Big Brother 11 Spoilers – A 1 in 3 chance of a half a million dollars.. pretty good odds!! Who do you think will win BB11?

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9:30am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The lights are on and everyone is still sleeping .. I think they are going to be doing a lot of sleeping this week. Not much else for them to do, I can only imagine how sick of each other they are after being locked in a house for the last 2 months.


“According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show. Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour.

Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: “Tune in Thursday,” she said. “


So that means Part 2 of the 3 part HOH competition is going to be happening this Thursday. With part 3 happening on the finale night!!
At 10:10am Natalie wakes up from sleeping in the red bedroom and gets up and leaves the room. All four cameras stay on the red bedroom with Kevin fast asleep. At 10:35am Natalie comes back into the red bedroom and climbs back into bed… 11:05am = sleep….

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12:45pm All the house guests are still dreaming about how they’re going to spend the half mil’

1:45pm Exciting day in the Big Brother house… three chairs and one small table .. final 3!

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491 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – A 1 in 3 chance of a half a million dollars.. pretty good odds!! Who do you think will win BB11?

  1. Jordo will win part two, and then beat Kev in the final, but take him with her.

    leaving gnat-LIE to go to the jury house and LIE to everyone some more.


    America’s tie breaker – Jordon!!!!! with Kev a close 2nd

    Okay this is more like wishful thinking-fantasy, but there is a week left and I can still dream, and that leaves a sad girl with a few thousand “rain” money (?) and a twisty-tie. Oh, and to further kill her respectability, she dumps her boyfriend at the finale and makes out with Jesse, causing Lydia to get in one more cat fight.

    It’s horrible we have to write in fun things to happen—because they are NOT happening.

      1. I don’t think Russ will vote for Jordan. He will give it to the best player and everyone in there know Jordan didn’t do sh*t in this game. We have seen it time and time again the floaters never win.

        1. Actually, if you want to measure accomplishments between Natalie and Jordan, they are pretty equal. Nat is constantly talking a big game, but rarely have we seen her back up her claims.

        2. As long as we’re talking “floaters” here……..Natalie and Kevin were pretty much “floaters” throughout the whole game. (Natalie/Jessie and Kevin/Jessie thru Lydia) It was only at the end that they started trying to break out on their own since they had no one to hide behind. They told some lies….and luckily for them fate worked in their favor. Basically this finale is a trio of “floaters”.

    1. wow, I would def like a hit of whatever you were smoking when you had the fantasy of Jordon winning 2 comps in a row. I had to laugh with the music they played for her during the pov, she dosent listen to Jeff and study and she looks like the fool she is. I mean damn, there is nothing to do in the house, how hard is it to lie there and go over what has transpired the last 2 months a couple times in your head.

      1. She actually did study with Jeff many times. And continued to study when he left as well. So when you’re saying she didn’t study, she actually did.

    2. More like Nasty boyfriends gets a clue n decideds he doesn”t want her ass .He dumps her On Live TV .Now that is the Cherry on top of the cake.

      1. Anyone else notice that when he proposed she was kind of not really into it? More of a “gotta say yes because the cameras are on me” kind of thing.

  2. Hey Simon like your pics of the HG?s. Here are some other ideas:
    Braden – Surf board
    Laura – Cantaloupe
    Ronnie – Rat
    Jesse – Mirror
    Jeff – Yo Yo
    Lydia – Hoe
    Russel – Cauliflower
    Michele – Devil

  3. I think it will (unfortuately) come down to the 2 unworthy,lazy,coat tails riding trailer trash chicks. I think Jumbo Jordo will win because the word ….thanks to her pal Jessie has been spread in the jury house that Nat the rat is not 18 and has been tricking the HG’s.Her own lie is gonna bite her in the ass.Jordan will get the money and blow it within a year…more then likely on food products.

    1. Am I the only one that deosn’t think Jordan is fat? I mean she is a little thick but I would not call her fat… I think she is hot and anyone of you losers would bang her in a second…

      1. I don’t think she is fat at all. She looks great in a bikini….bet people making those comments probably wish they looked that good! I wish I looked that good. Don’t go hating oh her cause she can eat all that cookie dough and still look good. You go Jordan with your bad ass body!

      2. that’s ok,somebody has to have lower standards and bang the fatty mcfatty who can’t complete one coherent sentence. so you can bang the porko jordan….noone else wants to.could her lips be any thinner?it’s the only thing on her that’s thin! whatever,what’s important is she’s a contender to win half a mil and and she doesn’t deserve it.wait…what do i hear?????? oh,yes, it’s jumbo Jordan bad-mouthing Russ (for ,duh,calling her fat),bad-mouthing Mich (cause Mich actually played the game) and oh,yea, she’s bad-mouthing Jeff cause she realized he thinks she’s a fat turd as as soon as either nat or kev leaves (after kissing their respective asses for days) expect to hear that “sweet” southern belle rant and bad mouth them as well. I’d take Nat the rat over Jordan cause at least Nat doesn’t hide her evil side like Jordo does.

  4. who do i want to win ??? u guys gotta admit,it would be funny if kevin took jordan to the final 2 and jordan ended up winning big brother 11 !!!!!

    1. i this kevin should win…dont get me wrong…i would love jordan too win…but she hasnt done anything except win a veto by her self…the HOH jeff threw….all well…i just really hope nat the rat doesnt win….

  5. Natalie calling Michele the “devil” is beyond hilarious. We will all have to hope Jordan remembers that Natalie IS an instigator and a whole lot more and focuses all her energy on beating her…and Kevin. Most of all, it is hard to watch Kevin play the role of Natalie’s handmaid. He waits on her hand and foot and it does not come across as attractive. This is a very bright and witty guy. I think he’ll be disappointed at what he sees when and if he watches the tapes back.

    1. I just have to laugh at Nasty when she was telling Kavin n jordan .How Michelle didn’t deserve to be in the last three.How she ( Michelle ) has played a nasty game .Is Nasty for real ??? I guess it’s ok to treat people like shit and lie when she is doing it . That is why If i was in the house she wouldn’t get my vote. She thinks it is the Nasty show.She hasn’t done crap !!! other then lie . No big power move ,no big wins . in fact lets Kavin do all the work in the smor’es

  6. The similarities to the season (6?) of ?The Friendship? are too close. Natalie as Maggie, Kevin as Yvette, and Jordan is NOT Janelle. Remember what Maggie told Yvette after Yvette won the final HOH? If you send me to the jury house I?ll make sure no one gives you a vote. Yvette was gonna get second place no matter what she did so she folded to the pressures of deals she made in the game. Natalie will do this to Kevin if he wins final HOH. Unlike that year when I was rooting for Janelle I find no reason to root for Jordan. I just hope Kevin wins HOH and doesn?t fall for any of Natalie?s bullying and finally gets rid of her.

    1. I saw a glimmer of hope last night when Kevin said he wanted Natalie out the first chance he got….Now will he actually have the balls to follow through with it????

      I would LOVE to see Kevin burn the shit out of Natalie….

      **fingers crossed**

      *G*O* *K*E*V*I*N* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m so with u on this one . Kavin needs to make a power move show her the door.
        Everything Nasty has done is only for Nasty .Kavin had a brain he would do it and not let that little Taco Bell dog keep yepping .or she will bit him in the ass .

  7. This year has been a bust mostly becuase of the allignment with Jessie.
    The only one worthy of the title is Kevin. He took Bratalie and him out of the fire and into the penthouse by twisting Gullable Jeff’s alledged mind with 1 lie.
    That is the turning point of the season. Not the coup detat Jeff was given.
    Jeff imploded.
    Now don’t get me wrong.
    I wanted Jeff and Jordon to win! They would get married and have little cookie dough balls in thier image.
    Even though Jordough is getting chinky I wish my wife was that cute….and stupid.
    In her own words….
    That sucks.
    Kevin should and deserves to win.
    He is the only one left playing.

    1. I agree that Kevin is the only one playing, but I have to take in his morals. He says he never lied to Jeff and Jordon and that is all he has done. I know it is a game, but come on, he can’t do anything by himself. Nat is totally controlling him. He will never ger her out. :(

  8. if america really gets to vote for the big brother winner…wouldn’t the final two have to be determined before the finale night???

  9. For the win? Just NOT pigpen #1, NOT Gnat! Just before gnat jumped down she was looking like she wasn’t going to make it much longer. Kevin didn’t see how weak she was or he would have played it out. It didn’t look like nat had nearly the rain as the others had, and of course Kevin had that advantage of seeing the gears, that’s why he was standing sideways. It doesn’t really matter in the end if you stick with your promises, so hopefully Kevin will take Jordough and not that SOCIOPATH.

    If she steals the $500K we can see her on the street and prank her, right? She loves pranks. Knock her glass over in a restaurant (oops!), squirt her with water (LOL), harmless but irritating pranks.

    Blockbuster beware. Future employers beware. This chick is one who believes that stealing office supplies is part of being employed, that it is owed to her because they’re hot paying her what she’s supposedly worth.

  10. Here is my theory:

    They didn’t show Jeff go into the jury house. I think his Pandora play is far from over. On Thursday, Jeff will be able to replace one of the players!

    Possible? It would be such a cool and unexected twist, because honestly BB’s numbers have to be falling. Natalie is a disgusting and despicable person and Kevin is just so boring and weak.

    Meh – if not, I hope Jordan and Kevin go to the fnal with Jordan winning.

    1. its over, get over it, they are already doing the final 3 competitions, christ, why cant you all see he was a pretty face and not much else. he was given the cdt and it saved his arese a couple extra weeks, that is it.

      1. Henry it sounds like u r a hater lolol. Jeff was playing the game and could have walked away with it .IF he didn’t have a big target on his back from all ends ..

        Yes I agree that whole Jeffn hope is GONE his is not coming back !!
        That Pandora’s box’s was a big let down.

        You get to see a loved one ,then can’t play in the POV . I wanted more then that !!
        hell every body on here thought of better ways for the box to play out . BB that was some weak ass shit .

        1. prior to the cdt what did he do, nothing, hit on jordan, smile and bitch about the other side ruling, he did nothing to win it, it was given to him. because of that he was saved. fact is without it he was already a target, he used it took out the guy dominating on the other side and took advantage in the ensuing 2 weeks. once the smoke settled from the cdt “chima gone and the people get their heads on” the lml was made, it was to late to save lydia, however think of it, jeff was in final 6 woth 3 people he was in a final 4 agreement with. their were only 2 people outside of that final 4 left at that point, jeffs team out numbering them 4-2. now both of the 2 are left and only 1 of the original final 4 pact is left. that is poor poor poor play by him and his crew, lies or not they bought it and now blew the game. And you feel he deserves 25 k for it?

          1. I think Jeff did quite well keeping himself in the game as long as he did…He was the TARGET week 1. If they weren’t in cliques, whose to say the three left would be the 3 left? What if’s all day…..any minor move changes the game….he stayed long and so has Jordan…You may think they did nothing but obviously they did SOMETHING or they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did!

    2. You may be on to something cuz know what….when Jeff was talking to Ross…Ross axed Jeff about going to the Jury house and Jeff ‘winked’ at the camera.


      Keep on believing

  11. i really think that either way with kevin and jordan or nat and jordan jordan will win they nat deserves it the least kevin and jordan are even on things that they did in the house jordan can use the money the most she was definitly the most honest caring person in the house.

  12. Come on people we know the last three where coat tail loser but put the blame on jeff power hunger idiot. he should have stayed with his stupid jeff. money make you do stupid things jeff.I cant belive you let them change your mind.and it was not a good move wasnt you playing chess in the house oh of course not dumb move jeff next time study your move lol

    1. ITA! Jeff/Jordan screwed the people who were left after he evicted Russell, themselves included. If he hadn’t listened to Jordan and bought the lies that Nat/Kev were selling, this would have been a totally different end of the game.

      I think the whole “engagement” ploy was an attempt to make Natalie look more human, but even my 11 yo watching the proposal with me didn’t buy it.

    2. Jeff did the right thing . Russell even said If he would have won HOH over Jeff he was going after Jeff. !!!! It was a no win for Jeff at that point they all were coming after him .
      It is what it is . You can’t blam one person for how the end of the game is turning out ..

  13. I hope that kevin tosses Nat like a used piece of kleenix.
    She is the least deserving of all the 3.
    Sorry, I meant to say Jordough was Chunky….not chinky.

    1. if jordan is chunky then Lord let me be chunky! gee what is it with you people? you don’t like Laura either and she wasn’t eating cookie dough. I think Jordan was truly being herself in the house. She got depressed over gaining some weight and I’m sure that hearing all these comments about it when she gets out will really make her feel bad. Plus I bet there is not a man watching who actually thought she was fat. Key word there being man…not some total smartmouth pansy freak.

      1. Jordan’s not fat. She’s a regular size, but she choose extra-large breast implants, and so she now appears a little heavy. She’s young and beautiful, and so she can carry it off for now. As she gets older, she’ll begin to look matronly cow and will probably decide to downsize the implants at that point. At any rate, her size isn’t an issue; her intelligence (or lack thereof) is.

  14. This is what going to happen Natalie is going to win She will win the next round big brother will see to that and that will knock Jordan out It will be her and Kevin and she will tell Kevin that if she wins she will take him all the way

  15. I think I’d like to see a Kevin and Jordan final 2. But I think that if either Kevin or Natalie choose to take Jordan to the final 2….Jordan is going to win BB11. I truly do not believe that Natalie has any hopes of winning anything more than the $50K. She will go home and blow it gambling and spend the rest of her life hated by the many that had to watch her this season. How shameful is that!

  16. I am coming around to the way Nat has played this game. She has played a 100% mental warfare game. It is a game so all is fair.
    Jesse was supposed to be the story all summer. He’s polarizIng so he brings in people who hate him so much they want to tune in to see the moment he fails. They set up a fluke (1st HoH) to get him in, use the blanket immunity (Ath most benfit from this “twist”) then they put in CDT to make a dramatic exit (w/ chima as collateral damage). The person who I really did not want to win was jesse.

    Jeff takes a lot of heat for his mistake, but he did not “know” the game before arriving. He had probably watch a season or two, but his fatal flaw was thinking the game is only about comps. That’s why he only viewed russell as a threat. His mental game was non-existent. I realized this when he and michelle were offering the F4 deal, he was really going to lay down in the next HoH comp so Nat could win? WTF. Anyone could have had Jeff as an alliance member just for the asking, but he was on vacation trying to advance his acting…er, sales career…lol. The game was rigged this year the minute they put Jesse in, he knows too much about how to play. The mental part of this game is the hardest. That house is a torture chamber. Two bathrooms, community beds, no tv, nothing to read or write with? He knew how to get through that part and that is why its no surprise that his minions are still here. They should have kept the CDT, let J/J/M leave organically and watch Jesse’s crew pick each other off? Good year, I hope Natalie is not defined by this for the rest of her life, cause what she’s put out here is not good.
    Do an All-Star edition, invite jesse back so we can see him go home for a third time

    1. I’m sorry if Jesse comes back for a 3rd time I’m banning BB from my house! It was torture enough to have to watch him 2 times. NO THANKS!!! I will pass….

    2. I don’t think i could handle another Jessie Nasty show if either is in the all stars.For that matter not looking forward to the NAt and Matty show if they were to come back from season10.

      Big brother could do a show of the most hated BB house guest lolol

      Let them all kill them selfs one by one .

  17. Jordo needs to win this. I was hoping for Michelle, but that was ruined by the smug faced Kevin. I’m so sick of these two people. Nat’s voice should be used to interrogate suspicious people. I bet her voice would make BIN LADEN surrender… Let’s get that ***t piped into those caves!

    I’m rooting for the underdog…GO JORDO GO and buy yo momma a new house!

  18. Ok, everyone has decided by now that BB11 had a bunch of coattail riding m’fers…Ok..That in mind “Does anyone want Natalie to win??” Hell no. Maybe the couple of family members that chime in on here. Yeah, Jeff did screw the final 4 up listening to Nat/Kevin but everyone including Russell was sitting around letting him win everything and toss people out so they didn’t have blood on their hands…this includes MIchelle. They would of all gotten farther if they all contributed the same amount of energy into staying because of what they did. I don’t like the final three but I SO WANT NATASTY NOT TO WIN!

  19. The only way that Jordon (who is NOT fat) will make it to the final is to win HOH. Which of course would mean that she has to win two comps in a row. I doubt it. If Kevin or Natalie wins HOH, they would be IDIOTS to take Jordan to the final, especially Natalie, she has to know that Jordan would have at least 3 votes if she took Jordan to the final (Lydia, Jeff, and Michelle would certainly vote for Jordan). Then if she backstabbed Kevin along the way…..he would give the money to Jordan possibly? I would LOVE to see Natalie fall into third place, but I just dont see it happening. Kevin I dont think would back stab Natalie.

  20. With all of Kevin’s talk last night on the show I really thought Michelle had a chance…BUT they give you that sooo you really do not know if your not reading the spoilers…and even that I really thought MAYBE…soooo will he REALLY evict Natalie?? If given the chance….? Because if either Kevin or Jordan take her to the finals or if she gets there on her own I really think she is going to win….she was the mastermind behind Kevin…because she talked him out of anything that was not good for her….sad…I do not like her AT ALL…game or no game…she and her voice are annoying..

    1. Well think of it this way, maybe he sent Michelle packing because he thought he couldn’t trust her to get out Natalie, and he knows Michelle could beat him (she’s won about the same amount of things he has, plus 2 times he’s one she has come realllly close). Plus it strings Nat along for another week (so she feels safe with Kevin winning and maybe wont try as hard!).

      With Jordan and Natalie as his competitors you know he’s the best out of the three, so he can just trust himself to win and boot out Natalie (I hope!).

      Plus if its Michelle-Kevin its kind of a toss up, but Jordan-Kevin? Jordan has done nothing! I would be shocked if she won against him. Wow the more I read/type this it makes me think Kevin is a genius XD

  21. Remember when Ronnie Rat said he thought America loved him and he would absolutely be back for BB Allstars??? I LMAO!!!
    Now between Rat boy and Gnat girl, who would you rather see – – win/come back BARF
    Russ Michele Casey or Braden should come back for All stars.
    Actually, Braden and Brian (first week leavers) should do something, maybe the AMAZING RACE LOL!

      1. Rockstar, you just don’t get it, do you?

        I REALLY don’t care who wins. That doesn’t mean I am banned from reading or writing my opinion(s). It has NOTHING to do with me caring about who wins.

        Got it?

        1. Joseph, ignore ROCKSTAR! He’s an idiot. He makes personal comments on almost everyones blogging. Too bad we don’t get to see who’s blogging and take personal jabs at him. I think he’s very angry…keep writing that’s why it’s here. For opinions!!!!!! F***K You ROCKSTAR

  22. If Kevin get to final 2 he is going to win big brother 11. The best bet is for Jordan or Nat to win HOH and send Kevin to the Jury house. But right now my money is on Nat and Kevin final 2. which suck cause I dont like Nat and she shouldn’t even come in second.

  23. why are people still talking about Jeff the idiot. He was one of the worst players in BB history and as dumb as a box of rocks. BB gave him a golden opp for the finals and he still blew it. Please let that moron RIP and don’t give him 25gs either, he deserves nothing.

  24. Here’s an idea for CBS: Pandora’s twist three…offer Jordan a chance to switch with one of the jury members and bring Jeff or Russell back. That would ROCK!!! She can shared the money w/ the winner! It’s sad that we have to come up with ideas to make this game interesting……and they had all summer long!

    1. it is sad !!! we did come up wih better way for Pandora’s box to play out.
      It was weak how it played out no matter who got it .

      1. I wish they would have Pandora’s box again but this time no one open it and then everything switch back 3 weeks. Pandora’s Box was the work of a lazy production staff. Get some new people in creative development. THEY SUCK!

  25. I think I figured it out…..(I didn’t read all of the comments word-for-word so I apologize if this has already been mentioned). I don’t think #3 will get a vote in the jury house. If they send HG #3 to the jury house there is a potential of a tied vote. So, #3 just won’t get a vote at all. Hopefully it will be Kev & Jordon in the final 2 and Nasty won’t get anything!!

    1. I just came from the CBS BB website to cast my vote for my fav (Michelle), but the voting already ended. The site mentioned that Sunday there’ll be another voting question.

      1. Doesn’t seem that difficult to me to figure in America’s vote. There would be a vote page with 3 options. If Kevin & Nasty – vote for one. If Kevin & Jordough – vote for one. If Nasty & Jordough – vote for one.

  26. I would love to see another all star cast: Dan, Evel Dick, Jeff, Michele, James and adam and so on that would be wicked. That would be the best cast ever.

    1. The release really contradicts itself. Maybe they let AG write it with no proofreading – LOL!! Talk about confusing – but whatever might get people to tune in. I know I haven’t watched it much – still have the last 2 episodes to watch & we’ve hardly stayed up (East Coat) to watch BBAD. I just check in with our good friends once in awhile.

      I just hope Natalie somehow loses it all, but at least I don’t think she’ll win $500K as her age lie pissed off a bunch of people, not to mention when her lies come out in the jury house. There will be time for the LML to come out….

      1. I really don’t think her age lie is going to be a breaker in a bad way for Natalie. If you noticed when Russell came in the door and man hugged Jessie and Lydia he actually said he would vote for Jeff if he wins because it was a good play. So who knows…they could all change their minds and think it was a good play. Everyone believed it! (except Jessie because she told him).

  27. I really hope that Jordan wins this becuase if that nasty, Lier, Thief, short, good for nothing girl wins then BB will have lost 90% of people that watch the show… I don’t think they would want that, and in regards to her “nominations” ceramony WTH!!!!!!!!!!!! What does she want to be like Jessie??..when he nominated Casey….What a loser! and the fact that her boyfriend proposed..didn’t her dad say that they watch the live feeds everyday! DUDE where were you when she was all up on Jessie… I can hardly imagine she was thinking of her boyfriend when Jessie would climb into bed with her!!!! SHE IS A SHAMLESS, HEARTLESS, PIECE OF NOTHING AND SHOULDN’T EVEN WIN A PENNY….

    All I know is that I hope Jordan pulls through and wins the other half of the HOH!!! At least it would be worth watching……

    NAT.. Hope you get got got…….

    1. Picture it if you will. Nat wins BB and takes home 500K to her fiance. They have a nice big wedding and after a year he figures out how big a tool she really is and divorces her taking 250K with him. Ah in a perfect world…..

      1. considering she’s only going to get half of that anyway with taxes, so she’ll be left with nothing, which is what she deserves…the wedding at chucky cheese shouldn’t cost that much!!

    2. I stopped watching the show the day Natalie won HOH during such a ridiculously stupid competition. Why didn’t BB just hand her the HOH instead of playing a guessing game. How fair is that? At any rate, as you can see, I am pretty bummed out about how everything went and now no longer watch at all. What a horrible season!! Thanks BB for wasting so much of my summer. But not another minute! :-)

  28. someone help me with this…when did someone “swearing” to something become the be all end all agreement binding statement? If it came down to it I would swear on everything holy for a chance at the big prize and then in good time ask the good lord above for forgiveness and then reap the rewards! KEVIN HAS TO TAKE JORDAN!!! This is a no brainer for me and it should be for him as well! Believing that Kevin wins the power he has no other option but to take Jordan over Natalie. He will not beat Natalie and he has to know that! There is just one scenerio that would save this season and that is to have Natalie ousted in the number three position. I would pay anything to see that happen! from a former Jeff supporter…GO KEVIN!!!

    1. I think both Nat and Kevin are in the same boat. Whichever one wins would have to take Jordan along. N. and Kevin both have possible votes and possible enemies in the jury group. The risk is too high. By taking Jordan, that person would win the 500k and Jordan would get the 50k. Sucks to be the loser. I can see Natalie reasoning that out, but unfortunately Kevin has been so predictable and needs N. to tell him what to do. I would rather see him win, but I fear he will screw himself out of any money.

    2. kevin should take his only ally..right!!!!! so both win the money theY work real hard @ it..what did jordumb do?????? be quiet…if it takes lying and scheming to get it..y shouldnt kev not take his lying ally…ALL FAIR

    3. Jeff’s biggest mistake – hookin up with jordough instead of Laura, at least she would of put out and she was smart enough to win comps. I think he just couldn’t get past her Mr. Ed sized teeth.

    1. i dont dislike nat…but jordumb didnt lie or scheme @ all…nat should make it final 2 w/kev. and im worried about what kev is thinking…y would he not take his ally, she lied with him

  29. I sooo hope Natalie will win so all of you whining viewers can be mad about it.
    I don’t want Jordumb to win at all – girl has no clue about the game whatsoever. I think her in the final will bring her TWO votes – that of Jeff and America (dough).

    1. Your exactly right!! That is why I am saying that the real fight is between Kevin and Natalie to see who will take Jordan to the final two. When it comes time to vote the jury members will vote for the person who played the game the most and the best. Jordan hasn’t done ANYTHING ALL GAME!!! she runs her mouth spitting out all that she knows and then believes EVERYTHING she is told by anyone!! I used to like her, thinking she was cute and all, but here recently I have grown very annoyed with her as did Jeff towards the end. KEVIN vs.JORDAN final two!! PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!

      1. man, i’d love for nat to feel what it feels like to be back stabbed and for kev to take jordan to final 2. that way, nat doesn’t even get 50k…and she certainly won’t get the 25k. the problem is, kev is a wus and is afraid of nat. nat already threatened him that he knows how vengeful she is and if she’s in the house she will do every thing she can to rally votes against him. the COOL THING is by cbs informing they’re going to have that 3rd person go to the jury house at the last minute, kev would know nat wouldn’t be able to do that much damage against him in there.

    2. I guess there are people like gnat!!! WOW!!! only idiots see her reasons!!! nothing directly to you of course……. Obviously you’re watching the GNAT Show and not the BB 11 Show…. Way to go!!! Tune in next time when you see your buddy smell up the house with her lies and promises!!!

  30. is this show still on? crap. wake me when someone, anyone wins. i just want to see how everyone feels about one another when all is said and done. call me nosey.

  31. Kevin will win because alot is said and disscused in the jury house. Jordan cant find her way out of a box and Nat will think she has all the votes but to her surprise everyone will vote for the best player and she ,like Jordan rode the tails of their ” BB BOYTOYS”.Kevin actually worked his ass off trying to win HOH and POVs while Nat did nothing. she kept saying she can win but she let everyone get blood on their hands while she sat back and enjoyed the ride.

  32. NAT.A.LIE – found another site

    Scientists are very interested in Big Brother 11 houseguest Natalie. It turns out she is an experiment by an obscure and somewhat stoned subset of Arizona State’s bioresearch team to discover the lengths to which someone will go to avoid telling the truth. Evidently they told her that if she ever told the truth in the house without absolute necessity, she would have some horrible ending to her fragrant young life. Possibly forced bathing was threatened.

    How else do we explain the evidence that she makes things up for no reason? It isn’t enough to be the most proficient prevaricator this season, she also needs to invent things which have no relevance in the game or effect on gameplay. Apparently the lyin’ side of life includes lying to herself as well, since she thought it would be a good idea to don an oversize bathrobe, plastic crown, and weild a pool-cue bridge as a wand as she paraded around the house on nomination night. As a costume it was passable, but her insistence that she WAS in fact the Queen of the house (Kevin BEGS to disagree) leaves us wondering if maybe there was a little something special in the champagne that caused her to don the regal garb before waddling around the house that evening.

    Speaking of waddling, does anyone else get the impression that her lower body is magically possessed by a pair of directionally challenged ducks? That’s the only way I can explain how her gait makes me feel as I see the left leg jerk away into the kitchen while the right leg heads for the bathroom. I can almost hear the Daffy Duck voice saying

    “Thith way, thmelly girl!” “No, THITH way!”

    But I digress, gait analysis isn’t the point here. Science is our goal, fellow knowledge seekers! So, how can we determine what motivates our young rose to lie so much? Well, we called our crack research team for answers. (Our crack research team doesn’t actually research crack anymore, but Delores still indulges) They helped us out by bribing a former classmate at ASU to spill the beans on Nat’s problem with the truth.

    According to sources close to the Gnat(but not close enough to smell her, so like 800feet), she was approached by the ASU bioresearch department and offered a free exorcism of her inner duck if she would participate in a study to determine the limits of human lying abilities. A test subject would have to NEVER let an opportunity to lie pass by, even in the most innocuous of circumstances. Our girl readily agreed, seeing that it fit perfectly into her course of study (ASU’s 6 year undergraduate degree for the lazy). She was released into the wild with tracking tags implanted in her eyebrows on June 1st, 2009. Since that time her interactions have been monitored not only by Big Brother watchers everywhere, but also six guys in lab coats in an ASU dorm via webcam. We didn’t ask for their researcher credentials, we just assume that folks in lab coats mean well.

    So how is the experiment going? We asked the lead lab coat guy, who calls himself Doctor Boner, what they have learned. We include his answer unedited.

    “Dude, she’s like kinda hot! But nasty, man, like she don’t shower, you know? Like, I seen her in the shower like TWICE and that was why we wanted the cameras everywhere, man! I’m like bummed we ain’t seen no skin, know what I mean? Hey bro, you gonna eat them Cheetos?”

    We don’t get it, but everyone knows that Science is Good, so we wish the advance of science well.

    1. You are hilarious! Thank you, reading your post has been the highlight of my day and made me laugh out loud on a pretty crappy day. (Husband dosen’t think he wants to be married anymore. Bummer…) Anyway, your sense of humor is like mine! I appreciated the entertainment!

      1. sorry you had such a yucky day Pamela. hope things get better for you! Yeah this post made me laugh as well. It’s really why I’m loyal to Simon & Dawg – I love the comments, especially when life gets to serious & I need a laugh!

    1. I am 100% on team Jeff! He is the MAN. Jordan is such a lucky girl. I hope people realize what a good player he is/was, and vote for him for the $25,000. He should have won…but since he didn’t, I hope that Jordan wins and shares some of the money with Jeff. I really don’t want to see Natalie and Kevin win. They are terrible people.

      1. I feel for the men in your life if Jeff’s the men. Yes, he is a man, but definitely not THE MEN. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve… The fact is he didn’t even make it to the final four. Brain trumps looks all the time. He gives a good lip service but that’s about it.

  33. Well went on bb11 gossip. and this is what they are talking about. The producers made Natalie face forward. But Kevin spent the majority of the time during competition standing sideways. Natalie at times has also been holding the rope instead of the key. So if this is true did Kevin cheat again. Go to bb11gossip and read it for yourself. The only thing I heard on bbad Jordan did ask if she could turn around and they said no, that she must face forward. As for Natalie I would have to re-look at my tevo to see if that is true on Natalie. I did see Kevin not facing forward but production never told him to turn around,
    I really beginning to believe that the game is rigged,and i wish i could prove it.(but cannot).
    The only reason Kevin voted Michelle out is because he could not beat her.

    1. BB IS RIGGED.

      Diary room tried to help keep Jeff.

      Diary Room tried to keep Jeffdan from backdooring Russell.

      BB handed Jeff the mystery power because he couldn’t win anything.

      If you don’t believe me, go back in the feeds and see where Jeff and Jordan mentioned production telling them NOT to backdoor Russell!

      1. Also, last night when it was just Kevin and Natalie on the log, Natalie told Kevin he had to watch out. That THEY (production) were going to try to get into his head about her. (she is afraid THEY will try to talk him out of keeping her) He said he knew that. That THEY had tried to with Michelle. (Production was trying to get him to keep Michelle not Jordon.) (THEY went to commerical) Watch it again. THEY helps both sides. THEY want a show, not a winner. My opinion.

    2. SOMEONE PLEASE tell us ASAP how we can contact CBS by Phone AND emails re the cheating that occurred in Part 1 of this 3 part HOH comp. There?s a screen shot of Natalie holding the rope instead of the key, which should have disqualified her. And they were all told to face straight ahead and Kevin kept facing left so he could see what the gears were doing. He was repeatedly told and should also have been disqualified. I?m not a fan of Nat or Kevin, but credit them for getting away w/ the LML. Jordon didn?t cheat so should be named the winner of HOH part 1 comp.CHEATING is a different matter and we should all speak up to CBS while they still have a chance to MAKE IT RIGHT. Thanks!!

    3. I watched the rest of it on BBAD and Kevin was staring at the side of the log the entire time. I think during a commercial the game might have paused? Because when it came back on I heard someone yell, “and the game’s back on.”. Jordon was actually doing ok …but how in the heck do you start to fall asleep with all of that cold water on you? That’s what did her in. Natalie was ready to drop and there was one point where Kevin almost bought it.

    4. No the reason Kevin voted Mich out is no one could trust her. She lied and backstabbed almost everyone she was involved in. He couldn’t get a read on her. In nat he knows the girl will lie through her teeth Jordan can’t win anything and seems to not paid any attenion to the game or what went on. She just went along for the ride on Jeffy babys coattails by her own admission. Kevin just could understand were Mich was coming from and it seems most people don’t even in real life based on things she herself has said. Kevin has worked for this game and played it. He has tried to keep in the game and has done a good job there isn’t one of the HG’s who hasn’t lied through thier teeth to get their A** out of hot water. So I am still hoping Kevin takes the game. Praying he doesn’t let nat fake him out.

  34. I hope they bring back Braden he was the only one who played this game…with strategy, cunning and sheer will to dominate in the competitions he was a force to be reckoned with, I just hope to see home walk thru that door and lay a sloppy kiss on Kevin ear and usher in a new era of peace on planet earth

  35. Steven Daigle’s BB10 take on the Gnat Attack!!!!

    You can?t argue the fact that we have had a very interesting week of Big Brother, but the BB fans may be arguing over whether they like the outcome. We go back to Thursday and the beautiful and bursting out pregnant Julie Chen shows us some very interesting campaigning by Jeff to keep himself in the game. He even offers up a guarantee that next week HOH will be given to Gnat (Gnat has become the enduring nickname for Natalie by all of her NON-fans due to her striking resemblance to a tiny annoying bug that just won?t go away.) In the end his hard campaigning does not pay off and in a tie breaking vote by HOH Kevin he is evicted from the house.

    Jeff was a trooper and fought his way right up to the end, even in his last speech to the houseguests he basically begged Gnat for her vote and worked the angle that bringing Kevin to the final two was not a good idea. I have to say that Kevin didn?t take it so well and when he stood up to cast his tie-breaking vote he was visibly shaken and happily told Jeff that he was out despite the “desperate” attempt. Kevin, sweetie, don?t get your feelings hurt; sometimes in this game you are gonna get people who wanna win and will say and do anything to get there, and – oh wait, you already did that. As Jeff stood to leave the house, I was totally drooling with eyes fixated on the screen, kinda like the first time I saw Russell drop his towel and reveal his stunning manhood on the live feeds, wait, where was I, oh ya, Jeff getting up to leave watching for the kiss and it was a peck on the cheek. WHAT?? SERIOUSLY?? Jeff, you had six million people on the edge of their seats waiting to see you seal the deal with Jordan on the sweetheart romance of the summer and you peck her on the cheek. Oh, what a disappointment!

    Needless to say last Thursday night?s episode was not so fun to watch, we saw clips from the Jury house where Lydia was falling all over Jessie, Jessie was falling all over himself, Jeff was evicted from the house, Jeff didn?t Kiss Jordan and the cherry on top of this crap-flavored episode is that Natalie won HOH and thus began the Gnat attack. Wait, I forgot to tell you the worst part: after winning HOH, which was basically a total crap shoot Fact or Fiction competition, Gnat ran around the back yard screaming that it was vengeance for Chima. Oh Geez. So let?s try and break this down right quick: she is getting vengeance for Chima who got herself kicked out of the house and left Gnat with one less ally even though Gnat begged her to cooperate with the producers because Gnat needed her in the game but she was so incredibly selfish that she ignored you? Gnat, you are dumb. I wish I had something more clever to say about you but I think just watching you has made me more ignorant.

    Moving on, the house has now become oh-so-boring and mundane. Jordan is crying, Michelle is wining, Natalie is lying. It is about as entertaining as being at a funeral. Gnat becomes so power-obsessed, villainous and over-confident that I would dare to say she is reminiscent of a miniature boyish looking Leona Helmsley; memba her from the eighties when she was coined as the ?Queen of Mean?? Gnat starts out by telling Jordan and Michelle that she is no longer in an alliance with Kevin and she will be putting him up for nominations and those two bought it faster then Paula Abdul at a Vicoden Everything Must Go Sale. I seriously had to pause my TV, leave the room and finish my 5th beer before I could continue watching them dumbly fall for more of her lies. Gnat surprisingly does keep her word and puts up Kevin and Michelle in what has got to be one of the most disgusting Nomination Ceremonies ever when Natalie wears her HOH robe, a Crown on her head, Dark Sunglasses and carries a scepter. Congratulations, Natalie, you have just brought Big Brother down into the lowest bowels of crap TV along side with shows such as The Wendy Williams Show or Sunset Tan.

    The same drab atmosphere continues until we get to see Gnat enter the HOH room and there is a new clue for Pandora?s Box. She is offered a short visit with her boyfriend in exchange for giving up her opportunity to play in the Veto Competition. Keep in mind that Kevin is her ally and by removing herself from the Veto competition she has just increased Michelle and Jordan?s chances of winning, but I guess if she is avenging Chima then she looks up to selfish and petty behavior. Things do get a little interesting when she unleashes some annoying characters into the house to make everyone else as uncomfortable as possible so she can get an extra 15 minutes with her boyfriend – now her Fianc?.

    Oh, right, I forgot, when Gnat entered the Pandora Box Room her boyfriend greeted her in a sweet tearful, bended knee proposal for marriage and she accepted with so little emotion one would think she had overdosed on Prozac or was just so over botoxed she couldn?t develop an expression on her face. Either way, the result of her proposal acceptance was probably the highlight of the week. Get this: she tries to lie to the other HGs about what had happened in the HOH room while they were being harassed, and her reply is nothing short of hysterical as she could not keep her story straight and was Sweatin like Whitney Houston going through customs as they gave her the third degree. Although it a sweet gesture on her BFs part I think in the end Natalie showed disloyalty to her ally and put doubt in his head about her intentions to take him to the final two. This could be trouble for her.

    Power of Veto comes and doing exactly what he needed to do Kevin pushes himself to get the job done and he wins it. Michelle tries really hard and Jordan once again shows us that she just does not have what it takes (I really do like Jordan, but come on maybe “Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader” might have been a better game for her.) Of course, this means that Kevin takes himself off the block, no help from Gnat, and gets to cast the only vote to decide who leaves. He makes a very difficult, but makes a strategic move and evicts Michelle from the house. As expected, Michelle makes a very graceful and respectful exit and once again I must pause the TV – I now need to open my 10th beer because I have just realized that it is very probably Gnat is going to be in the final 2, I can?t tell you what it is about this girl/boy that I don?t like, but she just gets under my skin and I wanna throw things at the TV when she speaks. Preferably sharp things.

    As we leave the houseguests they have begun competition #1 for the final two spot; it is an endurance competition where they must hold on to a key above their heads as a log spins underneath them and they are pummeled by rain, wind and leaves. They are miserable and rightly so for making us endure the last two boring episodes of BB for which they are directly responsible. I have a prediction that Jordan will not have the staying power to last very long, but it would please me to no end to be wrong about that so just maybe Gnat won?t make the final two. We will have to check it out on Thursday to see who will be competing in the Comp and ultimately will end up in the finals where the Jurors will decide the fate of that $500,000. I will be watching with high anticipation on Thursday to see who moves along, but there?s one thing of which I am sure (other then the fact that Jessie loves himself more then anything in the world): this year?s winner won?t be a straight man, something we couldn?t say this time last season. Is that a victory? Hmm.

  36. Nat my sweetheart!?

    Why oh why did you jump? :(

    That move was as bad as America giving Jeff Cdt. It was worst than Jeff keeping you instead of Lydiot. It was about as bad as Jeff believing you over Russell. It was as poor a move as Jeff clinging to Jordumb. I just realized?Jeff sucked!

    Back to you Nat…Why? Stay on the dam log till death do you part. Stay up on that got dam log till Jordumb provides you and Kevin with some entertainment, by eating, drinking, shaving her legs and playing with her fake boobs in front of ya?ll. Heck, just stay up there till Jordumb says ?Guys, I hate to see ya?ll fight like that, I quit!?

  37. Should’ve called this BB Minority,this season was a joke,3 floaters who none deserve to win,none of them did shit,till there was nobody left to challenge.they probally floated through life also.Biggest scam in tv history! fag wants to spend the money and get married to his lover,great morals america! Nasty will probally buy a 1/4 of the Twizzler company and get a sex change,Jordan will get bigger tits,lose wieght and buy a lifes supply of cookie dough and make cookie dough BJ porn.Please BB if this is the best you can do,quit while you still have a few fans left.oh BTW what happened to PB affecting the jury house? what a F’N joke!

  38. Perhaps Ellie Mae Clampett will have the opportunity to eat her way out of a dough filled cement pond?That is the only chance she?d stand against the evil bull-dog (nostrils flared) and mighty mouse.

  39. Jordo for the Win!

    Kevin gets 2nd

    PP goes home with NOTHING!

    I am so surprised that none of the HG’s figured out that PP was NOT 18. an 18 Year old can’t drink on National TV.

  40. This might have all ready been answered, but if someone could answer this for me that would be AWESOME !!!

    How did Kevin cheat in the POV? I don’t see how he could have…..did I miss something??

    Thanks again…..

  41. Way to hang on pigpen the tae kwon do champ…lol,24 years old and a tkd champ and couldnt out last a 85lb sissyboy.i trained in tkd for a couple years when i was 24 i was no champion but i can tell you that i was in such good shape from my training that i could have held on to that key and kept my balance for hours when was she a tkd champ when she was 12…lol..if that loser wins bb11 i will boycott.she sailed throught the game on the coattails of jessie and then kevin she won a HOH by luck.i bet he iq is lower then kevin body weight.her diary room session are painfull her voice irrates me like nails on a chalk board.i was hoping all season that one of the other house guests would give gnat a spin hook kick to the head.

  42. I think Kevin is set up pretty nicely to win it all. He is clearly the best at competitions between him Jordan and Nat, so he’s likely to win the HOH. If he does he has all the reason in the world to kick Nat out which would be brilliant (he’s said he wants to lots of times in the DR, right?). Since he made so many bold moves vs. Jordan who…did nothing, he will probably get many jury votes out of respect.

    I think he would win against Nat too because the jury already doesn’t trust her (but don’t tell him that ;)

  43. In the end, Kevin will win but hand over his $500,000 to Natalie as a wedding gift, because she bullied him into giving it to her like she does everything else. She bullied him into being her friend to the end.

  44. I honestly PRAYED for Jordan to win the HoH tomorrow. I would love to see her win the 2nd and 3rd part. Don’t underestimate her, she is smart and beautiful. I hope she ends up with Kevin in the Finals. Or Natalie. I just hope that she is in the Final 2.
    For some reason I have always loved the type of girl who is underestimated by many and then proves herself. I think Jordan will! I would love to see everyone’s faces on Finale night when Jordan is in the finals with Kevin.
    And when everyone knows about Natalie’s age(they all do because of the jury house) but anyways.


    1. underestimate, did you watch yesterday, did you see the look she had during the pov comp, did you hear the music they played for her as a ridicule, she looked like a deer in the head lights without a clue.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more! Jordan may not be “book smart” but she is most definitely “observant” (in an uncanny, intuitive way). I would literally do cartwheels to see her win the next 2 parts of the challenge (I too prayed last night that she would hold on longer than Nat & Kev). She is a beautiful person inside & out. BB11 was definitely the “Year of the Villain,” but it would be a refreshing change to see “the girl next door” take it ALL! GO JORDAN!!!!

    3. NO ALCOHOL TO MiNORS….they all should have known Nat is not 18 yrs old. BB wouid not allow alcohol to be served in the house if one of them was minor.

      1. I agree they should have caught on about the alcohol, but BB is letting a lot slide this year. The stealing and hiding belongings has been outrageous.

  45. But yet you still are up to date with things on the show. If it sucks so bad, why watch? Why torture yourself like that? Frankly, I love BB. Sure, some of the PLAYERS I don’t care for, but really, the ones that most posters on this blog don’t like, are the one that PLAYED the GAME, how it is supposed to be PLAYED. I don’t think the points is let people walk all over you, leave with nothing, but be liked really well.

  46. I hope Natalie wins. Natalie played the game better then anyone else, she knows more about big brother present and past and she held true to her plans with Kevin, even to the point of throwing the competition to him last night. I favorite HG is Kevin, he is so nice and caring and he is adorable. So, I hope he is 2nd.

    1. Like what show have you been watching? Natalie is the LEAST deserving to win this. She has done nothing and needs to thank Kevin for getting this far. Also, she lost to Kevin in the first round of the final HOH competition, not give it away. Kevin was hands down the winner outlasting the two who could barely stay on in the fourth hour. Look at the feeds!

    2. Natalie is a moron! she spent her time making up lies, stabbing everyone in the back, picking her nose, picking cooties out of that rats nest and eating like a f*cking cow! She has no compassion for other people. And if that really was her boyfriend that proposed then he must be as dumb as a stump! She is an ulgy person inside and out! GO CRAWL IN A HOLE NATALIE! THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Natalie didn’t even start playing the game till after her last safety net left; Big Bad Chima! Boo-Hoo!! And she couldn’t have pulled off any of the plays that she’s been involved in with Kevin if it weren’t for KEVIN! He’s a great actor! She had to wear SUNGLASSES and a stupid robe and blow-up crown to make it through her so-called nomination ceremony to put up Kevin cuz she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face!! And how about her lie about pandora’s box and then backing out of that! OMG that should have been a clue to everyone left that she’s just a playing them all! I hope to goodness Jordan can pull it out and beat her in round 2! Would luv to see Kevin take Jordan to the final 2 but I’m sure he’ll be STUPID and take Natalie!! Geez

    4. One main thing I think that is wrong with Nasty’s game play is that she is passing judgement on others game play. She dissed Michele for playing the way she has yet Nat has done much worse.
      — I do hope Kevin wises up because I do have a feeling he will win HOH. I really hope he does not take Nat with him to the final two.
      — The ideal way to have this play out would be Jordan (yes Jordan) win HOH take Kevin. LOL think how Nat would feel to be cut buy Jordan. Then Kevin and Jordan in the final two Jordan winning. Michele win America’s favorite.
      That would be the best stab in the back for Nat that could happen. hehe

    5. Don’t be fooled by Natalie. She didn’t throw the competition last night. She knew she was toast and her scheming little brain decided that she could get some mileage out of dropping and making it look like she was giving the win to Kevin.

  47. My question is what is going to happen to America’s vote for the winner? Is America still going to get to vote since Chima was fired and they are one vote short in the JH or will it be taken away?

  48. I wish Jordan would use her brain for this one time….. She may have the Votes in the Jury house even though she didn’t do crap all game…

  49. Dear Simon…..PLEASE tell us ASAP how we can contact CBS by Phone AND emails re the cheating that occurred in Part 1 of this 3 part HOH comp. There’s a screen shot of Natalie holding the rope instead of the key, which should have disqualified her. And they were all told to face straight ahead and Kevin kept facing left so he could see what the gears were doing. He was repeatedly told and should also have been disqualified. I’m not a fan of Nat or Kevin, but credit them for getting away w/ the LML. Jordon didn’t cheat so should be named the winner of HOH part 1 comp.CHEATING is a different matter and we should all speak up to CBS while they still have a chance to MAKE IT RIGHT. Thanks!!

    1. see the gears? what do you think a machine does? wind up and then go a minute later, if the gears were spinning the log was spinning. as for rope vs key, christ you all are nit picking things now.

        1. again wat was the RULE of the game? 1 hand on the key at all times? if you grab a rope just over the key you are still touching the key are you not?

          1. If there was electricity going to the rope above the key and not to the key what is the difference there? A shock… Would you have touched the rope then? I think not. Why? It’s simple you wouldn’t want to get shocked. They said touch the key not touch the rope, not touch the knot but TOUCH THE KEY.
            However lets think of this, if they were to disqualify Kevin, then Jordan fell leaving nasty to have won the first part of HOH. hmmmmmmmmmm

            1. Was it “Rules” or “Instructions” ? They were told to keep forward and have atleast one hand on the key at all times. No exact position required on the log when not in movement. No exact position of the hand on the key. So above the key, still touching the key with the heel of your fist is touching. The sad fact is that poor Jordon fell asleep and when the log started again, she fell off. She could only win that comp if they gave it to her. That is the sad part. Unfortunately, cheating or no cheating, poor Jordon was not the winner.

      1. A rule is a rule, solid and steadfast. If you break it during a competition for your advantage over the other players who are abiding by the rules, then you are CHEATING. All you idiots who tolderate this stuff and blow it off as nothing are what is wrong with America right now. Too much tolerance for deviates and not enough going by the fair rules of play in life. I guess to you, there isn’t that much difference between the sidewalk and the street for driving, huh? Or littering and “missing” the trash can. Do you cheat on your taxes too? Well…in Kevin and Natalie land that is just a little slip of the ink pen…it will give you an advantage over someone who files their taxes correctly according to the law, so what could it hurt, right? Anything is fair to get some money, right? Just ask Bernie Madhoff. Natalie is no different ,just operating on a smaller scale. Cheating is cheating and it is wrong. And if no other cars are at the intersection, does the Stop sign really mean to actually stop??? I am appalled and sick of people saying to “get over” Natalie cheating. Good people, who value the laws and rules in life have a difficult time “getting over” it when people cheat. Cheating hurts everyone either directly or indirectly. People who condone it are probably cheaters themselves. Neither Kevin or Natalie deserve to still be in the house due to not following the rules and extremely poor sportsmanship.

        1. i agree–they CHEATED by not following rules and to the rude person making comments above, not understanding how holding the rope is cheating—just stop talking and THINK–much easier to hold a small rope then to hold a flat piece of key—just takes a bit of brain power there===Jordon was disadvantaged by always being “shocked” when the gear started–vision is one of the senses that helps you out in life—nat and kev got to sue one extra sense making it no fair to jordon—-do you get it now and how it was CHEATING–and thus why it was a CBS rule in the first place to face forward and hold the key—-man–some people just like to shoot off their mouths—good to you guys who are standing for fair play!!–wish CBS would read this to take action
          have a nice night everyone…

      2. Does it really matter when the gears spin or if she held the rope vs. key?
        YES… If the rules say to face forward, and he was warned, …
        And did they say to hold the key, or did the ysay to hold the key or rope?
        They are called RULES for a reason…..

        1. I noticed that Kevin was not facing forward for most of the competition. If they corrected him about facing the front more than once, he was doing it on purpose and apparently got away with it so why stop. BB has to do a better job of handing out consequences to a HG that doesn’t heed a warning. For example: talking about DR sessions, stealing, hiding things. Follow the rules or get out. If you want to give them ONE warning ok, but if they do it again, they have to suffer the consequence. Maybe the consequence could be elimination or maybe it could be that they couldn’t play for POV or HOH for the week. There has to be consequences for actions. That is part of what is wrong with our society today. OK – I’m off my soap box.

    2. Nat didnt win so whats the difference if she did try and cheat(which is only seen through the Jef and Jordan rose colored glasses). Her and Jordan both lost part one and will face off in part two. Wheres all this Kevins cheating come from, let me guess, its cause he got Jeff out the door. Kevin is playing the game a bit on the devious side but thats not unfair or any different then anyone else would do at this stage of the game. Cant wait for the outcry after part two, its getting fun to see what the J and J will come up with next.

      1. For your information, i am not favoring any one particular houseguest to win. I am impartial. BUT, I call a spade a spade when I see one, and Kevin and Natalie cheated in a contest where the only other player was playing by the rules. You can’t have gotten much farther than kindergarten in life if you think it is fair in a three way competition for two of the contestants to cheat, and one of those cheating contestants to win. And since you obviously did NOT get much past kindergarten I will explain to you why it gave Kevin an unfair advantage to see which direction the gear turned–he then knew which way the log was gong to roll so he could step or lean accordingly. It would have cut his reaction time down by a fraction and caused him to use less energy to maintain his balance thereby prolonging his endurance in the contest, not to mention the fact that it helped him not to fall and become syncronized with the log and more focused. As far as fat-butt Nasty holding the key instead of the rope, they were wet, human fingers shrivel up when they are wet and then have less traction or grip on the slick surface of the key. Holding the rope would give you a definite advantage over the player who was holding the key. And that, Charlie Brown, is why good, rule abiding viewers are upset about it. That and the fact that we hate the nasty skank.

        1. Hey, yeah I made it all the way through school but I guess I didnt take Gears and logs in my school, must be one of those newer coarses they offer today. You are grasping at something that isnt there (cheating on Kevins part), seems its always a production issue. If the gear was there to be seen by turning your head, production should have put a shield over it. I think your last sentence said it all, you cant stand to see NAT, not nasty, win. You better get ready cause your worst nightmare about who will win is almost a reality.

    3. Also, Kevin ADMITTED to cheating in the final POV competition. If he wins I’ll be disgusted. I do like Kevin, I think he’s funny, but its not fair or fun to cheat.

    1. I know the houseguests mentioned America would be the final vote, but I don’t recall it being announced officially that America gets the last vote.

  50. Whats with the icons?
    Laura = Horse
    Jeff = Stud
    Russ = Shotgun
    Jessie = Chuck Norris as he thinks he is the man the myth the legend
    Lydia = Straightjacket
    Braden = Surboard

  51. I also seen on that Natalie was holding onto the rope and not the key. I have seen many other competitions in both BB and Survivor that if they let go on the key (or whatever) they are done. Natalie CLEARLY was holding onto the rope and not the key. If she had been out, then Kevin might have made a deal with Jordan and Jordan could have won. I think BB should disqualify Natalie from playing in the next round (or do something?)

        1. i know….I can’t stop laughing …wow..thanks that made my day…..

          Btw Cbs has more importtant things to do then hear from BB obsessed rejects…

          mOVE ON….DAYUM..IT’S A GAME….i bet next you’ll all be saying….

          nat went to the bathroom more then jordan..and so jordan was carrying more poo…so that caused her to fall…LOLOL…MOVE ON …

          1. You know, that’s an excellent point! That competition would have only been fair if all three had had enemas performed on them. Then, of course, there’s the problem of water retension. Women tend to retain more water, so Kevin would have tobe forced to drink a lot before the competition. Natalie recently had her period. Then again, Jordan’s carrying more wieght than Natalie to begin with, so Natlie should have to wear a vest with weights. It’s also unfair, however, for Natalie to have an advantage in the last competition because she walks like a duck. Oh, brother. This is getting complicated. Why don’t they just let everyone win?

          2. LOL – kettle – black – if you are wasting your time responding to posts that you do not agree with (and mocking them) than I think you all should get a life! I do not think it is nit-picking at ALL when you can CLEARLY she that Natalie LET GO OF THE KEY. Neither hand was on the key. The game is to hold on to the key. How hard is that to figure out that Natalie was not holding onto the key and she was not caught. I am not accusing her of cheating – she might not have relized that she was not holding onto the key anymore. I have seen that happen in many cometitions like this. Usually at least one person gets knocked out by mistakenly letting go of the key or button or whatever….obviously BB didn’t see it during the competition so I do not know if they can do anything about it now…

            1. What, you got some kind of problem with black kettles?! Big Brother! Have her evicted!

              P.S. Just trying to have fun. One must find something to do while listening to Kevin and Jordan have “conversation A,” then Kevin having “conversation A” with Natalie after Jordan leaves, then Natalie and Jordan have “conversation A” while Kevin’s gone, before Jordan moves on to “conversation B” with Kevin, and the whole thing repeats ad infinitum. Other than solving world peace, I mean.

      1. I filed a conplaint. The point is that as a veiwing audience we want to be heard. The last I heard fixing a game show is illegal. Ignoring infractions of the rules for certain players gives them an unfair advantage. This is the same as game fixing.

  52. If they were to do another all-star season, i think the people they should consider are (Only including seasons 8 to now) as follows: BB8 – Evil Dick (winner) Danielle (runner-up) the only duo to make it to end liked E.D. but daughter not so much she used troubled relationship with her father to her advantage Jen Nick (heard Nick was messing around with Danielle after the show it didn’t work out so he moved on to Jen those 4 in the BB house would be interesting) Eric (america’s player) and Jessica. BB9 – Crazy James and Adam (winner) BB10 Dan Brian Renny Gerry Jessie (I know nobody likes Jessie and Gerry but you need villains in the house) and Angie (she was hot). BB11 – Jeff (for the women i personally am not a fan since the Russell backdoor move) Michelle Ronnie and Russell (yeah i know about ronnie but same reason as Gerry and Jessie). Would love to have included seasons prior to last all-star but that’s way too many people to consider

      1. Sorry, I have to disagree, Jordan is the hottest HG of all seasons so far. Other than the fake boobs she has the most natural beauty, and the boobs only enhance her looks without looking too fake.

    1. Scrap Jessie, he has had two tries already. Don’t bring him back again. Scrap Ronnie–America hates Ronnie. I would like to see Ryan back again. Liked him. Bring back the black girl who was married to a white man…can’t remember her name. She would cause the drama that is needed.

    2. we were talking last night.. we think it would be cool to bring back the notorious 2 people alliances…. evel dick/danielle, boogie/will (even tho theyve already had their second chance), jeff/jordon… and let them duke it out.

  53. LET the MELTDOWNS begin….Watch & see if CBS flips the script on NASTY and keeps the HG until the finale. She is going to lose it. Up until now she has used that she’ll campaign against Kevin to keep him on her side…ahaha maybe NASTY will go! I hope the next competition has to do with eating bugs!!! GO JORDON! (Just think of them as tiny chocolate

  54. she`s so caveman like nat reminds me of ogra from the dark crystal I don`t want her to win because she can`t even admit she`s played dirty.

    1. I think she cannot admit she played the dirtiest game because that is how she lives her life. She isn’t doing anything out of character. The more she talks about her honest game and how trustworthy she is, I wonder why she doesn’t go up in flames. She is sickening, narcissistic and nasty!

    2. How, pray tell, did she ‘play dirty’?

      She has done exactly what the game show entails…

      Lie, cheat, backstab, connive, flim-flam, doublecross, etc…

      “Player of the Century” should go to Natalie Martinez if she happens to win.

      1. Player of the century??? SERIOUSLY?? At least Will and Dan could backup their lying, backstabbing, etc….Gnat can’t do sh*t except talk about how she has thrown all the competitions and how she can beat everyone in the house. Then DO IT BIZNATCH!!!!

  55. I bet you anything that Kevin will take Jordan to the end. All Nat’s friends are in the Jury House. Kevin will automatically get all her votes. Plus, he has the argument that he won more challenges and made more big moves in the game. The only people who would vote for Jordan to win are Jeff and Michelle.

    If he took Natalie then he couldn’t claim made the big moves cause he made most of them with Natalie. Plus the votes would be split.

    1. kool, i will go there to complain how they were on the wrong boat early on when they tried to help JJ not evict russ and they blew it anyways.

    2. I bet they are loving the complaints. Obviously they are making it so the two worst/nastiest players left will win and why? because they can!

    3. BBFan Ruth — are you related in any way to Jordan? It’s strange that you are so hot and bothered about it. When the rest of us get annoyed about the show, we piss and moan on this board, and that lances the boil for us. We don’t bother digging up BB production e-mail addresses, and trying to garner support from blog participants for some silly write-in.

  56. Natalie is not a bad person. She is a moron. She HONESTLY thinks that what she does makes her smarter or a better player than everyone else. She HONESTLY thinks that she has the moral highground. She is narcissistic in that she cannot see that what she does is in direct contradiction to what she says. If someone doesn’t realize that they are being a horrible example for a human being then they cannot be a bad person, but that just makes them completely idiotic and useless to the rest of society.

    1. No, she isn’t saying she is honest. She is saying due to Nat’s narcissism, she thinks she is completely in the right, righteous, honest and all the things she is saying. Remember, the criticisms we have of others, are a mirror into our own souls. So when she says Michelle is all those horrible things, they are really things she feels about herself on some level. So she was saying making a deal with herself is like making a deal with the devil. She could be a case study. It’s scary and sad there a lots of people like her out in the world, but luckily one light in the darkness is much stronger than all the darkness.

  57. Funny thing is CBS just reported that they’re having one of the best seasons by ratings for BB. From last season they have seen a 5% jump in Viewers. All the fans who are saying they’re boycotting obviously isn’t working.

      1. Yeah there all still threatening but there all still glued to the old tube on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. They talk about CBS doing the right thing, which is to give Jeff another chance to blow it again. Most of the J and J fans get totally pissed at anyone elses opinion, if its not the same as theres and a few have even come at me because im from Canada. I dont care but it makes me laugh how these “good normal people”(Jeff fans) can act as rude as Nat and justify it by there love for Jeff. Good day eh.

  58. Simon I know you’re very busy but if I have to keep looking at Pig Pen’s photo with the HOH still listed on it I’m going to throw up. She’s not HOH anymore and you’re just giving her further credit for something. Are you turning into a secret Pig Pen fan on us? lol

  59. cbs wont do anything about the cheets
    nat holding rope kevin looing to side
    they like us being mad at them i bet nothing is done
    they want them two to win final 2

  60. man I love this, last week it was “Kevin cheated in the POV” even though no one knew what the pov entailed or how, it turns out he couldnt have since they all had the same opertunity at the same time to build the stack.
    Now it is they cheated they turned side ways and had to be told to turn back, geash you think you might have turned and twisted a bit walking in that crap for 4+ hours. Also Nat grabbed the rope not the key, give it up, if she grabbed the rope over the key she is still touching the key, if it was simply hold the key why didnt jordan use her great intellect and untie the key and jump off the log with it in hand?

    1. You’re trying to talk sense to a bunch of stalker-type fangirls/boys who refuse to apply logic to anyone. Most of them are a bunch of emotionals who will never amount to anything and, therefore, dream of being (or being with) Jordan/Jeff. You will never make them see reason because they are not capable of rationality. But, good try.

  61. Natalie SUCKS….I stopped watching and just rely on these updates as soon as Nat lucked into the HOH thing. I thought I hated Chia pet….Nat is almost as bad. Kevin If he issmart would take Jordan , but hes not real bright either. He’lol probably end up taking Nat. She is so sure she will win , so she “let: Kevin win round 1. If Jordan wins round 2…..hmmmmm she may be in some trouble.

  62. i love it! on thurs show you sit the house guests down, show them a tv screen and say: kevin, you were told multiple times to face forward and you continuously did not follow the rules so you are dq’d. nat, as you can see in this picture the rules were hold on to your key at ALL times with one or both hands. in this picture your right hand is off the key, your left is holding the rope, therefore you took both hands off the key so you are dq’d. jordan, that makes you the winner of round one and will go on to round three. kevin and nat, its time for you to play against each other live now in round two!!! LOL how much fun would that be??!!

    1. It would be very fun. Mostly because it’s terribly unlikely. I would think that if any of them had clearly broken the rules, they’d just say, “You’re out,” during the competition instead of waiting utnil the end. That’s how it usually works, in professional sports (well, mostly…they’ve started those retroactive penalties now) and in Survivor. Even if Nataile cheated, the outcome would still be Kevin winning. I think the case for him cheating is very thin. But it would be very entertaining. I’lm all for that.

  63. Couple of days ago I read that Kevin cheating in the POV comp, but watching the show last night, don’t see how he could have. Can someone clarify?

    1. He could have cheated easily…….if beforehand he could see the phrases “Voted out by a vote of 3-2” “Was fifth HG evicted” “wore a banana suit” : etc….. he could have been thinking about the answers!!

    2. Isn’t it interesting how all those people are now complaining about Nat cheating (and still refusing to see that Jordan did, too). Yes, you are right. Now they have moved on to their next big “cause”: sending emails/feedback to CBS to stop the cheating. Haha. They don’t care if their fav cheats, but cry foul when someone they dislike does it. How predictable. That type of person always perpetrates double standards of some type, like viciously talk about how mean OTHER people are, all the while professing they NEVER talk about anyone in a mean way. Too bad they can’t put their protest energy into something that counts, like equal treatment for everyone in this country. But, hey, most of them would never support that, either (no capacity for self-examination). Poor things.

    1. NO ALCOHOL TO MiNORS?.they all should have known Nat is not 18 yrs old. BB wouid not allow alcohol to be served in the house if one of them was minor

  64. this is the worst bb ever i watch them all this one you r allowed to cheet and everyone see’s
    jordon has worked hard to b where she is and they will fix it 2 b against her

  65. I wrote to CBS also, the response I got was that the winner of the 1st portion of the HOH competition will be announced Thursday. So, I’d advised everyone to complain.

      1. The video clearly shows Natalie’s hand off the key and Kevin turned sideways when they already corrected Jordan for turning sideways and Natalie. That was within the first hour and a half….he continued to stay sideways and Natalie kept holding the rope. Jordan was the only one that followed the rules.

    1. Hi Ambre, the feminist i believe you informed me, Kevin won and Nat and Jordan both lost so whats the issue with the comp. I’ve been reading that some have a belief that Kevin cheated as well. Is it that hard to accept that your favs ,this year, cant win. Its not going to change anything with CBS by calling or emailing them because everyone is still watching and everyone will hungry for a new season by the time the next one comes our way. Now just relax and enjoy watching Nat or Kevin take home the money, you cant change it.

      1. I second that! I think it is so funny how people are reacting to a reality TV show!! BOO HOO!! Give it up! What is CBS going to do?

      2. I am relaxing and enjoying not having to watch. I do enjoy reading everyone’s comments, though. This site is WAY more interesting than the remaining HGs. It is funny how we get all wrapped up in the game! Now that I don’t care who wins, except for the 25K, it is much more relaxing – the live feeds would be really boring. I just wish we had the option of watching the jury house instead of the real house – I bet that is a lot funnier!

  66. To all the Jordan haters…she is a really nice person in real life…yes, she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but she is very kind and very well liked by all who know her…and in the end, isn’t that what really matters? I just hope the others are as nice as her in real life, but somehow I doubt a couple of them are.

      1. Because this show allows people to show their true character. Their ethics (or lack thereof) are shown time and again, whether in interactions with the other houseguests, alone, or in the DR. Jordan has shown she is capable of recognizing people outside of herself and honoring their achievements. She has said many times that other people deserve to win instead of her.

        Chima and Natalie have shown that they are incapable of thinking of anyone besides themselves and get angry and spiteful if anyone stands in the way of what they want. They will also stop at nothing in order to achieve their goals, and I cannot imagine that they wouldn’t also do that in their daily lives.

          1. yes, Natalie was loyal. to herself. and to those she thought could do something for her. Yes, you are right. She is loyal.

          2. Natlie loyal, who are you kidding. She latched on to everyone and anyone she could. She made everyone else do her dirty work for her. She lied about her age and many other things. Even when she saw her boyfriend she looked like she was a cold fish and self centered person.

          3. you mean she was loyal when she put Kevin on the block for no reason? Yeah, real loyal. They must have recently changed the definition.

          4. Rockstar…I’ve figured out that you want to get either into Natalies or Jessies junk, but to say Natalie has been loyal. The only person Natalie is loyal to is herself and whoever she can latch onto with power. She’s a parasite who attaches herself to anyone she can use or abuse with her vial, hate spewd lies. She’s a mean hateful b…. with no moral compass. I feel sorry for her father to have to read how much her daughter is hated and Natalie needs to get a clue the hatred felt for her is not because of her assocation with Jesse, the hate is based purely on Natalies lack of character. She’s a Christian, please… alot of people can openly brag and say they are a Christian but the true Christians are the ones that don’t brag about it and who actually live the Christian values without having to tell anyone. Natalie does not live those values. You can’t act 24/7 in the house and say it’s not how you act in real life, with Natalie what you see on TV, I’d bet it’s what she is on the outside.

            1. Your last sentence says it all. And the same applies to Jordan, which means she is a lying, backstabbing, mean spirited person who will be nice to anyone to get what she wants. At least she was up front and said she uses guys (proud of it). Guess she got good at those BJ for a reason.

          5. You are right, Rockstar. Natalie has been loyal to her alliance. How can these people not see that? Their vision/judgment is clouded with hate so they can’t acknowledge what is right before their faces. Jordan wasn’t loyal to anyone but Jeff. And that’s only because she wanted to use him.

            1. Natalie did not betray her alliance. No way no how. She said she was taking Kevin to final 2 if she won and she will. She has been the only person to stick by everyone in the house whom she said she would. love her or hate her, she has been very truthful when it comes to her alliance and she should be rewarded for that.

    1. Does she backstab everyone in real life the way she has on the show? How do you explain the awful way she treated Michele? She said the meanest things about Michele for no reason. What is kind about that? She talks about everyone behind their back, again, for no reason. And what about all the stuff she says about sex and poop and clits and ALL OF THE OTHER unnecessary trampy stuff she says? You think that’s nice? Well, in most parts of the country that kind of talk just makes you look trashy and dirty. You must be her mom.

      1. I talk about any thing and every thing with my close friends ..BUT I don’t pick my ass or nose .Chew with my mouth full or put Michelle Monkey in the tiolet . Nothing says Class’ like NAT lol

        1. Nothing says class like being a self-proclaimed blow-job expert as Jordan has. Not to mention her obsession with sex, ass holes, clits, poop, periods, and any other topic decent folks don’t talk about 24/7.

      2. Is this true? Jordan purchased her boobs for $4000 and didn’t give her mom any money so they lost the house? How is that nice? Maybe she is being nice just so she can be America’s favorite?
        So Jordan took boobs over having a roof over her head. Why would you need a boob job working at a video store? Are these all true, or just lies posted from other people?

        From what I read, Jordan is really not that nice.

        1. you are a moron…. read carefully… yeah Jordan got a boob job 2 years after they lost the house… she works in a salon not a video store that’s Gnat… get all the facts….

          1. Jordan is a very niave girl. She really hasn’t travelled anywhere other than her home town or surrounding areas. I don’t think she had even been on a airplane before the show. She seems to me that she’s been sheltered most of her life. My personal opinion with Jordan is that she doesn’t have a filter. I don’t think she is trying to be mean or dirty with her comments, I just don’t think she knows any better. Does that make her dumb? I don’t think she’s dumb, I just think she’s a very sheltered, niave girl. I’m sure when she watches herself on this show she will be quite embarrassed and will grow up a little bit. Jordan has had faults in this game and has said and done very obscene things but I don’t think she really realizes what she’s actually saying. I think deep down Jordan is a very sweet, caring person who just needs to leave the comfort of home and grow up a bit. She was younger when her Mother lost the house because of her gambling cheating father. When she got her boob job the house was already lost and Jordan worked 3 jobs to pay for it. She is also trying to help her mom currently with bills.

            1. Just as I said in my earlier post Jordon needs to go to college. I once was in some ways a little like Jordon. The summer before I attended college, I started working at the college’s EOP office answering phones. Later, one of my trusted advisers from that office, after pulling a 3.98 my first semester, admitted that while I was working there he thought I was a dizzy blond and didn’t think I was going to make it through my first semester and how I surprised him completely (I ended up tutoring calculus classes for many of their students til I graduated). I came off as dizzy and dumb when really it was due to being naive and having led a very abused and sheltered life. I honestly believe that going to college for me led to great self awareness and opened my mind to just how big the world really is and I think it could do wonders for Jordon too. I ended up a Computer Programmer/Analyst and that was many moons ago…Maybe instead of things like boob jobs Jordon should get her priorities straight and save for college.

      3. Thank you so much….I’m so sick of hearing how nice she is when she is nice to peoples faces and then cuts them up personally, not gameplay, behind their backs. And yes white trash is what we would call her where I am from. She brags about having sex with only one person and only sleeping with other guys, but her vulgar mouth, constant flashing HGs and the cameras and constantly fondling her own breasts is definitely less than virtuous. She knows she’s on camera have a little pride. Even Jeff would walk away disgusted sometimes because her conversations/language were less than lady like. A lady she isn’t. Because you make up cute names for your labia doesn’t make it any less vulgar and inappropriate for mixed company, on camera discussions. Although it sounds like Jordon’s mother was a little befuddled by any kind of questions she asked growing up (direct from Jordon’s own mouth) she needn’t have asked someone else on live TV. I will give her this though…I think she isn’t as unintelligent as she comes off. I think it’s more naivete’. I think she has lead a very sheltered life and college would do wonders for her. And despite my rant, although she hasn’t worked for it, I hope she wins because she’s the less of the three evils…

      1. Is that was you call nice/sweet in NC? Doesn’t say much for you or your state. Nearly everywhere else she’d be called vulgar, trampy, white trash, vicious, mean, backbiting, self-centered, egotistical, and vain. Sorry for you and the rest of the people from NC that feel she’s a great representation of your part of the country.

      2. Hey Dimitri, do you really know Jordan? Could you pass along a message? Tell her she was a mo-fo for insisting that Jeff evict Russell, thereby breaking up the final four deal. I’ll be fair: it isn’t entirely her fault. Jeff was a moron to have listened to her. But Jeff is a mixed bag: he did good in some areas, and screwed up in others. Jordan is just Forrest Gump dumb.

  67. Oh my gosh when Natalie took the mentos out of her pocket and started eating them during the log comp last night I was ready to throw up. She is a pig. I still have a hard time why Kevin has to call everyone a bitch. Did anyone see on BB after dark how nice Jordon was she brought them both towels and even started their showers for them. I don’t care what anyone says if she is smart or not so smart she is very genuine vert real.

    1. I’m sure shes a nice person but Jordon is campaigning for final 2… She wants that moolah just as bad as everyone else does.

  68. With the ratings taking a tumble last night…you can bet that CBS has plans that don’t center around the remaining three, who are complete snoozes.

    1. The problem is that they are already going to lose a ton of viewers no matter what. I have no plans to watch Thursday, because I feel I have already been cheated Sunday and Tuesday! I kept hoping CBS would come through with SOMETHING good, but not ANYTHING worth watching. It will be too little too late. Now, if Nasty is not in the finale, I might watch that, because I want to see who wins the jury prize.

  69. I cant believe that anyone with half of a brain could hate Jordan. Its like hating a puppy!
    They must be jealous, those ones who hate usually are.

          1. What does Jeff have to do with it???? I asked you why you would HATE a puppy with rabies???? Why wouldn’t you pity the animal?????

            1. let’s break it down shall we – a dog with rabies has to be euthanized right away. if said dog with rabies came into contact with my dog, my dog would have to be euthanized as well, thus hate the dog with rabies

              only a Jeff fan would try to pick a part my words and try and make me an animal hater. I know what you are trying to do. I made a joke because someone compared Jordon to a defenseless animal who is cute and cuddly and oh so sweet. comparing her to a puppy is wrong.

    1. Jordan is a sweetie and so is Jeff. They make a nice couple. I would be that she is a great friend. I hope she walks away with the big bucks. I think she probably needs it more then the other two.

      1. Yeah .. maybe you can be her new BFF and the two of you can sit around checking out each other’s vajayjay. Wouldn’t that be fun? And then, you could talk about all the different types of sh*t there is out there, ya know, the hard kind .. the mushy kind .. the sticky kind. Ohh … how fun! Then you can talk about how to suck d*ck and give each other pointers. Then, you can both go meet your other friend and talk about what a mean person the other is. WOW. So much fun I’ll bet you can hardly wait. Don’t forget to put a broom stick up your butt so you can sweep up your own trash as you walk by.

  70. did jord give up or did she fall ? the BBAD cuts the camera off and doesnt show either, just an empty spot where she was. I dont think she’ll win, shes too weak and stupid BB should do an IQ test before they cast. plus when jeff took kev off the block he basically gave the game to jord and kev ( too bad)

    1. She said on BBAD that she started to fall asleep (I have no clue how…) and when the log rolled off she went. She was doing really well, better than Nat until that.

      1. I think she slipped when the log started to roll. You hear her go “Oh Shit”. I think she would have let go soon, but I really think she slipped.

    2. She fell off, she was doing excellent!! The log was topped and then when it started again she lost her footing and fell. I watched it on the feeds and thats what it looked like to me.

  71. In retrospect, I’ve decided that I want Jordan to win afterall. If Natalie is in the final two I think I would cry. I can’t stand that sorry excuse for a human being. Kevin is dispicable too. He shouldn’t have done that to Michelle. I won’t be watching BB Afterdark anymore either…I’ve lost interest…Russell gets my vote for the 25K because he was my favorite player.

    1. Let’s hope that he does get rid of her. SHe is a slob her man must be saving for a maid.
      She talks about all her spa time I feel it is also a BIG LIE!

    1. When I went to get the link for you, I went into America’s Vote section (that is where I think I voted several times for Russell), but it just says “America’s vote has ended for this week. Check back Sunday for the next vote question” – surely, America’s favorite player voting is not over already? I can’t remember when Julie said it would end. Anyone know?

    1. I like Jordan too….she may not win anything and isn’t the brightest..but she is kind hearted….sweet and caring…and she’s just naive..that doesn’t give people reason to hate her…..unless they’re jealous of how cute she is…I like her…not to win…but don’t hate on her….(but if she does win…good for her….Natalie calles Michelle the devil..what does she think she is…she’s worst…and Kevin is just her follower…so I personally would be glad if Jordan did win….her family needs the money anyway)

      1. Jordan hurt Michele? Let’s go back in time to when gnat wanted to put red dye in micheles drink! The only reason she didn’t do it was because production called her into d.r. And told her not to, seems alot worse than a few innocent words!

        1. Innocent words? It amazes me you can brush off the brutal things Jordan said about Michele as innocent words, not just because Jordan was in an alliance with Michele, but because Michele can do nothing about some of the things Jordan made fun of her for. You are a sad commentary on men if you can brush that off on innocent.

      2. And Natalie doesn’t hurt anyone? Jordan is no angel, but Natalie has enjoyed hurting and talking about people every chance she gets, she gets off on it.

    1. I wish he would’ve kept Michelle…I know I’m the only regular guy on this blogsite (I know…sometimes I worry about myself) so I’m probably the only that felt that watching Michelle in the POV comp was erotica…MAN! SHES SO HOT!!!
      Oh yea..and keeping Michelle probably would’ve worked out in Kevins favor.

    2. Thank you, Jeff”s Destiny! I have pointed that out 3 times and no one said anything back. DR helps both sides. Like I said earlier, THEY are for show, not for a winner. Yes, he admitted that the DR was trying to get into his head to keep Michelle. Natalie is afraid they will try to again with him about keeping her.

  72. 1. Calling Kevin a woman because he is gay is rude. I don’t care who says it, it is rude.
    2. Jordan may be a sweet person but she was part of the decision to backstab Russell. Why do people forget that Jeff/Jordan chose to swear on their families and then go back on it. How is that not worse than Natalie lying.
    3. Very few “nice” people win reality shows. Jordan doesn;t deserve to win this one. It is about playing the game and unless leetching on to 1 person and then being so weak that everyone wants to tsake you to the final is good game play, then she is not deserving. Kevin and Natalie made the final 3 because they made a hUGE game move then won the competitions to stay.
    4. Jeff is a jerk. He swore on his family, then backstabbed Russell (who I was glad to see leave), he called Kevin a bad slur, and he often treat JOrdan poorly.

    1. Michy didn’t call kev a woman… she said may the best woman win… Hello! Kevin just evicted her ass! wouldn’t you root on the other hgs.!

    2. U forgot your meds today to i see.
      Russell was going to backstab Jeff . Russell said if Jeff didn’t win HOH n he did he was going to take JEFF out . Russell can we even count how many times he jumped teams lolol
      1,2,3,4, <—-opps lets go back to 3 , then 1 .
      Naty and Rainbow bright Naty was riding Jess . Then hooked up with rainbow bright ,Who was doing jack dick till now and is still taking orders. Naty do nothing even through n HOH .

      1. You forgot YOUR meds. Russ wasn’t going to backstab Jeff. Russ was going to F4. If you only watch CBS, then you are talking out of your a$$ and have no idea what really went on in the house.

  73. I’m all for Nat or Kevin winning, but I DID see the “cheating”. I say redo it, or not? Makes no difference anyway, of course the show is “rigged” reality tv is NOT REAL…LMFAO! Except maybe The Hills on MTV…oh or The Bachelor…yeah those are “real”…rotflmao!

  74. It is crazy how everyone is hating on Kevin and Natalie…while I do not want Natalie to win it is a game and they played it. You can’t make it in the BB house without lying to someone at some point the honest nice person most likely isn’t gonna win. These are people who are trying to win half a million dollars I don’t care who I had to lie to in a GAME to win money that would change my entire life……SO GOOOOO KEVIN and let me know ONE person who didn’t lie in the BB house (stop throwing stones ya’ll aren’t in the situation and don’t know HOW u would act if given the chance at 500,000 dollars!!!!!)

    1. I’m a Kev and Nat fan. But yes, people have gone through BB without ever lying. Just typically they lose. :P

      Winners who never lied:
      Eddie(but that season was different and doesn’t really count)

      I didn’t see season 10, 9, or 4. So those three may or may not have lied. Only one non-liar though?

      You need to lie to win.

  75. If the jury vote is a tie then america will vote for the winner of BB11.BB is in the same relm of shows as WWE TNA and the real world

    1. If 3rd place never goes to JH then they will have an odd number of votes there and won’t need Americas vote. If we don’t know final until the final night there won’t be enough time for us to vote anyway.

      1. that’s “if we don’t know final 2 until the final night . . .” At least that is the rumor going around-that there will still be 3 platers in the house on finals night.

  76. I can’t believe anyone would hate Jordan, she is so sweet, and there is no way that is fake. I can’t stand Kevin or Natalie, but Nasty Nat is the worse, especially when she talks about other HG being liers. OMG, her whole game has been based on lies.

    1. Ok, so you are what .. her mother? You keep posting under all these names trying to make people think she’s not as trashy and nasty as she really is? You must feel bad about the rotten job you did of raising her. I’d be embarrassed too, if I were you.

  77. I sent a complaint in too about the cheating to CBS, scroll up to older posts and the link is there Keep complaining America! Thanks Simon for all you have done for us!

  78. As much as it pains me to even think this, I anticipate Kevin taking Natalie with him to the final 2. Let’s examine Kevin’s time in the house. He floated but basically clung onto Lydia as they considered themselves the “outcasts”. Lydia had connections, albeit temporarily, with Jesse and through her Kevin remained safe because Jesse and Co. controlled the house for several weeks. Once Lydia and Chima were out of the house, Kevin knew that the only person he could cling to would be Natalie. In essence, Natalie carried Kevin all these weeks with her lying, scheming, threatening and manipulating. Kevin has got to realize that he wouldn’t be in that house at this time if not for Natalie and (gasp) he may have a deep-rooted sense of obligation to bring her to the final 2. I say this because he has had opportunities to get rid of her and yet he chose not to. And he always ran back to Natalie and reported everything that was discussed with him.

    As for Natalie, she would have absolutely no hesitation in dropping Kevin before the final 2 if she felt she would get more votes with Jordan. I truly believe she is a sociopath and is incapable of feeling any remorse or guilt for her actions.

  79. It looks to me that jury wise Pigpen is pretty bad shape whoever she is up against if she makes it to the final two, She will not get Michelles or Lydias vote (because they hate her) or Americas vote (because America hates her) . That means she must get the remaining four votes. If she is up against Jordan she is toast because Jeff will vote for Jordan and Kevin probably will too since Pigpen dumped him at the end for Jordan If she is up against Kevin , then she gets Jeff and Jordan but I don;t know if she can get Jesse AND Russell.
    So therefore, Kevin should not take Pigpen to the final two because there is a chance she could win. If Kevin takes Jordan to the final two, then he loses Jeff and possibly Americas vote but I think he will get Russell (because of the Jordan-Russell blowup) and the rest – taking Jordan is his best chance to win I think.

  80. ooooh if they are going to final 3 and not 2 Natty will bust a gut if there is a pick from 3 not 2 ohhhhhhh she will blow!!!!!!!

  81. hmmm…maybe the winner of this competition gets an automatic vote for the finale? or maybe the winner gets to choose whether to evict someone or keep them and have a final 3???

  82. Wishing and praying that Jordan wins the whole thing. Jordan’s family lost their home to foreclosure and moved in together. She is dsylexia like her brother. and she is not “stupid dumb blonde” as some of you people have said. Hoping thart the “racist” two win nothing. They are mean and cheat and full of lies. That ” nat the rat” will end up winning nothing once the jury find out her obnoxious schemes of lies and betrayal is discovered. The perfect winners would be Jordan
    $500.000 and Kevin $50,000. and Nat the rat…rat poison.

  83. I know everybody NEEDS money but Jordan seems to be an humble person who really needs the extra income. I respect her because she has had sex with only one person and she is 22 years old–that is saying something these days! I am not saying that she is a saint but she does tug at my heartstrings. I really wish things could fall in her favor somehow. She and Jeff are a very cute couple too.
    I wish her the best!

    1. But she’s fooled around with more than 1 person, she said so herself. She’s good at BJs, and she uses guys. She is a poser and doesn’t deserve the money. Guess she got you to fall for her routine.

    2. if she needed money badly, she would’ve spent the $3000 on her boob job or something else, plastic surgery is a luxury.. if your house is foreclosed on and you’re living in the same room and sharing the same bed as your mother, you should prioritize your spending.

      fake boobs shouldnt top the list


  85. All I know is the rating of the past few episodes have been VERY LOW.


    Because no one cares about the 3 remaining house guest.

    All I CARE about right now is who will win the 25 000.

    I say Jeff :) or Russell :)

    1. Why Jeff or Russ? Jeff was dumb, not even with America’s help he was able to win this game. Russ, yeah he was intertening at times, but he was out soonl. In my opinion Michele play the best game.

      1. First off you need to learn to spell before you call someone dumb! it’s not intertaining……idiot!!!!! It’s ENTERTAINING! Oh and by the way check your grammar!

      2. I think Jeff does deserve to get the 25,000. He may have messed up by trusting the enemy, but we see things in the house that he doesn’t. I think w Russell’s actions in the past it would’ve been hard for any of us to know who was telling the truth. He still had the balls to make some good moves that other people in that house would not have done. Kevin didn’t even have the balls to use POV to save his best buddy Lydia. He does not deserve to win BB.

    2. Unless just about every poll I saw was incredibly wrong – Jeff wins the 25,000. He made mistakes but it looks like he’s Americas favorite

  86. I have to admit to a huge loss of interest in a show that kept me captivated for most of the summer. First I wanted Russ to win and he left. Then I came to like Michele…something about her vulnerablity makes her appealing. I always have liked Kevin and found him amusing however I can’t stomache the awful females he has aligned himself with namely Lydia, Chima and Nasty. So now with Michele gone I hope Kevin is smart and drops Nasty and takes Dumb Dumb to the final two. Kevin FTW. It really amazes me how seriously some people on these boards take this show.

  87. This season has been so disappointing with all the cheating.

    The producers made Natalie face forward, but Kevin had spent the majority of the competition standing sideways to watch the mechanism. Natalie at times has also been only holding the rope instead of the key.

    Live on last night’s show Julie says first, “The concept is simple. Hold onto your key for dear life.” Then she said, “At least one hand must remain on your key at all times. Last person holding onto their key will win this round…”. Holding onto their key- not much wiggle room there.

    In past seasons I’ve seen people eliminated for not touching their key (or whatever) for a nanosecond. This season SUCKS!!!

    1. Kevins is hard to tell but pig pen is clearly not holding her key. Touching maybe but we all know that is not what this contest is about. I personally dont care who wins, i just love the show but nat clearly took her hand off the key

        1. Jeff is gone. He won’t be back. No matter how much you try to discredit Kevin and Natalie for being smart and resourceful, Jeff will not be brought back into the house. There is no do over.

      1. It matters because if pig pin had been eliminated before Jorden fell, mabe it would have made Jorden feel better and she would have held on longer with the odds looking better with pig pin out.

        1. Giggles, I don’t think so. Poor Jordon herself told Natalie that there was no way either of them were going to beat Kevin at that comp. He was too focus. She said, even after they all were down, that he would still be up there now, if you hadn’t have fallen. Jordon said, I think he was prepared to stay all night. Jordon apparently knew she couldn’t stay forcus long enough.

        2. I agree that we don’t know what would’ve happened. Maybe Kevin would’ve slipped or something. We will never know because CBS wasn’t paying attention.

      2. He is pointing out the fact that BB should have seen it and didn’t .If she didn’t jump off BB would have let her get away with it .

    1. Here is what I think will happen… someone on the jury will get 2 votes. Maybe Jeff for using that key to get Kevin out. BB has never said that America will vote…it has just been all over the blogs.

  88. I think whoever wins takes jordo to the final 2. she has no chance to win. kev has won comps, lied and used strategies. (not very well, but at least he did) Nat will say she had a hand in SO MANY things. I love jordo, but i dont see her pleading a good case.

      1. I agree jordan has won POV’s two and was handed a HOH . Nast through a comp..won 1 HOH./ Nasty is riding this more so the jordan

  89. Kevin is very demeaning towards women by constantly referring to them as Bitches, yet he forgets he is the biggest BITCH there. He may have a dick but he is still a bitch..

    1. So what if someone refers to you as a bitch? Haven’t you heard of sticks and stones? There are much worse things you can be called than that, so maybe you should toughen up and embrace the term. You are, after all, bitching.

    2. I know right, an Kevin is gay, what gay man hasn’t called girls bitches, most of them are, and he wasn’t saying it as serious as your taking it into context, it’s just one of his everyday terms, and some guys in that house have demeaned women way more than Kevin has. Just relax, it’s not that big of a deal.

  90. Whats with the Jordon lovers??? Sure she is sweet and easy on the eyes ( give or take a few extra pounds) but she is DUMB as a brick! How could anyone her age not know how to tell time? I think they need some serious school funding in that state if that is any indication. But my real beef with her is her game play and how because of her actions this is the outcome we are faced with. Three of the weakest players in BB history! Lydia called her a ” fat Ho” so what does she do? She pushes to get her evicted so she could have her revenge.Personally satisifying perhaps but from a game play aspect a really REALLY dumb move. Nat would have gone home instead of now being on the verge of winning. Lydia was no threat. Thanks Jordon !! And lets not forget when Jeff was HOH how badly she whined and bitched to get Russel out because she didn’t like him. She felt safer with Kevin and Gnat. Well we know the outcome of that don’t we. The game went for a dump. So please spare us the drama about Jordon…she can’t win a competition when counted upon and in my opinion is the biggest floater in the house. Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel this year CBS as all of the three players left are not even close to being considered good game players and they all should have been gone LONG ago. How disappointing….

    1. Jordan has my vote for America’s Favorite and I hope she wins the whole shabang. Would love to see her and Jeff get off to a good start and live a long life. As got GNat and Kevin….. maybe he’ll grow a vagina and as we all know Gnat has big balls so they would be a perfect match.

      1. lol .. well if she grows one, I’m sure Jordan will be right there asking about her clit since Jordan is so fascinated with them.

      1. Yeah, that’s how you play to win, sorry Jeff and Jordan fans, but they dug their own grave so now they have to lay in it. This game was set up for Jeff to win, and he just screwed himself over, you can’t get mad at Kevin and Natalie for wanting to win! Especially Kevin, because he’s earned his position. Unlike Natalie, who’s rode coattails all season long.

    2. Yes this all happened BUT u forget one thing !!! Russell said if he would have won HOH over Jeff he was going o take Jeff out / It just so happens Jeff got and bet him to the punch . But it didn’t matter who Jeff did . they were all gunning for him . it was a no win .

  91. I really wanted Michelle to win. I thought she played the game very well. I really don’t care who wins at this point because no one in the house played a good game. Natalie only won 1 HOH, Kevin only won 1 HOH, and Jordan only won 1 HOH. All these players basically floated throughout the whole game. I would much rather see Jordan win but I know she isn’t going too. I love the girl to death but she is pretty hopeless and can’t win ANYTHING.

    1. Well HoH was given to jordan by jeff. On the veto we all know she could hear Michele’s steps, and guessed the last question. Even thou I don’t like Nat and Keven I think they are more diserving. At least they put some thought into it and made big moves. Sorry people one of these two will be the winner, and we just have to deal with it.

  92. I am so tired of hearing of how Nat/Kev are being helped by BB. They are not because Kev stated a few days ago that the DR was drilling him for a long time on keeping Michele. Nat yelled at BB to stay out of their buisness. I don’t know how Jordan is going to win because she has won nothing on her own. Her HOH was thrown by Jeff and the POV she copied Michele then won on a number guess. If the competition is physical and mental (as it has been the last few years), Jordan may not stand a chance. She gets flustered easily. I think if Nat wins tomorrow, many of your nightmards may come true…final 2 Nat/Kev. Even if you don’t like them, they have done a lot to be there now. Just think where they were 4 weeks ago, and they have turned this game. You may not like them but you can’t call them floaters anymore because they turned this game around by using mental games on the other HGs. It is what it is, you may not like it but you cannot call them floaters anymore. They deserve to be there.

    1. ur right they deserve 2 be there for dooking jeff in keeping them 5 wks ago…it worked..they deserve final 2..i’ll be repeating this all nite..good statement

    2. Jordan may have won that HOH on her own. Jeff threw the competition, how do we know that if he had actually tried that he would have won, he may not have. So to say she didn’t win because Jeff threw the comp, you don’t know that. She won the POV fair and square, yes she may have heard the way that Michelle was stepping but Michelle may not have been right and she did answer 1 correct question more then Michelle. Jordan is smarter then everyone thinks, after all she did make it to the final 3, maybe that was her strategy, who knows. But she made it and did so with her dignity in tack.

      1. dignity in tact? are you crazyyyyyyy! she constantly flashed her big,ugly cowlike NAKED tits, ate like a pig non stop with her mouth open while talking (class),talked endlessly about anal sex,clits,vajay-jays,having sex at a very early age (BJ’s etc),throwing football players on their heads til they couldn’t breath (her and her cheerleader friends),going to strip clubs for breakfast (umm,is she totally gay or just a little gay) and of course talked endlessly behind the backs of her beloved Jeff putting him down and also bad mouthed mich,russ,casey,ronnie,chima,jessie lydia (was jealous of her cause lydia grabbed jeff’s package so she got lydia evicted) and so on and so .i could write a book on what a skank that girl was. poor jeff,she made him do the dirty work which got him evicted.not to mention she is probably the dumbest most uncorordinated girl in BB history.get a life,anyone who likes Jordo is either related and wants the money,is borderline insane or has very low standards and is probably 500 lbs themselves.also, now her face is even getting chubby…such a shame to be young and so sloppy …..all she wears now is sweatpants.ugh!?

  93. Why do all of ya’ll bag on Jordan?
    Crack skinny bitches arn’t good looking.
    Jordo is GORGEOUS.
    I bet none of you dudes could land her and I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t take a second glance at most of you ladies.

    1. You are so right Ryan……….Jordan is very special………..beautiful inside and out!!!
      The way she is so caring about other……….before herself………..she is truly a good soul

      you can’t buy that………….and who ever married Jordan……….is one lucky man xo

    2. Jordan is not fat. She made the mistake of choosing implants that are too big. They look like a D cup; I think she would have been better off with a C cup. She is not fat. But she is seriously dumb.

  94. And by the way BB Production people, read this blog. The people on this site have had amazing and fun ideas on comps and America votes all season. My personal favorite was the America choses week and maybe a vote everytime from America on eviction. Anyways lets hope next year they listen to us and use some of the awesome ideas people have thrown out there this year. Great job everyone, you clearly are more creative than BB producers.

  95. I think if kevin makes it to the final 2, it doesnt really matter who he takes. i think he can pull out the victory. I think the only one who would get a couple votes against him is natalie because of jessie (if he even votes for her) or maybe russel. I think whoever is up against jordan will win. Jordan has a great chance at second place but i cant believe someone is going to give her the money. She didnt do anything and its obvious when all shes says is well jeff told me to do this so im doing it. No you blonde bimbo, play the game. Make your own choices.

  96. Ive been reading and following all this season and yes not happy with who the final three are, but im still watching hoping Kevin takes Jordon to the final 2, i want to see the pp face when she is evicted. As far as first comp, Jordon hanged on alot longer than I thought, i think even pp was surprised, but I would like to see either Jordon or Kevin win.

    I do not want pp to win even second place, but on the other hand id have to say she played the game with everyone else with blood on there hands while she skated to final 3.

    PP and Jordon got this far because of there BFF in the house before they where evicted and i cannot figure out how people think Jordon is fat, she is not fat.

    Both J/J egos went up when they had HOH and are surely to blame for there decisions on evicting certain HG, Lydia not so big deal, but burning Russel was messed up.

    Ok my 2 cents, thanks for this site and all leaving comments, it helps us know we are not the only ones thinking of certain things going on in th house.

  97. I just need to say this about this season of BB from watching the feeds and reading this blog I can say that the reason that CBS is not going to say anything to Kevin and Gnat are simple…. CBS this season caved in so much to the pressures of Gnat and Kevin complaining about everything (Lydia and Chima did the same) that CBS and BB bent over backwards to make them easch happy to get them to stay…. can you imagine the uproar if they were to say Gnat and Kevin after further review you have both been dq’d because you broke the rules.. Gnat would go ballistic and Kevin would throw a hissy fit they would both threaten to quit the show…. Gnat has basically blackmailed BB this whole season she wants everything handed to her…. when the whole dragonfly incident happened all Gnat would ask the other HG’s was did they ask you about it when they would say no she would get upset and bring it up again… I think she really wants to become famous from this show yet she doesn’t realize that noone else has become famous from BB only to people that watch this show…. BB screwed up big time when Chima, Gnat, and Lydia wanted to leave the house after Jesse got evicted they should have let all three of them go and just had some luxury comps for the remaining HG’s would have been better for them…. BB would not have to put up with worrying about what to do next…..

    1. Dr. Will has his 15 min of fame still running. He’s even been on some other reality shows. Dr. Will was a different character though. Definitely a funny guy.

  98. GNAT should be thrown out for cheating and the Final 2 SHOULD be Jordon & Kevin. If that does not happen I will boycott the show, the station, & showtime. There has been enough bullshit that wasallowed to go on this season. ENOUGH ALREADY! There is no room for error here. It is harder to hold onto the key rather than the rope. Gnat ahould be GONE!!!

  99. I am soooooo sick of hearing how fat Jordan is . All the name calling ( cookie dough, fat hoe) that girl is HOT !!!!! how many woman would love to look like her!! She may be a little stunned but not FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jordan is not fat !! She looked great when she walked in the house . They have all picked up weight being in the house ( not much to do but eat ) some show it. U called her fat ? So untrue . After BB you’ll she her out an about to her old self.

  100. i would love to see cast expanded so that whorver is evicted could take someone out the door with them or have someone already out be chosen by the evictee to replace them. . what a concept!!! can you imagine the kissing up there would be to the nominees? it might shorten the season but you could bring people back and manage the game to keep it from deteriorating to a “root the biggest loser” as this season has become

  101. I guess I’ve been corrupted by watching BB11. I actually got to thinking how Jordan could get an edge in the upcoming competition. I decided that she should approach NataLIE right before & suggest that maybe what motivated her boyfriend to propose was the fact that she was close to winning $500K and that she really should consider a prenuptual agreement to protect herself. Of course, she would offer this advice simply out of the goodness of her big heart & not wanting to see NataLIE get burned.

  102. Make Braden a surf board, Russell boxing gloves or the Chef from Hell’s kitchen, Jessie Popeye the sailor man, lydia Olive Oil, Jeff a drunk wizard and laura Old lady in a bikini with sagging boobs.

  103. I cant believe that the people that are still in the house are still there. In the begining I thought Kevin was the most useless player in the game. Now he has changed the game up the most, next to Jeff. Jordan I thought was going to leave right after Laura. And Natalie should die. I wish Jeff kicked her out. Honestly the only person I like in the house is Jordan cause shes hot and funny/cute lol, but holy crap is she useless. But for some reason I still want her to win lol. Well aslong as Natalie doesnt win Im okay. And I can see how ratings are low. Everyone in the house is so boring. You would have never expected the people who are still in the house to still be here. I guess thats a good thing but none of these house guests are fun personalities or like anyone that people can relate to I guess.


  104. I only hope that Kevin wins HOH……….and I pray he is smart enough to take Jordan to final 2…….Natalie needs to go…………..

    Her shit eating grin gets on my last nerve…………….I can not stand that dirty bitch


    Has there ever been a season with a final 3? There are currently 5 people able to vote so there wouldn’t be a tie… Instead of adding American Vote, prevent an even number of people.


    Best of 5 wins BB11. This could all be blamed on Chima so to prevent a tie, they keep an odd number of players in the Jury house.

    Have they specifically said America’s vote would be the 7th vote?

    1. This is making even more sense… how can America Vote if the third HOH comp is supposedly on the last night as said HERE… I think that may be PROOF that america may not be able to vote….

  106. this year was sooo f*b disappointing. Of all the final three I would have never expected nat or kev to be there. Just like in school the people who are smartest and happiest with goals in life get shut out by scheemers and liars. If I ever see Nat in the “REAL WORLD” I will slap her….and if I ever see Jeff in the “real world” I will slap him too for listening to the other side of the house regarding Russell what an idiot…….As for playing the game Ronnie is pretty much the only one who PLAYED and got caught.

    1. I see there is going to be a BB12, and CBS is asking for applications. This is my suggestion; first take an on-line IQ test. If you score any higher than 75 don’t bother to apply to be on BB. If you are over 30 you need to be some kind of freak with a funny accent, full body tatoos, living a disfunctional lifestyle, or a bimbo with a foul mouth and big hooters! If you are brain challenged by discussing any subject above grammer school level you are qualified. If you are some kind of loser who will live to qualify for Social Security, and the job your most qualified for is the guy who runs around the parking lot at Safeway collecting shopping carts you are a lock for final 4 next year!!

  107. You might think I am crazy, but I like Natalie.
    Watching her lie is pure entertainment. She’s like a Seinfeld character. So selfish that you can’t help but love her. So immature and cocky with the balls to pull off this much lying. This girl is quite something. Credit IS due here (to put it in bb words).

    I’ve been watching Kevin since the very beginning and from his entry interviews I knew he’d make it far and that he was playing a very smart game from the very beginning for sure..even though he didn’t get much screen time. Plus, the guy’s been trying to get on big brother since season 1 and is a fan. There is absolutely no comparison between him and Jordan who hadn’t even seen bb before auditioning. Jordan should not even be considered next to him. The guy cried when he got veto… he trully deserves this.

  108. So much hatre, racism and bigotry in this site.
    All I can say is that compared to some of you in this site Nasty looks like Snow White.

    I read a few lines of your low , nasty thoughts and go on to the next post. I choose not to give you my energy. It’s such a waste of energy. Please seek some help-you need it.

    Simon, I think you should block some people from this site. There is nothing wrong with making fun of people’s stupid mistakes, but it’s another thing to use this site to spill hatred and promote racism, discrimination, prejudice and bigotry.

    For instance, Simon ‘ I find your headlines headlines very humorous and entertaining. You give us your take on it, but you don’t cross the line.
    ‘As a man/woman thinks, so is he/she”-remember that.

  109. I read Julie Chen’s blog and she was praising nat I Lie’s play and her wonderful engagement and how special it was….I did write a response as much as I have liked Julie Chen that her association with this show, its false advertising of twists that were non-twists and special treatment Nat I Lie and Kevin received as they have been allowed to cheat and have advantages that others did not-is seriously damaging her credibility. But to praise a true sociopathic personality such as Nat I lie shows that she is condoning that type of behavior and setting precedents for future seasons that will destroy the show

  110. Is Kevin really dumb enough to betray Natalie and take Jordan with him to the final 2? Jordan will win America’s vote with Kev second and Nat last.

    Jordan’s already got 1)Jeff’s and 2)MIchelle’s vote, give her 3)Natalie’s and even with a tie she’d win with 4)America’s vote.

    Against Natalie he’d have 1)Lydia (a given), 2)Michelle (hates Nat more than Kev, what she said about not voting for Kev was likely just gameplay), 3)Russell (Not a Nat fan and happy he evicted Jeff), possibly 4)Jessie’s (for evicting Jeff and gameplay), and 5)America’s vote.

  111. Not a Nat fan. Not a Kevin fan. Really dont care for Jordan very much. But Nat and Kevin really do deserve final 2. Played dirty and hard to the end. Everyone of you hating those 2, should be hating dumb Jeff for breaking his alliance up. They’re all liars Kevin voted against Nat when she was on the block, she’s so dumb she thinks Russel did it.. Jordan talks trash about players also, very weak undeserving of final 3. Michelle should have stood up for what she said. Russel should have listened and kepted his mouth shut, just observe without confrontation. Lydia was a lost cause, she would have slept with Russel or Jessie. Jessie was a waste of space looking for some where sleep. Chima wasn’t all bad at first, she let the game get the best of her. America was fooled by CBS not Jeff, if you had online access or Showtme you knew he was chain smoking foul mouth drinker. Casey and laura may be the only 2 players who didn’t really deserve get screwed over.
    Love or Hate them Kevin & Natile are in it to win it.

    1. I watch the AD and see how Jeff is. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good game player or person. He made a mistake. None of us could say we wouldn’t have done the same thing if we were in his place. We see what he doesn’t. I agree that Casey and Laura were screwed. They were some of my favs too. I hated that they got evicted. All the HG talk trash about one another. That’s part of the game. Jordan is a bit ditsy, but she has caught on to some lying when others thought they were getting over on her. She just knows how to keep her mouth shut when she should. I don’t think Kevin or PP deserve to win. Neither one has played a good game until recently. Really that’s only been Kevin. Still Kevin has no balls (not that he wants any lol). When it comes down to it, he makes his decisions because he doesn’t want to make anyone mad at him. If he was a good game player, he would’ve chose to keep Michele. Since it’s down to these 3, I would make my decison on who needed the money most since none of them really are the best game players.

  112. On the “Best of / Moments you didn’t see” I hope they shoe Nat holding onto the rope and not the key as instructed during part 1 of the Final HoH.

  113. It’s hard to watch those two cheaters with Jordan. They have so little respect for her as a human being, as they did with Michele. They bad mouth Jeff, and call her names behind her back. Can you imagine THIS being rewarded with ALL THAT MONEY?!?!?

  114. I disagree with all the lying Kevin & Natalie have done. And yes I do believe the HOH Comp has issues but….Are the fans of Kevin is because he’s gay? Well, I’m a woman and I was no fan of Chima and I don’t even claim NataLIE in either group as a man or woman. My point is that just because you identify better with gender, social status, sexual orientation, etc…doesn’t mean you stand behind that person regardless because who does Kevin actually represent? He is a gay man living with a man who has not come out of the closet and yet he is on National Television outing the guy…..all for money. It seems that is very “American” to me. Everytime J/J fans speak up, ya’ll are the first one’s to mention how we like the “American Dream” couple….well, Kevin wouldn’t be a poster boy for any gay right’s organizations I’ve dealt with and Chima would never be backed by NOW as a feminist. If Kevin had the personality of Marcellas and not be dragging his lover out of the closet…..I’d be right there cheering him on. As far as Jordan, she’s young and naive however, when everyone hated Jeff in the house she went over and befriended him. That takes fortitude in character. Something Natalie lacks…And as far as you haters on here that always personally attack what we blog….it’s called freedom of speech and some of us in the field of behavior science like to understand as to why people become so interested in reality television. I went into the show thinking I would like Chima (NOT), I then thought I’d dislike Russell (NOT), and I actually liked the showmance couple. But I’ve always seen Natalie the most in need of mental help….just wait.

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