Russell and how he threatened Jeff. Did y’all forget that?.

      2. Just curious … why was it ok for Jordan and Jeff to have an alliance with one another, for Nat and Kev to be scheming together, but Russ and Michelle were supposed to hang by themselves? Because Jeff the dictator demanded it be so?

        1. jeff and jordan didnt have a final two deal……..thats why jeff was so mad……. he was hoping for a final two with russell

  26. Jordan should be out of the house, based on her actions against Russell. If Russell had of chest bumped her she would have been out as fast as they put Chima out. Bias

    1. not true….. kevin chest bumped ronnie in the bathroom right before he left , when they were arguing……… so if they would have sent jordan home then kevin should have been sent home back when he did that to ronnie…… who bias?

      1. Untrue, video shows that Kevin was going towards Ronnie and Ronnie was going towards Kevin whereas Russ did not make any forward movement towards Jordan, her action was purely physical and she was the agressor and it was not mutual in any way. Kevin and Ronnie bump was mutual because both were taking an agressive stance.

        1. she should have been reprimanded at the very least. I have become very disappointed in her behaviour this week. From nice girl next door to biggest bitch on the block. Go figure.

          1. I agree. Just asking — why is she considered “girl next door” material. Why not Chima (loathe)? Why not Natalie (loathe)? Why not Michelle (somewhat sympathetic)? Did I leave anyone out? Oh yeah, Lydia. Those are the real “girls next door”. Are loopy, southern “blondes” the default scenario?

        2. Once Jordough gets her fat moving, she is hard to stop, even in the thick atmosphere of Earth. She has to use her own frontal auto safety airbags to slow her forward acceleration. She is the perfect human bumper car, she has no feeling in her airbags at all.

    1. LOL. But she didn’t win the piggie competition cuz she didn’t want to get dirty. I mean, she already had a shower that week.

  27. Michelle is very smart and strong. She can do this. I would love to see her win this thing! She would have to take Jordan to the finals though…

  28. its funny watching them bash michelle. Why put her up? They should go after the people more powerful. I would definetely put up jeff. I wouldnt worry about jordan she cant win anything on her own and natalie cant win anything at all. If they put up michelle she will win veto then they can backdoor jeff and he would like it. then we can all see the fight in the jury house with russel. Jeff would get his butt kicked!!!!!!

  29. i agree. this season sucked. i hope it doesnt kill the show…hopefully they have a kickass allstars with the BB10 houseguests to save the show…

    Jeff’s ignorance is gonna either get him or jordan evicted next week…why does he suddenly trust 2 people who he hasnt talked to this entire game? of course theyre gonna lie to him…ugh…he deserves to get backdoored…

    1. Ratings this season are at an ALL time high for BB! The show will continue. The witcheema thing (notice how Lidia said that witcheema was asked to leave (not fired) form the show was lured more viewers this season.

  30. If Michelle goes this week instead of Jeff then you might as well write Jeff & Jordan’s name in ink for the final 2. It’ll be either Jeff or Jordan winning HoH next week. Kevin would be targeted for eviction and unless he won Veto it would then be a final 3 of Nat (person who has zero chance of winning a comp), Jeff (taking Jordan to final 2) & Jordan (taking Jeff to final 2). This week’s veto comp will pretty much decide the final 2.

  31. I think some of you do not give Kevin much credit. He has shown restraint and tried to persuade his alliance to play smarter….unfortunately Chima and Lydia weren’t listening.
    He came up with the “lie” that got Russell out and didn’t get caught. He has shown a good mental game. He just might surprise everyone and prove to be a final winner.

  32. to J–what bias??? It only took BB weeks 7 weeks to remove Chima, that insane bitch. If anything, they kept her on WAAAAY longer than they should have probably out of fear of recriminations and accusations of racsism. The ONLY racist in the house was that bitch Chima! If she were not a minority–she would have been out as soon as she used the term “Terrorist”, if not sooner.

  33. Actually if Kevin puts up Jeff and Michele – if Jordan wins POV then Jeff goes down and Pigpen goes home. However if Jeff and Jordan were the only two standing, should he drop and give the POV to Jordan so she could get him off and send PP home?????

  34. I hate to even ask this, but in lieu of Jeff’s “power issues” and dumb ass moves this week, I have to ask… Has any contestant in BB history who was Never won Any competition gone on to win the final or is Pig Pen going to be the first?

  35. Kevin and Jeff just made the worst moves of the game so far. Jeff for putting up his own alliance member and booting him out, and Kevin for not voting for Russell to stay to take Jeff out. Russell would have dominated the HOH, and they KNEW it was endurance, Jeff would have probably went home, Russell couldn’t have played in the HOH next week and would have went home leaving Kevin against Jordan and Michelle. Kevin just had a free pass to the final 2 and he f’d it up.

  36. If they put up Jeff and Michelle……and M wins veto, Jeff is going home.
    If they put up Jeff and Michelle….and Jeff wins veto, Jordan goes up and Michelle goes home.

    If they put up Jordan and Michelle, and M wins veto, Jeff is going home.
    If they put up Jordan and Michelle, and Jeff wins veto, Jeff takes off Jordan and Nat HAS to go up because there is no one else, and Jeff and Jordan vote out Nat and Nat goes home!!!

    Conclusion: If Michelle wins veto, Jeff is going home.
    If Jordan is up and Jeff wins veto, Nat should go home!

    1. I think that is the plan that kevin is doing but it wouldn’t involve getting hands dirty….i believe he wants to be final three with J*J because majority of the jury house don’t like J&J

  37. i think keven should go to j , j and m and tell them hes using two of them as pawns( mich and jordan, so jeff can win veto and then he would HAVE to put nat up and backdoor her…………. this would save his ass with them and then if the vetos not used send michell home…. no harm no foul!


  39. Gnat is soooooooooo freakin’ obvious……first of all throwin the HOH was sickeningly obvious……i hoping kevin throws her under the bus, seems like in the last few weeks she’s getting on his nerves so hopefully…….i want jeff to stay stay stay

  40. I keep reading from some knuckleheads that Michele broke her promise to Chima. Chima liked Michele. DO YOU NOT REMEBER Chima calling Michele a crazybitch to everyone before all the treaties were made because of the lies Ronnie started? Each person was calling Michele Crazy/Bipolar bitch etc to each other trying to alienate Michele. Michel is still in the game. Her problem is taking all the attacks personally. This game shows the reality of life. They all throw any sense of moral or ethical behaviour under the bus for the sake of money. I wouldnt want any of these people for a friend in real life except for Michele. At least she struggles with her moral concience having to play this game. Nat I would like to throw under a bus literally. She gives no value to human life.

    1. LOL. I was with you up until the end. It’s difficult to be taken seriously when you take a stance against immoral behavior and then end by saying you would like to see another person dead because they have no value, especially when her crime wasn’t murder but being a bitch on reality TV. Also, I think that some people (you’re not alone…at all) take the players too seriously. Outside the game, most of the houseguests would probably be much better (or at least different) people. Michelle probably would be a great friend because she does seem to be compassionate, sensitive and has difficulty lying. But then again, even Russell seems like a fairly okay guy when he’s not playing the game; then he’s a complete ass. You might be surprised, too, how many of your friends and family might behave just as poorly in their situation. Either way, like I said before, i don’t think we’ll be in danger of having to have any of these people as friends anyhow, so I think we can all breathe easier.

  41. I don’t dislike Nat, its just hilarious how crafty she thinks she is. She is the queen of “When I win HoH/POV…” Kev is the smartest person left and if I was a betting man I think he hopes that Nat ends up on the block, she is the only person who could beat him in F2 other than Jeff. I see Jeff winning the POV and mich or jordan going home…I don’t want Nat to win because she will think it was due to “the lie” and saying she was 18. Which are two of the most overrated moves ever in BB history.

    1. Kevin needs to break up Jeff and Jordan. And the Lie and saying she was 18 are the two biggest moves in the game. I despise Natalie, but facts are facts. She played the game well.

    2. the lie was started and carried thru by kevin……we all saw it, i don’t know why PP takes all the credit………she’s gone next week just watch

  42. I must say I have been a Kevin fan, but I disagree with his move. He should stick up Michele and Jordan with Michele as the target. Based on veto, it either remains the same or (if anyone but Jeff wins it) then he could put Jeff up.

    If you’re going to get out a power player, make sure you can do it…otherwise play it safe. Jeff’ll still have a shot at veto. If Kevin puts up Jeff and doesn’t get him out then Jeff’ll come back and target him. This is a way to ensure Jeff’s favor and get Nat out ahead of Kevin if he cannot get him out this week.

  43. Just saying what if. What if jeff had made a last minute deal with russel and decided to evict natalie?? Alot of u r mad cuz he Lied. If he had saved russel that means that he would have lied to natalie and kevin. Honestly wood u be fine wit that??????? I THINK SO. U dont kare abt lyin at all? stop all of that mofoin bs

  44. Come on Kevin, stop letting Nat run the show. She is on the feeds sounding like she is HOH, saying who is going up and why. I bet she makes Kevin sleep on the floor in HOH. She is the biggest floater of all time. Even worse than Ivette.

  45. ????ARe u crazy All of u r crazy. UR callin jeff dum. UR callin this or that dum. JUST be quiet.Most of you liked jeff and now all of a sudden u dislike him. That is unreal and cavemanlike. U ppl r the disgrace not jeff nor russel nor whoever.

    1. heh. Wouldn’t that just piss Chima off? I mean, assuming Jeff makes it to the end, of course, since it would probably be America’s Vote part 2. Of course, if this blog is any indication, maybe Jeff isn’t everyone’s favorite anymore.

  46. LOL… i think the wy didnt any of the players drink the chocolate and carry it in the cup? theyd finish the comp much faster also they shood hav taken the falling water

      1. Hater! Hater! Pants on… Oh what the hell? “Why all the haters,” STFU! We don’t care about your insipid slant. You’re complaints are freaking hilarious. Geesh!

  47. I think Pigpen is in a world of trouble if team Jeff can get their act together. Kevin will put up two members of team Jeff which means if the third member wins POV and takes one off, PigPen goes up and home to the pigsty. But lets say team Jeff get together and promise that the third one WILL win POV. In other words, depending on the competition once Nat is out (that ALWAYS happens) the other two drop and LET the third one win. Now of course that depends on trusting the third person to actually use the veto, not a problem with JJ but Jeff will have to flash those blues at Michele big time to be sure she’s on board. With three from team Jeff playing for POV against PigPen the chances would be overwhelmningly in their favor to be able to pull this off. This scenario would work regardless of which two members of team Jeff get put on the block – as long as they make sure the third one wins POV.

    1. I still wonder what Jeff was thinking by dissolving his final 4 this week…he is betting on the wrong people and I think he will see the error of his thinking soon enough. I really hope Michelle pulls this off and Jeff needs to let Jordan go…she is tedious to watch. But good luck to Jeff if he can pull his small team back together. Bad talking Michelle at this point makes no sense. Kevin and Natalie and Jordan need to disappear.

      1. I was all for Jeff until this week. He screwed up big time going against the final 4 agreement. Just wait until nasty Nat and kevin hose them over. He is going to see what a ass he is when he watches the tapes. Jordan is dead weight. I hope she goes next

      2. I hope Kevin goes through with putting up Michelle and Jeff and Jordon wins pov and takes Jeff down. Then Pigpen will go up and hopefull will go, but I don’t know if Jeff and Jordon will keep Michelle. I loved Jeff and Jordon, but I have changed my mind about them. If that doesn’t work, I hope Michelle wins the POV… I do not want PP to win the money, but I have a feeling the pitbull will skate all the way..

    2. You don’t mention the possibility of Kevin winning POV. The last 2 weeks the HOH also won POV – would be nice if that happens again, since Jeff is the target. Kevin is much smarter than Nat – he knows if he has the opportunity to take Jeff out, he needs to do it, because he won’t get another one. Hope Jordan doesn’t win POV!

    3. there is no “team Jeff”, it’s just him and Jordan–I think Michele realises that they’re throwing her under the bus at every turn and won’t remain loyal, I’m hoping she starts to play an individual game like all these other hypocrites are

    4. You are forgetting that Kevin gets to play too… Good plan if the one that isn’t nominated wins the POV.. I’m all for Nasty getting the boot asap..

  48. I think its ironic that so many people had Jeffs back a week ago and now because he switched alliances(backdooring Russ), they are talking sh!t about him. But in doing so aren’t you yourself “switching” sides. HELLO! This is a game!

    1. Jeff made a bad move in the game this week and he has been revealed to be a misogynist where Jordan is concerned. I like some things about him but I would never want to date this boy!

    2. At this point it is not ‘switching’ sides – it is all men/women for themselves because they know they can trust no one.

    3. I thought he was a smart guy who knew the game… If he was he would have expected the “big lie” from Kevin and Nasty. Instead, he totally bought it. IDIOT!

  49. I am waiting with baited breath for the day that the HGs evict Jeff… Then this will be the season that the floaters win BB. I find that hysterical. How would Jeff look picking off all the girls one after the other? I really think that Russell was very much still needed in this game so that Jeff doesn’t look any more of an ego maniac than he already does.
    (I’m sorry, but Kevin chose to be on the “girl’s team”). I don’t consider him less of a competitor. I want him to win the whole thing… If he can have Natalie back him up a little longer, and then cut her loose to win, then super!!!! (She is the devious one…)
    I think that:
    1 Jeff is an a$$hole
    2 Jordan doesn’t possess the intelligence that a Pre-K child has
    3 Natalie is repugnant, and should be cut out as quickly as possible
    4 Michele has a good chance at winning the competitions, which she greatly needs to stay in the game
    5 Kevin was/will continue to be Jeff’s biggest competition. He has come in second in many competitions recently, and just –might…. go…. all….. the….. way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hope so)


    So much for Jordough’s Southern Belle charm that she used to possess… she ruined it for me with the whole chest bump thing. If guys are fighting, and you are of no use, and not even in the conversation in the first place, then stay away from the fireworks if you didn’t bring popcorn.

    1. You’re a J/J hater! Ask yourself why? Why do you despise about them so much? You dislike their game play? Tell us please Calling Jeff a ahole and ego maniac is meaningless. In fact, his one of the modest players on the show. You sound just like Chima. Just talking crap and completely delusional. .

      1. are you kidding me…. him and jordan sit up at night talking crap about all the houseguests and then get mad when others talk about them. two faced and hypocritical.

      2. bev=cause he is where he is, not by game play but because of his looks. Prior to the cdt he was on the fast track to follow Russell out the door. The people who had been playing the game better to that point had Russell on the block and JJ had done little more than cuddle, whine and lose. Then Jeff is given the CDT. He makes the best move he could make booting Jesse, but it was a move he did not earn but was just given to him. It destroyed the course of direction of the house for those who had been doing the best by winning and scheming the best. Sorry to me in a game you earn your victories not have them handed to you for your smile. After that he has had a couple week power trip and has acted like such a great player when truth be told, had the cdt not been handed to him he would have been long gone. I dont hate him personally but I hate when an inferior player is given a free pass such as the cdt was. Now Jordon, well she may have made it this far but not on wit, just because no one would consider her a threat. She has the brain power of a bag of wet sea weed.

      3. I like Jordan. I LOATHE Jeff. he used to be one of my favorites until the past week when he became an egotistical jerk. The way he has been talking to Jordan, both to her face and behind her back, and treating her is appalling and yet he has the nerve to tell Russell that he doesn’t like the way he talks to women! He needs to take a look at himself. I am not a Russell fan and could care less that he left the house. I just don’t like Jeff’s attitude any better. I hope Jordan cuts herself loose from him and realizes what a power tripping jerk he is.

      4. And you’re completely obsessed with J/J! Get over them! It’s not their game play that makes them lose popularity, it’s when they got on a power trip, started believing in anything that their enemies said and completely went back on their word to their alliance….DUH!!!! You sound just a dumb as Jordan does!

    2. Jeff has played a good game and should get some credit for that…don’t you hate the idea of a floater winning Big Brother? I think the producers have to bring back an evicted houseguest and let the audience decide who so that does not happen this year. Floaters do not deserve to win…Jesse, Russell, Jeff, Michelle, and even Ronnie played the game…some not so good, even Laura would have been interesting. Now we have Jordan and Natalie and Kevin to watch! How exciting is this going to be?

      1. I’d like to see that too… I’m just saying that because I don’t like any of the remaining HG, and I really don’t want Jeff to go to F2. Ys, bring back one of the last evictee to rock things a little bit in that house, anyone but Lydiot.

      2. You can’t be including Michelle when you are talking about floaters… She won an HOH (on her own) and a POV and has come in second 3 or 4 times… she’s everybodys punching bag and is still in the game… hope she whens the POV and stays to play another week.

  50. Jeff is gonna win. I remember feeling the same way about Dan last year. At this point in the game you have to win comps and jeff is the only person who has a track record of winning. Also it seems like on BB the people in the jury house value game play over friendship. Jury house seems to restore peoples sanity. You could see it on Jess face when he saw lydia, she was still in game mode trying to play fight with him and he just seemed annoyed by her. Jeff has it in his hands to win, he just needs to keep mich on his side. I see Nat or Jor going to jury house this week.

      1. why? so far his big move he did for himself was backdoor russell. yes he used the cdt but personally that is crap to me because he didnt earn it he had it given to him. He has had control 2 weeks and turned into what he hated Jesse for. As for scheming and playing the behind the scenes game waiting for the right moment it has to be Kevin. Kevins toughest challenge remaining is getting from final 4 to final 3. The other house geusts know he has the likability factor for him and he cant play hoh next week.

        1. Jessie was handed an HOH power week 1 that he certainly did not earn. The only thing Russ won was a POV in week one that was useless because Jessie was the HOH. Russ was given the HOH by Jeff making a deal with him. As far as game play goes.. Russ wasn’t a mental threat and Jeff took out his biggest physical threat. Natalie can’t win anything. After listening to the Jessie ass gaskets in that house for weeks picking off people…and crying over him (even through Jessie screwed them all (literally and physically)) as though he were dead. .. .and don’t even get me started on Ronnie… I can’t blame Jeff. It will be interesting in the Jury house with Russ and Jessie’s ego’s clashing… (they both think they are the greatest). Jeff handed stuff to Russ and Russ still back stabbed him. Jeff and Michelle will go up if Kevin (the floater) s smart. Jeff will have to win the POV which he can easily do… and we don’t know what’s behind the secret door.

  51. ok so i have to say kevin was incredibly cute with his hoh room now i am officially rooting for him (and his boyfriend) lol. No seriously i hope he plays smart get michelle out, pig pen take his chances with jeff i think he would win hands down. All the people in jury house are so egotistiacal i really think they would vote for kevin to win just so jeff wouldnt. Jeff could get him to the end pig pen will not and she may have the jury votes. Michelle will vote him out emediatly so i really hope he plays right jordan is no threat she will nock herself out in final 3 anyway just my opinion. I am so team Kevin, he is the one who single handedly took out russ with the lie not pigpen do not let her take any credit. She was so pitiful in the compition and rightfully so she did not try cause she thinks she is safe and wants kevin to get his hands dirty not hers. i hate her more than the j/j bs. wich i hate that too but he could use that to his advantage. You know pigpen is gonna be on him like stink on s**t. Hope he can make some decisions, he wanted to know if she thought he could make some deals with his power she said no!!! Hello Kevin first clue do not trust her.

    1. Kevin needs to take Jeff out if he has the chance. I think Kevin has to win the final HOH or he will not be in final 2 – he has played a good game, and the jury likes him best, so the final HOH is going to pick the person they think they have the best chance of beating. With Jeff gone, he has a much better chance at HOH. Even if Jeff promises to take Kevin to final 2 – who would trust him? Jeff’s word means nothing now. Plus, Jeff keeps playing “It’s a game, and this is the smartest move” defense, so he would have to admit Kevin is smart for taking him out.

  52. I just proved my point I was making. I deliberately said I “wanted to throw Nat under a bus literally.” It’s a terrible thing to say as I have had a child run over and killed in front of my house. Now many people actually enjoyed that comment. Which is very sad. Those of you who took offense to it, I commend you on having some kind of moral compass and I hope you dont ever lose it. Game played, some of you liked the comment and are no better than the game players who have lost all sense of decency! Money it’s good to have, but at what cost?

  53. At this point, I do hope Kevin or Michelle win the whole thing. I hope Kevin gets rid of Jeff this week, and the best way to do that is by putting both Jeff and Jordan on the block, and make a deal with Michelle to not use the veto if she wins it. Both Michelle and Jordan will be weakened if Jeff is gone, and suddenly Kevin is the man of the house, the one person that mostly uses common sense and that has never screwed anyone over. Well, except the LML, but his back was against the wall, so I don’t fault him for it. He was as shocked and surprised as everyone else that Jeff fell for it.

    1. Common sense? Since when is common sense going with the flow? The ONLY thing intelligent kevin did was to make up that lie. That’s all. He’s been useless throughout the game and does NOT deserve to be in the final two.

      1. Yeah, common sense. He managed to get to last week without being put on the block, he really has no enemies in the house. The only conflicts he has had were with Ronnie and Jessie, and they are both history. He aligned with a sinking ship, but hasn’t gone down with it, yet he hasn’t aligned with the other side, where he would be bottom of the totem pole. He made it this far, even with the nutcase girls doing stupid things. None of them have any reason to be upset with him, until now when he too must slit someone’s throat. Nobody in the jury house really hates him, except maybe Jessie, and who cares about that? He has mostly stayed above the drama and childish pranks, tho he did go along with most of it. I hope the conversation he had with Michelle tonight was his honest position, because he was thinking smart and making the distinction between what Natalie wants, and what’s good for him in the game.

      2. Would you rather see Natalie or Jordan in final 2? – talk about weak players not deserving a prize! Kevin has been quietly manipulating people, and has really fooled the other players – it would have been really hard to keep a straight face when J/J were eating up his lies! Personally, I am pulling for Michelle to pull it off, but if not her, I want Kevin to win.

    2. your wrong.. Michelle is an extremely strong competitor, she has won a lot of stuff, and when she doesnt win, she is close. Michelle would still Triumph over Kevin!!!! The thing is Kevin has to play smart this week because he can’t play in Final four HOH comp. Natalie can’t win anything. They are putting up Michelle and Jeff, pissing both of them off, as well as Jordan, and if one of them goes home, that leaves Natalie to win and keep him safe next week, and we all know natalie can’t do that. So honestly if Kevin is thinking about the money.. he needs to drop Natalie, and make a new deal with someone else… I think it should be Jeff or Michelle.

      1. I agree Heather…….Kevin needs to ditch Nat real quick!! His best bet, which he can pull off by pointing out certain things, is to team up with Michelle. Should be easy to get her on his side once he opens her eyes and shows her that Jeff and Jordan will NEVER defy eachother!!

        (I was still hoping that Kevin and Michelle would have sent Nat home last night and ket Russell in the house. That would have made for an interesting week!!!!)

      2. At this point, Kevin should not really trust any deals people try to make – especially Jeff. One risk he is taking by putting Jeff and Michelle up is that Natalie might actually vote to evict Michelle, and we know Jordan’s vote. However, putting them both on the block will make both fight harder for POV, so that lessens Jordan’s already slim chances of winning it. It would be great if Kevin wins POV and uses it to replace Michelle with Jordan. Michelle’s vote wouldn’t matter, but it would take away Nat’s chance to vote Michelle out. I can’t believe 2 of the weakest players in the entire game will end up in final 4!

  54. LOL. You can’t really condemn people by calling them assholes for calling other people assholes. It’s like spreading pacifism by punching violent people in the face.

  55. Can we please vote to bring back an evicted houseguest so this year is not won by a floater? I have the yawn’s just thinking about watching Kevin and Natalie and Jordan do nothing for the next few weeks…they need to get rid of the bed’s in that house!


  57. I think Jordan should be the one to go this week…She is the only one left besides Kevin who has no blood on her hands. She has never made big plays, she is the ultimate floater. I understand that jeff and her are a team, but I think he would be stupid to take her to the final two…she would win. I feel the jury would vote for her just to spite jeff. She doesn’t really add anything to his game, she has never won ANYTHING, the only reason she won HOH was because he gave it to her. I really think he needs to cut her loose sooner rather than later and then he can walk away with the 500k.
    Like Nat said, Michele really isn’t a threat because no one believes anything she says, plus I don’t really think she would get any jury votes. She is also becoming more emotionally unstable and I think if she was put on the block, she wouldn’t win the veto because she is coming apart at the seems. I think Kev and Nat’s best move would be to put Michele and Jordan up….neither of them would win the veto and then they just have to pray that Jeff doesn’t win. If Michele and Jordan are up for eviction, it would most likely come down to a tie and than Kevin can just pick off whoever he wants.—Hopefully Jordan!!

  58. Nat never wins at anything nor does Jordan. People have carried them both throughout the game, so do they really deserve to win?? I think it should come down to Jeff and Michelle as last two. Kevin has only gotten this far by lying and confusing people, though it may be one way to win it would never earn my vote. Was a Jeff supporter but leaning toward Michelle to win now.

  59. what an upset! kevin winning HOH..its about mother friggin time!! Natalie will win big brother, im rooting for her! avenge our precious jessie! jordan sucls, jeff is dumb and michelle is michelle..nuff said!

  60. i loved jeff until he got stupid and turned against the finial 4 deal i hope michelle wins jeff did this to his self.

      1. Three national l polls I saw this morning show that America, by far, still likesJeff. So I don’t know from where you get your information. YOU may not like Jeff anymore but don’t speak for the whole ountry.

          1. Make a NEW point! People don’t like Jeff anymore! Not only did he screw up his Final 4, he did it with NO CLASS! He treated Russell and Michelle like crap as soon as he heard the LML! It’s like Jordan’s ignorance has rubbed right off on him!) So I want to see him go! I even voted for him to get cdt. I’m glad he got rid of Jessie, but he turned on the rest of his alliance, so up his!

        1. PEOPLE wake up and smell the coffee. HOH goes to your head and Jeff is no different than every other house guests before him. As well as the ones that follow. Mark my words! Why are you hating on Jeff ? if you loved him when he was down love him even MORE now that he was able to make a few GOOD MOVES.At least Jeff is being himself, up one day and down the next, he’s NORMAL. That is a WHOLE lot more than I can say for a lot of other people in the house!!! SAY RUSSELL FOR EXAMPLE!!! He was trying to be Evel Dick, Dr. Will, Boogie ect…. Have faith in YOURSELF that way its a whole lot eaiser remembering

          1. russ was playing the game…when the game was over, it was over for him. with jeff…you can see the pure hate and anger in him. russ was cool leaving the house…yet jeff had to constantly bash him….WHILE HE WASN’T HOH, MIND YOU. so if you want to give him and his bad character he’s revealed and exuse that it’s the hoh…then go for it. they always say that the true character comes out in bad times…and that is so true.

  61. jeff totally sucks. all that idiot does is constantly bash people behind their backs for no reason. he has tons of hate and anger in him. and he said earlier that he wants mich gone so bad and that mich should have been out week 1 and is lucky to be there???? pot meet kettle. you’ve got to be kidding me. jeff was HANDED power he didn’t deserve that turned the whole game around WITH THE HELP of mich who put up chima and nat…making j/j estatic at the time. mich was on the block earlier in the show and won pov to save her butt…she’s done what she’s had to do to make it this far and she’s not any less deserving or luckier than jeff to be that far. jeff needs to go…i’m sick of that DUCHE LOSER!

    1. I agree…I was really for Jeff to win the cdt, but after this crap he pulled on Russell and the crap he’s saying about Michelle…I hope he goes this week! I think he probably will. I wasn’t a big Russell fan, but I believe he thought he and Jeff were actually friends! He talked about things they could do when the game was over, etc. Jeff ended up treating him like trash (thanks to Nat & Kevin & his stupid paranioa!) I’ve had it with him. On top of everything, it was a STUPID move to get rid of Russell this week. I want him GONE!

      1. are you crazy? have you not heard the stuff she says about him all the way back to chima? she says crazy stuff like he doesnt want her taleking to others…delusional and game crap.

  62. did anyone else laugh really loud when jordan had her wipe out in the hoh comp and almost busted her fake boobs? that looked hilarious! haha

    1. Didn’t see that but she has been complaining that her knee hurts really bad. She said she fell on the same spot three times. Did they DROP that far?

      1. no, she was just running and slipped and fell down. it just looked hilarious. hahah. she’s very clumsy and un-athletic.

  63. how will they break the tie if there is one in the Jury house? Since Chima got expelled, theres only 6 in the jury house.

      1. Will AMERICA’s vote ONLY come into play if there is a tie, Or will it just be one more vote?
        7-0……….5-2……6-1…………..or just if is a 3 -3? Then we vote?

  64. Its just one more vote – of course it will matter if there is a tie and won’t matter if the votes are skewed to one side

  65. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel sorry for Michelle. She has been accused of lying so many times when she didn’t (saying I don’t remember isn’t the same as telling a blatant lie, like pigpen continually does). She has gotten a raw deal from the HG all along. I don’t mind if Kevin wins, but I’d love to she Michelle at least go to the final 2. She deserves it for all the crap that’s been dished her direction. She

  66. because Jeff and Jordon pretended to be pius and just like the amish but it turns out they are nothing but loser scumbags with attitudes of being superior

  67. For all the schemes that Natty n’ Kevin have come up with their plans might have just backfired….Kevin better hope that he or Natty wins that POV cause if one of them don’t Natty goes home….

  68. OH anddddd Natty might get a penalty vote for whatever trick she pulled today (if she does get put on the block) cause she has been called out before by production for her dirty dealings….we shall see,,,

  69. Kevin biggest mistake is NOM michelle what he should is Nom jef and jordan if either one of them wins pov they will save them selves and either of them goes home the other will break down not focusing intogame will be left alone and do damages …….. and the nat and keving could swing michelle to kick jeff that’s how i would play .. first bring love traingle
    bad decission for kevin…. trusting loser like Nat

    Nat won nothing since this game started
    jordan did won at least so if michelle goes home and jef wons hoh we know he’s going to win the game is on

  70. This sucks! Kevin is slowly proving himself to be a competetor…but Natalie? She has not won anything. Jeff did all the dirty work, and she rides the coat tails! Does Kevin not realize that everyone in that jury house was part of Natalie’s aliance? Keep Jeff…atleast he pissed a few people off!

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