Big Brother 11 – Jordan says “Go harder, I don’t like how you do it”, Jeff asks “how do you want me to do it?”

1am Big Brother Time: Jordan and Jeff in the bedroom talking in bed. Ronnie goes by into the have-nots Jeff and Jordanroom. Jordan says “I’ve been kissing some major ass”. And then asks where Ronnie’s going, he says he’s moving out of the silver room. “He is so cute. I just wanna squeeze him” they both say about Ronnie. Jeff tells Jordan “They feel real” and Jordan says “They’re silicone” Jeff “they feel real, they feel nice”. “That’s why I got the silicone, because they feel real.” Jordan says “I’m going to leave because you’re too lame”. And then Jeff says “Let’s play a game… some movie game.” Lydia putting her sheets on the bed. Jordan offers to help her… and she does. “Braden’s snoring”. Jordan hops back in bed with Jeff. Jeff & Jordan talking about movies, making fart noises. Jeff says she’s feisty tonight, calling her “a handful”. Their movie game is going badly. “Al Pacino”, Jordan doesn’t know who he is. Chima “that’s blasphemy”. Jeff “you never heard of ‘Scarface’?” Jeff and Jordan laying in bed. She says she’ll be sleeping in her bed. He tells Jordan to turn off the light, not realizing Chima in the other room needs it to move her crap out of the have nots room. Lydia leaves and goes to the backyard where Kevin is & Kevin playing pool. Casey tells Lydia & Kevin that he thinks Jeff & Russell have reconciled. Laura joins conversation, talk about unlikely scenario where Braden could stay.
Jesse tells Natalie “Watch who you tell things to”, as Natalie says she doesn’t tell anybody anything. Natalie and Jesse play game of chess.


Jordan making fart noises with Jeff’s arm. “You’re so easily amused, I like that”, Jeff says. “Try to play a song, and I’ll guess it”. She tries, starts laughing. Jeff says “I’m never gonna get this ….So retarded.” “But it was ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’.” Jeff says that’s what he was gonna guess. Jeff tells her he’s not smoking for a few days. Jordan wants him to play a song on her arm. Chima finishes and off go the lights. Jordan “why do I have to always rub you”. Jeff says “I said I’ll do your feet”.? Jordan says “go harder, I don’t like how you do it”. Jeff? asks “how do you want me to do it”. They are scratching each other.
1:30am Big Brother Time: Ronnie comes to talk w/ Jeff & Jordan. Jordan relating to Jeff her conversations with Russell she had this evening. Ronnie says he feels human now (after having had a chance to eat). Jeff asks why Jordan is acting so nervous, that they are buddies. Jordan says yes, buddies to the end (puts up her pinky for a pinky swear). Jordan says, “oh, and ronnie too” (seems like she forgot he was there for a second). Jeff says he’s not going to play a power struggle game over Jordan w/ Russell. He says he’d be annoyed if she leaves the Casey and Kevinbed and goes to hang w/ Russell. Jeff says that if Jordan starts overtly flirting w/ Russell, it will make Jeff look like a fool, and he wouldn’t appreciate it. He’s not sure if Jordan understands. Jeff tells Jordan he doesn’t understand what’s in her head. She wants to know why he carries a cross around (it was blessed at the vatican). She apparently doesn’t know what the Vatican is, although she’s heard of Rome.
2am Big Brother Time: Jessie & Natalie talking over chess. Natalie says she wants to make herself look immature to the rest of the house guests. She feels like they are running the house right now. Jesse says to stop thinking that way. They are talking about the other house guests. Jessie tells her that Casey thinks Jeff is a smart cat. That everybody thinks an “18 year old” is controlling his head, which isn’t true but he can’t tell them that.
2:10am Big Brother Time: Chima, Ronnie, Laura, & Michele in bathroom. Ronnie tells Laura that he will do anything to not lose the Have/Have Not competition. They speculate on when the cliques will be removed. Jordan leaves Jeff’s bed and goes to her own bed. Jessie & Natalie head to the backyard joining Kevin, Lydia, and Casey. Ronnie & Laura join the rest on the backyard couches. Chima & Michele keep chatting in bathroom. Chima likes Braden and will miss him. They agree that they screwed up the last have/have not competition. Michele agrees she should have stepped up when it became obvious that Ronnie wasn’t doing a good leadership job. Random chit chat in the backyard. Ronnie joins Chima & Michele in bathroom again. Ronnie’s last concert he ronnie-laura-michelewent to was Vanilla Ice in 1991. Before that, C&C Music factory. Chima is cracking up. Ronnie prefers broadway musicals.
2:40am Big Brother Time: The backyard crew are cracking up about Ronnie’s scheming. Casey making fun of Ronnie pretending that he’s not talking game w/ everybody. Laura says Ronnie is treating this like one of his video games and is observing little details. She thinks that Ronnie had the feeds since he knows so much about the other seasons. They’re thinking he might be a threat in memory competitions, but that he’d probably screw them up by over thinking things.
3:15am Big Brother Time: Ronnie, Chima, Michele talking about who would put them up. Ronnie says the only way to get rid of Russell is to back door him, and if Casey wins HOH they might be able to get him to do it. Michele says that it should be someone else to do it. Michele worried she is a target for Russell because she didn’t acept the deal he was feeling her out for the other day. Michele also wondering where she stands with Jeff now.
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