Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Bradens the target and Ronnie’s Morning Report “I’ve had a bowel movement today”



9:50am Backyard casey and Jeff

Jeff saying he is not proud of how he acted yesterday when he let his aggression out. I apologized to Natalie. I knew it wasn’t right, you shouldn’t talk to women that way and especially not an 18 year old. She said she accepted. Casey says he’s proud of Jeff. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if in a week, two weeks or three weeks, you guys will all be together again as a team

Ronnie comes out and jumps on the cardio machine,
Jeff moves to the hammock. Casey asks him if he is tired, “Cause I’ve only had 4 hours sleep”, “I wonder if the song choices are supposed to be applied to something”.


10:45am spa room Jesse and Natalie, Natalie wants Chima to be taken off the block. Jesse says he has thought about it because he doesn’t think they can trust Lydia. They start talking about Jeff, they both think they may need him down the road. They mention that Jeff was talking to Chima last night

Jesse went down and asked Chima what was said and Chima told Jesse the exact conversation, so he fully trusts Chima for now. Natalie tells Jesse that she really wants Chima off the block regardless if Jesse thinks he can trust her. Natalie doesn’t trust her. Jesse says they can’t trust Lydia he brings up their plan to go after Braden based on one sentence said by Lydia.

Jesse instructs Natalie that he wants His Atheltes except for JEFF to rotate winning HOH (if only it was that easy)

Jesse gets called to the Diary Room

11:15am Storage room Russell and Natalie.

they agree to get Braden may be the best plan but wonder if maybe they should go after Jordon. Russell says he doesn’t care that Jordan doesn’t like him, “it doesn’t bother me. Braden is more of a Fucking threat to win this game than Jordan is”.

Natalie thinks taking out Jordon would leave Jeff all alone.
Russell kind of agrees but says they need to keep Jeff and Jordon to keep the numbers, ” I want him to have someone because it still alienates him from the rest of the group”.

Natalie thinks that Lydia and Jeff are close and that Lydia is fucking with them right now. “if she doesn’t have Jordan she can’t screw with us”

Russell doesn’t think Jordon is the biggest threat right now he wants to get rid of Braden first because Braden is the bigger threat to win the game. After Braden is gone is doesn’t matter what Jeff does or what Jordan does because Jordan is gonna need a friend and she’s still gonna go back to Lydia.
Natalie thinks that getting rid of Braden will bring Lydia onto their team.
Russell still doesn’t think that matters “we can pick them off one by one”


Natalie finally agrees that they should get Braden out but she still doesn’t trust Lydia.

11:30am HOH Ronnie and Jesse – Jesse tells Ronnie that Braden is the replacement nomination and he’s the target to go home.

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