Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Quiet morning in the Big Brother house before the POV ceremony, Live eviction and part 1 of 3 HOH competition happening TONIGHT!!

10am – 10:50am Jordan and Michelle are up and in the bathroom, Michelle is in the shower and Jordan is getting ready for the day. Jordan goes to the pool room and lays down in her bed staring off at the ceiling. Michelle is in the kitchen making breakfast. 10:30am All the cameras are on Jordan in the pool room still staring off into the distance thinking. Big Brother then calls Kevin to the diary room. Michelle comes into the pool room and lays down in her bed. Michelle says we have so much time before the show.. its not going to start for a long time. Jordan says I know I don’t think we will be locked up in the HOH either. Michelle wonders if they were locked up in the HOH during her HOH. Jordan says yes because we picked players. They Jordan questions herself and says were we …or was that Jeff’s? She then says yeah we were because Lydia was still here and she was getting mad at Jeff. Jordan and Michelle then close their eyes and try to go to sleep…

11:15am All four cameras are still on Jordan and Michelle in the pool room sleeping, every once in awhile they move around a bit … thats all the action thats been happening today …


11:30am – 11:47pm The cameras are still on Jordan and Michelle in bed. Jordan keeps moving around. Then the feeds cut to the control room. And when the feeds come back Michelle is getting out of bed and leaves the pool room. Jordan then sits up on the edge of her bed. Jordan then gets up and fixed her hair in the mirror, grabs her blankets and pillow and then heads up to the HOH room for a HOH room lock down…. Natalie asks if Kevin’s up … Jordan says no. Michelle and Kevin aren’t up in the HOH room yet. They talk about what Kevin had told Jordan … and they wonder what Kevin will do. Jordan then says shes going to go grab a drink and heads down to the kitchen and gets one, then goes into the pool room to garb her other cut and back to the kitchen. Michelle, Kevin, Natalie and Jordan are all up in the HOH room. Kevin and Natalie are sleeping on the bed, Michelle has curled up on the floor beside the bed and Jordan in trying to sleep on the round chair… then the feeds cut to the control room..


12:30pm – 12:55pm All the house guests are still on HOH lock down. No one is talking. Natalie gets up and goes to the bathroom …then says I like this lock down how its later, and we got to sleep in. Jordan says I know ..I didn’t get to shower though, I’m all stinky. Natalie then goes over and feeds the fish.. Natalie then asks Jordan if she would help her carry some of her stuff down from the HOH room because she has a lot of stuff. Jordan says yeah. Natalie farts and Jordan asks was that you? …that sounded like a bull frog …

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263 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – **Updated** Quiet morning in the Big Brother house before the POV ceremony, Live eviction and part 1 of 3 HOH competition happening TONIGHT!!

          1. take the hint , no one wants to hear from youn ever again. You are the worst bb player in bb history. go awsay and stay gone forever!!!!!

  1. I think that we as viewers of this years sorry excuse version of BB should get the $25,000. Let?s all vote for ourselves. We should get the money because it?s us Americans who have been the invisible HG and should get something.

    We are obviously better writers then those who produce this show. Am I not right? CBS should pay our cable bill for the last 3 months.

  2. hasnt anybody heard kevin asking himself and the others..’why do i have to pack my bags too? somebody with the live feed must of heard him saying something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why arent we hearing about it?

    1. I think he has to pack his bags too because he hasn’t used the POV to take himself off the block, this is just in case he doesn’t use it & ends up being voted out. We all know he’s using it though!

      1. Haha yeah, that makes sense, because when Marcellas didn’t use it the veto then got voted out he had to scramble to get all of his stuff.

      2. thats wrong,he has used the POV already,no other houseguest has been told this before,if it was live,it would be understandable,but the POV has been played already,and BB knows Kevin took himself off,something is up,why would they ask why he has to pack,because they know,no other POV winner has been asked to pack before…something is very strange here!

    2. i don’t have the live feed but I read elsewhere he needs to pack because he’s technically on the block and evictions are tonight so therefore needs to pack. Ideally I wish they would stick in a twist and send him home. I’m sick of him calling everyone bitches. I also want Michele to beat Natalie in the HOH comp and bring Jordan to the final. I’m not a huge Michele fan but would love to see her knock Natalie off. If Michele had better people skills she could have dominated but she wines too much and makes strange noises, it’s often painful the watch. I do like Jordan’s sweet nature but can’t stand listening to her, she takes forever to get out a thought and repeats herself so much, well they all do that but I can’t blame them on that, looks awfully boring in there…anyway I’d like to see Michele win, Jordan come in 2nd and Jeff win the $25K. Just my opinion.

    3. Maybe Kevin has to pack his bags because he is technically on the block; till he uses his power of veto. If there is a twist coming as they promoed then there could be a shake up or a ploy to shake all of us up into keep watching.

      This season sucked big time. Mainly because of Ronnie, Jesse, Natalie…oh gosh Lydia too. I like Russell more than these people.

      Its a game we all know it but to play with peoples minds and feelings to hurt them mentally that is carrying this game to far. Way to far. You can play this game with out losing your soul.

  3. Is BB going to do anything about Kevin cheating during the POV?? I sure hope so, because this is really starting to look setup. Kevin really is something! He moaned and groaned almost every comp, saying BB was gearing it toward Jeff or Russell or Michele winning. Now he’s cheating. Fine specimen to represent CBS!!

  4. Can someone pls tell me how we can vote for America’s favorite? Apprec ur help. Still holing out hope that somehow Michelle does not get evicted..

    1. the AMerica Vote is taking place right now for the $25,000.00 holder just go to CBS under Big Brothers the link is on the page.

    2. To vote for free, go to brother…’re only allowed one free vote unless you delete cookies each time after……you can vote 10X by text, at a buck each……not sure of the text number…..but it is on the website…

  5. I hope we get to see Jeff go into jury house tonight. I need to see Russell and Jessie pee just a little bit with excitement. I need to see the look on Jeff’s face when he has to walk in and see Russ and Jessie gloat. In the end though, they’ll hug it out like men do. but deep down, it will be quite satisfying.

    1. I’m concerned that when Jeff does enter the Jury House he walks across the pool…According to his blind adoring fans he walks on water dont he??? Cant say I disliked him but come on, he certainly isnt a better human being than anyone in the house. Lydia will be so happy she’ll head into town to get a new tatt…’So Many Penis’ AND ME!!’

      3 cheers for Melanie Oudin!!!

  6. Natalies Boyfriend must be a little bitch. If i saw my GF cuddling up with another dude on national TV I would never speak to her again yet alone propose to her on the show that she made me look like a complete jackass on? what a women.. she must give amazing head.

  7. Never really watched this show until a few last episodes last year. Some hot blonde and the older guy still competing. So I am wondering, were all shows so full of hatred , name calling, mean, out of control behaviour? I understand the scheming game, but were there always someone calling other women bitches ,devil and hoes like Natalie is doing? Was it ok in other episodes to threaten HG mebers like Natalie did when she said,I am going to shank that bitch(Michele), and never have any repercussions?
    Did I mention that Michele is adorable?

    1. Was it okay for Jeff to threaten to kill everybody’s families if they betrayed the final 4 pact (which he himself did)? Yeah, I know, I know, he was just “joking.” It’s just a part of the game.

      1. I read that as an honest question about previous seasons, and not as a comparison between Jeff and Natalie.
        No one was talking about Jeff.
        You must be a democrat. Why not just answer the question without turning it back around on someone else?

    2. I’ve only watched since Season 8, but Kevin/Ronnie/Chima/Gnat are the only ones I’ve seen act so vile with personal attacks.

      1. I have seen every season of bb and this is the first season to have this kind of game play…its sickening to see so much of it in one season. Chima got what she deserved for totally breaking rules…don’t know why Ronnie the nerd was so full of himself but at least he was sent home and didn’t make the jury house so we don’t have to look at his creepy face but natalie and kevin are making my stomach turn. I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone as mean as those two…and so immature! Can’t imagine what Natalie’s dad must think..he has probably gone into the witness protection program.

  8. lisa I’m pretty sure it was in the last rundown from simon. Since it’s a live POV ceremony he hasn’t used it to save himself yet. So technically he’s still on the block and up for eviction. He could always pull a Marcellas and not take himself off the block (we can dream).

    When/if Michelle leaves tonight the rest of this season is gonna play out like season 4 with Jun and Alison. I could care less.

    Go Michelle for $25k !!!

  9. think about it, if kevin was dumb, and say used the POV on michelle putting jordan up against himself, then michelle votes kevin out

    thats the one way he CAN go home, obviously, this would NEVER happen, BUT, it CAN so that is why they have him pack…

    its nothing big at all

    1. or to add if he does not use the veto on anybody as he played around with Natalie about and then Jordan olds the lone Vote and Jordan keeps Kevin. This was a talk Kevin had to not use it and Natalie talked him out of it and explained he chould be voted out. He will use the Veto on himself

    1. The show got boring after Russell got backdoored so again give Jeff credit for that too. There are viewers who actually like to see more then two people play stinky finger show after show.

    1. You know what is appaling? People on this site. My godok if you don’t like somone, but to call them names, and nasty names at that! These people are no better off than the people who hate.

      At least don’t hide behind the internet and put people down, and call them names when they can’t fight back. Some people here are worse than Natalie, and Kevin.

      Any way, what did Ronnie, Jessie and the gang do, that Jordan, Jeff and Michelle didn’t do? At least Ronnie and Jessie didn’t swear on their parents lives saying they wouldn’t put someone on the block and then kick them out of the house, like Jeff did.

      So if we have to go by what people here on the internet say, then Jeff is one of the worst humans on earth. He couldn’t play the game if his life depended on it, he needed help with the CdT.

        1. I bet if a poll was taken there would be a heck of alot more people who don’t care for Nat and kev and their game play. They have acted just like bullies.

  10. Been saying this show has ?jumped the shark? for awhile now. Ask yourself, has any ?twist?, since they instituted ?the power of veto? (more of a game change than a twist), really provided any entertainment value? Obviously, casting needs improvement, since the only game strategy used with any regularity by this year?s cast seems to be sleeping. I think it would help if they did something to speed the game once the final four are determined, because it?s just agony waiting for the end of the end game to begin; and those last few days while the final two hang out waiting for the vote are a waste of time also. Time for CBS to see the light and get this game better casting and a much faster pace!

  11. The POV was played a few days ago. The POV ceremony is live tonight, along with live eviction and first part of the last HOH.

    KEVIN WON – but is also talking about packing his bags. I hope his ass goes home.

  12. I wish Kevin would make a move and keep Michele. Grow a pair and screw Gnat! She is such a bully and treats him like crap anyways. Plus we’ve all seen his DR sessions where he has repeatedly said that he doesn’t trust her! He should just make this move to put Gnat in her place. She seems to think she’s already won this game! There is nothing I like about her! She’s a bully, spiteful, lazy and has no manners! Her comments about physically harming Michele are just disgusting – and CBS just lets this stuff go? She has no redeemable qualities. Once out of the house and back in real life, she’ll probably have people approach her and tell her what a shit she is.

    1. Kevin always goes through the fake ‘Gee what should I do’ crap and then goes ahead and follows Natalie’s orders! He is beyond predictable. He is incapable of making a gutsy move and taking Michele further in the game. I am sick of the phoniness of it all!! I’m just trying to accept the fact that it is what it is – a joke!

    1. seriously???? she needs a wheelbarrow to haul the ones she has now…..”big’ is fine biut enormus boobs on someone with that small of a frame looks gross..

  13. call 323.575.2200 to lodge a complaint about how cbs is letting ki/n get away with all the mental cruelty we see on a daily basis. in the real world we can at least step away from the situation but there they have no way to step away. they have no out.I can’t believe that cbs hasn’t stopped it. It is hard to watch. I don’t see any reason to kick a person when they are down, it seems that k/n enjoy twisting the knife, it seems to get them off. They are revaling in the m/j misery and gaining a more cruel satisifaction in their power to give pain to others. It seems to make them more powerful and more full of themselves.

  14. I think America should get an eviction vote each week in future seasons, maybe up to a certain point in the game. Perhaps it would cut down on the outrageously personal attacks, and people like Gnat would realize that if they are on the block, that nasty behavior could be the lone vote that takes them out of the game. Just a theory.

    1. That would be a great change in the game for future seasons. I always thought America should get a vote. Then maybe people would check themselves regarding truly nasty behavior. Or at the very least, let the members in the jury house watch Showtime and watch live feeds (but not read any blogs or comments about the show). That way they can see what really goes on – not just what CBS has chosen to show them. I think that would allow them to make a wiser, more informed decision. I know that I’d like to have more info in hand in order to make such a big decision. I wonder if any jury members from past shows have regretted their vote once everything was done and they learned about what really happened throughout the season?

    2. Season 1, the house guests voted who to put on the block, the 2 with the most votes were then put up and one was voted out by america. they should bring that back

  15. What is the moderation for? I have left comments before and don’t know what i am doing wrong. this n
    number is the one i had to call m aybe others will call and lodge complaints also.

  16. i hope bb does not have a pov re-do…….that way, kevin still has it and he can then vote out jordan. kevin has to keep michelle in the house and then him and her need to win the hoh final and take eachother. if……kevin chooses to keep jordan he will only have himself fighting for hoh cuz jordan cant win. that is exactly whet nat wants to happen…and then nat wants to take jordan to final 2….kevin and michelle together can get rid of nasty nat but only if they team up and take eachother…then they just have to hold their breath and hope for votes.

    1. this is what i was thinking too. but now i’m wondering if kev also might want to take jordan…i just can’t imagine he believes he can win against nat.

  17. Did anyone see BBAD last night where Kev was trying to talk to Jordan? The girl could not make one coherent sentence……..such a bimbo and I’m guessing she will probably win.I swear I am done with this show and will never,ever watch it again if Jumbo Jordan or Nasty Nat win any money. Kev’s a dirtbag…with his lies and mind f-k games to the other 2 players and his misuse of the word “bitch” every 2 seconds (total disrespect towards women) but I’d take him over the other two twisted morons.Come on Mich…….I’m hoping you can win some how!!!!

  18. ring




    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan?s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin?s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right? bravo to you all!!!

    1. And who have you been rooting for all this time? Just one nasty, vile, mean-spirited person with no sense of common decency? Congratulations, you really called it. I feel like such an idiot.
      (That was sarcasm.)

  19. @ Everyone…..





    Michelle is going home, so now you ex jeff fans / ex Michelle fans can jump on Jordan?s fan wagon until she is evicted and then jump on kevin?s ok?

    It will only take your 4 times to be right? bravo to you all!!!

    1. I don’t want to be “right.” Don’t worry, I won’t ever jump on Kevin’s fan wagon – or Nat’s either. I don’t care about either of them, and will not watch if it’s those 2. “Right” is a matter of opinion – and it’s not mine!

      1. Cant believe people are still saying they are not going to watch, if Jeff goes im done, if Michelle goes im done, if final two is Kevin and Nat im done. Nobody cares so GO.

  20. @Hooter and all of u that gave me the info to vote. FYI – to those of you that want to call CBS to voice your concerns about fairness, especially if Kevin won POV by default, here is the number to a recording for the Executives.
    1 323 575 2200. I just called and voice my opinion, asking for FAIR PLAY. Good luck.

    1. Jackie, calling CBS or BB is not going to do a thing. They care only about ratings, which equals money. You want to make a statement, hit them in the wallet quit watching the show. Everyone who is screaming about the cheating going on (myself included) need to stop watching BB. That’s what I did.

      1. If you want to hit them where it hurts, QUIT VOTING BY TEXT MESSAGE. Why would anyone spend $1 not to mention $10, to vote for any of these idiots? That is just batshit insane. If CBS is going to charge, then they should do a 50/50 split with the houseguests on the votes they get. For example, if Russell gets 50000 text votes, then he should get $25000.
        This way everyone who votes can feel better about their “player”.

      2. this is true. I have cut way back on watching too…but I still have to watch the shows but thank goodness for dvrs I can record it and watch later and ff through nat and kev crap. i just want to see the out come of the show now.

      3. BB is watching and they know about this site and many others and get their feedback from it. They are laughing all the way to the bank each time someone says they don’t want or someone says they have cut their feeds. If no one was watching this place would be a ghost town.

    2. are you serious? lol no one is wasting their cell phone minutes calling CBS and looking like a fool complaining about a reality show..please

  21. If Kevin gets in trouble or gets some kind of penalty for cheating in the pov comp, then Gnat should also be penalized for lying, stealing, and filthiness. Then it would be automatic final 2 : Michelle and Jordan!!! They get the money!!! Oh well, I know I’m at the end of my rope on this one. A girl can dream…

    1. It would be nice to see Kevin lose at least the chance to play in the first HOH comp. It would be fair, if he couldn’t play at all.. and POV was redone.
      The competitions are different, I think, as far as cheating goes. If someone has a clear advantage in the game over others… significant if you know the questions and have more time than the other HG’s.. to me, you’re going to have more chaos in the future of the integrity in which anyone plays any competition. Vs the whole lying your little monkey face off in the house. IMO! thanks~

    2. While ‘filthiness’ may not be a part of the game, lying and cheating is THE main part of the game and Natalie is doing a great job at it. She is one of the best players in BB history.

    3. the jordan should be fined/ penalized for being told about russell being on JJ’s side in dr and discussing in hoh with jeff despite discussing production being against the rules and them being told as such by production.

      1. Jordon should be fired for hitting Russell. He should have knocked her on her ass but he didn’t. I don’t understand this Jordon love. I would not reward someone for being such a scumbag like she is.

        1. I love how the JJ fan club really turns a blind eye to all thier scumbaggery yet call out every little thing on Kevn and NAt, I dont care who wins at this point just want to enjoy watching and stir up the JJs when possible. That said All have been vile at times, if you want to call out some one fine, but dont ignore the vileness of your own favorites.

        2. didnt he call her a fat bitch first? or something like that? if that was your sister or mom, youd want her to kick him as hard as she could right in his nards. but she shoulder bumps him….and your calling that scumbag move? ok

    Kevin announces he votes to evict Michelle. She says her goodbyes and “hugs it out” with everyone. As she goes to the door, it won’t open!!! As she’s standing there giggling nervously, Jeff swings the door open and says, “You got got, yo yos!!!!” he then gives Jordan her long awaited kiss (as Michelle’s humping his leg) and then Jeff says (in best Jack Nicholson voice) “Honey, I’m home!!!” As Kevin is twisting his scarves in knots, and Gnat has steam coming out of her nose like a bull, Jeff tells them he never made it to JH due to some people cheating. He going to play in the HOH comps!!! Kevin faints, Gnat charges him screaming, Michelle is applauding, and Jordan just stands there with her mouth open.

      1. There is no room here for someones crazy sex fantasies about Jeff. Gross. I just lost my honey garlic ribs that I ate for supper. Thanks a lot bozo. Actually, hmm, now I don’t have to do my after supper work out, hey, thanks.

          1. I’d share my supper with yah but you’re mean. so there… I’m always nice, I just don’t understand how people can be so blind to want to reward Dumb and Dumber with money for not only ruining the game but my ripping into Michelle and treating her like garbage.

    1. that would make me and thousands of others throw the hell up. get over jeff…he’s a scumbag and Jordo’s a fat phoney ho. get over you fancination with the big-nosed Jeff,it’s getting really,really,really OLD!We realize he was your fav child but come on mama ,give it up.
      *You always post the lamest stuff ..all the same….Jeff’s some kind of hero from a bad romance novel,Jordo is a lovely young thing (too funnY) and Mich is a weird ,creepy Jeff/Jordo fan while Kev and Nat have terrible things happen to them, Your past post of Mich bleeding to death from a head injury was sick.This is reality TV with “wanna be actors” playing games for money…nobody’s anything special on this show.We will not even remember their names in a week.

  23. I think Jordan is going to surprise everyone. She plays dumb but she’s not…..she’s a smart cookie. So don’t count her out just yet.

    1. Are you just out on a day pass. Jordan could be the spokeswoman for every dumb blonde joke that was ever told. If she is playing dumb then I think she will be offered a movie deal when she gets out.

    2. maybe compared to you and the people around you, jordan is a smart cookie…but to the average person, she’s an air head…not even a smart cookie dough.

      1. Jordon is a disgusting human being, she is even worse than trailer park trash. She used Michelle and my only hope is that Michelle would realize that Jordon is the biggest scumbag ever and give her a swirlie in the toilet before she left. Now, that would be good tv.

      1. Wouldnt matter even if I was cheering for Dumb ass, I wouldnt call her smart. She is so smart that she thinks Nat and Kev are her friends. Absolutely hands down, the dumbest player and biggest floater in BB history.

    3. I think so also. And BB production knows that 95% of the viewers would hate to se Gnat and Kev in finall 2, so they will probably make the task Jorden friendly :)

    4. I agree, she has beat K and N on a few of the comps. If she can keep from getting flustered she can win this. I think most of us will be rooting for her.

  24. Hi Leo, thanks for the compliment to join ur Survior Samoa blog, but I don’t watch this show. By the way, when did you leave Hawaii?

  25. IF you want fair play, quite watching the show. The only thing that matters to CBS and BB is ratings which equals money. Calling their phone # is going to do NOTHING. Either hit them in the wallet or shut up about it. You can call them all you want, but if you’re still watching the show, blame yourselves.

    1. You said it! Maybe all the fair play people should take up watching little league baseball or something that everyone feels like a winner. This is a show about lying, noboby in the house has told the truth, its part of the game. Now tell us again how your done and then keep on watchin and bloggin and whinin and bitchin and moanin…….

    2. Even on the Smurfs there was good and evil, Care Bears, yup, those too. There are no tv programs where good verses evil isn’t prevalent unless you watch Gospel Hour and even than you have a fake preacher drinking his cares away sexing up his secretary so I think people need to turn off the tv and go take care of their families if they want PBS type programming.

      1. Now Rockstar, you know I like you but I have to say something. PBS is not a fairytale channel. They are more reality than those with big advertising sponsers. In fact, they started the reality shows many, many, many years ago. They use to put people from this time back into Victorian, Colonial, Pioneer times and make them live as they did. They did their share of cussing on PBS, too. Hell, they showed Benny Hill a few times. It is not all Big Bird stuff. Maybe you meant the Hallmark Channel? But, I get your point either way. You know I get a kick out of you!

        1. BBGrandma- Are you Canadian? I don’t know about everyone else but our PBS is nothing but Sesame Street and painting shows like Bob Ross and Hobby Lobby. Our Canadian porgramming or at least where I live blocks a great deal of the negative stuff. We get the Detroit channels but not the news because it’s too violent. Seriously.

          1. Not Canadian, all US. In fact, Native American for a good part. You got to watch PBS late at night. Not in the morning for the kids. I mainly watch the news because it is not as biases as CNN, FOX, MSNBC. But, the nature shows and history on PBS are also interesting. Can’t miss Antique Road Show. It is not all kid shows. I don’t live on that channel. I switch around that cable a lot. Get all the cable channels. But, I just wanted to point out to you that they did start the reality stuff. You do make me laugh! And, Canadian Fan, too. I like you all up North!

  26. good or bad publicity is great for any television show, celebrity,or theatrical release….even for reality show like big brother 11….so stop saying for everyone to protest the show or leave comments on cbs’s feedback…stop leaving ph#’s for people to call…….NOBODY WAS KILLED!!!!!!!!!! i loathe natalie with a passion..i think she is pure evil….she reminds me of the person who carjacks someone cuz she wants their car, or the person that will shoot an innocent young kid cuz she wants their jacket….she wants money..and LOTS OF IT….and she has shown she will do what ever it takes.most humans have heart and know what line NOT to cross…she doesnt know the line. lieing and backstabbing and trying to cheat is part of the game but she has gone to far when she wanted to bring up michelle brother who passd away 3 months before she enter into the house. i think she is a pathetic human being and i’m sure she will hear ALL about it from a slew of people when she gets out back into the real world..but it is a just shows how far a person will go to win it all.

    1. Lisa– I totally agree with you about Gnastalie. She was yelling at Kevin last night HARDCORE. I think she’s just pissed because her f2 idea with Jordan is actually a better idea with f2 being K and J. She keeps threatening Kevin about jury votes– I wish Kevin would just screw her over and when she arrives at jury it’s nothing what she thought. Imagine her arriving at JH and NO ONE will talk to her!!! Then she’ll feel like the real loser that she is. I still can’t believe that in her mind she thinks she deserves to be in final 2 in any way, shape, or form. She hasn’t won a damn thing other than this past guessing game– even then Julie had asked her several times for an answer ( she was busy counting cans in her head). You know all this, I’m sure. I just keep going over it because it’s so unbelievable that she’s still there. I bet AG is pissed now that she didn’t let Gnat out the door when she wanted to go with Chima!!! Gnat even said they talked her into staying ( that was when the rat race to Jesse was between her and Lydiot.

    2. O give me a break!

      Michelle was the one who brought up her own brother, by telling Chima she swears on her brother not to put her (Chima) up if she gets HoH. That lasted very long, since she won HoH the next week and put Nat and Chima up.

    3. but it was okay for Jordon and Jeff to use Michelle
      threaten her,
      pretend to be her friend and make fun of her behind her back? That isn’t wrong?

    4. What, I didn’t know Nat said that. That is low. I agree with everything you say, it’s a show, and most people know what not line to cross. Since Nat crossed it, it shows what kind of person she is. But it also shows how most people are here too. There are just like her, calling people names and what not. If people were better than Nat, they wouldn’t call her nasty names, so they are basically the same level as her.

      If you don’t like her, fine, but you should show more class than calling her nasty names.

      To the person who hosts, this site, you do a very excellent job, and I thank you very much. But as you make those cute pictures superimposed over the house guests, it is quite funny yes, but you are on the same level as Natalie. Those are just childish games that she plays, so it seems we are all on the same playing field as Natalie. I laughed, and laughed aloud at the picuters. But it all comes down to childish games, and making fun of people, just like she does.

      Be it lieing, cheating, stealing, hiding things, as Nat and Kevin did, or making and calling people names, like we on the forums are doing we are no better than her, because we are all acting like children and not adults.

  27. Can anyone help me out with a time table? Someone goes tonight, does someone also go Thursday or do they get evicted Sunday?



  29. ok, just STOP IT

    your favs lost…thats LIFE…..Its ridiculous to claim nat’s lying is a problem…is it stupid? yes…most of the lies have ZERO impact on the game, she just hurt herself….

    and its BB, EVERYONE LIES, its why they call it a backdoor….kinda have to lie to do that….if you watch the feeds, everyone has lied, MANY times, Michelle included…

    I dont hold lying against anyone, and michelle and her cup and her giggle and yawn is annoying to me, much like nat is annoying to all of you, (she has gotten worse)…but its a game, and no matter how much someone is hated, they can still win, its why t hey play the game….

    RW RR challenge, they dumped paula and rolled with a much better competitor…its a game for cash people…you ever lied to people you dont k now or dont plan to see again? pretty sure you have..

  30. Anyone who would bring up the death of someone’s brother ( Michelles brother) is as vile as you can be. All you Gnat fans out there must be as vile as her to want such a blood sucking, greed, mean, cold hearted witch to win.

  31. Gnat’s HoH blog is a doozy. She says Michele is the one playing the game really dirty and crossing the line. How delusional!

  32. @lisa, hate to but gotta agree with you. So in my own small way, I don’t watch. Yes, my DVR is already programmed to tape BB/BBAD, however once I read the websites, I CHOOSE which ones to watch. Unfortunately I have been erasing the tapes w/o watching. I don’t know if this is hurting CBS pocket book/ratings, but for whatever its worth, that’s my small way of protesting. I will however tell everyone who may be thinking of watching BB next season, they shud think twice, the way I will if I decide to watch next season.

  33. BB has sunk to a new low with this crowd. Natalie is a despiccable, disgusting creature. She does NOT deserve to win the $500,000. She thinks she deserves the $ because in her world, Natalie comes first AT ALL TIMES. SOMEONE ruined this girl and created a hateful monster who thinks she is entitled to lie, cheat, and steal whenever it suits her. AACk YUUCK, Big Brother SUCKS. I’m finished with it for keeps. I hope the show DOES tank. It is a show of bottom dwellers, by bottom dwellers, for bottom dwellers and I for one,(I refuse to be one of those any longer)..

    1. I called CBS, never fear Rockstar is here. I just told them that after work I left the door open at the mental hospital and a whole bunch of people escaped and were planning on calling them to complain that Jeff wasn’t on their tv’s anymore. Not to worry, the police were called and in a week or so all this crap will die down and we;ll have them back chained to their beds once again. – and they say I’m not nice. harumph

      1. The mental institution or your house?? STFU bitch!!!
        Finally this web site is making you get the attention your parents never gave you.

              1. This old pu$$//// no make that cat, has been around a lot and yes I have been told I am pretty cool for an old broad. I have no favorite among the HGs, so, your jokes don’t bother me. However, I like that you do point out things from the other side, too. And, I just love to laugh!

  34. Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading everyones Comments and Opinions about the show! Lets look at the bright side….it gives us all something to talk and laugh about regardless of what is going on! :) (of course I do wish MORE was going on right now!) lol….

  35. I hope Kevin and Nat turn on each other in final 3 both take Jordan to the end….Even though she shouldn’t win for doing Nothing I hope she does and she splits it with Jeff since he got her there!!

    1. That is both their plan. Kel and The Gnat both think that it would be a 50/50 split between them and a landslide win against Jor. So have no fear, they will screw each other in the end.

  36. they (cbs) are not going to do anything re kevin’s cheating and natalie’s stealing. remember … kevin and chima discussed that BB never had a “brown” winner and that america never votes for “brown” people. bb production let kevin, natalie and chima get away with what others could not … it’s like affirmative action on cbs!

  37. If Michele leaves, who’s going to do the dishes?
    If they think there was an ant problem before, just wait. If they didn’t eat and leave food all over the place, especially in the bedrooms, maybe they won’t have such a major problem. Why doesn’t Natalie freak out more about the ants? I really wish someone would have put a few bugs in her bed or clothes, but I guess the others were told not to because that could cause psychological damage. Ahhhh! Poor Natalie!
    Also, so sad she can’t even read directions on how to use a tampon, [and she’s 24!] I’ve sometime thought maybe she was a man.
    Another note…don’t you feel sorry for the fish after she puts her hand in their water to feed them. Wonder how many fish will die from nibbling her fingers when she feeds them or her dirty hands contaminating their water?
    Oh, and her boyfriend must really be one henpecked guy! Wonder what his 1st wife was like!

    1. The fish in the tank think her fingers are fish, too. Everything else stinks about her, why not her nibbled down nails with butt pick remains on them… Fish do eat algae, too, ya know ;)

    1. WHAT????? That bimbo let skank ass Gnat wear Jeff’s hat???? I knew Gnat asked for it (hoping some luck from a comp would soak into her) But for Jordache to actually part with it and let someone else wear it — especially Gnat???? I hope Jeff blows a gasket when he sees that!!! What an idiot!!!! Gnat has probably already gone through Kevin’s bag, too!!! He’s missing the hoodie, basketball shorts, sunglasses, underwear (her are too foul), whatever bandanas he owns– the list could go on. Sorry, I’m still pissed from the hat thing two minutes ago!!!!!

  38. OMG. kevin just told jordan and mich that he’s sending mich home. then jordan gave natalie jeff’s hat that he left there to use for the endurance competition tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I really just don’t get why Jordan will give it to her. If she stays, she’s playing in the endurance competition — why won’t she use the hat for herself?? Jordan, darling, whyyyyy???? It’s getting really hard to watch them play her.

      Btw I hate Nat. While she is smarter at this game than Jordan (and prob in general), she is not very intelligent at all. If you are dumb, then you better be nice and she is far from that. Jordan is not the sharpest tool in the shed (neither is Jeff btw) but at least Jordan is sweet.

      Go Team Mich! Vote for her to win $25K.

  39. Very sad for Michele. This is Kevin’s biggest mistake. He deserves whatever Natalie hands out now. Poor Jordan, so happy for this moment. She’ll be gone in a few days too. BUT, at least Michele doesn’t have to toil through a grueling endurance competition like Jordan will. Think about it. Jordan’s only hope is to win this comp, take out one of them and she’s sitting pretty. Even if she doesn’t win the biggest prize, she breaks up the team of lying, cheating, stealing thieves.

    1. If Jordan could pull off winning the last HOH, she just might get the grand prize, because that would be a huge move. Plus everyone would be so happy she put the scum in their place. What a dream…..

          1. Well, that is a good point! I forgot about that, however, they did talk about giving him goodbye messages later. I wouldn’t put much hope in Jeff not seeing his as meaning anything. They could have cut anything out that they thought would give away anything if they were bringing him back. They are always cutting them. That you can see. But, you never know.

  40. We see and hear so much injustice in the world, we just want to see a fair shake once in awhile. To see Gnat and Kev do such mean spirited things to Michelle
    I know I for one would like to see AG take some action against the evil twins, if only just for some justice. I know this is a TV show but come on enough already. That nasty pig pen would not threaten me, we need ED to put her in her place that would be so cool, since AG is letting this stealing, cheating intimadation slide. But after all is said and done by Sept 17th Gnat the pig is yesterdays news She will have to live with herself and all the comments that will be thrown at her She’s yesterdays trash next thurs.

    1. HUH? Nat and Kev did mean spirited things to Michelle? She did this all on herself. If she played the game differently maybe they wouldn’t. She went against them in the allience, why should she be given a break? She voted out all her allience members. She CHOSE to go agaisnt them, why should they be nice to her now? It’s a game you know, sow what you reap, or sleep in the bed that you made. Michelle chose her actions, so she should accept the concenquences.

      Again, with the name calling. You talk down to her, like she is below you, but here you are calling her names. What makes you better than her? You have just the same class as she does.

      Oh I agree, she deserves all the name calling, I just hate when people think they are better than others. You are just showing the same class as her with the name calling.

      But you are right, she will have to live with herself after the show, and I don’t think she will care. She is just that kind of person.

      1. You go through all of that and then come to the same conclusion as the person you are berating for having an opinion? What was the point?

      2. The only one she voted out was Russell from the final 4 alliance, because Jeff was her puppet master and she would not go against him who else are you talking about? If Jeff had stuck to the final four deal and got Gnat out things would be so different , nobody would be pulling Kevins strings. Name calling isn’t right but I am not perfect. It just makes me soooo mad that the evil twins get by with everything. None of these people would be friends of mine, not that I’m better I just hang with people that act like them, especially concerning the remarks about Michelles brother how low is that

      3. I dont give a damn that Natalie or Kevin lied…it’s that they lied and continue to tell themselves that they played the game honestly, with morals even PP said she’s leaving the game still with her soul LMAO. It’s not that they lied, its that they’re hypocrites. They talk smack about everyone else for the same things they are doing and worse!

        Thats the difference between Michelle and them and the reason I wanted to see them called out. I can’t wait til the finale show when they reveal all their lies and meanness to everyone. Let’s see them try to claim integrity then.

  41. i wish Jeff was still there , i dont like natalie at all . i would really want Jordan or Michelle to win. But if Jordan and Nat went to finals (as much as i hate it ) my vote would go to Nat ……… i changed my mind Jordan , jordan played the game with out lying not a lot of people can do that

    1. Is this game, about winning half a million dollars, or not lieing? You do what you need to do to win. Look Roger Clemens took steriods to win, look at almost all the athletes in the Olympic, they cheat to win, by taking drugs. Even Carl Lewis cheated and took drugs, in order to win. Almost everyone does it in games. BB is a game.

      It’s just a game, why take it so personal?

      I don’t want Jordan to win, talk about being a free floater. At least Nat is doing something behind the scenes. Unless this is Jordans game play, she is the biggest floater in all of reality shows, there is. And if she is faking it, (come on, spending $4000 on boobs, while mommy can’t pay the rent and get kicked out? is this really true) then she is a scammer just like Natalie.

    2. Who cares if they lie? If you had to tell a lie to get $500,000, you wouldn’t? It’s a game of who can fool others into alliances, schemes, etc.. so they could get the money. This whole game is one big lie. I have no problem if Natalie wins, although I’m probably rooting for Michelle at this point. As much as I dislike her on a personal level, she is where she is because she’s played the game better than a moron like Jeff who kicked his own ass by eliminating Russell. Nat sucks, but she also rocks, because she can lie and manipulate with the best of them, which is exactly what this game is about. She’s gained my respect as a player.

      1. When I said I dislike her, I meant Nat. I actually quiet like Michelle. She’s kinda nerdy, but I don’t really have a problem with her, other than her memory issues. Actually, earlier in the game she did lie a whole lot too, Ronnie style. Eh, they all suck. Hehe.

      2. I don’t really mind if they lie in order to fool someone in the game. But I really hate Natalie’s narcissistic personality. She is very mean hearted. She enjoys insulting other players too much and thinks they deserve it but not her. And Kevin isn’t much better.

    1. All your posts make me laugh..Why do you hate Jeff soo much? What has he ever done to you? You say Jeff would never take a second look at some of his fans and that we dont know him…well neither do you!! So why all the hate? You are just as annoying as all the Jeff fans

        1. First you butter me up, than you kick my ass. hahaha I’ll share a cookie with you just because I’m in a good mood (my loser ass was promoted) and you gave me a giggle.
          I don’t like Jeff. I think he is very fake. I didn’t like the way he treated Jordon or Michelle or even Russell for that matter. Even Natalie has said it’s a game, Jeff believes right down to that hollow soul of his that he is better than everyone else and that he was right and just for doing what he did and for hurting Michelle as much as he did. I can’t pat someone on the back for that.

  42. Well, I really did not think that Kevin was that dumb, but I guess he is. Every season I suffer from disappointment in how people play and the lies they believe. Jeezs. I will watch the show but my heart will not be in it and I will watch again next year, rooting for another Michelle/Keesha! Maybe next year, my fav will win. :)

  43. Does anyone know what time the show airs live?
    I live in Las Vegas Nevada and the show is supposed to be live but it isn’t, so I’m trying to watch it live on my Directv CBS channel and not my local one

  44. My opinions of all you Kevin & Nasty lovers is that you enjoy all the cheating, stealing, lying because that’s how ya’ll are in your own lives. Kevin should be disqualified from the VETO winner and the second place winner should pick who goes out the door. Maybe that’s why they told him to go pack. And as far as Jeff & Jordan…they were real….real people put into BB11 house and showed there flaws and all. At the end of the day most of America loved watching them. Sorry, it’s not as interesting with Jeff gone but it would be great to see the back of Kevin’s head walking out BB house tonight!!!!

    1. Well, aren’t you a weeping vagina. Rooting for sweet people. Aww, how cute. You must have dimples! By the way, did you misspell your own name? It’s Amber, isn’t it? Maybe your dipshit parents did when they named you. Or is that “ya’ll”? LOL.

    2. Thats stupid, most of us can separate a game from our everyday lives, except the Jeff fans. Im not sure why you fans say Jeff and Jordan though, it was always all about Jeff. Jordan doesnt miss him as much as you do.

      1. No, my name is Ambre for one and I happen to be a feminist. I just liked the whole Jordan and Jeff situation over all the lying, cheating, racist, gender-biased remarks – the others were doing non-stop. But they did look like “the all American couple”….so sweet.

        1. Thats funny Ambre the feminist, obviously you didnt catch anything other then what CBS edited to show you. Jeff lied and had some off color comments about Kevin as well. As for the cheating, thats another fabricated J and J story that really hasnt been proved anymore then Jordan cheating when she was listening to Michelles steps. I actually was rooting for Jeff early on the game but he got to be a bigger asshole then Jessie was.

  45. OMG!!! I just read that NataLIE is really a freaking LESBIAN and the whole proposal/bf thing was a scam, and that her name is really “ANA”??? Is that true???!!! WTF!!

    1. I half believe it because did you see her reaction when he proposed to her? It was like her gave her a piece of candy. Where did you read this at?

  46. Just read Gnat’s HOH blog on CBS.COM and let me tell you they definitely do not use spell check. She should get a refund from ASU because it is obvious that they did not teach spelling or the correct usage of words in a sentence. She wants to come off as this smart person who by the way actually has said “I want vindiction for Chima” that’s VINDICATION also she once said “escape goat” that’s SCAPE GOAT… She is an idiot and she really truly comes off as one….

    1. wait till Kevin sees her stuff on religion in reference to him!
      seriously, wtf was that?????

      all her comments about religion and god and telling him to dress “straight” for sure get to him but he bites his tongue. which is definitely smart at this point in the game. I really abhor Nat. I really do and I hope anyone but her wins at the end.

    2. I read it earlier too and noticed her many spelling and/or grammatical errors. The funniest part to me, tho, was how she thanked all of her fans…Um, is there another site where people actually like her? Cause if so, I haven’t found it. It’s funny that she thinks she has fans. Sure, maybe a few here and there, but the majority of America (and Canada) thinks she’s scum. I loved her explanations for why she’s doing what she’s doing, and her statements that she’s played the game with integrity, honesty and loyalty. And, she bashes Michelle saying Michelle went over the line with her lies and schemes…well, what about you NataLIE? I hate it when people on BB get mad at someone for doing exactly what they’ve been doing (lying, scheming, etc.) Anyway, I could go on and on…but, I guess I’ll just leave it at that. I think the Nat-bashing has been done to ad-nauseum. Let’s just hurry up and get this crap season over with, so we can get on with BB 12 All-Stars. Can’t wait to see who they bring back.

  47. To the person who asked “who cares?” if Naty-Lie wins….CBS. In case you all have not been checking the ratings; CBS’ ratings for Big Brother 11 has fallen by 50% since Nasty-Lie won the HOH. That means lost revenues to the network. Those of you who will not be watching tonight’s show, check out SHARK TANK” on ABC. At least Mark Burnette (Producer of Survivor) knows how to bring in an audience. It is clear that CBS does not. Shark Tank will air tonight at 8PM EST/7PM CST. On Thursday, we can all just check out VHI (they have some pretty good reality shows) that beats watching NASTY-LIE.

    Another thing: Nasty-Lie does not shower for 5 days while on her period, showers once a week, and her “fiancee” sticks his rod in that stink hole? YUCK!


  49. Theres a rumor going around thats shes really a lesbian and her real name is anna. Her so called dorky boyfriend is just a friend made up for TV. She sure fits the role of lesbian so maybe its true.

    1. Its funny to see everyone so upset about the HG lying to each other..backstabbing one another..backdooring their “friend”. and having the house this the first time anyone of you ” fans” seen the game? come on people!! I would backdoor my grandma to win $ 500,000. ( and later share it with her ) Theres this thing about Big Brother..they let you know its all a GAME! Only ONE person is going to win oh and theres this thing called a does amazing things like change channels. oooo ahhhh

  50. SHARK TANK on ABC baby! I urge everyone to check that show out. I will not be watching BB11.

    Top 10 Reasons Not to Watch Big Brother 11 (a la David Letterman)

    1. The pandora’s box turned out to be a dud (I will check the blogs to see is that changes).
    2. The U-hem…”proposal” by the queer guy to Nasty-Lie.
    3. The maliciousness even when the game is not being played.
    4. CBS is allowing these “brown” people (I am black, so spare me the race card) to violate the rules, with no punitive consequences.
    5. America has been left out in the going from here on out (so why watch?)
    6. NASTY-Lie not showering.
    7. The boring HOH contest (that allowe the skank to win).
    8. Using the race card by these “brown people” (who open brag that they have never dated other “brown people”.
    9. CBS not showing us more of the jury room.

    and …..drum roll pppllluuueeessseee…….
    10. Nobody else is watching (judging from the headlines about the ratings drop by 50%) this BORING (yawn) show.

    1. I agree as well! I didn’t watch it Sunday and I’m not watching it tonight…but I will check here to see if there is some reason why I should watch it Thursday…which at this point looks slim to none!

  51. LET’s prank NAT

    I had a good post, but I posted when y’all had too much to say.
    Short version here:
    PRANK the prankster!!!!

    When you see her out of the house, DO your little pranks.
    She thinks it’s fun so why not???
    Watch for her, get your water bottles ready, or what ever you think might be fun without getting yourself in trouble with the law!



  52. Of course this game is one big lie. Come on, it was perfect how BB set up the cliques this year, jocks, popular, geek, and outcasts. Do you really think Jessie and ronnie would ever betogether as friends in real life? Funny how Jeff, being a jock, and Jordan being popular became to be together.

    They all lied, pretending to be friends with people who they would never be friends in real life. the only truth to the game was Jeff being a jock, “dating” a popular girl Jordan. That is real life. From reading about Jeff banging girls in europe like no tomorrow, funny how he never tried to go after any of the other girls. That is the only real life thing in BB is. Jeff going after the pretty girl.

    But BB is a lie. Non of these people would have been friends if they met outside the house. Espically with Kevin the primo dona he is. I am not shure if it’s an act or how BB protrays him, but they show him above everyone else, so I can’t see him hanging with anyone in the house because they would be beneath him, the way he talks on TV.

  53. Last night they told Kevin to pack his bags too. they have had them locked up for two days. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything went the other way……..Just to see the look on their faces would be priceless.

  54. This was not suppose to be a reply to ” whatever” oh well

    Its funny to see everyone so upset about the HG lying to each other..backstabbing one another..backdooring their ?friend?. and having the house this the first time anyone of you ? fans? seen the game? come on people!! I would backdoor my grandma to win $ 500,000. ( and later share it with her ) Theres this thing about Big Brother..they let you know its all a GAME! Only ONE person is going to win oh and theres this thing called a does amazing things like change channels. oooo ahhhh

  55. Oh I always forget to say other things..but the hamster running my brain is slow.. I just hope Nat does not win..i really do hope Michele or Jordan wins..hell even Kevin! But NOT NAT!!! OK HAMSTER TAKING A BREAK NOW.why am I yelling?

  56. The venom coming from Nat and Kev is totally unnecessary. They’ve been in control of the house since before Jeff got evicted. There was no strategizing to do with Michelle and Jordan. Nat and Kev have been sitting around just thinking up mean-spirited things to do to both Jordan and Michelle. Natalie was laughing her ass off while Jordan was baring her soul to Kevin. As for Jordan, she doesn’t seem to have a clue she’s being played. I realize she’s not that bright, but she seems to have forgotten that the only reason she made final three is because Jeff carried her. She keeps talking about how she has played the game, but she really got a free ride. And now she’s such a lazy player that she would rather give up on endurance and “trust” Kevin (of all people) to carry her. She all but let him talk her into giving up on round one. This is a woman who needs to finally get in the game and play for her life; rely on no one but herself.
    I have no love for Kev or PP, but Jordan is a mass of excuses. At least Jeff tried hard every time. Since he left, Jordan has been doing everything he advised against and blabbing everything he ever told her in confidence. She can’t really be too upset that he made a final desperate bid for safety at the eviction meeting. He did her a favor by shining a spotlight on Kevin (in case she was too dim to take it all in).

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