Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie says “I lived with a dude from America’s Most Wanted & he slaughtered some chick on a boat”

1:05am Big Brother Time: Lydia tells Jeff she suspects that there is already a Jessie/Russell/Laura/Natalie alliance. Jeff: I’ve gotta get closerbig-brother-jessie to Jessie. Jeff, Jordan, and Lydia chatting in the bathroom. Lydia says she’s going to cuddle with Jessie and says that Jordan is going to cuddle with Jeff and they’ll all wake up early and get back to their own beds before anybody knows what’s going on. Jeff: Ok…. Jeff says he needs to get closer to Jess. Lydia: Yes you do! I want to see Natalie and Laura out. They are good game players. They are super conniving. Jeff: I can get on Jessie’s good side. He seems like a good guy I just never really talked to him.
Jessie says he had the highest viewed Housecalls EVER!! He says it’s not because of Gretchen Massey’s geeky ASS, Or Evel Dick. He says it’s because people were interested in him like Spencer Pratt in a love-to-hate way. He is upset Gretchen inserts moralizing in her questions and says she was patronizing to him. Jessie: Her job is to tell people who she likes and hates. Braden: Reminds me of a paparazzi. Jessie: She might as well be. It’s so hilarious it got canned. I would ask her… Braden: How does it feel to be canceled? Jessie: Exactly! Braden: Housecalls? No calls!
1:40am Big Brother Time: Jessie tells Lydia to leave the HOH room because he cannot take a shower with her in there. When she gets ready to leave the room she tells him she will be back in 20 minutes and Jessie says HEYYY. She makes some remark and Jessie tells her to get back inronnie2 there. Lydia tells him she is a little older and a tad bit wiser…She tells him that she Braden and Jordan will have a great night together and Jessie asks her why she has to be like that. He tells her he will be down stairs to talk to them after his shower and he will be down in a minute. He is in HOH bathroom rubbing his head and now taking off mic and getting ready for shower. His shirt is off and he is checking himself out in the mirror…Jessie: (after Lydia left) “What am I supposed to do?!” Looks like he’s confused. Natalie entered the HoH room with cloud PJ bottoms on and a hoodie and is in Jessie’s room, listening to music, while he showers.
1:42am Big Brother Time: Lydia and Ronnie now talking in the workout room. Lydia is mad at the potential “2 faced” HG… telling Ronnie she would rather take him to the final 2. Lydia: “I’m gonna fight. I’m gonna fight. I’m gonna win the veto. I will stay in this house.” Lydia is crying to Ronnie and Natalie. Natalie leaves HOH room and heads to downstairs WC where Chima is washing her face. Lydia teary eyed and telling Natalie that they are close to eachother in the house and she didnt want to seem mean to her. Natalie said she didnt think she was being mean to her.Laura, Jordon and looks like Jeff are in there as well. Laura has joined the three of them in the workout room. Lydia comes back in the gym room and gets under the blanket with Natalie and Laura. Jordon is in there now too and talking about doing makeovers…”Big Brother makeover” Ronnie is on one of the exercise bikes. Chima walks in and Natalie asks her if she is going to bed or does she want to come hang out. Natalie says I wonder if there will be a challenge to see who can keep the light lit the longest by riding the exercise bike. Ronnie smiling away as he peddles. big-brother-11Michelle eating her slop cookies.
2am Big Brother Time: Jeff in HOH room talking to Jessie and Jessie asks him about Kevin and Jeff says he is cool and level-headed and that his best friends in the house are Lydia and Chima. Jessie says Kevin did come to HOH room right after it happened… Jessie says when he says goodnight he is up here all by himself and you all are still downstairs talking… Jeff tells Jessie “just so you know you guys are not my first priority” Jessie says that Natalie is in his group and the worse that could happen is those two would be put up against each other. They both leave the HOH room and head down the stairs.. Jessie going to have a shake and Jeff asks him how many times a day he eats and Jessie says 8 or 9 times. Jessie now getting mix out to make power shake. Jeff sitting at counter while Jessie makes drink – shaking it up. Jessie says he never farts because these drinks dont make him gassy.

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Jessie shaking his drink and looking at HG wall. Jessie talking about Renny and Keesha and how they would stay up and laugh and how their caliber of loudness was so bad and they didnt give a F. then he makes fun of their “cackles” he is still shaing his drink. Now opens it by the sink and is chugging it down. Says he slams three a day to keep the doctors away Jessie shaking his drink and looking at HG wall. Jessie talking about Renny and Keesha and how they would stay up and laugh and how their caliber of loudness was so bad and they didnt give a FUCK. then he big-brother-11-jessiemakes fun of their “cackles” he is still sharing his drink. Now opens it by the sink and is chugging it down. Says he slams three a?day to keep the doctors away. Jessie heads into WC where Chima is flossing and he asks if someone is in the bathroom, he turns on electric shaver (and looked liked he smelled it? lol) Jessie shaving his legs and Chima says Natalie should see that and asks Jessie if he uses it for everything and he says yes, she says she would be scared to use it for bikini line. Now she using shaver on her legs and says it isnt even getting close to her hairs. Ronnie laying down in WC watching them. Jessie rubbing himself down with lotion and Natalie is rubbing some on his back. Chima saying she usually gets waxes but wont be able to in the Big Brother house.
2:15am Big Brother Time: Natalie still rubbing down Jessie’s back and says there is too much room here. Ronnie just watching. Chima smiling and laughing watching them. Natalie talking about shaving his hair? Jessie says it would take a lot of trust. Now Natalie has shaver and is trimming Jessie’s hairline. Jessie says go the other way and Natalie is doing a good job. Ronnie now sitting up watching them… Ronnie heads up to the HOH room with Jessie and Natalie and tells them that everyone thinks “that it is you two and Russell and Laura til the end.” Ronnie says that everyone wants him in their alliance. Natalie says Laura barely made it. Ronnie says someone called him Americas player like three times already and says it is his fucking glasses man. Chima and Michelle come up to HOH room.
2:25am Big Brother Time: Natalie and Chima on big comfy chair in HOH room. Natalie tells Chima that she is a brain and Chima says I KNOW!! Chima says I may be skinny but I like to eat, and I like to sleep and take hot showers…talking about the Haves and Have Nots. Talking about next competitions… Ronnie talking about taking away the sharp knives last year when Keisha and Libra were fighting last year and one of the girls asked if they even had sharp knives last year. Ronnie says they would have to ask Jessie. Natalie says she only has 5 true friend and starts naming names and Chimas asks if they signed releases and Natalie says YES and we go to fish tank…


2:40am Big Brother Time: Feeds are back and all four on HOH room with Nat, Chima, Michelle and Ronnie and says something about at least we can talk about God. Natalie says she is very spiritual…Chima says you have your sinners and Natalie says you are one of them. Chima says she is so good outside the house…one of the girls asks her if the house makes her this way. Chima says she cusses a lot. Ronnie asks Jessie if they had sharp knives last year and Jessie says no and Chima tells Ronnie that he cannot believe everything he reads on the internet. Chima asks Jessie if they want him to leave – Chima says she knows when she is not wanted. Chima and Michelle hug Jessie and they get ready to leave the room. Ronnie and Jessie hug and the three of them leave the room. Natalie still on the chair and asks if they will still play music in the morning. Natalie says she wanted to hear smack-talk. She says Lydia and Ronnie were talking smack talk. Jessie asks what did he say and Natalie says he didn’t say anything because they (Chima and Michelle) came in. Jessie says that is good. Natalie – how do people and FISH.
2:55am Big Brother Time: Natalie says she doesnt want Ronnie up because he is on their side and Jessie says it doesnt matter because they can vote the other way. Natalie says she was talking to Kevin and Kevin had told her he wants HOH next week adn that he wouldnt put up Nat or Jessie. Natalie says she knows where Jeffs loyalties lie. Big Brother 11 Russel and Jordantalking about feeling bad for Lydia crying but not bad enough to where she would switch spots with her. Jessie says if Casey wins POV and takes her off – worse case scenario is Jordon wins POV and takes her off. Talking about someone wanting to take Chima off (I think Roniie) as they say it would make his team weaker. saying it is going to be tough on him becasue he is going to be the first one to lose a person on his team. Now they are talking about someone lying about their age and Natalie says “I KNOW” Natalie says that Braden is a loose cannon and Jordon has him wrapped around her fingers. Jessie says “she has his dong”
Natalie says Michelle is a smart girl…Jessie says she is still in her shell and is waiting to open up. Natalie says she works in a research lab with rats and feeds them cocaine and researches animals and is a lab analysis – she is a smart cookie and a nice girl. Jessie says he is glad that she in on their side. Says he put her name first and she was really appreciative. Natalie says she forgot the order except for Michelle and Casey and Jessie says because they were first and last… Natalie says everyone knew Chima was going up and even Chima knew that and Chima says she was going to go off and cuss jessie and call him a racist and that he didnt like Libra and didnt like her… Jessie talking about someone borrowing sweatshirt… and how they said it twice. Natalie says they suspect us and Laura and Jessie says good – we can put her up. Jessie hopes the brains win and they dont let the power go to their heads. Nat says if she wins next week she wants to put up Jeff and Jordon and Jessie says you cant you dork, he is in our group.
3:15am Big Brother Time: Jessie asks Natalie if she took a nap today and she says no and she is still awake and Jessie says he is awake too but big-brother-11-jessie-1he does not want to talk about the game. Natalie – what happens if we are in a comp and it comes down to 10K and POV? Nat says she HAS to get Lydia out of here. Jessie says you can do that – but I am taking the 10 Gs. Jessie – are we done yet???? Jessie asks her what her fav color is – and she says baby blue and then pink. Jessie says his were orange and black now he likes black… Natalie yawns and he says FUCK this SHIT – get the FUCK outta were not even tired and I talk and you yawn. Jessie says he used to be able to color really well…. black can color over everything and that is why he liked black but now he likes dark blue. Jessie- what is your fav animal? Natalie – maybe a dolphin..two things she really wants to do is swim with dolphins and hotair balloon ride. Jessie – i think i was on one. Natalie – you would know if you were on one. Jessie – maybe I just watched it and felt like I was on one – tells her if she yawns one more time she outta there…If I am that boring… Natalie – I would tell you. Jessie – I watched documentary about hot air balloon and there was a fixed camera on him and he was awake for three days straight in the balloon. Natalie – why did he stay awake? Jessie – says he thinks because it was a cold spot and could not land…talking about letting sandbags go and may not have had enough propane (no game talk now)
Jessie says he was glad when she invited him outside and was so pissed because they were following him around. says their voices are the only ones he cares about in the end…. Nat says Laura doesnt understand why ppl would want her up and Jessie says uhhh your boobs. Jessie tells Nat to stop picking her fingernails… a big sigh from Jessie and Natalie says you live in Florida right now? He says yes for the past 4 months and Natalie asks him if he just picked up and moved from Iowa? He says no – he moved from near the Staple center. Jessie says he left a 80k a year job which is twice as much as his parents make – they make 40K combined, Says he left railroad job…Jessie didnt want to be one of those guys that stays in the same town and says he accomplished something that a lot of ppl couldnt do. Says he couldnt even get a free protein bar in Iowa. Jessie says he spent 26K on his 21st bday for harley and car…. Jessie just said he lived with a dude from America’s Most Wanted and he slaughtered some chick on a boat – then FISH!
3:45am Big Brother Time: Jessie says you guys are on my team – Nat asks Jessie if he thinks Lydia would put him up and he says he wishes she would have told him those things – if she wins we need to stay close to her. Jessie – Holy sh!t those fish are asleep. Natalie – sucks to sleep like that. Jessie – at least you dont drool. Nat – says she gave her word and is not voting for Chima. Jessie – I dont think she needs the money. Nat – thinks she would quit before that and that she doesnt think she doesnt care to be there. Jessie – I think she wants it to be on a resume
Nat – right now she is on our side. Jessie – how the FUCK did we get back to talking about this???? Natalie – I think she was playing you (Lydia) and I know for damn sure she is coming after me. Jessie – says he told her that if you start knocking my group – their opinions weigh heavy on me. Jessie thinks that she has it in her to win and if she doesnt then another weave of emotion will hit her.
Big Brother 11 Jessie and LydiaBig Brother 11
4am to 4:30am Big Brother Time: Jessie & Natalie are in the HoH talking about marriage… Jessie is doing most of the talking. He said that marriage isn’t something he’s looking for in the near future. He basically said that once you’re married and have kids that you’re stuck in whatever place you’re at. He said that he had a great girlfriend that would do anything for him the last time he was on the show. Natalie asked him what happened and he said it didn’t work out and that he just wasn’t physically attracted to her anymore after the show. Natalie is telling Jessie about playing chess with Ronnie and she doesn’t think he’s very smart. Jessie and Natalie both head downstairs. Jessie is in the pool room. I think he just got into Lydia’s bed! Jessie is laying in Lydia’s bed, he’s talking to her…she rolled over and hugged him. Jessie got out of Lydia’s bed and walked out of the room. 4:30am and everyone is asleep.
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Are you sure you don’t have Natalie and Lydia confused?? The pictures you show are Jessie in bed with Lydia but in the comments it’s talking about Jessie and Natalie. What’s up???


hi, i thought last year there was videos. Why cant i see any videos this year??


why cant people put it together that natalie is really 24