Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima has had Enough of the Torture in the BB House “this is like waterboarding”


6:20PM Braden, Casey, Jeff, Jordan siting around talking about Drugs. Jordan asks Jeff if he was ever into drugs more serious than weed. Jeff say no way he tried Marijuana a bit but it made him go crazy. Jordan acts like he’s unexciting. Jeff: “what now? Am I boring now that I don’t do drugs?” Jordan turns to Casy “how about you have you done any drugs?… never mind I know you have” Casey says he hasn’t done shit Jordan laughs “oh right ya right I forgot you were a teacher”.


6:25 Bathroom Natalie, Ronnie, Chima, Laura and Michelle, Lydia is doing Michelles hair. Laura makes a comment that the only way to get some get some freaking camera time is to have a fight. She says her family probably doesn’t even realize she’s on the show. Ronnie brings up the mohawk and says the producers are letting him. Chima scoffs at him asking the producers. “wouldn’t ask anyone for

permission to alter her body” They continue to chit chat about dresses and such… Finally they convince Natalie to show them martial arts.


6:40pm Backyard Russell and Braden, Russel’ is training legs tonight, he asks Braden to join. Braden jokes that he is a model so he doesn’t need legs. Jessie and Casey join Russell…. general chit chat

7:10PM Bedroom, Ronnie is unsucessfully trying to convince Chima and Michelle to storm the Diary Room at midnight to ask for food. The Brainics are hopeing their have not status gets removed at midnight. Both Ronnie and CHima think they have handled the slop
pretty well. Chima says shes not worried about the lack of food just worried about the lack of sleep. Chima says if i knew I would be sleeping on a steel bed and cold showers I wouldnt have signed up, “this is like waterboarding”

7:15pm kitchen Jeff, Jessie, Natalie, Laura, jordan, lydia and Kevin. They are cooking pizza. Casey says that half a pizza is 1000 calories.

7:40pm Everyone except Lydia is eating pizza chilling out and having fun, Lydia is in the backyard hammock. All the girls got dressed up except for Natalie.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Kitchen The Housguests decide to play a game. Braden wants to play Dodgeball, someone else suggests heads up 7 up. They start to complain that theres nothing fun to play wihout alcohol. Ronnie tells them about a ringtone
that only teenagers can hear. They use it so they can call easch other in class.. He laughs and says he can still year it though. The other houseguests ask him what grades he teaches he say 9-12. Braden leaves to go oustide and play pool, he asks Jeff if he’s up for a game. Casey leaves as well for a smoke…


at 9pm the houseguests get booze!

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Boy Looks

But how likes to get butt-holes? The scientist girl has done it! This show has turned kink on us.