Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin: “Chima royally screwed me” and Jordan tells us all about BIG TEXAS

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:15pm Kevin and the witches playing card games very little talk.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm Kitchen Michelle, Russell and Jordan. Russell is asking if everything is alright with Jeff, he seems a little short today. Jordan says he’s fine just dealing with stress. Jordan stats massaging her chest saying they feel like they weigh 10lbs each.. Russell tells her she should go on the scale and get Jeff to hold they than she will find out how big they are.. Jordan laughs “Nooo!”. Russell asks Jordan if she wants to play cards tonight. Jordan says sure but just for a bit she gets really bored of cards. Russell tells Jordan he’s been hanging back lately because he felt Jordan and Jeff needed some space. Jordan tell him not to worry come talk to them whenever. They are all waiting for it to be 9 so they can eat… They start talking about endurance competitions and Russell says peeing his pants was the best thing because it warmed him up. Michelle says she wore a pad during it.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm Backyard, Russell, Michelle and Jeff talking about POV competitions. Michelle wonders if the POV is inside this week. Jeff says he’s never heard of a indoor POV. Russell comes over and offers them some of his food he’s been cooking.. Michelle says his peppers were very hot “there was smoke coming out of my ears”.. Michelle brings up what it would be like if the entire house ate together. Jeff tells her he doesn’t care about the other group they can all take a hike as long as we are not killing each other.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm-10:25pm Red room Kevin, Natalie and Lydia. Talking about Chima leaving. Kevin says if she would of stayed 12 hours things would of been different. When she left the entire game changed. Kevin says he likes Chima but her leaving royally screwed him in the game. He told her this but she was too mad to care. Lydia agrees saying Chima did screw them for leaving, “she wasn’t thinking about us or the game”. Kevin points out how Chima would always say “i;m going home it over” when she was nominates. He was trying to get her to shut up and think of a way out.. thats what Big Brother is about getting nominated and surviving. Lydia brings up the diary room season and they asked her what it has been like for Natalie lately. Lydia told them Natalie was a little bird and she got her wings clipped after JEssie and Chima left. They start talking about the LML and how they hope it works. Natalie asks Kevin if Jordan is worried about the numbers. Kevin says yes that is their ultimate worry. Kevin says he told them if they get rid of Russell they will gain me and I told them I control the girls so in essence they have control over the girls. Natalie gets called to the Diary Room. Kevin continues to talk to Lydia about what Jeff said. Jeff thinks Lydia is too emotional and will not win anything.. they underestimate her and she can use that. Kevin adds that he’s finally figured out why they are after him and it’s because they think he’s smart and will win the mental competitions. He tells Lydia she really needs to try for the POV.. he believes there is a good chance of them winning the comp. Kevin continues to talk about the conversation he had on the HOH he says that during the talk Jeff got close to Jordan so he could squeeze her arm when she was saying the wrong thing. He’s worried that the LML plan might not work and that they need to be prepared. He again tried to convince Lydia to go talk to them tonight its very important.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:44pm Backyard Jeff and Russell. Russell makes a comment about how enjoyable it is for the 4 of them to be out here having fun not scheming and creating lies. Jeff agrees says thats the way he wants it. Russell wonders if Jeff is mad.. Jeff says maybe a bit. They change the subject. Jeff is calling Bullshit on Russell getting so much liquor during his time on the block. Jeff says he wants some liquor.. Russell agrees says Jeff got Screwed because he never got any booze. Jordan and Michelle join the, Russell is complaining that he’s turned into the fat kid, He never works out and eating crap.. They all are saying they’re going to get fat as they rip into bags of cookie dough and candy. Jordan goes to town on the cookie dough, “ohh i haven’t had cookie dough for so long”. They start talkign about cold weather.. Jeff is telling them about the winter in Chicago. Russell asks if you spit on the ground does it freeze before it hits the ground.. Jeff says no thats Canada cold, he tells them a story about a bears game and everyones beers were frozen.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan brings up a story from high school, she has this friend they called Big Texas.
Jeff: “Big Texas?”
Jordan: “Big Texas because she has a fat vagina”
Russell: “what is a fat vagina?”
Jordan says she’ll show them her yearbook it was full of jokes about Big Texas. Jordan says one day when all the girls were changing they saw the lips and they were fat.
Russell: “where did texas come from?”
Jordan: “cuz texas is big”
Jeff laughing at BIG TEXAS
Jordan: “She has a kid now and i still talk to her to this day”
Russell: “her vagina is probably fatter”
Jordan: “ya”
……..Feeds cut…….
Jordan: “Once Big Texas took a poo”
Russell: “Little Texas”
Jordan: “no her turd was so pig it plugged the toilet they all had to take hangers and stab the poo free”
Jordan goes on about her sleep overs with BIG TEXAS….
They start talking about nicknames.. Jordan says they need something big to happen for them to pick nicknames. Michelle says i’m a flasher.. Russell laughs says we’ve seen her cooter. Jordan asks Russell what is his nickname “Love muscle”.. Michelle says her nickname is Ozzie because of her last name… Jeff says his nickname is licoln…. Jordan says heres is Jordo.
Jordan tells them a story about this card she got from a friend it had $5 and a piece of toilet paper. The card read you can buy yourself a chicken sandwich, then use the toilet paper to wipe up after she pooped it out. Jordan howls with laughter and tells them she still has th toilet paper she thought it was the most creative thing.

10:25pm PP and Kevin go outside to play pool. The conversation stops.. after a few minutes they start talking again.. Chit chat nothing as exciting as BIG TEXAS though.

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BIg Texas…thats priceless.


I have a big texas…..anybody want to see?


no thank you


someone needs to catch kev/lyd/nat in their scheme. J/J are getting too complacent with Kev.


that was the plan..nobody is watching Kevin…they watching lydia n’ nat…wrong move…in this game u have to watch everybody…

Mr. E

Wait, Michelle’s a flasher? Somehow there’s something odd about someone so awkward being so eager to take her clothes off.


It was an accident during a comp.

Uncle Cool

Umm, the shy ones are the best in bed…


I have to vent, whoever is smacking (either Jordan or Michelle) needs to stop. I am watchin BBAD and all I hear is smacking while they eat, its so gross. I don’t hear Jeff or Russ eating like that. Also its interesting to note that when Jordan started to talk about “a black girls” (her words not mine) the feeds cut to Kev/Lyd. How is it okay to air Chima’s comments but not Jordan (again not defending Chima). Even in the live feeds clearly the producers have favorites.


Well if they have their mic too close to their mouth, perhaps without realizing it, then it’s just a mistake. Perhaps you’d hear the “smacking” from the guys if their mics were up higher. Don’t you think they’d be embarrassed if they knew that sound was on TV? I think they’d fix it right away. The fault is on the producers for either not telling them or cutting the audio. Also, it is fine to talk about “black people” or people of any ethic origin and you can do it without being racist as well. The producers were probably just trying to avoid some controversy over a non-issue.

Canadian Point of View

Why would you assume she’s being racist? Chill. She doesn’t seem like that type of girl. You’re almost as paranoid as Chima! haha


“Black whatever” is just as derogatory and as silly as “White whatever”… Does anybody anywhere have a problem with “White Men” (the phrase not the suppressors of women and minorities)… .

Black and White are not bad words and we don’t have to vilify every adjective and be so entirely politically correct… You should go complain to BET before you complain about this non-issue on some silly CBS show…

This is just so silly — I can expect a Miss USA contestant or Sara Palin or someone else to try to be so politically correct and so stupid as to say: There are lots of “African American” people in the country of Africa.


It sounds like you are implying that Jordan’s comments were racist without even hearing them. I apologize if that isn’t the case. I don’t think we can tell. They also switch feeds on BBAD anytime they think that someone’s going to mention someone’s real names and Jordan seems to be notorious at this. I remember Michelle saying she wouldn’t (or wasn’t allowed to give) a co-worker’s name when they played that Q&A game a week or so ago. Seems to me that that’s just as likely the reason. Maybe they were trying to avoid another round of nasty letters to CBS, though. Who knows. For “uncensored” footage of the BB house, there sure seems to be a lot we aren’t allowed to see. I’m sure it’s all to avoid defamation lawsauits, breaking FCC obscenity laws, etc. But I think they are really careful with Jordan and her stories. She doesn’t have much self control–or at least can’t remember that she’s being videotaped for a national audience 24/7. She’s going to be in for a big surprise when she finds out—though claiming ‘at least she never showed her “cooter” like Michelle’—that her “cooter’s” all over the internet! Poor girl.

Uncle Cool

It seems to me that most of the time none of them care about, or don’t realize, that the whole world is watching and listening to their every word. I think a lot of them are going to be very embarrassed and probably harassed when this is all over.


well then the producers need to tell Lydia to move her mic too. the girl is a mouth breather and on the AD show, it’s all you hear.


lol big texas made me laugh so hard i cried. lmfao

Mr. E

Everything’s bigger on Texas.

The Original Jim

I don’t get it. How can they not see that Kevin is playing them? I mean, the guy spends all his time with Natalie and Lydia, and Chima when she was here. What makes them think that he’s on the level with them when he hasn’t been with him the entire game?
That HOH room messes with people’s heads, and I think Jeff and Jordan especially since they got betrayed right off the bat, which makes them more susceptible to the paranoia.


Big Texas would have been a great nick name for Chima. Would have made a great inside joke between J/J.


lydiot is clearly mentally disturbed. she should be released from the game and committed to an institution for immediate help. her manic behavior, childish outbursts, acting out sexually threatening to cut herself, the dilusional “relationship” with jessie are clear indications to the viewing audience and producers that the girl requires help.
it’s very disturbing to watch and is far from “entertainment.”
remove her.


I’ve been saying Lydiot is Bi polar for a while now. She really is mental and I’m surprised her AND Chima passed the psych exam required to qualify for BB. They must have some real quacks doing the exams.


frank,great comments.

oh jeez

Stop rubbing your boobs Jordan!!!


Why should J/J get so mad if they hear that Russell and Mich are close, even if it’s not totally true. They can’t expect them to want to just be 3rd and 4th behind Jeff and Jordan.They have to be looking out for themselves.


i hope russ wins


I think that house must singlehandedly be supporting the entire candy manufacturing industry. I’ve never seen so many adults eat so much candy.


westerfather,supporting the candy manufacturing. just think all the cavity.


I like Jordan, but when she speaks about how much her family needs money right now i wonder… Why did you finance breast implants then. 10g’s sitting on your chest and no place to live. Priorities!


How about the “mouth breathing”. OMG that makes me sick. Every time its really quiet and Lydia is sitting up doing something, you can hear her breathing through her mouth. It sounds like a pervert calling on the phone and just breathing heavy. There has to be a cure for that. Close your mouth and start breathing through your nose Lydia!!! And why this season is there so much nose picking. I have never seen so many people pick their nose without any regard to the cameras. Don’t they know they are being seen by lots of people. Please provice some needed kleenex tissue BB.


…OMG! I was wondering if anyone else noticed that horrible “mouth breathing”….uuuggghh. Lydiot acts like a five year old that has to be told “Go Blow your nose for G_ds Sake!


ROTFLMAO!!! Also, I like Michele alot more than I used to, but is anybody besides me annoyed by how she drinks and eats (her mouth does this weird thing like she just ate a lemon)? It’s like nails down a chalkboard for me.


Um, you must have forgotten all about that retard Adam. That guy had his thumb up his nose 24×7.


Todd, You’re right! ADAM was the worst, the grossest, the most vile, most disgusting, pick at his crotch, pick his nose, insensitive nasty male. His nickname “baller” was so off the mark because there is NO woman who would have the slightest interst in that dirty physically and mentally just nasty guy.


jordan is as dumb as a sack of rocks with an ass to match


The ‘dumb blonde’ thing normally bugs the crap out of me, but I gotta admit I like that girl. Couldn’t care less what her ass looks like, either.


wow…take some meds and chill…..maybe you are a litttle jealous of her…lmao


Do you have Turrets syndrome?

The Chosen One

Jealous much?!! LOL. Loser.


wow, so hateful for not knowing the girl…..


i picture you as a LARGE girl who everytime fumes in hatred jealously towards jordan when you see her. jordan is so nice and has a great personality. you obviously are the opposite and wish you could be 1/10 as good in looks and personality as jordan. so haha, we are all on to you rebecca.


Hey Anon…,

why do you assume that “rebecca” is a large woman. I defintely think she has issues to say harsh things about a nice person like Jordan, but you are just as much of a jerk as she is to assume such a “stereotype” of her. There are just as many “jealous skinny people.” So you need as much of a life as she does. Grow up


A proud, beautiful bigger girl, INSIDE and out. Too bad I can’t say the same about you “inside”.


I was watching BBAD last nite Watchin Lydia walk back to her bed I was cracking up laughing she was looking like she had escaped from the nut house I was cracking up at her


Poor fat Texas, I hope she’s not reading this….stabbing the poo with hangers…..priceless.


Reminds me of my girlfriend who had a “poop knife” in her bathroom for that exact reason. I was laughter my ____ off.


Natalie got Kevin do her dirty work as she got Jesse to do her work. Natalie have skated all the way through and haven’t won one competition. She might skate her way to the bank. Kevin needs to expose her and admit to Jeff so that he won’t look like a fool. Maybe next week it will be Kevin and Lydia, Michelle and Russell and Jordan and Jeff. That would be an interesting week.

Randy Wolfgang

If I were Jeff I would ask Russell and Michele about the truth to the Kevin story – Russell will deny it and so will Michele after looking stupidly in the air for a moment or two. I would then ask Russell to swear on his Dad and he will since the story is false. I will then say hold on and ask Kevin into the room. I would say to Kevin “I just asked Russell and Michele about the story you told me and they denied it and I believe them. So here is how its going down Kevin – you tell me the truth or we bring one of the girsl down after POV and put you up and send you home!!!!!! “That would scare Kevin shitless and also prove whther he is lying or not and help clear up the lie. –


How’s about we all use telepathy

Randy Wolfgang

I’m still willing to chip in for the banner!!!!!!!


The producers/people behind the wall look out for banners and make the house guests go in so they don’t see the it. Last season Steve Daigle hired a plane to fly a banner and staff spotted it before it could be seen by house guests and they were ordered into the house until it disappeared. Save your money!


Somebody help I am a little confused, I was watching when NKL was discussing the start of the LML, and the next night (BBAD) Jeff and Jordan were talking to Michelle and Michelle was saying how Russell had said that they need to send J&J to the jury house so that J&J could spend time together alone, something to that effect, so somebody help me understand has Russell been doing all the things that Jeff suspect him of or is it just part of the LML, and Michelle sees it as a way to get a bit further?


BB is a big guessing game. The problem with the houseguest being that is is too hard to know who to trust; that is except for Jeff and Jordan. Those of you who really think Jordan is dumb, are either not listening to her or you just don’t like her. When the coup’ de tat was first mentioned, all “the brains” came up with the stupidest ideas, and then Jordan, in her matter of fact way said exactly what the power was and how it would be used. There are many other examples, ( I’ve recorded every show). Don’t underestimate Jordo. Also being a heterosexual woman, she is by far the best looking chick in the house, and she is real. I have a great daughter myself, and my sister and I are trying to convince her to try out for BB 12.


does anyone know when the pov will be played. I hope russell wins the pov. If he doesn’t and jordan puts him up, that will be the downfall of jeff and jordan. Why wouldn’t they just wait a week and get natalie (who never ever eats with her mouth closed) out while they still have the number.

Dr. Mike

You guys ever seen how Michelle yawns? Its like fake, she has this yawn where its like not being committed to 100% LMAO. Anyway the quirks this season seem to bother me more then last, the quirks and tics these people have. Michelle has many, Yawn and the eating and talking part really make me feel weird watching her.

Nasty Nat picks her nose non stop and then caught by BB After Dark in the red room wiping and rolling the boogers on the sheets, she probably didn’t know that when the lights are off there is a night vision camera lol. Who else seen that one.

Jordan always says Butt at the start of every sentence just about lol.

Jeff seems to be only able to think and concentrate on one thing at a time. Seems to daydream alot.

Lydia breathes heavy and has this look on her like she shit herself and doesn’t want to do anything about it. Also she has this condescending tone to everything when she talks to people.

Kevin has the normal gay quirks and tics. And hes just sailing through, can’t do shit for himself.


lol….you really “got” them down…….

Dr. Mike

Forgot to add Russ in there, he has this body thing hes always doing to his chest. He laughs thinking something is going to be funny before he thinks about it. He walks around like hes the king shit now.


Karen, Jordo is real? Including the giant chemical balls shoved in her chest?


her breast job has nothing to do with her genuine personality. she is real and the only thing you can thrown in there that is not is her plastic surgery. you must be a rocket scientist.


I really like Jordan…but what the hell is with all the poo stories… cannot be that boring in BB house….I’ll give you once but thats pushing it and at least it isn’t as bad as the booger thing. Another week they will be saving it up ( like that monkey in the news with the rocks ) and throwing it at each other…or maybe Lydia can make something with it. Enough ! ! !


I like Jordan too but it seems that she takes Jeff for granted and doesn’t appreciate him as much as he likes her. When it comes to strategizing, all of a sudden she is brighter then you think.