Big Brother 11 Spoiler – Chima lobbying to keep Ronnie, Russell: “We Need to Get Fatty OUT!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:19pm Pool Room Ronnie and Michelle. Ronnie starts telling her that “we” trust Michelle now they all wants her to join them. HE lists off Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Natalie want you part of our group. She tells him she on the fence until after the POV competition is over. Michelle is worried that she will be the replacement nomination. Ronnie

says Michelle is the wild card. Ronnie thinks Russell isn’t religious and he just said that as an excuse to nominate Ronnie. Michelle agrees and says Natalie and Jessie are religious and Russell wanted to get them onboard. He tells her Ronnie is the one keeping the group together and safe. If Ronnie goes home Russell will pump ship and join Jeff and Jordan… than Casey, chima and Natalie are the minority. Ronnie adds that Russell is trying to separate me and Jessie because he’s jealous. Ronnie says he told Russell he didn’t trust Michelle because that’s a protection for her (how is that ronnie?). Ronnie gives up swearing on the bible and now swears on his life that he will not vote Michelle. Michelle reminds Ronnie that she thinks he’s a liar. Ronnie tells her he has 3 guaranteed votes to stay, Chima, Jessie and Natalie. Ronnie says his loyalty is is to Jessie, Nat, Chima, and Michele, “That’s his final 5” Ronnie says Russell sealed his own fate by putting ROnnie up, Russell is being evicted next week. Ronnie adds that Russell is untrustworthy. Ronnie doesn’t think that Russell knows about the final 5 so Russell thinks he has the votes…..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm HOH Russell and Chima Russell asks Chima who she wants to go home….. she says Lydia. Russell is adamant about having Ronnie go home. Chima asks him if he likes Lydia, he says no he just wants Ronnie to go home. Chima says she will do what he wants but she would prefer Lydia going home over Ronnie. Russ says no way is ROnnie staying unless he wins POV. Chima says ROnnie’s been asking everyone if they have their votes. He asked her and she said yes. Russell is starting to get mad he really wants ROnnie out. He starts rambling off all of Ronnie’s lies and how even after Russell gave Ronnie a second chance ROnnie went back to his same tricks and tried to screw Russell. Chima brings up Lydia being untrustworthy. Russell isn’t worried about Lydia she’ll be easy to get out. Chima says on a personal level she doesn’t like Lydia. Russell asking why is she trying to defend Ronnie. Russell says he has the votes Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Kevin are voting to evict. Chima continues to stick up for ROnnie saying when he was HOH everyone wanted to backdoor Russell and Ronnie wouldn’t do it. She adds that Ronnie never lied to us he lied to the other side there the ones that should be pissed. Russell says “WE need to get fatty out!” Chima tells Russell that Ronnie did keep him in Russ agrees, but says that was only because Ronnie was setting him up to go but the next week. Russell reminds her of the all the chances he gave Ronnie and ROnnie still lied to him. “he’s walking around like his cock is 12 inches long” Russell turns around and looks at her “why you lobbying for the rat?”
Chima says she’s not she’s just playing decils advocate. Chima says that under all of this game play Ronnie is a good person. Russell agrees he never said Ronnie was the anti Christ

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

but in this game right now he wants Ronnie out. Chima asks him if lydia gave him a BJ . Russell says ya she did that’s why Ronnie is going home…… They giggle a bit Chima explains that the she used the whole Braden race incident to her advantage. She doesn’t think he’s a racist or a bigot. Russell tells her what she said could be damaging to Braden’s career. Chima says whatever all i did was make a mountain out of a molehill. She says she doesn’t believe what she said about Braden being a racist… Russell starts talking about his past with the law. He says he has a record all from fights…. Russell wonder if Jessie likes Natalie because she’s a tomboy… Chima says Natalie Really likes Jessie, they just bonded in the house. She asks him what was his past girl friends like/ He says like you they could dish it right back at me.
Chima is certain that Jordan is going to get the power. Chima jokes that she’ll accidentally tell Jeff and Big Brother will come over the speaker and say “Jordan, please come to the diary room, that power you got is null and void”. Russell points out the Lydia and KEvin are together but nobody ever points that out because he’s gay. chima looks confused, Russell says let my tell you in “lammers terms” Chima: “What? LAMERS? its LAYMANS!” Russell very embarrassed and he retreats into the blanket. Russell brings up Casey and how funy he was. Chima says she called Casey out the first day. I asked him “why are you trying to speak like an ignorant, urban Black person”. Chima says the way he dressed bugs me because he’s a 40 year old man that dresses like lil’john.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:50pm Backyard Lydia, KEvin and Jordan. Lydia says she’s worried that Chima is going to vote her out and not Ronnie. Jordan complains that everyone’s been called into the Diary room but Jordan, she doesn’t think she won the power. Jordan tells Lydia not to worry about the vote she’s got Jordan, Jeff, Michelle and Kevin. Kevin joins them and they start talking about the veto competitions. JEff rings up that he’s been in every one so far and Kevin says he’s been in none. They start talking about the special power and when will they get to use it and what powers will it
grant. Michelle wonders if it would let the holder evict one person and take them straight to the Jury house at any moment. Jeff is making a big deal how excited he is about the mystery power, “I just can’t wait for the Mystery Power”.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:15pm Backyard Jordan and JEff. Jordan is worried that CHima is coming after her and JEff. Jeff isn’t worried rioght now he says their save for another week. Who knows what this mystery power will do next week could be totally different. Jordan thinks that Jessie is going to get the power because he was on last year. Jeff totally disagrees, “nobody liked Jessie last year and he’s acting the same way this year” Jordan tells him she’s has gas pains today. he tells her to fart and she does.. They giggle.. Jordan bring up the power again and says there?s talk that the power will let you evict someone on the spot. Jeff says he would evict Jessie, Jordan agrees. Jeff says he would do it for Casey, Jeff adds that he will mock Jessie as much as possible. Both of them are really missing Casey and wish JEssie hadn’t put him up. Jeff tells her about after the HOH competition and what Jessie told him. Jessie walked up to jeff and congratulated me on a job well done than he said don’t
worry your safe this week. Jeff laughs “Dudes, you’re the one who’s not safe. I was the one up there for four hours making a deal. So don’t fucken tell me like it was your doing.” Jordan laughs and says surely America won’t vote for JEssie or Natalie. Jordan lets out more gas pains and they continue to speculate about when the secret power will be announced.


10:40pm recycling room rat and the Jessie , Ronnie tells him he has Michelle’s vote. Jessie says that cannot be seen talking to each other or their fucked again. Russell is trying to drive a wedge between us. Jessie believes that Russell is jealous taht him and ROnnie are close and he wants to be close to me. Ronnie says he’s not worried because he has Michelle’s vote Jessie says he’s not sure Ronnie better make sure because Michelle is the key. Ronnie asks if they can talk when everyone is asleep Jessie says no very bad idea right now.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm red room Nataie and Kevin Kevin wants to clear the air and renew talk with people. He want to make sure NAtalie is clear about everything that happened. He tell her that he will not vote out Lydia and explains it?s the same as asking Natalie to vote out Jessie. Natalie understands and says she’s cool with that. Ronnie clears up exactly what was said in the pool room the night Russell listened in on them. Kevin explains that he told Russell 100% the truth and when he was done Russell told him your not going up cause you told the truth. Natalie asks if ROnnie was talking shit about Jessie.. KEvin stumbles and says he may have he can’t remember. Kevin tells Nat, while Ronnie didn’t say anything directly bad about her he does stir things up. Kevin goes onto explain that Ronnie is trying to pit Lydia and NAtalie against each other and the rest of the house against Russell. Kevin is really glad Russell and Casey were their to hear it all because Ronnie was going to spread BS all over the house. Kevin wants Ronnie gone he’s too much.. Natalie tells him he would be very surprised if you found out who told me you were after me. Kevin has no clue who it could be. They bring up the Chess analogy and how KEvin called Natalie the queen and Jessie the king and KEvin said he wanted to take the queen out. Kevin says no that?s not how it went. I never said you were a target. When I’m HOH. I’ll be honest with you I’m more loyal to you and Chima than Jessie. Natalie points out that she her own person. Natalie explains that it was Lydia that told Jessie about the Chess pieces that Kevin was coming after them. Kevin know figures out that it’s been Lydia that been selling him out these past days. Kevin tells Natalie if he wins POV he won’t use it and he’s old Lydia that and she’s fine with it. Natalie doesn’t say anything. Kevin says he doesn’t want Lydia to get hurt in this game and he thinks that she is .. just like when Jessie said he was going to punch her in the face about the slop thing. Natalie defends JEssie denying he said punch it was bop. Jessie walks in and KEvin goes over his conversation with Russell so JEssie knows the scoop. Jessie thinks KEvin should be worried that Russell will put him up.

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Mr. E

Russel, your “team” just gave you the middle finger. They ignored every reason why you want Ronnie gone and offered up alternatives based on who annoyed them the most. The “tests” are over, it’s time to draw a line in the sand and take your place in the New World Order alongside Jeff.


here here… ronnie needs to go then jess, nat , lydia – they all have no back bone… vote for kevin

Big D



We can carry Jeff and jordan all the way to the end America. They deserve to win the game.

Nat is a Dike


Evel Russ

How great would it be if Jeff got the Coup D’etat. This week Ronnie goes, then Chima wins HOH and puts up Jeff and Jordan. The week goes by and eviction night, live TV, Jeff says oh, by the way, Jesse and Natalie are on the block. Have fun.


How great would it be if Jeff said ” Move your feet, you got a new seat….. Jessie!!!!”


YESSS!!!!!!! That would be sooooo awesome. Jeff’s probably classier than that though.


That is my dream! Tosee Jessie and Nat up on he block TOGETHER!


That would be the best thing ever. OMG Chima wouldn’t know what to do. For the first time I’m pulling for Chima to win HOH.


if that happens i will bust a gut laughin


that would be the best!!! lol @ ash, I’d be cracking up laughing too like BigWill. the look on all their faces, PRICELESS! lol…Go Jeff!


vote for jefe!


Ronnie needs to go, then jeff, kevin, russell, vote for jessie


I have been repeatedly voting for Jeff. I think everyone should do that too cause Ronnie’s wife has probably been voting for ronnie non stop since thursday! JEFF FANS UNITE!!!


Ive voted for jeff so many times Ive totally lost count. 🙂 I would love to see the liar Natalie go home soon. She’s so fulla herself.


On the CBS forum polls, Jeff’s up to 83%. IT looks like he’s running away with it…but apparently now there’s some concern that Ronnie’s video-game/computer geek friends will have a program that will vote for Ronnie thousands of times per hour. Not being a computer geek myself, is such a thing possible? I seem to remember some issues with American Idol along those lines. If Ronnie wins, we’ll know that’s how he did it, and I’ll be done with BB .

Evel Russ

If anyone but Jeff win’s I’m calling shenanigans. But the way BB has been favoring Jessie all season it wouldn’t be a shock. I honestly think that BB is granting this power is to right a wrong and appease all the fans that have been pissed about the Jessie favoritism and they know that Jeff will walk away with it. I think they know that if Jeff doesn’t get the Coup D’etat their viewership would drop.


You really think Ronnie has friends?


is it just me or did the turn on “bbad: a lil early? cuz i seen all of this on TV

maybe whoever did this blog got the time wrong??

just me

vote for JEFF!!!…i’d love to see the looks on the “NBK’s” faces if JEFF wins the special power…i can’t stand it when the bullies get all the power, makes for a boring season…


I vote for jeff many times so cute and smart people let show the rat the bulldog and the gay jessie they are not wanted in the house lol
go jeffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessie is?nt gay. I think the only one that is gay her are you!

And Jeff isn?t smart. He uses Jordan for his game. That?s all.


hahahahahahahahaha talking about another gay in the closet
check the pixs of gay jessie the brainless showing her butt and playing with his dildo ha
you will see like american idol why america doesnt like gays ha
stop crying queer ha
its k being hated by america ha
go jeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
and rusell hmmmmmmmmmm sweetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


you must be jessies boyfriend, jeff uses nobody, he doesn’t have to, Jordan is a sweetie but man she is lacking in the brains department, jeff is on his own and he is smart, his only fault is hes not a game player or a liar ,thats jessie, fatass ronnie and the scrapey nat.


Anytime a man takes a naked picture with his ass tooted up in the air he’s gay, sorry to say your in denial.


If your voting online – Make sure you register with CBS before voting to make your vote count!! Go to and click on register at the top of the page. You can still vote as many times as you want. Hopefully Jeff will win and let the excitement begin…. If you don’t register, all your votes may not count!!


If Jeff wins that power he should take Lydia off and put Jessie up next to Ronnie! That way Natalie would have to vote to get Ronnie out so most likely he would go home. What do you all think?


Chima was annoying me last night. Is Ronnie paying her or something? Geez.


Stupid idea. He should only use it to prolong his own stay in the house.


It’s so gross that Gnatalie won’t bathe! Can we start calling her tuna twat (TT) ? I also don’t think there’s a boyfriend in her life, but I’m really thinking there’s a girlfriend. I really really hope during double eviction TT and Jessie go home. I think these two know each other outside the house. Just like I think the other players that didn’t get picked to go into the house were connected to someone in the house.


BadgerBob – if you have Jessie on the block , you may as well send him packing….


Wrong!!!!! He could be put on the block next week and be gone if he uses it this week.