Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan post HOH victory celebration “I think I’m going to have diarrhea, It’s Over and Over, it’s excited diarrhea”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:03pm Kitchen Natalie and Kevin. Natalie is convinced that the competition was designed to make Jeff or Jordan win. Natalie is pissed, they both think that America loves Jeff and Jordan and Hates them (most people only hate Natalie). Kevin starts to point out that Jeff and Jordan is being portrayed as the sweet hearts and Jordan has the underdog story and the poor family story. He thinks they are being portrayed as bullies an bad guys. Natalie asks him if he’s taking her to the final 2… Kevin tells her if she is going to ask him every 5 minutes he’s going to ignore her. He tells her theres 5 more days and he doesn’t want to spend it talking about who he’s putting up. Natalie explains that she needs reassurance because she’s worried. She tells him that if Jordan goes final 2 she will win for sure because America loves her. They start talking about the houseguests, Kevin liked Casey but thought Braden was a idiot. Kevin thinks America is blind about Jeff playing Jordan to win the game, “I’m so sick of Jeff and all this we love you bullshit!” Kevin doesn’t like Russell either, “he’s slimy he’s over the top masculine ”

Kevin tells her that his strategy all along was to play a bottom player like Jeff but he was able to hid it were as Jeff couldn’t. He adds that one good think about Russell is he knew Kevin was a threat and that is why he was gunning for him, “Russell wasn’t as smart as he thought he was but he knew I was a threat”

Jordan comes back from the Diary Room and Kevin gets called in.

Jordan in a very good mood and deservingly so. She tells Natalie that she’s nervous about the final HOH, She tells Natalie that it is luck of the draw like it was today. Natalie says she hopes Jordan wins because she doesn’t think Kevin will take her anymore.
They both decide to have a spa day when they get out. Natalie lists off all the things she wants done, eyes, nails etc… They head into the red room to unpack their shit. Jordan “OH my god America must of really liked Jeff” Natalie ” i know!”

Kevin comes back into the red room and Natalie gets called into the Diary Room. He tells Jordan you still with me. Jordan says of course i’m worried about you. Kevin tells her if I get the decision i’m 1000% taking you to the final 2. Jordan tells him the only way she sees them winning is it they both got that route. Kevin warns her to watch out for Natalie she is going to try hard to convince you she’s already started on me. Jordan “I know don’t be paranoid I am committed” Kevin “I know I will get second with her with no chance for first place, if i Stick with you I have a chance at first” Jordan tells him she feels like its very even if they go final 2 they played similar levels of games Kevin is funny and she is sweet so they both have a good shot… Kevin tells her she has the whole Jeff thing going for her and that will make a difference Jordan “WOW America must of really liked Jeff” Kevin tells her that production was acting pissed at him when he was going to vote out Jeff.. .(Production gets mad at them tells them to stop talking about that).. Natalie walks in…

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I think if Natalie manages to persuade Kevin that America REALLY loves Jordan (and that won’t be too hard to do), that might make him decide to take Natalie with him to the final 2 if he wins the last competition. That way he figures he stands a better chance at getting the $500,000.


Simon, are you following what they are talking about having to stay in there same clothes, can’t talk about certain stuff (more than usual), and why all the talk of Jeff….something weird is going on????


I heard Kevin say he doesn’t want to talk about “bad” stuff cause America is listening – I guess because of the voting. But something weird is going on with them having to have on the same clothes, and they are waiting on something to happen.


i think it’s the reminiscing continuing. they were prob told to talk about the past stuff. and when talking about LML after Jordan surreptitiously got called into the DR where she was prob told that they weren’t to discuss the ronnie/nazi comment.


It definitely looks like they have been given directions. (topics to discuss, clothes to wear, locations to have discussions, timing of discussions) It looked too scripted and awkward.


i don’t care who wins as long as natalie gets nothing!!! how great if she goes out 3rd!!! her fiance will dump her stinky ass as soon as she gets evicted!!!


I would love it if natalie walked out the BIGGEST loser!!! Hahahahahah She gets what she deserves!!


I’ll drink to that!


I was waiting for tonight’s footage of the Jury House with Jesse’s
fucshia spandex exposing his Tiny Junk, and nothing. Disappointed.


Gooooo Jordon!! I love<3 J/J!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devil's Advocate

I’m not a huge Jordan fan but here reaction when she won was so cute. I’d be satisfied if Kevin or Jordan won it all.

mercy me

I agree! Couldn’t have asked for a better night or outcome. Jordon is humble.. and she is smarter than most give her credit for. At least when she loses she congratulates the winner … and admits she screwed up, big time. Nat is still darting her eyes around and making excuses ..and can’t even do that right (or convincing). Julie Chen didn’t buy it either. Loved It!! GO JORDO!!!!!. FTW (with Kev 2nd….NAT 0) 😉


On BBAD, everything they are talking about now is a put up by production. Right?? Looks like it. Probably for Sunday’s show.


Yeah. They sound so…fake right now haha.


Yeah this stuff is definitely for Sunday’s show, they are acting so fake LOL. Why tape this during after BBAD??

Once again

Jeff proved again tonight what a douche he is. I can’t believe he actually thinks everything is about him. Jessie even tried to get through Jeff’s huge inflated ego that nobody cares about him once he’s gone, and Jeff just denied it. And for all of you who kept defending Jeff’s actions about getting Russ out, once again … Jeff was wrong, and so were all of you.


Forgotten?????…. Yourrrrr Stilllll talking about him….hmmmmmmm


I never defended Jeff’s getting Russell out. It was the wrong decision, but he didn’t arrive at that decision by himself, he was influenced greatly by others. That was his mistake. No one knows what would have happened the next week if Russell hadn’t left, you can only speculate. Jessie is a dickhead, who seriously lacks social skills, he is very threatened by men who are better looking and have always been, and men that are comfortable just chatting with anyone men or women.. Jeff does not have an inflated ego, he has a healthy ego, and I agree with him, Jordan is not forgetting him.


ITA. Jeff exposed himself as even more of an egomaniac than Jessie in that clip. Jeff thinks that the house is gonna go after Kevin because he stabbed Jeff in the back!!! Jeff (dude), if they get rid of Kevin, it’s because he’s a good player, NOT because they want to avenge what he did to you….But even from the jury house, Jeff still thinks everyone is playing the game only for Jeff.


Thank you. I rolled my eyes over that. He thinks Jordan and Michelle are going to avenge his eviction like he’s Cappy or go postal like Jesse’s widows did. So sorry, Frat Rat, they didn’t do anything. They forgot all about you and got on with the game.

Russell is the better person than Frat Rat is. He showed class when he could have made Frat Rat’s life miserable when he arrived.

If there’s an all-star BB bring Russell back and keep this douche bag out of it.


Not bashing Russel, cuz I think when he was evicted, he handled it quite well. But Jeff did the same. He wished them all luck and admitted, he lost.


I can’t believe Jordon won Part 2 of 2. Just goes to show that Natalie is terrible and doesn’t deserve to be in the final 2. Jordon . . . please believe Kevin and not Natalie! Kevin . . . please take Jordon and not Natalie as you have indicated you were planning. It could be even with both Jordon and Kevin in the final 2. With Natalie in the final 2, she may not have a chance based on the jury comments we heard on today’s show, but she will still get $50G for 2nd place.


As usual, Nasty started explaining how she coulda’ woulda’ shoulda’ won. It was so cool seeing her bested by Jordan. And by a landslide!!!!


SO proud of Jordan! She did something all on her own, and won fair and square! I hope the jury sees that she pulled out a big win when she needed to, and that they count that as something. We will see. GO JORDAN! Like I said before, hopefully she and Jeff will hook up afterwards, and he can enjoy the fruit of THEIR labor.

Kev is right

He has been right all along about how CBS has portrayed the players.


If Kevin and Jordan are in final two JORDAN could still win. she has Jeff, Michelle, America’s vote, and Natalie vote (thats is Kevin takes jordan). Natalie would not vote for kevin for backstabbing her (after she threw the 1st part of hoh to him) GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff in jury house talking about how Nat floated. Wow. Jordan floated just as much and, once again, Jeff calls someone else out for something he supported in someone else. He was getting irritated with Jordan before he left because he was tired of carrying her. Seems he should have acknowledged that both Nat and Jordan floated.

nasty h8ter

Jeff don’t know Nasty was master minding everyone,so like us,he thinks she floated.which until final 5 what did her or kevin win? not a damn thing!


jeff did say jordan was floating to the final 2 with michele. watch it again.

Chris, Las Vegas

Once again after Natalie lost a competition she started with the excuses of “Why” she lost. How she is so smart and could tell you everything that happened in the house from day one, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc.

That is one delusional bitch. I’ve partied with hardcore druggies on Acid and Mushrooms that were less delusional than that moron…..and one of them jumped off the roof of his house into a trash can 25 feet below thinking he would land directly into it……..By the way, he failed miserably….LOL


Agreed. Her aim couldn’t have been off HALF the time. Besides, it was clear that she was having trouble figuring out which ball went where. Even afterward, when they showed her in the room, she was trying to remember the order!

Tidy Bowl

I hope Jordan’s diarrhea is done before she gets into the hot tub. The last thing the Internet needs is another tubgirl video clip. Google it if you have a strong stomach.


I don’t know what that BBAD was all about but it sure was fake! If they are actors, they certainly suck at it.


at the end of every season they have the remaining guests talk about and remember parts of the game to air.


wow so if michele’s akward diary room sessions or weird pov speeches doesn’t give it away big brother is scripted then the whole “memories” scene that they just randomly did on after dark was definitly the determining factor.I’m not really sure why it shocks me that they tell them to do stuff like i feel like an idiot.They are all terrible actors…..and Michele was the dead giveaway.


Yes, everything they are doing and saying was directed by production for the “memories” portion, they had to say this and that, and wait to go to the kitchen to talk about Ronnie, etc.


I feel like I get duped every time I watch this show! Now they just had two SCRIPTED conversations about the engagement, twisty tie, the weird characters and then the LML. I guess production is wanting to tie up loose ends before the finale – But D**N – this just sux!


They had Memphis and Dan do the same thing last year when they had dinner. It’s their way of wrapping up the show I think.


I forgot to ask my original question…
Was anyone able to figure out why Jeff didn’t get goodbye messages?? I thought (or was hoping) that he would be the HG brought back, but they didn’t do that this year.


In Julie Chen’s blog she was asked that question and she said they didn’t have enough time.


Honestly speaking, production knew natalie wasn’t good at aiming games (remember the golf competition) which jordan excelled in, that’s why they had this game. Natalie blew it- it’s over dear. The only thing you came out with was a slop pass and $1.400 and an engagement your paranoid boyfriend gave you in case you made it.


Natalie also didn’t have to jump off the log, but she made that choice, like Jeff made the choice to trust them.


how bad was nat trying to show some happniess over her surpise engagement she couldnt even pull it off bet she threw a fit because it wasnt mention


The Jury is going to be surprise to see Michelle walk in from the sounds of their conversation tonight. She will be the last of the strong players. Kevin sounds like the favorite, too.


At this point, if Jordan wins HOH she would need to pick Natalie to win the $500k. If she goes with Kevin it looks like the Jury would pick him for the win.


Does anyone know what’s up with the “Ronnie” comment? What’s the story behind him and/or what is it that they can’t talk about having to do with him?


the fight that Kevin had with Ronnie was somewhat related to his previous comment. Ronnie had apparently said that he admired Hitler for his oratory skills. So Lydia and Kevin took the opportunity to go off on him for saying something so nuts as admire and Hitler in the same sentence. Kevin went off on him! Ronnie was dumb to cite a terrible person as a great orator — choose other greats who didn’t attempt to exterminate a people.
Rehashing a nazi comment was prob not what production had in mind to include in the memories portion of sunday night….


Thanks for that info. Not that I needed another reason to dislike Ronnie, but he’s an admirer of Hitler? Holy fack………and he’s stupid enough to admit that in a house full of cameras with millions of people watching him 24/7? Too bad they didn’t give “The Brains” IQ tests……


Thanks for that…. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. It seems like ages ago when all that happened.

Devil's Advocate

Serves Natalie right for underestimating Jordan. Can’t wait to see her reaction when she doesn’t get picked for final 2. It will make everything worth it! Priceless!!!


Simon, when they break for commercial on BBAD, does it still show them on the live feed? I mean they seem to break for a commercial right at the point I want to hear what they are saying! They get me everytime when they do that!


A lot of bad acting tonight, Kevin and Natalie’s recaping their step by step lies and games.
Very, very bad acting.


I just got here…so what’s going on? Did production tell them to talk about the evicted houseguests so production can pretend they all naturally starting reminiscing about the past three months?

Natalie is rambling on about a fight with Michelle, then Kevin said speaking of fights, remember that time I argued with Ronnie, Natalie said not now, and then he said I thought we were supposed to talk about this like naturally.

What is going on!


If anything, the game was geared toward Natalie – who is the ATHLETE! Everyone who has watched the season would be able to immediately recall the order of HOHs. That’s not hard to do. It wasn’t Natalie’s aim – she couldn’t have missed HALF the balls because of that. She honestly COULD NOT recall the order of the HOHs, which is pathetic. Jordan isn’t the brightest crayon in the box and she could quite easily list of the order; her aim was off on ONE, which is why she only got 9.

Also, I think it’s sweet that she followed Jeff’s advice to continue studying stuff every day to prepare for the mental comps. She knew the order immediately because of that.

I’m ecstatic that Natalie didn’t win. I’ve hated her since the beginning, because she was Jesse’s lapdog, and now I hate her even more because she’s awful to the other house guests, even though, strategically, it would have been better for her to butter up Michele before she went into the jury house. I’ve wanted Kevin to win since the beginning, but I’m glad that Jordan will get at least 50 grand to help better her living situation.


i find it so funny that the gnat said this was a crap shoot and she didn’t win. LMAO. i hope jordan wins now.


Gnats HOH win was a total crap shoot. This one took skill and knowledge as Gnat got her azz kicked by Jordo.


Question: does anyone know if they will all 3
be getting drilled by the jury? If so they might discover that nasty is the better final 2 pick for both…worst case scenario, don’t care b/w keV/jord


No, they won’t. Julie said that on Tuesday the 3rd place houseguest will be evicted RIGHT before the question part. So that houseguest will also be questioning JUST the remaining 2 finalists.


Kevin is absolutely screwing himself over. The whole jury house hates Nat, and he thinks they love her. If he takes Jordan im going to laugh so hard when she wins the money. He could have won probably almost unanimously. Now because he turned his back on Nat, he is going to lose. Jordan would get Michele, Jeffs and Americas vote. Then she would need just one more, probably Nat would be the vote to push it over, because she will be hating Kevin.


i honestly think that jessie, russell and lydia(if kevin dont make it to final 2 with gnat) would vote for her even though they are mad at her now because she never really screwed them(except lydia but shes crazy).


I disagree. Did you hear Russell say that he hopes Kevin wins the game? Russell and Lydia will DEFINITELY (in my opion of course) vote for Kevin to win. I think Jessie would be on the fence simply because Kevin cast the deciding vote that evicted him and he knows it. BUT, the biggest factor, should Jordan go to the final 2 with Kevin, is who will Natalie vote for?!? My gut tells me that she will completely hold a grudge against Kevin and vote for Jordan to win. In which case Jordan should have Nat, Jeff, Michelle and America and will win the game 🙂


When Jessie and Lydia left the house Nasty was in their good graces. It is after they left the house and found out about the age lie and other lies that they turned their back. However, I do not think they would vote for Jordan because they all think she floated and cannot think on her own. She did win a POV and absolutely smoked Nasty on part 2 of HOH which Nasty thought she would rule.


honestly i think jordan has a shot at winning the 500k. if shes up against gnat jeff, michele, and maybe lydia plus americas vote. if shes up against kevin jeff, michele, gnat(because she will be too pissed that kevin didnt keep his word to her), and americas vote. so jordan definately have a shot at winning. i really dont care i just dont want gnat to win shit, not even the 2nd place 50k.


Jordon will win this thing hands down!!!
The popular one has outplayed them all because it is a social game.


Jordo has a legit shot
not a big one
but a legit one
i hope she gets it, sure shes had bad moments but out of all 3 shes the least likely person I would stab in the neck


Wow, the producers must be putting out subliminal “stab people in the neck” messages. No wonder Kevin wears scarves.


I would stab her with my love stick


Natalie is such an idiot.
What 18 year old has to be at work at 5am…


mr chris

doesn’t she work at blockbuster? who rents movies at 5am?


She lies. She is having an “Oh pity me moment”.


Maybe she has to get up that early so she has time to shower…oh wait…she doesnt shower.


Gnat and Kevin need to stop complaining about America liking Jeff and Jordan and stop a minute to think WHY America likes Jeff and Jordan so much. Compared to Kevin and Gnat, Jeff and Jordan were and are so much more decent in their dealing with others and how they played the game. I was so turned off by both Gnat and Kevin when I heard them being so spiteful and mean about the others and watched how they put everyone down, lying and calling names, taking real pleasure in the downfall of others. The reason I think America likes Jeff and Jordan so well is because of how they acted. Maybe Kevin and Gnat should have been more decent and then they would have been liked as well.


Gnat was hideous. No excuse for her. Kevin was definately snide (humorous and enjoyable) and sneaky and untrustworthy at times. No worse than anyone else including Jeff and Jordan. Did you miss a few episodes? J/J were mean spirited once they had power. Anyway, I think Kevin and Gnat are not necessarily complaining that America likes J/J but that they think J/J were edited by BB to be the likable good guys.


Anonymous, I agree with you. They were complaining about how the show on CBS had been edited to show J/J as the good guys. They may have a point. Unless you have BBAD or the Live Feed you don’t get the right outlook on these guys.


I think they edited the show to make a lot of people look better, or at least the editing that they did made a lot of people look better. I’m not convinced that they intentionally set out to present clear heroes and villains. Chima wasn’t made to look as bad as she was. From what I remember, they cut a lot of her more vicious comments out, as well as the glass of water assault on Russell and a few things prior her dismissal. Jessie got a clean edit, too. I imagine the CBS show viewers thought Lydia really was crazy when she claimed he was abuse toward her, as they didn’t really see any of the action, just the complaints. I think they dodged Lydia’s Lewinsky moment entirely. Ronnie got a few beneficial cuts, too. I think they all probably did. Jeff and Jordan, together, were a cute couple. People like cute. People like couples. I don’t think they needed any help from an editor to make them popular.


I totally agree with Anon. From what was stated he didn’t miss any episodes and most likely watched live feeds. J/J were nowhere NEAR as vicious and malicious as Natalie. Kevin was always with Natalie and never tried to talk her out of doing the horrible things she did. Both Kevin and Nasty happily talked about how they could mentally break Michelle. J/J didn’t come close to playing as dirty as K/N did. I am SO happy Jordan did so well today. Karma is a Bit** and Nasty is going to get hers. Kev and Jor F2!! I HOPE Jordan wins but as long as Nat doesn’t get shit all is good.


before natalie i loved kevin. remember when he went off on ronnie? that was great. we only started not liking him since hes been aligned with natalie.

plus, the reason i dont like natalie is not at all because of jesse. it is completely natalie. everything about her makes me and millions of americans sick.


what episodes were you watching?! Jeff and jordan got edited as nice because they were nice. Kevin acted just as bad as nat he just had some funny moments and she just had discusting moments.


But Jeff and Jordan did not steal other peoples stuff. They did not hide things, rig things to spray people, they didn’t lie about being 18 (which Nat had to lie about all kinds of stuff to keep from getting caught). When Jeff put Russell up, he went out side and said “do you want to talk about this”. Did you see Kevin doing that to Jeff….. NO! Jeff might have gotten overly wordy during that week that he reigned, but he never got in anyones face and called them names like Russell and Natalie did. An example was when the 1st HOH was being played out Natalie was harrassing Jordan, Jordan just shrugged it off, instead of attacking her back.


And the only time Jordan got in anyone’s face was with Russell after he attacked her.


She attacked him (physically). He just referred to her as fat.


Anon, you’re stupid and blind if you can’t see that the show was edited in Jeff/Jordan’s favor. Are you really that bull-headed that you can’t acknowledge plain facts? They made a point of stating several times that Kevin broke his promise to Jeff, but they didn’t show the vow that Jeff demanded everyone make, nor did they draw attention to Jeff’s breaking that vow the very next day. So, who looks like a good guy? Jeff, even though the way he handled it was worse than Kevin (Jeff backstabbed his own alliance, Kevin backstabbed someone dumb enough to buy into the enemy’s trickery). That is just ONE example. People that have the feeds are just a small portion of the total number of viewers that only watch CBS. So, people like Jeff/Jordan because of the edited version CBS feeds them. If viewers saw the J/J power trip, cruelty they displayed toward other houseguests, and how they belittled and demeaned people for no reason, there would be a lot less people who blindly like J/J. Kevin is right, but you just won’t face facts.


Ok what…..seriously..what show were YOU watching? If you watched the live feeds and the BBAD you definitely saw every angle of everyone. J/J did not belittle, demean or display cruelty to the other houseguests. The only ones that really seemed to do that were Russell, Chima and Natalie. Kevin jumped in there toward the end when all his “peeps” were gone but he was pretty decent up until then. Their claim was that it was strategic to do this. Jeff may have gottne in a few of their faces but only when provoked. Jordan did none of that. she was nice to every last one of them even when they were making fun of her or downright being mean.

Its the truth

You are so wrong. J/J did in fact do all those things. They talked about EVERYONE non stop behind their backs. Their worst treatment was of Michele, who they made fun for various reasons, the worst was because of her night terrors – something she couldn’t possibly control. You obviously are looking through rose tinted glasses if you somehow didn’t see all the mean and cruel things J/J did and said. Come on, I was a fan of theirs until they got into power and showed their true colors. There is no denying what they did.


Thank you, “What?”.


Well said!


I was saying well said to Anon.
Go Jordon


Well, Jeff and Jordan were kind of jerks when they were HOH. More acceptable jerks, maybe. The kind of jerks that talk shit about you all day behind your back but shake your hand and smile when you’re around. Not as obvious as the “I’m going to take a dump in that piece of crap’s pillowcase.” or the “I’m going to stab you in the neck!” kind of jerks. Oh, wait… I think Jeff is that latter kind. But Jordan just wished she had a gun and wanted people to call Russell “faggot” behind Russell’s back, not to his face. A “nice jerk,” if you will.


kevin says jeff played jordan. he didnt . he truly liked her, she is the one not sure about him. then kevin says hewas campainging to throw jordan out and for him stay. jordan wanted him to do that and they both know jeff is a better player. plus, it is a game.

its like in kevins eyes jeff is damed if he does and damed if he doesnt.


Character matters … Kevin has gotten a great edit on the tv show he has nothing to complain about but he will … they can’t blame themselves so they’ll blame America and Michele … they SUCK.


I’m OK with Kevin and Jordan in Final 2. As long as Gnat doesn’t get sh*t, I’m totally OK with either person winning. Glad to see Jordan pull out a victory tonight – and glad that it was a skill-type game. I feel good for her! But its too bad that we have to listen to Gnat for 5 more days! We all know she isn’t going to shut up the entire time. Soooo tired of Gnat. Boy, is she going to be surprised to find out that not only does America pretty much hate her, but so do the jury house members! Go Kev & Jordo!


I hope the jury house does not give away that they don’t like Nat when the jury house ask the final 3 question about there game play. Because then Kevin will not take Jordan. Go Jordan.


Jury questioning will take place once the final two have been selected.


Retraction: apparently I’m wrong, seems they’re going off format this year.


I don’t think the jury will be asking any questions until after the final member of the jury is decided. Or am I mistaken?


Nope, you are right!


the jury house ONLY asks the final 2 houseguests questions. THE ODD MAN OUT IS JUST OUT OF THE GAME AT THAT POINT……….but it looks like nat will have to stay in the house until it is time to vote…… i right or does someone else have a different thought? i hope they dont allow nat to sit with the jurors and ask questions cuz she will screw kevin…oh well, i want jordan to win anyway.


According to what Julie Chen said, the jury will ask their questions after the final HOH competition and after the last person has been eliminated.


I thought that the HOH winner on tuesday will pick who is staying and then the evicted player will move to the jury; then all six jury members will ask the final two questions.


Go Jordo!!! You are hot!!!


Jordan has played the smartest game.

When Jeff was HOH, she is what persuaded him into getting Russell out. As a result of getting Jeff to act upon her “gut feeling” against Russel, she ultimately manipulated the other house guests to successfully evict both Jeff and Michelle. If she didn’t use Kev/Nat’s lie to push Jeff into soiling his own hands by backdooring Russell, than she would not have made it near the final two. And if she did make it this far with one of them still in the game, she would not have been able to beat Russ, Jeff, or maybe even Michelle here so close to the end. This was the only way for her to make it this far and I am so proud of her!

Phenomenal job, Jord-o, you mastermind, you.


And Jordan has been doing it from week-1. She schemed well the first week, pulling strings and getting many people to vote in favor or keeping Braden. If it weren’t for his dumb ass racist comments and whatnot, Jordan would have successfully saved his ass.
She then played the dummy card (whether it was genuine or not) after Ronnie became head of household, then screwing himself over, showing clearly that scheming only puts the target on yourself.
I believe everything she did was done to advance herself in the game. The only time she lost sight of the end was when she saw Jeff hurting before he knew it was the end of his game. Her friendship with Jeff skewed her a little bit, but over all, Jordan has always had her eyes on the prize and her head in the game.
She doesn’t cease to impress me with how well she has played everybody.


hey I love jordan to death and have been cheering for her all along but I think she got where she is on pure luck.


one thing that is FOR SURE about jordan is that she kinda fell into the final 3. you have to admit that she really did not scheme so much..all she did was get lucky…throughout the game there was always bigger targets and thats how you ant to play( no targets on your back). i dont think she had a clue on how to play and she sure didnt have a game plan but i do love her and hope she wins but people have to stop posting that jordan was somehow a genius gamer. she pulled out a win when she needed it the most and we’re all proud of her..i know i was……..but genius? no..sweet? yes!!!! winner? let’s hope.


Wouldn’t it be completely awesome if when she address the jury she has no southern accent and just made it up to make people think she was stupid. Unfortunately, her diary room sessions would argue against this, but it would still be awesome!


WTF???? Have any of you visited the CBS website to “cast a vote”? Is BB going to use it for or against us? I won’t bother to vote true if they decide to keep Nasty Tampon just for ratings.


Natalie’s just a voting option because she’s not completely out of it. There is a scenario (two, actually) where she could be in the Final Two. I’m assuming that’s why she’s up there, rather than any sort of sign or symbolism she’s a CBS stooge.


I don’t trust CBS… the only reason they listened to us this season about Chia pet was strictly for liability and post production law suits. Otherwise – won’t they pick the worst player for ratings?


From the sounds of the conversations tonight on BBAD, Production was pushing to keep Jeff and Jordon.


Again, I don’t think CBS is arranging for Natalie to win for ratings, if that’s what you are impying. She’ll be there to the end week anyhow, who cares if she actually wins? Secondly, the show’s already been greenlit for another season, so the producers probably feel safe without having to resort to end of the season stunts. Even in the case of the producers trying to influence Jeff and others to keep Russell, potentially for the drama he brings with him, they didn’t interfere to stop it from happening. I’d think if they were truly worried about ratings, they would have used a twist to prevent his eviction. Finally, they got rid of Jeff, Big Brother America’s sweetheart. Did you read all of the “I’m never watching this show again now that Jeff’s gone!” comments on the blog? Surely they would have stopped that from happening, as well.


glad to see you liked that pic of ronnie.


yo this is some funny stuff haha!!! the best case scenario for america is if natalie never reaches the final 2 and jordan wins the 500k. it’s so ironic that kevin and jordan want to get natalie out of the house yet it would be the best for them if she keep her because the whole jury seems to not like her at all haha. damn i didnt think this would happen but hey how would the houseguests know the jury wud turn against nat.


I hope Jordan wins final comp and takes Kevin; although Kevin may win the 500. I don’t want Natalie to win anything. If she takes Natalie, I know Jordan will win, but Nat gets 50 grand. How sad that would be. If Kevin wins final comp and takes Jordan, that would piss Nat off and Jordan will win it. If Kevin wins, I really don’t believe he will take Jordan with him, especially after he finds out they jury house hates Nat. They better play it like she will win the prize and Hopefully Kevin will take Jordan.. I want Jordan to win. Michelle for the 25….


I would love for the F2 to be Kev/Jor…………….but Kev is a sneaky little thing……….I’m not convinced he will take Jor…………….but PLEASE don’t let Nasty win ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


where can one find out the ratings for BB from each show?

westerfarther is a good place to find ratings. I usually just google “Big Brother 11 ratings”, though. (simon, feel free to delete the link if it isn’t cool)


Here’s the thing.. If Jordan is in the final 2 she can very likely win the game.. Jeff, Michele, and America are 3 votes she had there.. If she’s against Natalie, Russell and Lydia would probably vote for her.. However the problem is if she’s against Kevin.. If she wins part 3 and takes out Natalie then my guess is she won’t get that 4th vote.. However if Kevin wins part 3 and takes out Natalie then of course Jordan gets the 4th vote in Natalie.. I really hope either Kevin wins and takes out Natalie, or Jordan wins and takes out Kevin.. I hope during the next 5 days Kevin doesn’t realize he would make a mistake in taking Jordan.. I think if he sits down and thinks about it won’t be hard to come to that conclusion, which sucks.. Jordan has 3 votes for her no matter what, in 2 scenarios she gets that 4th vote, in 1 she might not.. If it’s up to her let’s hope Jordo comes through..


That’s how I see it too. Jord/Nat is a (virtually) easy win for Jordo. Kev/Jord could be a toss up. Jeff and Michelle vote for Jord, as does America. Lydia will vote for Kev (most likely), and even though Kev voted to get rid of Russel, I think Jesse and Russel will vote for Kev as they will feel he’s played the better game (again, a toss up on who has between Kev/Jord depending on your argument of “better”)

Kev/Jord I *think* would be most people’s pick for final 2 as then Gnat gets *nothing* (as it should be), however, like ED said, you gotta keep your eyes on the $500k, and I think Jordo’s best shot is against Gnat, even though that gives Gnat a chance to squeak by somehow. Fantasy ending? What would be huge for CBS I think, would be Jord/Kev and Jord winning 4/3.


I think you’re right on. Either Kevin has to take out Natalie or Jordan has to keep Natalie. That’s Jordan’s best chance.


I think Jordan will win also. In my opinion, the reason why Jeff and Jordan are soo loved by America is because they protray the ideal Americans. Good-looking WHITE people. Thats all there is to it. I know it sounds ignorant but hear me out. If they were a black, asian, latino couple who played the game exactly the same way Jeff and Jordan played it, they wouldnt get the same reaction. The majority of the people wouldnt even care about them. You know they edited the shit out of BIG BROTHER to make some people look better then they are and some people worse. Its all for ratings. I mean, they try and make Jordan look so innocent and honest. Remember when she flashed cameras? Talked shit about other houseguests behind there backs? Jeff does the same shit. There just like everyone else. Im not hating, its just reality. Ill be happy if Jordan wins. This is America!


Not everything is about race! If Jordan and Jeff were of a different race but acted the same way (or were edited the same way) as we’ve seen them all season, I’d still like them and I think others would too. It’s about what kind of people they’ve been (or have been edited to be) on the show. That’s it.


I think had Russell and Jordan hooked up they would be seen as an American Couple. We would of rooted for them too. If Russell acted towards Jordan the way Jeff did. It’s no longer about race or gender. It’s about can you identify with the way these people are acting. Plus, our economy has seen such liars and ponzi schemes that it’s affected everyone. Why would America hand over 500 k to a lying, scheming, gloating young woman…who takes satisfaction in hurting others? Kevin, I can see where he was lead astray by Natalie on the other hand I remember how he didn’t use the veto on lydia….There is not too much of redeeming qualities in those two. And at the last minute they are trying to trick America into voting for them. GO JORDAN!


I think Truth speaks the truth and Anon you should take your head out of your a**!!!

Chimbonda's Gloves

Hey Anon, when I am done posting this message I am going to come and kill your family and then slit your throat.

HAHA it’s all a funny joke! Get it?

Wow Jeff is a nice guy.


I agree. Are Big Brother viewers racist? It seems to come up again and again that they are. I personally don’t know, but if this blog is any indication, I would bet against it. And if only white racists are watching the show, why don’t non-racist whites and other races watch the show? It’s a broad mix of cultures. Logic says that it should attract an equally broad audience.


I totally agree. It was their actions – not their race. They were just cute to watch how they interacted with each other. Any “color” couple would have been just as cute.


I agree. Let’s not make this about race. Only a racist would do that.


If anyone is playing the race card, it is Kevin. He doesn’t say a word about race when he is on top of things, but let him or Nasty lose a comp, and it’s all because BB is gearing it toward the white, straight couple.

Its the truth

You are right. So much evidence of that is right here on this board. People are calling out the people of color on every single thing they do. Yet, when the white couple exhibits the same behavior, people on this board defend it or deny it. It has happened week after week.


I will admit that there is always bias. People tend to identify with people that reflect themselves. African Americans might be more willing to cheer on someone that has their skin color, the same way that a Christian might be more willing to root for another Christian, women for other women, Republicans for Republicans, the working class for the working class, or neighbors for fellow neighbors. However, those tend to be temporary attractors. People also judge people on their actions, their behavior and their opinions (and, in this case, gameplay). These tend to be what results in the lasting impression of people, the “content of their character.” At least, I had always thought so. I think we’ve all known these people long enough to judge them, not on their cultural niche, but as people. Case in point: Ronnie, a white-skinned, intelligent, video-game-playing, super Big Brother fan. Bias would say that most people with those like attributes should have loved Ronnie, but none of us did for very long, if at all. He’s known as creepy Ronnie the Rat, liar and Nazi sympathizer –not based on race, but his actions. How many real friends did he have in the House? How many of them were white? What do you think his odds are of winning the $25,000?

SF MuscleFuk

Okay are taking some non sense. You had a black woman with a bad weave all-up-on this show and she showed her ass! Don’t give me this race BS


So Chima, how is life outside of the house?


I think people liked them because there was a certain innocence and sweetness between them. I don’t think it has anything to do with race.


Truth you need to take your head out your ass……………….

"the edit"

“You know they edited the shit out of BIG BROTHER to make some people look better then they are and some people worse.”

I hate it when people on these sites say this. If you are here you follow this much more closely then just what big brother “edits” and know that most of the people in the house are exactly as protrayed in these “edits.” They make take extreme moments to get the point across in the 3 hours a week the rest of America see’s, but the “edits” are showing the dynamic in the house in a factual way.


i totally agree!!! i think they edit in a medium type way. they didnt show alot of the cruel things with nat and kev but they did show enough to make their point. the same with jeff and jordan. they did show times where they werent so nice and kind….they have 100’s of hours of video that they have to condense down to less than an hour so they cant show everything. i think if they did show the 24/7 live feed then people would hate nat and kevin(especially nat) a heck of alot more than we already do. on tv she comes off as a bitch but not an evil disgusting nasty bitch. cbs watchers have no idea about nat’s gross habits……….i think they were kind to edit her the way they did…and kevin is edited in a way that makes him sound like he is so funny, he cracks me up all the time, jeff and jordan have bad moments but are basically nice……………..


I agree Anon. Nothing to do with race. So closed minded to think that way. If Jeff was for example (a Mario Lopez looking guy or a Taye Diggs looking guy) he would have done just as good. He’s good looking and Jordan is cute. Simple as that. Nothing complicated.


Truth said it!

Jordan's Ballot Box

Just stuff me….America….just stuff me….vote for Jordan! Are there any other options? No! If Kevin wins 3rd HOH and takes Snatchalie, well, all I can say is Jordan will get the fanfare and big bucks outside of big brother house. If Kevin wins 3rd HOH and takes Jordan, Jordo wins 500K, and Kevin wins 50K and big bucks outside of big brother house for dumping Pig Pen. If Jordan wins HOH and takes Snatchalie, Jordan wins 500K, but gets less moolah outside for partnering with Snatchalie. If Jordan wins 3rd HOH and takes Kevin, Jordan wins 500K, Kevin wins 50k, Snatchalie wins nothing, as she should, and both Jordo and Kev have big time moolah waiting for them in entertainmentville. Jordan will have enough to buy her own ticket to Hawaii with Jeff and not have to have sex with him to pay for it. Also, Jordan will be able to afford schooling and get her boobs reduced, and have enough left over to make sure her and Jeff can get hitched someday and not worry about living in Jeff’s mom and dad’s basement. The only logical vote is for Jordo, the only person in the game who did not let the big pressure of big brother change her personality, she is still the same person now as she was before she came into the house. You can’t say that about any of the other players. Vote Jordan for Queen of Big Brother 11!


Its good to see someone finally acknowledge the fact that Jordan’s personality is the same as when she came in the house. I said that all along. All those hours of her and Jeff sitting around trashing every other person in the house and saying the most vicious, vile things about them for no reason. She’s so fake, promoting herself as a “nice person” .. ha. She’s only nice when it suits her to be nice. Everyone was making excuses for her saying well if you were in that house 24/7 you’d do things against your character too. Nope. During those 2-3 weeks when they had the power, it was evident exactly who she is. She’s an uncouth, trampy, user who backbites everyone. Nothing but white trash.


You guys are mad at big brother for not treating this show as a game yet you want someone who has hardly won but 1 competition herself a winner? I am sorry but kevin deserves the 500,000 even past winners and others have said it Danielle, DICK, JANELLE, and even WILL. so I am sorry but I hope it doesn’t even come to americas vote as you guys will make it fixed.

The Mom

CORRECTION, Jordan won 2 competitions an Jeff gave her one. Life lesson: Nice people win when it counts and NASTY is just nasty!

dave jr

go jordo go i really dont care who iwns the next head of house hold as long as PigPen doesnt get picked …. I wanna see the look come across her face when she realizes she got screwed over just like she has screwed the rest of the house guests


Kevin understood that America is the 7th vote. So he is trying hard to be nice, even nice to Michelle. I think Kevin is the smartest player but showed his bulliest side with Natalie and now he is realized that it may have cost him the game…..