Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff’s Surefire way to win Majority Rules “Big Brother Alliance Booyah!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:45pm Backyard Kevin, Michelle and Lydia. The conversation is about Chima and Natalie and what they’ve been saying today. Michelle says that all along she thought Lydia and JEssie had an Alliance but now she realizes there a lot of tension between them. Lydia explains that she was just trying to flirt with him and get inside his head. Kevin and Michelle both mention that JEssie can?t flirt with them and that?s why he doesn’t interact with them. Lydia thinks that the house is going to go through another flip. It depends on HOH next week, Kevin mentions the wizards power how that all that matter right now. Lydia speculates that Chima is going to flip her allegiance. Kevin explains that why Jessie’s been all over her lately because he thinks she might jump shipo and he can’t lose her. Michelle wonders why Natalie is running around the house calling everyone a floater when in reality

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
she’s the big floater. They all agree that Natalie and Jessie need to go up together and soon. Michelle says she will be nervous to put those 2 up. Lydia brings up Natalie’s “Shank the bitch” comment. Michelle shrugs it off saying she’ll shank right back. They’re not sure who Jessie would put up, Thinking it might be Jeff and Jordan… Michelle thinks it’ll be her and Jeff. Lydia now says she might putt up Russell and Natalie and either one can go home she won’t care. Jeff walks by and Lydia asks him how?s the wizard powers? Jeff laughs… Michelle says I?m the one with the power can’t you tell. Michelle tells them how rough last night and today were on her. She says she must have a skeleton made of titanium to be able to handle all the jab she’s getting. She explains that it clear to her now, she knows who she can trust and when people say that a person she trusts is saying shit about her she just tunes it out. Michelle saying that she’s sure people would try to backdoor her b/c they wouldn’t want her to play in veto. Lydia

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
yells out to Jeff and tells him if he uses his wizard powers on her she’s going to grab him by the balls…. Jeff comes up and tells them how the other side has a majority rules trick… we’ll he’s come up with his own BBAB Big Brother Alliance Booyah! While Jeff is there they talk about who needs to go first. Jessie and Natalie are mentioned. Lydia promises JEff she will not put him up or Jordan if she get HOH. Michele says she won’t nominated Kevin, Lydia, Jeff and Jordan. Lydia mentions getting rid of Russell and how she will never listen to a word he says… They talk about putting Russell on slop, Lydia?s says she’ll go after Natalie. They laugh if JEssie goes on slop again, all he does is bitch and moan about it. Michelle tells them she thinks whoever has the wizard powers shouldn?t try to get HOH next week but don’t make it look obvious. Lydia and Kevin leave….
They both agree that Kevin and Lydia are both flip flopping because on of Jessie’s sides are going home. Jeff thinks Russell is flip flopping to, if Jessie or Natalie win HOH watch out cause they’ll jump ship again. Michelle says she caught Russell telling people she had a PhD… Jeff says all they can do is stay low and wait for the next HOH.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!
7:50pm Green Room Natalie, CHima and JEssie. Natalie rehashing her fight with Michelle. It all started when Michelle said because NAtalie was talking to Ronnie that she supported ROnnie treatment of other houseguests. Natalie said that Michele had supported Braden’s racial slurs by talking to and voting for him. They continue talking about all the blowups seem to revolve around Russell in a way. They start up about the wizard power thinking Jeff has it. Chima says she would vote for Jordan if she was at home watching the show “She’s So cute”
Ronnie joins them.
They start talking about Michelle and Russell. Jessie talks about how Michele had been collecting all this data from this group and was feeding the info to Lydia and Kevin. Ronnie says if he was staying he would put up Michelle and Russell. Jessie says that Michelle is acting very paranoid because she knows we’re catching on to her. Jessie explains what?s going on with Michelle… She spent those 2 hours up in HOH to set Russell up to be the target for next week. She also wanted to pit him against us. Michele did

tell Russell that they would backdoor him, and Russell is not lying about it They agree that Jessie is up if Michelle wins HOH. They’re not sure if she’ll put russell or Natalie up with him. Jessie tells them Russell is a big time liar but there?s one thing he’s trusting him on and that is Michelle told him we were going to back door him. Chima says and there?s no way that Michelle would of know that. They blame Lydia, Russell and Michelle for all the lies being spread trying to break them up. Ronnie tells them to be string and do not split up. jessie says Lydia tries to get other people to do her dirty work for her since she won’t do it and does not have the drive to win. Ronnie says it’s amazing that Jordan and Jeff were able to ge Russell to do their dirty work and evict me. Jessie thinks Russell is evicting him because he was jealous at how close we were. (OMFG JESSIE that?s the reason for sure) Jessie says he’s pissed at Jordan for putting him on slop but its personally but that it… he feels like Russell is the same way about CHima. Chima brings up Russell fake apology, calls it shit. They talk about the wizard power ronnie says he’ll get it if America wants a master manipulator to have it. Jessie wonders if they should get Chima to start trying to get Michelle to give Ronnie a sympathy vote. Ronnie doesn?t think that would work in a million years. Jessie says they all need to play it like they are voting to evict ROnnie because that what Russell wants. Jessie brings up telling Lydia he’s going to throw water on her and she took it the wrong way. He starts bashing Lydia saying she just tries to get people to do her work.


8:30pm Pool Room Jeff and Jordan Jeff gives her the scoop on the conversation outside with KEvin, Lydia and Michelle. he now explains a conversation he overheard on the backyard between Kevin, Chima, Lydia and Michelle where he heard them bashing Jessie but Lydia was sticking up for him. He mentions that Chima called Jessie out for hiding all last night, and she had a lot of smack to say about Russell and JEssie… Michelle enters….


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:15pm Houseguests get Alcohol… Everyone having a drink around the table. Russell siting by himself in the backyard drinking wine while Jordan works out. Everyone joking around inside. They talk about how Braden had hinted that he invented bi-focals.
They start talking about how they applied to the show, KEvin sent in a video, Jessie was called by the casting company. Ronnie went to open casting calls (wow those actually work!).

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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w.atching sho after dark. jeff is such a nice genuine man. russ is trying to put a spin on bad behavior. now hes talking about pops again. hes not to proud of you russie boy. listen to jeff and learn from him.


I loved to see Jeff warm up to Russell, what a difference from the camera feed that shows the other little devil always gossiping and plotting ( Chima, Jesse and Natalie) .


CASEY’S bannana-suit website:


Although I love the t-shirts, I really want to buy my son (hes 2) one of the suits. Does anyone know where I can buy one for Halloween? I love that suit, it was way better than the leotard.


Here it is:

Also, I started a poll on CBS’ forum to keep Ronnie off of BB All-Star:


Lets get Ronnie the Rat out . Then go after Jessy


i with you!


i know its 145am and im watching sho after dark. but ronnie is such a loser. he knows bb past seasons by heart. hes no dr will or boogie. god he loves to hear himself talk.


I hope everyone voted for Jeff to win the power!!!! Also lets vote for live and limes for Jesse, Natalie and Chima when they get put on slop next week!!!!!

Got Jeff and Jordan!!!!!

Jim Miller

Can Jessie shove more food in his mouth than a hamster, or what?? It’s so gross.


No doubt. I loved it when he threw a tissy fit when he got put on slop, squid and squash. Ha Ha you idiot!!


“Master Manipulator”….BUAHAHAHA! He was put on the block immediately after the shift in power. It’s not like he convinced anyone other than his buddies to keep him around.


no doubt. I can’t stand jessie. He is such a bone head. My wife and I cringe every time he opens up his meat head mouth. Bye-Bye meat head.


I loved it when Casey told Natalie to go get him a sandwitch before he left. Classic. Way to go Casey.


I find it very sad to see Ronnie trying to scare Michele by telling her that if she didn’t vote to keep him everyone would soon be coming after her. He also said how dumb Michele was but he is obviously the dumb one. He is the one that has no backbone and he did Jessie and Natalie’s dirty work. Come one Ronnie. Michele is a lot smarter than you.


I’ve never seen everyone come together on how they feel about a BB player until now. It seems that everyone (- 1%) hates Ronnie. The same sentiment for Chima, Natalie, Lydia, and Jessie. They are horrible players, and I can not wait for them to lose.


careful i got eaten up and spit out for saying less about the goofball! hope the polls are right about jeff cuz then i think jeff will be able to get jesie out of there!


Should Ronnie be on All-Star Big Brother? TELL CBS “NO”!


voting ended over an hour ago. Someone please tell me that the rumor of Ronnie winning the “Wizard” power isn’t true!!! If voting had only been 24 hrs, he wouldn’t have had a shot.


I agree with Paki – although I’m not as anti-Lydia as most probably. I feel she really must have self-esteem issues to lower herself to “play with” Jessie. On Tuesday’s episode, she really looked young & lonely while talking to Kevin about the possibility of going home. Wonder what her home life is like. It’s funny how close Kevin feels to her, but Kevin seems like a nice enough guy. I like the bonding with him & Michelle, too.


I agree, Paki…love that everyone seems to be in agreement this year on the players. Jessie and Natalie make me sick!! I love seeing them squirm…I just wonder if any of the others, besides douchebag ronnie, watched jessie last season. If they did, they’d notice he’s doing the exact same thing. And when he got put on slop…HELLOOO… you knew going into this that would happen. This jerk off hadn’t been on it at all thus far. What makes him immune to having to go on it?? Be a man and deal with it and quit pouting like a fricken 3 year old. One final thought and question…. Does anyone remember that cartoon/show ” Johnny Bravo” ? When I look at jessie that is all i can see!! LOL. Take a look at who that character is, bet you can google it.. you’ll laugh your asses off…


i think he had his chin sculpted so he COULD look like johnny bravo, his idol! what a cartoon character.LOL


And Jeff and Jordan and Russell are nice players?????????? Russell has 3 alliances in the house. He is the next Ronnie!

They all will win. That?s a game. Jeff uses Jordan.

Mary Ann

Does anyone know who won the wizard? I hope its Jeff. Is there a site you can go on to find out?


The poll @ the CBS site has Jeff w/ 80% (roughly of the votes), so hopefully that is a telling sign. I am still worried about the use of voting bots for Ronnie. For those who have been frequenting the site, there are a few shady characters bumping threads for Ronnie. I have a suspicion that it is his wife, and if you life to be entertained I recommend you read the lunacy @ the poll section. The depravity is ridiculous, and I honestly feel bad for them that they will have to live with that rat f*ck once he is evicted.


I hope Jeff is the winner. Jeff is smart . He is now understanding the game play and will use the wizzard power and really turn the show around. I do belive production love all the cat fights, but they also love Jeff and Jordon. I would stop watching it if Jeff and Jordon go. I really do not like Ronnie but he does make the show more interesting than Russell as the rat. I would love to see Jeff, Ronnie and Russell be the last 3 staying in the house. I think CBS would love that to as it will make good t.v. I don’t want Jessie in the Jury House he needs to go and go now.


Will someone please explain to me why Russell would have staged that fight with Chima? I see no advantage in it for him. It turned all the others against him. I can see where it would advance Chima, but certainly not Russell.