Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Casey says there is “white guilt.” Casey thinks people might not want to vote for Chima because she is black.

Big Brother 11 LydiaBig Brother 11 Casey and LydiaBig Brother 11 Casey
7:45am Big Brother Time: Lydia in WC and Casey in the kitchen. Casey in storage room – changing his batteries and Lydia now in the kitchen putting away some dishes. Casey and Lydia go out to the backyard and are talking. Casey asks her what time they finally went down last night and she says she went to bed before most of them. Casey says that Jessie feels bad for nominating her. Lydia says Chima will go after Jessie if she leaves. Says Chima would be the least appreciative of coming off the block. Lydia – yeah, YUP. She definitely would be like you stuck it to me and I would stick it to you. Chima – for sure. Casey smokes, Lydia eating banana. Casey says Chima laughs after she says things.. Lydia thinks the POV is today. Casey said it might be tomorrow to let things “marinate.” Casey says this is a very easy choice for him whether she (Chima) was going up against – laura, Braden anyone. People are intimidated by her, she clowns people. He says Braden is a wild dude, he is bananas. I am envious of I’m, he is so carefree. Casey wonders if everyone realizes that Chima is “clowning” them. Casey says he’s a natural “worrier” so all this is natural to him. Casey is wondering how each person would vote. Casey/Lydia think that Braden, Kevin would vote for her. Lydia not sure whether Russel or Laura would vote for her. Talk about how stressful the nom ceremony was. That they wanted to vomit. Casey lights up another cig. Big Brother 11 Casey
8:10am Big Brother Time: Casey says Lydia shouldn’t “go hard” until after the POV. Lydia wonders why girls think she’s a bitch. Casey says he didn’t get the same vibe, but he says it’s because he’s a guy. Casey says Jeff said they bonded, but Jeff could be saying anything in the Diary Room. Casey says Jessie doesn’t talk a lot–not a rambler like Casey. Casey says Chima “clowns” everybody, except maybe Jesse. Lydia worries that Kevin might be swayed. Casey says it could be a long day with nothing… but again, it could be “laying sod.” Casey remembers old POV comps–says a lot of time are skill things—like throwing basketballs, hoola hoops over flamingos. Lydia says more like agility–not puzzles. Casey says also games where you go after other players. Casey said there is “white guilt.” Casey thinks people might not want to vote for Chima because she is black. Casey: Its not the whole Black community I’m voting out its just one person, Lydia: Yeah. Lydia says Chima brags about how she weighs 105 lbs and that she thinks she’s so cool. Casey: “Its Hard to be mad at someone for being excited” Lydia and Casey surprised Michele did not get put up. Casey:”You only have to be up and hour and Chima will say 5 inappropriate things”
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8:35am Big Brother Time: Lydia:”Chima wants all the strong guy players out” Lydia starts doing some yoga and Casey on treadmill in backyard. Everyone else asleep. Lydia where she is from and she says Torence California near Redondo beach… Casey says hs is probably in the newspaper back home and she probably is in the paper in Torence as well. Lydia now on backyard couch chatting with Casey as he continues to step. Casey says he and his wife planned on having this baby so he would be home for the summer. Baby was born June 27th. Lydia says she makes her own jewelry and clothes and has done art shows etc. reminding Casey that she is a makeup/special effects nothing on grand scale. says she also sews and makes toys/dolls. Casey says he is not very creative like that – hard for him to put on war point last week. Lydia says she is not a numbers person and Casey says he is a numbers person.
9:30am Big Brother Time: Big Brother says over the intercom: Good morning house guests it’s time to get up for the day.
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