Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima about Russell’s ex “She went to DR 90210 for Rejuvenation”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:30 Backyard Jeff Jordan.

Jordan is bringin up reasons why she will stay…. she mentions that LAura is a bigger threat than she is. Jeff says no offensive to you but Laura is smart. He goes on to say that him and Jordan are tough when they are together. Jordan asks him if theres any chance of him voting against her Jeff says no way NO!
JEff is telling her that now that everyone else is together more there will be alot of little fights so him and JOrdan can float down the middle. Jordan is saying that she thinks Russell is saying anything and everything to Laura right now. They both agree that they cannot trust Russell but they can use him. Jordan asks him what would he do if she really did go home this week. Jeff says he would cry and JOrdan says so would she. Jeff says he would feel like it was his fault if Jordan went home. Jeff tells her that he can say anything to her and not just game. HE says he doesn?t want to talk game 24/7. Jordan says thats all Ronnie talks about. Jordan tells Jeff that Lydia wants Ronnie, Russell and Natalie out. Jeff nodes and says they need to loo kout for JEsse. He brings up last night when the entire house was calling out the rat boy and JEsse just stood there with his back turned because he didn’t want to get his hands dirty. Jeff is very happy things happened last night like they did, he calls it a dream and a game changer. Jeff instructs Jordan to talk with Lydia more cause Kevin will vote with Lydia.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan instructs Jeff to be super sweet to everyone so everyone starts liking us more and not thinking us as threats. Jordan says she gaining weight on the slop even though she’s not eating anything. She’s complaining about how hungry she is and she wasn?t to eat anything other than slop, Jeff tells her to not do that shit. Jeff gets tired of her complaining and tells her to go eat a pizza the whole fucking thing. Jordan tells him to quit his cussing.
They both talk about how happy they are about last night they feel like they have a new life. Jeff says he still can’t believe that the whole fight between him and Russell was started by Ronnie.


5:15 recycling room Laura, Jordan. Laura is talkign about when she goes home she’ll be so happy to be able to eat something. She’s happy knowing that they all called Ronnie out. Jordan reassuring her that it may not be her leaving.

Jeff enters… conversation switches to feet. ….


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm Bathroom Chima and Russell. They are talking about partners and how chima isn’t able to find the right man in LA. Chima mentions that she may need to move to New York to get a man. Chima asks Russell about his ex girlfriend.. He says his ex was on dr 90210. Lydia joins them for a second and Chima makes a joke saying that Russell’s ex girlfriend was on dr 90210 to get vaginal Rejuvenation…. they all laugh…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm Jesse and Lydia under the covers. Jesse is telling her about a dream he had drying to make it to china.. she doesn’t seem too into it. JEsse gets annoyed at her not listening, he asks her if it was a good dream and she didn’t answer.

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deborah grimes

ron will leave on his own he wont let them vote him out i think he was the most hated on big brother ever