Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan says girls have 3 holes and then points and says…

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11pm Big Brother Time: The house guests are hosting a nomination ceremony for Big Brother House Guests “Old Look”. They are nominating three items each and voting to evict the worst offending item. Jordan nominated Natalie’s ASU sweatshirt , Michelle nominated her Basketball shorts and Kevin nominated the 500 shirt. Kevin doing a Julie Chen cast your votes now. Michelle votes ASU, Jordan votes b-ball shorts and Kevin breaks the tie voting to evict the ASU hoodie. It leaves the nomination chair and is evicted to the door. Michelle nominates Jordans disgusting peace sign pajamas. Kevin says she just did the world a favor. Natalie nominates the purple old school homecoming shirt – Kevin says homecoming is about to become old going. Kevin nominates the old faded orange hoodie. It is thrown to the nomination chair. Voting on Jordan’s old look nominees. Natalie votes to evict the peace sweatpants. Kevin votes to evict the homecoming hot mess shirt. Michelle would like to evict both items she votes to evict the peace sign pants because she has a gorgeous booty and the pants do her nothing. Kevin says get those peace sign bitches out of there. Jordan nominates the old slippers for Michele’s old look. They tell her they stink and they say Jeff may cast a vote from outside of the house he hated them. Natalie nominates the purple hoodie, the faded out, too small, got to go, hoodie. Kevin nominates the mustard yellow, busted Boston College tee. Kevin votes to evict the slippers. Mich says she’s going to barefoot now bitch! Natalie also evicts the slippers. Kevin doing a terrific job as ‘Julie” Jordan also votes to evict the dirty nasty slippers. Michele grabs them and says no!!!! They are mine. She runs around the house and they chase her – they finally throw them out and Kev says it smells better in the house already. Michele nominates Kevin’s girly flower shorts – he says What? They were 100 dollars and I got them 19 dollars. Jordan nominates the fish shoes. She says they are nasty fish shoes. Natalie nominates the cut of jean shorts. He is a man and men do not wear cut off jean shorts. You are a man now Kevin and men don’t wear these! Kevin calls for Big Brother security to protect these Bitches. Michelle votes for the flower shorts. Jordan votes to evict the doo doo brown flowers, they ain’t working. She can overlook the nasty fish shoes. Natalie Please cast your vote. Natalie votes against the fish shoes, the koi nasty slip on shoes. In a vote of 3-1 the flower, exquisite shorts have got to go. The house guests have officially been made over and the fashion show is over.They take the evicted items and throw them at the door. They all run to get their clothes and take them back. They agree that Kevin has a future in the MC business. They all agree that it was fun.

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11:25pm Big Brother Time: In the kitchen, Jordan is talking about Laura and not liking her at first. She told Laura later on not to pay any attention to her diary room’s. Kevin talks about how some of the people that were in the Jury House have been bitter. Jordan says that she thinks that it’s weird that they don’t talk about people that have been evicted in the diary room anymore. When she sees Russell again she’s going to ask him what he really does. Kevin thinks that Jeff is an ex-NFL player, that Laura is a Playboy model. Jordan says that she talked about Playboy a lot. Jordan and Michelle said that Laura told them that she would tell them a secret right before she left and she never did. They wonder if they’ll act different when they see them. Nat thinks that they’ll all spend the night in the house for the finale before the flight to Vegas. Jordan doesn’t think that they will. Big Brother keeps telling them not to talk about the diary room’s, production….the House Guest’s don’t pay any attention to them. Nat wonders about Chima and that she asked if she could hug Chima good bye and that “she” said that Nat would see her in 4 weeks. Kevin asks if you could ask one questions to a House Guest what would it be. Jordan says the first thing she want to know is what does Russell really do for work… What does Rono really do, what does Lydia do?


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11:35pm Big Brother Time: In the kitchen, Jordan is telling them that she didn’t understand why Russell said he was 25 and only 24. That he said that his b’day was in a couple months and that was why. She tells Nat that she thought that she was in her 20’s and when Nat told her that she was 18 that she believed her. They move on to how much their school lunches cost. Jordan is talking about her mom’s teeth, that she took antibiotics and they stained her teeth. She had veneers done by a friend of her ex-hubs while he was in training for dentistry school. Now they are talking about tampons again. Kevin demonstrates by jamming the cork in the wine bottle. Kevin is asking about female anatomy. Jordan says girls have 3 holes and then points and says “B**t hole, p$$ hole, and where the BLANK goes…” Jordan tells Kev that he missed their conversation last night about the Bunny Ranch. She tells him that they have doctors on the site to check cootchies. She goes on and says that she’s not going to make a judgment, that people do what they have to do. Jordan doesn’t understand why people pay to have sex. Kevin says that if you’re ugly that you would. They argue about showing the people on film that get caught in the cat houses. Nat says that you can’t film someone without their knowledge. Now they’re talking about “To Catch a Predator”. Jordan talks about some high end cat house that was being run in Charlotte. They talk about porn and Kevin tries to explain a lot of guys are visual..they do look at it and get turned on. Natalie don’t seem to think that true…Nat says it’s just Kevin. Michelle says all guys like it. Jordan doesn’t like porn, but agrees a lot of people probably do. Nat says not her man. Kevin and Michele are thinking Nat is in denial. They start talking about the female body and Jordan says her and her friends talk about their clits and vagina’s, asking each other if they have a tucked in clit or a dangly one… Jordan says her like her friend has a porn star clit, and her other one has a dangly one …then Jordan says I think mines normal.. Kevin then asks so if you were standing there naked …could i see your clit? Jordan goes silent and looks down and then says I dont know…. They then talk about body hair down there, and Jordan asks if guys have hair on their balls… and Kevin replies Ummm YEAH! Jordan says EWww… Kevin says yeah well they should shave it …



12am Big Brother Time: Now they’re talking about men shaving their body. Nat tells them that Russell gets a whole body waxing once a month. That Russell gets inside his butt checks waxed. They all agree that there should be some trim work done but not completely shaved everywhere. A bit of talk of male anatomy and now on to boob size. Jordan says that her’s were awful, they looked like bullets. They want Big Brother to give them something fun to do tomorrow… more money, trips…something. They all want to see the behind the scenes type thing. Kevin says that after Thursday. there will be no break. Michelle says that she wants to appreciate the house for a few days and not bitch about it. Kevin wants to know how far they thought that they’d get in the game before they came into the house. Jordan thought that she’d make it to the Jury House, Michelle says that her people skills were bad and that she didn’t know what she was doing. They talk about how many people are from LA. Jordan is excited to get home. Nat says that there is going to be haters out there and others that will want to take a pic with them. Nat says that she’s excited to get home, Jordan wants to get back to the groove of things. Nat wants to move on with her life. Jordan thinks of it as a big vaycay. Nat still yapping about her “future husband and family”. Nat telling them that once in the game she was so mad that she wanted to leave and Big Brother talked her out of it. That this was a dream of hers and she’s glad that she got to do it. Jordan tells her that there was a time that she thought about it too. Nat talks about her dad and the phone call, that she would have never believed that her dad and her boyfriend are watching the show together. Jordan says that Michelle wants to win for her hubby, Kevin for his boyfriend, her for her family,etc. They tell Nat that she’s still here, Nat says that she is still there, that she lasted longer than the big, buff, manly guy.


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12:10am – 12:50am Big Brother Time: Kevin says hes going to bed… Jordan heads to the bathroom and Natalie yells to her good night …that shes going to bed too…Natalie then heads up to the HOH room. Michelle gets called to the diary room. Jordan finishes up in the bathroom ..then heads to the kitchen and grabs her wine and heads into the red bedroom. Jordan comes past Kevin in the bed and asks him if everyone’s going to sleep. He tells her that they are. She tells them that she’s not going to be able to sleep after her nap. She sits down on Nat’s old bed and tells Kev that she’s going to try an extra day or two. Kevin asks her if Jeff is going to take her around a little bit. She tells him that if he can that he said he would. She says that she thinks of Jeff as her age, not older. She keeps talking about not knowing anything about LA. Jordan starts talking about where shes going to take Jeff when he comes out there to visit her.. she talks about how she thinks of Jeff as the same age as her and that she wants to take him out to some clubs. Jordan then talks about the TV show, The Hills and Laguna Beach as what she expects from California. Kevin then says that he needs to go to N. Carolina. Jordan tells him that where she lives, she is 2 1/2 hours from the beach, and 1 hour form the mountains. Then Big Brother calls Jordan to the diary room. Michelle is out of the diary room and goes to the red bedroom and turns the light on and starts going through her things and drawers. Michelle and Kevin start to talk about clothes. Michelle says she didn’t bring that many clothes because she thought that it wasn’t going to be that long and that she could just wash them. They then talk about clothes they found and lost. They say they both said they can’t find a lot of there socks. Kevin tells Michelle that Jordan is staying up. She said they will have a nomination girls party. Then Michelle mentions that she only cooks and cleans when angry. She said that this is the first time she will have to do a nomination speech. Michelle then goes into the bathroom to change clothes and to wash her face. Michelle then heads into the kitchen and cleans up a bit then goes to the backyard and picks up dishes, garbage and the deck of cards from around the couch and goes inside to the kitchen.? Jordan comes out and Michelle asks her if she wants to go outside. Jordan say yes.? Jordan says its cold out.? Jordan asks if she wants to go in the hot tub.? Michelle says I guess we can, but I dont have any panties.? Jordan asks you wanna go grab some.. And Michelle says I dont have any …I go commando remember..? Jordan says that shes just gonna wear her bra and panties.. Michelle then goes in to put on her bathing suit. Jordan gets in to the hot tub. …and then Michelle comes out and gets in to the pool.?Jordan wonders what Jeff is doing, …then says probably play solitaire. Michelle says that that’s lame. Michelle then says that Jeff is probably whacking off right now. Jordan says that that is the first thing all the guys probably do. Michelle then talks about how horny she is and how she cant wait to get off. Michelle says that is the first thing she is going to do and that she is was so horny before the veto. ?Jordan laughs and says MICHELLE!!? They then talk about the veto. Jordan says that Kevin is gonna keep Michelle, but Michele thinks he will keep Jordan. Jordan then says that if she makes it, Michelle got her vote. Now telling Michelle that Jeff told her to stick with Michelle. Then Natalie comes out and Jordan helps her put on her bikini top. Natalie gets into the hot tub and Jordan and Michelle sit on the edge with their feet in ….


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Thank you Dawg and Simon for the updates 🙂


aww dawg/simon is nat that annoying…i find michele to b the only annoying talking/thinking and looker…but u never point that out..nat seems normal


Can?t wait for tonight?s show!

Nat and Kev FTW!


i dvr’rd the BBAD show from last night and am watching it now. is it just me or does anyone notice kevs voice , hes sings all his sentences like ” he says ” i’m boredddd” and the word bored is in a ( aH AH) sound ) like fiddler on the roof. and Nats voice is like a nail on a chalkboard 🙂 (screech) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hard to listen to that’s for sure and well michelle who is so brown nosing, does’nt she know these fools arent gonna budge?




Thanks for a great season of updates…this was my first year, so didn’t quite understand all but am catching on…I think.

Hope you still have some readers left since it is now the nat show…..boring !!! Maybe everyone will read whats happening since nat makes our ears bleed……one can only hope!!!

Thanks again for a job well done.


i think jeff is dumb, he trusted those 2 and now he screwed up the show for the rest of us. there is no reason at all the kev or nat should be on the top 3 (but alison grodon is a militant lesbian and probably rigged the show so gay kev or lesbo nat wins) she’s still mad that gays can’t get married 🙂 LOL


Does anyone think there’s a chance that Kevin will flip and take Michele???


Are you insinuating that a home with two daddies would produce such an unlikable, unclean, foul-mouthed liar? I would hope not.


UH women do have three holes the urethra, vaginal and anus…moron

another fan

I also just sent a complaint on CBS’ website regarding the Kevin POV advantage. Please everyone, go send complaints so CBS will realize they need to fix this.