Big Brother 11 Spoilers – HOH Game talk Jesse, Lydia and Natalie clear things up

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

1:10am Kitchen Natalie, Kevin and MIcehlle discussing votes.
Kevin says he doesn’t know which way to vote. Natali says that she’s going to vote with the house. That you’ve got to look after yourself in this game. Kevin makes a comment that he really wanted to play this game at first, but now that he’s in the house it’s not fun. That he’s trying to figure out how the house votes are falling. Michelle reaminds them that they can’t just think about this week,that it’s the other weeks too. Ronnie Joins them they move the conversation from game to boardgames. Kevin mentions that he’s never played Scrabble and that he’s not good at crosswords.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

***You can notice Lydia sneaking in on the conversation She is standing at the edge of the red bedroom and the living room listening to them.*** Chima joins them. Michelle and Kevin are now talkigna bout hoe little in common they have with other houseguests. Jessie and Russell do not talk to them Kevin and it scares him. He tells her that he’s still trying to process personalities and how the house is
going to fall. Laura, Chima and Natalie are standing in front of the memory wall. Natalie hates her memory wall pic because her forehead is prominent, Chima: It looks sweet and innocent. They are whispering about Lydia being in the shower and Russell calling
next on the shower. Chima tells them that the house is going to turn into a brothel before it’s all over

1:50am Chess on the balcony. Ronnie, Jesse and Natalie. playing
chess. Natalie asks Jessie when’s his birthday. Jesse answers April. Jesse says “April 23rd, when is yours?” Natalie replies “March 3rd” Ronnie is talking to Jessie about how everyone else is hitting him hard about voting with the other side of the house. Natalie leaves to go to storage room with Michelle. Ronnie tells Jesse that Russ told Lydia that Nat was the one that wanted her up.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
2:00am Storage Room Natalie and Michelle Natalie is explaining why Lydia went up on the block and that Chima is the pawn. She is trying to make sure her vote is to keep Chima. She tells Michelle that the reason that Lydia went up is because her group was getting the numbers to control the house. Mich tells her that she really wondered why they put Lydia up in the first place and that answered questions. They confirm that the “brains” are going with the athletes and the vote.

2:45am HOH Lydia and Jesse are on the HoH bed talking Lydia is telling Jessie how Natalie is running his game play and that she can’t believe he’s listening to an 18 year old. Jesse is defending Natalie saying she doesn’t tell him what to do. The only reason he hangs with Natalie is because she is safe. He can trust himself with Natalie. He trusts Natalie. Lydia tells Jessie that he lets Natalie dictate him. Now Lydia and Jesse are talking about Jeff and how he has been alienated from his group. Jessie brings up Jeff and says he doesn’t understand why the one team that has an advantage in numbers doesn’t work together Jessie says he told Jeff that he wanted an alliance of Athletes/Lydia/Jordan but Jeff just said “cool” and didn’t follow through Natalie comes in to HOH and announces she’s going to bed Lydia and Natalie begin arguing. Natalie admits to Lydia she wanted her put up on the block Lydia tells Natalie – “I know you wanted me up, I don’t know why you want to evict me” Natalie defends herself saying she wanted Lydia up because she heard Lydia was after her. Lydia asks her why she didn’t come to talk to her? “I tried to build bridges but you

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

don’t even look me in the eye. That’s disrespect!” Natalie says “If someone told you someone wanted you out wouldn’t you want them up?” Lydia tells her she would go to that
person and talk to them first. Natalie asks why Lydia is saying she is confortational. Lydia explains that Natalie doesn’t look her in the eye, “you’re being an ass to me the whole time. Why would I be cool if you talk”. Lydia brings up when Natalie was in the kitchen last night calling her and JOrdan a hoe and a BLANK. Natalie tries to defend herself “I would never say that to anybody”Natalie swears she didn’t say that, but admits she laughed when it was said. Natalie and Lydia both apologizes to each other. Lydia says that they alienate Jeff. Jessie and Natalie disagree saying he alienates himself. Jessie says everyone else comes up
but Jeff doesn’t he’s more than welcome to come talk to me. Jeff doesn’t talk game with us though and barely any small talk. Jessie likens Jeff to Memphis saying he will not win anything and slide through the game. Jessie says he talked to Jeff about getting him, Lydia, and Jordan on their side to make 6 people strong but he never relayed the message to the girls. They all agree that the popular Clique doesn’t care about Laura and if veto is used than Laura is up. Jesse also explains that that the other members wants his clique out and next week unless they win HOH he’s going up on the block. Lydia is saying she trusts Jessie
Big Brother 11 SPoilers
and Natalie in the house most now. Jesse tells her he literally told her everything. Lydia
says everyone wants her to target Jessie and Natalie. They agree if her team were to win HoH, everyone agreed they would not put up Jessie. Instead they would target the people causing trouble and trash talking, like Laura. Lydia says Casey makes fun of her and that she’s not sure if she can trust Kevin Jessie, Natalie, and Lydia agree that they must aligen with strong people. Jessie says Ronnie, Michele, and Chima are useless to him. Lydia leaves Natalie and Jesse in the HOH room. Jesse tells Natalie that if Veto is used Braden would be the replacement. Russel Joins them He doesn’t want to change the nominations. They start talking about Jeff talking trash Jesse “He’s running his mouth”. They are trying to decide what to do. Russel says Lydia worked him so hard before he got to bed. Giving me a massage, crying in my ear. I don’t believe her. I still don’t. Natalie tells them she think they can trust Lydia Jesse agrees. Natalie now wants the veto to be used on Chima and to leave Lydia up against Braden..
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