Big Brother 11 Spoilers Fashion Show edition – natalie is narrating what shes going to say before she says it … FUCK my ears are bleeding

9:45pm Backyard Kevin and Natalie playing pool talking pool talk. Natalie says Jordan is really depressed they need to keep beating her down so she fails in the competition. Kevin agrees he thinks if they get into her head enough she will. Natalie says she is going to really give it to Michele during the POV ceremony. Kevin says her last speech to Michele really pissed her off.. Natalie “good than this one is going to be even better”.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm Jordan and Michele in the Kitchen. Jordan says that she feels so stupid about her performance today she just wants to go home. Michele tells her she was so close to winning that POV she fucked up and second guessed herself. Jordan asks what the other 2 are doing. Michelle says they are being more annoying than ever they want to do the fashion show tonight. Jordan yawns “i don’t want to do no fashion show” Michele doesn?t wither the only reason they want to do one is because they won the POV.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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10:24pm Everyone getting ready for the fashion show.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Round 1 First up is Natalie
Kevin ?She went from Boyish and bust to Girly and glamour?s, her hair was a rats nest before and now is fabulous and sexy?
Judges comment
Mihcelle “You?re a sexy beast I give you 8.5/10”
Jordan ?I give Natalie a 10 she got rid of the boy pants and she’s wearing white shorts ?
Kevin “and why does she wear white shorts?”
Jordan ?because she knows how to wear a tampon now?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michele is next up

Kevin ?here she is Doctor Delicious She went from geek to rocker sheik?
Natalie ?I give Michele a 10 she did lose some weight she went from FREAK to gorgeous?
Jordan ?I give her a 10 because she lost 27 lbs and she looks awesome. you look hot Michele?
Kevin ?Michele secret is she has a skinny twin?

Jordan up next

Kevin ?shake that booty Jordan you got gunk in tha trunk girl you gots the gunkitis?
Michele ?You went from a hot mess to a hottie, I give her a PhD in hot?
Natlaie ?you went from the sweet southern bell to a hot nasty school teacher?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin up

Natalie “Up now is KFed.. I mean Ktown… he went from girly to manly”

Kevin is pretending he is a “straight guy” …. Kevin “yo can i get your digits.. yo give me some.. what sup yo”
Jordan “gives kevin 10.5 cause he’s looking hot”
Michele “gives Kevin 10 cause i’m stingy with the points I’ll take you home tonight”

Round 2 Jordan hosts for Kevin..
Jordan “Ktown went from bright colors to preppy boy!”
Natalie asks him is he will go steady with her he says no “fine since yo declined my offer I give you a 4” Kevin complains and Natalie tells him he now gets a 2.
Jordan goes up next
Kevin “Gucci,this sorority girl is wearing a cute skirt and top,representing the hat for her football star hotness Jeff!”
Both Michele and Natalie give her a 10
Pig Pen is next
Kevin “the soon to be married Natalie is sporting a twist tie as a engagement ring which will soon be a princess cut”… “show is off girl show your Fianc? what he’s about to get” .. Both Michel and Jordan give her a 10 . Jordan says she looks like J-LO

10:55pm it was a tie between Michele and Natalie and after a grueling game of rock paper scissors Natalie wins the Fashion show.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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Natalie still looks like ASS!!!!!!!!




LMAO, that is the best pic of Kevin so far, LOL! Thanks Simon!

lisa/losing interest

Damn i see they let jessie back in. He looks like he has done way to many steriod. Man did you see the picture he has lost almost all his hair and his teeth are really messed up. Look at pic above next to Nats you’ll see Jessie is spoting his favorite scarf. LOL

discuss game

i love this site but im over the pics. sorry simon! i dont think we can judge the players for being rude and then join them and enjoy it. plus, some are offensive- michelle’s and kevin’s. kevin’s especially. its based solely on what he is rather than what he said or did. lets find entertainment in something else.



lisa/losing interest

opps i mean sporting. Just had to make the jab really I didn’t mind Jessie he did know how the game was gonna go they should have listened to him (his group) and he might have still been around.


I am a Grandma and I have seen porn! Now I don’t watch it anymore and I wasn’t that big of a fan but I have seen it! At my age, kids, I have seen a lot and something I wish I haven’t. AND, a couple of things I might like to see again. Okay, Grandma has said too much!!!!


OMG, you guys know I was commenting on Natalie saying on BBAD that her BF hasn’t seen porn. I wasn’t just making a statement out of the dark there! I haven’t lost it that far, yet!


LOL BBGrandma … you are great ! But remember, Nat is not 18 – she’s 24 … so her supposed BF is not a pedofile


I know BBCanada. That is why she is so silly with her comment. And, I am sorry, Jordon All-time BB Fan, but I wanted to answer BBCanada.


Okay, you guys with the live feed, are they still on the same subject????? If so, would someone get Kevin a book or magazine and circle the areas in question????

Nat is repulsive

OMG jordan never ceases to amaze me with her stupidity.

Jordan All-time BB Fan

‘Grandma’ is probably Ronnie! Ahaha


No, I am not Ronnie. I got the message and Good Night. Sorry!


sry but YOU are the pain in the ass…not her


Simon, you need to update the Recent Comment section. It looks like Grandma is hogging the site here! I need to go to bed! Sorry, kids, I guess I am having too much fun!


Night Gran, I like your comments!


I’m gone, Simon. And, thank you, Mee and BBCanada. I will try to let you all see less of me tomorrow. Enjoy the show if you can with the 4 that is left.


come on back, grandma!!


i am a huge bb fan…
and i always hate it when people say, “i’m done watching this show!” when things don’t go their way…. but, I find myself being one of those people today (although I would never really stop watching). When Natalie won on Thursday, I thought, “Well, I wanted to see Nat go this week, but there’s still the POV so one of the other girls can knock out Kevin.” I had to work all day today, and when I got home to read the spoilers, my heart sank. GOD WHY?! Why us?! Why Michele?!? lol… sorry for the dramatics but I really am bummed. I wanted Michele to win this whole thing and her life in this game hinges on one thing….
…. my theory is that Mich could approach Kevin and basically tell him that should not even THINK about going to the final 2 with natalie, because he can’t beat her. Kevin has much better odds against Michele (in his eyes), than he does with Nat. Michele could guarantee Kevin that she would take him over Natalie if she won HoH (which would be the smarter choice for her too.) Honestly, when it comes to both Kevin and Michele… they both have the best odds going into the final 2 against each other. I know that sounds weird but thats how I feel.
Unfortunately I think the delicious doctor is out the door….
God help us all. Natalie is going to win this game.

Nat is repulsive is just a game. do u think any of these people give 2 shits about u, or would give u some of they’re winnings to pay ur bills NO! so dont get bummed over this crap its not healthy.


I don’t think that ‘iamsad’ ever said anything about the houseguests ‘caring’ about him/her… and I totally agree with you ‘iamsad’!!
@nat is repulisive
… I actually think you are the person who should probably get a life. You read way too much into that last comment made by ‘iamsad’ and you twisted the words around. They were simply saying that it’s hard to watch a game that you love, when people you strongly dislike are winning. That’s true with anything… sports, reality tv, etc. ANYTHING. You came somewhere out of left field with a comment about the winner paying a commenters bills. You are the one who should probably get some psychiatric help because you’re hallucinating and seeing words that aren’t there.


It’s true. I have thought that people must be retarded to want to stop watching the show because the people they like aren’t winning, but it has gotten to the point that I just cannot stomach Natalie and Kevin. The game is winding down. What’s the point of still making personal attacks? These people are just ugly and revolting. I can’t watch the show because of this. If they could just at least ACT decent then it would be okay. Is there a reason to make any more horrible remarks to Michelle before she leaves? None at all. Evel Dick was mean, but dammit, he was cool! These two are just disgusting. Who is going to want to see these people on the show again in the future? There have been several unlikable people, but this is the first time I’ve seen people that actually bring up feelings of hatred!!! lol


Couldn’t have said it better myself….thank you.

We all have different taste in what we like to watch…we have that right thank God for the remote.

This is the first time since I have been watching BB that so many of us felt the same about the same houseguest…..nat really makes for bad TV and brings up major feelings of loathing against her. I have not read one comment where someone thought Nat should win and for everyone to stop picking on her…….she is just plain evil and not in a good way. Her next gig on TV will be WOMEN BEHIND BARS…..she lies and cheats at pool and chess – no game benefit there…..her lifestyle???

I hope she uses part of her earnings on CHARM SCHOOL

Uncle Cool

I hope this ‘fashion show’ is not shown on TV. What a waste of time.


Hey, the “sexy secretary Jordan” part wasn’t! No, I know what you mean.When they were talking about it, I was dreading it, but I thought it actually wasn’t too bad when it happened. It was at least better than listening to the four of them breathe and chomp on food for two more hours. I’m sure they’ll cut it down to 15 seconds for the show anyhow. The worst is over.


I can not and do not want to believe that Ratanat is winning…..I hope Kevin takes Michele to final two. Jordan is a very nice girl and deserves the very best in life….Ratanat deserves nothing but a kick in the butt she is truly evil…..the lies she tells….I wish she would come clean and tell the truth but I think she has been lying for so long that she doesn’t no the real truth…I would like to see Jordan and Jeff after BB trying to see if they have that something special or will they just be Bf. If ratanat should win BB I hope she goes to charm school otherwise she will never get a boyfriend much less a husband even money won’t but that. the best thing that could happen is for Ratanat to read all the stuff people wrote about her and learn from the readings…people are telling her the truth…but of course she will see it as something else because that is how she works….


gosh if nat wins just shoot me now. I also say I wont watch anymore if things don’t go my way, but at the same time I am still addicted to the show, lol! I would rather see anybody win but natalie ugh!!


Nat makes me want to hurl she is a little skank…………..Why in the hell is she so bossy I would not listen to anything she has to say. It blows my mind that they all listen to what she says. If I see her eat one more meal on that show I for sure am going to barf. She is an absolute pig who chews with her mouth open and talks with a mouth full some time I have to turn the volume down DISGUSTING GO HOME NATALIE I feel sorry for her boyfriend she is absolutely in love with Jessie


Dear CBS,
The only way I will be able to watch the last few episodes of BB this season is if you can turn down the friggin volume on Natalie’s microphone. The monotone screaming drone is making my ears bleed.
Thank you!