Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff tells Michelle and Kevin they better vote Russell out OR ELSE!

This Big Brother Update covers August 24th from 9:30pm to 11:30pm. If lays out many conversations between Natalie, Kevin, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. The general mood of the house is they want to evict russell this week.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:30pm green room Jeff and Jordan. Jeff saying he’s been in the Diary room for a long time. HE got to twitter… “Dude it was funny DUde” Jordan agrees she’s never used twitter before she didn’t know what to say. Jordan wants to know what he twittered about. Jeff thanked them for giving him the power and he said Jordan never will give in to him but he’ll keep trying anyways. He tells her everyone else is asleep.. he goes off to the kitchen Jordan falls asleep. (add between 5 and 9 Dudes to every bit of dialog from Jeff).
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:40pm backyard Kevin and Jeff. Jeff is smoking, telling him about his 2 hour long DR session… Kevin “ewwwww”… silence…. Kevin asks him about how Michelle is doing. Jeff says she was up in
the HOH talking about her and Russell’s “fake” alliance. Kevin says Russell told him Michelle was crying in the
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
green room after the ceremony. Jeff “ya probably, she told me she thinks what I did help me out more than it helps her”. Kevin “why would Russell staying here benefit her?” Jeff “I guess they had a final 2 deal” Kevin “so it wasn’t a fake alliance” Jeff “I guess not” Jeff warns Kevin that Russell is going to come for him big time trying to get his vote. Jeff thinks Russell will talk mad BLANK about me and Jordan. Kevin says he’s been talking to me
earlier today for 30minutes straight… he must be a salesman. Kevin tells Jeff that Russell thinks Michelle is voting for him to stay. Jeff getting a bit angry “no BLANK way is she”… “If she votes to keep Russell everyone is coming after her in the house”.. Jeff goes on and on about there?s nothing Michelle can do to Jeff if even if she votes to keep Russell than wins HOH. Jeff “if she puts me up than I play POV and i will win it”. Jeff asks
Kevin if his word is good. Kevin “yes my word is good”. Jeff getting a little bit threatening saying that Michelle is stupid if she votes to evict Natalie because they have all the power. (I swear Jeff sounds like a totally different person.. power has changed him) Kevin asks Jeff what would Jordan do if she wins HOH… He continues that Russell told him that Jordan will put up Kevin and evict Kevin. Jeff “what the BLANK how the BLANK does Russell know what Jordan is doing I don’t even know” Kevin says he really hasn’t had an opportunity to show people his word is good. Kevin brings up when he won Power of Veto he should CHima he could be trusted and didn’t use it. He adds that on Thursday when he votes to evict Russell he wants Jeff to know that his word is good. Jeff says he knows Kevin’s word is good that?s why he’s going ahead with this plan.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jordan comes out and Jeff asks Jordan if she saw Michelle crying.. Jordan says yes her eyes were all puffy and red. Jordan explain that Michelle was all pissed off because now Jordan and Jeff are going to have a easy route to final two… Now Michelle is all against Russell but the last couple days she was all about team Russell. Jordan now saying that Russell was so wanted Kevin out. She brings up when Jordan was HOH he really wanted Kevin out. Jeff says Russell was always bringing up scenarios about putting Kevin up. Kevin starts telling them that Russell is such a smooth talker and he was worried that Jeff was going to not use the POV. He continues to talk about his conversation with Jeff.. Russell told him that the best way to know where Michelle stands is talk to her about the the night Jeff threaten to kill their families if they back out of final 4. They all start laughing Kevin says it?s funny how he takes jokes like that and spins them around. Michelle joins them.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff tells them about his twittering and how he was really slow because he didn’t want to make any mistakes. Michelle start giggling at every word Jeff says.. They start bashing Russell, Jordan and Jeff doing most the talking. Jordan tells them it better be 3 to zero not one vote. Jeff threatens them if one of you “think” that the vote might go the other way than your in big trouble because we’re coming for you. Kevin “You never know the vote might go 2-1 the other way.. he laughs” Jeff “ya it can but it better not”. Russell walks to the pool table they start talking about Twitter….

Jordan starts talking about the word “Gucci” and how she used it a lot when she twittered. She says back at home every second word is Gucci but here she doesn’t say it a lot. Kevin mentions that people outside might not know what Gucci is because its a brand name and they edited it out. Jordan ll worried now than she says she used it in one of her speeches.. Natalie joins them….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm- 10:40pm Backyard everyone outside on the couch, Russell is playing pool by himself. Jeff says he’s going to be the only one sleeping tonight cause everyone else had a long nap. They all start heading inside to make food. Natalie and Kevin are having burgers and Jeff is making soup. Natalie goes on and on about how tired she is and how she can’t think straight. Kevin starts talking about being able to bring a small bottle of Gatorade with him during the competitions…. Kevin is putting mayonnaise on his burger. Kevin says that’s weird putting that on your burger.. “is that a Canadian thing” Kevin says no everyone does it. Jeff thinks its just something weird the Canadians do. Natalie chimes in says she doesn’t like mayo on her burgers.. Jeff asks them is they want to play hold’em tonight, Kevin totally does. (oh nice more fun tonight ).. Kevin “will we need security on Thrusday” he snickers.. Natalie “noooo he’s going to go out all classy”. Jeff, Kevin and Natalie eating and talking. They are discussing how the producers will portray the votes during the live show. Natalie thinks they will try and portray Kevin as the swing vote and Michelle as the vote to save Russell… Jeff agrees that Kevin will be shown as the swing vote even though all three are voting the same. Kevin mentions that Michelle might be the swing vote… Jeff “WHAT wait why would Michelle be the swing vote!” Production get mad at them for talking about Production… Natalie and Kevin head outside, (** this is the second time Kevin has hinted that the voting might go differently than Jeff has planned, It’s hilarious seeing Kevin BLANK with Jeff)
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:30pm-10:40pm Jordan and Michelle speed walking around the backyard. Michelle talking about internships she’s had with various labs. She tells Jordan all about the “sketchy” places she worked at. This one place in Massachusetts that was beside a old condemned metal health hospital. All the “crazy” people would hang out around this hospital and tell her crazy BLANK when she walked by.. Later in the work term her boss found out that she was walking home at night and told her she has to stop that because the streets were too dangerous. … Jordan “is sounds like all you do is work what was your favorite summer beside this one” Michelle “when I was a little kid, all my recent summers have been BLANK”…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:50pm Backyard Everyone in the backyard. Russell playing pool, Jeff looking pissed off on the couch, Kevin around the hot tub. Only people talking are Michelle and Jordan as they speed walk around the yard. Natalie goes to the Pool table and starts playing Russ. Russell really turning up the charm and Natalie is being very friendly.. Bringing up the past stories and jokes they use to share with Jessie. Russell points out to Natalie that Michelle and Jordan look pretty friendly again. Ntalie say nothing back.. They chit chat about courses and jobs. Russell wins but compliments Natalie on improving.. he wants to play another game but Natalie wants to go into the hot tub, they agree to play later tonight.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:10pm- 11:30pm hot tub Jeff, Kevin and Natalie. Jeff is telling them all about his “Mexican” friends.. he says all his friends when he came to California were Mexican. He tells them a story about thanksgiving when they went to Tijuana to party. He goes on about this story in Tijuana, it was 5:00am and the music was just thumping, there was chicks everywhere and they all wanted to party.. Jeff asked his friends are all the places like this in Mexico and they said it was a BLANK house. Some of his friend had a girl but Jeff didn’t.. they left the BLANK house and they got stopped by theses cops, “all of a sudden all these cops jump out, My buddies were talking to them in Mexican… errr i mean Spanish” He says they made him pay $250 buck or they would of sent them to jail. Jeff wanted to call the embassy. Kevin says he’s heard of them doing that before you got to really watch it in Tijuana. Jeff goes on about about other stories at bars. He tells them about a time in Mexico when they didn’t want to pay for parking so they headed back to the US but at the border… the border guards wanted to know why they were only there for for 45minutes. The guards pulled them out of the car and searched everything in the car. Kevin says they use to kidnap rich people in Tijuana but now they kidnap everyone.. thats why he doesn’t go there anymore.

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I wish Jeff would realize his power is over right now and be nicer to people and keep selling the idea of russell going home… He is sounding like chima and jessie right now yuck… I still hold out hope that jeff and russelll patch things up and Nat gets sent home with the final 4 alliance intact…Just not sure he can trust michelle and Jordan to win hoh and save him… because unless he wins veto, he could go home no matter who wins hoh..


Agreed. Everything he said on his little rant/tirade about Russ is something he should have been saying to himself.


Jeff should keep up the pressure about Russell going home or things could change.
He shouldn’t count his chickens until they are hatched and he knows it.
He is smarter than people think.
He got Jessie out and now Russell. BIG MOVES

j&j fan and me both! i just wanted to see Russel make it to the final four..and then, i would have happily seen him lose to j/j…but, this way…Jeff has totally lost respect in my eyes…and not for nothing else…but, why would you trust Nat and Kevin over your own alliance?? Gosh..they are gonna feel like fools when they see the show..the LML, the way Gnat/Kevin talked about them…fools…complete fools…


rite..especially gnat talking about jordo…when jordo see’s the show…wow…nat was rite they are idiots…especially for believing her…dogs(nat) always fight for there masters(jessie) till the end


Michelle will throw hoh for sure..if jordo wins cool..if kev , nat win then she goes against jeff with jeff going home if he doesnot win pov..

gino dee

jeff is turning into the villain….i now want everyone to win excluding mr.power trip… happy i would be for michelle,kevin and russell to make a deal and evict natalie and team up against mr. power trip and dumb-dumb… people that america loved to two people that turned into jerk-offs….


It must be that having power in the house changes you that way. I’ve noticed it too and I am a Jeff fan. Perhaps having back to back power plus the veto has given them a sense of authority beyond reality… I do think Jeff will adjust pretty quick on Thursday when it all levels out again.

Yae Dum Dum

I agree, Jeff has been a little short with everyone, but the threats…heck he’s been doing that for a long time. Remember when Chima asked how come production doesn’t say anything to Jeff when he tells someone he is going to slit their throat because he laughs afterward? LOL
To be so close to the money but still have the biggest fight ahead of you has got to be really stressful and to know you can’t play next week………………I still love Jeff and Jordan, but I personally would like to see Kevin be in the final two. I think Kevin has done a great job at keeping a low profile (except for that blow up and “chest bump” with Ronnie and I wouldnt have changed that week for anything, would any of you?).


Unfortunately the power did change Jeff. I was rooting for him from the beginning but the last couple of weeks changed my opinion of him. He is not very smart. Being from Chicago I thought he would be street wise but he is far from that. I now hope Russell can pull of a miracle.


I agree. Jeff’s 2 week power has gone to his head but i can understand why. we see it every time someone gets hoh….only this time, for all intents and purposes he has pretty much had it 2 weeks straight…thats got to mess with your head. I can see that one of the effects it is having is paranoia. I am still team J/J regardless because next week, when they dont have the power and someone else does we will see all new players. its just par for the course in this game.


Come On – you are seeing the real Jeff. We have all been fooled. People don’t change that fast. They don’t say the things he is saying off the cuff. It is part of who he is. I too loved him and Jordon. I voted for him repeatedly. I wanted Jessie gone and then I felt Nat would follow. Jeff found interest in Natalie and Kept her over Lydia. That was when he fooled me no more. He is who you see. Russell for the $25000. At least he has always been a mess. Doesn’t try to fool anyone.


Jeff…You big DUMMY…why evict LYDIA…why???????? just stupid..




Remember michelle wasn’t paranoid at all..she was on point and knew what she wanted


Have Kevin and Michelle discussed with each other about voting out Natalie?


C’mon Russ…. work some magic in there! Yes, I like to root for the underdog, lol.


wow you are right simon the good jeff is gone power change people is not right power changer dumb people is more precise lol
damn ladies and gentlemen jeff the dumb aka jesschim hybrid XD
now I am dying to see when he is backdoor by the bulldog or the gay lol
pls bb let rusell stay and lets then enjoy the show ha

ex jj lovers

Jeff is turning into Judas on BB. Why won’t Kevin make a bolder move, everyone acts like they are scared of Jeff.


in my opinion the show is set up we will see if i am wrong just finished bb after dark if jeff and russ are so mad at each other why are they all outside bsing understanding they were not talking directly with each other but me if i were russ or jeff i would not be within 50 feet of that person after the show they put on this afternoon with their fight. Russ is not hiding anymore. we wil see but i would almost put money on gnat going home, in a way i hope i am right i dont know it is just almost too perfect and some of the comments that jordan made make me wonder. now russle is nice to gnat where he would not talk to her before. We will see but it would be a good way to get people to keep watching we went for how many days with no drama and we got bored. I could be completly wrong but food for thought and michelle acting like a wounded puppy. i am gonna sleep on it something just does not rub me the right way. Also jeff supposedly in dr room for hours the rest slept with that tension in the house how could you sleep?!! Like i said just my opinion and i know people will call me out on it but like i said just doesnt seem right to me.


I completely agree with you.
It just doesn’t seem reasonable that Sunday night’s show would tell us EVERYTHING that would happen this Tuesday and Thursday. Why would we bother to watch?
I’m expecting the unexpected on Thursday and I hope it happens.


I was thinking the same thing. Something just doesn’t seem right with this. I can’t see them letting russell go, knowing that he is Jeff’s only real competition at endurance comps. I can see them making up and flipping on natalie by the end of all this. (you are right it was getting kind of boring without all the drama) But for some reason, I still see Jeff and Russell battling at final 2. (Can’t wait to see how it all plays out)


NOH8Campaign….. Chima is involved as a spokesperson….. lol. Good pick, the goddess of love and equity…….


Jeff, really they were speaking Mexican. Try these on for size…. idiota, est?pido, pendejo


Mexicans don’t speak “Mexican”. They speak Spanish.


To EILEEN: do u speak american or canadian? Lol oooh, u speak eeeeengliiiisshh!!


Can I get a translator? Everyone is speaking “white”. =)




Eileen was being just sarcastic…


Why doesn’t anyone pick up that Nat has to be older than 18? She has played in poker tournaments, spring break trips, loved 90210, manager at Blockbuster, etc. At least she is finally opening up more so there are more changes for her to mess up.

I would be happy for Nat to go to the jury house. She’s probably a nice person in real life but she constantly disappoints in the house.

Yae Dum Dum

I don’t know how nice of a person Natalie is, did you see when her, Kevin and Russ were playing pool? Russ noticed that Gnat did not move out of the way when it was Kevins’ turn, she made Kevin walk around her. She told Russ that is how she is in the real world, she never moves out of the way for people, she makes them move around her. What does that tell you?


I agree that Nat is disappointing. She really hasn’t done anything for the game, but I don’t understand why the 18 year old thing is so important. None of the house guests have cut her any slack because they think she is younger. It just doesn’t seem like it would change anything if everyone found out. I could be wrong.


I agree that the house guests should be able to do it themselves but there is no beyond a reasonable doubt evidence.
1.The poker thing…Natalie has said it was at Indian Reservations not casino’s. And she said she “went” to the World Series i think. Even then though a few of my friends got fake i.d.’s and played in it.
2. I’ve been taking Spring Break trips since I was like 16. In mexico everyone can drink pretty much and any where else, any hotel you stay at will throw parties anyone could drink at. No one is hunting underage ppl down.
3. I liked 90210 and that was way before my time. They used to give re runs every day twice a day so she could have technically caught that in syndication.
4. I was a manager at Best Buy when I was 18 so it all depends on how long she said she worked there.As long as she says a couple of years then it wouldnt really matter that shes 18 and a manager.
I agree that the house is dumb for not knowing but Natalie knows they aren’t picking up on the little things so she has time to cover her tracks after thinking about what she says I think.


I wrote the same thing last night!!! Get Gnat out!!! I hope Kevin does see that he could team up with Russell and Michelle– they’d be a stronger alliance against Jeff and Jordan… And if J/J win against those three, then they’ve EARNED their way back into everyone liking them again…

BB Fan!

Here’s what should happen:
Nat and Kevin should let Michele win the HoH (if possible, while not being obvious). Michele would put up Jeff and Jordan. Regardless of the POV, one of them goes home (if one is taken down….Nat’s put up and the vote is 1-1 and Michele takes out the J).
So then the remaining J wins HoH (b/c Nat and Kev lay low) and that person targets Michele. Michele’s gone leaving a J, Nat and Kev.
Well, Nat and Kev then take out the remaining J and they are the final 2. Easy. Just lay low and let the others battle it out.


U cannot lay low in the final four HOH and POV…youll go home…remember POV evicts the fourth person…so kev or nat will evict kev or nat?????????


Jeff tells Michelle and Kevin they better vote the way he wants “or else”. Or else what, Jeff? Like Chima before him, he is so drunk with power that he doesn’t realize that as of today, he has no power and won’t have any until possibly next Monday if he wins POV, or in the unlikely case that Jordan wins HOH. Now is not the time to be threatening anyone. His reign is over. He even criticized Chima for this – acting like she had power, threatening, when she didn’t have the power. He will be as shocked and pissed as Chima was when he is put on the block next week and realizes that he has blown the game by pissing off everyone except Jordan.


Ok I think Jeff may just mess this up himself by pulling a Jordan and talking too much. Threatening Michelle does not work ie what happened with Chima. So I’m on the east coast and its redonkulous o’clock here and I pulled a Russ staring at the wall bc I can’t sleep. I got an idea that I wish I could send Russ. He should speak to K and M separately and say that his offer to change the game is a secret alliance between R/M/K. He can promise them final 3, he’s proven his word and promise to take Jeff out via his vote or nomination, depending on who wins hoh of the 3. He can tell them that they can even cover their butts further by acting shocked on Thurs after Russ stays and say that Russ had asked them for a sympathy vote in exchange for his vote in the jury house. They can “swear” it (since Jeff loves that;) that they thought the other person wasn’t going to vote against them. Once they agree they should all speak together and seal the deal. That would be awesome! Am I too tired or is that crazy good? Maybe I should


That is the smartest move I’ve heard. Jeff can’t play for HOH and even if he wins veto, Jordan goes home. Then I can almost guarantee the HOH after that will be endurance which would make for an almost epic battle between Russell and Jeff.
Let’s say Jeff wins HOH. 4th place power of veto is the most important. If anyone besides Jeff win that veto and Russell can solidify a final two deal with Michelle and Kevin, which shouldnt be too difficult considering he is their best shot at winning the next HOH, then BAM they use the veto on Russell. Michelle or Kevin go home. Then that next week with the final 3 regardless of who goes to the final two Jeff has absolutely no shot to win, even if he wins the final HOH and takes R/K/ or M. relative to how nominations played out exactly.
Or Jeff wins nothing and goes home.
I know there is the Jordan winning Veto possibility but if that long shot happens…then I quit because I can’t scramble my brain any further lol
If Russell can convince Kevin this is his best move, Russell might as well guarantee his shot at 500k. The jury won’t vote for kevin, because to get further he would have had to backstab EVERYONE. They definitely won’t vote for Michelle because her game play has been lame. Jeff couldnt fault Russell for good game play and would most likely vote for him after he got evicted. All of the blood would be on Kevin’s hands, but it’s still Kevin’s best shot to be in the final 2. i’d settle for 60k. Rather then leaving the chance of Jordan winning and Jeff winning the power of veto and Kevin leaving next week or the week Natalie decides to sell him out.


I meant Jordan winning HOH next week.


jury will vote for kevin…
backstabbing is part of the game..
its just the disdain with whick you do it..
dont get personal..
dan did it plenty last year


Even better for Kevin then. But I think everyone this year is way too full of themselves to vote for the people responsible for their departure. Jesse won’t vote for Kevin…no chance in hell. Lydia will. Jeff is too self righteous and is going to be pissedat Kevin…I think he would respect Russell’s game play way more since technically Russell never has really lied,he knows he is an asshole. Jordan will do what Jeff wants. Natalie will see kevin voting her out as the ultimate betrayal and even though she doesnt like russell in the game, i could see her voting for him to win because he dodged huge bullets and actually won something. Michelle is up in the air…it all depends on how things play out this week but i have a deep seeding feeling that as much as she says she hates russ its because she recognizes things in him that she sees her in herself. If she keeps him this week it shows her loyalty to russ and ultimately i think she would vote for him to win.
I’d like kevin to win…but the people in the jury house are all pride and no reason so i dont see that happening.


kevin winning against russ…not kevin winning in general.


….join Jordan and count sheep 😉


has anyone noticed that natalie and russell are being extra friendly towards each other… but i think that this is her strategy to attach herself to people who are on there way out because if russell goes home than everyone in the jury house jessie lydia and russell would have all left on good terms with her which mean thats she already has 3 jury votes… hate her or not shes being big brothers best floater right now

Former Jeff fan:

Kevin would need Michelle to save Russ. Kevin cannot take the chance of talking to her because up til now she has run right back to J/J. Jordo said Michelle was crying because she thinks J/J have it sowed up. They will, if Michelle doesn’t start playin the game and just keeps on playing their stooge. She should realize that if Jordo wins HOH next week, she and Kevin will probably go up, since J/J have spent a lot of time with Nat/Kevin. If Nat/Kevin put J/J up, Michelle would be the replacement nominee if POV used. Now is the time for Michelle to step up, but then she really may be Co-Co-Mago with no game at all. Next week will be Michelle/Kevins’s last chance to stand up.


Russell is a pussy. “you’re gonna kill my family?…wahwahwah,
I’ll mop the floor with your face…wahwahwah”
Really Russell? Do you honestly believe that Jeff truly meant that?
Bonehead Russell even said in DR that if he were Jeff he would put up Russell.
All you people are so fickle. I love J/J, I hate J/J, no, wait I love j/j, I really hate J/J.
The game is being played by a bunch of regular people who have zero contact
with the rest of the world except the other HGs. They have to lie, cheat
and piss everyone off. Wouldn’t you if half a mill was involved?
But since we’re all bashing people tonight, here’s my 2 cents.

Natalie: so sweet, so gracious, so smart, 18 yo, doesn’t need a makeover
(i hope you’re getting where I’m going with this)
Kevin: gay (didn’t find anything too annoying with him so this is all I have)
Michelle: nerve racking to watch, eyes always darting around
Jordan: boring person, boring stories, boring personality
Jeff: sexy, so hot when he’s angry, but seriously not that bright
Russell: biggest douche bag. has his head stuck so far up his ass
he really thinks he knows everything. omg! “dork!”


Im sorry but i think kevin is one smart player. If his alliance with nat is true and real he can ride this to the final 2. All hinging on if him or nat win hoh. if they do its all set. By him taking her to final 2. hes gonna win. I would never vote for natalie. i mean that whiny voice in itself is enough to do it for me. but there are tons of reasons shes not liked and kevin knows it.


Unfortunately, Russell is going home for sure. Lets hope he gets the prize money for america’s choice. Even though i liked Jeff before I definitely want him to loose now following his stupidity this week.


Who cares how old Nat is at this point?

Evel Russ

It’s less about how he is playing the game than his general attitude. I think Jeff’s played a good game (with the exceptions of not sending Natalie home last week and alienating Michelle when choosing to backdoor Russell). The thing is, the last couple weeks he has been acting real cocky and generally douchy, making threats and the majority of their conversations surround talking shit about people that aren’t in the room. These are the things that caused me to dislike Jessie and that crew. Jeff and Jordan didn’t act this way when they weren’t in power which is why they were so generally liked. Fortunately for them, they have still been getting the good guy edit, and the majority of people don’t read the forums or watch the feeds.


Any chance Big Brother would let Jeff play in HOH this week?




I was 100 percent a jeff and jordon fan, but now that Jeff is on this power trip and making stupid moves (falling for this last minute lie thing and going back on the deal they had with M&R), i’m now hoping Kevin and Natalie go final 2 and they turn on jeff next week and he gets sent to the Jury house.


I cant stand JORDAN, is she not the most annoying individual ever. Someone tell me are they not using the same tactics that Jesse used so they are no different. Unreal how people justify their BS.

John Dough

Just as an aside… I know the “Condemned Mental Hospital” Michelle is referring to….. it’s in Worcester, MA. She’s full of baloney. Her resume says she worked at “UMASS Medical” – that’s in Worcester, MA and it’s located “near” a condemned mental hospital. However, “near” is relative it’s across a major street and up a steep hill, surrounded by woods and a fence.

If she worked at UMASS she certainly didn’t “walk past” crazy people on her way home. That’s baloney. While the mental hospital is close to UMASS it’s a self-contained GATED and FENCED property with police patrol. The patients that still visit there don’t “hang out” outside anywhere close to UMASS Medical. You’d have to walk up a driveway…. about a mile long twisty driveway through the woods… and then… umm, why the hell would you walk across the property to go home? You’d have to jump a fence on the perimeter to get out.

I call BS on being harrassed by anyone at the mental hospital. The only way that would happen if you were VISITING the hospital yourself for treatment. They do have some limited office space there and you’d have to be visiting some of the remaining staff to even SEE a “crazy person.” Being “harrassed” is BS.

This is a made up story…. that hospital is used to scare kids – she’s repeating baloney she never experienced UNLESS she went there herself – for her own visit.

I like Michelle and all… but…. wow… no way. (Which isn’t to say that Worcester doesn’t have some real gems DOWNTOWN – where most cities have their “colorful” people.)



j&j fan

nah…i don’t think its a ‘bandwagoner’ thing…it’s calling a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’. If the person you are rooting for screws up…you gotta call ’em on it… we’re being straight…we don’t like what we see in j/j…that’s all…so bloody disappointed in them for being such dummies..

John Dough

To back it up…. street view on Google Maps – “Worcester State Hospital.” Middle of the woods! UMASS Medical – out of the woods, down the driveway, across a major thoroughfare, across a giant parking lot and past a ton of security on both properties….



I used to like Jeff, now…I can’t stand him, Jordan either

another fan

Everyone loved Jess? I guess you meant Jeff? I am not a bandwagoner – I just prefer not to root for people who are such a&*holes. I loved Jeff until he started demanding things as if he is the king of the house and nobody better f*ck with him or they will be sorry! type comments. I didn’t like Russell when he was mean either, but at least he kept the promise when he swore on his family!


I’m a huge Jeff fan too, I just hope that he gets over this power trip before his HOH is over. He really needs to start being nicer to these people and stop telling them what to do. I have watched this show since it first aired and I know that this happens to everyone, so I just hope he gets over it sooner rather than later. I haven’t like anyone as much as I’ve like Jeff since Janelle.
I think that it is smart to get Russ out because if you all remember, Russ said on the last show in the DR that he was going after Jeff. At this point everyone is because he’s winning everything. He just made it a little easier for Jordan to win. Michelle too, but she’s always a sketch!
I seriously think Russ may need some anger management issues, because really he can’t handle things when they don’t go his way. Also I agree, I wish they would all catch on to Nat being older than 18, because of the things she says. I think a few of them have caught on, Michelle and I think Kev. I think Kevin is funny too, but I truly hope that Jeff and Jordan don’t trust them as much as they say they do, they even said theirselves they were going to a side that hated them since day one (it really must be the dark side that makes everyone so evil) 🙂
Thursday should call for a really interesting night!!!


Who are these Jeff morons that keep drooling over him. Clearly people like individuals that they think play the game well and are not ridiculously emotional and annoying. Jeff has now become THAT character. Sure I disliked Jessie and Chima and even Russel in the beginning when he picked the fight with Jeff for no reason. Now however, given that I’m not some pre-teen Jeff fan swooning over the guy like he’s pure gold, I find that Jeff is acting like a childish moron, a very annoying one.


Bandwagoner? I think people simply like players that are not annoying emotional crybabies and big mouths. Up to this point Jeff hasn’t shown himself to be that kind of d-bag but he has turned into one clearly showing his true colors. Funny, because I disliked Russel from the beginning with his attack on Jeff but now Jeff is the one acting like the complete fool, and the difference between him and Russel is Jeff did it AFTER they had an alliance and even a final two deal.


ohhh i forgot about the final two dal…russell please bring that up..please…………..

another fan

Or else what????? He will come after them? lol news to the house – if they vote Nat out, that leaves Kevin, Michelle, Russ, Jordan and Jeff – who do you think he will go after???? It doesn’t matter who gets voted out, Jeff is after everyone but Jordan anyway, so what a weak threat – plus the fact he can’t even do anything next week. Do you really think Jeff would go after Michelle and Kevin before Russell? Jeff needs to realize he needs to be nice to people because he will soon have no power – at least for a week.


i agree..threats (and promises for that matter) are good in early weeks, but this late in the game they mean nothing, that why u set up a final four plan and stick to it….these dumb threats make him look stupid…everyone wants everone out eventually..


I think K would want to flip the script and vote out Nat but knows it is too bold a move — esp since that would require trusting Mich. so I think Russ is going home. not such a bad game move from Jeff. BUT the whole not trusting Mich and bashing her now is just dumb. Jordan realizes that they need Mich, at least at this point. Mich is swing vote again in this scenario. so suck up to her. I’m disappointed that he went there, personally bashing her but hopefully Jordan makes sure he’s nice to Mich. charm her up again, buddy. cmon….

ok next wk.
if K or N wins HOH, they will put up Jordan and Michelle. saying Mich is the target. if jeff wins pov and takes jordan off, they put K/N (the one not hoh) bec there is no one else and they cant put pov winners (right???). so it K/N v. Michelle and JJ vote out K/N 2 to 1. OR JJ vote out Mich..
If K or N wins HOH, they put up Jeff and jordan. Jeff wins POV and takes himself off. and they put up Michelle. M v. Jordan. they vote out Michelle.

if Mich wins HOH, she will put up K/N. she knows she cant trust either of them. if one takes themselves off, she has to put up jordan. J v. KorN vote to evict K/N and Mich breaks the tie and votes K/N out.

My head is pounding!!!!!!

This could be good

I had the idea that would work out really sweet.
Kevin and Michele vote Nat out thus keeping Russ
Kevin wins HOH and puts up Jeff and Jorden
Michele wins pov and takes off Jorden
Kevin puts up Russ
Michele and Jorden Vote out Russ.
Jorden wins HoH puts up Kevin and Michele
Kevin wins POV Making Jorden put up Jeff
Michele and Kevin vote out Jeff
That would have the final three as Michele, Kevin, and Jorden


Michelle does not have to win next week if she gets kevin to flip
Next hoh is the gift and curse.
if you win it this week, then you have to win pov the next week to stay.
If you dont win this week and you stay then u get to play for hoh and pov
if kev flips then you have three on one (kev, chelley, and russ v. jordan)
Only problem is jordan getting hoh, but who cares, its a small chance to take — 33% chance that one of the three go home, then pov could still be won, and if its won by the person out of the three thats not on the block then they save one of the three on the block and jordan has to put up jeff to be voted out.
Remember also if jordan wins then regardless of who goes out of the three, thay have a 2 to 1 advantage for next hoh comp.
kev could stick with nat but she has really been sad in comps after 1st hoh. and with nat it is three to two against them.
The fact is that keeping russ helps kevin get to the final four. which is all you ask for.
People say endurance…endurance. f..endurance..evil dick lost the endurance to zach.
You make moves for the chance at final four..period..
This is Big Brother not the olympics. they are scared of 1 endurance challege..
And BB probably wont do the dates …they watch the feed just like everyone else..
No one has had a distinct advantage in a comp since week one hoh. and the hanging hoh.


There hasn’t been very many endurance competitions this season. What’s up with that?


no one is catching on to gnats age because they really do not care. it make no difference whether she is 18 or 24.


it does make a difference b/c she is trying to use her age as leverage saying that she needs college money and she already retrieved her degree..


No matter what happens until the end, if Nastily or Kevin are in the final 2 then that person is going to win. If both are final 2, Kevin wins.

I still hate Nastily and I don’t care how it happens, that nasty girl needs to get voted out.



well, we will see thursday how kevin and michelle vote…if russsel is evicted is going to be one boring house!!! jeff power went to his head!!! did he forget he cant play for hoh next week? and if kevin or nat gef hoh he will be one the block for sure…stupid..

A Jeff fan

Wow, Stab you in the throat from Jeff. I used to like him until this power went to his head. Yes, getting Russell on the block was a good move. Jordan turning into a lap dog, imagine that! What did Jeff expect for Russell to roll over and say you got me? The best move would be for Kevin is to line up with Russell and Michelle and let Jeff/Jordan feel the pain. Enjoy……………………. I do not want Jeff/Jordan to be in the final two. I would rather see Michelle/Kevin. BBAD is boring, Jeff going on and on with his trip talks and Jordan talking about her friends, Boring………………


it is weighing on jeff heavily how he has become in the game…and it upsets him.

HONESTLY PEOPLE if any of us were in his shoes we may do the same with the stress, confinement, competition, lies etc.

jeff is still a good guy. these weeks he has power he is not walking around like he is a king, or having people line up at his door. we need to get over it….vote russ for the jury vote and give jeff another chance.


It was Jeff’s best move to back door Russell..
Russell would of done it to Jeff..
I hope Michelle is next..Jordan doesnt deserve to be there..Russell is right about Jordan being Jeff’s lapdog. Nice guys finish last Jeff has to get rid of Russell then Michelle.
It would be great to see Kevin and Nat final 2..


Jeff next YES!!!!
Go Nat and Kevin..


Jordan is so stupid she needs to go…I hope Michelle sides with Nat and Kevin.


Jeff – Stupid
Jordon – Stupidest
Michelle – I don’t know how that girl has stayed in the game this long. She obviously is socially backward and has told so many tales she can’t even keep up. But Kudos for the PHD and for bing in the game this long.
Russell – I have watched BB1 through BB11. He is the only person that has actually kept his word when he gave it. It is truly amazing that he has been able to stay this long given his temper and lying. He is also a good competitor. I truly give him Kudos. (and I don’t really like him) He will get my vote for the $25000.
Natalie – She is one of the most confident players I have ever watched. She must have had good support in her life. She is also one of the biggest liars, in fact, I see her just like I did Jessie/Chima (birds of a feather and all that) She is actually pathological but gotta give credit where credit is due. I despise her but really hope she gets rid of Jeff.
Kevin – Wow! How did he get this far. He above all the others thinks things true without personal feelings (for the most part) Good playing all the way. Just saying!!!!!


I meant thinks things through instead of “true”. Opppps.


russ gets 25k..i agree

Dawn D

Said it before- will say it again… I would lose my damn mind in that house playing that game! I really wanted them to keep the Final 4 as it was, but I was happy to replace Michelle with Kevin. Have you guys noticed that most of the “made up” lies are about Russell saying stuff? Maybe because he blows up so much, it seems more believable? I really want to see Gnat leave. If she goes that I am happy with whatever happens after that! I am a big J & J fan, but I think the power has changed their personality because they are over-thinking.


remember everyone this is a game..the person that plays it the best should win..
What has Jordan done?? NOTHING go home
Jeff got the power handed to him or it would have been a complete different game..go home Jeff
Michelle like it or not she has played the game..
Nat and Kevin getting Russell put on the block..great move..
Russell goes along with who ever is in power..he would of stabbed Jeff in the back..go home
I would of liked Russell to stay over Jeff and Jordan..but oh well..


right now the best to players are michelle and kevin…they both could far and away be the top two if they save russ..
but either way they have played the game better than any other players.
they have made moves that are sneaky and quiet but notable.




Jeff had made the ONLY moves in the game this season! Every HG has been scared or riding in Jessies clique and have ALL been the “Lapdogs” espcially Russell.
Score: Jeff 4-0….said bye to Ronnie, Chima (indirectly, still bye!) Jessie!, and Lunia. Maybe his number comes up, but he destroyed the assholes.


remember that jeff was helped by america, without america, he was dead in the water, he was not going worst to first without that help.
and the one bone headed move of the season, the most useless eviction was LYDIA
for who for what..just a dumbass move…she would have told everything to everybody..the LML would not have held up if she was still there….
I can hear LYDIA now…nat or kevin made me tell a lie to get you guys mad at each other lol…jeff you let your snitch leave…you never do that in this game..especially a week player as lydia was. wow..unbelievable


EXCEPT for the fact that she was EVERYONE’S SNITCH!! LOYAL TO NO ONE! Not even herself!!! lol

BEWARE of the cookie dough monster

I’m starting to think that jeff may actually be a bigger “meathead” than jessie. Can u say power hungry. For a moment last night I actually thought I saw a glimpse of red in jeff’s eyes. Scary!!!


Kevin’s best move right now would be to talk to Michelle and have them both vote for Natalie to leave. Both of them would be under the radar next week because Russell would again be the target and PP would finally be gone.
I used to be on team J/J and I understand that people have to be evicted (even alliances) to win the game. But it’s the way that Jeff has been acting that has really turned me off.


I think that Jeff made the right move. I still like Jeff. People almost ALWAYS say stupid things when their mad. If you watch the 2am to 4am flashback feeds you know he is beating his self up and that BB is getting to him. I thought Jordan was great talking to him and trying to lift his spirts. I am still routing for the All American Football player and Cheerleader.

Watching the feed that Jeff says I will stab you in the neck is only said after Russell numerous times tells him he is going to mop the floor with his face. So I took it as If you do Russell this is what I would do. In addition I took it that Russell was threantening Jeffs’ family in return because he would say “Remember what you said jeff” Jeff yeah I remember what I said. and russell would just stare at jeff. He was letting Jeff know that he was going to go after his family without saying a word. READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE!!!!!!


yeah..I could see it in his face yesterday that his emotions were mixed as to what he did…..He has a habit of being quiet n’ reflecting on his actions sometimes…I don’t think he is totally sure that he made the right move…That is why I asked if anyone who saw it on the live feeds would give me an opinion as to it being real or faked….


Russell did not keep his word he’s been a liar from the start. He told Ronnie he wouldnt nominate him in week 2 and that’s exactly what he did when he won hoh but then it was only Ronnie so no one cared. When he was on the block against Lydia he tried to get Jeff put up on the block beside him. It amazes me how quick people are to forget things and make out he is a nice and honorable guy. I’m still rooting for Jeff and Jordan. They have started to play the game and yes they were duped into believing the LML but had any of us been in the house with Michelle also in your ear about the things Russell had said then I’m sure you would have believed it too!