Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie to Kevin “Next week when We put Jeff up I’ll give him the same speech he gave Jessie”

8:30pm Kitchen Jeff goes down to ask Natalie and Kevin what is going on. Both of them act surprise and Deny they did anything wrong. Jeff says he didn’t think they would do that. (LOL Really Natalie do something immature and stupid no never not her). Kevin explain that they went into the splish splash room to grab some blankets and he bent over to grab Michelle’s but then they noticed she was there so they didn’t touch hers. Kevin says he Apologized to Michelle he didn’t know she was there. Jeff tells them both Michelle is upstairs right now upset. Natalie thinks Michelle is making a big scene about nothing.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:35pm Backyard couch Russell and Jeff. They are talking about the POV comp. They move onto how the girls are different than the guys because guys can get stuff out of their system but girls keep it in and let it fester (Russell trying to convince Jeff that Natalie still hasn’t forgiven Jeff for using the power on Jessie) Russell brings up the fights with Chima saying that was the last thing he wanted to do was get in a fight with a girl on Television. Jeff tells him not to worry look what happened to her she’s the one that looks bad not you. Russell brings up Casey’s and his morning seasons, Russell really misses Casey wanted Casey to stay but there just wasn’t
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

the votes because Jessie ran the house. Jeff is surprised that at first everyone got together and started bashing each other.. “did they think that is how you played this game?” Russell thinks that it was a lot of Ronnie?s and Jessie fault. Russell called into the DR

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8:40pm Kitchen Kevin, Natalie and Jordan. They all agree that these last few weeks will be drama
free. Jordan tells them Russell is such a pain now he’s so paranoid she just wants to stay away from him the entire week. Jordan feels that Russell used her and Jeff to get Chima out of the house. (Chima didn’t need Jeff and Jordan’s help Chima got evicted using her own natural bitchy talent) Kevin tells Jordan that Russell is “super” indebted to Jeff for him using the wizard powers to save him. If Jeff removes Russell from the Game Kevin will feel just as indebted to
Jeff. Jordan tells Kevi not to worry Jeff will use the POV and Russell will be sent home it’s already been decided.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:50pm backyard Kevin, Natalie and Jeff playing pool. Natalie tells Jeff she promises she will not put Jeff next week. Kevin says he promises the same. Jeff asks who would Natalie put up. Natalie says she will put up Michelle and Kevin but Michelle is going home “I want Michelle gone I haven’t trusted her since day one”. Kevin adds if he wins HOH he’ll put Michelle and Natalie up and target Michelle of course. Jeff asks what if the POC is played.. They both say they’ll put Jordan up in that case. Jeff is ok with that. He remind them that he’s saved them each twice now
and they owe him so don’t fucking stab him in the back or he’s coming back with vengeance. He adds that he’s hesitant to trust Kevin & Natalie because he hasn’t talked to them all game and they were both on the opposite team before. Jeff asks them again about the Blanket incident saying that Michelle is probably a little on edge because she’s on slop. Kevin reiterates that they didn’t know she was there and perhaps she’s overreacting a bit. Kevin goes inside for a minute…
Natalie “who are you going to use the POV on”
Jeff “I don’t even know if I?m going to use it or not I need to feel the love.”
Natalie?s voice wavering “umm ohh so you?re not sure yet”
Jeff tells her if Kevin and Natalie are sincere about heir offer than he would be stupid not to save them and take out Russell but right now he’s not sure. Natalie tells him she would like him to use the POV on her because Kevin hasn’t experienced being on the block before and she has 3 times. Jeff tells her not to worry if the POV is played they are both safe not matter if they are on the block or not.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm backyard Everyone either playing pool or near the Hot tub chatting. Jeff played Natalie
than Kevin and beat them both. Natalie and Kevin go to the hot tub and start speaking Spanish to each other. Natalie and Kevin start talking game in Spanish and are told to stop.. they switch to pig Latin and again are told to stop. They both get called into the Diary room together, apparently they have gotten in trouble for speaking in another language beside English. Russell and Jeff playing pool with Jordan sitting on the lounger. Russell says he called Jordan Hailey because of how she acted in the competition. Natalie and Kevin out of the diary room they tell everyone they almost got expelled for speaking Spanish. Kevin adds that they are screwing around and were very serious saying no more warnings! They head inside to eat. Russell and Jeff continue to paly pool talking about their planned trip to Vegas and how much fun it’s going to be for the three of them to rip it up (Casey, Russell and Jeff).

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:44pm kitchen Kevin and Michelle talking about what they will say to Jeff when they nominate him next week. Natalie says she’s going to tell Jeff that it’s a game and sometimes you have to lie or your sent home. She’s going to tell Jeff the exact same thing he told Jessie. “since Jessie has left Jeff has run the house and he’s the biggest threat to her and her friends so he’s going up because of that”. She tells Kevin if Jeff comes at her about her promise she’ll just tell him it’s a game you’ll get me out sooner or later I just beat you to the punch (we all can’t wait for this PP). She adds that Jeff really did lie to her because he said he wouldn’t use the wizard power on her and he did. Kevin says if on of us goes home its over the survivor needs to win every competitions until the end or their gone. Natalie thinks her deal with Jeff is like the deal Dan and Ollie had last year. (I guess Jeff is Ollie and Natalie is Dan LOL) Kevin says yes I guess your right but Jeff isn’t dumb like Ollie was. Kevin says he hates being so chummy with the other side but reminds Natalie they have to be 100% nice to Jordan and Jeff for the next day and a half after that as long as they win HOH they’re running things again. He instructs her to stop talking so much about Jessie and stop complaining because Jeff hates that. After finishing their snack they head back outside to play badminton

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:05pm Backyard Natalie and Kevin playing Badminton. While Natalie and Kevin play badminton Natalie sees Michelle up and about in the kitchen she says “Dr Psycho Sleeper is up” Jeff and jordan sitting near the couch. Jordan asks Jeef if he wants to take a bubble bath. Jeff says no it’ll be awkward. Jordan asks why they will wear their bathing suites. Jeff tells her he’ll go up there if she wants to make out. She says that she’s not going to do that and he tells her that she can take one by herself. Jeff thinks they need to rekindle some drama in the house. Jordan says if they make out up there in the tub that will be awkward. Jeff says they can fart in the tub and pretend its a jacuzzi . Jeff asks Natalie what cockroach is in spanish,she tells him that it’s cucaracha. Jeff tells Jordan her new name is cucaracha.

They are all together except for Michelle on the couch talking about the POV comp. There was some grease that was in the comp Jeff mentions that they should use detergent to get the grease out. They talk about how the grease was hot and they wished they had pants on.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Crooked I

im gonna be laughi at jeff during that speech


JJ remind me alot of Nick and Jessica on the Newlyweds. Similar dynamic. blonde ditz, older athletic cute smarter guy. oh well.see how well that worked out….

I’m an addict!!!! someone help me!

gino dee


gino dee



I agree 100%… Isn’t it funny how J/J became the people that they hated in the house with the way they started to act after they won their HOH’s…


i agree. russ goes this week, jeff and jordan’s family are then struck by lightening b/c they swore on their lives to not back stab their final 4, then jeff goes next week, and jordan is then easy pickins. it’s going to be funny to see footage of jeff in the jury house with all the people who don’t like him…and also russ who he back stabbed. haha

A no no moose

When Natalie gets cocky she gets evil…and thats bothersome and makes it hard for me to root for her. Leave the crazy girl alone and forget about that jackoff Jesse ferkrysake!!!!! No wonder she cant win anything, she has no focus.
Its like nobody on BB11 appeals to me…but not watching or following this blog is not an option.


Is it just me or has the whole Jordan sweetness thing worn off because I can’t take her anymore she is just so annoying… How has noone hung themselves in that house yet listening to her Jeff must be deaf because if I had to listen to that all night i’d probably jump off the balcony head first…..


i dont agree with the plan jeff and jordan have, or what they are doing, but i am hoping that if he does BD Russell… that next week, jordan wins HOH (not very likely but still… fingers crossed, or Michelle? maybe……)
anyway, im still rooting for them, cause this is a game thats suppose to F*** with your head, and thats exactly what its doing…. its F***ing with their heads. And thats what makes us cringe…. its the whole point of the show. And if we were there, im sure we would be doing the same thing, we are only saying these things cause we are not there, so dont talk shit about them acting stupid unless your have been there, you dont know who to trust or who to believe at this point, and they dont know EVERYTHING that is said like we do [ thanks to simon of course (: ]


What is wrong with you people?? now your bashing jeff and jordan cause their on top… isnt that why america voted to give jeff the cde to get jesse out and switch the game up so that they (j/j) would be on top??? hello people remember this is what you wanted… they act the exact same as they did before they got power just not so reserved b/c they dont have to worry about going home this week and they can get who they want out… it seems crazy to me how people are turning against them now that they are on top.. do yall just hate on the people that are on top and root for the underdog??? i mean really this is dumb they are still the cutest couple on the show and have the best personalities I am still rooting for them… and if they get russell out this week and its an endurance comp i would put money on M or J beating K and N now if russell stayed nobody would have a chance at it.. he is stronger than everyone but jeff and he cant play soo it is smart to get him out while they have the chance if not it will prob come back to bite them in the ass like it did ronnie!! Go JEFF and JORDAN

another fan

Are you stupid? We all loved J/J – it is just that they have lost their brains since getting the power. They are trusting nat and back dooring Russell????? I am mad at them after pulling for them so hard to have them totally throw away their power like this! I hate to see them lose, but if they are stupid enough to trust Natalie, I hope it bites them in the butt so they realize the magnitude of their stupidity. I hope Natalie wins HOH and puts J/J on the block so they then MIGHT realize how stupid they have been! Then they can have the opportunity for the POV, but one of them will leave – Jordan should go, because her brain (or lack of one) has eroded Jeff”s thinking.


NO im not stupid its obvious you are though… They are not throwing their power away yes trusting natalie is not smart but getting rid of russell is they have a better chance of wining if he is gone nat cant win shit and i dont think kevin can either…and what i wrote is true all you people just hate on the one on top… what game is this BIG BROTHER everyone wants the money thats why they stay in this house and endure all that shit… going back on your word and lying is just part of the game i never disliked any of the houseguests for lying thats how you win the money duhhh if you were in that house you would lie your ass off for that money and go back on your word too and saying you wouldnt is lying right now


I am going to have to get off here for tonight…because if Jeff gets any more stupid in things that he says…I am going to have to jump to the ” psycho team ” ……and calling Jordan a cockroach ? what an asshole POS……….

P.S. Simon ? ?….please forget that pic of Jeff I’ve been hinting at you for ….since the dawn of time……….not that interesting right now 😉


Yeah I agree Jeff and Jordan are just getting annoying now with all the power.. The hope anyone has who is still pulling for JJ is that Natalie always talks as she was gonna be HoH the next week but never is.. I still have hope Jeff changes his mind.. Or also maybe he does put Russell up but he realizes it was a bad move and goes back on it since they still have the votes.. That’s not likely though.. Screw JJ if they go through with this..


Why does Russell not want to talk with J/J/M about the POV thing?? Being quiet and distant doesn’t give him any benefit. Yes, Jeff and Jordan now become annoying. Oh geezz…
I am gonna vote Russell for sure for Jury House. Though Jordan needs money so bad, she’ll never earn it. She’s losing popularity now and getting dumber and dumber every day….. Lying is the best tactic in this game, but swearing on families and not honoring are just very low.


i agree…screw j/j if they go through with this. i’ve done a complet 180 on those mental midgets. to be played like a fiddle so easily for them to actually break up their alliance and trust their enemies more is sick. if russ goes this week, kev or nat would most likely win next week and then jeff is gone like they’ve said they’ll do. and if mich wins next week, i wouldn’t count on her if i were j/j and she just saw how un loyal and un trustworthy they are. i could easily see mich putting up either j/j and nat. j/j will read these recaps and watch the flash backs and will see how stupid and puppet like they were.

discuss the game

seriously! jeff and jordan were likeable because they werent greedy, but….that has changed. their claws were revealed. they are willing to throw everyone under the bus. and i agree with most of you about jordan but at least she is 100% loyal to jeff. jeff, on the otherhand, just agreed with kev and nat that its ok to put up jordan. thats sick. you guys may have gotten it twisted and think he has had her back, but she really befriended him and brought him into the fold with their crew after he was made to be the blacksheep by jessie’s old alliance. so really no one has helped the other more, they are even.
backdooring russ is going to be what kills him in this game. michelle will up her game and not trust them. she is 100% loyal to jeff right now but that will change once she sees that he is willing to lie and promise on his family to advance in the game. i truly hope that if russ leaves that she grab kevin and bring him to the final 2. and id love to watch the seq house as all the guys get to watch! idiots! sometimes winning is too much for their egos to take.
im a bit disappointed with russ here. why is he just throwing in the towel? he has soooo much to play with still. he has many conversations that he knows about nat/kev to throw in and how kev even sold out lydia, the promise on his family, etc. i hope that he goes out with a bang if he gets backdoored! he can go to kevin and make up his own lie about what he has heard about the plans for them in the future (to take them out after russ) and make a deal with one of them that if he stays that he will take out jeff no matter what next week and allow the game to be refreshed with the remaining few players! natalie or kev (whoever is off the block) would take that up! its better to play with russ in the game with no team than to play with jeff/jordan.
he doesnt have to run around screaming like he did before and i think he knows that that wont work now but he can get michelle if he gets the other vote and wont that throw this game back into an interesting rythm! im hoping my boy doesnt just sit back and give up! hes played too well to do that.
i really am baffled by how weak jeff is being right now. rather than worrying about having to really step up and play russ man to man he would rather make deals with 2 people who have done NOTHING to earn his trust or advance his game. really, he isnt the man all of you silly people swooned over for months. hes very similar to jesse!

Chris, c'mon

your an idiot, “discuss the game”



The whole Natalie thing is just bugging the crap out of me. I do not see how J&J can forget how far up Jessie’s butt she was/is. J&J both HATE Jessie. Jeff cannot get over the fact that Russell voted for Jessie. What about Natalie? She was his shadow, his buddy, his pit bull, his whatever!!! How can J&J not see what Natalie is? J&J spend hours mistrusting Michele and Russell who have been on THEIR SIDE all along. But seem to trust Natalie and Kevin completely! What? I don’t think this is a case of not being “in” the BB house to understand this. This is simple. You don’t trust anyone ever and you certainly don’t trust someone who has been against you the entire game but flips when they have no other choice! I’m just mystified by this. It seems as if being HOH messes with the HGs psychologically. They seem to think and do better when they are not HOH. Dr. Will was never HOH. And why does everyone believe Natalie is 18!!! Kevin said right away he didn’t think she was 18!! He said “more like 24!!!!!” YES!!! Why when she has messed up on her age has no one caught it. AND SHE HAS HAD ALCOHOL!! Do they really believe that they would over look that???? When I heard Natalie was going to lie and say she was 18 I thought it was the stupidest move ever and she would be discovered in a matter of minutes. I’m still waiting. I’m now starting to think she is going to win the whole damn thing. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I give up.

Save Russell

I hate when they ask theirselves if Nat and Kevin will put them both up and they quickly decide that they wont. The answer is as clear as day but they just cannot see it. For me, its not that I want Russ to stay so he can win…I want him to stay because they made a deal and swore on the closest things to them. Now, Jeff and Jordan are so quick to break that promise but at the same time they are praying to God everyday to win? WTF??? They dont deserve to win just for that fact.


well…this seems to be the end of the road for big russ. j/j are dumb…no they are probably the dumbest players to ever play b.b. I was rooting for them but greed,power and paranoia went to their heads. i agree with simon i now wanna see the looks on their dumb faces when nat backdoors jeff next week… russ has my vote for jury prize. they did him wrong and deserve whats comin to them…the jury house

another fan

You are SO right! Russ has my vote in the jury house, and J/J will lose everything because of this stupid move. I can only hope Michele makes it to the final, because if it is Natalie and Kevin in the final, I don’t want to vote for either of them. J/J will never have a romance after the show because Jeff will blame Jordan for clouding his judgement and losing it all. If only he would think with the right head.


i love J/J!!! really al long as russ doesn’t win i don’t care who does!!! he lies when it isn’t called for. i understand you have to be sneaky but he just lies for the fun of it


What show are you watching?!?!


What show are you watching?

Russell is one of the most honest people in the house. He may be a loudmouthed jack@ss, but he tells you how it is. Jordan and Russell are the only ones left who don’t lie. Maybe you are confusing Russell with Michele?

Why anyone is still rooting for Jeff and Jordan is beyond me. They are the biggest d**ches in this game. Well, Jeff is anyway. Jordan really isn’t but she is a complete idiot. CBS plays them off to be these wonderful saints but PAH-LEASE if you are on here, you should obviously read the stuff and realise that Jeff is garbage and both are the dumbest players this season.

I hope Russell takes the game and if he can’t, then i’m backing Kev and Nat 100%.


Russell is a liar remember him bringing Ronnie food after he told everyone he hated him??
Remember he said Michelle was in love with him?? He said Chima wanted to give him a BJ(watch the feed it never happened). He almost saved Jessie after Jessie went on the block.
Kevin votes to evict Nat and Jessie stays. Thats a slap in Jeff’s face. Let Russell leave so he can call his “bestfriend” Casey. Nobody likes loud mouth retards like Russell. I don’t like Jeff but I know him and Jordan are good people and if they win so what. Michelle and Russ are the devil.


I think Kevin and Russl deserve to be final two and I wouldn’t be able to choose between them…..Good luck boys


I totally agree with you Liv! I dont know why people are hating on J/J so much? Its been a great season and I’m rooting for Jeff. As long as natalie goes this week we should be good 🙂


So Jeff and Jordan again-rehashing everything over again-He talks about Russel swearing on his Father-he doesn’t seem to think was a big deal. It is a big deal to Russel. That was so disrespectful. Jeff is not the person I thought-or America thought. J&J are merciless-worse than anyone I remember.
When Nat and Kev kick their little behind out of the door it will be too late. Oh well Jeff-it’s your funeral!!!!


I’m hoping Russell will come up with his own last minute lie. Let’s see hmmmmm…he could say something like….”I overheard Natalie and Kevin taling about putting up you and Jordan when I Ieave, in particular I heard Natalie say that when we put Jeff up I’ll give him the same speech he gave Jessie”…. Of course he could embellish this story which is really the truth. Wouldn’t that be ironic? It’s funny because because everytime I watch the Afterdark Show on Showtime 2, My hatred for Gnat-a-Liar, Ke-Vindictive, Douchebag (Jeff) and Dumbo grows more and more! If Russell gets backdoored I’ll be pulling for Michelle to win the 500K and Russell to win the America’s Choice prize. We handed the Coup D’ Etat prize over to Douchbag and they’ve (him and Dumbo) been in power ever since. I don’t think America is too happy with they’re reign of power…and we’re not dumb as they are so I don’t think we’d be stupid enough to give them even more are we??? Please America, continue to see the lies for the truth and when it’s time to vote we can do our part to let Jeff know how much we all are disappointed in him….No more rewards for bad behavior…Please!! Vote for Russell! 🙂


LOL vote for what??? There is no more CDT and Russell is going home. LOL when it comes time to vote ?? What the heck are u talking about? Jeff saved Russell once he owes him nothing. Jeff is playing 4 himself he is not Americas player. LOL


I totally agree with you! jeff has turned out to be dumber than Jordan!


It is funny how all you are complaining because they don’t do what you want them to do, if you are smart look at russel he can win ENDURANCE COMPETITIONS the final HoH competitions are usually endurance, why would Jeff/Jordan want to bring russel with them? Same with michelle as she can win competitions, it is all strategy and you guys are missing it since this game is meant to be played all goody goody.


jeff didnt look too happy when he asked jordan what she would do if he was evicted in the beginning and she said that she would of found another friend.


I think alot of people in this forum have never been in a highstakes dog eat dog competition.
It’s all about the reading people, their characters, what they are capable of, playing the odds, and basically make cold calculated decisions. Russell is not a good guy, he is a bully, he is paranoid and egotistical. Best move is this week break up Russell and Michelle. They are being shady and it’s the best move. EVERYONE IF RUSSELL WINS HOH NEXT WEEK JEFF W-I-L-L GO ON THE BLOCK AND UNLESS HE WINS POV HE WILL GO HOME. Nat and Kev combined have won 1 POV and that’s it. Russell is a strong competitor and a liar. Russell, Michelle, and Ronnie are all the same. Why does anyone not realize this storybook ending of ur 4 favorites walking hand and hand to the finish is unrealistic.


I dont get why everyone is hating on Jeff?! I dont get what he’s done that is so horrible…he’s played the game isn’t that kinda the point?
Grow up people!


It’s time for Jeff and Jordan to go.They have done nothing, I cant beleive people like them are still in the is only because of production that they are still there. Jordan is so stupid and listens to everything Jeff tells her.Does Jordan not have a mind of her own??
The house is so boring..Russell needs to go off on Jeff.


I did like Jeff, but now I think he is a j@ck@ss. I hope he does put up Russell and I hope the evict Kevin. Then, Russell win the next hoh and pov, then puts up Jeff and Jordan. I would love to see Jeff go.


Jeff and Jordan need to go..the only reason they are still there is production. Jordan is and idot she does eveything Jeff tells her.The house is borrowing..They need Russell to blow up at Jeff


It’s time for Jeff and Jordan to go.They have done nothing, I cant beleive people like them and they are still in the is only because of production that they are still there. Jordan is so stupid and listens to everything Jeff tells her.Does Jordan not have a mind of her own??
The house is so boring..Russell needs to go off on Jeff.

Just Me

I’m still on the Jeff bandwagon I just hope he’s smart enough to see thorugh Natalie and Kevin’s lies. He eventually will have to backdoor russell (it’s a game people), but I think he should wait one more week to do it.

I think too many of you take this game to seriously and it’s easy for us all to talk when we aren’t in the show seeing what is going on.

If Jeff does something to bite him in the butt, then he will learn from it..but one things for sure, if he creates his own demise, he will know it was his own fault. If he goes down, he will go down with class, not looking like a whining cry baby like some of the rest.


I am amazed at the stupidity of the comments recently. It is one thing to state that you don’t like Jeff and/or Jordan, fine. But to claim that Jeff has done ‘nothing’? That’s ridiculous. He’s won two POV’s and an HOH and was the power behind the throne for Jordan’s HOH. He and Michelle are the only two left in the house who have never been on the block, and he has maintained a solid alliance week-after-week with Jordan.

That, my friends, is what you call a resume of achievement.


I know it is a game buuuuuuuuuuut, I would like to see Russ and Jeff compete for the final two. I do not like Knat and Kev their just hanger oners, and Michele is a liar, and Jordon although she seems sweet she is riding on Jeff’s coattails. JMO


Let me first say I am a big fan of russell but here is what needs to happen this week. They need to vote out kevin and show russell that they still have loyalty for the final 4. Whn russell realizes that the final four is still in tact the hg’s will throw the next hoh competition to russell. Jeff and jordan will get in his head saying that the plan this whole time has been final 4 till the end. Russell usually keeps his word and will remember the week before how jeff is a stand up guy. But what russell doesn’t realize is they threw the comp. To him so the next wek when it is final 4 he doesn’t get to play. Where then jeff and jordan have a better shot at winning the pov and mainly getting russell out then. Then jeff walks to the 500k.


I mean jeff and jordan have a better shot of winning the hoh without russell even being able to play.


CI mean jeff and jordan have a better shot of winning the hoh without russell even being able to play.


I can just see what will happen. Jeff takes Russell out, Natalie wins HOH, she puts Jeff and Jordan up. Jeff goes home. Russell will have a field day with Jeff in the Jury house. Jeff better think twice about pairing up with Kevin and Nat. I know he would have a better chance at winning, but I really don’t think it is a good idea. I bet it will back fire on him.


except for he won’t have a better chance of winning with them, seeing as Jessie and Lydia are already in the jury house and they will vote for one of them instead. And then if he sends Russell out, there’s another vote lost.. Jeff is an idiot if he sends him away 😛 Best case, Jeff and Russell end up final 2 together and Jeff wins because they all hate Russell!




Jeff has no chance of winning if he sends Russell home. Absolutely no chance. I can’t believe that he is falling for the load of crap coming from Kevin and Natalie. Two people who were against him the whole entire game. STUPID!!!!!!!!


I thought jeff was the smartest……GUESS NOT!