Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff to Jordan “I’m drilling you when we get out!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00pm Red room Natalie and Kevin playing chess. Natalie tells Kevin she is going to heat up her pad right before the live show tomorrow so it last the duration. Kevin is worried about the comp.. he wishes he could compete. Kevin is now worried that the meds Natalie is taking will mess up her head in the HOH comp. Natalie doesn’t thinks so she knows if it’s a buzzer one they will be in trouble. Kevin tells her to hit the buzzer even if she’s 80% sure than talk slow and stall when you tell them the answer. Kevin now understands why Natalie threw the smores competition. Natalie says she threw it because she say how well Kevin was doing and knew she would never catch up to him. Kevin wonders why the first endurance comp was so intense. Natalie thinks it’s because they were told about the mystery power so they knew we would fight for it. Kevin says he totally forgot about the mystery power otherwise he wouldn?t of dropped so early. They head into the storage room and find that they have been restocked with food. Kevin “Let?s put these bitches into the fridge” Natalie “Fuck ya”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:28pm – 8:00pm
Jeff asks her where she would want to go when she gets out. She mentions seeing the Hollywood sign….
WOW we made it to day 60 … WOW that?s pretty good. Jordan tells him if he stays tomorrow he better win. Jeff didn’t they say your staying. Jordan says no they haven’t. Jeff says if your winning the 500K your taking me to a bears playoff game when they play the panthers… Jeff tries to explain to Jordan that to go to Europe the plane heads east to go to Hawaii or China the plane heads west…. (LOL) Jordan mentions how mad she is that she took Lydia out instead of Kevin. Jeff I think he’s not going to make it. Jordan says Kevin and Natalie are gunning for Michelle big time. Jeff tells her the only thing they got going for them is that nobody wants to take Natalie to the final 2 because she did shit and the house is full of her friends. Jordan has come to terms with one of them leaving this week. It took awhile for her to handle it but she knows something good is going to happen. She’s glad Jeff played the game the way he did, people will remember him for being a strong player and using the wizard power. Jeff interrupts “I wonder what the fuck is going on in the world” Jordan says if they say Jordan your evicted i’m going to be so nervous walking out the door all by myself. Jeff reminds her that she’s alone in the house so there?s no difference. Jordan tells him she has a ton of questions to ask him because she thinks he’s holding things back because there is cameras all around. Jordan “I’m going to drill you when we get out” Jeff i’m going to drill you when we get out of here ” Jordan “NOOO JEFF” Jordan asks him if there is a chance of her winning the games. Jeff tells her not to worry about winning just worry about getting to final 2. He really thinks she has a string chance of going final 2. HE doesn’t think Kevin will take Natalie nor will Michelle. “You can sneak into final 2 without doing shit” Jordan “JEFF thanks a lot” she doesn’t want to be remembered as the player that did shit in the game. Jeff tells her she has to win competitions to be able to do shit but he thinks she has a good chance of getting to final 2 without winning comps. Jeff explains that Michelle doesn’t think Jordan is going to win shit so she’s getting close to Kevin and Natalie but if Michelle has the chance she will take Jordan. Jeff “nobody wants to take Natalie!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Dave loves Michele

Pig Pens twisted comments about raping Jeff and raping Michele and her behaviour just brought her to an equal twisted, sicko level to match Ronnies adult video that was posted awhile back. After all this is over many of the houseguests will be sought after for their celebrity status. Pig Pen will just be pointed to and laughed at regardless if she wins.
Did I mention Michele is adorable?

Plastic Boob Inspector

What adult video. You talking about the stupid puppet video on you tube or an actual porn video. Either weay I am grossed out. Now if michelle wants to make an adult video I’ll watch big time. I do think Michelle would love a threesome with Jeff and Jordan lmao.


My first instinct when I heard her use the word “r***” like that was that her BFF Chima probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much…but then I remembered how casually Chima tossed around the word too. So they’re both bottom dwellers. I hope she doesn’t get away with it, but I don’t really want BB to tell her she can’t try it. I’d like to see he point where Nat finally goes a step too far, and crashes and burns for it.


I agree (even with her annoying laugh).


i don’t understand why kevin is always telling nat she has to win HOH when it doesn’t help him one bit. i would think he would want her to lose so that if he doesn’t get POV, at least nat is there as a potential person to get evicted. That is to say, It seems to me that the jordin or mich would vote out nat over kevin if given the choice, but if nat has HOH, it appears mich would vote out kevin over jordin and jordin would vote out keven over mich. Course it’s hard to tell since everyone is telling everyone else something different.


Any news on the BBP getting back to Nat on her latest devious strategy to nab Jeff’s trip…and while she’s at it, Mich’s TV?


Natalie reminds me of a parasite. She attaches herself to a host and when the host dies, she finds a new one. And now on top of a parasite she’s a thug too! “Raping” Michelle and Jeff for their prizes? Geez Natalie, ever try earning something on your own? I bet her boyfriend has loved having 60 days of freedom!

Gonna Miss Jeff!!!

I am not going to sit here and say that I won’t watch BB anymore once Jeff is gone but I know I am going to have more time to sleep and cancel my live feeds. I will catch everything that is going on right here, thanks to u simon. (Gonna donate now). Of course I will still watch the show. I just hate that Jeff is leaving before Nasty. All I can say is GO MICHELLE!!!


Big Brother 11: The Return Of Russell? Evidence Hidden In Plain Sight is the headlines on another site and if the information turns out to be true,,, Jeff may get another chance… I really want to see Nat gone.


Simon, sorry to bother you again but could you give the connect to the last update and the question I asked about Russell?. I think Penny and I might be on to something. I would like the others to comment. Did anyone see Russell on the Morning Show? Thank you, Simon. I just love all you guys. You give this disable old lady joy! Thanks to all of you, too!


I think if Nat won Pov and had to evict Kev or Michele… she would evict Michele
If she had to evict Kev or Jordan… she would evict Jordan
If she had to evict Jordan or Michele… Michele

If Kev had to evict Jordan or Nat… Jordan
Jordan or Michele…. Jordan
Nat or Michele… Nat

If Jordan had to evict Nat or Kev… Kev
Kev or Michele… Kev
Michele or Nat… Nat

If Michele had to evict Kev or Nat… Nat
Nat or Jordan… Nat
Jordan or Kev… Kev


okay?? lmao.


It seems we are helpless in the outcome and so many people want the gnatty little pigpen #1 out. Are there still popularity sites out there? and can our comments about how much we loathe her tactics have ANY effect on the producers reigning in her bad behavior? Since she keeps getting away with every lie she becomes more bold to get away with even more reprehensible behavior! Oh my what a pain she must be outside the house, I’m sure it doesn’t just turn off and she’s once again a sweet girl. The jury needs to know about her!


i saw this on an earlier post and thought it was funny. so far on the feed jord and michelle are playing with the crazy barbie dolls BB provided them . jord is saying if she wins she is going to have a company make her a barbie in her image. michelle jokes and says ?they make fat barbies? jord says whatd mean? mich says? barbies are real skiinny? and jord says? yeah and my barbie will be too. michelle rolls her eyes and says ?okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy so it wont be exactly like you? jord flps her upper lip and says in frustration ? I don know what you are talkin bout michshell. michelle doesnt respond instead she says ?well if they make a barbie after me it will be smart? jord says ?barbies have brains? ? michelle says ah no they are just dolls? (like dah) jord gazes out looking into empty air and doesnt respond. then michelle says jord ? you need a refill from thinking so hard? jord says whatd mean? michelle says? ask BB to give you an air pump ? still jord doesnt get it looking puzzled. finally michelle says ?ah you know you are an airhead and when you think your brain deflates so BB can give you an air pump to refill? jord says ?oh silly you can just blow into my ear for that. then the feed cuts to an empty splish splash room.


That goes to her sweet nature, assuming the best. That was pretty clever of Michelle and Jordon was a really good sport once she got the joke.

A no no mpose

That story you just read was BS…


i know that but it was funny either way

Jackie M.

Once again, my focus/wish now is that by some stroke of good luck, Gnat gets the boot. I bet she is the 1st bb HG that so many of us DISLIKE. Kevin shud learn from Yvette, when she took Maggie or Janelle, and Maggie took 1st. I understand even Yvette’s family knew what a dumb move she made. Does anyone remember this, am I right?

bug spray

correct me if im wrong, but is Chima’s vote really now America’s vote, or did i make that up?

cuz if so, russell, jeff, and america will vote for the people who won comps. i dont think natalie has as good as a shot as we think she does.

am i wrong


Yeah, Alison gave an interview where she said America will have a final vote to be used for tie-breaking.


Some things just aren’t adding up. I agree that pandora’s box is still in play, that Kevin has the responsibility as HOH for making a decision for someone else. What if he is forced to choose between bringing in a player (Russell is what everyone seems to agree on from the clues) or everyone losing their money. Or another scenario might be that there is an immediate change in HOH or POV in exchange for something that affects the other players — a responsibility for the HOH (kevin) and a huge twist.

There is also the question of whether live eviction is Thursday or Sunday. But if they bring in another player (Russ) they would have time for both days to be evictions.


That’s another option. I think there is going to be a twist that will shack things up. I know CBS has gathered that us watching are getting bored. Does Kevin have an additional responsibility? That is how they originally presented it, ish’t it?


Yeah, Allison said in her interview the HOH had an added responsibility. That could have been making the choice for the $$$. But Julie said to “expect a twist that could turn the house upside down.” I don’t think the $$$ qualifies as turning the house upside down.


Here’s more. A hypothesis from someone else: “We?re about to see a repeat BB9?s surprising twist where one evicted HG (James) returned after the remaining HGs were posed with the choice to retain that night?s evicted HG or gamble with whoever was inside the magical box. To make this even easier we already have a box in the game: Pandora?s Box. Many fans felt the Pandora?s Box twist died too quickly and I?d agree.” Kevin’s responsibility here may be making the decision to keep Jeff here or go with the mystery Russell in the box.


Them hints of Russell’s return are quite obvious BUT….I wonder what and how he will play into this whole mess?
His picture not blacked out in the opening credits;Him not shown walking out of the door in the opening credits;Big Brother miraculously rewarding the houseguests with $10,000(which is exactly what Russell won previously((giving it up for a chance to get back in?));the whole Pandora’s Box thing which,in theory opens up some serious evil(Russell again)because Kevin elected to release the cash.
One can only hope.
I did not object to Jeff winning the his coup powers and would not object to Russell coming back.
One can only hope.
Anything to get rid of the skank that is Natalie.


I just want some excitement! I like both Jeff and Russell so I am not pulling for either more but I will like some excitement! That would be some, right?


I agree Grandma. Anything to liven it up and to quiet the Jeff haters who thought that his powers should not have been given.
This would right the boat for them a bit wouldn’t it? Hmmm….probably not:>)


YES! YES! Excite us! The show is just not that interesting right now. You, Simon, and this website are the only reason I am even sticking with it this year. I just haven’t found this season measuring up with previous ones. Now, that is my opinion only.


Many of us Jeff haters were Jeff supporters to begin with and actually voted for him to receive the coup d’etat. We became Jeff haters because of the reprehensible behaviours that he exhibited after he obtained power. He made the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutele ring true. After telling Michele to “get away from me” after the POV competition comfrimed what a total douche he is despite his good looks. Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes right to the bone Jeff!!!


That’s the best theory I’ve heard all day…$$ amount fits along with HOH responsibility…also ties Russell’s pics if they weren’t an error. What about the key and Jeff? Those don’t fit into this scenario, but better idea than the car theory… Still hoping for the Diamond Veto from BB4… BTW: I wish the other hgs ( including Kevin) play a good prank on lying, cheating, stealing, non-bathing Gnastalie!!! Perhaps some captured bugs and a pillowcase over her head with Michelle’s dirty sock in her mouth might do the trick… I’ve written it before: Gnat looks like that dude from Metallica!!!


this was posted earlier too and it is so funny. cut to the live feed. nataliar is spitting out some green looking stuff as Jeff is sprinkling holy water that (BB provided) onto her. each time he does it she hisses and moans in a deep males voice saying ? you wont win BB, your gonna burn in helllllllll, ahhhhhh give me your prizes or else I will curse you to a life of hell where I am in charge?. Jeff thinks ?god a life with Nat would be hell? so he says ?satan, satan please come out of this poor smelly girl.? then nat says in her males voice ? there is no satan in me this is just me being myself when I am on the rag?. jordough comes out of the kitchen and sees whats going on and modes her cookie dough she was eating into a cross then plants it on Nats nat is livid and says ? your mutha eats cookie dough in hell? then she spits a huge gob of green slime into Jords face. Michelle jumps to everyones rescue and picks Nat up (she suddenly developed superhuman strength) and throws her over the big brother wall. Alison Grodner comes on speaker and says in her manly voice ? HG?s Nat violated BB rules by climbing wall so she wont be coming back. the feed goes to the empty red room.


SIMON???? Yes…I am a bit of a perve and I admit it so…any updated nudes for us? Throw some in for the ladies too? :>) :>)


go simon, your a real rebel…..

Plastic Boob Inspector

I havent seen any nudes so if you have any at all from this season you can email them to me if you like. Hint hint lol. Keep up the good work.


anyone watching BBAD? if sdo notice the hamburger helper in HOH room? why would you ask for a 1.99 item in your list of things? (thats prob kevs usual) nats in the HOH room playing with playdough) she says she wont talk til she gets a heating pad for her painful cramps from having her period. yeah right. ~~~ mich (who now calls kev a douchebag) assures Jeff she is gonna vote for him.


OK I hate Jeff but it is totally funny when he always twists Jordan’s words around to a sexual meaning. He is going to “drill her” sorry but that is just funny.


The HG’s got booze tonight… they never get them before a comp or a eviction ceremony… what could this mean!?!?!? haha.


It means that Gnat and Kevin are going to be in for a big surprise tomorrow night…. No eviction and Russell comes back in the house…. hopefully Gnat gets upset and starts up again about leaving the house because it is unfair and the BB producers say fine you can leave but you forfeit your stipend for the season and by the way you are not allowed to talk about anything that has to do with the show because CBS owns you for the next few years… Before anyone says anything I saw an interview with Evel Dick and he said that when you get on that show you basically sign your life away all interviews have to be approved by CBS you can’t write a book for at least 3 years and you know by then nobody cares anymore so CBS has all their bases covered….


BBAD update. kev asks jeff if there is any beer. jeff says “just wine, want some” to kev.( I am just saying i am not sure id be so considerate to kev if he backstabbed me:) and jord is sweet too she says to kev ” you get a haircut?”( kev says in his usual defensive voice) “a couple days ago . why?” kev says to nat after getting a glass of wine ” i don’t even want alchol I just want to take it away from jeff” what a bitch. hes letting nat influence him. I had indifferent feelings towards kev but now…


BBAD update kev & nat are in the HOH room playing with playdough. nat tells kev to do this . do that kev says “do u have 2 be so mean?” jord doesnt answer. then Kev says don’t you think sometimes a woman should be hit” jord says” ah nooooooo”!!! (wonder why kev made that comment about hitting women)


BBAD update kev & nat are in the HOH room playing with playdough. nat tells kev to do this . do that kev says ?do u have 2 be so mean?? nat doesnt answer. then Kev says don?t you think sometimes a woman should be hit? nat says? ah nooooooo?!!! (wonder why kev made that comment about hitting women)

correction with the name 🙂


Did anyone catch Nasty calling Kevin “Lydia” when he was covering the playdough calender with wrap? I rewound it a couple of times and believe that is what she said. Nothing major just a FU on her part!


BBAD update correction Nat & kev are using the playdough to work the calender


If Pandora’s box unleashes evil and brings back Russel, do you think the HG’s would rather keep or evict Jeff? Just want to hear some opinions.


It would be up to Kevin. Either way…he is screwed. But…if he makes the right decision,he may actually do ok. But I doubt it….he will be screwed. Russell does not like him. Jeff will be gunning for him. Yikes….poor guy.


That would be interesting. I wonder if Russ would gun for Kevin or go after Jordan. Nat was very nice to him before he left.


Yeah, I agree that it would be Kevin’s “responsibility” per Allison’s interview…and since it would come down to a tie vote anyway. Russell would be the Mystery-HG-In-The-Box and Kevin may also think he has better odds…66.6% that it’s an ally (Lydian or Jessie).


If it were solely up to Kevin (would this be an addition to his HOH responsibility?), I think it would depend if he knew who it could be. I’d guess that he wouldn’t know ahead of time. He’d think he’d have a 2 out of 3 chance of it being someone who could help his game/alliance so he’d probably evict Jeff. He’d know if he kept Jeff, Jeff would surely come after him. But if it were up to a HG vote, who knows? It’d probably be a close vote. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow night!


I don’t know if it would happen, but I wish that they would both be there and then let the best man win!
I think that if it were up to the HG’s though, of course Jordon and Michelle would vote for Jeff, therefor it would most likely be a tie. Kev may vote for Jeff too though, cause he knows that Russell can’t stand him.


Well, naturally, I have an opinion. I don’t think the HG will know who they might get, so, they may go with the one they know and that would be Jeff. But, I also think that will depend on the vote and how the number of votes go on that. Did it come down to a tie? Also, Kevin and Natalie might think that the HG they could be getting back is Jessie and go that way. Boy, would they be surprised! Excitement!


Well if the twist is this scenario then i would think it wouldn’t come down to a vote it would be the HOH’s decision to either keep Jeff or take him out and repace him with an un-named evicted HG sent to the JH. That’s my 2cents!




Ok…here goes: There will be no eviction on Thursday. If Kevin evicts anyone, then Russell is allowed to come back into the game AND,on top of that, the house guests lose all of their money that they found. If he says that he does not want Russell back,then Jeff and Jordan are safe…the houseguests keep all of their money and there is a new HOH contest immediately of course. Then on Sunday…we have a double elimination. CBS was going to have one anyway before that whole Chima fiasco. Now they get the double elimination they wanted and Kevin make the decision which,no matter what, will turn the house upside down.
REMEMBER…you heard it here first:>)


no way are they bringing back russell, they already made up for the double elimination with the short term HOH with michelle and Jordan, as much as it hurts as much as it hurts jeff is as good as gone come thursday


Now tell us how the world ends!


That’s easy:December 20,2012. Go see the movie in November…lolololol


LOL at westerfarther!!! I was just thinking that there sure is a lot of “what ifs” and some far out speculation for a twist for which there is very little real evidence. I believe there are going to be alot dissappointed folks when the door hits Jeff’s skinny ass on his way out and no Russell coming back. In other words just a regular eviction show.


BBAD update nat & kev are getting alot of camera time. (yawn) just how tall are both of em? just curious. and how come suddenly nat isnt experiencing any “cramps” also i was wondering does the west coast feed show the same stuff as the live BBAD does on the east coast (where I am) or while I am watching Kev-nat does the feed show jeff-jordan?


Now think about this, guys. If it is put to the HG that they can keep Jeff or get a HG back, Kevin and Natalie might think they are getting Jessie back and go for the evicted HG. Now that would be a SURPRISE when Russell came in! Wow, I am looking forward to some excitement! Oh, I have already said that……………..well, I guess you can tell I am bored with how it is now. I said that before, too. …………..sorry, I am getting boring myself.


is it de ja vu cause I could have sworn that someone wrote that michelle said only the last HGS are remembered, then Jeff replied back that yeah right when he leaves he’ll be number 5. jordan then reminded him that Remmie ( her role model) was the 5th to go and america still remembers her. help me did someone write this ahead of time or am i so high on BB that I cant tell reality anymore LOL


People in the JURY HOUSE vote for the person that played the game the best. Every winner of big brother is hated by the jury but they respect their moves. SO i would take nat to the final 2 in a heartbeat


like season 9 when Adam Jasinski won ( who was a big time floater) right? and season 10 when Dan Gheesling won ( who was a floater) so yeah nats in good company ( another floater)

discuss game

dan was not a floater at all. a schemer yes, but he played that game well. and the difference between adam/dan and nat is that those two actually won comps! the floater with dan was his runner up pal.


aw sorry did not remember. but your right nat has stooped to a new level. adams problem was that he hated being paired up with sheila ( and don’t forget he’s convicted felon for selling pot) and dan was a christian school teacher who taught inner city school kids how to show anyone can can achieve ( especially if they go on a cut throat reality show to win half mil which amounts to 50 grand after taxes) so go gnat !!!


didn’t both adam and dan both win competitions? i know dan won a HOH and possibly POV, and i think adam won POV and threw 3/4 of the comps he was in. to put natalie in the same category as dan and adam is an insult to them.


That is right, Steve. And, Jessie said from the Jury House when they showed him there that if Jeff was in the final 2 he was voting for him. He thought he had played the best game up to that point.


LOL. I think the camera people are the ones going crazy. What was up with that minute-long zoom in on the petroleum jelly?!


Dang, even the camera man is getting bored. HOPE needs to be something good like bring back Russ or even better Casey or Braden.


jeff is talking about los angeles and says he tells his friend dominoe to come to los angeles “the big easy” ah big easy is a nickname for new orleans not los angeles. los angeles nickname is “city of angels” dah Jeff get a clue 🙂


He was telling his friend Erickson who he calls “Big E or Big Easy” to come to Los Angeles. Maybe you should get a clue.


all the close ups on michelle ( on BBAD live) me think the camera guy’s have a thing for her .:)


I think Michelle thinks she’s a teabag….


BBAD update : a close up from camera on Vaseline comfort ” was it for Kevins stretched out a hole from all the years his BF pounded it? ( i know that sounds dirty butt why) it was in his basket when he got HOH


This is how fricken boring the show will be if J/J really are seperated! Afterdark is SOOO boring tonight … hopefully BB is taking note and gives us something good with this Pandora’s Box teasing!

emax 2

If any housguest will be comming back it would be the first 4 evected to complete the jury house.It would be funny if ronnie or casy came back into the big brother house.This would turn the house upside down and make a great twist


nat is a “know it all” who makes her own rules. she hatessssss to lose…… and if she does she will insist she still won. her motto is “even if I am wrong I am right for being wrong”. she is perfect for ” reality ” ( and i use that word losely) tv cause mama bring the drama . she also has “little man syndrome” ( look it up online) and she will argue with you till you are so exhausted that u give in 🙂


does kevin know he’s a poster boy for a stereotypical gay man? hes the reason gay marriage is banned in most states. and he wants america to vote for him to marry his BF?
don’t get me wrong. I am not gay bashing but come on it is okay to be gay but be a man about it. ( just cause you like the same sex doesn’t mean you have to act like the opposite sex you would never touch).


Its very ironic when people like you say “oh I’m not gay bashing” when in fact that is exactly what you are doing. So you are telling us that effeminate gay men are by some unknown measure of yours are less deserving of the right to marry then gay men that act like “men” whatever that supposed to mean. Give the attacks on Kevins sexuality or feminine characteristics a rest…he has maybe enough poor games moves like trusting the Gnat that he could be critized for instead. Kevin you go girl and be who you are inspite of all the haters out there.


Here is to Kevin being open and honest about who he is. Love it!!


amen! if you like men then you like MEN not men who think they’re women otherwise you are prob attracted to FEMININE things… same for women, if you like women then date women not women who clearly do everything in their power to look and act like men cuz then wouldnt that just mean you like masculin things and therefore you might as well be straight?! ps – im a lesbian so hate all you want doesn’t matter but i like hot chicks not men with boobs THANKS

rhianna says

so far on BBAD jord and michelle are playing with the crazy barbie dolls BB provided them . jord is saying if she wins she is going to have a company make her a barbie in her image. michelle jokes and says ?they make fat barbies? jord says whatd mean? mich says? barbies are real skiinny? and jord says? yeah and my barbie will be too. michelle rolls her eyes and says ?okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy so it wont be exactly like you? jord flps her upper lip and says in frustration ? I don know what you are talkin bout michshell. michelle doesnt respond instead she says ?well if they make a barbie after me it will be smart? jord says ?barbies have brains? ? michelle says ah no they are just dolls? (like dah) jord gazes out looking into empty air and doesnt respond. then michelle says jord ? you need a refill from thinking so hard? jord says whatd mean? michelle says? ask BB to give you an air pump ? still jord doesnt get it looking puzzled. finally michelle says ?ah you know you are an airhead and when you think your brain deflates so BB can give you an air pump to refill? jord says ?oh silly you can just blow into my ear for that. then the feed cuts to an empty splish splash room


What the hell is this, a chain letter?


RFLMAO – very good story. You had be going for a second there.


Killer story. You had me rolling that was so funny.


basically the hgs think they can out wit each other : they need to set aside their egos and try a little humanity plus realize the new world order , henceforth BB show is a perfect format to get us all used to being monitored all the time 🙂 Remember the movie “big bother is waTCHING YOU! oh and get a swine flu shot ( dah i am being sarcastic)

deborah grimes

why in hell are they getting away with the sneaky (chess)games ? where are the rules when nat+kev are cheating i dont get it why are they aloud to hide all the crap and make up the games to help them win , it dont matter after jeff leaves noone will be watching the BORING ass gay+pigpen with her cramps anyway


nat or should i say bulldog needs to take her *** home,sick of seeing and hearing her,she doesn’t even deserve to goto the jury house,what has she won?lydia even beat her in the race to make jessie a sandwich


That was a good one……I’m still laughing


nat doesnt win nothing shes on everyones coat tails


this stinks ! i really wanted jeff and jordan to go into the final two 🙁 .. if jordan wins , she better get HOH .. then evict kevin, then michelle can win hoh,, and she’d rather take jordan to the final two then natalie. and then jordan better win ! 🙂 hahah my plan.. hope it works 😉


as much as Jordan needs to win HOH its more crucial that she wins POV this week because POV ultimately decides who is going home…