Big Brother 11 – Jeff/Russell Bromance and Michelle/Kevin make some Promises

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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10:00pm Backyard Ronnie, Natalie, Jessie and Chima playing pool. Jeff and Russell on the couch talking about there family’s. Russell invites Jeff to hang with him when they get out. He tells him Casey is coming to visit him and they can party. Theres a budding bromance forming between these two BROS. Russell tell Jeff his dad gave him a secret message in his letter.
Russell goes on to say his father told him to remember what he taught him in elementary school. Russel explains that in grade school he got in a fight with a guy and later in life they became friends almost like brother. Russell says that it means his father saw the fight between him and Jeff and that message was about Jeff. Ronnie, Jessie, Chima and Natalie leave and go inside. Jeff and Russell decide to play pool and Jordan is still on the elliptical. Russell says you know what Jeff… Jessie doesn’t even look at me anymore. Jeff has noticed..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

10:00pm Pool Room Kevin and Michelle. Michelle is saying how much she misses her husband and that is why she hung on for so long during the HOH. She wanted to see a picture of him. Michelle is telling him about her “Bullshit Filter” she knows who lies to her now. Michelle and Kevin agree they need Jessie out next. Michelle says that Natalie is a trouble maker but will be weak after Jessie leaves. Kevin that he thinks Ronnie treats women poorly, Michelle sys its disgusting. Michelle brings up all the bullshit Jessie and Ronnie have told her and how they must think she’s stupid to believe them. Micehlle brings up Jessie and Ronnie telling her she must join their alliance or else she will be the target. She laughs “why the fuck would I join them.” Michelle starts bashing Natalie and Jessie saying “those two fucks have been siting up on their thrones like the king and queen and now there at the bottom” Michelle explains how Natalie and Jessie must be put up together therefore one is guaranteed to go home. They talk about putting Russell up as a pawn in case Jessie wins POV. Michelle says that all those lies and all that shit that was caused the first 3 weeks and a large portion of the shit thats going one right now is caused by ROnnie. Michelle adds Jessie protecting Ronnie by saying that he never wronged is wrong because that means he support whats Ronnie was doing. She says that Ronnie was really

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
driving that entire side with him gone they will suffer. Kevin says Ronnie is fucked up man. KEvin brings up that something is up with CHima and Jessie. He thinks she might flip, Michelle says it’s because he was no were to be seen when Chima was in the middle of the fights last night. Kevin tells her if Michelle screws Lydia than He’s going after her. She says no Lydia is not my target.
Kevin mentions that Jeff isn’t 100% behind Kevin and Lydia… Michelle defends Jeff saying that he’s very slow to trust people because he got completely screwed early on. Kevin says he caught Jessie running around spreading negative things about him. Kevin thinks Jessie was trying to come up with excuses to get people after him. Michelle starts joking that she is “Ronnie number 2” and its been her secret plan since day one to evict Lydia and now she has a chance “AHAHHHAHA” Kevin laughs. Michelle tells him she had no clue what was happening in the beginning and she was just gong with the flow. Michelle now tells Kevin she promises him she will not put him up and take him off the block if he gets evicted. Michelle brings up people talking and mentions Russell telling everyone she was a brain surgeon. Michelle “DUH ya I’m a brain surgeon and I’m on Big Brother” She explains to Kevin that she went to grad school and just finished her Thesis and is now a research assistant. She says she makes less than a a school teacher but she does have her PhD…. They both enjoy their jobs and are looking forward to backing back home and back to their jobs… They continue to bond…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:00pm Kitchen Ronnie, Chima, Natalie and Jessie talking about how awesome Dr Will and Boogie were. Ronnie goes off lie a encyclopedia about Allstars. He adds that unlike Will he only lied about game and his lies only involved himself. Chima mentions that Russell is a bastard and he should of stuck to their group.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm Backyard Jeff and Russell playing pool with Jordan and Michelle in the hot tub talking about how Jordan has been working out a lot and it’s inspiring Michelle to work out more….. Michelle comments on how tonight is a lot more chill than last night. Jordan “no doubt”. Michelle comment how much better it is outside without Ronnie telling his stupid stories. Jordan agrees….

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Mr. E

Russell should have stuck with your team. Then you could have backdoored him like you planned? What a bunch of goons.


russells best shot right now is with Jeff


I totally agree


right! and michele should vote to keep ronnie so she is guaranteed #5! who the idiot here?




Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitresses!!!


Natalie is a gross trailer trash pig. She eats like a cow, stuffing her face, chewing with her mouth open and talking with her face stuffed full. Also, she admitted that she has only had one shower in the last week AND she’s on the rag!!! That is just f***ing disgusting! Her snatch must smell like a week old squid.


Maybe Jessie will try to broil her!


No if it’s squid he’ll try to make chips out of it. Cuz THAT’S logical.


Jessie gonna LOVE Natalie now she smells like SQUID down there…………. Natalie the walking FISH market open all night


I got sick to my stomach when she was laying on the table after saying that she only showered once this week. Some of the HG’s actually put food on that lazy susan. UGH…she just makes me sick. And I cannot take the shuffling around in the 5x too big slippers…almost as bad as ChiaPet’s laugh.


I kept yelling, “Trip Natalie, trip!” Stupid f-ing slippers. Oh and no showers and the rag-a-muffin was on the rag. Disgusting!


again she jessie is a queer I bet her buldog is the one wearing the strap on ha
go jeff and jordan


My live feed is out, anybody having trouble too???


wow..i hate russel on so many levels but know i hate his ass..even lease you knew where every1 else stands ./stood…but am sick of his ass kissing..but real…for a sec.remember how confident he was about getting ever1 to hate jeff in the begining…he’s an azz…i want him gone so bad… long russell..


I totally agree with Brandon – Jessie & Natalie have not abided by the rules of being a have not. Everyone else followed them (mostly) and certainly did not bitch & moan like these two brats have. Chima is being very ugly talking about America hating Middle Easterners – which is not true. I will be glad when Ronnie (rat), Chima (diva), Natalie (gnat) and Jessie (in love with himself) are gone.


Thats funny Lola cuz that’s what I call Chima (shemale)


i feel the same way-i feel bad for russ. and he doesnt even know that chima is continuing her ‘terrorist’ comment by the saying that shes going to keep saying it and that his parents and family have to put up with that-her mouth keeps running and running. he is number 3 or 4 with me.


Hello, bigbother fan:)

Sweden roles…. <3



I just hope this doesn’t sway Jeff and Jordan from wanting to get rid of Jessie and Nat. It woukd be a shame if Jeff is named the wizard and doesn’t get rid of one of these two mindless dolts.


poor ronnie DOESNT get to go the jury house, doesnt get to keep fulfilling his life long dream of being a ‘star’ on BB, BUT he does get to go home and find out that he did not go over well with america on his debut! be ready for him to be on this site bombarding us with ronnie or jessie loving comments-his new best friend when this is over. ha

Nice guys finish last as always :(

You’re so clueless, it’s sad. You seriously think this is the last we’ll see of Ronnie Talbott. This is only the beginning. He has gotten exposure and a legion of fans. Just because YOU don’t like him and have joined of bandwagon of folks who praise dummies doesn’t mean there aren’t reality shows that will endorse him. His fame only goes up from here.


Don’t you need to be cleaning your room (aka mom’s basement)?

whats next

YOU buddy are the only clueless soul. look around …..see anyone WITH you or ronnie?
i cant remember-are you his wife or mom or gay best friend in that stupid monkey video? which one tell us cmon…………


if ronnie was so SMART nobody would’ve ever found out he was a rat, and he wouldn’t be going home this week, if he was so smart he wouldn’t have stirred up shit in the house so much that EVERYBODY figures out that he was playing everybody….. i thought ronnie was gone win too b4 i figured out how dumb he was, guess playing way too much video games burned his COMMON SENSE within 7 days in the house he had the house stirred up with his lies and by the end of the 2nd week ronnie was exposed to everyone yeah he’s an IDIOT

RONNIE IS IN A TEAM OF DUMMIES with nessie natalie and chima get your shit straight “Ronnie’s Wife, Mom, or Gay Buddy”

and wasen’t you the one calling ronnie “innocent” who’s the one clueless??? YOU

yea he played the game, and FAILED


Good point, BigWill. Anyone who signs on to a team led by Jessie Godderz (his last name even looks like it’s been misspelled, like he tacked on a “Z” the way he does with “Young Gunz”) can’t be all that bright.


Legion of fans? LMAO you are just as delusional as he is. You are joking right?? You woul dhave to be because no one I have ever talked to is a fan of ronnie’s in fact most say he is irritating, and a loser. I can’t wait to see him leave. He never even made the jury house!!!


keeping my fingers crossed that ronnie goes home on thursday and jeff becomes the wizard who makes sure jessie goes home next week. then all will be well in the universe:)


I agree, if Ronnie somehow escapes eviction this week I will totally be bummed, and hope that Jeff gets the wizard power.


Russell/Chima fight fake! See feeds Aug.1 around 2:30 on cam 3 or 4. she even says I am going to say something about the size of your manhood!


2:30 AM

whats next

so now hes fake fighting with chima, fake fighting with jessie, and fake fighting with ronnie and really wants to help his parents out financially like maybe pay medical bills? if all this is true Russ is a fricking genius and deserves to win.


LMFAO @ casey sellin t-shirts with what he said to jessie and natilie on them, thats so smooth, you know he gon make a lil killin off them shirts


right right natalie plays the 18 year old so well i refuse to believe she has an education at all cmon now what she did last night what 18 year old does that???? she was actin more like she was 8 her bf needs to cut his loses and get him a women thats more mature than her…… and what jessie is doin to lydia is cold i for one can’t wait til lydia finally spills the beans that she and jessie had a sexual relationship and jessie “short comings” and new reputation as the 2 pump chump( hopefully b4 she is on the block and about to evicted that would be best do while she still in the house and see jessie try to cover it up) to see natalie hit the roof in disbelief? CLASSIC


Last night on feeds seemed like Nat said something about that’s when everyone thought I was 18. and she was having wine. I think the HG’s know she isn’t 18 now.


Ya, HG’s know Nat isn’t 18. She was having wine last night and talking about drinking.


ronnie should get into the t-shirt business too and make a line of “The RAT”

whats next

or ‘biggest loser’ ohh right thats taken no one cares about ronnie–hes not funny no one will buy anything hes selling. his track record in the house proves that! ha


Words Ronnie probably understands! GAME OVER! Lmao!


hey guys-just ignore ngflaa guy-hes always like this and he (or she )wont admit to being ronnie best gay friend. he seems to get all worked about anyone who doesnt like ronnie. he is always forgetting this is just a game!!!!!!!


Why do people who support Ronnie keep saying it’s only ACTIONS that matter. Have you NOT seen half of his actions? He has played this game in such a terrible manner. I know its just a game, but HOLY SH*T you act like he’s such a good person when it comes to this game. He has basically lied to everybody and has put both his soul and vote up for sale every single week depending on which way the wind blows. Not to mention that he is just a socially awkward creepy person. He is a self proclaimed cyber-bully and poor husband. (Those words are directly from his mouth, if you don’t believe me, check his online video submission to Fox Reality Show). Kevin pegged him dead on when he said the only reason he stood up to him was because he though he was weak. Furthermore, he never throws his weight around lest it is with girls. I know its just a TV show, but I would love to meet Ronnie in real life and tell him what a spineless, d*ckless, f*cker he is. Unfortunately, unlike other TV shows, I forsee this one impacting his personal life horribly. I wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce and total meltdown are in this dudes future. Regardless of how he performs on this show, his real life is ruined.


unfortunately i think his real life was over LONG before this show. oh i couldnt agree with every word you wrote more! sad day


marc-i found your post-its on the jff/russ bromance comments page. see i had just read it and TOTALLY agree with you. simon and dawg would never remove such words of wisdom:D i hope!

Nice guys finish last as always :(

If its just a game why are YOU kitty taking it personally what he’s done in da house? Freedom of speech entitles the Ronnie fans to speak up same as the Dumb 5 fans. Deal with it! I’m not the only one either, just the most vocal about it. I’m all for hearing out y’all’s point-of-view if it doesn’t involve ad hominen attacks on me. Who knows y’all might even convince me to start liking Jeff/Jordan, lord knows I’ll never be that into Russell/Michelle/Lydia/Kevin ever again. Wastes of space and psychos that lot. 🙂

Marc: I seriously doubt Ronnie’s life will be negatively affected long-term by the eviction. I bet that he’ll too busy between now and Finale Night to rack up tv guest spots and maybe get a publcist to arrange appearences on other reality shows to dwell on this for long. He’s not spineless, the crying was strategic, only to garner sympathy from other HGs. That’s why I still support NBK coz they didn’t all out abandon him like the other side and Russ wanted them to. That to me is morals.

I agree with you though that he’s socially awkward, that’s I meant by saying he’s naive only I was trying to be polite. But people like him aren’t really represented on tv. His sneakiness makes him be like a real life Benjamin Linus from LOST, the misunderstood antihero who has a ‘method to his madness’. That’s why I think he’ll be sticking around pop culture for a while.