Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Fat Rat in a cage, Chima “I wonder if he’ll lie again?” Russ:”does a bear shit in the woods?”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:30pm backyard, Chima, Russell, Casey and Jesse. They kind of feel sorry for Ronnie cause he hasn’t been out all day to eat. He’s so scared of Russell. They laugh that all he has for entertainment is the legally blonde CD. Casey adn Russell are saying they are not going to even touch him why is he so scared. Casey is happy with ROnnie staying in the HOH all day hiding, “I have no sympathy for the kid.” Chima tries to make a case for Ronnie’s temporarily release from hiding for sustenance. No one seems to care.Chima says “now aren’t you guys gonna feel bad when they have to take him out on a gurney They all say.” not at all is the reply. Russell says he has plenty of fat to last him. They all start laughing.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00pm Backyard everyone but “fat rat” and michelle the rat is in the cage and Michelle is in the kitchen cooking. general chit chat, some people working out some talking other eating. Chima is nice enough to bring in popcorn but its all burnt and gross Lydia doesn’t like it and chima and laura Joke by saying what are you guys racist you don’t like black popcorn… Lydia complains that there was no reason for BB to wake them up so early, they all agree. She says there was nothing to do all day so let us sleep in. Casey says he thought they were going to do something to rat boy today.. he goes on to tell them about a tv personality called rat boy they all laugh. They start talking about their home towns and how much they miss them. Russell brings ronnie’s town saying they are all sad because they caught him. Chima laughs and says they don’t watch TV in hi home town there too busy in the coal mines. They are all hopeing for alcohol tonight Chima wants them all to get drunk she asks for 15 bottle s for them all to share… they start wondering what ROnnie is going to do when he has to take HOH pictures? Jesse thinks he’ll just leave it outside the door. Casey says he doesn’t want to be in any of Ronnie’s pictures, he tells the group that they should make it so ronnie has no pictures. Chima says “awww and he’s probably saying really nice things about us in his HOH Blog.” Russell is telling them that he went up there to see Ronnie and he woulnd’t

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
let him in saying he doesn’t feel safe with Ronnie near. They are having a blast telling stories and laughing. Chima says that there’s no game talk without Ronnie around, “its alot of fun”. Casey says like Kevin said it’s amazing how we are not scheming without your boy running around stirring it up.They try to think of a game to play… Charades, porno passwords? Someone brings up that ROnnie put his key back in the picture hole after Russell threw it out, Russell says he just keeps throwing it out.

They wonder how Ronnie is going to get out of this one, most are convinced that he’s going to play the sympathy card. Russelll tells them that on Thursdays show they should all sit on onside of the couch and just leave Ronnie by himself. Jesse tells him they will never let them do that for the live eviction. Chima brings up masturbation and asks the guys if they have since being in the house. Russell says he can’t because of the cameras (didn’t stop eric on bb8) Chima points out that there?s no cameras in the shower. Russel starts singing I like big butts and I cannot lie no other brothers can deny when a girl walks in with a itty bitty waste and a round thing in your face I get Sprung…… feeds get cut.


They houseguests get some booze…..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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SCAM! Russell and Ronnie are playing everyone inthe house with their Speidi like improve acting pretending to hate eachother. I must say that’s a REALLY smart move and they will possibly be the last two inthefinaleif their scam works. Probably the best alliance ever.


fake feud? what makes you think its fake?


I don’t believe Russell and Ronnie’s ‘fued’ is fake. Ronnie looks waayyyy too scared and that boy is not an actor no matter what he said to the contrary. I would be pretty shocked if this was fake. But I am getting a little tired of Russell’s bullying tactics however hilarious it was at first.

Evel Russ


ugh ronnie.

i lol’d.

The Chosen One

MichaelHollywood: You’re an idiot…spending too much time with Lydia are you?!! Wake up from your lala land little girl!


this season is a season of hate.Ronnie and jesse seem to be playing for BB. And if ronnie gets away with this I will be sure of it!!!!!! Jesse is sticking his neck out for the geek he would never do that we r not stupid(or are you?) the first comp was geared to get Jesse back in and if the comps are geared to keep Ronnie i will be done with BB. It is so obv. that we all are being played. this is not good for ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse is spinning the house and we all HATED him last year what makes them think we would change our minds?
GET THEM OUT!!!!!!!! ( Ronnie and Jesse ) and lets get back to the game.

The Original Jim

You tell ’em!