Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin doesn’t want to be the next Marcellas, He tells Michelle “Let go cause some Drama!” **updated**

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:15pm HOH Jeff and Kevin. Kevin is explaining to Jeff that he’s only going up if Michelle wins the POV but if you do go up Kevin guarantees JEff’s safety. Jeff is confused “once second you say I?m not going up the other sec you say i’m not.. am I going up?” Kevin nodes “You and Michelle are” Jeff is pissed off “why don?t you keep your end of the deal and put up jordan and Michelle” Jeff says the plans was for Jordan to go up i’ll win the POV than we can do what we want from there. Kevin… If I do this it will be giving you a lot of power. Kevin tells him not to worry that Michelle is the target and Jeff is the pawn. Kevin apologizes for putting him up but he has to do it would be a epic stupid move if he didn’t. Jeff asks if it was between him and Natalie how would go home.. Kevin says it will be Natalie.. Jeff doesn’t believe him. Jeff says he should of left Kevin on the block last week.. Kevin says it?s not personal he has to play the odds and right now it’s coming down to numbers.. If I give up the power to decide who
goes home people would call this the biggest BB blunder. Jeff is pissed.. “I could of walked to the final 4, I gave it all up when I took you off the block” Kevin reassure him that he’s safe. Jeff doesn’t trust Kevin to keep him safe if he promised no to put him up but now he is. Jeff asks what will Natalie do if she wins POV? Kevin says that Natalie is planning not to use the POV and so am I. Kevin tells him he will honour the better part of their deal. Jeff doesn’t know what to believe. Jeff very pissed Kevin tries to tell him he has to do this or he’ll be considered a bigger idiot than marcellas and he isn?t going out that way. Jeff
pissed and leaves.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:35pm HOH Micehlle and Kevin. Kevin tells her she’s very hard to read and since day one he’s had no idea what is going on in her head. Michelle giggles says that she’s been doing a lot of crazy stuff saying one thing to one person and another to someone else. Kevin says he doesn’t know if he can trust her, The house has been very divided since the wizard power was used. Michelle understands that KEvin decision to put Michelle and Jeff up is smart because it puts all the power in Kevin hands instead of Jeff’s.

Michelle says she has been trustworthy in this game the only thing she’s been true about has been the original final 4 with jeff, Russell and Jordough. Michelle says she knew she was going to let her go as soon as they hit final 3. Kevin says he was getting suspicious after jeff and Jordon were all of a sudden acting like Kevin was in their team. Michelle swears they never really talk to her about their plans they haven’t since day one. Kevin tells her he was telling them shit about Russell but then he never ran to Russell and told him shit about Jeff or Jordan. He tells here he can keep his mouth shut when he needs to he can be trusted. Michelle tells him when she won HOH her “Team” at the time really wanted to put Kevin and CHima up but she didn’t want Kevin gone. Michelle tells him he’s in a rough spot right now cause it rally depends on who wins POV. Kevin thinks its probably best that he has HOH this week because he had no blood on his hands going into this week and by the end he’ll have plenty of blood.

Natalie briefly interrupts them and Kevin tells her to give them some more time. Now alone Kevin tells Michelle that Natalie really wants her gone. Kevin says if Michelle was to stay this week it would be Michelle, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie in final 4. Michelle says if that happens she’ll go after Natalie because She’s coming for me. Kevin tells her if Jeff goes this week he’ll lose Jeff’s vote in the jury house. He tells Michelle if she would win HOH next week than he will need only one favour from her but after that its game on. He tells her if she screws him she will not get his vote. Michelle says this week is crucial for who you decide to keep. you will have them in your pocket for next week. i don?t know if jeff wants you out or not. Kevin knows that Jeff and Jordan have a final 2 agreement. Michelle now saying that Jeff and Jordan are heading to the final 2 we need to split them up. She points out that JEff and Jordan both get to play for HOH one of them has a very good chance to win it against Natalie. Kevin says he feels like Jeff has this game in the bag.. He’s going to win America?s vote, everyone loves him plus he’s going up against Jordan he’s guaranteed to win. Kevin says this is final 5 it?s no joke anymore. there?s no friendships. whoever says that is flat-out lying. that?s why it?s strictly about stronger players. Kevin tells her he still doesn’t know where her head is… They get up to leave HOH Kevin “Lets cause some drama”


5:00pm Backyard Jeff and Jordan.. Jeff smoking like it’s his last day
5:05pm – 5:50pm Fish


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:00pm Jeff and Michelle are nominated Storage room pp and jordough. Jordan is freaking out because Michelle is a good competitor and she’s might win if it’s mental. Natalie tells her not to worry Natalie is smart to and she knows all the dates… she’ll win if its mental. Jordan still worried.. she just wants Michelle gone. Natalie agrees says that its the house against Michelle she doesn’t have a chance. Jordan hopes its physical because Michelle knee is hurt and she won’t be able to perform well.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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176 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin doesn’t want to be the next Marcellas, He tells Michelle “Let go cause some Drama!” **updated**

  1. I love to see Jeff uncomfortable and scared for his life. This has to be the week to get rid of him. He needs to go to the jury house.

    1. I agree, but he will win POV.

      I?m sure production knows he will go home if he doesn?t win, so I?m sure they will make sure it is something he is better at than the rest.

      1. Jeff is now getting what he deserves. If you can dish it out you have to take it. When he started telling everyone else what they could say and who they could talk to…that was the end of the nice guy america first saw. He turned into Jessie

          1. I never liked Jesse, but that IS true. Jeff turned into a real dictator, with one set of rules for him an Jordan and another set for everyone else. Jeff even wanted to control who could talk to one another and if he saw people talking to each other that he didn’t of approve of, he went off. He went off track and with each moment he stayed in power he went further afield.

        1. Thank you… When I saw him telling Michelle “not to talk to Russell, or else…”, I punched myself in the face because it IS possible that the most darling guy in America is actually a giant DOUCHE underneath it all…

      2. I agree with you Nat and you would think that with all of negative comments about production showing favoritism towards Jeff, they (production) would know by now that we know that’s exactly what they are doing and they should be ashamed of themselves but then again I guess they would do anything for ratings. They better not fixs this so that Jeff can win and take himself off the block because if they do Im done watching for the season and I will also tell all of my friends not to watch.

    2. Jeff will totally be helped by production if they can. They don’t want to separate their precious showmance. I would laugh if Jordan went to the jury house…even Jeff. Alone with Jessie, Lydia and Russell. I hate the stupid showmance so much. I don’t really like Michelle as a person but she has played the game ok.

  2. I hope that Jordan wins pov and takes Jeff off, so Kevin has to put Natalie up. I wish she’d just leave already! Hope Jeff survives this week…

    1. I’d like to see that too. I’ll tell you what though, if that happened, It wouldn’t shock me if Jeff and Jordan voted out Michelle instead of Natalie.
      A final four of Jordan, Michelle, Natalie and Kevin will be so boring. I’ll tune out until the finale.

  3. Well, well, well, your stupid plan is blowing up, isn’t it Judas Jeff? You idiot, you were cruising to the final 4 with Russ riding shotgun. You made this bed, now lay in it dummy. Can’t wait to see Sunday’s episode. Go Kevin! Brilliant! Well played, sir!

        1. Jordon cowers whenever Jeff corrects her, makes fun of her, or rudely interrupts her. She looks like a sad little animal who has been beaten and expects more of the same. He’s such a controlling jerk. Jordan is totally out of her league in this game, and I feel sorry for her that she (without any armor whatsoever), was selected to play in this brutal game. I can only wonder what Jeff’s history is with women. Ugly, I’m sure!

    1. I totally agree. Now Jeff is has to learn the hard way. I can’t believe he bought into Kevin’s BS. What a egg head.
      They could’ve kept the original deal.

    2. Absolutely agree!!! Except I would rather see Michelle win, but Kevin is almost as good of a win – he does deserve it if he gets rid of Jeff!

  4. Wow Kevin, he really thinks you?re stupid! LOL!

    He had a chance to take out Michelle and Russell, but concentrated on Lydia and Nat, who are the weakest of all the players? competition wise. So listening to Jeff would be dumb, very dumb indeed.

    1. Didn’t Jeff put you and Natalie on the block after promising both of you safety the previous week, Kevin? Yeah, he can go screw himself sideways.

  5. I had thought that this weeks POV would be huge but now I’m not so sure – lets assume Jeff goes to the jury house. You have Jordan Michele and Nat playing for HOH. if Jordan or Michele win, Kevin and Nat are in a world of trouble . If Michele wins she will put up Nat (because they hate each other) and Kevin (because she would rather be in the final two with Jordan than Kevin) . If Jordan wins she will put up Kevin because he put up Jeff and Pigpen because by this time if Kevin has any sense he wil throw Pigpen under the bus to Jordan and Michele. Either way Kevin or Nat go to the jury house. Who would I want to go – Nat because she has done nothing except ride on others – Kevin has fought and won.

    1. not nec, remember in final 4 only real power is hoh is safe, whatever of the other 3 does not matter because of pov, If either nominee gets it they will take themselves off forcing the hoh to put up the other and then having the only vote on which of the two up go home, if hoh wins it then they can do as they please, if the non nominated person gets it, it would be same as if a nominee got it since they would have lone eviction vote. final 4 hoh is important yes, but no where near as important as pov which all 4 play for.

  6. I see Jordough flapping her trapp to Pigpen – you know I’m beginning to think she really is one stupid person.

  7. hahahahaha love it…..not only is jeff on the block but he tries to sell out his lover/buddy porko jordo begging kev to put up porko jordo instead of him.true colors,jeff,true colors hahahaha.

    1. Yeah…take it like a man! Didn’t he tell the other HG that?

      Some must really think Michelle is stupid, she would put up Kevin in a heartbeat if she had any sense over Nat. Hell, anyone left better do that.

  8. Bye Jeff. That’s what you get for voting out your own alliance member that would have inevitably won the HOH competition ensuring your spot to the final 4. “You got got” Jeff. Natalie and Kevin just played you like a fiddle.

    1. So do you think Jeff now has a clue about how stupid he is? He probably just realized what the rest of us were hoping he would figure out b4 it was too late. Too little too late. Worst case is he wins POV and Jordan leaves – at least we won’ t have to watch the 2 of them any more! Nat had better not vote to evict Michelle!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I wish we could have reached through the tv/computer and told them to wake up and smell the coffee….they were so played by Natalie and Kevin.

        1. I feel like slapping them all when they fall for the really bad lies that take place. They all become so paranoid and ripe for the picking. I wonder how they adjust back to normal life? Is someone lying to me, is someone talking about me behind my back? ect.

        2. I think this was an especially badly laid out lie that J/J fell for. I feel like slapping them all when they fall for the really bad lies that take place. They all become so paranoid and ripe for the picking. I wonder how they adjust back to normal life? Is someone lying to me, is someone talking about me behind my back? ect.

    2. Jordan not putting up Natalie and Kevin, the voting out Kevin two weeks ago was the biggest bone head move of the season. Followed by voting out Lydia instead of Natalie.
      Backdooring Russell was a risk, but keeping him was a risk too. Jeff could very well be in the same position if they voted out Kevin then Russell won HOH. If Michelle or Jordan would have won HOH it would have looked like a brilliant move, it just didn’t happen to pay off this time.
      Hindsight is 20/20.

    3. I wanted to be able to tell him, but figured if he was too stupid to see it for himself, he deserves what he gets – I just felt bad for Russell suffering from Jeff’s stupidity!

  9. FTA: Jeff is pissed.. ?I could of walked to the final 4, I gave it all up when I took you off the block?
    ROFL! Ah, Jeff Jeff Jeff. How’s that taste? Karma’s an angry bitch, i’n’t she?

    1. LOL…I LOVE it. Jeff taking it up the azz after cutting loose a final four team member. Woohoo…and to think his idiot sidekick talked him into it…he will be regretting that move for the rest of his life.

  10. All Jeff and Jordan have to do is win POV and Michelle is going home…Geoff wins Comps when his ass is on the line…he’ll pull through:)

    1. No – Jeff goes down, Jordan goes up. As long as Nat doesn’t screw Kevin, she will vote out Jordan and Kevin will send Jordo out. I think even Natalie is smart enough to realize J/J being split is more important than getting Michelle out right now.

  11. I really want Jeff to win this whole thing, it’ll suck if not, cause he basically dominated the house, and nobody expected this, with his whole click against him, with the whole “technotronic” thing….

    If he doesnt win, I hope Kevin wins.

    But Natalie?! Gimme a $%?&* break.
    This girl has run her mouth this entire game about her being smart, strong, bla bla bla, that she was going to win all the competition cause she’s a fierce competitor, and she hasnt WON a DAMN thing. She doesnt deserve to be there.

    1. he has not dominated the house, he was getting out gamed by jesse and jordan until america and the producers felt sorry and gave him the cdt allowing him to destroy what people did within the game with a power for doing nothing. after that he had a 2 week reign, he has now gone back where he rightfully belongs, the bottom.

    2. Jeff had power handed to him, which is when power shifted to him. Then he made the most bone-headed decision this season, so he really doesn’t deserve to win the game. Getting Russell out was a real power trip for him, but a stupid decision.

  12. i dunt understand how u can love sum1 soo muchh..nd den hate dem next day..cus they did a stupid move:S wahevaa

    styll wishhin nd hopppin jeff or jordann winnnn=)(yn)

  13. It still looks like Jeff is safe-Jordan and Nat are both gonna vote Michelle out. Kevin shoulda put up Jordan with Jeff.

      1. Yea but it will be a split vote and Kevin will get the final say and he will vote Jeff out
        Jordan vote out michelle and Natalie vote out Jeff and Kevin will vote out Jeff

    1. did you not see that natalie and kevin were gonna play like michelle was the target to throw the “Dumb Duo” off so jordan will vote to keep jeff and natalie to evict jeff makin it and tie to kevin will have the final say in jeff goin home? jeff is the bigger threat he’s good at mental and physical competitions while michelle is only good at mental, bye bye jeff you got what you deserved

    1. It’s a smart move dude, you gotta see that.

      That’s exactly what Jeff would say if he were backstabbing Kevin instead of the other way around. I guess Jeff is the only one allowed to make “smart moves” according to Jeff and Jordan?

      1. Worst move the entire season, and it will probably carry forward a few seasons, too. As Jeff said, “I could have walked to the final four” .. even he realizes what a stupid move it was. Guess he was too scared to compete against Russ for the $500 Gs. But now, he’s more than likely sealed the deal that he won’t even be ABLE to compete. Hope so.

  14. Now Kevin backstabs Jeff and it’s ok but Jeff does it to Russell and everyone is up in arms where is all the hate on Kevin for him pulling this. Jeff did what he did to Russell because he heard that Russell was coming after him the following week I am sure that everyone who posts here would have done the same… Right now it might not have been the smartest move but you have to take chances sometimes…. Second everyone is saying how Russell would have fulfilled the final 4 deal noone knows if he would he lied so much in this game how would you want to believe him… This season has been pretty much a whole season of floaters in the House with the exceptions of Jesse with Nastalie and Jeff with Jordan… Everyone just goes back and forth so much it is starting to get hard to keep track of the whole thing…. One second Kevin wants Jeff out then I turn the feeds back on and they are talking that Michelle is the one going… turn the feeds back on and Jeff is going home again… they can’t even make up their minds…. It is so frustrating….

    1. because kevin has never omce played the “im the good guy why cant we all be friends” thing america was loving jj for. That move by JJ went against what america loved them for.

    2. Kevin didn’t backstab Jeff. Here’s the timeline:
      1) Kevin and Natalie spread a lie to infiltrate the ENEMY. Jeff was always the ENEMY.
      2) Jeff betrayed his TEAM to help his ENEMY. He then promised he wouldn’t put Kevin and Natalie on the block in exchange for protection.
      3) Jeff breaks his promise and puts Kevin and Natalie on the block as soon as he wins HoH. Then he evicts his TEAMMATE.
      So not only did Jeff backstab Russell, he broke a promise he made to Kevin and Natalie only two days after he made it. Jeff is an idiot and completely untrustworthy and Russell already made that point, that on the way out of the house he only wanted to show people how Jeff’s word is worth nothing in the game anymore so that no one can trust him. Now Michelle, Natalie, and Kevin all know they can’t make any deals with him.

    3. Jeff, also thought Russ would keep final four alas the comment he just made about going to the final four. The reason I am upset that he backdoored Russ is it was’nt necessary. for Kevin it is.

    4. russel was honoring the final 4 deal but natalie and kevins LML changed his mind…… kevin didn;t backstab jeff, he never said he was keeping any deals it was all a plan to make sure natalie and himself were safe…all this is on the Dumb Duo decision to trust kevin and natalie

    5. Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking. Jeff was playing the game the way you are supposed to if you want to win. Even Russell realized it was a good move for Jeff. It’s a game people, someone has to go for you to stay. It’s how you win. And now Kevin is going to do the same thing because he wants to win.

    6. Oh, come on! Kevin is just giving Jeff a taste of his own “smart move” argument. Do unto others…… bout time someone did to Jeff what he did to others. Paybacks can be he*l.

    7. Kevin’s backstab was calculated and planned from the moment he told Jeff he would not put him up. and it was brilliant.
      Jeff backstabbing Russ was a knee jerk reaction to lies that were being fed to him by the 2 people in the house who needed him to do it the most.
      Jeff was always complaining that Mich and Russ were “talking” to each other and said not one thing about the HOURS of time that Kev and Nat were together. They played him like a fiddle and he dance their dance as well.
      So one backstab was timed perfectly and the other should never have happened, and that is why peeps are more pissed about Jeff backstabbing Russ.

    8. Its not about it being ok. Nat and Kevin planned the entire thing and Jeff fell into it, not only head first, but happily, and he broke his word, happily, and its now bit him in the ass. He never once questioned the possibility that he was being lied to, and he never once considered that Russle would have stuck to the deal, no instead he followed blindly the advice of Nat and Kevin , in a stupor filled glee, only to be smacked in the face with reality, he screwed up.

      Nat and Kevin were his enemy most of the game and he believed them the second he thought it would help him. He swore on his family as they all did, and he threw it out for Jordan’s word “God gave us a sign”, in reality he doesn’t care about who wins, only what they do themselves.

  15. Assuming Kevin would go to final two against Pigpen, Jordough or Michele – I have no idea what his chances would be against each one – any ideas. I think he would win against Jordough with no problem but the other two I just don;t know.

    1. I think Michelle would win if she were in the finals with anyone but Jeff. At this point everyone in the jury house is bitter at someone in the house which pushes them to vote on gameplay. Kevin, despite this win, is still seen as a floater to many bc he never really had to take a stand and make moves. If he survives through and takes Jeff out this may change but I still think Michelle would win bc we all know that if Jeff is taken out this week she will win the next few comps.

    2. Honestly, I think all three could easily split the house vote with America being the tie-breaker. In which case I think Jordough would win, Pigpen would lose and Michele is too close to call.

      1. WHAT????? I don’t know about the rest of America, but Jordan will not get my vote against anyone. She and Natalie are the weakest and least deserving, but at least Natalie was part of the LML concoction that worked. All Jordan did was drag Jeff down and help make sure he loses. If it came down to those 2, I would vote for Nasty even though I do not like her as a person (at least the person we have seen in the game).

  16. One opinion thought the secret room was like exile island on Survivor and the HOH had to satay int here and couln?t talk to anyone or hear what was going on?the other thoguth that whoever opened the door releaved another player coming back into the house taking the place of Chima on the jury?.seriously we should write for this show?..

  17. Let’s place bets on pov being tipped in Jeff’s favor by production! Its redonkulous. If Jeff takes himself off, Kev and Nat better be smart enough to keep Michelle around or else they just voted themselves out.

  18. One other thing why is Nastalie breaking her arm patting herself on the back for anything that is going on in the house she hasn’t done SH*T all season except winning the first HOH for the athletes she hasn’t done anything since and before anyone says she got Jeff to turn on Russell it was actually Kevins idea and Nastalie is somehow taking credit for it she just always says when I win HOH next week or I win POV she should just be quiet… Notice how anything she comes up with. her and Kevin end up getting in trouble for it.

  19. I can’t remember since Dr. Will and Boogie where I’ve detested a Big Brother houseguest as much as I detest Natalie. I’ve reached the point where I can’t stand to look at her. CBS is making a big mistake keeping her on this show. I figure I can make it through another week’s worth of Big Brother shows and then I will stop viewing. Jeff and/or Michelle will probably be voted out next week and therefore the players of any worth will also be gone. What will there be left to watch? Natalie lying and/or playing innocent? Kevin doing Natalie’s bidding? Jordon pining for Jeff? Sorry, either Natalie somehow goes this week or I stop viewing. I refuse to watch another undeserving, deceitful, despicable excuse for a human being win either $50,000 or $500,000.

  20. I love love love that Jeff is on the block. I want him gone and I am sure production will rigg the hell out of the veto so that Jeff will win, but it is still fun to see him sweat. Jeff got got and he is stupid enough to think that he was going to breeze through the entire game without being put up, sorry Jeff you are not that great.

    1. Do you think production keeps up with blogs of what viewers are thinking? If they are, they realize America no longer loves Jeff like they did, and sending him packing might be the right thing to do. I hope the exits go jeff, Natalie, Jordan and then Kevin and Michelle are the final 2. And I hope Russell wins the jury prize. J/J with a big fat ZERO would be just desserts.

      1. I second your wish for evictions- jeff, nat, jordan and then michelle and kevin in final 2. I also hope michelle wins! She has worked for it and has taken a lot of crap from all of the hg. I want casey to get the 25k however since we can vote for any of the bbers. Russ is already getting 10k on top of his payment for being on the show plus he already has a pretty good job. Vote casey!

  21. Jeff did got got.. Though if he kept Russell he be on the block anyway if Russell stayed And won pov. Russell did tell Michelle if he won hoh, he would have put Jeff up. So it didn’t matter.

    1. Russell also said several times, and to Julie when he exited that he fully intended to keep the final 4 deal and then it would be game on. He probably figured since he and Michelle as a team were stronger than J/J together, they had a better chance to survive.

  22. Good job, Kevin. Jeff and Michelle were the two you had to put up. Now the only way you lose the numbers is if Jordan wins HoH. Smart, smart, SMART!

    1. I don’t understand how people can be gay, but I still respect them and their situation. Why does him being gay have anything to do with the game? he is not screwing things up – he is setting them straight (no pun intended:-))

    2. people that use words like you are whats wrong with the world today. People who sit and use derogatory comments on michelle natalie jordon jeff kevin are sad. Your all watching a game. You have no idea what these people are like in real life. Imagine your sister brother father or mother in the spotlight and people calling them fat faggot stupid so quick to jump on any bandwagon but so slow to admit any wrong doing by yourselves. Im 16 years old and i can see how sad half of you are and your probably twice my age. Atleast i can say i was raised right.

  23. ok jeff is a lot dumber than i thought did he actually say jordan should go up against michelle and he wins POV and they take it from there, dumbass did he really think kevin would let that happen so natalie could get put up and possibly go home?, and LMFAO @ him complaining about someon else breaking deals when he JUST did that to russel, im goin to enjoy seein him walk out that door, and im 100 sure jessie,lydia, and russel will be overjoyed seein him walk in the jury house so they can all laugh in his face

  24. Hell, we all know that Jeff is going to win the pov, then win the next hoh, because everyone has something to say about Jeff, good or bad. That is why everyone is watching the show for: DUMBASS JEFF. But, Kevin should have put up Jeff and Jordan. Because if Jeff or Jordan won the pov, they would use it on themself. But, now if Jordan wins the pov, she would save Jeff. Jeff will make it to the final two and win the money. I hate Jeff and I would have liked to see Michelle and Kevin for the final two. It’s pretty bad when you already know who wins the money before the show is even over.

  25. Hey I don’t wanna get down on Dawg — I appreciate what both of you do — but Simon, your postings are always more concise and they leave out the little details that don’t matter at all. They are more than just a second by grueling second recap.
    Thank you. I don’t want to read every hand movement or sideways glance; Simon does his own little summarizing and editing and I appreesh.

  26. As expected Jeff and Michele are nominated – Jeff said to Jordan that it makes a lot of sense for Kevin to get rid of him so it looks like we won’t have many Russell fireworks (it is kind if hard tio get mad at Kevin!) So lets see what happens tomorrow – if jeff or jordan win POV then kevins plan backfires. if not jeff goes home and the South shall rise Again!!!!

  27. “Jeff says he should of left Kevin on the block last week” “Jeff is pissed.. ?I could of walked to the final 4, I gave it all up when I took you off the block?

    WOW the dummy has a regret of breaking the final 4 deal with russel, HAHAHAHAHAHA this is why i LOVE KARMA shes a bitch but at least shes fair

  28. I love this. I am so glad that Jeff is on the block. Stupid people should have to face the consequences. I hope Michelle wins the POV, and then Jordan goes up on the block or Nat does.

    Michelle is the only contestant I want to see in the next week at this point, though Kevin is moving up because he is playing a smart game right now.

    Bye Bye Jeff, it was your stupidity that got you.

      1. Jealous???? I am jealous of whoever wins the 500K. Rooting for someone besides Jeff has nothing to do with jealousy. I don’t stick with people who think their Shi* doesn’t stink – everyone’s does, but Jeff seems to have forgotten that while he was HOH. He just needs to learn a lesson the hard way for thinking he is invincible. Kevin is really a smarter player than Jeff, because he is thinking ahead and is very realistic about his thinking (doesn’t just believe everyone is on his side). Jeff listened to Jordan too much.

  29. “judas jeff?” Oh come, this BB…not the bible. LOL!

    Like Russell was ever going to honor the “final 4” with Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, and himself. Puh-leeze. Russell was going to do what he could to get Jeff out this week if he hadn’t been voted out last week. Be real.

    I hope Jordan gets POV, takes Jeff off the block, and Nastalie goes up. I am so tired of her “I never lie” crap. She rode Jessie’s coattails, and now she’s riding Kevin’s. To top it all off, she annoying as hell. She’s the only one I don’t want to win this whole thing. Anyone but PP.

    1. ME TOO. Because then Jeff and Jordan control the votes and will vote Natalie’s ass out of the house and Kevin’s HOH will be pointless just like Chima’s. Come on Jordan, we know you can do it!

  30. Kevin’s finally stepping up. That’s the way to go Kevin! Let’s see if production gives Jeff another helping hand. Here’s a twist, all the ANT’S are given a vote since they are residents of the house and they all turn out to be Jeff’s AUNT’S. Maybe I shouldn’t give production any ideas. If it happens, you heard it here first!

    1. u believe things are made just for jeff but what about this last hoh comp and the can comp? kevin thinks they were made just for him. keep seeing the game how you want it to go along with your thinking.

      i bet u believe julie was picked as the host 11 seasons ago just for jeff now because her name begins with a j just like jeff. keep reaching loser.

  31. Nominee mistake by Kevin..he should have put up Jeff and Jordon, it was the only way to guarantee to break up the duo, who we all know vote the same way!

    1. He couldn’t risk not knowing what Michelle would do. If she chose to stay with J/J allliance, won POV and took one down, Nat would have gone up and Michelle and either Jeff or Jordan would be the only ones voting, so they could vote out Nat – Kevin would have been out of control – too much power in J/J’s hands again.

  32. Well Jeff we told you sooooo Kevin said we have the numbers nnow so your out good bye. I like you all along till youi made the mistake to take Kebvin off you nut. Soooo sit back you fool and take it.

  33. this is such bs kevin ,nat and just about everyone else can go back on their “so called word” and “that ok,but NOT FOR JEFF!!!!!! he has been the only one making this whole thing interesting! russ lied to him if you watch the show he swore when jeff saved him I will never put you or jorden up russ is thelier not jeff open your eyes people!!!!!!!!

    1. Ok, so tell me exactly what Russell did that constitutes a lie. Did he put either of them up? No he didn’t. He would have stuck with final 4 deal because he was smart enough to know that it was the only way any of the 4 could win because the Jury is stacked with people from the other side. Russell and Michelle needed JJ in the final 4, and JJ were stupid enough to not see that they needed Russ and Michelle. People keep saying Russ was a liar and a backstabber, but nobody ever comes up with anything to back that up, just DR clips that were taped AFTER Jeff and Jordan started ignoring Russ and Michelle and being friendly with Nat and Kevin. So if you have anything to prove me wrong, I would love to see it. You have the floor.

    2. What are you on about? Russell never put them up. If it was the final four, he would because there would be no choice. Russell didn’t lie. Get help. Denial isn’t pretty.

    3. Yes, I would like to hear at least one example of where Russ went back on his word. Threats to people after they screwed him don’t count, because once they screwed him, all promises would be null and void.

  34. What is it with Jordan? Most people would have caught on by now that Nat isn’t a friend. Jordan will be known as the dumbest female in BB history. There is just something not right with that girl.

  35. Kevin will lose against PP, he has to get rid of her as soon as possible. He would probably win against any of the other 3 (including Jeff). PP acting like she is the HOH, I cannot watch or listen when she is talking. She looked pretty strong in the HOH yesterday, she is pretty graceful and athletic

    1. She looked strong?????? Didn’t she come in third??????? and I think she even lost the cup for awhile – have you seen her play badminton???? She is about as athletic and graceful as a pregant hippo!!!!!!

      1. Randy Wolfgang, I was being sarcastic, PP was terrible at HOH yesterday, however I find her amusing because she talks so much shit before each and every competition, and then humiliates herself with her performance

  36. It doesn’t matter to me who wins this any more, just as long as it isn’t J/J. I’d love to see Jeff go next, but I’m not so sure CBS is going to let that happen. I just hope they stay out of it and don’t give J/J any ammunition or ideas, the way they did with the LML. Unfortunately, I do see them stacking things in Jeff’s favor in one way or another because the Nice Hunk Next Door image they’ve created for America is just too popular.

      1. Do you even know what jealousy is? If so, why don’t you explain how my comments indicate I am jealous of Jeff. If not, then shoo fly.

  37. Jeff and Jordan fail to realize that the votes are against them in the Jury House, and the only way any of them have a chance of winning the money is by sending both of them to the Jury House. Most of the jurors will vote for Nat or Kevin over Jeff or Michelle. I doubt any would vote for Jordan because she has only made it this far thanks to Jeff. Jeff was given a power that could have given him the game, but he threw any advantage he had in the crapper by backdooring Russ and being assholes to Michelle. At this point, I think even Michelle would vote against Jeff if he makes final 2 without her, and give her vote to Nat or Kevin for surviving all odds and ruining an almost for sure win for Jeff. In the end, most jury members vote for who played the game best, by then the personal vendettas have cooled off and calmer heads prevail. Kevin is assured the win no matter who he goes up against. The only way Jeff can win is if he is up against Jordan in the end, or maybe Michelle, but I think Michelle might even beat him. Jeff, Michelle and Jordan can’t win if they go before the jury with Nat or Kevin. Jeff and Jordan’s best move would be to get down with Michelle and work together in the POV. If Kevin and Nat go down, Jeff and Michelle throw it to Jordan and Natalie goes home. With Kevin unable to play next week, he would have to win POV or go home. Then it is really between Michelle and Jeff to see who takes Jordan to the finals for the win. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jeff or Jordan are smart enough to see this, and Michelle is smart enough to know that she can’t trust them to vote Nat out, so she is probably going to do her best to win POV. I am kind of hoping that Kevin and Michelle can make a secret deal for final 2. Nat is the only person that Kevin might not beat in the final 2, and she has scooted by without winning anything and almost got Kevin tossed from the game with her childish pranks.

    1. I agree completely that they should work together with Michele now instead of ignoring her and having a damned pity party. That really is stupid!!!!

    2. Yes, and Kevin made a FOOL of Jeff when he got Jeff to buy the LML and get rid of Russell. That was the dumbest move of the season because Jeff will never win against Kevin in final 2, but would have won against Russell. The fact Kevin made a fool of Jeff makes Kevin the smarter player, so Kevin should win against Jeff if they are in final 2.

    3. What game are YOU watching? Jeff’s best move was to use the wizard power to remove Jessie. That power was granted to him by the viewers, and really had nothing to do with how he played the game. He came across as a nice level headed guy that would use the power wisely and shake up the balance of power in the house. If he hadn’t had that power, he would have been gone soon unless he started winning competitions. Don’t get me wrong. I voted for him to have the power. Now I wish I hadn’t, but whatever. It’s a game.

      With the balance of power shifted, Chima went off the deep end and got tossed out. Russell and Michelle made a final 4 deal, and all they had to do was get rid of Nat and Kevin and Lydia, and all 4 would have a pretty equal chance at winning. It was a 1 in 4 chance for Jeff, and since America perceived him as a nice guy, he probably would have had the advantage over the other 3. If you consider that Jordan isn’t strong in competitions, that makes the odds more like 1 in 3.

      Then Jeff and Jordan messed everything up by believing a lie that even Kevin was amazed when Jeff bought it. It was a last ditch, back against the wall, desperate move by K and N. And that’s where Jeff got really stupid. First, instead of taking out Kevin who was the biggest threat, they evicted Lydia who has only won a unitard all season, and that was by default. Dumb!!! Then Jeff believes Kevin and Nat and decides to backdoor Russell, who was not going after them until after final 4. Jeff’s beef was that Russ and Michelle had a final 2 deal, but he didn’t see that he had Jordan, Nat and Kevin had each other, so what did he expect? In any event, Russ didn’t deny it, he admitted it, but said that final 4 comes first, so any final 2 agreements are moot before that. Jeff basically took a really good shot at a win, which was more the result of the wizard power than his own game play, and screwed it all up, probably giving the win to Nat or Kevin. He ruined his own alliance, and then he is shocked when Kevin puts him on the block.

  38. MICHELLE is a BIG LIAR TOO!!! ALL OF THEM LIED! It is part of the game WHO can make the most friends while stabbing each other in the back! ohhhhhh sounds like fun can I play ?

  39. Jeff needs to go HOME NOW…then natalie…. the people I want in the final two is michelle and kevin the bitch….with michelle winning

  40. If it’s a tie between Michelle and Jeff, Kevin breaks the tie for Michelle one less person coming after him (that is if michelle can be trusted) smart move now talk talk talk to Michelle Kevin.

  41. Ah the things you see on the feeds. Jordan asked N/K if they are planning to backdoor her. That girl is really not playing with a full deck. LOL.

  42. I must admit that my wife and I like Jeff and Jordan much more than Natalie and Kevin. But…Jeff taking off Kevin for Russell will likely go down as one of the most bone-headed moves ever! Next week when Jeff goes to the jury house he will have noone to blame but Jeff.

  43. And remember, Jeff has an extra incentive to win. Russel told him “You better f….win because if you don’t I will mop the floor with you when you show up at the Jury house. Now, let’s see you macho card Jeff. We told you not to listen to that cookie dough bimbo.

  44. for the first time I hope bulldog kevin or michelle win the pov so they send those dum and dumber home lol
    gezzzzazzzzzzzz he is losing 500 grandz for dumb lol sweetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  45. The way this will go is Jeff will win pov jordan will go up and michele will go home becasue pp wants michelle gone and jeff will vote for michelle. Then jeff will win hoh. Sorry for all you jeff haters cause russel is gone. This is a game and its all about who wins vetos and hoh from here on in. Don’t care who goes up. I really hope jordan wins so pp can go home, she has done nothing in this game what so ever and of she wins this I will never watch again, she doesn’t deserve it. Anybody else except her.

  46. Jeff needs to go NOW! If Kevin gets out Jeff he will have my vote (not that it means anything). I wouldn’t hate it if Michelle won but she’s too spineless. I hate that. She should have stood up for Russell since she knew she was a target anyway. Atleast Russell had her back.

  47. Hey Jeff…it’s just a game. He’s not just going to let you walk to the final 4. Kevin’s finally got the power and you just have to feel the pain a little bit….since you haven’t been on the block at all.

    1. This is what it’s all about! Lets see how bad Jeff wants it! I want Jeff to win. If need be he can let Jordyn go home in his place and when he wins the 500,000.00.then he can give Jordyn a mear 50,00 thousand for her generosity.(strictly between just the two of them.of course!) I really think that Jeff has a great chance of final two and winning if he makes it because when it comes down to the jury votes, MOST of the time the jury rewards the player that has made the best moves and plays and wins in the house. Even though most of the people in the jury house are GNATS friends I don’t think that they would give it to her!!! She has WON NOTHING!!! DONE NOTHING!!! Just my opinion!

  48. Are u FEELING THE PAIN yet Dumby Jeff? U shud be kicking ur self rite abt now. Cud hv skated to the final 4, if u didn’t turn ur back on ur sworn alliance. As much as I dislike scumbag Nat, want to see Jeff go. Then it may be worth watching again, just to see JordoHipo goes nuts. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kevin/Michelle team up. Wud like Michelle to get the 500G’s, but as long as she gets to final 2 I am happy. Kevin is smart, he realizes he needs to make smart moves for himself, I am hoping that means he will dump scumbag Nat. His neck must be sore, for having that heavy rock tied to it. Glad I tape BBAD, this way I fast forward whenever scumbag Nat opens her mouth. Will love watching Dumb/Dumber “freak” out now that they realize they shud not hv trusted Kevin/Scumbag over Russell/Michelle. May u hv MANY SLEEPLESS nites dreaming of all the $$$ u lost.

    1. I’m with you on that. Jordan and Jeff have really come across as two very unsavory characters and it is very disappointing. The reason I liked them to begin with was because they never seemed to be ugly towards others in the house. Now that they have gotten comfortable being on top, their true colors have come bleeding through. The snotty looks that Jordan gives Michelle and the hateful way that Jeff speaks to her is just typical of the bad behavior they have been displaying. Screw ’em. I would rather see Natalie win. At least she hasn’t faked her attitude throughout the game. She’s been a monster since the beginning. I could slap myself for voting the “magic power” to Jeff. Ruined everything.

  49. Simon could you or anyone if you know PLEASE tell me what are all of the markings are on the rug in front of the wall of pictures. Every time I see it I want to ask and then forget. There is like a BIG skinny X and then all kinds of other markings? Thaanks

  50. I hope Jeff do not Win the POV, he needs to go he’s an a**. He’s a backstabber, Michelle won HOH and put up Chima, Russ won HOH put up Ronnie, but than he stab them in the back and drew them under the bus. I want Mich to win the POV, so Kev can put Jordan up. So Jeff would have no votes, and CBS better not even think about giving Jeff any other POWER, he nned to Earn his stay period. Go Kev, Mich, and Nat !

  51. I agree with Tina ..I was team Jeff and Jordan ..but not after the shit they puiled with Russell and talking shit about Michelle behind her back..after they proved to him the were loyal for the final four deal..Screw Jeff..America we got got…Go MIchelle and Kevin …I am rooting for MICHELLE to win it all>>GO MICHELLE

  52. Kevin sucks. Once Jeff leaves, that leaves 4 players that all road someone elses coat tails. None deserve the money. Kevin is a sally

    1. Kevin does suck. He won’t win it all because apart from this last HOH, he didn’t do crap. He hid like a little girl. Frankly the remaining 4 all should share the title and money since they all equally did squat.

  53. You all are just like the people in the gam remember it is a game. Everyone was all Jeff and now that jeff made his moves everyone is dam \Jeff he is a butt hole . The only stupid move he mad was believing the other side nat is the one that has done nothing riding on everyone else and michelle the same riding everyones coat tail and acts like ababy to get the sympthy and we all love her now .NOT

  54. No Diaglea, thats not ALL jeff and jordo did. If you get bbad you will see JEFF and Jordan for 2 weeks making FUN of michelle’s nose, her walk, the way she eats, the way her eyes are,. to how she has night terrors. IT WAS HORRIBLE watching jeff (who I loved until he became hoh) turn into this nasty person. SO NO, its not just because of this one move. Its because he fooled us into thinking he was better than Jessie, better than Lydia,. and a good overall person. BUT he’s two faced. He continually told MICHELLE over and over how Russell called her coocoomagoo, BUT behind closed doors? THATS WHAT JEFF AND JORDAN CALLED HER! mostly JORDAN too b/c she befriended her. Michelle, you can tell, does not have alot of friends. I WATCHED JEFF last night in the bathroom say ” Yea, and fing michelle, I ask her what does pandoras box mean” and she’s like “duh, I dunno”.. YEAH RIGHT you freaking liar, what good is your fing PHD and you dont know that”. Michelle was right above leaning over the banister. HEARD EVERYTHING.. in fact she’s so aware that they are talking crap? She scuffs her shoes loudly so they can hear her coming so she doesn’t have to be embarrassed having to walk in on them bashing her!!…

  55. Michelle is the only one in final 4 meritoriously, having won more comps than the others combined. She is most deserving, give the girl the money.

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