Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie Breaks the world record for CHOMPING in the Microphone ***Updated***

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:10pm Kitchen Natalie and Kevin. Natalie is doing a wonderful job of eating and talking with her mouth open. Kevin brings up how the alliances were in the house prior to Jessie leaving, He felt like he was a poutcast on both sides but was closer to Lydia and Chima which made him close to Jessie. Kevin says he was close to Lydia but found she wasn’t playing the game very well, He knew Jessie was playing her. Natalie mentions all the time when Lydia use to sneak up to HOH she was Throwing Kevin under the bus. Kevin knows, he wonders why she would do that when he was always trying to save her. Kevin tells her that he never thought Michele was so smart at this game until he talked to her today. Kevin asks about the NBK alliance he wonders who really was part of it. Natalie says Lydia was never in NBK even though she made up the name. It was Kevin, Natalie, Ronnie, Chima and Jessie. Kevin thinks thats dumb if she made up the name why was she in NBK. Natalie says her and Jessie never considered Lydia as part of the alliance.
They start talking about the TV broadcast and what they will be showing. Kevin is worried that his Man will be upset because he’s on the block and might not know he has the Power of Veto. Kevin explains that his boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of the show so he might not know that the TV broadcast is a little behind… Jordan briefly joins them tells them how tired she is. when she leaves Natalie tells him they need to get Jordan and Michele fighting.. she suggests he tells Michele that Jrodan is saying shit about her and Natalie will tell Jordan that Michele is saying shit about Michele. Kevin agrees.. . Kevin heads to the backyard.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:25pm Kevin in the backyard… worrying. Jordan in the Red room sleeping, Coo COO Magoo location unknown and Natalie is probably in HOH bathroom.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:36pm – 8:01pm Hot tub Kevin and Natalie

Kevin asks her to tell me the advantage of giving any information to these girls. Natalie says they need to have Jordan come to them and they need Jordan to alienate Jordan. Kevin why bother? Natalie thinks that Michele has studied hard and had made a calendar from her birth control she will teach Jordan all she knows. Natalie thinks they need to make

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jordan so messed up in the head that she will fail in the final HOH comp. Kevin is agreeing he thinks they need to get those 2 from not studying. Natalie I cannot believe Michele said that you would safe if she won the POV. “How stupid do they think we are?” Kevin smiles. Natalie tells him that Michele is the devil she was telling Natalie all last week that they need to keep Jeff in that house so they can take out Kevin. Natalie recalls a conversation she had with Michele and she told her that Kevin is the strongest player with Jeff gone and the only way they can get rid of Kevin is to keep Jeff. Natalie says Michele will flip flop with whoever she is talking to that minute, “why do you think Ronnie said those things about her?” Kevin says he knows what?s up with Michele he’s got to try and get Jury votes from her. Natalie tells him not to worry she won’t be getting her Jury vote. Kevin says he’s worried that Michele might figure out that there is no hope and decide to help Jordan. They have previously decided to take Jordan to final 3 and Kevin will win the first endurance comp and Natalie will play the mental competition against Jordan. Kevin is getting really worried that Jordan will beat Natalie in the Mental competition. Natalie tells him no way she will beat Jordan hands down. Kevin mentions that she has beaten Natalie in most comp even the ones that Natalie “Tried” in. Natalie says she isn?t worried but she will try like her live depends on it during the endurance comp. Kevin brings up the last endurance competition and how Jordan beat both of them. Natalie says she wasn’t trying then. Kevin says he is worried that he might shit in his pants during the endurance competition. Natalie tells him do whatever it takes to win.

Natalie tells him the endurance comp will be easy this year because there is 2 girls and one “very athletic guy” Kevin “NO they plan the comps months in advance this bitch will be hard” Natalie tells him that if Jordan falls first in the endurance than they need to hang on for a bit to make it look like they are not together. She brings up the odd chance that Jordan wins the second half… Kevin tells her he think Natalie needs to toss the competition and go against Jordan with questions because he cannot beat her. Natalie “A Plan is a plan” Kevin says Jordan will take yo to the final 2 because she thinks she will not beat me. They start arguing on how they should throw the endurance competition. Kevin wants to make up some code words so he can tell her how many more minutes. Natalie says she cannot make it obvious and throw the endurance comp.. they have to make it believable. Kevin again reminds her that they will be screwing themselves if he goes against Jordan in a bb facts type competition.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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194 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie Breaks the world record for CHOMPING in the Microphone ***Updated***

  1. natalie is a dog the greatest thing that could happen is if kevin saves michelle and takes out jordan then they both go after nasty! She can not win whats up with more twists this bb season has been boring!!!!!that pandora box sucked because natalie had nothing to lose! I hope she loses no one in jury house will vote for a floater and seeing her win hoh was disgusting!!!!

  2. for all the BB rookies ( i have watched it since season 2) kevin did win the POV he cant use it til tues live because then once he takes himself off the block ( Jord) goes up, then Nat votes along with Kevin who goes home. if its a tie 1, 1 nat breaks the tie then that person goes home. next week there is no HOH just comps for the power of veto and whoever gets that gets to send one of the other 2 home. basically picking who they want to go to the final 2 with) (and this will be done in 2 parts live). thurs and sun. (the 3 do the battles to get the power to get out who they want) and that person is evicted then, then the finale’ airs tues live and the winner is picked . this year however, there will only be 6 voters so america will be asked on sun after the 2nd part live show airs to vote for one of the final 2. ( you will know then who the final 2 are because the person who wins the veto sends that person home live. then in the finale if it’s a tie julie breaks it with the americas vote. simon this is correct right?

      1. you’ll see i’m right this is the way it’s been for the last few seasons ( i have the dvds from last year and watched the last 4 episodes and the way i described it all ( except the america vote) is the way they did it last season.. nats ( it’snot considered 2 votes from her) HOH and HOH always breaks tie. the POV is used when the final 3 play. whoever gets that is safe and also picks who leaves. people on here want so much for nat not to win they only believe what they want to believe.

        1. the HOH breaks the tie… when there is a tie…
          This week, there’ll be no tie, cause there’s only one vote.
          When there’s 1,3, 5, 7, 9… votes, there’s NEVER a tie, cause it’s impossible.

          1. not true kev takes himslef off, jord goes against mich, kev n nat vote ( yess HOH votes) if for some reason Kev votes 1 for jord and nat votes 1 for mich ( but I doubt that) they want jord to be final 2) then nat whose HOH will break their own tie ( its never been a tie though)

        2. Funny,none of my dvd’s show anything like that! you do know this is BB america right? put down the budwieser and crack pipe guy!

      2. True,why would they have 2 people voting,then let the HOH say,no I want this person gone,so your gone? is this guy serious? might as well say,if the HOH doesn’t like the vote,they can evict who they want!!

          1. the hoh votes only if there is a tie. if one person is voting, then there is no tie. CAN ANYONE ELSE HELP OUT ON THIS PLEASE

            1. 1 + 0 = 1……1 houseguest votes to evict the 2 houseguest on the block,1 will stay,the other will go home,if you can’;t understand this Porkchop,I will write it in crayon with pictures for you…is this guy 4 real?????

          2. Porkchop, get a clue. The only vote comes from the person NOT on the block. HOH has NO vote.

            Next are the competitions. I’ll make it simple for you:

            3 people play the FIRST compitition. There will be a winner followed by second and third place.

            The winner of the FIRST competition sits out the SECOND competition.

            The winner of the SECOND competition plays the winner of the FIRST competition in the THIRD competition.

            The winner of this gets to choose who to evict (and conversly who to take to the end).

            1. I already tried telling him that, but he wont listen.
              cause he has the dvds from last seasons, and we dont.
              he’s the BB guru.

    1. hmm yeah. it doesnt look like it (that you’re watching since BB2)

      This week, only the one person who is not nominated is voting.

      And next week, its the final HOH competition.
      3 parts:
      1-all 3 HG. the winner advance straight to the final part
      2-the 2 HG that didnt win the first part. Thw winner advance to part 3.
      3-The 2 HG that won each a part of the HOH comp, compete. The winner is HOH, and get to chose who he wants in the final 2 with him.

        1. ok. whatever you say oh big brother guru.

          just watch tomorrow’s vote.

          just watch the final HOH competition.


          we’ll see who’s right.

          the guru or the newbies.

          I’m putting 2$ on the newbies.

          Any other bets guys?!??!

          1. i’m not tryin to be a know it all but i pay attention to everything plus i have the sesaons on DVD ( I recorded) and unless they chane it up what i wrote was how its been done for a few ( not all) seasons. plus i watched the last 4 from last sea and thats how it happened.

            kevin did win the POV he cant use it til tues live because then once he takes himself off the block ( Jord) goes up, then Nat votes along with Kevin who goes home. if its a tie 1, 1 nat breaks the tie then that person goes home. next week there is no HOH just comps for the power of veto and whoever gets that gets to send one of the other 2 home. basically picking who they want to go to the final 2 with) (and this will be done in 2 parts live). thurs and sun. (the 3 do the battles to get the power to get out who they want) and that person is evicted then, then the finale? airs tues live and the winner is picked . this year however, there will only be 6 voters so america will be asked on sun after the 2nd part live show airs to vote for one of the final 2. ( you will know then who the final 2 are because the person who wins the veto sends that person home live. then in the finale if it?s a tie julie breaks it with the americas vote. yaddy yaddy yaddy LOL
            ps its on tues tomorrow is monday ( unless your in another country ) :)

            1. the whole point of the Power of Veto, is to veto one of the nominees.

              if there’s no nominees, there’s no point for the POV.

              You can have a HOH without having POV.
              But you CANT have POV with a HOH.

              1. but in final 3 the pov takes on a whole new meaning, it takes that person off the block and allows that person the power to not put up but evict? havent you been apyuing attention? al the HGs keep saying we gotta win the POV once in final 3 :)

            2. OMG! r u F’n serious guy! its pretaped,its a live eviction on Tues,michelle and jordon are on the block already,99.9% michelle is going home,but kevin maybe is thinkin of keeping might not know it,but alot of us do watch the feeds and BBAD,so we know what happens,before alot of others do.You can’t be watching BB,you are so far off base,its funny!

    2. What are you talking about??? Last Sunday Julie said that the LAST HOH competion would start on Tuesday after the eviction…And end on Thursday…So you’re wrong!!!…There’s one more HOH competition to go…

      1. if you recall even kev said wow Nat your the last person to be HOH on tonights show. geez are you people just watching BB for the first time? and maybe only hearing waht you want. what would be the point of HOH with only 3 left ( ater someone leaves on tues) dah. then if 3 and 1 is HOH ah he-she will put up like the only 2 left? I watched the DVDS from last season and the way i describe it is what I SAW on DVD ? from last season.

          1. maybe you should go to bed you are probaly sleep deprived fom watching the feed 24-7 ( and no sleep is no good you are getting delirious. :)

            1. it’s funny how NO ONE agree with you.
              DVD from past seasons?! past seasons of what?!

              Obviously not BB USA.
              And for your information, I dont have the live feeds. I’m just watching the show on tv.

              But anyways, we’ll see tomorrow, we can stay here, arguing about this, but everyone disagree with you, and you’re not listening.

              Just watch the show. not the one on your DVR or whatever. just watch it.

          2. Kayla27, I agree with you that Porkchop is getting on EVERYONE’S nerves.

            The only good thing about this is I think we now have found someone that makes Jordan look brilliant :)

    3. For being a so called BB don’t know crap,Kevin is the lone vote to evict on Tuesday.Nasty does not get to vote,and its a 3 part comp,not two! it has always been 3 parts to the finals!sure you aren’t watching Rock of love or I love New York?Love how people dog other people,thinking they know it all.Ronnie thought that too,and look what happened to

    4. Wrong,he won it saturday and put jordan up genius!!only the Eviction and HOH is live on Tues.the POV has already been played,again you don’t know what your talking about!

  3. whats the point of kicking someone when they are down… reason to start shit between mich and jordan.
    just ANOTHER example of gayvin and nasty showing how nice they are.
    i dont know how people can defend these nut jobs.

    by the way

  4. I give up!! I kept thinking “Okay, well Jeff is gone, but I still like Michelle!” Now she is probably going too!! And I don’t think Jordan will ever survive in the 3 comps coming up. Ugh!! Natalie declared when Michelle leaves she will announce that it’s “for Chima”. . .what?? Like Michelle ever did anything to Chima!! I say they just start BB12 instead of finishing the rest of the season. . .pull that out of Pandora’s Box. . .a whole new cast!! I’m hoping for an All-Stars next season (w/out Jessie or Natalie!!)!!

    1. Umm…Chima was put on the block and targeted for eviction by Michele. This came right after a week of Michele cozying up to Chima and promising not to put Chima on the block. Even Michele herself admitted to Jordan that putting Chima on the block was the first really dirty thing she’s done in the game. Why don’t you try viewing the game objectively for a change? The only person who hasn’t done anything deceptive in the game is Jordan, and now that she doesn’t have Jeff, she’s proving to be what she mainly is, a nice person but a bad Big Brother player.

      1. jordan didn’t do anything deceptive in the game per se, but her constant nagging for jeff to get russell out because she hated him has proven to be very destructive for jeff and just maybe herself

      2. BUT. . .Chima was already pissed off about the CDT before she was even put up on the block. Michelle never even had the chance to evict her. . .who knows what would have happened had Chima not freaked out!! Chima had issues WAY before she was put on the block by Michelle!! She was threatening to quit as soon as the CDT was used. . .had nothing to do with Michelle. Natalie is one of the most annoying houseguests ever on the show. . .with her crown, robe, sunglasses and her “for Chima” battlecries!! She does not deserve to win the game!! Lying has always been a part of BB, but she lies about such unnecessary things!! I will watch the rest of the season, but I don’t have to like it. And I’m ready for an All-Stars season again. . .

    2. michele put chima on the block after they had agreed that they would never put each other up. chima’s influence saved michele pleny of times from being put on the block.

  5. I think I can answer Kevin’s question about Lydia. She wasn’t playing the game. Of all the houseguests, I think she and Jordan both just kind of looked at the situation as themselves having new roommates, rather than living with competitors that were all competing against each other. Lydia’s goal became Jessie, rather than winning and just like the others did with the game, she worked very hard at it (accepting abuse, bashing the people that cared about her to those that didn’t just to fit in, remembering only good qualities about Jessie, etc.) And Jordan just wanted to have fun and get to know people, I think. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s more likely to make you a nice person than a BB winner. Then again, with Michelle evicted, she’d still have a shot at that, as well.

  6. what is really wrong with natalie? on a serious note. to get the other houseguest fighting is truly ludacris.. she must be a very unhappy person and is not satisfied until she sees people hurting and crying and at each other’s throat. pathetic.

    1. and on another note, kevin is no better. i thought that he would be more mature than that. i guess those two are super bored and can’t think of any good things to do.

  7. I just wasted an hour of my life (well a litlle less since it was DVR’d). I only watched it because I saw the posts on the previous update about voting to give someone money. I voted for Michelle. I hope she gets it.

    How is it possible to dislike a person more and more each time you see them on tv or read about them on this site? This is how I feel about Natalie. She is just nasty!


    1. I bet you watch after Tuesday. Just like all the Jeff fans, you will watch and have some wild fantasy about Jeff coming back. He will be back on the 15th of September and you will watch that too, so your gonna boycott 2 whole shows, maybe, you might just watch a bit on Thursday and a liitle on Sunday, lol

        1. Yeah, thanks, I wish people could vent their frustrations without the, “im done with the show after the next one”. Its a game and their heart throb lost, get over it. Now they want to give him 25 grand so he can lose that too.

          1. I was looking at Jeff’s picture trying to find something that everyone else is so gaga over something that they would lose their shit over. I don’t get it. He isn’t overly attractive. He’s mean and rude, wouldn’t know loyalty if it hit him upside the head with a CDT. He has to be the dumbest BB player ever. I don’t get it. Am I missing something? I’m usually the one to fall for the dumb pretty boys.


  9. Holy shat! Did anyone see how nasty Nat acted when she seen her BF? And when he asked her to marry him her body language said something else. She acted not so surprised with his asking and even more was the way she acted when she walked in the room, she didn’t act like the person in love and missing her BF. Any other girl would jump in their arms and kiss hard for missing them. Nat did not act like she wanted to get married, I hope her BF doesn’t get played like the house guests have from her.

    Hilarious when the cat jumped at Jordan when she first seen it, she freaked!

    1. Maybe for once she realized he was going to smell her because she has such bad grooming habits. Maybe it was a tinge of shame that she has shown a side of herself that she has been hiding from him….maybe she has had second thoughts about him and is hoping for a future with no-neck I mean Jessie. She really is a horrible person. I said it before and I will say it again…what is so attractive about her? She doesnt take care of her grooming, she is a liar, a backstabber, ashe has no manners, and is an egomaniac..She thinks too highly of herself, she talks as if she has won several competetions and truth is she got lucky to win HOH this week. Doing it for Chima sounds so ghetto. If she were related to me I would be ashamed to claim her.


  10. lack of emotion because she is a SOCIOPATH and I bet Anita is not her mother but is her kid or something. I am almost interested in finding out who she really is and what she is really doing.

  11. if these rumors are true then I dont want to watch anymore BB, cause if they can lie about nats name and her being married, then who knows what else isnt true on this show? i know most all the other reality shows have some coaching and it doesnt take a genius to see it.

    1. notice that bb call them houseguests and the other’s call them contestants? I guess this way they can claim it is not a game show so they can rig it or steer it anyway they like. I still can not believe that they want natalie in there, she must even make the production team crazy.

    2. If those rumors are true, there won’t be a show to watch anyhow. I’m not sold. The ratings are up. Last week they swept the Thursday night ratings again. What would make them lose sponsors? Controversy like the 9/11 stuff or the “bent over a box handcuffed” comments? People crying over Jeff losing?

  12. go to the big brother website to vote for JEFF for american player so he can get $25,000

    at least he can get that

    thank you

    go vote now and spread the word

    1. A vote for Jeff is a vote for tyranny, egotism, and stupidity. If that floats your boat, go for it. Or, if its just that you like his pretty face, maybe he’ll do for you what he offered to do for Russ, and send you a picture of him so you can use it for personal pleasure.

      1. Russell could send me his picture. oh yum! The night he went into the jury house that boy was HOT. Yup, he was that HOT I had to use capital letters. If I didn’t have an ‘other’ I would so be chasing him all over the BB house freaky ear and all.

        1. No doubt. Russ is hot, hot, HOT. The fact that he acts like a man and tells people straight to their faces what’s up, just adds to his appeal.

  13. dont you love Ragamuffins response to her boyfriends proposal….”hell yeah” sounds real genuine huh..if she does win…..(sorry threw up just typing that) she will kick him to the curb.

  14. I really hope that a great deal of the people who comment never ever sign up for Big Brother and actually make it on. What a boring sissy tv show it would be.

    Natalie and Kevin are not nearly as bad as I want them to be. Take no prisoners people. I’d like them to have Michelle and Jordon hiding in the bathroom stall screaming uncle.

    If only BB accepted Canadian houseguests, dear heavens, I would be the most hated. If I wasn’t voted out first I would swallow a balloon of itching powder, poop it out and sprinkle it in the crotch of everyones underware.

    I would eat slop pie til it came out of my ears. I’d sleep standing up in the yard wearing nothing but a smile. I’d psych out those losers til they peed their pants and threatened to jump off the balcony outside my HOH room.

    There is no room for cry babies on BB. Play the game or get out.

    1. while I often disagree with your posts, I must say the itching powder idea is quite clever and actually made me giggle just a bit! Perhaps a bb canada is the next step since it is obvious the us one is tanking. Just please don’t pick a booger while your eating candy.

      1. oh no, Canadian Big Brother would suck. I want the whole BB USA experience. If it was Canadian we’d probably only make 5 grand. I want the 500 thousand and to meet Julie chen when she crowns me winner of Big Brother. haha

        1. Yeah the Canadian versions of US shows always are second rate and suck!!! Canadian Idol, Canada’s Next Top Model. None of them would even make it on the US shows but all the best comedians come from Canada. At least they have humor.

        2. Canadian BB would never work anyway, can you imagine if someone poured out our beer like Lydia did with Michelle’s, it would be a jury you would facing, not a jury house. eh

        3. If it was Canadian at least you would get all of the money instead of losing over half to taxes thats how there shows work.

    2. Your my son in law aren’t you? You sound just like him – he says the exact same thing about only if they took Canadians and how he would be the first kicked out.

      1. me gg? haha I’m a girl. I stuff my bra. I love reality shows. I wanted to go on Survivor, no such luck. I even prepared for it just in case. I’d stand on one leg in a tanning booth to simulate heat and stress. I also wanted to try out for the Pussy cat Dolls but no such luck. It’s tough being Canadian. haha

  15. That proposal and Natalie’s body language was soooooooooooo lame. Something is very seriously wrong with that girl/woman……maybe he was a CBS prop!!! Big Brother really messed up on this whole season. It should be Michelle and Kevin to the end and I would hope Michelle would win it. I have watched Big Brother for many seasons and never have seen a more vindictive group of women, Natalie, Chima, Lydia. Their vile personalities have ruined the entire season.

    1. You forgot to mention Jordan in your list of vile women. She is every bit as ugly as the rest, The constant filth that comes out of her mouth is disgusting, and I’ve never seen anyone backbite the others (not to mention her friends at home too) and much as she has.

      1. I kinda agree, Jordan lost her charm as soon as those two got some power in the game. She was down right rude to Russell and is lucky he did not bounce her on her a$$ when she chest bumped him. She wanted Russell out because she knew he held no loyalties to her. Her poor poor pitiful me routine annoys me. O boo hoo, we lost our house, sniffle sniffle…massage the booby cause I just spent money on new ones. Just my opinion. And if she calls the seed of a piece of fruit a nut one more time I am going to scream.

  16. OMG SIMON!!!!!!!!! I was away a couple of days and just came here…I LOOOOOOOVEEEEE the new houseguest pics!!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!! PRICELESS!!! LMFAO

  17. do you think that in the control room sometimes they hear “production you are not allowed to talk about houseguest” In Natalie’s voice? of course with a piece of candy shoved in her pie hole.

  18. FINE BB, JUST GIVE PP THE WIN. What the hell was with tonight’s episode?? Pandora’s box is not ‘give, give, give’ to the one who not takes bathes. WTF!! And, the witch lies to Kevin about the engagement……………. guess, the pychopath gets the prize.
    Least after BB ends, Dexter on Showtime starts.

  19. sorry nasty, I dont buy the “boyfriend” one little bit. they acted more like brother and sister than bf and gf…ridiculous. apparantly she lies to him too if he really thinks she is his gf and they are now engaged……..soooo stupid.

    1. Sorry…I’m voting for Russell. He deserves it more than that dumbass Jeff does!!!…Besides, if we DO vote for Jeff he’s gonna get another head rush and think that America is still in love with his backstabbing ass…I might’ve voted for him to win the coup de ‘etat but I won’t vote for him again!…What’s the saying?…Fool me once shame on you…Fool me twice shame on me?…Oh jeez, sounds like Jordough is spilling her guts to Gnat-a-lie!!!…Calgon take me away!!!

  20. I am hoping Russell gets the $25,000…just not Jeff or Jordan. Though I am sure one of them will get it since it seems 99% of people here think they deserve everything handed to them.

    1. 99.96% is more like it. There are only a few of us out there who want to give the money to someone else besides Jeff or Doughball

    1. Right. Was that just an edit on the CBS show? I wish we could see all his diary room sessions, because maybe CBS is just showing the anti-Gnat ones to build drama and suspense. I am so hoping he will pick Coo Coo Magoo to go to final 3 and kick Gnat’s ass.

  21. if kevin decides to save michele, there is going to be WORLD WAR 3 in that house between nat and kevin!! i really hopes he saves michele so that i could witness the fallout!

  22. I think her reaction to the proposal was not so great because she is still hung up on Jesse. She said something a few days ago about her being mean to him before he left and how she wanted to smooth it over. She has also made a few remarks like how she despises Lydia. They looked pretty chummy before Lydia left but I think GNat still hates her because she is doing Jesse in the jury house. I also remember her saying if her boyfriend didn’t exist she would date Jesse. I think she still wants him and that is why she wasn’t so excited when her b/f asked her to marry him. I heard her say something about winning the money buying a house and getting a rock for her finger for an engagement ring. I thought hmmm who pays for their own ring??? They probably were planning to get married before she went in and Gnat being her thought let’s milk it for what its worth and get BB to pay for it. I HATE GNAT she is an awful girl.

  23. I just want to say the Twist tie as an engagement ring LMAO , funniest thing I’ve seen this whole season… That fits Gnasty to a tee. I had to pause the DVR to laugh. Girl is on National TV and her man came at her with a twist tie, People that’s FUNNY!!! Then to top it off she dressed up like a Dollar Store Pimp for nominations. This Girl is MESSED UP from the floor up OK, Also loved the way she tried to lie and Kevin wasn’t buying I hope he makes a deal with Michelle for final 2. I’m still laughing Gnat’s ring isn’t a Carat is was on a Bag of carrotts LOL!!!

  24. Why is everyone crying because someone lied on the bb show in order to win 500gs? When Will lied and admitted that he was l;ying to the house guest and they kept him and he won, everyone celebrated his success! Now! people are crying because Jeff went home and lost not only the money, but his dignity as a man. He played with Jordan and used her. He bragged to Russel about his Europe travels and all the women he screwed. Only in America would this punk receive praise. Then, before he gets the boot, he throws simple minded Jordan under the bus and she looked as crazy as he did when he walked out the door. It is a game where people lie and manipulate their way to the finals. Get over it people. Natalie, Kevin, Machelle, and 99% of the rest of them lied and cheated their way forward… It is a live soap opera and your feelings are hurt… WOW! lol

    1. its because she taunts and terrorizes. shes in a power role and is acting like an ass. she is worse than jesse when he was hoh.


  25. HA! Pillsbury(jordo) just said she may win americas vote because since jessie left america has seen the sweet side of nat….HUH?

    1. Nastily has been so unnecesarily rude. How in the world does talking shit about other people behind their backs with your allies constitute playing the game? It isnt the game at all to personally insult people when they arent even around to defend themselves. That is just being a petty insecure bitch.

    1. BB is trying to make it look so hard that kevin and michele might like each other, but i dont see him doing it. I hope he grows a pair and DOES keep michele, as she is a much stronger player than natalie, but kevin seems to be up in Natalies ass for some reason.

      the one chance that it might actually happen is if someone can tell me if after the couple of convos that Kevin had with Michele about final 2, ie in the hot tub briefly about his “best scenario” taking her to the final 2, and in the Hoh room that they showed tonight, if kevin went to nastily and told her what he talked to michele about? If not then there is a real chance that kevin might keep michele, as he isnt a dumb player at all.

    2. I hope he does. I rather see Michelle stay and Jordan go. I still don’t understand why he got POV. I thought that you couldn’t keep notes. Kevin and Nat were studying that calendar on events in the bb house. Thats cheating.

    3. I hope so, but I think BB was throwing us off last night. In his DR’s he acts like he can’t stand PP. And the conversation he was having with Michelle in the HOH room. I really don’t think Michelle believed him. That would be so great, but I think Kevin feels Michelle is a stronger player. He is too much of a pussy.

    4. It would be stupid to keep Michelle. BB is trying to make it seems like Mich has a chance she doesn’t it will be funny not only to see Jeff in the jury house tomorrow but Michelle in there on Thurs. Sweet revenge

  26. What is the matter with BB Production??? they have blown this show and ruined BB so that even if it does come back, most of us will not watch again. The frustration level with these losers is health threatening and life shortening. Why not a likable winner?? Dan was last season. This season it will be a hated houseguest. That whole Pandora’s Box bit tonight was worthless and pointless.

    And, while I’m ranting. I’ve reached the limits of my tolerance for those of you who insist on saying he seen, she seen I seen. THat is so INCORRECT and IGNORANT. Go back to basic grammer and learn that it is I SAW, She SAW, he SAW or I have seen, he has seen, etc. NEVER I seen, he seen. Sorry…just had it with the low lifes on BB and don’t want the rest of us to be like them. The him and I’s and me and her’s need to be corrected, too. (Gotta rant about something other than Natalie — she is not going to go away and it is so frustrating that it makes it diffiult to tolerate anything else annoying. She and Michelle need to watch themselves eat on the replays. Disgusting.)

    1. So you want them to rig it so your favorite houseguest wins? They tried so hard to get Jeff to win, they even tipped him off in the DR to not evict Russell, but he was too dumb. He backstabbed his best ally in the house, so he lost.

      I personally disliked Dan and was upset he won last season. He was a slimeball. As correctly articulated by Jerry.

    2. Thank you, Marigold! I can’t stand this bad grammar. Natalie’s manners simply don’t exist. to give her half a milliion when I just read that she said she wouldn’t even invest any and apparently drops $100 a week on the spa (what???).. It’s all too depressing. I shouldn’t let this bother me, but it really does. I can’t bear to hear her chewing and eating with her mouth open and believing she’s so honest when she is a slimy scum bag.

      1. LOL. Yeah, not investing money is a terrible idea. I’m sure all those people that Bernie Madoff screwed over or lost it all in the stock market crash would agree.

    3. Marigold, before you come down on others for the’r grammar….check yourself first!!!!!! It’s Grammar with an A not an E. Idiot!!!!!

    4. First of all, if you want a certain type of person to win, you are asking it to be rigged–and if it is already rigged, they really need to work on the plot considerably. Second of all, for as much strategy as involved in the show, a lot also rides on chance. Someone slips, someone doesn’t buzz in fast enough, etc. That means there are at least some events that occur that are not the result of anyone’s behavior. Next, if the show is shortening your lifespan, perhaps you should quit watching. Try an episode of ALF instead. Fourth: You shouldn’t speak for others. Finally, if you are going to give a grammar lesson, do yourself a favor and at least make sure that you look up a word if you don’t know how to spell it, you capitalize letters that start a sentence, and you don’t overuse question marks.

  27. I think Big Brother is only good if you actually like someone who is still in the game. I liked Casey, Laura, Russ, Jeff and Michele. When Michele is out I am done. If I had to vote for one of the 3 left it woul dhave to be Kevin only because he is at least funny. He is an a***h*** but at least funny. I wouldn’t watch it happen though. After Michele leaves I am done for the season. No reason to waste time watching any of them win.

  28. OK people, I am pretty good at this, so bare with me as I take a crack at it ! 1st Nasty’s
    Boyfriend and the proposal = has to be true. I believe this was set up at the beggining of the year by her dumbass boyfriend it was just that Nasty has never won HOH so they couldn’t pull it off until now. BB probably didn’t even want to do it now since they too believe she doesn’t deserve it. It has to be true even though I too thought the meeting was suspicous, because she tried to discise it with her on going trail of lies and would of stuck to it until she dug a hole for herself by trying to lie on her feet. She needs time to think and consol others to tell a good lie. She has now won 2nd prize because whoever wins will take her to the final 2, but I don’t see her winning as she doesn’t have the votes in the Jury house…Here is the IRONY of this whole season. Nasty keeps saying that she is doing this for revenge for Chima and Jessie and in the end it will be those two that will stop her from winning the 1/2 mil. Chima took herself off the jury and Jessie I truely believe he will NOT give this wench his vote.

    1. there is a good possibility that kev may save michele and nat might not make it 2 final 2. can’t wait to see how this week plays out.

    2. Big clue most people missed on nat story of boyfriend (which alot of bloggers didn’t believe thier big mistake) was she talked to Kevin and told him she had a lot of haters on the web. BIG CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!! How would she know about internet? She had to talk to someone and even Julie said something that has never hapened before in BB history.

  29. STILL DREAMING, I know… But it sure would’ve been great if Pandora’s box had activted some video or recording into the downstairs rooms while Gnat was in PB box with her bf(?) the recordings would be of Gnat’s DR sessions about her age, poker, trying to steal Jeff’s trip, LML, etc. Can you imagine the looks on J/M/K’ s faces when Gnat walked downstairs after something like THAT happened? Gnat would be in Ronnie seclusion for sure!!!!! Now that would’ve been a real PB releasing evil!!!!

  30. OK, on tonites show, when they were showing the tie breaker for HOH, Julie clearly
    said how many cans were in the tubes. In that case Jordon was closer. Why don’t
    they catch this? It wasn’t how many cans were in their barrell. Somebody help and
    get them to reconsider this one.

    1. jordon had admitted that she was confused about the question. do you know for a fact know how many cans were in the tube or barrell. julie said something like 91

    2. The question meant ‘how many cans had been dropped into the tubes by the end of the game’. We know that to win, Jeff had to get 24 cans in, and Kevin was right behind him with 23… there were 3 (i think?) other people competing as well…. so the total of all the cans dropped in the tubes was 90-something. Jordan thought the question was asking how many cans were needed to win… she misunderstood, but so did alot of people. it was worded kind of funny, especially if you were being asked the question on the spur of the moment and you had HOH riding on it.

    3. The question was how many cans were in all of their tubes. Tubes are what they dropped them into, barrels are where the cans came from. Jordan was WAAAAAAAAY off.

  31. I am a sucker for engagement stories. The girl jumps into the arms of her beloved and they hug. cry and kiss, etc. Nat acted like he just asked her out for a cheeseburger and fries. No emotion at all. I wonder if she was planning to break up with him once she was out of the house??? I feel sorry for her BF – it looked like he was starting to tear up, but Nat gave no reaction to the whole proposal. I hope Kevin’s DR confessions truly reflect his suspicions about Natalie. He talks trash about her in the DR and then he is Nat’s best friend. The Nat and Kevin thing is truly wierd.

    1. I agree. She did not show any emotion to his proposal. I am beginning to belive that this show is fixed. Everyone won the HOH and she was the last. How did they know that she was going to win in and her boyfriend there in time to propose?

      He better think twice about marrying this girl.

      1. Doesn’t anyone in the house think it’s crazy Nat got engaged at 18? I was shocked Michele even said on the show last night something about Nat being 18, as if she is! C’mon Michele, you are smarter than that! I have no desire to follow the story in the future, but I’d put money down that the marriage never happens. If it does, Nat found the most stupid guy in the world.

      2. Jason is an idiot. If he has been watching the show, he is a moron. I would be pissed if my husband was all over someone the way she was with Jessie. And, yeah, if someone got on their knees for me, I would be crying, kissing and hugging him. Unless BB left that out to make us believe she is a heartless bitch, but I don’t think so.

      3. She didn’t even want to kiss him. I know if I had been away from my love for awhile I would have run up to them JUMPED into their arms, planted a big one on them and cried like a newborn just slapped on the butt. Then to get proposed to OMG Niagra falls would have been my new name.
        Nasty braggs to much when she wins a pool game or even rock, paper, scissors to the point Simon’s ears bleed lol.
        There is something going on.
        I so want to slap a cork into Jordan’s mouth, she gives too much game play away. She is going to talk herself out of the final two.

    2. I don’t know. She already said (several times, like everything else) that she had been shopping for rings. Chances are the real proposal occurred pre-show and they were hoping to use the show to maybe get some monetary assistance with the wedding costs and what not –especially if the public took an interest in the couple as they did Rob and Amber from Survivor. They turned their marriage into a franchise. Anyhow, that would explain why she was so blas? about the whole thing.

  32. As POV winner Kevin will have the only vote this week. Since he has the only vote their will be no tie, so he’ll decide who goes home.

    Also, if I’m understanding what Natalie read when she chose to accept the Pandora’s box, then she will not be playing in the next HOH (or POV) competition…..(They’re one in the same)…..

    She read off of the cards that if she chose Pandora’s box that she would not be able to play in the POV competition in the finals.

    So basically she will be one of the two nominations. The two who DO NOT win the next HOH (POV) competion will automatically be the two nominees, and whoever does win will have the only vote.

    1. the POV competition that she couldnt play in has already been played out. Its the one that everyone is speculating kevin cheated in.

  33. Ha ha ha pp is calling someone a liar that bitch and makes it sound that she is such stand up person i used to like jordan but she is kissing ass to pp and princess drama queen does anybody not have any integrity

    1. Jordan’s actually being smart and she’s finally starting to play the game on her own. She has Nat and Kevin as fooled as much as they do her -you can tell that from her conversations with Michelle. Besides, there is barely one house guest that didn’t suck up to the people in power. Natalie did, Kevin did, Russell did, Jeff did, Michelle did, Ronnie did, Lydia did. Maybe the only one who didn’t was Braden. And he was first out the door.

  34. Ugh, Pig Pen is starting to run off on Jordan…Jordan is scraping her feet and rinsing it off in the hot tub! Gross! I gotta say, Kev cracked me up tonight. I love how he calls PP “Biz Snatch”! lol

  35. Have you all voted to give Jeff or Jordan the 25K? I think it needs to go to Jeff, but I do wish poor old Jordo would get some money.. she’s so poor. Bloody Natalie.. I would LOVE to see her being evicted and not in final two..Even if Michele is evicted (which is so frustrating and I feel so sorry for her, why does everybody call her the devil??? The only thing I didn’t like that she did was when she didn’t cop to Chima what Russell was trying to have her back him on, thus creating that huge fight between Russell and Chima.. and turning the game so ugly. Apart from that, bless her heart, she’s been alone,basically, and really takes the abuse with her head held high)… Oh, I got sidetracked.. even if Michele is evicted, all I can ask for is that Natalie does not make it to the final two, but it doesn’t look likely that she won’t.

    1. J/J don’t deserve to win. They were the most hypocritical of all the houseguests and were also the most tyrannical. Its unfortunate CBS cut out ALL of the horrible things they did and said. They are both so stupid and self-centered that they through away a sure walk to final 4. I’d never vote for that much stupidity. As for Jordan, she doesn’t deserve a DIME. Any girl who would get a boob job instead of helping to save their family home from foreclosure deserves ZERO. Not only that, but she wants to spend the money partying with her friends, etc. Why should she get the money?

  36. I voted for Michele. Jeff would have been gone long ago if he hadn’t received the CDT. Without any help (like Jeff’s CDT) and being maligned by almost every single person in that house, including Jeff and Jordan, Michele has managed to stay in the game. No one has played harder and completely alone. I am so sorry that she is not going to be rewarded for her good game playing and will be leaving the house before those 2 scum bags (Nat & Kev). I liked Jordan but after all this time I am just tired of watching her eat herself silly. When she started saying that she trusted Natalie more than Michele, well that just did it for me. I think Jordan is a total fool. Nice, but ridiculously clueless. Giving Jordan any money would be rewarding her for basically sitting around eating and sleeping (platonically) with Jeff. No game play at all. Of course they want to take Jordan to the final. Piece of cake! :)

  37. Natalie showed no emotion whatsoever for a girl who was just proposed to…she barely said goodbye to him when she left the room….not even I love you, I miss you, nothing….if he gave her a bag of candy she would have been more thrilled and shown more emotion. I can see this guy being henpecked by her if they marry….she will say what goes, and be the one wearing the pants in the family…(even if they are basketball shorts!) No wonder his mother doesnt like her, or his sisters…they have smarts!

    1. I vote for Jeff also. Just ‘cuz he won the CDT doesn’t mean anything. It didn’t save HIM, it saved Russell and Lydia who turned on him right after. No matter what he did SOMEONE was gonna have a whiney baby fit. Why be so mean to Jordan? ‘Cuz she EATS and is a little gullible? So what? Natalie is a stupid lying twerp who cannot admit defeat OR that she is a sneaky little mouse. She says the dumbest things and is lucky just to be there. Jordan is cute and I am sure there are many BB Fans out there chomping on their own version of cookie dough while watching the show.

  38. I remember 18 years ago when I proposed to my sweet taters how happy and excited she was, running around showing everyone her ring,,,ah, good times… Gnat’l’lie could not have shown any less enthusiasm after her acceptance “hell yeah” of this poor schmucks twisty tie! He seemed to be justifiably upset when p.p. Said she was not going to tell the others because it would hurt her game. B.b production has once more made us out to be liars! When nasty pig pen came clean,(about the lie,,, not like bathed clean) nobody, especially me,believed her because I thought “hmmm…big brother would never let a houseguest have contact with someone from outside the house? ” I mean they cut them off when they’re even talking about people from the outside! They really let us down with the pandoras box. There were no serious repercussions for gnat, in fact it helped her! Why are they trying to get us to like her? Is it to cover their asses in case she wins? God damn Alison !!! You could at least warn us so we can get some lube before you screw us. And on a humbler note, I want to publicly apologize to Rockstar for misjudging you hastily the other day. Reading your posts I now find that you are very funny and are probably one hot piece of Canadian tail! Please accept my apologies.

    1. Mr. Pickles- I probably would not have seen this post only for the fact I’m such a geek and I can find my name with the wonderful use of the Shift and F button. Normally, I won’t share my cookies with non Natalie fans however, since you were nice and apologised I’ll make an exception. Don’t make me regret it.

  39. if you all cant stand some of these houseguests, then why on earth are you watching the 24 hour feed. get a life and only watch the broadcasts. its just a game yall!!

  40. Really? A twisty tie? How embarassing for her. Well at least she can’t brag about her ring. Her boyfriend had that “deer caught in the headlights” look on his face! I laughed soooo hard that it hurt! I actually believe that this proposal was totally fake and was in fact contrived by gnat herself to try to get America to like her. What self respecting man would propose on t.v. Without even bringing a ring! I know I couldn’t do it, what about you? Gnat’l’lie showed way more affection for jessie than she did towards her fianc?! He also looks about 20 years older than her! Not that there’s anything wrong with that it’s just that normally when you see a girl that young with an older man it’s because the girl is more mature and needs to be with someone that is on the same plane emotionally. Gnat seems to be extremely immature so they just don’t look like they belong together.

  41. You can tell the house is getting boring when people on the blogs are mostly pointing out other peoples grammar and spelling mistakes!

  42. I agree.. my vote goes to michelle. I can’t watch the show live anymore. I tivo it so I can fast forward through anything pig pen utters.

    I did hear though that she believes america doesn’t like her because she was aligned with Jessie. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she becomes privy to the millions of posts that are dated post jessie. Jordan told her during bbad, “America will love you and your engagement story”.. Oh Jordan, Jordan,.. I hope one day you stop tweeking the part in your hair from right to left and pick up a book or a newspaper. Honestly I believe when Jordo finally borrows her friends computer and sees her Penthouse debut? Not to mention every topic this girl talks about has to do with vaginas, penises, rectums and foul smelling odors that accompany them.

    I lost my enchantment with the J&J couple after Jeffs HOH reign. As for Jordans $$ poor family?
    Are you seriously going to vote for someone who purchased breast implants 6 months before having the bank take your family home in foreclosure? Sorry folks. Let them live under her wall-eyed bullet boosoms (which are too large and too far apart for the record).

    Jordan won HOH because Jeff launched the golf ball into outter space. The only thing she has done semi successfully is continually drag that hunk of hair over to the left so she doesn’t look bald! (sorry, that much hair yanking is OCD x’s 1,000!! IN FACT, that much hair play will MAKE you go bald!
    OK, now I’m just being mean..sorry..

  43. Michelle got my vote for the 25k… she’ll be leaving the house with a lot of fans and with her head held high, she put up with ALOT of trash talking and abuse from people, especially gNat’s lies (which were out of control and definitely aimed ‘below the belt’)

  44. actually jordan is right no to trust michelle…of course she shouldn’t trust natalie or kevin either but michelle talks smack about jordan all the time with natalie and kevin…she is alone in this game now that jeff is gone…and as far as saying she has done nothing but eat and sleep i can’t agree…jordan has put all her effort into the competitions and has almost won a lot of them..she gets flustered and screws up at the last second…and as far as jeff giving her hoh in the golf comp…she could’ve done that one on her own…i agree to a certain extent that she rode jeff’s coat tails but i don’t think it’s fair to say that is all she did…she wasn’t a floater and she didn’t rely on everyone else do the dirty work she just didn’t get the opportunity to do it..but she did try…natalie has thrown almost every competition she played in…kevin and michelle have put effort into the game but i can’t stand michelle’s game play/strategy and kevin is just a mean person…i hold out hope that jordan does take the game!!!

  45. I cant stand chima, she is a race card playing waxed faced, two faced lying piece of trash. she did it all to herself!!! And gnastilie, oh my gosh, shes a freaking idiot, not to mention she looks like a chimpanzee from the side, i laugh everytime i see a side profile of her the way her lower jaw and nose and lips stick!!! lol!!! And what a lier, she cant tell the truth to save her life, and for her boy friend to propose to her after her being so pissed and jealous over little willy jessie.

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