Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia’s “working the Muscles” and Chima’s Tragic story

Big brother 11 Spoilers

11:33pm kitchen Casey, and Russel wondering if there’s any alcohol left. Lydia walks into the conversation. Casey and Russell say they are getting sick of Braden. Braden said he has been to the Playboy Mansion four times. Laura seems very shocked “he’s never been. No way”. Lydia starts hanging all over Russell, the conversation drifts to movie stars (Johnny Depp). Casey heads to bed. Lydia continues to snuggle up to Russell Rubbing his shoulders and huging him. Lydia can’t keep her hands off of him. He said he needs to take a cold shower.The start talking about the POV competition and the liquid the letters were in smelled like underwear.
Russell tells her that he doesn’t care what everyone else is telling him he’s going to do what he wants to do and right now he can’t stand Chima. Russell said he thinks Lydia would put him up if she won HoH because he heard it from someone, but he won’t say who. Lydia tells him that if she stays and gets the spot of power she’ll look out for him. Russell says Natalie is the one that told him Lydia would put him up. They’re going off to go talk by themselves in the living room


living room

Lydia is giving Russell scenarios of which clique could win HoH and what would happen. She doesn’t think the odds are good for the Athletes since there making so many enemies right now.
Lydia says she doesn’t think Jordan would put Russell up, but she’s not sure about Braden. Lydia is wondering why they don’t talk to Jeff since he’s on their team. Lydia says that Natalie is like Jessie’s bitch. Russell says that Lydia doesn’t play nice like him. She says she wants to stay and is against someone who doesn’t want to stay. Lydia tries to figure out who he thinks will win the next HoH, Russell says he’s going to Win next weeks HOH.

Russell thinks he is the next to go, but Lydia said his name has not been brought up in their group. She says she wants to stay and would not put him up. He talks to her about hearing his name being brought up. She tells him that the people she is with have never said anything about putting him up.

Russell is talking about how things change on a daily basis in the house. He is telling Lydia that she hasn’t been the target. The atheletes had a vote that Jeff was not included in. Jessie ended up doing what him and Natalie wanted to do. It was supposed to be Chima and Laura.


Braden walks in Lydia reminds him to wake up early so we can do yoga in the shade. Russel says that he gives his props to people that practice yoga, “I’m so inflexible”

12:04pm Recycling Room Chima, Jessie, Kevin and Michele-

Kevin mentioned that he came out when he was 21. Chima asks him how his family took it. Kevin says he now has no relationship with his parents or siblings, its been quite a difficult time.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Chima starts talking about being raped at 22. Everyone was pretty shocked and not quite believing at first. Chima goes on to tell her sad story. The rapist broke into her sorority house, cut the phone lines and raped her at gun point. He was known as the Bathtub killer. She fought hard and got away. She had to have surgeries done on her face. SHe does say the guy was caought and recently was put to death in Texas.

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